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The Waxahachie daily light. [volume] (Waxahachie, Tex.) 1894-current, August 25, 1904, Image 3

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LOST—Red pocket book, eontaln
iar ten dollar·. Ha· name on book
and ealilug card· within. Reward if
returned to John Crlddle at Coanty
Clerk'· office. 24
NTED—100 Liou Head· from
ι coffee at ΐ cent each. lUC West
1·οο at. 2>ip
R BALE—One No. 6 Remington
Typewriter in first class condition.
Oeil at H. A T. C. freight office. at
7:30 p. m J4pd
WANTED—Two flrat-cla·· sale··
men who are Rood hustler·. Cait on
J. H. Mason at .*06 East Madison
street. 25pd j
WANTED— 2f> Houses for Rent.
W. L. P. Leigh. 26
EOR RENT—Our residence, furn
ished or unfurnished; also two serv
" »M fioose· for sale Mrs. J. 8.
ïddon·, :W1 Kast Main Ht. 26pd.
FOR RE NT-A 5· room house with
ball and city water and barn, by
September 1st A. T. Risbop tf
wanted Day boarder· at sit
West M at ο street. 29 j
homestead In East end Apply toi
Κ. P. Kenible. tf
DON'T-Wast t ime running amond
tryintr to find a buyer for your
horae or cow At a smail cost you
can let everybody in town know itlf
you use tbi· column. tf
WANTED —You to know that if
you have anything for sale, there is
no better wa/ to l«*t the people know
it than to plac·» au ad in tills col
umn. tf
Kor County Tr<»aeur*r
Β. K. M A Ki 'H UAMtS
for Τλ* Collector
8lM|· 8»'**» l· κ
Wrrr (Nmoty Clwtk
Ke rr Κ Ηkndkh κ»
for Slioriit
J ok V Minmi κ
if or CoaB if Attorney
Μ α κ κ Smith
f.»r Dtftrfct ( lirk
Tom Ht kliemow
for County Judtf*
¥. L Hawkim
For K»j aktι v*; tw<· t> »iact.
J ,M A f.llKKl'H K
Η !· J am κ*
for Hui»t Kubllc lti»truru»n
J, Τ. Η HOOK *
for CoMUbl·· Prwinot v«. 1
for Oomtiii·· i<»n»r Pr»«*laci 4
Lkk Moo κ».
tm l.lkr Try t»( » <M KM ·>
WIIImI H»r»M4·.
DU you ®»«*T a·» any rva trytnj ta
• «Μ (ΙιίομΙ'μ without a* »* t or
<a»tar '
tf you aid »h*t wou'a you «η γ ο t
him Τ
It U »**ry bit a* f-wttah to try to cot
rM a# lNuutnfl tnd to ■ iUiij
MM by fMxllni tha f^rnxm wbnh 'W!»a
It. Wit h < "»nt hrarl.lw· VuallM <Hy«ar·
Imp *n4 aim liar au hata !><««· arhu»h form
thm prtnripal ln*T-a«ii«-fita of moat mt
cmliod Hair Vlgorm
W»whfti a Hart»<-I<ie I» ao< ' maafxK ba
<»n« It »tUi k< ted kûla the i»ar»j«ttle
I»rm fMvta on ι ha hatr nmi
It I» tha <»Γ<β1η·Ι ami only ffanulna
•ralp C»rmt<"t<la man u f a> ι ίγ··1
fcM by Iwttrur It'Wla IOr la
•tinii* for aajnpla te TSa HfrptrM· fa. ;
Oatrvit Mich
HTtf'lK Dmf t'o., Ayante
♦ If you Φ»ιΓΙ r*r» in ttrmk
» H»>mt u· I i»i for η ■ ·»··> nf 4
? <1 »» u "lliil*· pint» m f l A),
X for « rtii· >>f ^ "Uf I» »··'' 1>«I
♦ I»·" Mj'lil·
J W» for txiltle· ri»iurii»«tl,
Σ .1) |ι*· ittitrii, mij for · »·· ■
♦ TUp ···«·(!
