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Published Every Dej Etaept Sunday By
PaM··» Capital $2·,00·.Μ
■atarvd at the Waxahacbie Post-offlc· as nail |
matter of the Second Class.
D. BPD80N President
H. KKNT Vice-President
J, Bl'lK Secretary-Treasurer
W A. Ownby City Editor
One Month I 50
81* Months, iu Advance 2 75
One Year, iu Advance 5 00
Μ. Κ. Λ T., Nortb Bound
No. 6 (Klyeri leaves 7:13 am
No, 20 2 loaves Ϊ5ι ι »
No. 8 'Kair Special) leaves 6;fflp n
No. 204 leave» 7 ;3l μ m
Sooth Bound
No. *» leases » 2» * ■
No 7 hair Special ι leaver y 51 a m
No. Sill leaves 5:62 ρ m
No. S ( K!ver) leave> Η: 17 ρ m
Β 4T.C., West Bound.
<40 W leaves 6 :»ι am
lie Ml leaves >' :4!ι pa
N·. If! arrives 4 khj pm — I>oej not run » e»i Wan
λ "χ» ι mixed* leaves Η :l"i am except Sunday
No. *9 srrives 11 15 a m
Rast Bound
Na, Ki'eaves a 47 ; I χ Connect» a: Knni- for
• 8* leaves 2:5<) poi—Starts from Waxahacble
W·. y I mixeil leaves 8 2l· ore except Sunday.
Mti leaves it 12 pm
No. (*i leav es 9 3<) am.—Connects at t,arretl for
(he North.
Far County Treasurer—
H. F. M arch banks.
For Tax Collector
Sim*· Spencek.
For County Clerk —
Rufe R. Hbshhk KS
For Sheriff—
Joe P. Minnk k.
For County Attorney
Mark Smith.
For District Clerk.—
Tom Birlebon.
For County Judiie
F. L. Hawkins.
For Representative!) two to elect.
J. M. Alderdice.
H. F. James.
For Supt. Public Instruction —
J. T. Brooks.
For Constable Precinct s;n. 1.—
Ben F. Abjbott.
For Commissioner Precinct 4.—
LEE Moore.
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iMit t«« 4my·
1 V«i*ii«chie Decorating
1 Company
1 Manager
Ex-Senator Davis Took Active Pari
In the I'rowediigs.
This Will Ke l«eit K.ntirHy tw thf
National < ouunittre and Noti
fication Half Arranged by
She I aodiiialfH.
New York Jul? 19 —leader» of th·
Democratic party confeirpd for more
than two hour» Monday nlçht Ια the
rooms of former Senator I). Η Hill
at the M'»fTrrta.ri Houf, and at the close
made public a statement to th* effect
that the chairmaruvhtρ of the national
rommltt*·* had not heen decided. F*r§ -
vately. it w;m said, the Judgment of «II
prient was that th*» Interests of the
party was heat conserved by leaving
the committee absolutely frre to *f*ct
Ha chairman. Judge I'arkep was s«»id
to favor this coijrs^. The oorif*i«ncf
resulted 1 r» an agreement lo call a meet
ing of the national committee to he
held at thf Hoffman House on July
26. The question of fixing the time
and place for the notification of th*
candidate η for president and vice pres
ident was h ft in the candidates them
Present at th* conference w*r* thf
leaders who brought about th* noml·
luitiori of Judg* Parker. There were
[Democratic < andidai· for vie.· president.,
; 11 s η [ιπ-s^rit Victor .Γ Howling of New
York. who looked after the 'I'm rn ni an V |
Interests. I**ve r ν one declared that;
harmony ha.d been th» watchword
t h roug hout The conferees were for
mer Senator I> U Hill of Np«t York,
Jamps Smith .Ir of New Jersey. Henry
( ί l>avis of West Virginia candidate
for vie ρ ρ real de rit; Kdward Murphv.
