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We have some nice Preserving Pears
at, per bushel _ $1.25
Plenty of Fresh, Ice Cold
melons. .
1A harmless cup of satisfaction
Golden Gate Coffee
The favorite among housekeepers who are particu
lar and want the best, at . .
Quick Meal Ranges
and Oil..
— at "
W«* will w^igh fr»e ο f charK* ***>ry lady or jrlr! caii
inif at oar «tor»· in July Kr** to *T«>ry lady makinir
a parctiu· of u., for t«*ii day·, an assortment of
Keai»>rtiber th* bankrupt «al» i* (till on. :
,Vk· city mall bo*«>· ifoinji at. ... Λ*·
7'jc pocket kolvaa ifotriK at 'iDc
Handy atf»l Natcbet· k'oIdk at Stc
Ootrtnt·*) ra*>>r·, iroing at .. 1 (.10
Wire liair bruahe* prevent hair falling out, intriturate· Ibe aeaip
and promotes the growth of n>-w îimr A positive cure for dan
druff »nd iuaomnia. Afford· quirk r*li*f to «uflVrer» from »i»«u
rak'ι a and n»r*oa· h« adach«. Kndoraod by leading physician·
everywhere. Bee our dusters, fl »or brushes
Ν cadi·· to fit all sewing machine»
Waxahachie Hardware Company
D. B. McCALL, Manager
Stands for alljthatis "best" in light mak
ing—best lights, most healthful, most
sanitary, greatest satisfaction
No dirt. n<< disagreeable ^ases. no work
but keeping the globes clean.
Waxahachie Gas and Ulectric
ΦΦΦ Company ΦΦΦ
TOM COOK. Suprnolrndtnl. AAA PKICT 10NNAILY. Cashier
g Do You Ever think of your Future? $
(· D" T"" exwr think ■ f the future of your family ' H.<· it ever o. #)
rurr·--! t v<ii; t! »t »tt( tl ■ «v fr«·. n:ι , t · ;-r ··(·*·«·(· leav.
11) χ t η fan ly »itt «uttirlent itman· t·. m mi re tlieir i-nm (■ rt, ιι Τ
(Α ι « ι (i
^ •uraure" It e a ΜΓίαα· Vf! it'· tli* ioImu duty of
«•v»rr BM Who hold· the future welfare of t·■ · family flret in
hi· thought·, to ni»ke ample i>ro»i»i>n for t'ieir futur*. It «
eaaity done u, the PHOVIDKNT KA\ INiiS LHK ASSI K
ANCK BOCIKTN We vaot *neth«r K'Md a^ent lu<|uir· a?
one·». . . . ......
Kur full information fill nut tlii· coupon ;»n j mail to

2^ Strickland, Harbin and 8:«>|>h«na<>u, Axent·,
Fie*»· send me information concerning a Twenty
C· v*r Accumulation Policy for f if l«mi>d at
year· of ·«·«■
Ν *ηι«
1 Strickland, Harbin Ç Stephenson
Wuthtchle. Texas
A Wmtuchie Girl Tells of Smrc Things
She Siw <t the Exposition.
To the Daily Light.
8t. Louie, Mo., July 13.—If not in
truding I will give a description of
what I have seen in one day at the
World's Fair.
I visited the Germany exhibit and
found their blue pottery worth see
ing, Switzerland has a flue display
of ladies stiirt waists, emboidered
suits and carved ornaments In burnt
wood. At the Japanese exhibit it is
worth getting tired standing and
viewing their needle work. One
kimona done in white silk and >*m
hroidered with cut velvet represent
ed a hen with folded wings and little
wee chicks all around her. This
was certainly a work of art and a
marvel of beautv. Th»· price asked
for it was one hundred dollars.
They also have oth»-r kimonas in
blue silk, pink silk and violet silk,
all embroidered in various designs
of (lowers. The prices range from
fifty to seventy-Ηve dollars. They
> have bird and animal pictures work
ed with cut velvet which look a- real
ι as if an artist had used the brush'
) instead of the needle. The colors
: blended artistically. Japan also has
j on exhibition writing desks valued
; at four and five hundred dollars.
