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The line of ladies
Oxfords that we
are offering
Combine all the virtues
of style, durability and
solid comfort
The admirers of fine foot
wear will see their ideas
brought into effect in the
leathers, lit and shapes.
Crow Bros
the shoers
_ _ Λ. J*. Λ. A
»««♦«» — ♦♦·♦♦♦«♦
J. T. McKiunev of Celette ia ▼!■
! iting in the city.
W. A. Amie left yesterday for
I Colorado to spend the summer.
Miss Alice Wright of Mansfield is
a guest at the home of Dr. 8. H.
! Watson.
Mr. and Mrs. Ο. B. Dunawav have
(returned from a bridal tour to St.
j Louis, Mo.
1 J. S. McEldowney of Midlothian
was here today to attend the repub
I lican convention.
j Postmaster Morrison of Em.is at
tended the republican county con
vention here todav.
ι Mrs. D. A. Cooke and little son,
ί Earl, have returned from a visit to
I relatives in Enuis.
Miss Lou Connally has returned
from a two weeks' visit with her
I sister, Mrs. C. O. Adkins, at Dal·
Attend the World s fiir.
If you want a nice and sate place
to stop at the World's Fair, call at
! Mrs. I.. Y. Ellington's 4714 Page
j Ave. On main line. Every accomo
dation. Write in advance and se
cure rooms. Cut this out as it will
not appear airain. Reference, W. H.
Ellington and A. J Thompson,
! Hiilsboro, Texas, fJl
first Presbyterian Church
The pastor will conduct services
every night this week, beginning
promptly at 8:15 o'clock and lasting!
one hour. All are cordially invited
to attend. J. N. Ivy,
89 Pastor.
KodaK Finishing
Our work in finishing for amateurs is constant
ly increasing. During the last 30 days we
have finished over one thousand kodak pictures
Satisfaction and Promptness
In ill lines has made our trade what it is. . . .
! E,D. HUDSON, Photographer
Get your Chautauqua
Φ Groceries. Come and
see what I have.
• · ·
East Main Street
Make your visiting
trier. J s : ive , >, » ; time
during C.,iu.:.|ut by
jjvir- then1, trejuent
drives. Υ / ι in e ι this
best bv . 't ;n_ \ >ur îi^s
at . .
Rrgnlrr Ibr Moat « arrful ttlrill»· ΛΛ
Well a· t.ood Moll.
Did you ever see a rosebush which—
despite the ra"St beneficent environment
of soil—of sunshine—and of atmosphere,
—seemed never to achieve a healthy
(jr 'Wth
A t >n of manure will not 1 elp a plant
that ha» a canker eating out It* heart.
T..U must destrov the cause before yotf
can remove the effect
Τ >u cannot cure Dandruff and Bald
ness by rubbing on hair lotions. anJ
rubbing In vaseline etc
Tou must look to the cause of the
trouble—It's a g"rm at the roots of
your hair which causes It to full out
\ewSro'* Herpidde destroys th·' irerm.
and healthy hair is the sure result
Soli bv lending druenste ^end 10c I
K'arrps for «ample to The Herpiclde Co
Detroit. Mich.
H'-Tiu/ Ortiir Special Agents.
Connections lo fcnnis, Boyce, Gar
rett. Ike. Paloier, Trubum
and Ferris.
Prompt, perfect ««rrice. All line·
oietaliic circuit L<>ii« instance
Γ elephotie
Hueine·· H ••ne. ...f.iUUa mouth
Keeidetiee Ph· ue.... tL'.UIl » mouth
H ο part ν tine·
Cllis Co. Independent
telephone Company.
W(»IN(1 To tii# World'· Fair? If
•o buy a #!(**) acrid·!· t policy, good ,
for 1 ve»r. for fI. W L p. Letfh tf,
at Hood & Martin's
Please bear this in mind
when you get ready for
your ticket and come to
our store to get it. We
will consider it quite a
favor. Then, too, if you
have friends visiting you
during Chautauqua, we
especially invite you to
bring them here. Make
this your downtown
Our new designs
are the prettiest
and meet artistic
in town. . . .