Jr of New York Senator Gorman of
Maryland. William F SI *ehan of New
York. Cord Meyer chairman of the
Ne**. York state committee; John W
K«»rn of Indiana. Colon*»! James Ν
■Lruffey <>f Pennsylvania, Senator 1' H.
Mrt'arrpn of Brooklyn. James M Head
of Tennessee Norman E. Mat k of Buf
falo Perry Belmont and August Bel
mont of New York, Thomas F. Hvan
of Virginia. Senator I Κ Ρ H1U of
Pennsylvania and John R McLean of
Mr ï>avis in the discussion
of «ι 11 topics* h* or#» the confer ««nee, hut
in no more personal vein than others
in attendance His most significant
statement w ι s in rela 11 ι ο the uniting
of all inter#*sfs The gathering of so
many strong men representing fictions
I which had not pulled together always,
he said, was indicative of a strong
The meeting gave a number of those
present the first opportunity the ν have
h.id t >f congratula ting Mr Davis since
hi^ nomination it St IxvijIk. »nd the
reception hi corded him was hearty .
The discussion of t he prospects of the
corning campaign was general In char
<i ι» - The opinion w . >4 expressed hv
se\< ι} that ll" western Damocrats
( · · ■ ! |f¥t ·· ι r η»" f &tl ρ f »or t to the t » » k -
et · d no fear of f id.johril opposition j
ro · d tie entertained
■ · · it οι f|aif*j ι · f Te χ., ν* ΐ'ιΐ Hun ]
be· · ft th» > itv several davs did no:
attend **■«·► meeting although he met
w ! «ί»-\*«r «I individual memliPrs of
f#|* fHf ffTVRp# during- the day Vf«
declared th* chances of party aucceas
would he better than e\er before.
Judge Parker and His Assistant· Spent »
a Busy Day.
Fsopus, Ν Y July 11» -Politic» play
ed email part In Julg** Parker's life
M of da i T h -* drpartu:.* for New York ι
of Messrs Kern and Sheehan left the
J'irl g·» alone The t photif at Rose -
mount * ·» burned out during the night,
and tel phone commun!, at Ion with the
Kingston ei hang** wis imp >asible du
ring* he forenoon Judge Parker ac
companied Mr. Kern to »h wharf when
the latt-r went awav. ®nd after the
boat waa tn mldatream took his morn
ing · ρ hinge tn th# rtver Passeagers
#n the t*j*t had *-''n him on the wharf
when th* boat landed, and «roaded the
rat!· to wtt< h Mm. until the ahgrf was
hidden fro*r view
No mails are received *1 B^>pu· on
Sunday, and consequently Judge Par
ser · mall waa larger Monday than It
has t»*e»t aim· til· nomination. Th*
fudge and hi· aaalatant* were kept
busy the entire morning anewermg 1st.
Amorti the telegram· there v«fl one
fr#ti« ( hemp Clark mhm m*ni ht· ft··
gr a t utattOM
Fin· Quality Struck at a Depth of 81*
H«m#f »«4 Feet
Or.in**». Te*.. Ι··»Υ li· J M Davîd
non, president c·r»«l general manager °f
the .lohruion lia you OH and Mineral
^ompunv, wns « pass primer on the
|Ma*s that onm« in from John·
ιοη'β lia you Monday.
He h'rid with Mm snm· fin* samnl^s
of prac.ticallv p r·* rct^k sulphur that
rame up when the drill penetrated a
ç:as pocket at » depth of 6<M) feet that
blew chunks of sulphur the full size
of tli·» pipe more than 100 In the air
and threatened to detn<*liari the der
Mr. TVavidson*· company controls
several fhousa r»d acres of land on the
bayou, and if oil does not show up,
there Is pretty fair prospect, for a pay
ing sulphur prof»nsitlori at a depth not
greater than that now being profitably
worked in Calcasieu parish, a few mile·
from I, ike <'h«tr|t·* ts promised.
Grinnan Taken Home.
