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Psi; '
For the next few day£—ending the night
.of the 23rd we will sell you for MONEY
Our famous Rid Croea floor. îiOtb sack $1.55
Sifted «now flour. 50lb nark $1.50
Our Leader flour, 50tb sack $1.40
Fre*h meal "large" per sack 45c
Freah meal "small" per sack 25c
lx>tiisiana molascs in barrella we sold for 60c, now 45c
Ribbon cane molases in barrelle we sold for 60c, now 45c
Ribbon cane P. £ F., 1 gallon cane 50c
Ribbon cane P. & F. 1-2 gallon cans 27 l-2c
Cero De Batterie syrup, one gallon 5<>c
Concho drip ayrup, one gallon 85c
Tennessee sorghum, one gallon ,« 85c
Pure country sorghum. made at Rice, Texas, per gillon. 4<>c
Banner oats, 25c packages, now -20c
Scotch oats, 3 packages for. . 25c
Friend oata. 4 packages for 25c
Cream of wheat, 'i packages . . . 25c
Wbeatine, :i packag· β ... 35c
Dr. Price s food, 3 packages .85c
Kgg-o-See, 'Λ package» 25c
Best head rlc·». 4 pound* . · .25c
Best Japanese rue, .'ifilb for . . . . $MXi
I can California chorri··» "Best Table" per can 15c
1 can California Plum ' Best Table," per can . 15c
1 can California pears, "Best Table," per can 15c
I can California Apricot.-, "Bf*st Table," per can .15»
I can California peaches, "Best Table," per can 15c
1 can Η<·ι1 pitted ehecrle» preserved îi«K·
1 regular tl size I) & G brandied cherries, imported. . 05c
1 regular SSc ulase it & Β Apple Juke Vinegar, per bottle iV
1 45c sue Vanillt Ι,'-mon. Pineapple Extract 20c
I 15c si/»· Vanilla, hemon. Banana, Pineapple Extract. io<*
1 pint stuff·*·!) o!lvc« were 50c, now :15e
1 1-2 pint» stuffed olives, «-ere 2T»c, now . 15c
i Dec Toba- · ο !ΐ· 1 Pepper Saui ·-, was 25c, no* -th
Ring Pepp»«r t"an< >· 1 Oe or two for . . 15<
Our ben-t lal.;.·· Μ ·4Γ(Ι ■;»·- or two for 35<
Eddies pure Maple Syrup 1-2 gallon. 08c
Κ Idle I ·. · V! · »5». 1 i' :$.*><·
Edtl · s ρ-ι.'Ρ Map'»· Syrup 1 ρ 20c
Our ftn«· T« c ···« b <k or mix· -I. per pound . 4«c
Evan's Ro»<»l Hl< : <i T< i. alwa* ' '·<·. now . . 58c
Regular coffee, tbi- *ale 25<·
Regular ;;>■( «■ ff····. this n-ah 20c
Regular 2£>c coff·*· , this sale . .... 2«c
Any ρ\· κ.» ■ ■ ■ η·· η the · · ucuw .·Ι.(Η·
Finest tolie? soap» l«-r box ... 15c
7 bar* Clar ··!"» «·;·.(« 25<
7 bare Silts 2.V
7 bar» Rub-No-Mon >ap 85c
β bar» Oc agon *oar> —V
7 bar* Β It *>»[». very .·»:t,i s, . 3S5c
7 ban Ma- ·>♦»«· · u>. very lar. <· and long bar» 25e
4 boxes war· 1' !'.·>. at t;!··* · 2«H
Jib bo* at a · ι H Ko; al ί»!ο> - , 5c
No. 2 .ant glob*«. * re 10c no» 8e
So 1 lamp g loi»· - «· « "κ, now Λ for I «>t
!» gallon» krout - - . · · 75c
5 galions k^g pt« k!··« 8t.75
S gallon» ke* ρ -kl··* $1.10
5 gallons Κ «pion oil ■ 75c
5 gallon» ga* oil, t "· gai'οι· <»π!.τ ι
lOftt bucket jelli .«r,· flavor .35c
SJb becket Je ■ . »t»' flavor, 2<κ Ζ for »5c
And »t last an î foi )«· «m »·· will g »e you I s fb *ui· <r for lt.M
We are n< t ζ >irvj to quit business or leive town, hut
instead we have rented in >ther iar^'e store room, next
door to our present store, which will give u·» more
room. We h.ivt done ! \ ?rv lar^e business this year,
and with vour ! w ire >un;in^ on the ve:ir 1*^)5
for a "bump r. ' Yours vt-ry trulv,
Ht mm t v*· 11f ht'tvi Stuffs, is we run a
General Ft ed S:< re in conruvtion with cur Grocery.
