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Palliated Bvsrjr Dtj Except guodaj »
Pait-ιιρ Capital S2I.OOI.M
•■tared at the Waia.iaehle Pott-otflec M mill
matter of the Second Class.
β. D. HUDSON I'resident
C. W KKNT Vice-President
W. J. ΒΓΙΚ Secretary-Treasurer
W A. OwNKt City Editor
subscription r at ε s
One Month $ 50
$ix Months, in Advance 2 75
One Year, in Advance 5 U0
For City Marshal —
Tom Dixon.
For City Secretary
(J κ ο W. Walker, J {.
Fo Assessor and Collector—
Clint Smuum»,
For City Attorney—
A. L. Lovk.
For City Treasurer—
h RANK Getzendaner.
For Alderman Ward 1 —
I). G. Thompson.
For Alderman Ward
W. L. P. Leigh.
For Alderinan Ward ,i—
J. M. Lancaster.
For County Treasurer—
A. K. McKnioht.
υ ι.1 *f « «Γ"'« î VL"·
*». * . xu xx aw ι» ι»Λ «ι no.
K. P. Bi rks.
E. D. Criddle.
For Tax Collector—
George Sweatt.
T. J. Tingle.
Simp Spencer.
J. W. Bt'HsiKLL,
For County Clerk —
Rcke R. Hendricks.
For Sheriff—
Joe P. Minnick.
For County Attorney—
Mark Smith.
Charley Pippin
J no. D. McRae
For District Clerk.—
Tom Βι-rlemon.
For Supt. Public Instruction—
J . D. Cog h Lan.
For Constable Precinct »ςο. 1.—
Ben F. Abbott.
T. M. McKee.
For Commissioner Preciuct 4.—
Lee Moore.
The cash must accompany each
announcement. This rule will not
be deviated trom.
Μ. n. Α 1'., rsortd Bound.
LM'M _ 1 1:< 1 ■
ί,Η'Μ i· 6Η a αι '
_ .. .7 SI ρ β
dont η Bound.
LH'M · M s m
L·»*'·» - 6:54 ρ m
UMN 1 Γ ρ g
Η Λ Γ. C.. West Bound.
Να *<t leaves «i Λ» am
Bo « leave» 7 14 pen
No ft arrivée ι 5fi ρα; Noes not run we»: w«u
Bo. W ' mliej leases Ρ 45 am - Dai!y except sun. !
Kast Hound
Ha, S ea es ι 4» am Connect ar (.arret:;for
liana- an.1 at K.nnn for Houston
Μα. * leaves £.* ραι otarts from Waxanacnie
No «I leaves j a um
No. *4 leave» 4 a pœ lia > eacept -undaj
Salary "flee utr ι :iiwn< Natloaa Hani |
Oil City Iron Works
Wm. Clarkson. Lessee.
Corsicana, j* Texas
Casting »t every description,
both Brass and Ir ·η. Full
lint.· f patterns for House
Repairs >n Oil Mils, C )tt >n
Gin^, Engines and Pumps a
C >rre^p<>ndence solicted.
Marlr.·' price pud for scrap
cast iron Phone LX)
A rT< ΉΝΚΪ % Γ ι Λ w
»ati Nu(»rv lfJae
, * ι I aiu***!er &ati Love,
» -f %l*f ι Utm ι Hff>H
W* t it* III· . . ftl4>
Nothing h4< ever equaiVJ it.
Nothing en» evt-r mrp4<· it. ι
Dr. King's
New Discovery
rwf^'a-'.Te. ,1
Λ JVr#f« t 1 >r \ II Π>?»·«ι >ib4 [ι
fuit ! itftf l'routlej. ι
μ«··ιι«.> - · ιλΜΙΜιβΜ
(Continued from flrat page.)
been married a little le·· than tlx
month· when the tilling took place.
In hi· trial for mnrder more than
one witness testified to seeing him
assault his wife in the public street
and severely beat and stamp her.
Brozier's criminal propensity was
doubtloes iuhereut, as his father,
Charley Smith, waa known as a
desperate character. About twenty
years ago he shot and killed John
Spalding:, then marshal of the city,
in a most cruel and heartless man
ner. So enraged Were the citizens
over the crime that a mob was soon
formed to hunt down the murderer.