Beaumont. Te* . July 11i—Fred
Orinnan, who was seriously injured tn
a street duel here three weeks ago.
and « ho has since been in the hospital,
has been taken to his home in Terrell,
dinger of further complications having
been I'jussecL 1
Two Bullet· Removed
TCI Paso. July li*. Hay Westrnore- j
land of I>ouglas*. All·/., is lier» for j
treitrnent for two 44 raliber bullet ,
wounds In his bod ν The bullets were
lc« fe,j with an X-ray apparatus an i j
Nothing Adduced at Inquest to Show
How It Was Caused.
Kings Hrid^r**. Julv 19.—-The roro
iter's J'»rν which Monday viewed the j
body of the man washed ushor»·
Saturday found lhat the deceased was
Frederick Kent Ijûomfs arid that he
waa fourni «lead 'it Blgbur^ Bay. there
being r ο evldetu e to show 1h>w he met
his death, threw Π»** picturesque liftie
Devonshire \i!Iatfe <>f Thurlstone Into
a sf,»te of unwonted activity Th*·
court over which th#» county coroner.
Dr. Sidney Jl.i· mm presided, whs some
what late in a s^.-n, t ►! ; n# )n < onscquen,e
Of the delà s Jn ι iff vir κ nut the --f
ti. ial ïri^ili' >1 examination of live law.
This wis conducted by the two h»< a|
dot tars, whose testimony was to the
effect fft.it there wav -( contused wound
below and h» · ) 11 ! ! the rijjht nr lndlc.it
♦·«î bv Hi»1 extravasation of hlood in
the sealp jft i a rupture <>f (he nvr
» · Ιζ <>f the l»r ;j | f 5. There Was a|«0 1
β e η e r 1! bru i «»' involving the - alp and
the tnfegur; n! of the brain on the
|etf .j·· abo\e the ear Hot h l*:jurt«-s,
in t h «* doctors opto tun. Here caused
before death
The American < >rt*ul a* IMvrnouth
Joseph <i S »eph«ns * 11 end*·. J t he pr„
c» edlngs
Î »r \\"ebh one of the medic·! I η;»
who appe-jr■·-·<! to ►»< mine fir»
testified lhat the fir»·* h 1 >f the ·' hai !
w-js 1 * ,1 ten ι w ι \ Ί ? · · · ♦· w is 1 < <>· ; ,
fused wound h !■>·· · ,1 n,··
right ear i · ■·< J »· a t J to I»,··*· —% r » a ν :« va -
11 ο η of h 1 no » t ■ ?t , ι ! j ι , * » ι ι ι apt lire
of the ' o \ e ri ι χ « » f I1·· h ihi Τ her#»
wai at*<» ι &ρ·η»τ»! b?u)-<* lrt\ot.mg
the s .|p and the i . f >f ι he
bra in <»?>, th··· left ν ·!*' <!h»\ . the >·»γ
Roth injuries tn the < 1 · ►- ! ■< ·« opinion,
were can »ed before » J » 111
I »r. Welti» added that i,i»omis might
have been «tunned and have fallen
Into the water and l*een dfown^d lî
was not a sharp wound but possibly
the# result of a fall on his head Kifher
he HtriK'k something nr something
struck his head 'lite blow was nor
Inflicted a fier death Su ρ post η sj the
deceased had »fide«i <»n deck at mid·
night to take the air and wept to an
unprotected space where the davits
were and he fell that would account
for the wound He died as a result
of a blow but there was nothing1 to
Indicate which was a \ery heavy one,
had been Inflicted The blow seemed
to have been struck h» a horizontal
direction The wound was about an
Inch and three-*juarters long and pear
shaped I
None of the papers carried by T «nom Is
were lost or stolen The coroner sum
med up lengthily pnlufirte out the In
conclusive and con |ect ural character
of the < vlden< e There was no evt- j
dence, he vi id, a ν to h«»w f,oornls came
tn his death The a use thereof was
n sever** Kiow but there wa* nothing
ti» show how He w as stCli' k There was
no reason t«» shov that the deceased j
wished to t »ke tits own life or that j
be w iv the vi· tim of » foul blow lie j
ad\ »sed the jury to f^r>d an open ver- j
di«t Had there been anv irround for
suspicion he would have ι Mourned the
tr <iuir\ but thi f»» was nothtr;S to Jus.
