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Ladies' Fine Tailor-Made
Sails, Shirt Waist Suits, Silk
Coats, Shirts. Waists
1 extend a cordial invitation to
the ladies to call and see the
beautiful new styles of the sea
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101 Marvin Street
The *to*e that h*» rcvolutionUcd cook·
Ir g and tramiormed the drudf ry οί
«itthen «ork into α f*ica**nt pa~!ime.
The "Quick Mrai" S<o*e i» al»av« ready;
It make· no »moke, no imei', no *oot, no
»*he«; ix i* *a:e, tcommiciil and clean.
A ''Quick Meal" Move **ι ! do ail that
a tea! «.toe can dot
Only it dœ· !î *0 much qukker, nicer,
«heaper, cleaner and, oh! »o'nuch eaaicr.
The immense «aïe oi the ,'Q>ii« k Meal"
Stove ι» due to ϋ> Merita—to ao:hi:i^
«Uc. it ia the BtST.
Ais<-> fuli line W" S'· · |Ka^k"
I Howell
♦ Hardware
I Co :
Wilt:* I H* Mot«4AIUI
thr ïlr# Ι«·|#« Ihi ufhU ol
Tornado Insurance
Wiit h* t> *i- Hcii.r 4»· κι* to m»ur«
«Ι»»» >"Uf |i i»rl( ι· ·») utKin lh«
crvwnd V\ h·-β tfc· ι » <'<■*! «i thi· . iui
nj ilttlliui·· » «nlfrul it i»»uf|Ki·!"!
• Rat M|iu#f · *«t|i vit i*>>tr< ti>e fh«·
•••••■it ni h'*h m imi· >» <|> m u» iK>n't
«ni . ·«* r 'l»t « ι ii. | iil»} tr m
K. D- mHXIUbI* * ho rti rrMiili tl>» imt
in * ■ f !«!
ΙΊΐ», TufMiki. V· «Ifr* it ltd Γ'·<· IiUm
IfMurARt ». Caiwi» Ν«tw·;',#! Uwih
V. Trippet
Γ Groceries

fiilfra Smells ι PeiitiM for tie ftot
W!m> tears Boys.
If ever I go to the legislature I
am going to get a bill through to
pension all men who raise to man
hood more than two boys. My
father raised fot^r and he ought to
have had four pensions. I am rais
ing one and I say darn a durn boy.
any way you take him. Hereafter
ΓΠ take girls in mine and risk the
trifling son-in-law in the future.
Just as soon as a boy gets big
enough to walk he will begin to play
tricks on his daddy. His mama will
always side with him and it makes
no difference what the little galoot
does, she will think he is smart. It
doesn't take a boy and his mama
long to form a combination against
the old man "hat will make life inter
esting to him for all time to come.
1 am the oldest of my father's I
children. In less than two years |
after my arrival Bud came to break
the monotony,* and with my help we |
broke it. I know only from hearsay
bow our boyhood went off. but ! dot
remember our sleeping on the trim-1
die tied, and how we used to fight
over old Tom, the cat. I would want
him and Bud would want him. l
would «et him by the head and Bud
would get htm by the tail and we i
would pull until old Tom would give j
us both a jxraiching and skin ou!
to the Mara to sleep in peace.
When we were older we were
transfefred Ό another room across
the hall. We slept in peace as only j
boys can sleep, but when we were j
not asleep things were not so peace- j
fsj 1. Fa used tr> bre;ik the s«>r»»nitv I
of our hilar loti lines* otic in a while
with his peach tree limbs, hut we
continued to grow tn stature as well
hk in meanness. We had lots of fun
with each other, hut the best of all
fame in getting Pa Into «crapes We
generally (tot a whipping for our
pains, hut what cares a bov for a
One day a fellow came to our
honte selling pear trees. He said he
was lust Introducing the fruit, and
&« (heir stock was limited he could
sell but two trees to a family. He
naid the pears would he as large as
sugar bowl», a« yellow as gold, and
a* *weet as migar. He wait a smooth
art tat and Pa took two al la.OO a
piece. He planted them in the gar
den and read 'he riot act in regard
ίο them to Bud and me. B«tt the
pear tree» n^ver gave us any concern
until they bore The fourth year
one of them had two pear» on It
and they were dandies too. Pa read
the law to u* again about those pears
Bud «aid h<> would never touch them
because pear* m rate tied hie throat.