- r ~ k
Ac «an «f <h* «rMriMl Se* T®i* β >·' 't** ΙλίΙ
*mt Mint- »Ji to »*~t kr Ht·» tl»K« linaili' m 4k -*«·»«.»* «·*'*
bow» αβ Τ · τίττι r ι ίι ) OHMnlwr S», *to* *· «411 b» mm la » wlnl **
«kl» Mtti <WM<< »few* M m **> tor «îmim·
udn <tmiu · <«t Wm>4 «< >|Mikl «*»·»* » Ht·» Ornilr *·<> ""**·< *·
kf( vwm mîK* t«r, *® tor ii<m by tfc» l**Ua«· Ow ("««HW
Fnrnifthrd by Pit H. Wilson Λ Co
of the Waxahachle Cotton
.Vew Vork Cotton: Opn'd Clos'rl
Dec 7.50 7.50
Jan 7.54 7.5C
March 7.7 4 7.74
May 7.85 7.8C
■New Orleans Cotton:
Dec 7.49 7.47
.Jan 7.49 7.49
March 7.C3 7.C5
May 7.77 7.78
Waxahachie Market:
Middling Cotton 7
Chicago Wheat :
Dec 1.07 % 1.09%
May 1.10V4 1.11 Vi
Chicago Corn:
Dec 45% 45%
May 45 45%
Chicago Oat*:
Dec 29'/, 29 %
May 31% 31%
An Important Engagement.
The announcement of the appear
ance of the Lyman H. Howe Moving
Picture Company, at Shelton's opera
house tomorrow night, is an import
ant one. The company comes with
a splendid reputation for superior
excellence that is not only national,
but rapidly becoming international
It in a program «nique for mystery,
variety, interest and amusement. The
spirit of the time is conveyed in
every picture displayed. The world
is merrier from participating In an
evening's entertainment so crowded
with geniality and curiosity. It
thaw? the flinty, melts the misan
thropic. enraptures the children
l.yman H. Howe has made his e\hi
bitioD the exponent of all that is
masterful and brilliant His pride
centre* in pleasing his patron*. The}
are the vital elements that have eus
tained him It Is worth your while
to realize the Importance of making
an early selection of swat*
Main ΜητΙ t liriMi.ui Church.
The officers ot lb»· Main Street
Christian church, at th«ir meeting
Tuesday night, appointed one of
their members to be. r a ηι«· ;age
from themselvea to the congregation.
This duty w ie entrusted to one of
the elder*. W. I·. Harding. The
time for the next Sunday morning
sermon will be divid> l between Mm
and the minister Mr .V !'!t< on
sa> * his sermon will be limited to
fifteen minutes. The church offic
er·, hope th ι '■ ver> nx rut »* : Π
make a special effort to be present
The ehur< h η· adopting the n-.o<to
Kvery One \ Worker. No Oî.e ν
;hirl·.» r, and they hope that the
m ν ' ear w ill prove to be the ι
one in their historv In the nay of
Christian service
Il ily \r#< Item»
From the News Hftrald
Mar.ncer Couch of th<· ltaiv Cotton
Ο,' C >upan\ *avs that mill will
run Mil altoijt the 20th of Jantnry
Hf hi* n>« eived ov»>r r.oo.t ton* of
-<••1 th;·· fall
I \ Curry of Miles station .«pent
a nlRhi with hi» brother in-law, Silas
I'h'llili laat week. He said that .1
C |ln:i,:!a-i had Hold hi* land -τ u
profit of $2100 and that J V I.oyd
wii Hulldin* « fine hou»*» in Mil*·
The Independent Telephone Com
patiy ha* *trtmK lt« *irw through
town ind I» ηιΟΜηκ on «otill· \n of
fii ·· ha* been opened at Cab er'
(Irtiit - ore for Ion* diktat .· !«u nen
itnd til nay nervier i* fin·
I leal li >.( Mr*
Mm Ac?» U. Mdirew wife of Mr
II Κ Μ (Ι ·■* d;> 1 ! ι 1 ι . ' ut
th· f»mi'> r««idewt·, cerne of Madl
ion end flat sfree·- The fnner»!