11 f ν s u « ■ h H < Ό u r ν
*ι wo British Rtrmrr» W - ' - Dflj·»*!
For Three Hours
1.011 (iuii July 1· —The iMllv Mill*·
Aiioii ι orri">i» 'nii*nt nay» thut the
Hrltlah itca mpr* WuodCOik ind !>■!·
■nulla vrerti held up by the ituilliix
In the Ited aeu Uni detained fut lht«e
The convspumlrnt lay· that the
i ipUiiti of the Ku«<Iûii volunteer fleet
atrumer. St I t ei xhtirK. ha* nollh··.!
the llrltlxh resident» ut Aden tu » ir·*
the Hrltlah < onsula at Suex ami Hort
Silt] that h* would aeli* any Hrltlah
ateanier» l">ui J fur the fur Μ·( 'f th«
content* of th»*lr p.u ki*··* μη* η >t
rlearly *how n on their uianifeata ac
rordltiK to International law.
Fatal Hut Proatratient
Hammond li..| . July 1* * Two proa
trattoria fron h»at. l»o'h rrciltlni In
dMlk *»rf reported hi-tr Monday
night Krel Sobelakt iilnr year* old.
luirumlwl while pu» in* ball In lb*
•lr»»t Henry Μ Κι ·Ιιΐη··<·η yaar»
old an proatral-d <4,1· .r«»iln* a
Held. Hewral h»'»·" dropped d»ad
Cbalara Daf*a In far···.
Itaku Hu»U Jitly 1·
from T*h»rm tall terrible atonea of I ha
illl|H of ihel»ra Th«y aiy t hat
.mi an ma day a tha nwrtalMy ratrWl
President Itonftellv Will Send Pack
ers .Another Letter.
He Maw Attacked bf One Ihurg Mrs
and After lieinjc Beaten Into
Insensibility Was Put on
Trollej Line.
Chicago. July 19.—On* mor» effort
will be made In settle the Stock Yerd*
strike l»y arbitration To-morrow
President Donnelly of the striking « ri
ions will to the packer· another
letter asking for a conference In tb!>
letter Mi Donnelly will g ο over IV
hixtory of the strike sod will a*K ih>
packers, if in their Judgment It will not
be better t" côn ■·(! ■ the one point in
contention than to continu* the »ti>ke
The one point to v.'ht h allusion I* t«i
lie mad* ihe· r'-iiroI of ihe packer*
t" discharge tne m-n thev have em
ployed siii<>< the commencement of in·
strike ami i'i\e their j 'a 'es to the rn»n
Who W, like 1 out
The communication to the packer*
will also suggest that It is the bell. I
of I be .strikers that they ι e. as old
employes, deserving of this considera
tion If tills offer of the union I* re.
Je.ted by the paikers, Mr Donnelly
declared that the allied tiad-s at the
sto· k yards, numbering in ;■ It about
irt.000 men, will be called out at once
In an effort to brin* the packers to
terms Joseph Morton of the Station
ary Fireman's union. · alle.t on tb·
pa< ker* on Monday afternoon an!
notified them that unless there Is :i
S ï .*-e<l y settlement of the Kink' tli«
men will be compelled to <)utt work
While no definite answer was giver;
Mr Morton by the p.ο ker* be w <■ re
ceived by them In such a friendl»
manner tli.it he left tbe conferem e
with the belief that the»., is still a
strong probability of pea e and tii
determination of Mr Donnelly to or
more open ι - gotla.tier s wtth the ρικ
ers w .is the result of ttie manner In
which Mr. Morton was revived by
t hem.
