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Published Kvery Dtjr Kxcept Sunday by
interprise PUBLISHING CO
Pai4-«p Capital $20.000 Μ
•■tared at the Waxahachie Pent •office a* malt
matter of the Second Class.
■ D. HI'DSc'N / * President
β. W. KKNT I Vice-President
W.J. BIJIK / Secretary-Treasurer
W A. Ow^by City Editor
One $ 50
Six Mu! kkin Advance 2 75
Ou β Yq^^JAkdvance 5 00
' «» *» ΤΙ VI
M. R. Λ T., Nortb Bouii
Να ti iKIyeri leaves 7:18 a m
No. J) > leaves .* ">t a »
Να. 8 ( Kair special ι leaves
No. J04 l>?a » es 7 ;Sl ν in
south Bound
No. M Id . ·β|·
No. 7 Kair .Special. leave» y 51 a m
No. Jnl leave* 5:52 ρ m
Να > ι Kl.veri leave* Η : 17 ρ m
H ll.W West Bound.
So, 1*6 leaves H rtn arn
No Wi leaves ri ah pin
*0 S? arrives 4 <xj pm —I>oes not run west Waxa
"»» « ( ml*ed ι ieave9 Η 1 am
No. SJ arrives 11 15 a in
Kast Bound
•Ifl. tt: leaves it 47 am connects at t.arrett for
Sherman and at Knnis for Houston
!M M leaves £50 pm—Starts from Waxahachie
■Ό '->4 ■ mixed leaves H 21' bib
"*0 "ό lea> es 12 pm
For County Treasurer—
B. F. Makchbankh.
For Tax Collector—
Simp Spknckk
For County Clerk —
Rt KK K. Henukickh.
For Sheriff—
Joe P. Minsk κ
fi>r County Attorney
Μλκκ Smith.
Pnr District Clerk.—
Tom Hi ki.kson.
for County Judtie
F. L. Haw kins
Ko Kepresentativt-1 two to elect.
J . M . Ai.pekdick
H. h . J A M KB.
For Supt. Public Instruction —
J. T. Bkooks.
For Constable Precinct s;o. 1.—
Ben F. Abbott.
For Commissioner Precinct 4.—
Le κ Μοοκκ.
The Original.
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St, Louis, Dailv Limit Dec. 1">,
Kate $32.130.
Remember the "KATY." No
chauge of cars to St. Louis, Kansas
City, Memphis, Houston, Galves
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trouble to answer questions
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.. Λ.y ir
Of bounty «ml invariably
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fecte Kv»»ry prie·», from '<· t"
iOe ρ·τ roil.
When jroti huy from us wf
hamr it for Γ',ο per roll, f-ir tf.e
tie*t tfll (1m\ s
Waxahachie Decorating
Adopt Resolutions and Elect Delegates to
Different Conventions.
Hon. J. C. Lumpkins of Waxahachie
Elected Chairman of Execvtive
The democratic county conven
tion field at the court house Satur
day afternoon was attended by a
large number of delegates from the
different voting precincts.
The convention was called to or
der at two o'clock by T. 8. Hamil
ton, chairman of the county execu
tive committee. Temporary organ
ization was effected by the election
of Hon. T. B. Williams chairman
and John M. Weekly secretary.
The following committees were
appointed :
On credentials—W L. Harper,
chairman ; J. E. Lancaster, Byron
Norrell, C. L. Allen.
On permanent organization — J. C.
Lumpkins, chairman; H. H. Sto
vall, S. K. Newman, Bob Hallam,
John Haskins.
On platform ami resolutions
John Sharp, chairman ; J. C. Log
gins, Ben Moody, Γ. A. Beatv, A.
S. Wilson, M. B. Templetou, Will
While the committees were pre
paring their reports addresses were
made by several delegates.
The report of the committee on
credentials, which was adopted,
showed that twenty-nine precincts
were entitled to representation in
the convention.
The report of the committee on
; permanent organization recom·
1 mended that the temporary orgaui
i zation be made permanent. The
report was adopted.
'Die committee on platform and
resolutions submitted the following·
which was adopted.