11 will be a pleas
ure to us to have
you call and in
spect them. . . ,
M. W.
Has bought out the Waxa
hachie Photo Studio, cor
ner Washington and Jef
ferson streets
Prepared to do all kinds of
Photo work, copying, en
larging views, stamps and
ko^ak work. A share of
your patronage respectfully
solicited. All work guar
Pounded fhe LeiHiff.
The game of baseball played yes
terday afternoon between the Wax
ahachie and Corsicana teams was
a fierce article. It was about the
worst that ever happened. It was
a featureless game and full of er
rors. Tin visitors had things their
own way in the game. Templeton
pitched for Waxahachie and in spite ι
of the fact that he was batted all
over the field he pitched a good
game, but his support was very
weak, ihe visitors took a big
bunch of hits from Templeton and
sent seven men across the plate in
one inning. Tease was in the box
for Corsicana and did excellent
work, but his support went up in
the air at a critical period and <
let Waxahachie run in four scores
in one inning.
At the end of tfie game uie «core
stood: ( irsicana IS, Waxahachie (».
Butteries For Corsicana, Tease
and Wilkerson; for Waxahachie,
Templeton and <>rr.
The last game of the series is be
ing played this afternoon.
Cheerfully Recommended for
Ο. Ο. H ikrbee, Danville, 111. writes
Dec. 1!, 1!*)1 "About two years ago
I was laid up for four mouths with
rheumatism. I tried Mallard's Snow
Liniment, one bottle cured me. 1
■an cheerfully recommend it to all
lufTerin/ from like affliction 2f.c,
ιΟγ , #1 00
Ddllë- boys (itfflinii
Hoy» of the junior department of
:h« Dallas ^ M. C. A. will come
ι ere Tuesday to camp at the Chau
:au<juapark There will be tome
;werity or more of the boys and they
will be m charge of Κ Β Achilles,
lecretary .if the unior department.
liaseball Players and Koot Kacers'
Louis J. Kruger, ex-champi>>ii
long distance foot racer of Oermany
kiid Holland, writes. Oct. JTth, ltR#l: ,
' During my training of eight we«k·'
'eut races at Halt Lake City, In April
ast, I used Ballard's Know Litii- ;
neut to niv great satisfaction, ι
Therefore, i highlr reconimeiid ;
Snow I,miment to ail w!■■· are trou
iled with sprains, bruises or rheu
liatistn." —ic, .*iUc. ll.Utl bottle.
Chattel Mortgages at the Knter
)rlse office. tf j
Do You Need a Few
Things to fit up your
Kitchen or Dining Room
During Chautauqua? . .
We bave some odd· and end·
of dishes to close. All Enrlsh
ware, plates 85c and 90c kind
for 00c; $1 25 kind tor 85c. Meat
platter, ·1.35 for 95c; 90c kind
for 70c. 50c bowls for 50c. $1.86
white china teas, $1.30, the kind
you paint and fire. : : : :
Come while you can get what
you want. : ::::::
Remember we are selling en
ameled ware at a 40 per cent
saving to you. ::::::
II ===== -=3
♦ «
»»»»««* »♦♦♦♦♦«
Old Sol continues to play havoc
with high collar·
ι The Katy sold three tickets to the
; World's Fair this morning.
The walls of the new school build
j ing will soon be completed.
A great deal of grain is being
brought to this market now
j Chautauqua tickets were placed
; on sale today at the drug stores.
There was a large crowd in the
; city today and business was quite
The child of Will Pennington died
yesterday and was buried this morn
ing at the City Cemetery.
Brooks, Satchel and Co. < an fur
nish you with goods with which to
fit tip vour camp at the Chautauqua.
A n^w time card goes into effect
j on the Central tonight at 12:01
o'clock. Consult changes in card
published iu this paper
The furniture delivery wagons
have been busy today hauling stuff
to the park for the campers who
will be there during the Chautau
<>. D. Heed yesterday received a
telephone message from Italy to at
once bake and ship to that place for
the picnic next Thursday 1ΓΌ0
pounds of bread.