Slugged into Insensibility bv a doz - i
men early Mond ν and Ι.-Π r<>r dead oi
tile trai kw of the \ I n ι ; r| lit Uev |î ; ■>
at \\ ««t Fort}. nfth "iffl Antoni.i
Hartusl.tkovls >n employe it ti e Mwi.t
pa king plant, is dying at ihe cour. < ν
hospital His Injuries In the opinio
Of Inspector Hunt were I r, ft I*,) |.v
strike sympathizer* arid the wheel* of
s trollv < ar The mer ..-anting to a
witness who talked to the police, set
upon Hm tuslakovh a·» tie was g'ilnf
home from work When they could ι -t
η ike htm Joit Ihe «trlkei* they liroke
his skul! fr actured hi s |a w , kicked htm
In I tie f ». .. he,id α Ί bod > and then
thiew htm Upon the fHf tr oks
The motor man of <» car approaching
not long afterwards saw the bod ν Ια
time to ihe . ir but not before th'·
wh»els tiad cr'ntlcil his shout 1er
Former Attorney General Wa« · V·»·
itor at Sagamore Hill.
Oveter Bin July IS I* <* Kmii ..f
Pmnivli a til<t formerl> ntto*"e\ Itér
erai and OJie of the clot.· »t friend*
and of President Mooaevelt.
waa an enrlv visitor to fvi(3m»r* Hill
Monday. Mr.. Knoi'· vl*u was made
on Invitation of the president. who de-'
«lied to cr>n«ult with Mm reunrdlnc
iinme Important matter» relating to
the < .imp,!tftn and icoverη rneM a 1 »f
fair* The president conaidered with
him son ι· phr.mes of the speech whir h
he |H to deliver the 27th inat In rr»poi'«e
to his notification of the tion of the
Chicago convention and hi» letter of
aceptance In rfiperme to hi* notification
of the action of the t'hicaifo conven
tion «rid hi* letter of acceptance to the
nomination which will t><· laaued »ome
time In Allouât
Thl* »a* the president* flrat oppor
tunity to take up thl* nub}e<t with
Mr Knot, as the latter will «all for
Burope next Sat n<lav on the A inert -
can liner St I-ouls and «III tie ahnent
nbout five week* Mr. Κ no* will take
an nctlve pari In the campaign. and
will de· vi-r at l«a*t two Important
HfH-ei lit»*
Futersivt Deposit· Ar« Reported In
Vicinity of Stroud, Okla.
Stroud, okla. July IS—There it
great e*. (lenient here over the nlk»K-' I
dl*t overy <>f radium clay In eitenalve
deposits on the farm of Jam·'* NVU.'i
The ila> underlie* a led*» of unbreak
able iron ι<· k arid turn* to hen·»·
•tone after Ix-litc e*poead Sample*
hι \ ·■ Im··*rι mM ι · «pert* for AilAl»*!* |
Two Earthquake Shock·.
Ouavaqu'l, Julv I» Two long, heav^
• arthijuakr· ah»· k* λ «re felt here Mon
day morning
Two men died from heat At imiâllt .
Monda ν
Klve human -hull· were found In the
Arbuckle mountain*.
The lltgRina have ten producing ,
well» at Bateon. Te*.
flv» heat death· re«ulted at 1*1 tl»·
bur·. Pa on the lith.
Oenerai Uuther Hare hi» returned to
Au*lln from S' l.out·
A waterwork* fr«nht»e ht* been
■muted by Tetarkari*. Ark
Purine th· MMlynJut revival at
Oranger T*» . tli*rl »»r« Iη ce»»*»r ·
•tone j
John Thrash· r ·ιι killed at Waot·
■ejr. ten mile· mM of t 'omar., he. ! T.
Jofcr. I» William· »air>lt<>red
Monde y the Ne» OrtMM and At - |
taut· kHfktil ii«lM played at Maw l(*·
lean· a fitvrt·*·. Intl«4 («M* TM
ft·»mer ·. <m*4 Ik· ««if (W ■><■*>.