*ri t*vn will be held ;*t the ie«al«aw
Ihl't afternoon at .1 o r loi K, the Inter
Wrl taMns place M the Cltv (Vine
ter ν At I
Tt«"k«-< < will -Ό4Μ) bt on «1*1# to 'h«
oM Miii·', bttt i>n aciminl of the
rrr-Rt hi* alnmp in the t>rt>e of oof
•on tfe« Mr«J tAllrond offti1 * tto no'
e*|-< t I a *>f I intinee» (hi# "*'w%W?'t)
Ihtvii Farmr .«ad G < · Pieriwvi
an elft " over tfee fir··· '■*>. »n'
M H ^îïîiui Μ ι·
• il WM Mil fr*. ahv h ii i»«*'t".ai
fttr «id FarHa. ν#■*(*
itai In !&* ι ;tj aa a a«*e»t »f fcta aiei·
M»« \V Β Vlttr. Mi lPat»o* li
r|i(M tti n· uali Qurtiui 44r,c41
Y'*tr+i fmMtriMi la the s^.wth
ι TIih pa ptf Hi **11 νΙΜι^Ι λ a J jam* at*
jt»lis^t 4 fill i, ,-tt |»> » '
ι iî<a|i ll»ikt ·. > lUlt*
Tta t«tiftit a TVia» au4 l^enhtaaa,
, *t t un·*» 11 : mutt, K*a
jtft« < |ii(|ia« a*4 Qk at···»»* rrt·
|lr;<M M>1 'fe·» Hn= tlir <%»~r tB)
!tV«a* k Ptatffet »t, ><tit of * ; :te
R I* T4f %« ' <«**>· «ai !*%«*« mifrf
| Aca' Dtllta TV·a·»
T» He ftar«<4.
Atl ik* («hi: al the **· <tr> Mitt
Aa «M M r*M at4rr tfcaia If
%*<«et |»iai«< ran arrtw ■··* »» rami
U»e J Τ * Sham, A : 1 I
T*<aM. "Remember tk* At···'
•*1»* » hi mm *v ft J «.-a» é
Rev. I C. Smith Viil Raise fails foi
The Erection «f One.
During the nent three months Rev
J. C. Smith, pastor of the Cum
berland Presbyterian church in this
city, will devote his entire time tn
a most worthy cause and one which
should receive the hearty commen
dation of every one who has the
best interests of Trinity University
at heart. The work which Mr. Smith
is about to undertake is that of rais
ing funds for the purpose o"f erect
ing a dormitory for the boys on th«
university campus before the begin
ning of another school term That
a dormitory for the boys is an ab
solute necessity no one can deny
The future success of the univer
sity depends largely upon the early
completion of a hall where boy.»
can secure board at a minimum cost
and where they will be more con
veniently located to the school.
At the last meeting of the board
of trustees this matter was discuss
ed at some length, the final result
being that Rev. Smith was selected
by the board to undertake the work
of raisinK the money required for the
erection and equipment of a board
ing hall for boys. The board has
asked for the sum of $20.000 and
Mr. Smith has been given three
months in which to travel over the
state in an effort to raise that
amount. Mr. Smith fully appreci
ates the need of a dormitory and
he will not be lax in performing the
duties imposed on him by the board.
He will enter the field Monday go
ing first to Cleburne where he will
spend the greater part of next week
Re will return to Waxahachie
to spend th·· holiday with his fam
ily and congregation, and then h<>
will take the field again to visit
every section of the state where ther
Is a Cumberland Presbyterian con
While Mr. Smith in engaged in
thi most commendable work his pu!
pi' will be supplied by the faculty
and young preachers of Trinity Uni
versity. As he has always been one
of Trinity's most ardent supporters,
his cone relation very kindly releas
ing him from all pastoral duties for
the three months that he may give
his entire at tent an to the work as
signed him.
\< (fi·· Opera Hons··.
* h> com ι .ϋ! » which is to present
"Wh? Women Sin" at the opera
hciM! tonight arrived in the city hi
The New Origins Picayune says of
(he pin··
"Wh> Worn η Sin is the pluy that
ι h on at the Oreen*all for this week
tnd which « ι he his hit for lu;'
reason. This ir. .i drama that is well
fixed foi chttracttis to be seen in
he ordinary whirl and bustle of 1 if*·
Action h is I η put in it to produce
the heart thrill . th«· s.itis tear an 1
envoke the human passion»- The
icenea through the five art* are rich
in appoint men ■tad elaborately
«titled The fi-st act shows "h·· in
ferior of the Millionaire'· flub on
lades nil ht "Πι· ■•" find act disrlon
! ι '·. 'lit ,.· \| 1 , I, 11 ' ·· - (
ind a dr iwln« room in IVrnbertnn's
mansion. The tltird act di-' loses the
(.ife overlook I η κ he Hudson, am! ta
a very prett> piece of at age art The
nest art shows th·» gambling saloon
and the final one the outalde of
Trinity cfcurefc
In I|h· IliiordrrV Court
A reference to the docket tn the
lit recorder'· court chow* that dur
ηκ the month of November .11 « iw«
wert» filed at· aramat 12 for the »anie
month In l»'»i Hnd t for the -am··
mon ii in IS·· 3 Of th·· toi ■! rid
b*r ftte>| lait month 32 conviction*
were «■< ur»*«t One en · h «till ι*·ιι·!
