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I me Mutual Life Insurance Co
ι χ Of New Yopfe
Richard A. McCurdy, President.
Waxahachie, Texas, June 27, 1905.
Mr. Geo H. Aldarman, Agent,
The Mutual Life Insurance Co., or New York.
Waxahachie, Texas.
Dear Sir:
I wish to extend to you and the great Insurance Company you rep
resent, my sincere thanks for your kind and courteous treatment and
very prompt payment of claim under policy No. 510288 for flOOO held by
my eon, Wm. Shepard, in your company. I received today the Mutual
Life insurance Co's. check for $1260. settlement in full for the above
I unhesitatingly recommend the Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New
York, to any one who contemplates taking life insurance.
Yours very respectfully,
ΑΑΛΛΛ + ΛΛΛΛ+ + + +
Hps! Relate Ix»ans. Nentsi·
and Fire ei*sl A eel dent ln
Waxahacbif. : : Texas
General Contrai tor. Plan··
furnished for any «-lass of
Buildings. Office Citizen*
Hank Bldg. Oid phone 387.
Waxahacbte. : : Te*a*
Wai«ha> hie, : : Texas
s The Empire Bakery.
^jitsharhle. : : Tusi
Carriage Repair Shop.
Rubber Tire Work a Specialty
A'axahachle. : : Tesa*
Contractor ami Builder,
abln«*t and job work a
specialty. ::::::
New Phone 200
\taiahacbte ...... Texas
Insurance. Fire, Accident.
Health and Tornado Insur
ance Λ Kent* for ih·
Ameriran Surety Company.
Bond* Office
over (too· Jewelry Co.
Waiabaihie ...... Tmm
Texas Titile Λ Trust Company,
R O. Phillip·. Pre* ; K. P.
Hawkins, Sec. Abstracts,
Loans and Real K*tate
W axa bat hie. : Texas
Notary Public.
Waxahaehle, : : Texa»
Fire, Life and Accident In
Waxahachie, : : : Texa»
M. M. McCAUL & CO.,
plenty of Green and Dry
Wood. Phone us.
! Waxahachie, : : : Texa»
Attorneys at I-aw Offices
over Matthews Bros, and at
City Hall.
Waxahachie ...... Texa*
jie, : : : Texa»
General insurance AgKnt*.
Waxahachie, : : : Texa,
Notary Public.
Waxahachte, : : : Tex&>
Ν side nqiiare. over Hon* Jewelry Co
Waaaharhie. : : Texa»
Floe Printing We do it
Quickly and do it Best.
Waxahachie, Texa*
Λ. GARDNER F'onat.
Cat flower* and funeral de
Waxahachie. Texas
H you are going tn taKe a l»-ip
it would br a GOOD IDE, A
for you to see a represen
tative of the
H.6T. C. R.R.
before you decide on the route
mi.n »f h *rur*i >n Τί'·*»-ι· ·ι» »·!«·
daily *» low rUri
2 Through Train* Daily 2


Mi )}·!"*.:** * V *· f i· » »· 2
Mu- Bmv* 1. h & T. te M Imin ·'
Pu Ititbtt idfonMliuD m· ticket m*bi <<r idimi
M. L. ROB Β INS. 0. Ρ A. Houston. Texas Jj
* * · · M · · ·*·-£ ·
MtH Mil·· <14
W Ai u
behrrst·· ni ftravrr >m k IIP te H»wi>t<>n
H i ï. t. t· rt WDftt t. W i U. I. Ikt Driver
Im< 4*4 ι ·4*r«4e & Settlrra t· tVenvrr
If Melons, Melons!
From 10c to 25c. You can get
an tee cold melon for 25c. . . .
im Kelleher
... ...-.■■■ ■: :■ , ■ —- ·τ=
Tbe profeaeor pmbrd aside bis τοΙ
omr of Chaucer tu make room for bit
s If η dcr yon ng daughter on tbe arm
of bia chair
"Where tonight, EateHer
"To the ball with Mr. Denton and
Mrs. Mills," she answered blithely.
"With Mr. Denton? Isn't Teddy
Variel goingr
"I suppose so—yea."
"They say this Mr. Denton ta a very
wealthy man," he said.
