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The Waxahachie daily light. [volume] (Waxahachie, Tex.) 1894-current, December 15, 1904, Image 3

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Consider the Lllltt.
"I he lilies of tho flvld, whose tdooni I»
W* art· αλ they;
I.tki- thf-ra we fade away;
A* <Uth a i*nt
Τ h» Kparrowi of the air. of «mal! ae
Our Cod doth view,
\\ h> ih. r tht-y fall or mount
He c i.tril* hm. loo,
The lHl»v« that d« neither spin nor toll
"Vi t ;ii. niiwt fair—
Wli i profit all this cere
Ai.d al! this toil:
ι 'oruOdei
ι h·· Mrd« that have no t arn nor bar- |
M-l * · ♦ K«
Ond th«*»n food
Much m· r· our Father wi k*
To do !i« good.
* kl<r
A Weighing Contest.
Here if a Jolly kind of « otertainnient
for you boy* and girls to make nee *»f
tl.»· neit time yon ftive a party It will
1> · as»* your little RiHH's ever so much
ι.'-t two .*«■<» of scale*. one to welsh
!aiK»· articles and one for the smaller
thingf·. I*Or minip of the tiny ■ lijectn
fc tHRewtfd tif!o» It will perhaim be bet
ter to buy a e»)»»ap pair at a toy «hop.
Having arrant' >d for tin- weight: c. si
te? t a number of article* to be
wished Haw tb»·-»' n* unlike and
deceptive a- po«*lble, so that there
r λÎ!> will b<· κπ a! difficulty in deoid
■ · For Instance, the foûowlng list
Λ mat; « hat anil a book
A pair of M'ls,",t'. and a bunch of
V boo' and a pasteboard lw»x froo
talninj; *«v a uton· or «KMiiething
very heat y I
\ iars·· book anil a pasteboard hot
t thi« one empty )
A wateb and a bottle ,»f Ink.
Λ pen nib and a f> <ither.
-\ pin and a little pu-<e of paper
An en ve'op- and a ροκ ι card
X <n.< cent pier β and a bow or rib
A dull and a shoe.
A a-'WKpaiH r and a pa. ka^e of taciss
A robber bell and a ipongr
Arrange the article* Wforehand. and
let <ach boy and Rtrl write down on a
>!ip of paper which of the two arti-ie*
in · aeh lot they think Is the heavier
Τ. ρ corn pet lor hand* the list. «.«ned.
of course to the indue Then corr,
luencea the weighing
V prUt* should be given to Ihe one
Kucsinx the greatest number eorract
A Oamty Handkerchief Apron
Hav any of our reader* e*.r *«·· η
t « pretty apron* made of handker
rbt. t * It 1» a «çift tha' «ill delight
Mi i ο oj mjXS *JT5"«7 o« ji oofr
ir (γ n.ta Tu iMfcc ibi» |>r«Mi>· and
1 i! sift ι*u <>int>rutd«<mi h*u<ik«rr
• I r 'mu gPBtlfBMa'· Inirial »llk
*' ! !«■ f« '·»»«· >»rd ni hamburg
1tf·-*- >anla of .m in«h rlb
f.mr » «fil· of Itftbjr ritiUM ami
■i»u1· of \aWiKi.-nii·* |*ct> ar*
..f ih»· hm '.k" κΐι.'-f· leto
ai· ttllljr tr i Juin lo Ib*
■> η <h ·*!.■ < ihxlmm lurrtlaa
.(tg. ta Hi· η ahaprd Ut
)'· nuité*-é r0**~t tdRrd wttfe
t Ikvortlc· ran »i'l» hmbf
mi· nrl- nn»·» Utr·· Tfee
<-it ta ma i- >f inrh lBa«rtt<iti
I ·((!» liai.» rtl.!x.n at! larh mui*
I 1..,. , !i J (h« I ο «t
ft<1 t -r Ί· » Thf acT'im|ian>
ir. ,»·. t*r < < ar» al tw-·*
mat·;*.# 'his apron
Ο' »twa· Otr (><«··
f - A· iilidrwe «f« m» nrrtMiM ».