X Dalla» é Brewery
I D.til.t . I \i>
B. F. Thornhill ζ Co
Tranafer and Storage
Am*nts tor
We have lar^e hrick
warehouse f«»r sior
Jiie Goods trans
ferred, s!» and
delivered. . . .
We wholesale lubri
cating and illuminat
ing oils. Call us fur
îccitû» eC£« · · « %
Warehouse Phone
Bell No. 19
Uassiaa Linw of Uefen** Have Been
Modi Weakened.
It 1· the Belief it Tokl· That Both
Sides litre Greatly 8if«r«4, u<
Siege Will He ltl»«4icat
HJnee fWu.
Toklo, Aug. 25.—Th· final assault
on Port Arthur la Imminent. Hun·
dreds of Japanese (funs continue to
pour a destructive fir» Into the city and
harbor along the Itne· of fort* and en
trenchment· preparatory for the In
fantry asaault. It Is evident that the
RuwUn lines hav* been weakened and
partly penetrated In the vicinity of
Autrshan and Itseshan forte. The en
tire line of Russian defenrea immedi
ately about the harbor are within range
of th» Japan·« gun* A number of
Russian forte and batteries continue
to be vigorous. The Japanese death
roll* will be heavily Increased before
they nr«* captured The direction of
the Japanese attack* create· the lm- !
pression here that the city and deffnse* j
on cither fide of the harbor entrant» (
will full first The final atsvnd will be
made at t,iaotlshan Official channel*
of Information remain cloeed and the
navy d"pnrtment »nnounr»d the strlk
l"K Of mine by the battleship Hevaa
tapol irid the firing upon the Russian
fort* by the cruiser* Nfaahin and Ka
«U(T* Tuesday ere the only disclosure*
made for several days. J· Is believed
h»re that both sld» s ha ν* suffered heavy
losses, and that the final record will
make the aie-je (he bloodi«xt «ln< e Ke
The Japane»* are supremely con
fldTt of the ultimate result The lead
er· of the r'vernmenl await the not
ciitne In cslm assurance The people
are everywhere decoratlnr »tre»ts and
house· and »r«»ctlnn arches and flag- J
staff* In preparation for a r ational <el
r brat ion Of lite CTpMtld IftBlWfy. I
Ruttiini Are Reported to Ba Fortifying
L>ao Ving
ΓβΜη. Au* 2Γ. Κ'* J r * ρ t ? h ha*
returned It f» h€>p*i that thl* 1.4 tb»
t i »t *tr*l· h r* !l w f ? *■» . «w»n S'·»- t<
ηr+ falling and th·· a. * tv «oïl Κ ih*f»rb
fr * t h# m f '· »Ί I y Tvf P'iMki'1'
#r φ reported to !«· fort t. vu * Y* «
et t»nat vat v
î. fht chf"n«'»« sir » · ; ni ' >»
front >f An Ptn* λ f λ «vm!*»· '<
Oerieral Kur^\< Τ ^ * ' -n >
fight ill* Γ** rr My
|rnç>ert*«t Ε ν#η·|
ixvt)ion. Αίκ ·Γ» Tt" Ή« «»f
<5l*patrhr« rtf Λ Π V V ' f">T) ι " f ι· J
es*i*t Tt*ur»4:*T mornr* !#*'*♦« ** t- I
llef f* 1 η ' '«* Iv «ni·»»'» i
n#w*pap#r» th*t Ι" !·· r!,ir.i »r«>
tmpeodlnr Th* «t*-rV r= iir^! ·* th
mov^m^ntii of th# ?Ιιμι.ιπ »-·ι<««»γ
whlrh r^ntlT n\*»rV< ■'«· ! th* fftrlt «
■tram»* rom#4l.in i* «(Ht onaoived
Y^onimi Au* Τ>ι· ror r«Mif>on<1r r '
nf th# Tlm*'« λt Fh*n*h.«l in α «i ipni'h
dat#<t Aux ?4 *ay* that '*r-î*»rn from
Krt^|M>ri)f N'It h* Un h·v*» h#*-n < onv*vt»(l
to Captain ReltwenatHn ommtitdlnn
htm forthwith te» <tt» »rm th* rrula»r A··
ko M ani th- torp«*i1 » b *at 4 atrOT*»r
Ortjiovoi. an<1 that th»· fl*fN OU t*»th
v,-«*.v|· w»r* )o«#»n»<î »t Τ r» * k VN ♦·<!
