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Pubtl«ta«<l every day, excei>l Sunday. by
R. r> HUDSON President
8. W KENT Vice President
W. J. bL'IR..... Secretary-Treasurer
"*W ΑΧ Α Η λΠΙ 1K, - - TKXAS
Heart Disease Carries Off Kamous
Scotch Yacht Designer.
George Lennox Watson, yacht de
signer, who has for some time pa-t
been ill, died at his residence in
Glasgow, Scotland, Nov. 12. Heart
ditease was the cause.
In the death of George I>. Watson,
the yachting world has lost from its
ranks one of the most prominent sup
portera of the sport and the world of
naval architecture one of its leading
members. Mr Watson was almost as
well known in America as in Europe,
and the results of his labors as a de
-igner of both racing and cruising
< raft are quite as familiar to American
yachtsmen as to iho?e abroad. His
< fforts to design a vessel that would
win the America's cup made him a
conspicuous figure this side of the Kt
Untie, and though his failures in the
Thistle, in the Valkyries and the
Shamrock II. are matters of well
remembered yachting history hi
productions in this line invariablj
frightened the defenders of the old
trophy, and thus the Nt w Yorl Yacht
<2fc^t2T Ζ. flgrC'Cff
V IBM, IW5,VUI«. t ··«..»» \ μ ι '
patriotic citizens only breathed « h
ireedom when his \e: el- were
feated in the last races <>i th·. is inter
national matches
Philanthropic Societies Helped by H m
in Secret.
Although J. Pierpont M < ■ : ^ a : i?
' edited with gift- to phi ..ûthmj
enterprises which reach ll.oo· "· a
war, his name dues n· ' ai ι ι. r.
any of the ten building.- η tin ty
which were built with hi^ η ι ί· Τ ■
greatest secrecy surn unli
able work, which in mm h :: ·
t> nsive than is g.-n· ra!H · \
a matter of fact, Mr M r^ai
ip toward the head < f ■ .1
ers of the world. On· ■: til·
philanthropies is k< «· in ■
treet. As vestryman π S» ''· ■:·..·
ureh in Stu> ν» -:in'
hat tan. he has orpin:.-/· 1
this purpose, anil out «Ί th< · In
grown the X* '■ Yi>rk Ί :1
well as a r trad<
neotci with the cbui h. Mr Mi r
■ : lowed the fir ' · : · w : · :
Among the gifts of Mr Mi
$i oiMi.tiiMi to Harva· ' <■<
(·<·(> for a privât" hospital in St . \·
sunt square , mm fr i 'hi
Ural of St John thi I1 τι f
for :he Υι.ιιηκ Men - Chi ' )
• iatton. ItOO.oiK) if,r th«· I 1 ni- 1
pital for CoiMHimptives It'" " ·> N r
library in Holyoke, Mas- w >1»
fat h» 1 w λ> born fl- lc ι ·
κ.-·■ th· p.· a«lf- $3.'·" ■ > fi
^arixâ houM? and rector) in Si
-ant Mjitar· |.ΓιΟβ,(Η»ι fo: th<
Mon nf |xiri «*iaiiiR and SI ■·· 1
the Τ1 (fui: g&m colle· tit η (or
M« * ι.■ ilia: mu πι
μ ι· ludort Ru· P< · ··
Victim of Ac c fit
r &»!· Hiafh < ilifiifnlii M
T vâg -
/ST -J*L 'jlS ' ·
Ru·*. :**■ '»·
ttUkrtm. » · » ■ *«*; " by an »«r· - -
m»ww it4 rMrr>+*< t«U> 4· « , ·*·» Λ
liMUr* ·μ *t u«r· l«rt t .«-r
ftwt tk' ·»* nr. · «ewf i* · i—
jiiinjtir to iter· E»ffT **tt> |« ι
alt.· wax (· b»r mrr* Β ttta
Girl Studen"» Celebrated Election.
Τ■ ♦· glrî« "t WIImhi roll»*i; Cham
iMTsliurK l'a. e*>U linil<'<l iht· rrrm!
national rlMlloit. Ph« r« α ι* π torch
«ht ρπ·τ«·ι»β1<ίη« »l Ιηί'ι r» (i .Miran
and drmcxritlr iturft-tm. iht l>urnini
'4 r»->i rtr«» and the di»fda> of ? ran-par
• ariiT Th*» t*ara<tt r* mar· h«<d t«» a '
Ο innaMum hail »bnc \ltaa llclr ti
Hurti an Ohio girl γ>ρτητ«ιι .