ta » 1 * a#*î 'à·ï are VtÎxm*»
*1*1 »'*< Κ AU h*rm
*a ·*>! a*i*li ta a llfrij *tr«â»
' ; » k k· ' " ïfc· n»*l r«juan. «krr»
lai! ' thr .«Mklcrala flf
ι « TTh>» ta* n im| al·
t ι * a» ae>i il»»* marrfc
[ Nw* flN> HWII f *·>» Il «MM i·
Im -—01 ikt
«•*5· M > 'HWWIi Nmw
Γ». »« ·· ra·»·tag %·»·
■MM ·.· ·> fii ·*»» mm>rt
HIM. «W ftmm twgtn «« pis» «Mit.
η II··» Tfej <»·$»*
•"'traieg Mfti * »,,rd
»»;«* ' » ♦ aa«a «Mil ι te» 4»Ja<*« rtmmm,
t%rn·. t< M a «a * *··!. la» nu**t t*r*
»** fit» ·».-ι·ιΙ teU
rw F-<r4»n mt t<*m iirrac*«4 |«
tgumm aftM «M·*· ·*» Mm rtao»
•t. · itwf .ΐ|"Μ·ι)»»»ι ittwa-e t>| art·»*
a îfcn <à» en* *11 ··„
«WM * «Ma·?* ta rita ««MM ·*» ta
<m*th ·»«*»«*»"»«. m M» 'Mnfi t
tinary .· »(*·» «wmî »tt «r»* *·» »
-e» M*·» ·Λ *»*«·. >f »*» C
«»« if:» ><wl t» » en«Û*f 'ftti IM ·
Λ· . ·' *< -'6»# * f
ai rt«»MI fw» «MÛ «M ' fc·» »
—— a»<t wWw <h* ««$·«· ter tfc·
iUHMi τμ* *!#τι mum *it
fr-* ·· m* ·»»' f;;'" »·: —
the music «top». They then proceed ]
to hunt the mistletoe. which the lead
er carried in his hand and concealed
somewhere (luring ibe march. The
tinder must effect a return t» the
^tacrine point without being torched
by the leader. i
are harnessed to a little sleigh or sied, \
and 'he whin ribbon reins are held by
a peventh. The sled is filled with
small parcels in colored pajHrs con
tainltig Chii&tmas crackers or any
trifles as tabors The part> «rw*s
round the room severe! times, dis
pensing the favors to the ιοιιηκ men.
who proceed to select partners and
dance until a signal from the leader
crtlls all to march around the room
and hack to their places
Lett and Right Hands
Yon Know ihat Jrour eye ares <>ΐψ cm
upside dow it. the head Im :ηκ dowr
ward, as It were, and th· impression
being reversed in the brain This ap
jxars siraiiK· doesnt' it' Rut 11 i«i
n«it mon so than »ha> f il'n*·
Take η M>f» pencil In your rieht
hand and writ* a word upon your
forehead; then look In a mirror to «*»«
« t>η> >"u ρλ>>· i>M»!ue«J Ί nu Know
that when writing Is reflected In a
mirrur the characters r«ad backward
In the r< fleet ion
If yoti vuadt'i *v your playmates
tau^h when th' > m e what you have
written, look at yourself in (lie mlrnu
You will find the word reflected - ■
that the Mt< h ate produced toward
the riRht. when ihev ••ioulil read to
the left, *o It will \h backward upon
your forehead
Now write iijion a piece of paper
an· place this on yoiit forehead, this
tiu.· the writing, when reflected, will
apjw ar ι <■ lw produced front rig! · to
It ft
Anothei aroufiiK experiment c< ι
*!?ts in t;»klUK a [wnell in each hand
?ηΊ ill trviug to write or draw a de·
sign with both at the «am»· time Th·
movements nf tb· two hands must I*
simultané» hj*
The left hand will make e\:icti> the
same movements as th·- right, but in j
the opposite directum* You will then
have two words or designs but one
» HI be ji|»t the revenu of the othe,
Laughter Garnet
Th«» children of man? nations haw
tram·» 'hal roi!»'-! In saylni{ or tlniuK
t-onx'thlnfc funny whli<· <-a< h ch'M
trl··* (Wit to mC:> λ r lau#;i Th«*
KaklMoe. th»· North Atmrtc*·! Initiai)
!ht> Italians and Utff German» ;«|| have
a κχ«·»ΐ writ-ty of th»»*»· laughtir
One of th« n< which s* alnn -ι (he
mig·' a'uni)κ Uw rhildrM of both the
clTllljt·*·! an·! unclvili/»»·! nation Ik h·
folio* «
()n< rttIM star·!* in th·· η»nl«!U- of a
rinK fiitmi'il by th*- oth>*r* In turn
th*·» ·ο(«·ρ up to th·· oa** Hti'i pluck h«r j
by tin· chin. *a) In»:.