n< »Mav nt*ht
Wtlcom«d by Ntw»pap#r»
i*t fVterabur* Au* ÎS Th·* n*·**·
paper· -ι r*> unan.rr ♦· va In m*··., omtnir
th·» iholltion of orporal pun'«h!» · - f ,
a» (h** îtkwM important eon**ea*iona
emtHMtle*! In th# mar.ιfr*to
FriftcO Ρ**··ης|#Γ and ^ht Tri.m
Com· Together
J»pHt M » Au* Th«* fit liOMf·
• ltd S»n Kf«f iM t% pa ti «In
through for Ht !<oul* r«*4lldH with η
Μ «4»ί·..Μη.1 fretjht train r»rnr Parr"*!»
%\ \> . ««Il» Κ ν "η pi*w· /fr* orer·
tn|ur#<t no»»» It Ι* hell»» *··*«! fat «Μv.
F?v*ry p#f«H>n nn t b*· p*4*en*er train
waa t 4,<1ly «H«krn up Th·· tfxlfi era*
rmwiteri Both tralr« *»r· ronntri* »t
h»rt» * H»*r«t tloth e *tr > · nrr* <<«»m
pl»*»#lir ί|#^·"Ιΐ«Η»»«1 Τ h»* t* ♦****·» m4
rroktt · /*ra w«*r* fhr«»wn fr*»m th# tr k
«Ml turr^H «nrr a»*r| «Il '■H'rpt t»·
roai h·· l«*ft thr ra * ftoth #niftrvr-m
)umH »' t *· »f> - l i' ' irv
P<-»o( .♦ (t W '< B· W»»d, AkMut F.ftfc
4>f InHmhcr
Κβ.ιρυ» Ν Τ \ .ι* ÏS Iit4(» l"«rfc.
•r work»·! .»« Hi· IfUff ·«♦
txtptifir* of thr η n|r»tHin «ht. h
• III h» m«il» μ>ιΗΐ> ptiilnblT «hotil
|k-tti lï m* ι* Πμ ι»··»» «III h* (winl- i
•«I lu Κ!·*···■'< ιηι II I· f«pwM *1»·
prvmt «III U '»·<!* «I»· il *~i»t t
W'*· I>muM m l«M
•*«<*•14 In M
Rntll'nf r«rk Ml" «ut ΐ% IIW
m*·· ·ΐ"<1 Τ»·»· KW!4» »lf- munlM
ν· ·«» h·ner-l Ι»» iy«» IK· —m»
* xf ■< A A 1»*» rfw l tllmw < llw
HK .il Ion
Ιι»«ΊΚ V·
O»!· \*»> «nf »* ||»>< H
•n nf >tr»jn ·
I» |M>t M '!■ iO«r ■
fltiw·*· H· mmm M(*'y fur»
kt4 Wn tr II·» I·» u>4
pw»* "« Η*»··· lu ihta ί-'t» Mr Wt
r* r·
Ν·*» tonton of Hm Association te Bm
H*ld at Guthrie.
ft. Leal*. Aug. 16.—The session of the
(nttnutc ArwM'UMnn of Livestock
Sanitary Boards Wednesday wax de
rated to listening to. and dlaouaaton of
papers read by different state veteri
narians pertaining to livestock and live
stock diseases and conditions
Dr. Thomaa Morris, a m»mber of th·
sanitary board of Oklahoma, delivered
the first address on "Conditions of Cat
tle In Oklahoma "
Dr. Κ. T. Eisman. state veterinarian
of Kentucky, spoke on "Inspection of
Cattle Hardled by Railroad Compa
The last paper was read by Pr. Kel
lar. agent of the bureau of animal In
dustry. who has been woring In Texas
He talked of experiments of dipping
southern catttle in Beaumont crude oil
to free them from fev»r ticks.