He whs surrounded in a small out
house and literally riddled with
History oî Brozier's Crime.
Ttie cri Die for which Brozier Smith
today paid the penalty with his life
was committed about 11 o'clock on
the night of February 24. 1903.
Brozier and his wife lived in the
servants' house at the home of At
torney Yancy I). Kemble on College
street. For a few weeks prior to the ]
murder Brozier had been cooking at j
a local restnurant and his wile was
cooking and doing general house-,
work for the family of Mr. Kemble.
On the night of the killing Brozier's
wife, together with three or four
feminine friends, attended a show at
the opera house. Brozier objected!
to hisjwife attending shows and it is
said on more than one occasion he
reprimanded her for going;. Sus
pecting that she would attend on
this night he went to the opera
house and called for her. When
told that she was in the house he
hung around the door until after the
performance. Instead of accom
panying his wife home he followed
behind. His wife reached home first
and was preparing to retire when
Brozier entered the house. Closing
the door behind him he began curs
ing and abusiug his wife for going to
the show Without giving her time
to say anything in defense of her ac
tion he drew a ;tt$-caliber revolver
and fired at her four times at close
range. Three of the shots took ef
fect. One broke the woman'· neck,
another passed entirely through her
body and the third entered the fore
head just above and between the
Leaving his wife weltering in her
life-blood Brozier fled from the
scene of his crime. He went to a
saloon in Freedman where he very ί
coolly made the announcement that'
he had done the "dirty work." I
When asked what he meant he re
plied that he had killed his wife, and
shewed bloodjon his hands as a veri
fication of his statement. Leaving
the saloon Brozier came up town
wnere he was arrested by Jailer
Minnick When taken in custody
by the officer Brozier had reloaded
his revolver and had four extra car
tridges in his pocket.
Three or four days after his incar
ceration iu the county jail Brozier:
was indicted by the grand jury, ι
which convened the day the crime
was committed.
Review of the Trial.
Hie trial was eft for April 1 and
a special venire of forty men was
ordered summoned from which to
select the jury.
Oa the date fixed for the triai J.
T. Gill, the negro's attorney, ap-1
peared in open court and tiled a mo-<
Hon to I »v«* t! >· indictment quaslied, ;
ailH«rmif a* a reason t' at the Αίτι
ο.tu race had been discriminated,
akamtt by the ury commissioners
iu drawiuK the list of grand juror»
Alm<>*t the entire day was spent iu
taking testimony and in an argu
ment if ttie motion. Late lu the af- :
teruoou the motion was ο τ err u led
by tfie court, aiid ou the morninx of j
April J the iefend&nt wa» arraigned
for trial.
There were twelve <>r fifteen wit·
tie»»*» on hand to testify for t'»1
state Net a sin*.·· witness weut 11
the stand to testify in behalf of the
it required a little less than one
lay for the attorneys to take the
estimony of witue«»►*» iiidar/uethel
vase At J9 ρ ui the case was
J Η Wilson,
W Κ A leap
W J Hamilton,
U W Martin,
J H itoberlsou
Κ A Η ward
J. Η Mercer,
J Κ wuintey,
J J Misuari ters,
It l> Harris,
\ o. Kudu·,
tl H liuitlh
l**u Iu lit· jury and iiy ι (Jtlisiiin
i-truii'ai a verdi'ii 1 4 M men i»«»bsil
W hi ,i H, « ««II· I W«« lead l· y the
Uik lb· -ieftiiidaut was tsaed la
- « Η.,... , , _
murmur, "thay pat It to m· pretty
A day or two After his triai «ad
eonvietico Broiler'· attorney filed »
motion for · new trial. Tbe motion
wm overruled and notice of appeal
waa given.
Soon after the conrt adjourned the
appeal waa filed with the court of
criminal appeal· at Dallaa, bat no
action waa taken by the court until
U ù«u iieid term· at AuaiiD
and Tyler and returned to Dallaa
January 1. On the 27th r>f that
month the verdict of the lower court
waa affirmed. On February 19 the
mandate was returned to Diatrict
Clerk Burleson and on tho 23J of the
month Brozier waa taken before the
court to receive hie sentence. He
heard hi» doom pronounced with a
stoic indifference which he main
tained until the last.