We. the democrats of Kllis county
assembled, endorse the principles as
j enunciated by the democratic con
vention held at San Antonio, Texas,
; and the national convention field at
St. Louis, Mo.
j Numerous petitions having been
j presented fur the repeal of the occu
pation tax iaw, upon said subject
wh recommend the adoption of the
following resolution- Resolved, that
the principle of collecting an occu
pation tax upon useful occupations
is unjust and said law should be re
pealed as soon as the revenues of
the state will justify.
in viewof the fact that there are
many unfortunate fellow citizens
languishing in the jails of the state
without proper care, we strongly
recommend that the state of Texas ;
enlarge her insane asylums in order
that said unfortunate citizens mav
* I
! tie properly cared for and that this
j be done at any expense.
We endorse the course of our rep
resentatives in congress, Hon. J A.
! Beail and Senators Clias. A. Culber
I son and Joseph W. Bailey.
We recommend that the delegates
to the different conventions be gov
erned by the unit rule upon all
We hereby recommend that the
vote of b.llis county be cast for the
different state offices according to
the results as shown by the prima
ry election held July 9, l'KM.
The following amendment to the·
above resolutions offered by W. J.
Kuie was adopted
We favor the possage of a law j
prohibiting the giving of free passes !
by railroads to any oue except em·
ployees of the roads and p» ace offi
cers in the discharge of theirduties,;
and our delegates to the 'stat*· con- j
vention ar»· instructed to insist on
the idoption of such ; I ink as a part
of the state platform.
Below is the list of delegates -ent
: ι tl (· different conventions to be
held s »on
Htate delegates—T. H Campbell,
Κ. I. 8j> irkinan, M M Fondrai..
Will Nealey, Dr 1 J. Daley. W. A.
Boyce, Dr. L. H. (Jrabam, L. A.
Daffan.J. M Loiftrln·, VV. E. Ede
len, ( M. Banner, (' A. Pippin, rf.
S Liithtsey, H Κ Kirreet»*r, M. H.
Templelon, s Ρ Skinner, O. C.
Oroce, W. J Km», W. L. Harding,
J. h!. Lanca«ter, W H K"are, J.A.
Heall, J.T. OUI. U Piersun, T.
H William-, VV M ( Hill, J»hu
Sharp, Howd Karrar J. M Peebles,
C A WVatherford, W M Tidw*ll,
H M Burleson, l'iia». VV Orr,
Κ iuût Bay, 'Γ. S Hamilton. Hart
ley farter. Τ <» Cheatham, VV Ε
l'oit· man, S Κ Ν» win an, John M
W^t-kler, Will Hanruck. J. Α.
Pain»·. A J Sanders, H E. Orr, C.
tt Lewi·, (i Γ Bweatt, W. L. Har
l «-r, C. ( Crocker, Anson Bainey, j
Κ Ρ, Powell, J. M. Alderdic· ,
Clint Sanderson, l.ee Hawkins, H.l
Κ Edwards, H. Ρ Miiell. J Le»
(.«amnion and Will McCue.
Concessional delegates—T. H.
Karrar, C. L Alleu, T. M. Tolleson,
Lee Turner, A W. Dowd, J. H. L.
Jackson, Plot Bark·, J. L. Powell,
Sam Foater, S. N. Creech, Sam
Wood·, P. J. Hemphill. W. P. Mc
Call, G. C. Baidereon, J. 8. Hardy,
L. J. Burford.O. C. Wilton, R. L.
Eeds, Osce Goodwin, C. A. Kirk
sey, A. 8. Wileon, J. E. Lancaster,
S. P. Skinner, J. C. Lumpkin·, Wm.
Stile·, T. B. William·, C. M. Sup
ple, C. A. Pippin, R. G. Phillip·,
V. D. Kemble, Will Hancock, J. E.
Davie, H. P. Miiell, H. N. C. Da
vi·, 8. !H. Dunlap.T. K. Thompson,
R. C. Mitchell, A. L. Love, J. L
Gammon, A. L Love, M. M. Fond
ren, Burr Martin, J. H. Peebles and
J. H. Lawson. —
Senatorial del^ate·— Rufus By
num, W.J. F. Roes, T. J. Middle
ton, W. J. Buie, Ο. Β. Sim·, T. A
Edwards, L. H. Peter·, P. A. Chap
man, R. B. Reeves, S. H. Hendrix,
James A. Lawson, Sam Curry, G.
W. Stout, George Kuykendall, S. P.
Langsford, A. Lasswell, C. A.
Weatherford, W. M. Tidwcll, A.J.