I said 1 would never touch theai be
cause 1 *ai a good little boy and lov
■ d my Pa.
\ nigh' or two after tha· after
Bud had gone to -«J#ep 1 got pear
h>in«r\ I got up 4tid put on Bud β
old plow boots ajiH went to the gar
den tod plarkuB the forbidden fruit.
1 a'e them jrfCftt there. I left the
peellsgn and cores to show that the
pears had not evaporated. in the
mean time I took special car* to
walk around in the plowed ground
im> aa to show that the tracks were
made bj Bud's old run-down boots.
I then went back to bed and slept
till morning But. you may bet your
*ocks I was» up and out to the barn
feeding before Pa got up. Bud al
ways did sleep like a log and be slept
on. Just as the robins began to sing I
Pa arose and moeied out to look a' j
his pears. He Raw their remains,
and Bud m old boot tracks, ft made j
him so mad that he took out hi» |
knite and cut the top out of one of ι
the tret·*, trimmed it up and started
to the house for Bud. 1 could se»·
hint from the harn and could tell
from hlt> maneuvers that, the old
He went into our room, nave Bml j
a rank b\ 'he nape of the neck anil :
says "1*11 *how you how to play j
trick* on tour father you vouuk :
-« amp Th<- pear* taMed #ood did
they* Did η t Kmtck your neck
much I ku··*»? Uut there will be
no doubt «Unit Minif wratchintt
«hrn t aiu throuKh with you. You
will not want any mur» pear* for
ten «ΜΠ I'll cure your taule for
peaI» Then he struck at Hud with
hi* p*tr top, but Hud wan loo <|«n< κ
and dodged H« ran out of the door,
art·»*» tu» hall into Ma x room, and
)urti|«ed into her bed with her l'a
followed Mill waving hia jwat top
and madder than forty hornet·. H it '
M* wouldn't let him touch Hud
No |r «he *a> *. "M>;hc he didn't |
do It. he a·)· b* didn't."
'Of roar*· he «ay* he didn't,"]
■«m fa. lie would -ay anvthinic hut
hi* prayer· and you would believe
him any tim· t>efore you would me.
Hut Hud «wore he Mt*r went j
atu>ut that «atden They all three j
went out and ■** the tra<k« and
lh«s were made by Bud'» hoot a no
doubt of 'hat, 'he boot» Juat fit the
track* Ma had to site it up hut1
«he wouiduΊ !*t Pa whip him «he j
«aid »fce would talk to httn
Neil da« theie tu a batbatue
ad l'a wuti in t let Bad «u Ma «u
frilling to that lot site α: I I*· t>« · ded
pitni*hnirnt *
! w«bi Uil Ρ» β»** ta* «one
monet He int induced me to a · an
dldav* Itw ι un κ re»» and told httn
what a prtxnistB* buy I wan, an
truthful, att
Bud tuea kli m edit I»·* Hit* a lilt·
..aa. t»»t wt he a Pa «nd I in bark
Ue had it all ftcuiwd oat He «*)'»
to n»« You did '.hat an«t I juet»
• ou thihU ton a»· t*i*h'y Miart I '»
Hi 1 « i«a a ah >«» and <1 u * <»n («·
6ft if
1 knew he would «a* »>e» bat |
rwa»ir*d te ta· ta at be •▼«■tag.
