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γηε waxahachie Daily light
Ζ*·Ζ*& ·Ζϊ.0.0\0'&&
Raison Φ Whole Φ Wheat
Flour Here
that's fresh
Remember we put Fresh Melons on
Ice every day.
Telephone .No. 3. 110 Rogers street
« · · · s=> · » · W · W W W - W » W W w » w
% Our Buyer Forecast ·>
(· (β
Φ) The advance in flour md bought two cars. ·)
One has arrived, which we mu^t move in (·
the next 20 days to make room for the ·)
other. : ; : : : : : ·)
. P. WaKelandf)
South Side Grocer. Both Phones ^
a Start The Day Right 1
A By drinKing a Cup of φ
J Golden Gate Mocha and %
Java Coffes at £
**>ρφφ: φ
If you want
the best try
Ellis County
m*··****· m#*##**
war. . \ il! stock 1 ■ 'lect from and we "sell it cheap.
Ovi'PslocKed ·: s r<■ η I) r , Wiii' ( >th
VV iter >oUrs. Refn^-rators ind _'.isolin ^tovcN. . .
Γο unload <n these goods, we wti! make cl^se
prices. Ν >urs tor rr »re bus»! ss,
Waxahachie Hardware Company
D B. McCALL, Manager
Λ **VN^SW*
Try η Can of
Sweet Clover Syrup
ΊΟΊΓ ~ιΓ ~ι ΊιΡιιΓι'ι" -W Τ
' mi JNmé rnnrm ·*»»-««.» rW *...
****** *' * imrnmM* untfii Jm I
>r* »·
4m Mr thr»ni*b t ,i|mi« Itlixwl —t f*.,
t .».»<. »«i, «d «ht» hi» 1w-ti iMi *H '»·
«tart Im l^m*fc -««*«< t
mm »<*
t **
BCSo !πϋ
The Story of ι Deal in Chens Τ lut fU4e
floeey Oily for Hie Promoter.
A few days aifn I ran aerobe an
advertisement in a Collin county
paper setting forth the advantage*
of a patent churn. It is, according
to the advertiser's story, one of
;hOie things that you can't keep ι
hi.use without, that makes more j
butter than can be made by the old
procès», brings the butter in one· :
fourth the time and one-tenth
the labor. Oh, the song of (he pat
ent chin n' it ie one of the most
insiduoos and deceptive ever rung.
Often times methinks that it was
the airent of a patent churn, instead
of siren mermaid* who lured the
(•reek soldiers to their d*ath.
The churn advertisement put me j
in a reminiscent mood, for I have
had an experience in the patent j
churn business. Every man now
and then take* a dip into the future
market, the (fet-rieh·quick invest-!
ment concern or the patent right
business. H»- would miss one of
the experiences of life if he pursued
the even tenor of the pri >y husi-|
ties«. grind without ever dipping into
something thai promised a pot ot
(fold only to turn to chaff when
It wa» durai* a sultry August ten
years Η^·ι that oue day three inno
cent looking farmer gentlemen
dropped into the little hotel in the
town wnere I *>»«· palling th* Arch·
Imidean lever <·! public opinion, and
sat themselves down with a patent
churn, which one of of them indus
triously worked day after (lay. My
office beiriK in the name building I
*m compelled to pas* them several
tim»*s «-ach dav gain? in »nd out
about my basin**·. They were un
obtrusive men, >»nd tl . ir <juiet <en
tleness reminded me . f the simplic
ity of Hill Ν'νβ'ι mule, 'l'hey did
riot neeiu anxious to explain the
merit· of their industrial emanci
pator. For two weeks I passed
ttie-e mm wittiout so muet tu kι: w
ιηκ their name* or their butine·*.
