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[Hon ευ
To St. Louis
To Memphis
I. 4 G.N.
I. ^ G. N.
Old Mexico
"The Texas Road" I
ρ j fH'vr,
ί»ύ V I». 4 6 M. <· PAT*. ■
To F*«nU m 'h»·
Ai*<> to th»· Nurtt
. Louis, Kansas
ity and Chicago
At rate of
fci <»> f" th«- !w<.>an<ii Trip,
for Return m day*. Tirk
an ulr
Th»^-,,:h ι ar# to Mim
jthtf Si ami K*rs
ιιλλ ' it y
Far fut'hrr informal) ·»
wtito t<<
Bu skiing Contractor*.
Job Wnfk
Ctr. Maid and Elm sit.
. Ltmtvrk'cr
cheese. b»tck cheese.
( htt'M*, cteam
clkf-Λ hamburger, her
rtn*4. Dill pt k«< h, *.l.im
ft» r. M*à Othf»f stuff
Trippet ;
- - - - ιι'ΊιιΠιιιι'Ίιιι | t || . *
1 .
aoM was ma*ion«xl to appear in
the Rlks' h All, wV.re several mem
ber» of the herd had assembled. Upon
hie arrival at th· hall Capt. Sammoaa
vu presented -with a long suspicious
looking box. which epon being open
ed wae found to contain a handsome
silk umbrella with a silver mounted
handle. This nice Rift was from
tbose jolly Elks, Ben Leigh and
Oeorge L. Moore, and Its presenta
tion to Capt. gammons was accom
panied by a neat little speech. Capt.
Bammons accepted the gift with a
few appropriate remarks. He u> an
active member of <be local lodpe of
Klka and has held every office with
in the tcifi of the lodgf
Phont; ihe New Grist Mill for your
feed. Both phone» and free de
ivery tf
Ifo'i'V.y Itaf··*.
One fare plus iv/o dolla*··» for tf:*·
round trip c,«-. Tie secure» \ it lia
I "Katy" tg the r·d states; M-lim#
dates, D->cîn b·!- ?0. 21, 22 and 20.
with final limit of thtity da/-» from
dele of ale.
One fare plus ten per sent on the
convention basis, can be secured via
"The Katy" to all points In Texa>
for the holidays: sel line dates. De
cember 2.1, 2 4. 25, 26 and January ■
1. with final limit to January 4.
1 906.
Fur mu-' au·} information we any j
"Kaiy" an'-ftt or writ· W. O. Crash. |
Dallas. Te\as d&wtf !
\ Certain (*r* for iroup.
When ι child »howi pymptonia of
'croon there ts no t'm* to experiment
with new remedies. no matter how
highly they mav be recommended
There Is one preparation that can al
ways be depended upon. It ha* been
In α se for many year· and ha* never
been known to fail, vti: Chamber
lair. « Coussh Remedy Mr M F
Compton of Market. Texas, says of It.
"1 have used Chamberlain's CotiRb
Remedy In severe rases of crotip with
my children and can truthfully nay
tt alway« «Ives· prompt relief." For
sale by Hood 4c Martin. w.
Altrstloa OM Ffllows.
All members of the WaxaUai'hie
lodge No so are earnestly requested
to be on hand tonight Work in lui- j
ttator) decree, ι' ο «»leciii!n of trus- ]
tees. Vit-itins brother* hav· a cor
dial invitation '<
W 3 Bally. Ρ Ο True, Tex.t*.
writi - "Mv wife had bf*»»n »olTer
■ -î»r î; s f yeum » th paratvtl* In her
arm. when I was persuaded to >)»e
« Snow l.tniment. which
«*ur*d her ail -*«tht, I have also used
It for oid «ore··, frostbite·* and skin
eruption·» It does th»· work." 25e,
".<ic. ft 00 Sold by Hood Λ
lltt· · (no
Hilt Ny« ttn· t in)'." ι «ii'T hsd n
cow te ·« Π and .·>«'·"er< «"d her AS foi
"t»w i· „ to my ! ι · ί rlι I will lu ll «?