n«t and a \ertlt· ι of actiuit'al V.ta
•efiderett bf the cotsrt In a esa* of
di» irbitti: it. r·* ·· ■ Of th·· · »mv -
ι ton* I 1 wrrv for drunk en nee*. «wi<
'Wturblaa the |M<mr. ιΐιηκ for affra
t<«ro «*»i« mi>»i l)u>iik«i<ol
r^patoa wac * t·t ι r taeml \v. do * ι
itafci * ft·! Λ bo 11 ll'iil wo"ι il of coraA·
• \i*ti K#'f»in · w»» *ff*« te.» I»
; irfr^k r.g a tar** itait gi*«* <k»« m
It* froat ..f ih* but Mi»*
IHUrn «·i IhmI·
lA'ill ftn»i imi r saoalK - * *tt\ ν1 a
l<pv#ry llw κι.<1 of ct^at · arwa y. Yea
■ -an a# <■» ι*Η t *» kr (Mart·* "
{ναβ ι··*»· «νμΉ Oh»r itfkw a?«
>tmm-H<e prt rwat Uwaer tku an·»*
r%rfoct 1%* Nam * >m il<u·
« itl.r» Ifanxrnat.
TMfM and liiantet fait '*ull*t
j .ia(arte)
Τ%«γμΙ*> mi ΐι. ·κ ι*
c o i-oMimatitx. oaeerr«*
F"·· new *«rtli Cil rte :am* rm
cm h Ν y «11 MM'* ktark and eolore«l
«auts at rMarMl art»*·» al Darlua ■
CM m tfea Me *»W
> a Shelton Opera House a
Dec. 16, r
M. W. Tayler Amusement Co 's b χ Scenic Production'of the .Stirring· So
; ciety Melodrama "Why Women Sin." A semen in Drama. Hu.-hands, wives
:·ηΊ sweetheart, see it. PRR ES:A2."c, 5</c, T.'c and il.00.
m:·9.·»»γλϊ«ι. 1
Saturday Mattinee and Night, Dec. 17.
Lyman Η Howe
Will present
America's Greatest
Exhibition of *
Moving Pictures
See—The Great Life Boat Series
See—The Russo-Japanese War Scenes.
See--The St. Louis Exposition.
See—The Thrilling Fire Scenes.
See—The Trip Through Italy.
And 3o other great scenes. ,
Night Prices: 25c.. 35c and 50c.
Mattinee Prices : 25c; Children 15c
y'-atn ri'.'W on Salt· at ΙΙ<· μ) & Martn-.
Ill—II w I I—I· ι ι II ipt q ■ ■ «·9Γ«ΐΜ··Κ)ΐ* wuc" . -:.τ· se
Sewing Machine Bargains
A $t»".00 Hi„'h \rnt Singer -· wim? Mu> him· t\>r . (it 00
A $40 oo 1 >r«■ ι H»' . 1 Machi; any >wii I you want, ft r $!.. 00
Mrrvoet .is k'-κκΙ in η«·Α·. <·» I · η u »·«! a In r· whth
J. R. KING (3 SON, \
Mew ana Second- Η and Store. C Street ;
I joe of sjunpi·» η ttw city
fttr τη*;ΐ' and ι t ;» ·· ·
mwie Vlrti'i •ur.»
Second littnii v,torr
tt· v« .r ■ " h · . '1
• »f *· f t* ?» if »u « ► . *h»:<i
ka*t FianKlin
H*m m( Umfen) * t >r\ ιί»««Ι· Huvt
Ch«ic Lm!e K*rm
«ι Mil* i-MM < Η· ·κ «- ItllU' Uni
ihw in M*t*luih)r I'· i»«n«i.m« j
in·· Hill i.ilti· trawl·- >«
. »·.»ΙΙ '*■««.. mt I. « ·. I t «h
!·»«·« tl»
' «Hrep IU" » «»■·» H. » Τ « It II
<5erw·*· t>» »*.'# !>·» 3*. ti «r.rl
meretas et !taw 2* tUi' tl !«
limtt Dre SI
Ρ·Μ*Ι*α- «»■ wi· Our IS u4 j
IS (Ut· »· Uibh Dm |S
Dur»? ('Λ- O· Ml* iU. 7, « ,
Ui ». lut» UT ·« IMH Jau II
Vantail--O· mi· Dw. :» uU 27
1Ut· 93 «· Uatit D*r f
tf }-<>u dftii C car*· ii itrtnfc
Dalian *t Brewery
r« \ h
BANANAS t»5< and $100
AIm fml lift* <A «I «h*» (twit*.
Sow w l'«r jtw Hi Itml*.
In w i*·* omcui
Waxahachie Fruit Co
will kiU and dreN> y ur hojr*
and deliver them. Price one
dollar per head.
Phone 179 aewphoa·

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