l>uririir all this time the little churn
wi»» kej>t xoimf in the stuffy littl*
hotel office «Hie day one of the
trniiilemen came into my office with
a notice for pulieation, asked the
price, pari it and went about hi*
business I h· ui-it we»-k 1:<- rame
in with a notice from a neighboring
taper which related that I ··
ifeMleiiMH. had been ια H for >
w#ek »Β*> wi i. _· a patent churn that
wa- the moil successful t ? ; ι r» f
the kind · >er exhibited in t' at city,
• omet un t at every nusewife
would ι» .»iit and tliiht il %t,* didn't
art I t ι« 1 ·■ «Milled rfprotlui'etl ai·J
f< r ^<i"i1 . »·( iri I..»:;■! I p*i>r»«iur>'d
It In tt ·· ΊιιDilit of niy iiiHu-iiii >1
journal t ;>>>u th* · ci aaiou <>f '
«Ι·Ι( I ΙχΛΓ'.-ιΙ t li »t I*· tel w.'i··
frutu Mi»*· till «ι I »ft*i «*ν<·ι,ι«
|>ror»(| Hat t( '·>· <11< 1 ο t >·· ι || tu·
• huWl: π · . - »■ il «
It ap|» *r· It at wtill#· .ιιι<-> <·! t h
lhr*« «<*■ fcrpt '>()>> l ill' . I
Cher 11 Il · ' tl >1 l«" w»r· t lit ι »
roeotrv wii m ι: < ι < m ;
irr»*t la*»>r «mir ,»ι I liai!
(liic*»r Π "f·- lh»% 11 lue t ,·
t1ii»r.tlat fai : r tu I' tu ι
"IKanW- » Ι'ΐι'λΙ
r»rtait> tarrtt'.r» for t» »· · \ i>itat
of 11>« t hu 11 Γf >· «» ι ι tl i J
*·»·η| fti an-lai 'Il ii· · *
ail.ttl.·-·» (ι·· iitrff·!· I f'i lut
"11» >>f tt * Mi*a.>.|i.a> « I
lujr fiat* ami It»· i.i«M»laliv I
«hI lit al til»· * <·» r · r < αϊ il ■ »
pMijr te a»ii h * ι ' η » ι » .il
r»«iy f 'r jult* a Ι·Ί *>f i»riitMn«f ei.d
atl*»rli*t&<c «itiiin * I»» it · \·
1 fiMt Ut» »> i rtui <,iB«it
tti* iMljr iiiiont »l «bfttle : acr»·a»· ι
trad# flu»i«t (ir .v iii
I hNM iki*mt*<l in Mm»·
tti*«b*uui<i f tl «ι I ,ft Γ tl
Ut|M M I 1-| .»».I tti# I*»
•mil <*f tti* < t* i>rvj'mrmi>>rf ι
r*}Murii t- t v* fit it»*. Hw. I
·»» a{, r< ». ■ « ■? ' · tl . fci ·
m* β"ΐι»τ ui ι allr
wtHN» th# *»t irtli ··* *·■ ι M*
vnlniiM th· u.ptnjr * erf»·»» I ·
m*. H· auut^t >» - r s» »« »t ml
mIimtiIwu ;. r«tu"« Ail ;«i in
i»»«t iMtam· ·· iunk»i«. fwow»,
t**rti»r« u»l »«·»» j>r»»« -r . ft rm
«Μ ·η* Mitr» Nt, Ihrf ·»!· til*
l»o· U» dtliw l|< MlJ · I ! Wilft.
Th»jr v«u(Md a m au *· · · tarr
Ι» ρ · ι» Jui t th» MlfMywilriif·
t ,·· <·»αΐ(·«11 * fc»»J» Ul· f k·. Mill
4m »«m»r«u· other Uii i*» th·
•aiwT viwa sH»f «·>« ·ι·η«ιΐ ttwM
h» an τ p«»r OMMith. bMid»« «II th·
prtatlBc fer th» ·»η>|>·ιιΐ' ac e od
prie·· WooU 1 t«t· itt I a*k»J
for time t# consider. 1 was given
until next day. After supper when
I strolled up town I met the mer
chant who was to be vice-president
of the greatest churn industry in
the country. He willingly talked
churn to me. I laid the proposition
before bim. He knew of it, had dis- !
cussed my name with others of the
company and thought it a go:>d
thins»; no doubt about il, would
make good money for everv one of I
us. An official of the town's other
bank came along:. He was a stock- :
holder in the churn company. Yes. !
it was all ri*ht. 1 bit. The pro
moter agreed to take my unsecured ;
note for the one hundred. The next
afternoon we met to organize. Und
one of the three promoters was j
present. They had already been de-j
tained too long on this deal and |
must meet engagements elsewhere, j
so the other two had gone, explained j
the remaining one. The explana
tion was satisfactory. Men of larire
business affairs could not afford to
lose precious time, especially when
they were offering the poor over
worked women and children of the
state surcease from their drudgery.