British VMS·) Then Held Wy Russi·*·
For F#»f Hours
ΙλγμΙοπ. July 1».—A dispatch from
Aden to the I>alty Mail says th;it the
captain of the British steamer Wipar*.
reports that the Rus^an volunteer fleet
■tramer, St. Petersburg, signalled him
to stop by firing aero·· 111· bows of
his vessel on July 16, while twenty
miles off Jebelsugar In the Red men.
The Russian·) exsfrnlned the papers ut
the Wipara and declared that they
would the ship as a prise
The captain protested and was taken
on board of the St. Petersburg, where
he gave the Russian officers a guaran
tee th.it there were neither arms nor
ammunition on board the \Vip:«ra de.
stineii for Japan. The vessel was de.
talned for four hours and was then al
lowed to prereed.
The captain confirms the report thit
the Peninsular and Oriental company
steamer. Malaca, was se|*ed tn the
ReJ sea Julv li. by the St. Petersburg,
on the ground that slie carried arms
and munitions of wir for the Japanese
—— I
Se verjl Minor En^itnttnlt Rtpo^icd to
Have Taken Place.
St Petersburg. J my )K—Under date
of J111 ν If. lieutenant S>' harnfT r-ports
that · ι i««»i. .« ιe driving tiai k ihe
Japan·--· p'»ts tout h ««.«ι of Siakhotan
and ea^' of Kan Chi The Ja pa tie*e, tUr
general says, have occupied Kochlrlba
They ale »t!ll fortifying the passe· (,e
tween 1'onshui slid Motlen
The Japanese n»-ai I.ian Tin g hsve
evaluated Sekeyxn and Tarillkan. Ihe
country from Sli»<i«»yia up to Sihu l"a»s
is fre*· from JapiWie, but th» jus» It
self Is o· copied b» h detai hment of
the Japanese advance guatd
Ceneral Hakharof? reports severe!
n>!nor encountet« mlth pmctlcally no
Russian Vessel Went Through tSo
Bosphorous From the Sea.
Ivondon, July is The tvitistantlno
p!e correspondent of (lie Standard in
s dispatch dated July IÎ savs Thi
Itiisslun ruatdshlp I VrBomorotl
Passed through the fl*i#phi>rous from
the s»*.! ttiis morning The rii»'rnumi».
roti Is a gut. v« stel twlong to the
Hi», k Sea fV-et ι tWO eight
inch gun* «ο» #1 n tn« h gun ;ifd
qul« k firing sttd η.-·| ιι . ν;'in* She .«
etjulprmd ν Mi tw<. Mu j.. s- 'ut
Cat rles * ι ι ~ w ' ·' Î t>!r
Vice Governor
St Pete- ι. , jf .1 ...
governor ·<1 Γι:. η »,,
natcd at ... I<- w -
Th«- ass. -mail
kent. a su !! ι ■
corner of the κ··>'-·ι it
pol · ! >>■ to ' he 1 Vt .t.(
—1 \dtr-i.
No Cr»M Arr ι
I ' ! 1 s I * '.H - : Il ht* j
her fi em l"'t· » * 11 hi, |. ■ ι
{>**<. Tlw «on» il <1 (ru*
f»ort h f* "iftt '· · \«·ί . \ t> f«. mat'' t
of anj ι .in · ■J'"" ··<»'»
Two Hund'td Peopl» Fell »nd Τ·«
Were RiitU Injured
C*l**v^la ml, II , Jt|-\ I* T*1I htin
dred ι»*ομΙ«· »»r» hurled to it»» ground
by (tie ιοΙΙκρ*·· ut λ «turid it iirlghto■>
l*aik ι Kllbgrii «>f (hi· rit» A bail j
Karn»· !><·! «,<··*(! wtmiteur chit)· η m ïii
pi nut··*· «J I If at.iuil w«* rrowdel
when the enttr·» cr»*4 vra* thrown ; >
th» grotin<l In λ heu ρ Iilhrr *μ», («lot»
and th» liai) play·-'» !rnti»dlitt»l> »»l
to work »-ï!rti «tlng th» peuple from
th» wn».k,<g» U h.·» till vn»r- finally
removed it wan fou ml that Irn [«frmrinR
had auatulned Irrokt'tt ami» or le**,
while a nurnbrr of othfi* >»»r» other·
wl»» bruU»d »nd rut
Wat an Accident.