Two years ago, after Jack Beall
had been nominated by his home
county for congressional honors,
each and every citizen went to work
with a vim to help him carry Hiil
and Bosque counties, which would
give him the nomination. Many El
lis county citizen - went in person to
Bosque and Hill counties and did
yeoman service in piacii.g him be
fore the voters of those counties.
Mr. Skinner, who had been Beall's
local opponent, went into those
counties and did heroic wark for his
former antogouist, and for this un
selfish act we all honor him, and j
will support him for the state senate
this year, if he wants the office.
While that memorable flght is still
fresn in our minds, and the good
V r |r I η η rt /« Ί I « "W · 11 * Λ r. I. I—, ^ I
TT .li . Ùmuou wtaift it* «tcaetii&Jg
ton, a member of congress,
we want to call attention to
the fact that Ellis county
alone is not entitled to all trie credit
for electing tfeall. Hon. W. C
Wear, ôf Hillsboro, one of the ablest
attorneys at the Hill county bar, or
of any other county, for that mat
ter, during that campaign closed hi» i
office, quit his practice and went >
out week after week and spoke day j
and night for Beall. With all tbe
heroic work Mr. Wear and others
did we only carried Hill into the
Beall column by a cloae ahave, and
it is our opinion that without the
he!,· of Mr. Wear in Bosque and Hill
counties Beall stood a fine show for
defeat. Ellis county people now
have an opportunity to repay in kind
the service then rendered by Mr.
Wear. He ia now a candidat" for
Attorney General of Texa*. and EM
lis county should not forget him at j
the primaries in July. Give him ai
solid vote for t lie high office to which
he aspires, and which he is fn *v»»ry
way, well qualified to fill.
The Oriirinal.
Foley Λ Co., Cbic&Ko, originated
Honey and F»r as it throat and 1 u 11 κ |
remedy, and on acoount of the
^reat merit and popularity of Fo
ley's Honey and Tar many imita- !
tiong are offered for the (genuine. j
Ask for Foley's Honey and Tar and [
refuse any substitute offered as no ι
other preparation will urive the same
satisfaction. It is mildly laxative :
ii contains no opiates aud is safest
for children and delicate persons j
Sold by H VV, Fearis.
Weather Forecast.
Tonijrht showers, colder Saturday ;
fair, colder.
Wednesday max ·».(; mlo. 63.
K.ii ii f all 1 M
U D. Lu>u«(.KKh
VV ι>meti » Kidneys
Women are more often afflicted
with kidney disorder· than men, but
attribute the symptom· to di».#-!*see
>eculiar to their *κχ. whti* in reali
:y the kidneys are deranged Ner
rouiu···, headache, puffy or dark
■ireles under the eyes. pain in the
:>ack. are sinus of kidney trouble
:hat must not be ignored, or a *erl
mr malady will result. F-<ey's
Kidney Cure has restored the
leaith of ttiousaiids of weak, ner
>iiu·, broken down women It stops
rr^tfiilarltles and «trnfthsui the
trinary or-rfaus It puri(1«s the
ïlood and beueflts the wîoIh sy·
a·.. ι* κ « ι» W V iris
. ui« « >· ·aj . ·» ■ a « '»**·.
Approaching Nuptials
The following invitation t as been
wsivtd at thlt office
"Mr·. F.liiabetb Mac! arthy Con·
lor requests the honor of your pre··
»uce at the marriage of her dautfb·
er, Anna Louise ami VIr Hadger
,'roaswell | Bo wen, ou \\ «duesday
ifteruooa, April ti, I'.sU, at o'clock,
ftd Cadis street, Dallas, t'es»·.
"At b«»me after April Jf.th, tit·
telvedere, Toledo, Ohio "
Mi·· Connor is the daughter ,»f
itrs Η * « Connor sud was born
,ud r«ar»d tit Wuxaiiaci ie She 1·
uite au art'oii.plished young lastly
itid baa m au y friends tu thia rity
rho wilt uutle m extending MMttfrat- t
Intiou· lu advance
II ϋ·ν·4 Hi· L»|.