Upon calling over the list of sub-j
scribers it was found that one man ;
was yet needed to complete t!i» cap
ital stock of the company. The pro- j
motpr «renerously agreed to take :
that and would pay· the patentee for
it. Would we kiudiy have his stock
issued to him personally, the re
turns »>γρ non mi ίο oe β·> *o ι ; ι
he wanted to share in them Hav
ing shown ue a (food tlilna: we ;
permitted him to come in on the .
ground floor. The company was
duly organized. I *»h made secre
tary, salary to be fixed at the next
meeting when permanent organisa
tion would take place. My hanker
friend w is made treasurer, and put
under bond. No chances muet b<
tuken with the lar^e funds that were
to come into our hand*. Oar notes
and checks w-r»j paused over to the
gentleman wiiu had led us thus far
towards the avenue of fortune, w io
in turn .rave us a deed t·· s«vpntepn
of the best counties in '( •'lai, and
m t to be thought ■'elfiil threw in
Itock wall becaus·* it was «mill.
We ass· -»ed cue! -t ickholdfi
ten dollar* t<> cr»-«tn a fund to
be^ln work on. Our promoter
iriend graciously anded over his
ten, the tne»'tinii adjourned and that
η ι ik ht he took a train for other pas
tures wi,<»re other |>eo|>|t- were wait
ing to put theii money tut <· patent
churn rights
The balance of the story isi t Ion».
Our company contracted for fifty
churn* at i'J ·to apiece I'he local
planing mlli mad·* the frames, th~
tinner made the rtiurn·, and a foun
dry 1 ardbv furnished the w | lec··*
■ •f astiutrs nece*»ar> to rnak»- th··
thing . >. A tient» w··!·· put into tl··
field turni» ied w.ih outfits at tlx»·
dollars «· I ' ·- a^'-nt w.ts t »el;
t: -< churn »t ttiat fi^ur··, remit th·
.■π ; any ι ■·· ι liar# and k> ►"( ··
r· »: as [ iv f ·· HWiiaJlinif is ellow
η . > in· lo w : (.·» i^onts didi. t
rep.rt much busiueas The jwwtple
Hi : bit·* as «-astly as lid tl · ι"· !
irp aln · hnstne^* η · i;, t»ank**r*,
farm· r· ». I ;>r* >·■' ■ r* ; ai I
for the ttfty cl urn· ordered, for a
sin ϋΐ si nit f printing and Adver
tising, absorbed the operating capi
tal a: I cjrjiÎ t utin«*ss
\ι se· rxt.trV ··! tl · Ot.'1 re
Mosquito Git!
\n inst.intaru -
►11^. relief from
ihn.;*. «iu.tr
inteetl. .
Trv t txtttii .. .
Company, of— Texas, I have
stored awj»y among a few papers
that possess more historical interest
than intrinsic value, a deed to sev
enteen counties of this state, «rant
ing unto certain parties therein
named, myself among the number,
the right to manufacture and sell
the —churn and guaranteeing
to us the peaceable possession of
that right for a certain term of Vears,
the same being signed by the geutie
man from Missouri, duly acknowl
edged before a notary public, and
accompanied by a certified copy of I
the letters patent.
I paid my hundred dollar note
witli internet when it fell due, and ;
by a strange coincidence the banker
who said it was a good thing, held it.
I hav e often wondered whether, in
the light of subsequent events, he
meant the cnurn was a good thing
or my note. But he was an honora
ble man arid I give him the benefit
of the doubt, inasmuch as other
bankers in after days have refused
to look upon similar notes bearing
my best made sii^nature as good
things to have among their posses
sions. My friends who were part
and parcel of the Churn Com
pany are all still among the living.
All are prosperous men, good citi
zens in their communities. They
have never called upon me fur a par
tit! in of the property, and after this
lapse of time I atu constrained to ,
believe that they feel satisfied to let
me retain undisputed possession of
the only evidence of our plunge into
the patent right business. 1'he in
vestment we made didn't pay any
immediate divide,·, is, but 1 feel sure
that it was a good one after all. it
has kept us out of similar deals. It
has taught us that futures are more
likely to go the other fellow s way,
and moreover, that the man with a
patent right for sale in whole blocks
is a liood feiiow to let alone.
The innocence of those ' nee Mis-j
sourians often ιρρ» ais t me now
1 can't lose tl·»- humor of the deal,
even if I iiid lose my money. J have
had one ιndre i dollar ~ wort! of
fun out of it since, to say nothing of
the value of the experience. An
individual who can corral a whole
community of hardhead»d business
men and divorce tb>-m from good
money ι» a genius iu.1 geni;i* is not
be sneered at, w'ie| <-r it nittUi!· sts
itself in ι tramp or ι financier. I'lie
man w ■■ maki* t success of t· e
patent ngnt i · ■. « 111 · -.« is ι genius,
and unless you ait looking for ex·
peri «ace i»r know yourself to be a
greater genius tlian ti e patent right
man, you will have more money for
: lie cii 'tis and for Christmas fire
work* ; f ν it u ι ι·' up the flowing
picture of wealth w! ich ·> laz ι»·β
before your eye*.