"Aunty th.· h At a thin
I plu· ii ««hi to th· (.In
If ^kiu m> ;j*uah -'* -nui·
! mu»! twiR< \i.ui' i-' awtiti·
N'oW It ' f,i*» t' .iiah '
ihwf «onta without tauehinit or κηΐι- j
t; ; η κ » ! < · ι t * ι el" ι t I !
it i*B't a ' it > .«- ν ν ι ny !t
Candle Triel·
Mow would »ou arrant- aith a
room full of ι>·«ο|>|«' .ι ji.a■ · a catn'l··
η auch a poaition 'ha· all but on·
would »*** It. and that jwraon run-'
t t !» blind! >ti'»-<l *
I Mar· the · and!*· up>n 'h·· h*-a. . t
'h· [n-raoa who la not Ιο mm» it
thrr·· I»· a mirror in th«· room
,.ad I h I* «nr pvraoa ohwiM tnaKi u«<
4 It. h· do··· I ·' «' til II»
-tily It* Γί-Λ"* ' ·ι>
Me» to L 't Οβ«··Ι* Up
\o .!i.»»ht > ■ « ha*·· « ' ■ η h. ,ir.|
imr"*«lW*' " '* iif' ' "
«elf from th»· Krtmtfd ·>> ι»»ιϊ! n%
• he «rap of ht* on « ll> -
> ar* tm ':·
»tt<- > *i t lefli if «4 *·» 11 ft *η&φ » ·■■*■■ t *
9&Φ&&Λ 4 4 ·Γ- ·' t *"*
Whiir 'ht* to |s*rf· t'y ire** la »> »
-·*·« 4 a <tr(l(M (mi thrt· la a r>
way to do It which you may
easily |irov< lo the astonishment c?
your friend».
Throw a ro|*· over the limb of a
tree and in one enil of the rope ir.ake
λ strong loop large enough to kolit
jour t<v»t Now you are to pull your
self up as the boy In the picture is
iloiii. You stand on the (ground with
your left find in the hwip of the rope
an I pull your bent on the other end of
the roi»\ b'jt. though you feel a good
deal of s'rain on your foot In the loop
>ou dr not stir Now you are doing
i'varth »ha' is done by the man who
trie- to lift himself over the fence by
pulling on his bootstraps.
H> thin time you are convinced that
then is a trick to it. Indeed, thor"
«——» y* m WW·· ■ fw 1
Lifting One'# Self.
id l>ul mi ulniplo a one. 1'iai you will
have n<i trouble in performing it fî« ar
your weight on the rope in your h and η
ami lif: your less, κηΐηκίηκ them ui>
««·,! from >i>ur h ; Tin result will
be that your feet «ill K" up About
three ffcet fr-iin the ground. while the
rope lu >our hand* will Hnk till our
teed is about on a level with vuur
Nun climb up the rope ' hand over
hand. ' till your head I* above your
feet and lift your feet an before, pull
ing un ih· I'ipe at the same time
You ijo rot « asiily pull yourself up
thin v. ay hut it look χ no to the spec
tator». You climb up the rope hau l
over hand. Mid could do It Ju*t as well
without having your foot In the nop
!i all providing the rope fastened
to the linili
The Laughing Game.
