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The Chautauqua Assembly
For live years we have made a study
of your wants and have prepared to
give you quick service and quality. . .
Call us up. .....
110 Rogers btreet
A harmless :up of satisfaction X
Golden Gate Coffee^
The favorite amon^ housekeepers who are particu
lar and want the best, at . .
With automatic
strapping ma
Guaranteed for
one year. See
them at
Ellis County Hardware Company
wj* W* wtU wpiffh tre* of charir* f»fry lady >>r Kirl c^ll
1* f*ûp triwr »t onr #ί'·Γ·* in July Kr*« to every lady making
* * n j,urci)MB „f ui>, for ten day·, an »««<»rtmeut of
B*-dl··. iUmxiiibtr the bankrupt ·*!« i* still on. :
."«He city mail bom*· going at
7"jC pocket kuiv·· going »t
Handy «leei hatchet· going »t
Ua&ranteed ruori, »r»ing at
Wire hair bru»he* prevent hair falling out, invigorate· the *;alp
and pr<>moie· the growth of n**w hair. A ponitiv* cur* for dan
druff and insomnia Afford· quick relief to *uf!«*r*r« from ueu
ralgia and nervou· h<»adach« Endorsed by leading piiyaician·
everywhere, f**« our duiun.floor bruabe·
Needle· to fît ail tewing m.tchinea
Waxahachie Hardware Company
D. B. McCALL, Manager
The Electric Motor
I* generally Acknowledged I» he the moat ncieutiflc pow
er that ia olïered to either the lar>c»· or small lutmufac·
Hirer today. They are euitahl* fg>r any une, and are
givintr universal aaifafaction fit grim mill·, planfug
mill*, loufidrioi, machine ahopa, pumping outfit*, ice
errant factories. meat market*, printing ahopa, and ar«*
conceded to he the cheapest, «afeat and ah >gether satis
factory ρ >wer that can he obtained.
Waxahachie Gas and E.lectric
ΦΦΦ Company ΦΦΦ
TOM COOK. S«*erial.a4»at. AAA PEICY CONNALLY, Cashier
-w- -w — — — — — __ _
Only a Few Things Mentioned Below :
Mango Pickles, Bottle Pickles, Keg Pickles, Olives,
Can Kraut. Can Hominy, Catsup. Tomatoes jnd
Mustard Sauce. Hnglish Mustard, French Mustard.
Mustard. Horseradish, Chile Pepper, Celery Sauce,
Olive Oil. Mush-rooms, French and American Sar
dines, Can Meats of every description, Swift's Pre
mium and Winchester Hams and Breakfast Bacon.
Pure Leaf Lard, Cooking Oils, etc., and every
Breakfast Food known to the grocery business. Best
of Teas and Coffees. Also carry Bran and Chops
for your horses. In fact, I'll take great pleasure in
filling your orders for anything that can be had in
the city. Respectfully,
Marks the Opening of Hie f luetdtiqiM et
the West End Park.
A large attendance marked the
opening of the fifth annual meet
ing of the Waxabachie Chautauqua
at West Knd Park last night. I'he
crowd wan hardly as large as on
the opening night last year, but the
spacious auditorium was well filled.
Die exercises began pr miptly at
S o'clock with a grand overture by
the Wis»· Orchestra. Following this
several selections were excellently
; rendered while th··* p>-o| it w«-re an
Aft«*r a prayer by Dr \V 15. Pr^*
ton, the announcement» w<-r· made
by Rer. W. B. Pitzhugh, who is
presiding in the absence of the prés
ident, Rev. C. C. MeConnell. Λ ftei
ι the reason ot .Mr. Mc( unieH'e ah
' i«nce had been explained Rev. K.
J C. DeVVitt, pastor of the Cumber
land Presbyterian church »t Ferris,
; moved that the audience express
its sincere sympathy to Mr. Mc
j Counell in his sa»i bereavement by
a standing vote. When a vote was
j called for nearly every person in
jtheeutir* audience st vid uj>. Die
Section of the audience was commu
nicated to Mr. McDonnell ti i-»y bv
The Boston Concert < •rnpany
was then introduced and for more
than an hour the people were well
e-itertained with reading·, împerson
: allons, vocal solos, illustrated
•••Higs, views and poses, closing
with the carnival of light. The
reading bv Mr·. Charlotte Dunn was
good, but her voice could not be
heard more than half way across
the auditorium. This company will
ι give another entertainment toi ight.
There has been considerable in
crease in tlie attendance today.
Ail the tents which wt-r·· erected
Saturday and Monday ar· η >w oc
cupied and a reserve sutq lyis being
held for those who may arrive la
Among the visitors are many who
hsv* been here in former yearn, but
the majority of the face* are neir
Yesterday and today wpti" spent
principally by the people in renew
ing old tie» of friendship formed at
previous session* of the Chau
! tauqna and in making new ac
ί quaintauces.