Th· a*tt ···» Bod mi dowa
ua Peau heoa . rmafc iwatum hust lag
I ma|i> —I thai tfearw atgki ba aa
m m kii rwtura Hte ai
•aye pa.d aw* éafeta «life cot»p»«a4
feft»r fea left Y twt · Am mm
rame tote our
He rubbed hi;
. but that did no good, then Ma
brought me some of the black berry
wine, that helped but it did not en
tirely relieve rae; finally. Pa gave
me #ome of his apple brandy and
that knocked all the colic out. 1
got to feeling pretty good and called
him "governor.'· he boxed my ear*
and told me to shut up and go to
sleep. I ehut up but didn't go to
sleep. Ma told Pa to stay in bed
with me for fear I might have an-,
other spell. He lay over next to |
the wall and was soon fast asleep.
About ι midnight I heard the gatej
rattle and knew Bud had come back.
1 went out and stood by the corner |
of the house to watch him. He went
to the cistern and got him a drink,
then went around to the kitchen
hark door and got the bucket of slop.
Now, that slop had the usual ingre
dient's of dishwatei. cabbage leaves,
onion blades and about a gallon of j
blackeyed peas.
Bud got this mixture and started
to our room for me. but when he got
to the steps leading into the hall he
sat down and soliloquized thusly:
"Yes, he did fix nte. but I'll fix him
now if I am acquainted with myself.:
I know I'll get a thrashing, but it j
won't be the first one I ever got.
Besides. Pa will get mad and whip us
both and will give him the most be
cause he is the elder.
He laughed a chuckle and went
in w ith the slop. There Pa lay all
silhouetted against the wall, and I
have no doubt dreaming of his two
good little boys.
Bud of course thought he was me.
He upped with his bucket and gave
him a wave from bis head to hisi
heels, then he reversed his position
and gave him a dash from hi* heels
to his head. This time the peas hit
♦ ht wall like so many buckshot. Pa j
jumped tike a shot cat and lit right
onto Bud. He thought Bud was me·
and thai I was drunk on too much
colic medicine. Bud thought Pa was;
me too. and such another fight you
never saw. They fought like kilken-1
nv cats and the tur flew. Bud pulled
some of Pa s pretty auburn whiskers
and Pa made it so hot for Bud that ,
he yelled so loud he brought out j
some of the neighbors.
Ma stopped the row, then cried:
and said we were all disgraced: then*
tried to explain to the bewildered j
neighbors and wound up by saying.
th.it Pa was to b'ame for it all.
Pa said he did m t <are wha' she
and ail th.· neirhlo-s and all the
Win folks iho'ish' cr faid. that he
was boss of the family and would
whip Bud this time or bust.
"Just look at my whiskers, a bed ι
ruined, and a room to be repapered.
O, we are indeed a happy, happy
But my "colic medicine" had over-j
done the thing with me and I laugh- i
(h! too much and too loud and made
a few facetious remarks, which caus
ed Pa and Ma to hold a joint coun-I
ril of war. 1 felt so gi*>d and so,
big that I never denied anything,
but told it ail and more too with
gusto. I told them that I ate the
pears, that I never had any colic,
and asked Ma :f she «ildn t think Pa j
was the softest old, codger this side'
of the polar stajf
They decided that I needed chas- !1
tisement and tha' I was the prime
reuse of Bud's "slopping" Pa.
Pa got him a bpanch from a cedar
tree snd we retired to the wood shed ι
where there was a "sound of revelry
by night." He talked to me about ;
Jails and the gallows and intimated <
ihat I might some day come to a |
bad end. He did not "spare the rod ,
and ruin the boy.'* but gave me a
whipping that I shall remember till j
my dying day and I deserved it
But as a man sows so shall he j
reap. sow the wind and you will .
reap the whirlwind.
Yesterday morning I went to put «
on my shoes when I found a dead
rat ia one ot them that had been put
there b* my flve-year-old son. I
«tarted to spenlf tn* brut, but hia
Riothei said "no," and laughed at
the trick her boy had played on hia
daddy. Then I thought: "woe unto
the man who hath a wife and one or
more eon* for hie path shall be rocky
and the aons and mother shall com
bine against fcim and in the end he
shall need a pension."—Milfin.