Th« luiKhlnK cant in n· of t-o
jollu - It require* rn· préparai >n
whatever. Inn maV In· pla/« by a
roomful of boys and κ'γΙ* the moment
It ·- nuitée»!el At»v number of ; n
re ma? tak· part In tt Τ! · ν fl--r
«••!eei a leader, who should be a
briKht. alert quid wit ted l<ov. call
able of (uy ervluj hln self p<< ·■ -ion
while fun and taught- r are going on
all around hlrn
Tin iileii r -. at tl.i ί · m · in t sir '
« Ι»- ai i the leader taken hl> place In
the center He holds In hi hand a
white handkerchief, which he ba->
knotted h a* to make it partly «olid
When verytblriK :s reilv the le.oli
to-»es the bandk· reblef up in the air
• I tin h ever; player must I·
laughing Hut the; must all top '
laughing t»> the time the ban It·· n 1 κ
rea< > ι* the floor, and If any on· do*
n«t op a I'd th>* leader <a:> · I i,
< ti in. ι. ιοί >r mlllBK 1 1 ' I
a foi feit or a An· Or Instead of mal
he may be required u> drop out of th
l ift . If pla*»~d in 11 u a \ ι
era drop out one after anotl er m
■ mi* ι «le la left and that * e*
Τ t> r Ρ ι ί j β
ANOOV» S Ά Ρ ■ '·· Τ Α Ν Ο Η <· Ν Β I · t ' -
M*»». «-»»* «MNMU »*r*
| *<·«»»* t··*!»1 (ImM a tfcaie «
·» ·«(*<«( «· H* a>afc«at î!*fc TV
.; ***** U«*t» m · »urt» »f» '«it··»
l«lW>4r<l ta liter 4**''· I'M m Ma W
rtf* ·«>)
tlrr· *»· a m*«m «# —xiiwm «a»
rteii» ta» »«|» *<[»%. * IW«W
KBOK*»· t' »v*me»
#hm# itow* yr»*»»fcy». t, «■<
' »**■ «m» 4 <»· *r»« tec «m* La f»*«n
*·■♦♦·«« «MM <·· tW
Itkfrn *.» liar** tan»* «·»♦·«» «M ·«
■M »«aa» »w nam»nl> aa« M ,
•ara ·» '·» fweôy ?p'»■«♦»«» ■ »m»g
'ka —» r- ua*ii> n">w
KXBSfûNt »■ ««««t tmmnim* Hwk
a# Hkr ·*#»*«
tftNMK* apart
ftr.*r«· arractae 'ft*
M ''' ι · ι '» ti
(14 t»ito »« <*»'> fe» : t<> ft tel If
*«*»* se ·»*ίι pp*Mbi*i MNt ι»μ»Ι
merit· u·» $ ·%μμι *«î' - « ·« «
MB·**#·» î
1tr»> (»»» tNfc*fc *|n> MUMt
' »>»> «fe*« ' ·· ·'-< »» lu ** ρ «
Ku;n :«*, ι* ν*»»*. i»« » m
·.»»* 'pM* ihf« 4» « » 11*4 j»
-a tk* parfan ·♦ «tam i· '·*■«*%
iMκ·wm>» >·» NstoMt » «·
ίΜ. » ·«#♦· Mo»**. t tkrm
Vi*·* *»** ray»») m»·· '«· '*m*i i»
• « « t%| M Iwêw îmM «Μ|*;*ϋ»· «*
*w» '· fMB «n*·** kMt» ««Mû*«»«?
, '»«-· wi «f
****··*. t|| É—jftll·^"ff
S»»·. !►·■ SMMt* pw*ΫK* r m
Bb»i«i'î· W«»r% β*ί *·. »'»
*»? ! «Ml tw»·*·* «pu* «tM ' '·««
&f*tm ·*· *»·-« *
The successful politician was read
ing a book on etiquette.
"Polishing up a bit, are you?" asked
one of the faithful
"Yes," replied the «rent man "When
I get through this I think I'll be a
smoother proposition than ever.'