The committee appointed to consider
applications for changes In the time
of shipping southern cattle to the north
<? ctded that the present established
open season should land with a few
çh^nges in different districts of Okla
homa territory, which will be announc
es later, and the committee will make
recommendations to th·- effert to the j
department of agriculture
The committee to consider a possible
chang»· in the quarantine litie estab
lished last y»ar decided th it the pres
ent boundary should not he change 1
and will so recommend t" the depprt- |
ment of agriculture The following j
ofTicer* were eltcted
President—Dr Η Π Smith. Monti
cello. Ind
Vice President —W. R Moore. San
A"l"nii T> x
Secretary - Treasurer—Dr S. H Whrd.
V Inneapoiis.
The convention decided upon Guth
rie Okla.. as the j.lare for holding the
convert ion next year ard adjourned
■tne die I
Chicago Authorities Agam Endeavo ·
ing to Settle Strike
fhlcagn. All* 25 The city author!
tie* ere to πι k <' ι second »·fT.>rΤ to *.·· ·
tk· the atoekyarda strik" At a mwt
lng of tlie city oouii'll Wednenday night
a resolution waa pn*aed empowering
Harrison to appoint a c >mmit
tee of eleven «Mermen, who are to
mike it their biialttr·** to brin* ibout a
*<*ttlem»*nl Th»'re wa* *om«* oppo*H ι.ιη
I . til. r> lion St iiffll»T f th« t!
iSernirn declnrtrg that tn th*ir opinion
the re*ult would b<* ι f ilture The
resolution «vu !«»«·<· ; however ind
thr committee ippoint»d h> 'h» mayor
Invitation* *»r« at one» Îent to the
lead'-r of th" Ktriker* and to represen
tatives of employer». Inviting them to
m«-et the menslro of the committee
Thur>*lay morrtlns
The ddermanlc committee hi* not
mapped out any particular programme
hut Intend* t.i *»-<· « h.il It c.n do afte'
It htx lleten··!! to the statement* from
IHjth 5tlje*
Annt·· ftark. a forewoman for Nelaon.
M.irrm tk <*o h i* te n attacked by
β-lrl picket* while riding on a *fr«*«*t car
A lively fight followed In which hat
pin» were the »#αρ<)ηι u»«"l
Ml»* «"lark wa* severely Injured and
* sv* rrmnvnt to her home by the police
Kh«. re. ognlaed wv»rHl of her uanall
ant* and »ecured λ srrant* for their
The packer* returned the Importation
of a *trtke breaker oil ι large «cale
Wednesday Α »ρ··« lal train of wven
ear load a arrived over the Krle Tw.» j
rarlrwtila of mrtk'· breaker* were :
brought in under h«» iv> (lolu-·· guard I
over the Motion rruut
Admitted He and a Confederate Stole
Much Money
At la-it* Ha Aug J' J Τ I-aner.
alla» ΐ Ρ Ht amiI»h formerly rect-lv
It·* l*tk of the V\ » «'em t · in TH·1 ■
gi gt'h omp.tny it r>Hlla T·-* »«*
arrested her Wednesday >n . t· !■ er.trj
fr sis 11*·· "όι ' ■ 111 it γ m * 1>tllt* The tel
eir-am ^|efltlwl no »h.i**·- but I.inev,
ftl:i t* U' ,1 r twenty- >' * o| ! idmt
fed to th·· 'fTi "Γ* that hi m l ι on
fed»rat who " naît ·■ I* l!> κ . ι»*
FMmii' d ■ ilf'-n hid >tol» s l!