nsy r«*ji|. rire tn » utisbip U«. range
1H, m*< riling to 'In invtrnn · 'ifs stir
tet < >,r ι rn-p · rrj r .-.v. aged
eijrht ywir» Site * n1 ι- 1 nlitol eoirr
Μκ· λ id r · * »ri ft'·, Γο a
man wh ·· >l"«i n«t fm>r <1«nth in ai·,
for"· «I ·· w· ■ ' I ' ·· tr· h· !«*>'> She
!» r«-ry finch ni'ati·**! tn !i<r pre«cn·
lwin« with a nt tv rtiaiji but »he w ι tir
M»i«J tfl Ml \ ·>! ' U fit* w, r* ·■ t » t'l-v
tier r>fl>f Sin is m «■ t . · >> M urtborn
and ftir*» i|i»nr '-« h»»"tis I «M l u'si
throw tn λ ft'f 11 h'ii -b . in
which # l* - Witt· ti lit Μ ν «he
nsiiallv _···■« in f ·' a « ··« >r iw ι
and ref'irn* with « '» r-*t . η f w(tS
wabbly ί«·Κ» Her ·>βι.ι« ι·. Ι'· Λ I
w 1· ι , I r μ ι . ' .
I fif I If m llJtf lt»r ll«»«
A iru! rul f · it ι f » ■·<<·
• l-.nvi. n ί·< *· ··-« >1 » '»«·
<i(M} that III» < ■ ·*»,·· « >·> '
of · fTMJ***? Î f « y\ (Η * t fl If ■' "« ·
(*KI In III*· or»t Ί to· h« ti « lit! «h r,\»
)tm» Nrsrr II* *1* *<* |> λ! ^ ' ι
it;»4 w |ι*Μ»ιΐ» {t»ii ' I »■ put i λ' .'Λ ih^t
Γγμ(«Ιμ»Η III Ito ' v\ i t- w »«iu : *
fi#*t It («· * * if* Ιι '«** ««► ► « h* f«u I
«ftl* rW t»éjg »» « f hut **> tt+f' '"I
wllit»* » tiTlfil ffc· l'Ut. ï * WWW tMi
KrxvMi <m if ι·» ' ♦ ! }4m»i » t ***·'
w<mi« I η* ti»* « - r * h *»uf f'vr «
fnjr h·**! tittrr f »«« î 'H« hm in
t»h|r »tn · f£g
f«t«« It ft «M Ibr fit·!
ftfatllef t t'Ift I I2H V« t'wit »·* h.
Mil «tajMtttf Nt» » «»#» 41 \
mt#»1 » ·· »' * · » * *£» £ ' ' I » » f « t
f N»u«» ♦ «■f <h» thr I ifîï %φτ*
mfth «frttl -Hwnri h tig «rld fcapf»*» I >
rtM <«· II»* «t > « 111 > nu au*i
h· M»«r» lirrfw f {ri't'twf . r*t *►·.»» h»
«Ml M» («I» If «twMil ΙΜ^Ά
t· jr»e I «I 1*4 «ti» lit*» *r» *·Λ*·ί«»
■artial iwtiilH
Mj «ftaer," «βM ih· 4vi>«t Ma I
'MM «fcat I *t*m>i »ft«r « 4Ktl.»«ifr '*
"Wtwî MrF* h» »if»
"■ft** t «n «t M«m g»t * werrt m
hw ·Μ| Ifci·* « Inriiut !*·»?«#
Wfe·* tlk# '·»♦« « · . ,· .*1 Λ irv **
ill»* »**· itaat · # t*··* »%» <f f
«·■ ■ «4 « rte fc * V · ï »' * t*' »
·)*· <·*·*% Tvt SSrt). îtf ·
! Inw< 1m»' •♦.-ib»· ♦«·· .** ■ *
M»·· Km d'VMMi «V»*r.r« «I
- »»4 tH· 4<~ ··"»
»w*>»4 m* î?y'5i ** S îîwwi fvê*? »
RMm cm*. t?4 ft* »m ·γ«* é» »
Γ*· »<* i»>W *«4 1 mm m#w
*ww m*» ««* mé h» P*ter'·
«Min» » Cww It MM tto* ·»·
uw*4 fct4»* v« ■■■■« «β rly wlU
?%» tr««i *tm
l'irinp» rtMf 4» ffcl» eecNl iMMttll II m
«NM tf tf Wmrm
In order that we may close our 1904 books
with promptness, we beg to request all per
sons or firms holding accounts against Enter
prise Publishing Co., to present the same for
payment not later than January 5th We also
request all persons or firms indebted to us
either on subscription, advertising or job
printing accounts, to make settlement by the
same time. We are always glad to extend
reasonable time on payment of accounts, but
do not feel warranted in doing so beyund the
end of the year.