Among the late arrivals was a
( company of b->vs fr<>m t:.Junior j
Young Men's Christian Associa-j
' Hon of Dallas under the direct1
charge of Dr. li. B. Achilles, s^cr*
tarv of this department.
Kach boy brought a box which j
can b»» locked and which contains
the following articles One comfort j
and blank«t, one small pillow, one j
warm gown, one sweater, one gym
nasium shirt, one pair of stockings,
; handkerchiefs, two towels, one suit
'of underwear, one comb and brush,
musical instruments, bat, ball,
gloves, tennis halls, shoes, camera,
Bible and note books. The camp
will be under military discipline and
such rules will be made and en !
forced that shall work for the pleas
ι ure and profit of all.
The daily program will 1κ>: (j::«) a.
m. reveille and flag raising; 7 a. m., !
! break fast, followed by camp duties,;
Bible reading and prayers; Sj a. m.,!
in pavilion, boys club talks on sub- j
jects Interesting to boys, bv Dr. !
Wllber O. Searles, general secreta
ry of the V. M. C. A. at Paris; 10 a
m.-, gymnastic and athletic work.1
dumb bell drill, trips to places of j
Interest, etc.; 12 o'clock, noon, din- !
ner; 3 p. hi·, boys' club, out door
athletics, basket ball, Jumping and
running; ti p, m., supper; 7 p. m., j
college stories and stories of travel,
by Dr. Searles; !i p. in., taps, lights
out and camp quiet. The followiin
is the personnel of the party : Dr.
Β. B. Achilles, Paul Copeland, Phil
Firman, Bert Kirman, Avery Hud
son, Pat Kdwards, William Cray
croft, John Murphy, Sam Laudner,
Harvey Stephens, and several oth
The work for the first day began
this morning with the organization
of tb« Sunday school normal de
partment which will be conducted
by Rev. Ueo. O. Bachtnan.of Padu
call, Ky. Mr. Bachuian is recog
nised far and wide as a Sunday
school specialist and the work In
this department promises to be both
intareetiug and belptul. Tins work
will be conducted each tnoruing at
8: J0 o'clock during the Chautauqua.
The topic this morning vas, "Wtist
are we here for?"
At » o'eioek the Boy·1 Club was
organised at th· pavilion by Dr.
Searlea of Parla. Thia ia a new fea
ture here and its working will be
watched with intereat by the board.
Ita aim ia to furnish the bovawliole
aome out door life duriug the aa
aembiy. There will be drills of va
rloua kinds and lectures on athletic
topics by Dr. Searles. Hi» topic
this morning was "Companionship."
Mr. S. D. Gordon and wife arriv
ed yesterday from Cleveland, Ohio.
Mr. Gordon will have charge of the
Bible Study department, which was
organized this morning at 9:30. This
department has heretofore been
conducted by Dr. \V. H. Black, of
Columbia, Mo., but Mr. Gordon
comes highly recommended as a
thoroughly equipped teacher, He
delivered a highly Interesting lec
ture triie morning on "Chnknd
At 11 o'clock this morning Rev. J.
W < ,»Idw<ll of Fort Wortii dellver
ed an address on "Synodic Church
extension." Rev. Caldwell is the
president of the board of church
extension οt the Texas Svnod.
Auditorium-- «) m. Sunday
school normal hour, Rev. Geo. O.
Bach man. Topic, "Who is to do
the work?"
< Pavilion -9:00 a. m. -Boys' Club,
Dr. S»*arlee,
Auditorium—9:30 a. m.-Bible
Study, Mr. S. D. Gordon. Topic, !
"A choked channel cleared and its
results. ''
Auditorium—11:30 a. m. —Ladies'
missionary meeting. Address bv
Mrs. Dee Clark of Kvanaville Ind.
Consecration service, Mrs. W. B.
Preston. leader.
Auditorium—1:30 p. m.—Woman's
miaalonarv meeting. Devotional
service led by Mrs. Omohundro of
Whiteaboro. Report· from the home
departments, preabyterial and syn
odical officers. "Our silver anni
versary." (1, "A call for volun
teers," Mrs. K. W. Norrli, Sunset.
Texas, 2) ''Enlarging our ranks,"
Mrs. Dee F. Clark. ·.; "Appropri
ations," Miss Frances Maghee.
"The work of our woman's board,'
Round Table, Mrs. R. F. Butts, of
Fort Worth.
Park-3:00 p. m. —Boy's club, out
door athletics.
Auditorium—4:30 p. in.—"Oratory
and Expression," Prof. Stow».
Tent—7. p. m.- Boys' club, "Col
lege stories and stories of travel,"
Dr. Searlea.
Auditorium—8:00 p. πι. Enter
tainment by the Morphet and Ste
venson Company of Philadelphia.
Order Yoar Ooods Edily.
Parties who are camped at the
Chautauqua, and others for that
matter, are requested to place ord- rs
for their grocero-s as early iu the day
as possible. This request comes
from the merchants who wish to
close early in the evening to attend
the entertainments at the park.