botfti* I» legrair· II· idn-ut· 1 It »t **
r* nvin* !<■> k ». :t Ν·<ί» te|e*rarr »
fer money to t confederate who travel
(| fin ii ' ity :o ■ lit I ι ♦· \ w · » f ο t ·*'
to Imvp Dalla* .boot ι morslb ι sro
»tt ahlcli time I* ■ 1 f·■ I* ■ ·
have trav*"l«-d ·,«Ι*η*Ι\ !\ ·ιν··Γ tb· j
coufttrj \ *l*itig SI t-vtii* Kiti*.*1 I
»*1tv f t Hiltitioire *hrt. th»v *·ι·ι
rat··.ι Ijtiiev then ntnli j to \Hinta
Krotti h··*' lir tetil a telegrant tii ι
>«>utig weman In Hall. ' ι ' *
hie tr.·-»!
CH*r|n Η·ν· Β··« f.lM at C' pp>*
Cmti M»«,
CrlM* '>»»k t*ak> Awe 14 *' ·"
Ins I «&■ Mm) ,m ih· <|M- j
fri< Ι ι ourl il» Mln'iwt l'ktl1·
β Hull»r hirfinf » »*- · ι ; κ·ϊ«ίΜ« fi"i'
p»f *fm» * nuxttwr · »f >h·
nxwl {Willi* >nt nlltm· n( tH· Holt t
with toltif ι««4"ι of Iti» m«fc thai <1*
(■>·>< ! « μ mwr m*r ftom th*
tlatrt· ! > «at taluHtr Th»·
lien «m )ηη4 ι|»·<■ ·Κ<4*·Κ< ι·»» Ι
(·»«) In Ut ifc· mm *1»·» ·«*
4r»«r»· II»» «m|> T»>· S»r*M
IMud <«»·μμ·ιγ·*. y MlitkHU ml» h"'
>fcri»ι τ ftlw imfwlMmtn ι» ·ι»<1 »·
Mall It· hllt n>'» l· H**» te» m
IN «Ml!· -f ItM Iiid tl«M
Hm· iwm >»nmi»r ·*
f·»· T>»u— wj CMItn
PMwiî M J. Au* Si #*"ur
■MfeH MR Ml «9 m» Pimtdfr o*
tW < VKmHi· Cull ·ι lin iWl^tni ·
Mr «m tm» RM·· <·μ4 mmmr il»»·
rfty w>! r»i>·»· kln «f fM*«
W1 M*HMf * ■»>·<*. »t
bwtkiin *· *mmrn~r mm«M m mmrê**·
(k»r|« «M M >1— «ι·'^ΐ·
mm* *mm* wr» < r »»> a jet»*
Waco Man ScIecM ίο Hea<l Tiefc*
of Prohibitioiiij-ts.
Tir* Pmidritlil fmrtlialf Headed
the Ll«t, and Total Mibwrip
UrntNt to the
l'arty Ιο 1hi«.
TJTato. Aut 15.—At the afternoon
Vision Wednesday of the Prohibition
state convention the following ticket
was nominated:
\V. D. Jackson, Wa< ο governor
J. W. Pearson of Tehuaca ι a, lieu
tenant (tovernor.
J. O. Davis of Houston. attorney gen
J. Τ Jordan, Troy, controller,
J. A L McKarland «t P|fet Po;r t
treasurer, ' I
S A Vernon of Lfridaie cot mission
er of the general land office
R. Clark of Hereford superintendent
of public Instruction
Κ H. Con (bear of Pilla» railroad
Τ M Prenderjt.iit '»f M<-xlca, a?.«o
ciate Justice f th«· -u^r»-rne court
W Γ,. Harrison of Troy associate
Jus* ice of th> supreme court
W I, Harrison of Troy, a.*socnte
justlr.. of th* criminal · ourt of ap
Th<* following; *xe< utive ommittee
wan elected <î W Carroll, Beaumont;
Γ. Γ R,ii|py. Λ A Fverta. P. F. Paige.