ι*.· aidιίι' (toiMHMelt at..: Ml·· Kt'«*i
lu ; a dawttaur of J !dg« liai! of Wit
Iliifl#' a. Imp*' «>»· ' ι -'· ·'■·>'
Fatrtaank» and M'>< <"?ara ! «·-· f |*hila·
Rayrettai! Votir , V- !»< ©Γ
ι·Ιι*«* «-Π Haw «hat arr t ta*-r ,
TTi ma* a< »< r i · ta* ix*m, IT·
-Bi<nm itcj an oitn ftrr t«n 4<iUwi
ne ** half tmi I 4M ♦ tmnai «Hat
«Ιf · ia mu, ftpf now I *pe**te ttat I
m··"· ·«> «Ma, Mar* TWaH·
Tea ■«»» ♦· *»· * ι ' a«w<«a
T^-.r VI" - ·'» tl*· · * i««*rtt«» rmpnt
tJh«· <"man if a*. Kw -1 '4tir<n «ke »a
•ta' »+**>■ f· r «·« *<►·'· at rem· an«t
arbrt n»« » r '· · ' h· (null· te» gn emt
· , ι»»·· a: '*· p«ran It la esplwe
Vug fcta fa .<«r» tr «»· tfc·»· taarfauart·
of pp^er*·* -»» *a a .-a p.»·
as<3 pmnW acd br·..!*· a*4 rrlrk*· t
I»»·- fca a «usi!» ar* '
Give A*1,
I'ri't I .«<1(1 Instructor In payrboioeT
^ » »· wt It· iM 'urtn»t ι. th··
'n»-rati*ra i»f tb· nfnl'tr claaa η «hurt
». «κ·· un< on»rtouel\ "net·' turn
τ ni' in thi» f«*hi»i. N<>» |«t
litrmt. th«t point ui,. ita> a
■I· ritr*l iMjrrhuliMilii a vurlti'
η< *ι.«·1 j *» < hoiogjftt I iu la M »ay
*kii> ι;»· λ η fr« » r λ it· η I ru«t
UI» artrι βη<1 aai'l to r·*·» What
prof* r . »M ■·! ilro*r,.| In tha
«urai of ΙμίκΙιΜ'τ from tht m«
Aomtfi Ulttir ei FtiheurOi
Mm ■ ·<·«η<>η In t|M> HrtMah tetania ,
«ut <h» r <>«rn harrt^ra but mI) «m
K>thh rh.m'TTtll·· t· M 1 H
"Mr of fMfeoiMtd» «lien th· t (t *
ι » η ma» M »» voim
« lm«» t» ta lf»4a«i'1 tHr UltoM
»n ! ·· η® tb* h'«*or*r» »*pr*-tmrr la j
,t it tu* te '«-ta· a not«4 *ι»·η·
» -fi» η · «· a a >Mr>M*twl ao> vital
m. r h.r t*«»k» 'aain* blrt ran«
h. -h» humomwa mr%m nt tfc«·
t t' a } ■ ara
& r ·*"»···ut* an lia·*
r>n 'h· a·» Xorta (Uau IJ»r4
—r Pria* Itlt»! Fm-trtrfc «kir*
■■»■■· * 'an:posa for ffetna aad
1 iar · a « ■ «naattuB t·»·»» I»·
-I a* '■►»tj ■*· «M* aa4 et
■ r ■ g* j* r-natataa oaarJ» a«a
- a ■ g »· aa«t ej* ac.
ra a»- 'bat wtll a*»rrla· *-,*ry
« .* a tï.· tw·:» aa4 lata • •#4iafc
« .a^'rrai WsftJi Karfctae*.
Tljp Marquise dee Monstiers Mer
invllTe. formerly Mies M. O. Caldwell,
who, it will be remembered, founded
the Roman Calholic university at
Washington some years ago, has re
pudiated her former creed and left
the Roman Catholic church.
It will be remembered that the mar
quise des Monstiers Merinvllle and
her sister, the Haroness von Zeed
wltt, are the daughters of the late
William S. Caldwell and his wife, who
was a Breckinridge of Kentucky.