They request the statement made
that no goods will be delivered if
ordered after 5 o'clock in the after
An indispensable luxury
for the camper.
It drives the "pesky
things" away right now.
A Bottle
Had Not Reed the Terrell Election Law
Providinq for Holdinq Conventions.
It is generally supposed that the
j disciples of HIackstoue and (Jreen
leaf know all things, but if they
! had (riven the Terrell election law a
careful perusal they would have
■ discovered the feet that it was ille
gal to hold a district convention on
any day except the fourth Saturday
in July. S"en:ingly having over
looked this provision of the law
a large number of delegates, the
majority of th< m lawyers, met a'
Dallas yesterday morning to hold
a convention for the purpose ot
formally nominating a chief justice
and associate justice of the Court
of Civil Appeals for the fifth su
preme judicial district. Jud,.-'· A. ·
son Rainey, wiio is to be the nomi
ne»· for chief justice, deferred start
ing on his summer trip to the
North until after hie formal nomi
nation, and Judge J. M. Talbot, the
associate justice, came all the way
from his home at Texaikana to be
present at the convention. The del
egates met at the courthouse and
were about ready to organize and
proceed with business when it ;was
suggested that the convention was
being held contrary to the Terrell
election law. Forthwith a copy of
this sacred statute was brought in
to the convention and its pages eag
erly scanned. The delegates were
soon convinced that they were not
acting under the authority of the
law, and alter railing the conveij-;
".ion to meet next Saturday they de- î
parted for their several homes.
State Senatorial Convention.
Cleburne, Texas, July Ιίϋ, 1 KKt.
I hereby call a democratic conven
tion to be held in the city of Hills
boro, on Saturday, July 21!, 1804, to
nominate a democrat for state
senator in the tenth senatorial dis
trict of Texas, to be submitted to
the people of saiddistrict at the gén
éral election to be held on the first
Tuesday in November, 1!K>4, f < »r
election to the office of state senator
of said tenth senatorial district for
the ensuing term of said office.
D. \V. Oi>Eia>,
Democratic Chairman, Tenth Sena
torial District of Texas.
btq Shipment of Bread.
The largest shipment of bread
ever made from Waxahachie wnt
to Italy this morning from Ο. I).
Reed's bakery to feed the multitude
at the picnic and barbecue there to
morrow. The bread was packed in
seven large dry goods boxes and the
total shipment weighed more than
1500 pounds. Mr. Reed received the
order for this bread Monday morn
ing and it was baked and ready for
shipment on the first train south I
this morning.
She Tried Five Doctors.
Mrs. Frances L. Sales, of Missou
ri Valley, la., writes, "I have been
afflicted with kidney trouble five
years: had severe pains in my back
and a frequent desire to urinate.
When riding 1 experienced much
pain over the region of the kidneys.
I tried five physicians without ben
efit and then concluded to try Fol
ey's Kidney Cure. After taking
three ¥1.00 bottles I wis completely
cured." Sold by B. W. Fearis.
Market Report.
The following prices are being
paid in Waxahaehie for country
Wheat 85c
Oats. 35c to 27c
Hay $0.00 to $7.00
Kggs 8>ic
Butter 30c I
Chickens, fryers 15c to'J0c !
Light Weight
2ePiece Suits
At special prices.
Just the thing for right
now wear. Each and
every garment made up
in the very best way. Λ
strict guarantee as to
wear and fit.
$16.50 suits- $12.95
515.00 suits $11.95
$12.50 suits . S 9:75
$10.00 suits 5 7 95
5 8.50 suits > 6.75
5 7.50 suits 5 5.95
New Ties, New ii siery,
New Shoes and White
η -fc
ο ; i \
Tell-the-Truth Cioti ii^rs |j
of course
* ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ H
Shoe Φ Repairing
We bave recently equipped our
Repair Department with elec
trical appliances enabling un
to put out the very highest
class of repair work quickly,
and it possible, better work
than we ever have d<>ne.
We have mad»* this added
change for your benefit and
our convenience. We can «rive
you your repairing more quick
ly and at no added est. :
Bring it to us.
Crow Bros
Thai Insures
a^ttinst accidental d· at!:
and weekly indemnity f·»r
total disability with -ilJ parti ι
disability, all for ίΓι ! ι r·
months lu The Aetna, the larv
est insurance company in th
world writing I-ife, Accident
and Liability Insurance I ale·
represent some of the largest
and best Kire Insurance Com
panies. Your business res
pectfully solicited. : : : :
R. D. McCombs
Dr R M Mitchell
Graduate American School of Osteo
pathy, Kirksville, Mo.
l'uder the fouuder, Dr. A. T. Still
"<U»i North Rogere Str»*''t
New l'tiuiiH N.., Ut.
RocKyfords and C&nnon Balls
fresh from the vine every
morning. .


Northwest Corner of Square, . . Opp. Citizens Bank

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