A Good Thing.
She—"Do you think there Is any
thing in palmie'ry?
He—"Yes. for some people
She-- "Who. for instance'*
He -"For the fellow that nets the
monev for looking at sonn'txxly ■ else
hand ' "
Too Much Work to Do.
YUIhk»· |MM>tni«ster Wt· ought to
havo «notbrr olork h«»r*>
I υ s ι".»·. lot M.i < than lu· «ut >î. ·
eh 7
V"l 11<* ϋ«· jMm» mast or Vos «h>
somi'ilini's sli«' ti.m : κ«Ί through γ»·βι1
lrm all the |wt?tonrt!s hofore 1" ο c'tH-k
at night Tli Mi's
Nfvrr Touched Him.
"If \iiii < jiou >our nu iitli Iiis>.-<1 ;
ι he I mi τ it I λ » >ιΐιι ηγ«· it doail man
Huh' ivjotm-il tin· o* oandlriato a*
ho lilinkoil .«t tin· dark lautorn I \o
boon a (load on»· ever alnce the elee
it.>n "
Mr \h t \|i!;ina hull h!c 1 hop·· iMhtiai: fuclui > mi ι!ι Hf*h
Μr« Booze Y"iii t'xcust· Is pretty kikhI. luit l) ι ι t uw χ ·<ηΙ »· fallu ι
uvd to mal··
Extent of Her Acquaintance
A friend who wa calling mi Ml**
Carolyn Well , at her limit> in New
Jersey happened to mention sunn· ρ»·<
pl« who Isvi*«l further down the -am··
^ 11 ef»t.
"Are \mi acquainted with the fum
llyT~* axlit'd the visitor
"Y-yen MHttci'wl Ml*- \V'IIh. with
a tone h of hesitancy in her voice;
"that is, I apeak to the dog every
morning when 1 wo by Saturday
Evening l*o t
His Social Invitation.
I wixh you pleawe auh, write me
a invitation lei my «île fr't nds, ι Hi
the prisoner under M ntence
"All right replh-d the uilor, what
rο you want nie to ι-,η '
"l>es na> 'You la r> - peetfnlly Invit
ed ter attend a aortal hangui Krida>
ttiorniu', 12 o'clock a harp, di-r man ter
he bung Im In' me Come one, come
all—<|e gri-ai «·»! t·· «mall. >·η witac in
time IV hangm' la free ter all my
Knew Hi» Game
Γοπι I -aw S1 i « k I » - > tin- ither day
and he «at liMiklng e\i «edlngly pro.
Dick If you ate htm again toll htrn
1 m out of town
Tom What f<>; "
Dick Ile une·· i n! fid. <1 to me that
I hi· only 11 me t· ι · , ■ ι |in U n :.-il Ιο l«·
a n · 11 'r« r w a - when In· w u
htok* and «Hit tuirmwItiK money,—
Detroit Fre·· l'ri -s
Not the Hejl Article
('butt; Hum* of u« frllat »> re <114
rusMlRK the itraniM lawnt I *hl ϋκ! I
r«i» an iit»a in m. h «ad
("holly Γ**ι«1(Μ·Ι}! Fait. I » »'»ah
jou' All my own Idea tut
Ml** 1'·*(>τ«·«·} Oh' that rtifl' »it
> <>i i nii'l it »«*» ' t· all\ ■ τ; ..