Shortly before his death Mr. Caldwell
became a convert to Roman Catholic
Ism and left his children to the care
of Roman Catholics in New York,
whom his wife had met in church
The younger sister married some
fiftet.n years ago a German nobleman,
a i,utneran. and since tiic-n a.so .ias
left. tho Roman Catholi· < ι mmunion.
The elder has been in had health for
some year*.
Prominent members of thi Roman
Catholic clergy in Washington ex
pr( "■ oil their surprise at the an
nounce!::· nt that tho Marquise lies
Monsticrs, formerly Ml·- M. (1 Cald
well. aid the found* r of the Catholic
university at Washington had re
η meed the Catholic faith. In fact,
they were loath to believi sht had
formed -weh a determination
Hi-hop Spalding, of Peoria, when
asked if he could assign any reason
for tht Marquise des Monsiiers' ac
t'on. he answered that he could not
that he knew her only as a pood
Roman Catholic and until ihe an
nouneem· nt wan mad· hail given η
thought otherwise. "It is all a mys- '
tery to me." he said.
One official of the Roman Catholic
ι hur li attributed as a possible cause,
taking tlie stor> to be correct, the
notorii'v which the university gained
by the failure of Thoma- Κ Wagga
man. its treasurer by which the uni
versity suffered <onsiderat>I>- finan
cial loss.
Member of Kentucky Family.
Mar* Cwencolin Caldwel is a Κ· η
tt; 1%\ I.· aut > and beriess tit r iih ttu r
m& · s s - ■ ' ^
h»·, η κ ι·!.· · f 'h< fain· ■ Hr«·· Miirnljs«
't. ■ ' ' ι . . \\ · .
a iittW· Kirl *b<· luh»-rit« «! from h. r
feil > t a f<r îae ''f 12 1 ■'· and at |
her mother's death Inherited 1600,
W0 more.
After graduating from a convent
she and her sister, the present Baron
ens von Zeedwitz, went abroad to
travel with their uunt.
On their return to America, Owen
dolin went to Louisville, Κν., rented
an entire lioor of ttie Gait house, and
prepared to entertain in a manner
new to the people of that place. Her
fir^t public appearance was at the
opening night of Mary Anderson.
After the play see entertained half of
Louisville in her apartments. The
newspapers the next morning printed
columns of not too friendly comment
on the appearance of the heiress and
especially of her imported gown. Π.
was low cut and Miss Caldwell ob
jected to the riianner in which it was
':escnDec Mie returned to .\cw >urit
the next day.
Soon after reaching her majority.
Miss Caldwell, through 1er guardian,
Bishop Spalding, of Peoria, announced
to the Catholic hierarchy h< r inu*n
tion of endowing the Catholic univer
sit). and a council was held to con
sider het offer.
Such a project long had been con
sidered. hut sufficient funds had never
been provided. Miss Caldwell donat
ed the eighty-eight acre# on the edgu
of Washington, < reeled three· of the
largest buildings, including Caldwell
hall, whieh is the largest of the pres
ent group, and provided for the niain
tenanre of 'he university for three
years Her sisti r the Baroness von
Zeedwitz. gave Caldwell ehapel to
the university
Per 'his service Pope I.eo XIII.
bestowed upon Gwendolin Caldwell a
diamond studded medal, which he had
struck especially for her. and also
conferred the decoration of the Order
ot the Hose, which distinction uo
other woman ever has held
The young heiress went to Italy in
lS^T and there met Prince Murat.
who was thirty-three years the senior
of Miss ("aidwell, ami deeply in debt.
He wa> the grand on of Murat. king
of Naples, and of Caroline, sister of
Napoleon I
After th'lr ensagemi nt was an
iii men! preparation- for a r· t:ai *ed
(ling were made, a trousseau tit for a
(jueeti s< < ured. and h» da> ι· t the
ceremony set
The da) before the marriage the
prince and his legal representative
and Miss Caldwell and her attorneys
met to arrant." the antenuptial con
tract. The prince insisted upon the
lotitr. f tl'· t min»· M »<■ Caldwell
ret:i r .I this Then he offered to takw
half <>f it This tîie Anieriean -Ml
reft; ed, saying that she had intended
e t τ 1111 -_ $2." λ vi ;ir upon her hi, ·
band The prime wanted more Misa
Caldwell at once broke the engage
ment and returne d to Aineri» a
Mis- CalllW. ill l*'1- .1(1! Uiiei]
hi en ,ig. ment to b< Mat , β
Moiistters-Merlnvllle It was said to
I» a love match She was married
on October 19 of that ν ear. the ere
ction) being performed by Bishop
Sp;i lli. After her mar· ι.· the
marquis- went (o Paris to live and
her entertainments were notable
the!· she «tpent much of (.· r ttrn<· In
rttat e ibors Her health t·* uan
'«· * is il ». *r* aim Shu. tlien M;e
lin ■ ' ' ■ ■ lif< of κ r< ■ ι-·
Main Builcfirg Roman Catholic University.