I* Λ t>antoHii ul t.«titan*· Us ,
urtvikd for iu luuutb· wtllt a I
rightful faulting sut· on t.ts I·*111
ut writ·· Hint Hui-kUu s Α π.η « I
ialve wholly cored il lu li»a day· I
far I'luef·, Vîentui· Hii··, il s tb* I
usai sal*· IB lb· wottd Cure liuar
tttissii Only yd Mia n<»l4 t»>· 1i.(>><>«* ι
ι Moor* ι
Hood £ Martin Guarantee to I··
load Money If Hyomei Fails to
Cure the Worst Case of Catarrh
It i· do Qnoommon thing to ae· a
medicine adTertiaed aa a guaranteed
car·. Bat lareatigation usually
•uG «*■ tUNt iiiw glial Mil 1 w i· Uiaae
by aome unknown firm, hnndreda ol
ruilea away.
The guarantee, though, that oom«a
with Hyomei, ia entirely different.
It ia made by Hood & Martin, one
of the moat reliable drug flrma ia
this aection. They adveniae that if
Hyomei does not cure the worst
case of catarrh, they will return the
money without auy question or ar
gument. No business house in
Waxahachie has abetter reputation
for square dealing than Hood <V
Martlu, and when thev guarantee
that tliey will refund the money if
Hyomei fails to cure catarrh, no
one has any question as to the
agreement being lived up to, both in
spirit and letter.
Hyomei is very easy and pleasant
to use. Just breathe it through the
the little inhaler that comes with
every outfit; ever/breath will bring
recovery so tyfch the nearer. It
ktlls all the Kj>nns of catarrhal trou
bles in the sûr [tassuKes of the head,
throat, amjnuuiis, soothes and heals
the irritated mucous membrane, and
is the only natural cure for catarrh.
The complete outfit costs but one
dollar, and extra bottles of Hyomei
can be obtained for fifty cents. Do
not let a slight catarrhal trouble de
velop into one that may be serious
and chronic. Γ se Hyomei at once,
remembering that you run no risk
whatever when you try Hvomei on
Hood A Martin's offer of "no cure,
no pay."
Μΐη' ' tupiciucut Mouse.
D. V. High and Cncle Ike Hullard
have recently opened an im
plement house across the street in
front of tlie Enterpri»e office and
from the way Yellow Kid planter·
are go^ig out one would judge that
they jfrej# dolug business. 06-w*i
The time-worn injonction, "never
put off 'til tomorrow what you can
do ioday," it now generally pre
sented in this form: ''Do it today."
That in the terse advice we want to
give you about that hacking cough
or demoralising cold with which you
have been struggling for eeverai
day·, perhap· week». Take »ome
reliable remedy for it today —and
let that remedy be Dr. Hoachee'a
German Syrup, which ha· been in
uee for over thirty five year· A
few dose* of it will undoubtedly re
lieve your cough or cold, and It·
contluued use for a few day· will
cure you completely. No matter
how deep-s«»at»*d your cough, even if
dread consumption ha* attacked
your lung*, German Syrup will sure
ly efTect a cure—at it fia* done be
fore in thousand* of apparently
hopeless ca*e* of lung trouble
New trial bottle, iV; regular «lie,
Γ.'κν at H. W. Κ earl·
Daily Tourist Sleepers
To California, also to Ht. I.oui·
without a change via the Te*a* A
Pacific Railway Ask any liciet
a«ent about thl· new service or write
K. P. Turner, General Passenger
Agent, Dallas, Texas dAw
Death Rate In New York and Chi
During November and December,
l'.HJU, one Ufth of the death· In New
York and Chicago w»r« from pneu
monia. Foley · Honey and Tar not
only *top· the cough but heal* acd
strengthen· the lung· and prevent·
pneumonia. ·ο do not take chances
on a cold wearing away when Fo
ley'· Honey anu Tar wui cure you
auickly and prevent *eriou· reaults.
S"ld by R. W Fearls
1 want JO young ladle· to take
leasotiM in water color | amtiug.
Will learu you to de this beautiful
» >rk in om day For rate· address
Hinlon Caldwell, .Mit S«>ut! Main
»lreet. ^ .'1-pd
Al the Opera House
Tomorrow Matin*· «nui ni*ht.
Mr. Albert Taylor ami ht· P«>r·
»»« St >ck Company. S·· what th·
['allait New· «ay·.