Sanders, J. B El<an, B. F. Wilk
inson, 1). C. Nelson, John M. Lot
ions, J. B. Bieland, S. F. Newman,
Jeremiah A. Clarke, Capt. Mark
Latimer, Capt. N. L Woriey, A. N.
Thoma·, G. C. Groce, T. B. Wil
liam·, J K. Dunaway, G. W. Ham
let», Jr., A. J. Loyd, W. E. Cox,
W. R. McDauiel, Dr. Ζ. T. Bundy,
A J Bryan, H. N. C. Davis, J. B.
Hemphill, Β Β. West, T. Ο. Cheat
ham, G. C. Sanderson, Capt. T. H.
Moore, Ε. Κ. Atwood, J. H. L.
Jackson, Κ. C Stroud, R. L. Eeds,
R. Hooks, Dr. J. W Wlmbish, T.
L Sullivan, W. R Kirkpatrick, T.
P. Whipple, J L· Gammon, J. E.
Lancaster, Α. I.. Love, W. H.
Fears, E. 1*. Anderson, J r., Jas. S.
Davis, J. J. McQuatters, R. G.
Phillips, Osce Goodwin, G. E. Dun·
lap, Edward Br< wn, S.1 B. Farrar,
Capt. Carr Forrest, R. W. Getzen
dan«r, C. M. Supple, A. J. McCar
ley, Col. W. M. C. Hill, John M
Weekley, M. B. Templeton, Perry
S Robertson, J. T. Gill, W. L.
Hardins*, <« (J. Piprson. W. M.
Turner, J W. Join s.
Fifth judicial district delegate*
Jeremiah A. Clark, T. H. Collier,
W. H. Brown, J. B BisUnd, H T
Moore, (» ( . tîroce, Buck Eaf<an,
C. B. L«wis, W. A. Boyce, G. H.
Eubank, T. I. Sullivan, K. («j
Slroud, Sebe Godfrey, B F. Jani'-s,
J. L. Miller. C. W. Orr. W. M. Tid
well, W. 'Γ. M. Dickson, A. J. Sun
ders, E. P. Anderson, Jr , P. H.
Rowf'll, Τ Ο. Cheatham, H. ii.
8tovall, Mark Smith, John D. Me-1
Kae, Bowd Farrar, Geo. W. Cole- j
man, Tom Spencer, G H Chapman,!
Jack Beall, John Sharp, S P. Skm- :
tier, Clyde Winn, Rembert Watson,!
Horace Trippett. J. M Kskridite, j
M. W. McKnight, C. M. Supple,!
Lee Hawkins.
Hon. J C. Lumpkin· was unani
mously elected chairman of the
executive committee for the eusu
inir two years.
Below is a list of the precinct
chairmen who will serve the next
two years.
North Waxahachie (1. W. Cole
m an.
West Waxahachie W. L. Harding.
South Waxahachie—W.M.I'. Hill.
East Waxahachie J.K. Cauthen.
West Ennis—W. P. McCall.
Northeast Ennis J W Neal.
Southeast Etinis — J . M.Logins.
Northwest Ennis—8. F. Newman.
Forrestou—J. H. Hamlin.
Nash-H. H. Edwards.
Ferris, W. E. Weatherford.
Palmer-J. H. Forehand.
Hrfstol- Dave Nelson.
Hopewell J. H. Carter.
Rankin W. M. Turner
Milford J H. James
Italy —J. P. Weathers
East Italy A J Loyd
Auburn W. H Neelev
Mountain Peak H M. Burleson.
Midlothian Τ A. Beaty.
Ovilln J M Wi tt··!'-ad.
Red Oak· J. W. Haskint.
Avalon Ο. I.. Brown.
tiarrett I H Campbell
Pecan <iiove-T.it·' Miller
Bardw.-H M. W. Wright
India \ F. Busby
Crisp T. I.. Suilivai
Hovce W 8; ar]
Alma H J Fowler
Sterrett Τ M. Hortou.
Lone Cedar J Ρ Robertson.
Oak Anderson Higgins
Ensiirti J. L. Champion.
Byron Γοιη Reiser
I'elico-w. R. Kirkpatrtck
Wvatt J. J Carmict a**!.
Howard Η. Η Moody.
Clernma W 1. Wood.
Britton Dr. Brown.
Sardis O. A Fmley.
Moloney Sterling Vaughn.