The (Quaker city has a wonderful
ay of cut glass. One's eyes
become dazed with the diamoud-like
lights thrown out by ttie grand pe
destal punch bowls, λ ases, etc.
I attended a concert at the Texas
building. Mrs. Potter, of Gaines
ville, is the charming hostess this
week and she makes all feel at home.
In the concert Miss Winn of Paris,
sang a number of fine classical
Italian' songs too classical for
: her audience. 1 believe our Texas
giris at home couid nave sung more
i pleasing souks, but in justice to the
singer her voice is sweet and culti
vated Kverv one 1 met claimed the
Texas building was the finest on the'
Next I visited the Oregon building
and saw some very fine bear skins.
This building is rustic compared to
the Texas building.
I We took supper at the Parliament
restaurant inside the grounds and
jot full value for our money. After
supper we visited the Pike and took
a trip to Paris under the sea and to
London over the sea. This in itself
was worth the while coming to the
Fair. Onepaeses the English coasts,
, gets into Paris by the river Heine,
I then by land to Herlin, to Russia
through the Kngiish channel and
hack to London. Again on the At
lantic ocean a storm comes up, the
thunder roll·, lightning Hashes and
j some of the ladies scream. Then
wk enter New York harbor and off
the Jersey coast a cyclone in en
countered. During trie se» voyntre
the shark and all kinds if flst>»*s are
seen in ι» gr*-at numbers
Ne*t we Haw the cascade*, Venice
on the water, rode on t.';>· gondolas
and heard most excellent music
Β. Y. P. U. Pribram.
Jl-su· W'klkillK "II the ·· Μ
Kfnjamin l'opats Matt 4 J.
1,<»inula· Harrow Matt. 14 i.
A abort liletiiry of the Si » ft» ii- (
ilet· Mia· Leonla fantrell.
Jp»u* apart in tli·· niuutaii f r
prayer Matt. 14 Λ! ί Mr» - »- ν
The disciple* III :· »tortll *t »~a
Jesuit coin*.* to tl^ir reactii· M '
14 _*4-ifT Mm» Maim· W It·
tvter's cry, "Saf»* Lord or i f · ·
lib" ami ι mm «s! I mi «»ly J-«n«
•(retched forth hi· hand M *tt ·
>31. Μι*· Ληηι« l.ee \I ι ·»γγ .· ν « -
H.tSfball Players ι I h Ka · ■
Lout· J. Kriu'i-r, ··* > »ι η
loin; listai ι e f>ot τ « -ι ti· ri >
and Holland, writ!-·. <', ! . t
" Dur ι air my training of eiirht « ->-lt ■>
foot no· at Salt i.ak· I'ltj . u Λ; ril
la*t, I ιι·«<1 Hal trd » -» · 1.. ι -
ment to UiV rfr*al lalulietl'
Therefore, I 1 >►' ilr rec · -;i.l
Snow Liutment to all « *r« tr
bled with sprains. brui·-· r · u
matism." JT>e. Vk*. *1 i»i b -til»
Weather Forecast.
Tonight and Saturday fair
Thursday ma* n. rn.i. 7;.
C D. LuNuaahKr.
New Steeper NcrvKf
Commencing la«t Saturday tba
Κ al y viil optratf the Dalla· Am
tlu sleeper over its own line through
Oranger aud Georgetown instead of
•»*er the Central Thi· sleeper
lea* es Austin oo train Ko. £*· and
lea»·· Dalla· on train Mo J at h Γι
p. η.
Tried to Kiss His Swe«theirt.
ι A young: man wat arranged in
I Justice Stovall's court yesterday
charged with trying to kiss a youn«
lady. A jury was summoned to pass
on the young man's sin and five of
them voted to exonerate him. They
could not forget how it was with
them when they first bexan to wear
a mustache and part their hair in
the middle. They didn't blame the
lad. There was one however, who
thought the young man should not
be so strenuous and wanted to have
him pay something for his rudeness.