J R Cranflll Ft Γ Ayre* and H. A
Bourland. Dallas C- Heath, Rock
mall. and .1 W P*.ir*«on of Tehuacana
The < ιιηρ.ιΐκη will be I d by Judii"*
fryclone) P'tvl.x «ho wilt deliver his
opening up***·* h for the ticket at I.o
Following presidential electors w.t*
ρhosen, with districts they r»pr»«ent.
I J Τ White, Sulphur Sprinm
Γ .1 Π Caldwell. Shftlivvllle
Λ Λ \ Duncan, T>on^v1ew
* I M Rnbinton Anna
Γ» tr'.d Rover* Hlllaboro
* Π Μ Pr< nderjfaat. Mexia.
?. Η. V. Prather. Palestine.
« l> H « "oope r FÎKS»nbu'')r
* S J Tipton, Rung:··
A Β Dillej·, San Marcos
II Rev R. C, Bowfrs, Weco
1? I r r Martin. CowwtH
i: W s \V rdler CundlfT
14. J I; J.imison rturri"t
1*. J y N'en I, Lytlï.
I« J C Burnett Midland
\t I, tree Η Ρ It.ni nul J. Ph»n
ney of l> ill ι*
Coll··· Mon for < impiiitn purpt«e« win
tak^n up ιγιΊ lire· imnunt realised
Hon Ο VV Carroll of It- uimont, vl<
presld- ,ι! ι ind.late headed the 11*?
u ith tJ1 d si-\«*ral jçi\e JliMi each
It ά th« Ittrjpvt ·οιγτι ever rai£»-d on a
olri'ii ι '·■ l>v th»· pirt> in T»-x ■«
On· o' the Best Known Advretismg
Men In the Country.
Pall <- \uif Ϊ5 Prom ih<» pfT** ts of
a par itytf. strok» from v· hich h<» had
1>«*»·η suffering a few day» Glenn R
Wrirfht for thirty y«->»r* . nnn te<J with
th·- hiiMinfKn ilepartni-nt of the T«"th*
C"hri*ttan Ailvo· ite. died Wf«ln«*iv1ay at
Phlidelphla He w m the «astern rep
rvwntativ»· .»f the Advifc at" It w»8
In 1Η74 ihat Mr Wrujht became con
πμΙιίΙ with Slid» Λ· Γ·! aylock th«*n
pu hi ι *« h of th«· Adv** Lit·*, .it Oal vest
for Interment will be had at Dalla*
Charged With Theft of Money, but
Released From Prison.
Au tu Au»; -'· V ■ ordinn to a etn
r ti· 1 h> Μ ι η J I" ' ά if'· >f 'h»
tr ι ti iK' ' of t big Iry <oods concern
rr -hp ·*- - »rre«ted ind kept lo. k-d
in a ■ *11 if \ »*r il hour·* at police hend
j ι.» r ··* ·1ιΛ ut··' · **t Monda>
► · ι; ·1 » · Ί t h--f t ·' I" fiim ι mm
\rt"< éifi lrm»«t '<*! ion ■*!»·' w.ui rel»· ιί
-.1 ind arrly>'d h«-re W -di ••id·» * morn
It.χ Her h>i*hand « huchiy Indltnxnt
He ■( iH4 n»t he will nw ι ialv»-<»on.
H- left tor UalviMrtoti with till wife
Ο' I É^rti Mil F n»t»nc« In Ji»l
It Bin l""in
S->n>uu· Τ» * Auit Ji l>r !. Γ
ι · > wiinii'- ι η Mil Ί Mri iinln for
h.· |t. i η κ · rf hi» »ifr ··· \ ue ΪΙ ι*ηιΐ· I
till M·· l>* iiiii ι h»» »li <l ill*' h* ν■
:νιβ in.4*1· hi» wilt.
Shot Mm»···!