Oomg Hit Stij'i
Kk'l 4bf>t »»·<·η ·Ι|ι·ι ΙΊι* ν rtrm't
) I*» bcHF ft hftryftlfl it*». Molk· en
mat rfc down Ι>·τ>Ήΐι»κ ie tta»· Mu·
Mni'tvftn tρηχΐηπηκ «tat· Mar rh
>t «η l« tt? It· «t fa I» <»| ι ι m h
Initf tn t,»«- mi» T·.·»» T"
0. *·· Η» Thouy ι e· M»t
Mwhrt Tmrnttt hat' juin ··»«»η .*()
ι<mf »»rvta «.itfc.u <i'ii (tush la* i
«frai·* ah* <t -mm·»· wfw#· I had P»
ι »»rl f I t* * 11. ,l at, 1 ί
afct tlx· ■»<4· U» ·** j*»«y tvr
•«««III t '-Hfcth»n r ♦» at ► Hi· I
««4 b*IM «4
tk*»< ttlMMl m·
le»·** fr<M» ilk» l%t>' ν »* if
f·»**»!* ft t» rmm t't « Ht**· <« ^*fcf
»'·#!« tM Nate'»» t·».*"·' ~
Mr* V. «Μι. »**► , «IMM *
fa» MI'M «iffe »*«·' *«> )HM ·■· ·
II» H»·!!··-. -J« M a - «ft·»
• m ι·*# T»*a *1** tait## MM
dw ·«■ «»> · t · .*«·.. i** ' *i
«·»*** *j
Bright Woman.
Mr Kloac I m glad I" af*»< '"Hi·* j
\\υιη>'ΐι hivi· begun a cniNade ,i«miii ι
ι in· kilting litrd-i for lint tnnitiiiuK
it's certainly a cruel
Mr Klom l( It mo cruel, dear
an>l 1 Jusi hate Ιο wear πι y last win
1er - hat Ntjium· it tmw a bird un il
Ι aaw a lovtil) hat downtown to-day
tor $10 fiial tui li t even a feaI llei on
It. Let m<· buy it to morrow ''
A Pleanant Change
' VV tu n 1 tirsi wt >oti.' napped
the ivnniati who hail liirg married fur
h< ι* money "you wcupled a low
menial position. and It ·> only duo to
nu1 that your jir> sienl portion
"H a hymen· a) on»· my dear " In
ti irnpti'd hi t husband. μιιΙΗιικ - w · · ί
!> I'alhoil· standard and T(nu*i
Not Fitted for It.
"He »a>* he do· -in t enjoy Kuiirtiritf
oi ft*hi rig
No, how rmild he" You unit haw
to hear him talk to know thai
"He'» the rtnmi mal tir of fart end
unlmaiclnattre i" ι «on In the world
Philadelphia l'r< -.··
Torn Very ulrl. indeed and
In ι ween v ou and tu< I think 11 · Ί
marrv the flr ' man who a*kn her
I)l< I·. You don 1 m· an It "
Torn Y.s and the η-aaon I think
ko Is thai I in ifoini to tie th· fli-it
Captained, I
Krlt> (Jiury !«·' Hut i*u'i it s pit"·
t'irt· «ν yerallf I tnm In th' in'Wafm|M>t4l
mimrrtiKin ihat »u-w patint mMkt·*
tin »«>!u it etirtnl >.·« a* ChroBlO
rhtnun>M*m" Shur»· divil * wan twf
-piottd that y«- aui fhroublod vt|4
ι·<> Kind c>> t h«'iiniytUni
( ι > !. \ Γ rot h I uivi-r It
ι»!··χ>ίI till ( tiX>tv Willi bottle βν ItaO
nr.Ίι< 11 ' « ι it un dollar» I'lii-U
I ιιιϊι'·τΜιπ!ι! that >on vv«-nt
I * I i ι; < i »i -- lu borrow motif) "
ϊ a » ι -■ «-r < '»! ι lu· amiable
iiiipt«uniouM man.
\\ iuu ι!ι· ttoiililf? Iliivi' I
rt'funfd Y <tu anj thlim"'
Then «lu tl 1 < 111 ' ι hid γοιιιλ tn int·?
V\ . Il, ll.. til: til I't ν.ι|Γ|'(< H(l easy
that Ihfrt η no s|»ort In it."
Declared Hi» Intention·
Mi Uu.slu" Ha-. Mr (loltlooltt,
λ ill wli.itn >■ ι· in li denHni? alî
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Wont Part
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t .1 Much Practice.
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< ' ι · < No wondt'r . h»
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wh· If «a* f* m Mi n
I r*wû* %»«·**««. fc«>< 14 ι·» #+m
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