Bot H. F Forrester
Ray —Sam Taylor
Uxro—Τ Β Skipper
AlsJorf Charley Parker
Haa»ball Player· and Foot Kacera!
Louie J. Kroger, «■* champion
lonir distance fool raror of Germany
and Holland, writ*·, Oct. 27th, 10M1:
"Daring my training of «right wmIi'
foot rac«>a at Halt Lak« City, In April
last. I ueed Mallard'» Snow Lini
ment to my great satisfaction.
Therefore, I highly recommend
Snow Liniment to all who are trou
bled with sprain·. broiaet or rheu
matism." "i5c, 50c. fl.UO bottle.
Packers Declare That Thoy Will Dic
tate the Terms.
liegro Strike Breaker* Watching *
Itime of Itaseball Attacked by
Sympathizers W Itk t'nion
."Wen on Snnilay·
Chicago, July IS.—There was little.
If any. change In the situation of th·
meat packers' strike here Sunday.
With Michael .T Donnelly, the strike
lead^, in St. I.ouls looking: after that
end of the difficulty then* was no effort
here to renew the pear* negotiations
which lasted through three day» last
week and were terminated Saturday
night without results. Whether anoth
other attempt to reach an adjustment
of the roni roversy by arbitration I*
problematl· il. as the f»ackerj had the
better of the argument In last week's
conferences and art· Utile Inclined to
offer any concessions to the strikers
One tiling is certain, the pi kers s.»y.
arid that Is that they will not recede
from the position they assumed In last
week's conferences, and that the strik
ers will have to conform I<» the em
ployers' ultimatum before any further
peace plans looking to a settlement
by arbitration will l*e successful.
To add to the packers' determination to
stand firm is the fact that they have
β ! e ,i ι J11 y' increased their working force
at the plants by the employment of
outside workmen until. It is said, that
things were It» almost normal condition
at several of the plants l'nder these
conditions the packers have assumed
a more independent attitude, and are
more determined than ever that they,
» I not the strikers «hall dictate the
I terms on v\ hi· h the «ont over will
I be a rbit rated
The sticking point !o t h *ί v. taol·· <}&e&~
t11 'η of art»»· » mo is th· re istat»*n;i»ut
of the striker·* Mr TV»? · etl\ at Satur
day's conference with the packer a»
j waived every other demand le h&d be^n
I made, and agreed < « » order the men
ι buck t<> work, leaving the «diuat ment
ι of »i| difficulties tο arhïtrat on if the
I » 'in p· -yes w ild * ύ< 1 ι k all the strilt
I ers tn a body This the j»-*· kers refused
j t ο «in maintaining tn%«» ihey ht»d hired
Ι η ..ι-v new workmen *ln* e 111 «- strike
j w h"m they would riot discharge They
I · omlsed however, to tak. back the
« > i d employes hs rapidly »* possible.
hi d In the oilier In which their «ιψ1ι< a
tions were filed The union offiçleU
deriare they never will accept (bis
[ ?( th. h.j ν H wmii.t in·.in
tii«» disruption of the union in* de of
three mon! hs
President I>or» fl'v. In an ' !it«*r vb- w.
S» t Λ t <i (htt iii ortJInjj to i η f or» » ι « l loti
re»*el\#d from I 'hi 1·»\ § ί·,ΐ·>» »·;ο· il
secretary of the Hut. hem union the
packers of the trust* kitted SOD find 1000
cattle during the w*N»k, *.* < ornpare* 1
mtth S 6.900 I 120.000 head during t>i«
same period » y· ;ir «go
In an attack Saturday «fterr.«»on on
four r f*ro strike by a moi»
composed of spectator* at ·η V ateur
haseh.jil ί «nw In ! he vicinity '»f tha
*|n< kyard* two whit* men o«<e j*>llce
rnan and the four strike breaker· were
seriously Injun d Revolver* ».1 knives
used and lhr#N»# of the Injured
men ire In a se» ions condition The
Willi »rn Du ran shot In Jaw si «! neck.
Junes Kiei\ ^tabbed In left a π J
heart may die.
Policeman J W S ween ν ut ruck in
the he»d and hark h ν tir h k* whiu try
ing to quell the trouble
George Hunter n^.k slashed bv knife
and severely beaten about Iwdy
tirant Baker, colored, rut about far·
and head.