Walnut Grove, March 21.—More
rain. more mud. but we are delighted
to say that the past few days have
been such that farmers have begun
to plant corn.
Mrs. Taylor and daughter, Miss
Tennie. went to Midlothian today.
B. P. Cherry left for Fort Worth
this morning to attend the cattle con
Miss Dora Smith, who has been
spending the winter with her sister
at Duncanville. has returned home.
Mr. Frank Summers has gone to
Mineral Wells to spend a few weeks.
Mrs. Cherry and family visited
Mrs. Clayton Stokes last Sunday.
Several of the farmers disposed
of their cotton during the last ad
vance in the market.
Mrs. E. J. King was a pleasant
visitor of Mrs. Jack McDowell this
.Miss Kirk visited Miss Mamit
Kirk last Sunday.
Mr. John Sanders came in from
Oklahoma last week to spend a few
days visiting friends and relatives
in this community.
M ss Maud Haj* visited Miss Tin
nie Taylor last Sunday.
Mrs. Tinrii® Lilwall who has been
visiting friends in Waxahachie, has
returned ta this community.
Mr. Bryant and family visited the
family of Mr. Bud Pollock.
Mr. Joe Cavender spent last Sun- j
day with the family of his uncle!
Noah Fay and Mr. and Mrs. Ed I
Smith visited the family of Mr.
Thomas Curry.
STATE OF OHIO, City of Toledo,,
Lucas County.
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that
he is senior partner of the firm of
F. J. Cheney & Co., doing business in
the city of Toledo», county and state
aforesaid, and that this firm will pav
and every case of catarrh that can
Qot be cured "by the use of Hall's
Catarrh Cure?
Sworn to before me and subscrib
ed in my presence, this 6th day of
December, A. D. IS SC.
(Seal) A. W. GLEASON.
Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken in
ernally, and acts direct on the blood
»nd mucous surfaces of the system.
Send for testimonials free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO , Toledo O.
Sold by all druggists.
Take Hall's Family Pills for con- i
stipailon. 3d
Kpworth League Program.
Program for Sunday, March 20.
Topic: .Missionary. Acts XIII, j
Leader, Mr. Brooks.
Providential Preparation for the
iospel—Mrs. Jett Thomas.
The Preparation of the Message
md Messenger— Miss Lizzie Reymul- j
His Missionary Call.—Miss Lucile !
His Missionary Travels-—Anson Al- 1
His Missionary Spirit—Henry Lee;
Not Ice.
The ladies of the Episcopal church
»ill have a SaUi/day market at Mrs.
F. P. Cleveland's. 3<is Elm street,'
vhere salads cakes and pies will be j
>u sale, and will take orders for same ;
it any tima.
IT L«sii.uS YOU Ui
Uver Prepa
,h° Ta.te.
M""c Ine.
Best Second-Hand Goods—Lowest Prices X
BrooKs' Second 1 Store %
Will Daj-Jbest cash price for Second-Hand jroods, or will ·
exchange new j<oi»de for old ones. Will do your uphol
stering, and repair work risçht. \
Old Phone \ F> RDA/WC 212
260 ι\· L·· DlVUvfliCj East Main Street
SHELTON OPERA HOUSE 0"5„N,','h' Saturday, MARCh 25 \

♦ The She* Amuitmnt Co presents 40 people in gorgeous Musics! Farce Production
|,C H.rt~rt K*rr .nUrif "TW Doctor . ' Hr SPARKLING SO!*·. HITS-TW W,th -J*· b
1W UttW Bi~* of Mm·. tatoO· SfcwU Te^Wr/* EWn.t. ·»* wArïï «5ϊ?ΪΓ2ί "Û?- 4
η rt '·—* m - F ay of <Jm àw η. *r*U «b S·*» »t H«wd A Mwun ». PHÎ< La-&t te 11 >» * urtetr
HjuW* at Pua»
Ml » ·'< "

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