IV . ι ' ··■ ΐ Τ·1* A*i* ·4 M I*»»*"'
\t|h r iMrm ΙΙηιΊμ »*"··! f'"'l 5v»
• *r* rinH">r '>( ">* Τ» «λ» «»η·.
pMlil ihiil ItilH-wlf r ih# Ihr lui.
frnd' % th*«»F ·Ί»Ι»ίΙηβ II» hfM«(
iw«r lh> Mffl· ι λΊ llirmi*h
«h» I»m|> <im ' < oui If lh· iMfl nrat
• ►·· · -'lamri lit· i-t>ii4IMiin ·
Ptltnll S )«·*
*>«•111 \u( fit Τ»»» »«»»rn·* l«<
•li-«| iiairti· t« ar*M«>! uni m th«
»·.;ΐι··1«« .MM.lt·*· KlM>« . ·* «CIM
IMUr l !M l»«k t · Μ-t a 1 ·
S"tl«n *4· Κ·" I*· l^virt I*
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The Long
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For the benefit of its patrons the
Passenger Department of the Mis
souri, Kansas &c Texas Ry. has
arranged to provide rooming quar
ters at St. Louis for
W orld's l air \ isiiors
Popular Price*. Call on >r write to Any
Kjfv Γickît Agent, or
» 0 CttSH.
υ f * 1 *.,«.1.11 Kt «I run
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th«> »uint«i»*r uiut'hi ιι>» h»tt tltii* «(
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ili»t v .o rtu fitr^rt V' or
Hi ι' ne ι· the .(ι» r««ii wljr f r II'·
ruri> of .ιυ·|μ·(>·ι· if'»t ι· · ι u »b
m lali· guartiilr· h» M>" I Λ M«'tlB
; ι . rviinid tti» nxO^jr lo ru* It it·»··
l ot cur»
It «fi»r ▼·'<· he»· ι»»«*ΐ Μι·« it* '<»r
• it' nth jr«»a <J«> ii"t '··' »·4ΐ·β·ιΙ
that it I ·· <1 »- «11 > ·» ·*ρ·«·ι·«·,
■ Mk» t»»rfc Hi· «·»ΐ|>1* !»»«··· '«rh
iv>i (hmiIam· ι··· »«wà · if»«iin<mll
^to M wxl * Martin «■·«* ι»ι·* ·ιιι r»·
feed y »ttr null·! »lllliilll t|U»»U«>B.
ft»· ?>·* ι· *il thnr· m l r·*® ·γ·
til· *··!■ jMitg· M l·· »Λ*Λ·Ι III·
r*n«d> <·<>·ι· y >*β μι) Μ*in* if a»
Less Than One Fare R.ate
To San Francisco, Cal., and Return
Will b* Elective daily Aug I Sib le Sept. 10»h inclusive, from all Stations on all
Liars ία Texas and the Southwest, via
In either one or both directions according to
wish of Passengers
This arrangement makes the very liberal Stop-over privileges I>oubly
Valuable and will greatly enhance the pleasure of those desiring an ex
ieAVacation or who are capable of appreciating such Oceans of Rug
Scenic Grandeur at* is afforded only via the routes through

Panoramic New Mexico," "Cool
Colorado and "Irrigated Utah."
There is never a more delightful time for visiting Colorado and the
Northwest than during September and October. A postal addressed to
the undersigned will secure to interested parties several Specially Val
uable Pointers, also descriptive literature and detailed particulars re
garding rates and arrangements. .
A. A. GLISSON, General Agent
Fort Worth, Texas
H. ô T. C. R. R.
The Meteor φ Th e Texn φ
VI λ
"The tJcEsic World's Kaik Roittk "
Veetiboled Trains Pullman Drawing Room Sleepers
Oil-Burning Locomotives Cafe Observation DioingCars
"E*erything for Comfort's Sake."
The Meteor and the Texan run Through Suli"° to St. Louis without chanf
ior World's Fuir information, call on local agents, or address
G. P. A.
Α. Ο. Ρ A.

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