Ou» of thw i>«*«t audt«ue·· of lb*
• mhu |{r«>«t»d th« app*-arauc· of
litueri Taylor ami hi· *tock com·
i>auy mi th· Daiia· opera uuut# U«t
Th# pi Ay, ' Ηο»ι·, Swt«i Horn»,"
[•ailed a d«>oi»etie comedy, afford·
Mr, Taylor ample opportunity to
iiaplay lu» ability, and of thi· op
portunity h· make* th· moat. There
ι· ,'Uaty of homely «it ta th· itn··
For th· thru»· act·, aud uou· of it I·
»f th· diud which ha· beeant· worn
ky u··.
Between the a»t· m number of ι
rood apMiaitt·· war· fifra. of
he·· th· ou· by Clar«tt«· Oil»·» , »
ilaak face eomadtan, ιί»»·η»·· apw
■lai mention H# !· ou· of th· be«t
u th· 1»»·. Hi· Jok·· ar· original
uid were told with good «if«et.
Ticket· uow ou «ai·, t'riue·, tuat
UM ΙΛ Mid 46 #*iU. Night 15, Û, là
kud 41 «eut»
iuvaiuatue fur MliNuittiuu,
I h»v· bMH »ul1»riu< fut tb· paat
·* JTMl· «Mb · ··*·(« «u»»k of
h«uui«ilitii *ud found that Hal
Mil t Hem liuiuwut «m th· only
htutf thai i»<t iu· ••tufiM'tlou *ui
•ud«d lo all·* tat· my t atua V| are h
•Mli. iHU, Job· I' Kluk
uau, iU· i*. and #1 UU Moid
y Mood 41
I I I I " ■ ■ ' ^
What you can «ad at
Gardiner's Greenhouse
Roses, 1 and 2 year old. pot grown 10c and 25c
Geraniums ! 75c and 1.00 per doz
Verbenas 75c per doz
Chrysanthemums —... 75c per doz
Lemon, the American wonder
Carnations _ —
Pansies - - —
23C each
1.00 per doz
30c per doz
Begonias, Azaleas, Arancarias,
Achyranthas, Alternantheras,
Caladums, Coleus, Jasamines,
Dahlias asst., Cannas asst.,
Fuchias. Rubber Trees, Ferns,
Palms, Hibiscus, Hydrangeas,
Oranges, Tomato plants, Pie
plants, and other things too
numerous to meqtion.
Everybody invited ίο Λ Λ
& & vis» ί"6 Greenhouse
West Jefferson Street φ Near Chautauqua Park
««Μ* .I»»»,»» » > W.r. «I *.«,*,1.111 ■ «.
■ ■ ■
Suits wis £65.00. now - - $52.50
Suits was 65.00. now - - - 50 00
Suits was 35.00, now · . 24 00
Suits was 43.00. now - 33.00
Suit·- was 33.00, η w - - 27 00
Suits was 22.Où. now - - - 16 00
Suits was 50.00, n- w - - 38 25
Suits was 37.50. now - 30.00
Side Boards was $24.00, now · 18 25
Side Boards was l'MX). now - 12.20
Side Boards was 23.00, now - 17.50
Side Β >ards was 22.(X). now - 17 00
Folding Bt'd^ was 527.50, now - 21 50
(Jther lioods at equally low prices,

X Daily, March 1st. to April 30th
♦ Courut ear «H>uta*cti<>tta
J Β»·ι ΜΓνιι-· U» CHIC Alto *ml KA.NHAm
ÎC1TY. Throujfh »Jw«|»«tr· sjiJ et» air car·
i·»*· Dalla* »(i>l fort Worth »lai(y
Hum*i»«k«ri r*i»» -tally lu A M A HI Ll.o
2 *ia Kl. Rlûu !4t>l*adlt) opportunity t.·
J ·*·» tti« OKLAHOMA couru η
I. »·»·« rat·· ·*<»» κ<*·α, Mamt l a«d l.>
from *11 northern |>.ni!t» in !»«»· A food
llu· to h*v» your friand· »t»tt yuu AU
Hoofc I aland Λ «(eut· *r«· prn>ar*H H» *1 »· >l«
tail·, ur vrtii a*.
U. t* Α., C H. I. * a. Hy
Val« Worth. IWM

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