80 the jurv failed to agree Ennis
j K«'War*< nf Ointments for Catarrh
that Contain Mercury
i as mercury a ill surely destroy t»e -er^·» of smell
I and com ρ < te!y derange the whoi·· «jstem when
I entering it through che mucous surfaces, ^uch
I articles should never he ua»ed except on pre
emptions from reputable pns-;can« a· the
J damage fhey a ill do «s ten foid to the <·κχ1 you
1 can ponaibly derive from them. Ha l's < atarrh j
Cure, manufactured by * J. Cheney Λ Co., 1
Toledo. ·». contain- no mercury, and i* taken!
I i eternally. acting directly u jkj η tr·»· blood and,
; mucous surfaces of th* -> - em. In buying Hall's
Catarrh Cure be -.ire you get .»>*· genuine !' is J
taien internally, and made »n Toledo, Ohio, by ,
K. J Cheney A Co. Testimonial- fret·
rSoid by Druggist* 75c. bottle.
Hall's fraaiîy I'll* are tne oest.
A (.«lied Hretinq.
A meeting of the Ν. H. Forest
Camp, 1'nited Hone of Confederate
Veterans, is called for Monday af
ternoon at J o'clock at the trumpet
corps liall on South Roger s street.
All members of the camp and sons
of veterans who are eligible to mem
bership are requested to be present.
A sponsor to the Temple reunion is
to be eb-cted.
T. B. \\ MJ J.\ mh, Com.
Κ P. Kkmhlk, Sec'y.
Cured of Wright's Disease.
Mr. Robert (> Burke, Eltiora. N.
Y", writes, "Before 1 started to use
Foley's Kidney Cure 1 had to get
up from twelve to twenty times a
night, and I was all bloated up with
dropsy, and my eyesight was so im
paired I could scarcely see one of
my family across the room I had
Kiven up hope of living when a
friend recommended Foley's Kidney
Cure. One fifty cent buttle worked
wonders and before I had taken the
third bottle the dropsy had xone. as
well as all other symptoms of
Briifht's diseas'·." Sold by Ft. VV.
hearts. *
Won by Wixilwchie.
The first of the series of three
games of baseball between the Wax
ahaebie and Corsicana teams was
played yesterday afterneon, result
ing in a victory for the home team
in a score of 3 to I. The attendance
was large and while the game was a
little slow some clever playing was
Wicker and Stevenson composed
the battery for VVaxahachie and
Maddux and Wilkerson >iid the bat
tery stunt for Corsicana.
The second game of the series is
being played this afternoon and the
third and last game will he played
Chattel Mortgagee it the Knter-ι
prise uflhce. tf ;
(jmpeitn Mincer Declares Attorney
General's Race Still IMccMet
Walter Collins, campaign mana
ger for \V. C. Wear, «ave out the
following statement yesterday:
Complete returns In the race for
attorney general have not been re
ceived from any of the counties.
Partial returns from the counties
whose voting strength in the con
vention is 700 have been received.
These partial returns indicate that
neither of the candidates for attor
ney general will have a majority of
the convention. Out of th*· 700 votes
mentioned, Mr, Wear will receive
11Î0 from counties in which he has
received a majority, and about 00
will be his pro rata part in the coun
ties where the \ ote fs divided, mak
ing a total of ISO. The other 520 ■
votes are divided between his three
opponents, Mr. Davidson, Mr.
Schluter, and Mr. Simmons. It
will require 474 votes to nominate.
Doctors said He would not Live.
Peter Fry, Woodruff, Fa., writes:
"After doctoring /or two years with |
the beet physicians in Waynesbnrg
and still getting worse, the doctors
advised tne that if 1 had any busi
ness to attend to 1 had better attend
to it at once, a* I could not possi
bly live another month as there was
no uure for me. Foley's Kidney
Cure was recommended to me by a
friend, and 1 immediately sent my
son to the store for it and after tak
ing three bottles 1 began to get bet
ter and continued to improve until 1
was entirely well." S ild by H. W.