Samtifrl Wood colored cut wHl kmf*
and be ι ten «bout body arid ft· condi
tion serious
Willi «m Π i ! e \ colored fi e cut and
body bruised
After finishing their days work at
S· h ν π / hild s A- Stll/berger'a phut the
f > '2r olot · 1 Mr Ike break» ! α *n t heir
way bome had to pas* th grounds
where in tmstettr ball gan ·· unp In
ρτο£τ· -Ν There were full> lotMW per
«or · \\ itching the κιη», most all of
whom w » re friend* of H*« men mho
ν nt < ' strike last week. A* the four
workmen vpproa· bed the j»! 1( #» some
of,i» In thee row d yelled "*· »b" and
I· M.tntU ' rush \\»* made for th.» ne
*»·(■ * \S · ■ · j had a revolver at d Baker j
ν k · . f■ it'.d ti e mob started for
th» m they drew the r weapon* I'ef· re
they < uld us# them however, they
mer*» kno ked to the ground by » doaen
white men Baker scrambled to his
f ,·: 1 I.» f; ». la shir? if right and left,
«id before the knife could t»e taken
awn ν from him he bad stabbed Kiely.
Wood Λ red Into the crowd while Iving
on the ground two of the bullets hlt
tinir Durand of the attacking part*.
Th ι « " ρ posit Ion of th»' n#«r.»· s ► t the
croud In a fretttv and h^l ο »t th
pob .· made π quirk response to a Hot
rail that wis sent In aome of the
«trike breakers would lit doub*sd1y have
Keen killed As It was they were
thrown to the ground and kno. ke f In
sensible before the police could Scatter
γ he crowd Several of the rioter· wet ν
placed under arrest, as also were Woe4
and Baker.
fejunct'eo Ittutd
Hellvllle. III.. July 1H Judge Holder
©f ι he St Clair county court, had »*
sued an Injunction restraining Τ \t »r
fan and John Smith. strikers and th»
members of every union afftiated *»tn
the Amalgamated Asso· fatten of M^it
flutters and Butcher Workmen from
Interfering with the operation of pa· k
tng plants In Kast St Louis and the
non-union workmen «ho may be en
gaged to take the placet of strikers
The Injunction we# Issued at the In
stance of the Armour Swift and Net.
aon Morris pat king c ompanies
Speak· In High Tarma of Mr. Bry··*
as a Strong, Moral Man.
New York. July II.—Former Senator
Henry <1. Davla of Weat Virginia ar
rived In this city Sunday and went to
the Fifth Avenue hotel.
Oyster Bay waa mentioned and the
aenalor asked aeveral questions about
the president and his manner of living.
"And what is the truth about th*
trouble vuth the minera* delegafea who
failed to we the president?" ti· askrj
with considérable Interest.
All the details of the affair wrre ex
plained to him and h·· listened atten
tively without the slightest nmunitil.
lie asked iη au interesting way whit
effec t Judge Parker's gold standard
telegram had »ri this part of the · ast
and how the work of the ♦ -onveniloti
was g*»n«»raii> regarded. When told
that there were rumors in some ser -
Hons that lîryan's followers were now
comUig forward and taking control oi
affairs, he replied
"That ran not be so | rjo not believe
It. There is leas of the eommunistir
arid socialistic feature in the country
to-day than has exssted in many year·*
and there will be no quarrels In th*·
Uetnocratle party ·
'I was on the »nh-rornrnitte* th«t
made the st lyOuls platform arid had
an opportunity to know something of
the feeling. I sat between Mr Hill and
Mr f'ryar, and I ran tssure vou ther#»
I* no truth in run or* of war in t h *
pa r t ν '*
Mr I>avi« *j>oke N'-rv highly of Wil
liam .1 Hryan and rhsrar tertred him
un ?i Strang oral man. and very good
ttt hia family.**
Stopped Ο ne ΗουΓ
Washington. Jtilv J S Henry 'ί Π ι ·
vis, ι h* I >ernocra t !< \ tee pre* tent I t I
nominee. arrived here at noon Hunda>
nnd hî 1 ο « lor k left for New York City.