We have a choice lot of residence*
for sale in the best residence por
tions of the city ranging in price
from |7Γι0.ϋ<ι to jCj.OUO.OO Call us,
write us, come to see us. Coleman
Bros. Μ
Watermelon· have been here to
day in great abundance. There
were twenty loads on the square at
one time tin· morning, besides a
number of loads which were being
peddled in the residence section* of
the city.
One new five room cottage with
all modern convenience· within
four blocks of square Choice neigh
borhood and locality. Will sell rea
sonable and on easy term». Cole
mart Bros. '.HI
le a violent inflammation of the mu
cuu· membrane of the wind pipe,
which sometimes extend* ti> the
larynx and bronchial tube»; and ι·
one ni the most dangerous diseases
of children. It almost always comes
on in the night. Give frequent «mall
doses of Mallard's Horehound Syrup
and apply Mallard's Snow Uniment
externally to the throet. Λ'λ, i"Oc,
• I.00.
WorW's f«ir lonimtiofi
I'uder the change of time card
which goes into effect ou the t'en
trai tonight the morning eastbouud
train will make close connection at
Garrett for the World'» Fair train.
Passeuger» from this city to St.
Louis will have to wait only a few
minutes at Garrett. The connection
is much closer than under the old
Younq Mei's lltdutduqiid lluk
A meeting of the Young Men's
t hautau<|iia Club is hereby called
for ( p. m. tomorrow at the office of
K. P. Anderson, Jr. Musine»s of
importance demands attention and
your attendance is required.
H.N.Pbthkm, President.
Oku. L. Om»> ί N,|Sec'y.
With its companions, heart burn,
flatulence, torpidity of the liver,
constipation, palpitation of the
heart, pour blood, headache and
other nervous symptoms, sallow
skin, foul tongue, offensive breath
and a legion of other ailments, is at
once the most widespread aud de
structive malady anion* the Amer
ican people. The Herblne treatment
will cure all these troubles. 30c
Dr. R. M. Mitchell
Graduate American School of Osteo
pathy, Kirksvills, Mo.
I'nder the founder, Dr. A. T. Still
M*» North Rogers Street
New Phone No. 14ti
Bottled Olives at Half Price
Makes teething · easy, regulates
the boirels and ctomach, «tops
crying, cures summer complaint.
Martr Yewell of Owensboro, Kf.,
■•T»: "Or b*fry w*e wutmf *w»y
while teething. Ht» boweb neemed
be το ad control. Three phyeicun·
grave htm up Owens Pink Mixture
Mved })i« Hfe. I cannot »ay enough.
It saved our baby "
I *<·>■« temlK i«M ftto *2? ' / S/h-**,/7" // »c. «4 »c. Mita». *
HfMUrdl* *r«f7 ^Up : 'ZTZn Cy^MMfT tack Η Ml «trtltâCt M »
"·'■ and Seek ««·. Mtdr.t< TOE FLOYD BIKDlCINf! CO . ΟΓΤβΟΓΓ. WC&
Sold and guaranteed bv HOOD A MART/X, Waxahachie
Boneless Chicken, Potted Ham, Lunch Tongue.
Hamburger Steak, Veal/.oaf, French Sardines, To
mato and Mustard Sauce, Cactus, Pillow Rock. To
tem stick and Columbia Salmon, Lobsters, Deviled
Crabs, Vienna Sausage, Nigger Head ind Cotton
Bale Oysters. In fact, all kinds of cannod goods
and table sauces known t > the grocery business.
Bottle and Barrel Pickles, etc. ....
Correct Dress
We received by yesterday's express, the
newest ideas in Ladies Belts, l· incy
Collars, Hand-Bags, Hair Pin^ and
Windsor Ties. Visit our store Monday,
so that your wants may be satisfied be
fore the Chautauqua begins
The Stupendous
Reduction Sale
Everything at extremely low prices for
the next two weeks
Jolesch ^ Chaska
"Sell It For Less."

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