We appreciate the patronage extended us
during the past year, and beg to thank every
one who has in any way contributed to our
success. We trust every dollar spent with
us has been a profitable investment, return
ing go >d dividends, and that we shall still
h ive the pleasure of serving yaur wants in
our line for 1905. Wishing all a prosperous
and a happy New Year, we are very truly,
A· you walk the way along,
Weave ttn> sunliKbt in the Λοηκ
Even let the darkest night
Have one Mar that dreams! of lighi'
How can you want to marry my
daughter if you have never met her
and know nothing about her?"
"But i know all about you, sir."'
The confederate veterans of Ix>ui«l
ana have decided that the "Battle
Hymn of the Republic" is not a fit
sons for southern children, and will
ask the school board to remove It
from the music primer in use They
would substitute Father Ryan's song
"The Conquered Banner "
A dairymaid has been arrested at
Colonne for bathing herself in the
milk before It was sold, because she
had read that milk baths were good
for the complexion
"1 understand that her mother is
one of the liaughters of the Ameri
can Revolution."
' Yes. but the thins that interests
me is that the girl herself is the
daughter of a millionaire."
At the Y M. C. A. Sunday services
at Syracuse the hvmns will b<> whit
tled after thi.-. instead of sang. This
will be a great boon to the man who
has a soul full of music, hut who un
fortunately never knou- tie words
Just how much nornbip th< re will he
tn Κ onl) experience can t-how
ma » no loved hi « ica'· '>■
Would tw»! one from each maû he
Slit't to,
He died one da
And people sa>
Th« > think that he is ■«motion vi te
He i- a mon- <r of tn>jra;!' id·
Se*, h·» wife h.,i« <i ·ιιιγ·μ· .η a
hoapi'al After he hail not htm j
through a serious lflne-s he married
\η·.Ι :·«» tin· · Mtnr m· arh.'t»· ι >*
Th«» •uf*a>mn,« M/»r> f «· 11 »
Where on·· ν ■ w on r Id*
We r>o» -<«· · <'*r
H. Oh <· me λ t iw
ihf -1 fcOT'l
H# \ Oil ldn I nAl "I «XII '
You - hoeld mu t pr« f«*r not In
rth· Hut tiim «outils · h·· 'ru*
Vtiiu ·ιι (il»in
Ph«? iudMonrtt IHrt «-ι. « ι · .ι
4»·ι Hw> (1«·| ·>ι
ι . .m4<
riimtnri «h*- fmtl lu tint
\ u «Il rwfc' la «·<· »**
bnt · "I**ra«i l* ikr rnl ih.au
Π»* «*a «κ» ml«t»à» vu ι «■ mu
Inn* irxttbl· if »<i < « fi » >»u
*e«l i4Mlt il
%fi«r ik· *«rru» mai» rtwlM le
M *i»m up («φι»! t*r *« .» Dm»
*■4 ι*» 4··β ta »urt
H M w»»i β r y *«mmI fw m tu rl l «
ι«Μ (mh imiMM m t au uIm· fc»
I* kl*f f«(|MNr «f m |»»1ί »«*Jk8
% "·<» *«.« ι >—tr.i *î fc tt » ·ι(ι- 1
·*·».» -«μ ts· **> jt%M
•f» «*r vf*û<irw· *» ■·
?»♦ r» -··*· η «β
•*•44 h υ*· * » *,·*τ- ·4 U ad «ι»* » -'ttow-1
#tm ♦»). «f»·!
W. L. P. Leigh
Kir· Uf». Αη?<Φ η*. Ml
Ten»·#*· la»**·»»»- ii«ii 'if ««»·
«•M I Orth·* ·ρ *·«♦» ·*»»* tt. »
ΐΜπρ e*
Μ. Κ. A. T. North Round.
No. C (Flyer) leaves 7:13 am
N'o. 202 leaves 9:51am
No. 204 leaves 7:25 ρ m
South Hound.