J.i< k»..tv Kv July I* K,|».ui| Co*,
the »lght->car-old aou of |>r H I> Co*.
^ ho w*t> a»*H***mal»d t*o y«°iar*
Sunday si ι ld«*M«ilv shot ami killed hia
four-year-old brothct Tôt» ITi» bail
p.iswd thrinigh th·· li'ld Rdward wii*
pi») In* with un old ι ifl» « ht. h t>eloriK>-d
to hi* father and had not Ivrn d>«
rh«r(ni »ln< «· lit-·· fiilkri a ,!·· .1 h
Mill! Irr« l.letlmer drowned In a lake
ηι-iir Ripley. < »kl*.
W1nn«tiorn. Τ·**.. I* to Ιυιι· a llî ·
ΟΛΟ I'.jt tiM «hu'fh
Klrat National b > k of Kama Ant»·.
"P< * haa organlaed *111» $1.® <«i<l
Henry Yrtter and Arthur, hi* win,
were di owned In a (anal near Ο rand
Kapida. «>.
A VV. M.ii*iil. who manage.!
Hearst a > ampaigu lit lo»i. aaya he
will bolt th·· 11« k»t
In a row after a tasrUII |;im« at
I^irrdo Te* Jamea l)«nlfM. ΙΙιΙιΙμιι
yliri *M w a* HIM
Hy ■ aklff laptltinf on Wue rlv«r.
near Kanaka t*H>\ two young Udl»»
an»! two young men drowned
MIm Mary Walker of t'olumbu*.
M la*., fell down a < llff at Mont ICAgl·.
Tenn, and frartui'fd her akull
While huMIng In Navorro rountjr.
Te*aa, Murray Taylor, eighteen y*ari
old accidentally killed himself.
Hunday «u Ih» hotteat ilnv at Chi
cago for thte* yetra Three d-atha
and a aroe» of pro*t ration* resulted
At Klephenport. Κ jr.. an unknown
negro fatally atabbed Frank ttiala*.
white. A mob ·|ρ>< the negro to death
The lwo-]re*r-«td child of Tl. ket
Agent Taylor baa killed by a IXtra
train *t H. ullit> I Τ The itttl* one w a*
playing on tW roadbed
By tb» r^alilni of their <anoe U*
Μ Ρ·VI· fourteen year· old. and
•Mara*, h»· brother thirteen, were
drowned idki Detroit iMtrh.
Very K« Htel H.n fC-gly iteutl». Ul
of the Paaalon aré*t le the 1'nttel
•tatea. |r*ne4 dead whit* c-iebraUng
gMUM at Wwt HotMkaa M J
Ill 111
building suitable for
atorage. Waxahachi
WANTED-To raot, bf/>r before
Sept. 1st, good 5 or 6 Morn boa··
with modern convenience·, clos· in
P. T. Andrew·. 9G
FOR MA LE OR TRA DE—160 acr··
good aandy land in Robertson coun
ty adjoining nice iittl· country
town; 110 acre· in cultivation, bal
ance in timber; one aet of improve
ments. Flue fruit and vegetable
land. Will sell cheap or trade for
residence property. Coleman Rros.
LOST—Gold stick pin with gold
dollar attached, also lost gold neck
lace with initial· "Μ. F. 8." Please
return to Mrs. Hhelllto, 518 Water
Ht., sud get reward. iM
FOR HALE—Fins (eraey cow. Ap
plv to W. T. Jonea at Plumhoff'a.