Distinguished Soldier end Author
Thouoht to B· Hearing the End.
Member· of the family, ■■ well a*
floee friends, deny the statement that
hi« trouble ia cancer of the stomach,
but the dentals are couched In lan-1
guage so ambiguous as to leave little
doubt that this is the real trouble.
Oen. Wallace himself has apparently
given up hope of recovery and is
awaiting the end. Letters he has
written to friends within the past
month say this In so many words
and a few of the aged soldiers, com
rades in arms, who have railed upon
iiim lately have received the earn"
word from his own lijis.
Capt. McOrew of Washington. 1)
C., was a called at the Wallace home
in this city a few weeks ago and to
the captain General Wallace said that
he did not expect to live through the
coming winter.
At the Wallace home it was learned
thai while Gen. Wallace is not con
fined to hi? bed his strength is fall
ing rapidly. To the question, "Is
Gen. Wallace suffering from cancer
i<f the stomach?" no positive denial
was made. .
All that was said was: "No. no; we
hope not. It serrns to be merely an
aggravated case of chronic indiges
tion that has grown more severe In
me la:· · ι· w ι in· κ» ne, m ι*
\ ery v>«aK and lakes little nourish '
meat, but we cat) nut think his tro iMc
is anything as serious as cancer. '
Philanthropic Societies Helped by Him
in Secret.
\lfh<>ugh J. Pierpont Morgan I"
credited with ptfte to philanthropie :
• nt- r!·rt■-· which reach 'Ό© (««· a
>'.ar. hi» nam· d< < - not appear on
any fif tin ten buildings in the < it v
which were built with his money Th<
areat'-st sei re< \ surrounds .n* chart?
able «i-rk. which i- much more . *
t( nsive than Is generally supposed A* :
a matter of fact. Mr Morgan i» well ;
uj> toward the head of th» «rreat giv
<ts of the ». rh. On· of his <hlef j
philanihropic is heepinK !·>· oft the
ntreet. As veetryman In St. George'*
■ hureh in tftuyvosaat squ«rr Man
hattar), he has organized η c h»b f<>r '
this purpose and out of fin· ltll> ί ae
L'town ! < Ν. λ York Trad» · heo as
well an a smaller trade »< hool (en
neet.'d «ith the < b irch Mr Morsrati
endowed th·· fir-' dub with If·'
Amo)!« th· s::ft« of Mi Morjian are
$1 Mm ι ti to Harvard eoi!eg< ί; "io
'»'■· for a prlvati hospital in Stiiyve
. ι π ? quai* $:.<·» for tin iM-ts·
dial "f S' .loli· hi Divine I' 0
for tin· Young Menu Christian λ>μ·
•lation, Î ·■>.(— fr ■ the Loonlr Ho«
pitul ί or ι · îléo >>f· f,.t a
lllirar;, In Holyoke, Ma-- whin h;
fall ι-r vaa orn $!'_ '■ ι·■ · · for pr< serv
ι th< pii id ■ $3f»o. for a n« w
parish hotis· and r»-< tor;· In Stuvve
Hit nquare $Γ,ι«· ·ημ> for the .·>»Η«η·
tlon of por> · lain* and II ohm· for
the Tlffanv «em collection fir th·

Racing Managers Seek for Mean· to
D.*couraye Their
Ita (it !i .· · ικ· η ι h. ·ut·' ·>π·
a that Ι.· · ι·ο·. · \ » r ί av .ntc
i-ndfd without a put.'i ontrr» m-ainut
iiort on Ib< *i»rf Th«-> hav«· ?»ar«*«!