No. 203 leaves 9.28 am
N'o. 201 leaves 6:45pm
No 5 ( Flyer) leaves 9:17pm
H. & T. West Bound.
No. 85 leaves 6: 30 ami
No. 83 leaves 7:10pmj
j No. 78 arrives 4:50 pm — Does not
ι run west of Waxahachie.
No. 98 (Mixed) leaves 8:10 a m ex
cept Sunday.
No. 8 9 arrives 11:15am
K».>t Bound.
No 82 leaves 9:29 a m—Connects at
Ennis for Houston.
No. 84 leaves 3:45 ρ m- Starts from j
No 9 4 (Mixed) leaves 3:20 except
No. SG leaves 9:12pm
No. 88 leaves 9:20 a m—Connects at
Garrett for the North.
Second Hand Store
Will repair your furniture anil stoves. i
do your varnishing and upholstering· in
exchange for your surplus household
goods. . : : : : ;
East Fi anKlin street.
Rear of Durham s Dry Goods Store
FOR SALE—One five room boose
with two acres of land, good well of
water. In Bullard Heights. Will
sell at a bargain. J. T. Sullivan. 32
WANTED—Two or three unfurnish
ed rooms for light housekeeping.
Phone No. 10. 31 ρ
LOST OR STOLEN Froin street car
between square and West Rnd. pack
age containing one derby hat and
one soft hat wrapped in Matthews
Bros, papef. Return to Matfhewi
Bros. and receive reward. 31
FOR SALE—Small residence in
West End. A bargain for some one.
Address "A" care Daily Liirht.. 32p
STOVE WOOD- Delivered to any
par of the city, Î5.50 per f ord. Kull
measure. Waxahachie !<e Work 33
FOR—All kinds of hair work see
Mrs. J. A. Williams at tlu Rest C'ot
I :asc· tf
FOR RENT—Two rooms over Ellis
County Loan A- Trust Co. .lack Wil
liams. tf
Weather Forecast.
Tonight and Saturday unsettled
weather. Probably rain Warmer
Thursday max. 5t>. min. 21.
C I) LONGSERRE. Observer.
IJLf 'I'r? Inc to <«ft Hid of DnadrafV
Wit hoot Herpicide.
Did you ever see any one trying to !
wash themselves without soap or
v. a.ter?
If you did what would you say of
It Is every bit as foolish to try to get !
rid of Dandruff and to preven Bald- |
ness by feeding the germs which cause |
It, with Canthrarides. Vaseline Glycer
in»· and similar substance·! which form
the principal inirredients of most so
called Hair Vigors.
Newbro'e Herpicide I" successful be
cause It attacks and kills th«* parasitic
germ which feeds on the hnlr roots.
It is the original and only genuine
scalp pertniclde manufactured.
Sold by leading drugwist)» fend 10c In
■tamps for sample to The Herpicide Co.
Détruit. Mich
Herring Drug Co.. Special Agents.
I have my new barn ar- II
ranged in such a manner {]
that Ï can now handle jl
boarding horses better jf
than ever before . . . ||
Barn is large, lots of box
and open stalls, every
convenience that facili
tates the careful and sat
factory handling of board
ing stock
If you contemplate
boarding the horse
the next year let
me figure with you
BANANAS 65c aod $1.00
Also full lint· of ail other fruits.
See us for your Holiday fruits.
In basement under Oriental ,
Drug Store. . . ι r ». .
Waxahachie Fruit Co
To Be Hurried.
All the robs at the Ne* Γ,rist Mil!
As soon as you order them If you
haven't placed you order now is your
time. J. T. William» A. Co tt
- 1
Brocks' Second Hand Store
Ha.s added to its stock a full line of all kinds of
heating stoves Be sure to see them before you
buy. Will exchange stoves or will buy your old one
210 tasl Main A A A A Old Phone 260
I ^VWtl'V»WV>AA<'>V»A^W<*Av<Wl^»WWW
And when you think ot Si itionery
think of us. We can supptv al
most every need· : : : :
Wo do it quickly
mci do it best.
Steel De Em be inj», Engraving Special
Rule Jf bs, Circular bijj or little.
Send us your orders, or call phone 148
and we vill coir .
Gntcrprioc Co

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