Successor to firth.
Circulars were issued yesterday
from the headquarters of the Rock
Island announcing the appointment
of Phil A. Auer as general passen
ger agent of the Rock Island system
in Texas to succeed W. H. Firth,
deceased.! » '
Mr. Auer has been cc nnected with
the Rock Island several years in
the capacity of traveling passenger
agent, with headquarters at Pitts
burg, Pa.
His appointment created some
surprise in railroad circles at Fort
Worth, as several were thought to
have been elated for the position.
George S. Pentecost, with head
quarters at Fort Worth, has many
friends in the state who had hoped
he would be appointed to succeed
Mr Firth.
She Tried Ki\e Doctors.
Mrs. Frances I,. s aies, of Missou
ri Valley, la., wiitts. I ia»" been
afflicted with kidney trouble live
yetys had severe pains in my back
and a frequent desire to urinate.
When riding 1 experienced much
pain over the re^iou of t^ie kidneys,
i tried five pt.> sn'ians »*itlioui (>»·η
etit and thei. concluded !<■ tr> Κ· i
ey's Kidney ( 'ire. After taking
three ifl.iNi bottles I » i- complet» ι y
cured." Sold b.\ H. \\ . Keari
M Wr - -—— ·"■*»* - --
For the benefit of its patrons the
Passenger Department oi the Mis
souri. Kansas & lexas Rv. has
arranged to provide rooming quar
ter* at St. Louts for
Popular Prtctv. Call « or «rite l>. any
Kafy Ticket Ajjiol, ot
\\ orld's lair \ isitors
* 0. Ctt
D· «*. ici··
< ι H)*'# «fltTOft.
MU ί à III,,
5« l μ ι
■β -β -β
Dmes awt>
"pesky thin^
at once. ....
Fry 11
Straw Hats|
Cut Prices II
No big song teasing. The
season has come for cut
prices on straws. Right
from the start we will
put a price to move 'em
out quick
53.50 straw hat $2.50
$2.50 straw hat 51.75
52.00 straw hat 51.40
51.50 straw hat 51.15
51.00 straw hat 5 .65
A Job Lot Straw
75 straw hats Half Price.
100 straw hats, were 53.
$2 and 1,50, choice 50c
50 straw hats, 75c up to
1.50 β 25c
Tell-the-Truth Clothiers
We have just received a book of Fall
and Winter Samples, strictly up to
date. It is a little early, but the
early bird catches thé worm. We
guarantee a fit and satisfactory
workmanship. We bave ale» just
installed the latest improved electric
iron. So come, join the Pantorium
Club and ^et three suits pressed for
one dollar. Just phone 59 and wo
will do the rest. : : : :
The Long
Τ elephone
Places you in direct and in
stant communication with all
important towns jn Texas and
Arkansas and many in other
states. Its use will often save
you a tati^uinir journey.
Try a Round Trip Talk
Shoe ·β Repairing
We li t\e r^celltlj *·<; :ipp*d our
Repair Department with elec
tricai appliances enabliut: us
to put out the very highest
class <>! repair work <|Uickly,
and it possible, better work
than we evet have d"t)e.
We have iiiadc thie added
chanif" for your hfucfit and
our convenience. an ^ι\·
\ u ynui r> pairing ii oretjaick
ïy »nd at ι I*· i ·!
Κι inif it to us.
Crow Bros


Bugg ies
A Little Medical Advice
W rm ν ut·... - ire η ir .·> t *
especially «·*> in warm weather. We , :n i
you pure foods, < *>ked ready for u>e, chear
er than you ^:an prepare them. S.jse \ r
time mJ vome let u^ "show vou. . . .
'"Good Good** and Honest Prices is our
motto. : : : r
Northwest Corner of Square, . . Opp. Citizen^ Bank
> ************

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