"Oh, It'a true. He has riches beyond
one'· dreams."
The note of personal triumph In her
Tolce was harsh to her father's listen
lng ear. He regarded her thoughtfully.
"81t here on the hassock, dear. I can
see you better," His voice became a I
most a whisper. "This is the anni
"Not of your marriage, father?"
"No. My marriage was a subsequent
date. You do not know—I have never
told you- that your mother was mar
lied before she became my wte- mar
rled and widowed."
"Why. no, father, dear," said the girl,
with quick, sympathetic interest
"On this night years ago. Estelle,
your mother first went out of my life
I She was placed very much like you In
a comfortable home In a college town.
! where her father, too, was a profwor.
"Kin- and I had discovered the pnrpie
ί twilight. In every blossom I saw her
J face: the dewdrop beamed with the
I luster of her eyes, her voice was the
j warbling of the birds; her smile was lu
! the sunshine Somehow I feel. Estelle.
tliat is the way Teddy Varie! feels of
I yon.
"Her mother forbade our engasre
mem. ι was only a struggling student,
i and. though her father believed that I
1 should win fame, he did not check hi*
wife's ambition for ber child.
"There came to the town, ν fry much
like the coming of this yotrng; Denton, a
man with gracious personal gifts and
riche» which at that time seemed Im
mense. He had Just come into his in
"They met -and he loved her. At
fir"! she would not listen, but her na
ture was eentie, her mother deter
mined and her father, poring over an
c'.ent tragedies. overlooked the one
•reeplng into his home i wag power
less She could not receive me when
I called, and at the functions where
we met she was zealously guarded by
her mother and the man
"She accepte.! him She told him
frankly that her love was mine; that ;
in promising him she was acceding to
her mother's will. But he was buoy- ;
antly confident that love would come.
They were married, and he toon her
away to a mansion filled with treas
ures of art She had Jewels arid gowns
sod bowses all the things that money
eonld buy but love did not come
"For a year I did not care what be
came of nie Hut I teved her and could
do nothing: of which «he would I»
ashamed I went to Egypt and began
the reMurche* that have brought tic'
"Five yearn pass»*·! The longing to
see her avraln, to hetir her voice Is·
cam* intolerable pain I went hack to
London and haunted the streets, the ;
*hoi»s the theaters, where she might
be Then one night when I had a!· !
most despaired I saw her in h>*r bo* ;
at tie o|tera
"She surpassed even my dreams, ι
Her gown was s«ift «rid white Above
her «boulder a red rore lifted with the
same proud tilt of her own pretty >
head I thrilled at the thought that on !
her ! had never «μίι a faded flower
"I hurried out and str*»| η the ob
•eartag crowd, near enough to see my j
lo*l girl and to hear her vou e as she
panned She turned her bend rent'ees j
ly from * d·· to Side «it *t> |»-rha|i« the
magnetism .»f my gnae I suppose :uj
b»«art and soul were in It am! the·.,
before I rcall/ed it. the crowd had
parted, and -lie *to<*l liefore m«* with
rait stretched hands
"I ciiil*l iHit «;>e*k The aid had
gone from her ·■ ··*, ,tnd In them was a
«minis· that never lightened Iter
huahaud stood waiting lUMler the i-or
tu··· He h iil grown < >>arae and worn.
kin) rtit h.» is*»··· u < η»· ♦♦»·· lira**·* ,.f
ι ν rn tun «>·ιι!·1 .1 ni humll «Ilot»
fur ht*r Kttllfli-κιι taking <»f tu> tmn I
* I fjkt n<»i trv to »· ·· htr *>.** η !
frit >t wa» le-tt«*r fer ti# Imth llnl 1
ι1·)κ| ι»»r W*m «m»» ι me «ht· *" i«l
ικ·»·<1 il», anil xmrWiod «lir Ittifw 1 »»<
«l*«,u walltratf
"Hh«- fomxl h«-r tiUal'Wti·1 *l^»ul
·»«·Π»ϋ:* «l»»t h* Ma uvrri hllltrt M··
h*»l «iwiilttnl l»t hi-t »i« ttl .ilsit
• Itari ti»-aillT liulvMnl
"1 wuttftl ti nt!i< iwi'l thru I
••laite··»! Hrr t ai> Il n#> r f -~t· > 'ht
•«nia that nlcl t »»·»» *h«> r»« m.