.·· ■ -il· ' · "il ' ' ■ « aiii>« I.f I ·
mark· I Un r<■»*·· !» >h»· numtx r of
t» 'urn who hat· t* «ή atI* litliitjt th«
tniioii» trark» Tlo »f vj»*( ulator*
ι ί l·· . tin,.· ι.η U|m · r 11 < frjê$
" > (it of frirnda «ai<l on# ft-ti rti
> i»mtn hut *hrn th«- gambling
fr«it,'jr *ak«'» |«iMf»»tiit) of >h« ni tb+jr
„· ι to · ittMBe· Λ *<<uian will *alk
·.· ton'- ·'■(.!· I*t>» ·ιιΊ halti>r»>>ti
whom «h· h·» n· » < r ro« i and In thla
» om· ι · ■< ·· · -.i»> t with m* η
<·/ 'h' »or#t rtmraU «h«» du m»î lwa|
<»t< Ut tmkr· adtititaa· o| •■*»rr "p
ertMU) ι·8Μ*4 H t» ΙΙ^·'ί » I hat l>«
•r»ti ' h< tieil k*ûmiH ■ |w-ti * ko fut itil«f
• ta' ii«h«->l to il·i*« iiTie*e«·
» ·ιι« η frote going ta» 'h» ira» L
V ttMul Br tut· tllttvoan M»# HM
*cti«» Ca»·»'
W m M VI I' tmm
;int».t.< M a# * tariff trfttm» t lu·
• I mailt Jiar'f Itoxich MtU ijuïl*
* ι ■ ·>» r isaa H·· la 'be )MU ί
r lu· -h itlMIfU· ba« in«r <tt»t 1* ,
KViafcf*) l)im*· If al vJtrtMrt. aa *r»
mat» a· pMintrtta aa ·ι«ιβι«Ιη
< 'iviirt ut ' aa fcuataHr of big «an·'
lit» Uaa liutMxl 't·* Apa aten* a 'h»
Un» ·..« - and tfcr HiraatarM »*a»
. a. mai N.aaarn aa4 ««a Nnill
mt m tm* of «tefet ikat ■- uaa» « Km»
t..*:iak rttnaaj k* to·
fcnca»4 th· unpaM Ha τ a| k*aT*a aa
prlwma» rnrnenmn 'β Λ» S·-» *' Wil
•»M \*r&m !*ow ha la ,
*·* «aJj a fc»r* feat aa ar<4aat Mfcrr j
•a 't Jaaryfc
Gen. Lew Wallace.
New Hatnpahire Man Vigorout in HI·
Hundred and Third Ytar.
James Bellows McGregor, of North
vllle, Ν. H.. who recently celebrated
hit one hnndred and third birthday, la
believed to be the oldest Mason In
the Un^ed States. Five generations
of his family Joined In the celebra
tion. His one hundredth anniversary
was observed by 700 of the Masonic
fraternity. When fbove 90 Mr. Mc
Gregor painted the belfry of a church,
climbing to the top to finish the ,1ob.
His health is stiil excelleflt, Ills figure
erect, hip appetite good and he eats
what he likes. He Is a great drinker
of coffee, but never uses liquor or to
bacco. He makes his home with a
son and grandchild in the old house
where he was born. Not long ago ho
walked to the village store with his
Kranddauçhter. Alice McGregor ajed
22 years, and on returning home old
a«e ami youth were obliged to as<en I
a hill. When the summit had been
nearly rea< lied the centenarian turned
laughingly and yet with a serious
meaning to his young companion, re
marking: "Am 1 walking too fast for
Made Statement of Religious Creed en
His Deathbed.
Shortly before his death <'ol l> R.
Anthony of Leavenworth said that i'
un epitaph were to be put on his
tombstone it should give the date of
birth and death and this summary of
his life: "He helped niak<· Kansat a
free state. 11 ·* fought to save 'he
union lie published tin 1 >«11 y Titn· <
for nearly forty years in the inter* st
of Leavenworth. He » a s no hypo
trite." As he neared the end he cai!e«!
ι tie of the members of the famU} t·
his bedside and dictated the follow
ing statement relative to his religit ;i>
ideas: "1 die in fuJJ, eonfldeuce of a
divine power who made and controls
the universe Whatever #n· made by
that divine power js perfect and re
mains perfei t We &b<<uld do unto
«•thers as we would !«» done bj !
('«■n t believe God ever created a devtl.
I don't belt* w* that a devil ι *ist - an*
where r xcept in the heart of a man
or boast '
M <»· Itadore Rush. Popular Act'e»».