The only persons to meet h'm at the
at at ion were sev^rd relatives It «λα
state.) that ι he current reports thut
he would stop at J.aurH. Md . to s*e
Benator <;or? an were erroneous
Parker Attend» Church nnd Pi d * V ·
it to W F Sheehan
K<opus« Ν V. JuU 1 « -Judge Par
ker · second Sur lu \ - ; · · his ! - >n · »
tion uns spent gun's He had cot
f#fefe-e* ν th Jo* 1 k · 'I i
■ t.'»!:*·. wh«» V*-· ('. V '· '■ i
V Sh'eh.j- .t· d M · .«ri ·* M ' ■ · -f » .··
York, who attended the Ht \ * in
vention. and l· sa»d to h «\· f on·.*· ι ο ,
JRoseiwuirt or η γ · »■11 *· · V
Hheeha,' vi*it« d fin* ' nenj? ι · ,'
♦rttiKin f ti. f t * t *
J ltd**' l'a '>,·-■■ ted W · -'*.»· fi
hom ·? ■ · *£·· l ' 1 ^r ■ ' ■ '
service ui Κ η ^ ·'·>* ' « » · * -
tflg to t lie <'*'<>, < t « ·· ι, ' j
whirl· M<- » η '· m Jaw t »< H »' »■
tor I!·- w · ■■«»'· «·.« M M 1'
k* r
The t rip t Ο Κ ο r »· » * w» w ««· *·.
-Tltd*· ΙΌ* " V 1 '
! η ι ' ' . t h ^ V
dropped a roi* :ι ι »><· o»l ■ « l t ♦
passed t · v tbe Judge nd te f Π·* |
chnrrh H- »'■· · · ■» t t *e · η * !
t aken t h'· « » > * ·» « ti
η in* broa d 1 y a * h » W ♦· '
Qu»etly Spent
f)y*1#»r Bjiv I» I luiv 1 * Su' <! ♦>·!
W«* |W*f llrubrlv <|1|let » ' V *» r f » Hi r
•lav <t .Sagan»···* e 111 M fh# t » » »» *tden t i
r>■> visitor -ι .» though ^ .«i.*l
Mm R'MweVf Jt er ? ert η if ' lift η nr if m
MMia* **>ι*»·«ι h *u«tt κ i'r»·» l·- ri t Ntrh
o!a* ,Murr«\ fiwise* of «'olumMu uni
A* *>«*«» t fH«* pr^wUJt'nf »<t
mftmhem of hi'* family attended the
morr I'ijf *»>γλ I» «» it Phrtat f%ptaro|»al
rhlifrh Th*'i »«!» »r e J r t h#
president « f!«te#t ♦*·>f< reaiim-M the !
t*a<hln* of η (Un In ChrUI rhvirrb
Sun«l !v fhtK'l
Eight Coaehe* Derailed and Several
Perjont Were Hurt
I.>&)!,«** Ju)\ IS About lei:· HUli s t ί
the <*<uth of h#-r+ * t»or<hhoufi<î Sarin
? i· train with ι ■-< Ihan 4>" p.« *«..·«
Iter* on board wm filrno«t nunplftplv
wrc k· I Sunday η «or ι·. h ι; ) < !» t cava
were derailed ιηι 1 two of th^m entire
ly ,'ΙγΜΙ·;: ishrtj. N« pMX«»<nfCer « wer
killeij but aeveral auat ulned Injuriée A
loo»«* brake beam waa the eau ne
One Child Wa* Killed and Another Fa
tally Injured
l.ufkin T*\ Jtr> \t |»ueao %+\.
enfeeη mile- from ! »' r ! he r . I* *j> « ,<J
II ?. two J · ('··*»»· ■ ·£.**'* < 1 ■ ι ' · M ·*'■■«) I ' , ϋ t
ern Ten* a r ulrodfi t» λ Ι η »\Mt · ι r » *·ιί \ !
Cl·. I " Wm' ' 'Λ t ••-1 % * |
el(fht \ear* old fatally inju»e<l and ÏM« k j
Β row η of Naofloi'hrs Kertoiialv hurt ;
The tra< k u a* . ·»·; · *» U torn up λr.«1 j
two ι oa he* demo «hed
Reward ΟMer«d.
Paleatine Tr* . J>. M The Inter- ι
nation il and <i»**t Northern railway
ha* offered J1000 reward for th*- «trreat
ai. I « ui U lion of e ο h of th# partie·
who h**ld up train Friday night.