Keiini. t« r w< r ivc tt ■ lienu
M \ ·«!»·! ι I .·ι ν rr· w. t -
Better place y«ar · rdur promptly i
betor*· prie*·· adranei»
VVaxaha« iii» IIkaîn t
ΐΗΗΐΐή tu the fair
I · Ml· of ι nd ' si'ureit'ii tick
»l * hjr the riuir <ui» f 1 ? *t>* M'.la.v
• ill · « - 4it til ». k ι »·ι !
ϋ - ·»· ·ί ! «»|]« at tt World * Fair!
i,. * » · ■ Λ 11. i M.i.if» .
a|f«ot "1 tt»# Katν, * id t*»niy-iw"
tiikot* tl i» nit»nstu»f*, MVcutMa of
w»ut ίϋ» tt- i % r .»t*d IN*
will jjw »n t! Wi'IJ'h l*Air]
Kp<H<tAl ttu» «n il',', In «t ■ ; ;trty
tî.i» u.'-.iiiit, *i ti Mi * Ut· · t»
M I1 m ; w ■ ■ ι ■ *
Μι·« MMUxt t«it»* , J' u I iBilwtlbi
H . ,· VV ι..ι· I»*· r» r H
t H»! I. · A. M .i *
Mr·. Met i1 Un %u.) t f**· »lat· 1er·.
Mi««« L 1 »!i: > fen ! Mr« X·
Tlt.'uij » ». WllliMi .Hkmti» · Mi
»s 1 Ml. V r» v% ïli· « i \S <
nn»*i lrtta t* îvity
<»n .»»«■« i;; | f « l>4*<-l<ail yt tl, *
t» ; - i * * « ·! »t Dalla· & .»nt*v a »,·«'« »ï
tri» · wiii t»e rue '■* tl!» κ «tν fr
W»< » I·· tt al t-ily Tt%* MfttM WtU
<*·· VVittl t fit* tl r < i·
s »i«> -t>r t « r* ϋ! t irt ·< I
Mtv * v»tti*l ft*lo
< (Tii nr«f»l η liit'l» [.· i
i. -Ut· «:|| h» ♦· lit A
ι «1 tit id t»»r I I
U· rt>»«ia 4*1 «
iiwi I... M »·<»»# . A«i«»tit
K»« U«*t· r»-ma *«d «» 4· t «i
W* ·' >*4 «·· I*··! '«* h«>l - it#0
m fllioM» jr«*rt H m atewat - Canute
f >«r · ftltr » tr» a·* " P> It ν »
Wasel'.arbâB (ira.-.ι r -
Lut,* ot lare* >it« βί·4>ι>· »a w* at
Ri. M <or* ι. li
■Gets choice of the very
best $1.00 and $1.25
Monarch and Bi-Metallic
This sale will positively
last but
7 Days
No old stock—all new
patterns, and the very
best of colors. Any size
from 14 to 18 1-2.
Special—5dozen neg
ligee shirts—collars and
cuffs detached. Regular
50c values, choice . .
25c each
Tell the = Truth Clothiers ||
Mrs. Genie Watson,
Teacher of Piano and Scriufjec!
Instruirante. Kail term begins
■September liMW. >'Hi Oldham
Ave. 47
of course
» yyyy *r τ -y. w> *· ψ·*> <
1 While You Wait
k \r : I' ll -1; V · lonv"
I —it ·>nly means a f»-w
k η (tea Wc will rejMii
► 'κ».·- by <>ur ne»
* method. W i· du rh»· work
[ >»*tt· .tnii ! istu ' ■·
We ret iair any and
; Crow Bros
i i HE S Η ι >f 8S
Music Teucher.
Fait 1 ·fm btgin* Mon<U\, >tli
CL\ I»K I- \V 1 \ 5
ρ β «
Τ Η h
SW 1\G>
of New Υ ο r Η
it well.
You may l" til fikftt rww.
but iww ilvut next vt'Jf,
|>η t t.iki .
General Agents
tfeaxahuhie. . . . Texas

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