V ctim o* Accident.
While bathing In the surf a! C'oro· !
risila He.tch. California, M>» I.-.n!or%.
Il r' . ' «liiiij; iady In Glin»-rir«|
ti.'oiia wa- Caiisbt hy mi Inum-t.-· I
»a*»- and r*rrM Into de«-p water A*
-;*t»n·» »a- at unco hurriod to h«-t ι
bu' h»> «an unronarioua whfti j
t'fi ι» ! t to thorc K\ « ry ti,<*an* [*>» !
'· . ·>; tt> π vu·· h»-r «i-ri ta »aiti
Humomti Stare People from New
York» Famous Motel
Τli* iiaria*rr« «if th« Ht Itriiti
•înii \t « York iumplain that η· » *
»l ι hiimoMstx ar·· wtrtu (»·«>μΙ·
ι««ι tram th· hou*·· with tbi-ir
torn·» of thi> enormoti» < ΐ|χ·η»«.· inrl
• ni to In In* In tb«* η»·· hn*telry
Vinunt ih· funr.) t>ar»mapli» printed
ΑΓΙ" th·*!*· Wnr.-r t'rlriK m·' » (>■·(·
i( Ht H· Kl* Ir·· ι rt-am If it ιΙιμίι nut
ι mur· than Mit I r»-«rH lhat
»· ar<> all oui of thai >ir Th· t h· ap
ml thin* Ιι .ι < h««<*lai·· taire
î; ·· ι» r half ;»>rfiMU You au II*··
ίι< · ly at thf ΙΙοΐ·Ί Ht H< (Il for 11'"
■·"' a war It la a iara»aii»ar> *h<«r
λ· ht-', will Im* mi unmialakable that
•..ιι· «»n ihii·* "f th·· large·! m· a ne
•til l Ι(ι· mu»! inml»lakat ·- ··« iat
landing **lH ' *" lu t* aiin-n* ;t»
•aln<n» mi icy will b· th** γ·ί rjii ;α&
'(· iither» '
Cfleatial· TawgM New Verk Surgeon
Mianmg of Ctmt*tilm«nl
Λ S» · York i»t{i'>ti «h·· lit· lw· ti j
M t Al ftfl to A h*J> pital I· *««*·-· !
• .IH for ·οΐϊ.»· tin , t· h m. i« t {
r ;ν ι *. î a if too·· ailnl htm what j
·· had >·πί··Ι la CMiut a*it · b·· «ur !
ι··« ι·λ) t'lmiMmi of mM4 I
• t>4 Motrml imtmlMrRl la
Yor A m y . bief ιπμιΜ* ou trying
(iir|(t tltl nitM-f m·* ha·! N»>rw
■il··'. "tafc Ko <Mtt*r wh**e I
Ittfaeil It *M In toe lix uehl Ikre tn
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ttaa a&4 h**· ♦«*-*.-»·.·* rfc» m*a*!»c
•r «m·"
Mrs. Henry Story, of No.
512 Muskingdum Ave., Zanes
ville, Ohio,says: "My husband
suffered from rheumatism so
that he could hardly stand. His
back hurt and he had such
pain in his left arm that he
could not rest night or day.
The doctor did him no good
and it was not until he tried
Dr. Williams* Pink Pills that
he was helped. Six boxes cured
him completely and he has not
had an ache or a pain since.
We think the pills arc the best
medicine In the world."
Pink Pills
for Pale People
cure rheumatism because they
make new blood. It would be
folly not to try a remedy with
such a convincing record of
If Cupid <·\·ογ jcrow·» up anil
ηΐΒΓίί· .! h«> Il proltaliiy m·.- thf error
(if hi·· *a>s and quit a· linn an a trntri
nil !ilal egom.
K*cry huusii.· <«r abouid hrow
'Lat If th' y » U buy r>t*9anc« < ι id
\V;tt<»r Ktarch for laundry m*e they
m- ; it (,av« not only tnu·», be· atl*e It
never Mirks to tbt· iron but be··»': «
rarh packaxe contain* 16 ·«* on·* Γι il
poundwhile all otl.u r Cold \Vat«-r
st irchf»« art· put up in \ pound pa·
a»u ». and the pr:< · 1* th« samp. 1U
cfci< Th«>ri again brrau»* IXCat β
Starch H fr«'« from all injur < u* clifla
ira!*. If >· Jr gî <*r t r > « - ■ to . U fin ;»
1J<7 park up it I· ··■. a ·:· be I.:, a
a ntnek on band * h;cb I.·· to
of I "for« hi pi't* In Γ;> Banc*
Ho >.no»« ll.at Iteflnnce Starch ha*
prlntrd oti «very parkag·» in large let
t« r* and fleurro ~lt> In raar.l
I · faut « ar.d »aro mui h time ana
η π } and the anrxoance of the lrua
atk king I' flan·»· η·*ν*Γ »! irk*.