FOR RENT Residence with 8 or β
room·, on Rodera atreet, nearatfeet
car line; city and ciatern water
Apply to Coleman Bro*. tf
KOR RENT- One 4-room dwellintr
ou weat Main street, cloae in. City
water and out buildlnga. See Ed
Oldham. tf
WANTED—You to know that if
you bave anything for aaie, there ia
no better way to let the people know
It than to plact an ad in thia col
umn. tf
DON'T—Wut time runninir around
tryin* to find m buyer for your
norae or cow. At a small coat you
ran let everybody in town know It If
you use this column. tf
OOINO To th« World'· Fair? · If
ao buy a tlfiUO acc)rt»»ii! policy, good
for 1 year, for fî. W. L. P. Leigh. t
Cnwl of Hrijchl'· Di ·«··*.
Mr Κ (M»ri Ο l urkf, Eltior», Ν
V , »rit···. "Hffor* 1 »t*ri*>d to tit#
► Kidney Cure I h»d to
up from twelve tη twtntr fit»#* a
η t if » s l, tti.rt I wn* all Μ <> «Uni up With
■ΐΓ··!'·.ν. itid my oVecUnt *«i ·«> uu
paired I coultt * ·»Γ«**ΐν <MM <«OP of
my ftttnlj «ôro·» lb# room I b*d
op hop#· <<f living wb«»n »
friend r»»"flHnn»«od«1 Fel*f"t Ki<h»*y
Cur»· On» fifty e»«t b<»itl* work·*)
w. nier· end before 1 bad t*k»n tb«
third bottl* tbe rtropty had got*·, »*
w«li «· ail other »vmptorn· »f
ItrUhi'i di*«**< Hold by H W
«*··!<· ι «·ιΙ·» t «rm ilw «mi Iktf·
Ileal of II· Tnilfc.
If there î» the *}l4tt)t««t 4mm In U»·
fnln<*» of any that Pmodruff |»im» do βλ»
vxtat, their l-ehef t· cwtntwiM by «h»
fa-t that a r«,|rt>H Innorutatxl with th»
rimi bwarn# bald In >tx »»k»· Ι',»*
It mux J» apparent to aay per»·**
therefore thai the only prtrtfttM »<t
fcaKlnM* 1» the <le*tru<-tt«n of the g*rm
whlrh Aft t« »ue·-»-««fully *w«mfli»h»4
in una hundred per cent of it··· by
tha app'iratlon of S»wbri » lierpkide
Handruff ta rauoed by <He «ma |«rni
whl»-h '-luwi baldne·· »«d can b· pre
vented with tha him r»medy — Ν*«rbro»
Accept no «ubetltut» 'TWHttr<sjr tb»
nuw y<m refer·*· the «ffert "
Hold br !*»dîn* dru*irS«t« Send toc ta
• lampe for eampl· to Tbe MerpSrtda Co.,
Detroit. **!<■*
H»rrlutr Drn* Co., Hpwoial Aft«nt·
Shoe * Repairing
We tiave recently *juip{x>d our
Repair Department wtth elec
trical appiiapt*· «nabllug u·
to put ouV-1h» T««ry highect
el··· «Impair work quickly.
and i> poeeihle, better work
than w* ever have done. ...
We h»ve made tbi· added
change for your benefit aud
our convenience. We call *i»e
jruu your repairing tnorequick·
iv and at do added coat. : : :
Bring it to u·. : : :
Crow Bros
The Long
Τ elephone
Fier··» ψμu lu direct ttno In·
•tant uAinmui>feail«*ii with «II
Itnputfiiot town· m Tri»· end
Arkmi··· «od many In other
•tftle* It· α·« will often ·«*«
you a tatlirulDK journey.
Try · Hound Trip Talk
W« h«Tt jail revived » book of Pall
Mid Winter «rirtly up to
d*t* H I· ψ llrtl· «Miy, toil lb*
••fly bird «ifh»· lb· worn W·
lairwto* m fil ud MUif«H«ry
vurkmunhlp. W· ltâ«« also j«»i
lo«iall«d lb· UtMt Improved «loouie
Ira*. I· com·, )ot* im PuMnM
Cleb «ad f«t Ibηφ mim rr···«<» tor
— éaltmf. jMrt'ph·»! Ml and v«
«III do lb· ra*«. : : t t

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