Body Identified
Thurleaton Hi.ι* July 1* American
ronaul a' I' yinouth ha* Identified the
b«*l . w ν- t ' »* . - that «»f I Kent
Loomi« Thne * »« it: abraalon under
th»· tU M ear F »ul play I* au§J»et"d
t a
Skull Fractured
Ilartf' rd i'mir. . July 1* In auto
mobile «niiainlnit c ' ·'. H'·» r» (hr mil·
Itou «lr- printer Of CMi M» *'id New
Vork *lru< k · tree n"i»r herr. Mr.
Roter· "k·^! *a« fr»ifired all the wnjr
■or*»· hi· l»>.-h««d Two friend· wllh
him cr· uninjured
Did From Broken Back.
N··* Vork. July IS
Ri-hwilzer. λ woikm.in thlrty-el»a ·
>«»m old. U d^.«d from * broken Uat k '
at Gouverneur hospital, «her* he h*«
l.eii, Λ patient for ne*rly four fera.
II* ».i* hurt In a atrcet accident and
aevera! time* th· >uri«oni believed
th*y had effe. led a cur· The cate at·
treated ma<"h Intiraat amor»* medical
Drives away the
"pesky" things
at once
Trv a bottle. . .
la < ktrai CrM, I.I»» Γ· Nrakr·'·
Thl* νητΛ of I»!»· has lr> ·>*»γτ
onf * ni"xjth. arnl rn»ny art* winder '.nc
what tfι*' λί.γ.Ι filKUι Î1 <·». ih»ueh t.a on*
ha* Ml l»-en found wh > will d«-ry (hat
NKftliRog HKRJMCIDE «1·*» |ho ■ r«
Hill, f - r t b# I ηί ''Tuatl ·τϊ r»f t h" i « W1 1 < <>f
ρ· (. <- wh»· lik* î ' knur all ab- it a *o>«l
thimr »< * I far that ΙΙΚΗ1Ί ΊΙ»Κ
tr· m a J. »tr ,.-r or kllvr of Hrr;«« "
Now "ll^rs·»·" la t' · feumdlr tiam* *>f a.
d.M'âiw· «auiwd î ν vartt>· » γ»/<·ΙλΜ· far
A rr.l.rui·* t;iu^ -tan -
rtr»f(T I' hlnr *; alp. «mJ faîkjne t ir. thi*
I» |h# mlrri-h» that NKWI'lV ι S 11 Κ HIM -
CtPII promptly ·after «rh h th»
h»ir P"W« Hi Id hr \· α4· * drtJr*t"t«
K»rtd 1<V tn atsmp· for umoh to T1»e
H<rjik-l<ie Co Ivtro<t, Mich
H«rr(iiK I»rn« Co., Ηρ«·<·ι»1 ΛκοηΙΙ
Shoe # Repairing
We tin* * recently equipped our
H. pntr I»·*{>»rt ί -ui with elec
trical ipplltiiie*· «t! λΜη·* u·
to put out th· ruff Mghett
rla·· <>( repair work quickly,
atvd it po«»ibl·, b#U»r work
11>ah we e*er have (Job*
We il·*» Iliade tbl» Killed
chaniC* for your benefit aud
oar convenience r»n glr»
you your repairing inurequick
ly and at no added coat
Krinir it to u# : !
Crow Bros
The Long
Τ elephone
I'lar#·» you lit tllrwot ami in·
*t(idt eoiiiuitmi :»lion witti ail
important i»*m in T«**a« and
Arkati*»· and many in oth*r
It· u»« will often *av«
you a latfiftiln^r journey
Try a Kama Trip Talk
1 ht SOlTHWrSTll*
We have )ti»t received h ta>«>k of Kali
and Winter Hatrpl··, itrlclly up to
date It ι· » little early, but the
early bird catch*· the worm. We
guarantee a ht and »atl«factory
wnrkmauchip. We have alao juat
Installed the latent Improved electric
iron. 8» cum·, join the Pantorium
Club mtul get three aulta preaaed for
one dollar. Juat phone : Ί and we
Wtll do the real ,
Connections It Eonii, Boyce, 0«r·
rett, Ik·, Palmer, Trubtim
io4 Ferris.
Prompt, perfect aemce. AU lint·
met all κ- circuit. Long Distance
Huâmes· Phoue 13.011 a month
Residence Ph.-ne IB.U0 a moDtb
No ρ art τ line·
Ellis Ce. Independent
Telephone Ce m ρ any.

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