The qui· Κ ' way to g* · into I »rj
dti' in to gp»n tb* door* ··* > > r o«q
For kiw rat· .< to tl ♦· d * Fa r
via thr· Texa* and !'*«·:· . K;< <»ay u *
any tl· ·,·*· or writ»· Κ I' Τ tr
tier C. rw-rml l'a* '*ηκ> r \(j<-at, lial'aa,
\n old ba> lo-lor -.a . s Η ;* m ρ · »
··. "·*ρ »·οπ»··γ. i*i) fr 'TO wri! i:n«
<>t <····ι:μ« it :*· ith« r*·· ■* 'h* <·
«'iii.ido ι U· any *«ddlca
Save Your Lung*.
Jx>n't nfglret thai roMKh On*
ρ*!Γ ? !<!!·** 1* Λ.Ί Ί ··»« Γ il » ♦·
tr<at tb»*tt) well. Sirsnujti* CY»iKh
Syrup »'liî muthi· »ir< uieih. t.
them Ut' ouitt) end nu> )'·ι a
hati<-·· tu -■> · i> in prar··
Electric Road Easily Run.
<;< rrneriv ρ..*ι··ι«».«·* a Ailoittvr* I it
n> -· ■►«•fui r*i!wt»y, iu which no par
ai !>-l ι» f'xiU'l m tM· rmion !<- (><
rullartly I* thai It* trains haw- no
drivetr» It !» ι·»· <1 for «arr.itii; · t
from the -alt tuitif-» at Hta»«furt Ttot»
'.raino con»t»t of ihirty track» · «· h
rr> jι . haif λ ton ->f sal' Ti · < u
Kin»·» ar< ·-)· ttric. (if twenty four hoi»·
|n>wcr .-ach Α» It approach»** a *t*
tloti. of which tlun· 4Γ«· ftv<· along t; »
lit th» Irani automatlrailv r ι η r a
ix-ll And tlit· ntatioo atttniiatH turtti· a
• ρ it at anr raimx-nt To »iart it
attain h· Man·*» on the lort>e»t>»!..
«•ItrhM the riirrmt and fh«>n '·»■
»<»>ncl» «en in Mm* f It·· engine I ,·
«ailïe.l ·.
In* at on Gattmg It.
S. m· «ι . ι» ι») t1.· ' nl a»o^
f - urt-h Tit ι a I* tancaua·· tn«»
h»»r ι Mi»k ·>η hat.·! f ιbar bran·'.·
'·t *%lι k r » ·* lu a ιβ<* -»·
» ht. ti th· » »·«! tie at.!·- to *«41 ftr*
lm*u» lto-narw# miuiiu it >>* fir
lté* «au.· at»»»»
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Htar> k. ltujul'»» w »>atr>«
Thr lioflMflrr * (til ta the ·μή· h*'i>
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Th» maai who t»ih« l»»if»i ··* a
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ujitnf « ton at t··»»·
Th* huaat>;· *4 Mtawr hta
I* Irf IhiI th* toan at"»at* m> 6t
St·» that t« «n.t f»jun lothliii
n.«m ,»»»«*' a «if * *·>*»« «lira tk··
*ar» *h%· · au * »me tt'a twei to oam»
■ ht· :a trllltc the trtith
A wttwait i*a* e«> hu»M<» » tu a· *
kairM iutM 4r tan ·»>Ιι 1am.· ·
m «β«·! ·<* ( afeftWfc
U«t r»M kfpt. ««Μ» ·* Mt.
> Ί)ι««(>>μι · tjkMiii*· TaftMa a»w
roanunipvd to <»ra onMa
Varaiifttt tit»* la whtdi v· ail m
j»rt awt tu>9· se ka«· a < ttaar-w to fcr
;xwt » l»t tm M «A»r a aMa rmmt «4
Ttmt gnm4
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