*yvm «η.Πιηβ nt·» ram·* *tvr sitt· η ·
tuff band aiMl wlii«|»ri«l
" <Hk <· luti( a(i), I ' «ànl Mo Ί r
h «art iaf a |«irvl» ' wlll*tit aiil drrai <··!
a ilrr«n <>f «f ι If» »«wt jroa» Tomor
raar I afo*t< kt·* again ιικΙ β»* th.
fHtlullu· < t wt rtrran» Tb» Λι·«»·«
wr Itlnf 'i«l)(l(t. lUnf t*lt >*r It»*·
•tar· trt ulun.e*"
*"*'» tad tau abof yrara «wHt·
ptttfnllr j «■» mot'llm#* I ifc.Bfc
• -la» ta worth a litrtlm··
' WV· *h» ut 4)ta* 1a m/ arma tl>»
«e <m'»»e ' «· »rt» Imrn ab· hnkxl al
fW t la? fan* far» tad β*ι,ι
' a.» il*» it mr mM te tau, »i
lîttl» -mr t» hnwaa le »ng* ttu»
•rank «#!·«» ««atuM lhal * p>U If
tfeat III»· »i>r <T«Ma A» wblatwml »w
te» trii bar tb» jWt «f ■} aaaaal I
thiea afc» «III !fata»-aiarfc|·" "
Tha «la «T a Ml atrtwU·! «m tu
anutbi** ···<*'» H» ιβΠι«1 tu ! .
a««4 f"**g 4»qgMw
"lael Bl«bt «Mr'ia ·
Kbr ktaaaal ham foaartij· Tba*. aa a«w
bad iam* a*ar* n»«bt atora d» «va a
M»tA· HUA aba «ml ta Iba «ta«m
«r·*» MM» tb· «nMwrr «a4 -»««mmïj
ruaa4 bar »T»a m Ih» Man ΠΙ—Ual
A (frrman gent>m*n va» aa* me·
lac rtd'ng along the pa bile highway
•ear Iniola when hi· horse threw him
and bolted. He picked himself op and
lighted a m*teh to nee what time It
waa. bat found that his watch had
•topped Jnst at that moment two
bicyclist· hove In eight, and he went
forward, ranking signs for them to
atop, but the men pedaled furiously
of might. About two month· after the
gentlemen was reading an a^-co'int of
travel in Italy when he fame across
the following passage:
"One evening we hail an adventure
with a brigand. We were bicycling
near Iniola. when an Individual in a
long dusty cloak suddenly sprang from
the ground and with a (small lighted
torch, which he flourished with furious
gestures, demanded our watche·. We
with great agility, but by the skin of
our teeth, avoided the ill lntcntioni>d
fellow and. shouting that we bad nc
watches, made ofT as faut as we could.
Whether followed or not we did not
wait to see."—Rome Letter to Tali
Mall Gazette.
The Old Man Cmetmm.
Nature indulges in an occasional
Joke. There in found growing in the
desert region of North America a spe
cieg of cactus known to twtanlsts as ι
Pilocereue senilis, or the "old man cac
tus." There is in this plant a wonder
ful resemblance to a human head cov
ered with gray hairs. The plan? Is
slow of growth and small epecl m en s
nre more frequent than large ones. The
plant is covered with long white hairs,
which completely hide the body 01
stem of the plant. These hairs are fre
quently gathered into locks, adding to
the resemblance of the frowsy bead of
an old man. Plant· known to be twen
t.v-flve years old are but a few inches
in height, yet specimens are found
which are twenty-five feet tall and a
foot in diameter, representing, it is 1«· ν
lieved, the growth of several hundred
years In these gigantic specimens of
"old man eaetns" the tenu "old" is
finite the most aonronriate nart of th»
Hi* Powder ( nrtrldfff.
IIow a man's life «as saved by a
common senility powder is dewril>od
by a «ierruan phyaician. L»r. Kraui-k.
who was <allr«l to treat a man who
bad swallowed a large piece of tough
meat wfcich stuck in hi* gullet. As it
was inmosaible to dislodge the meat
tij natural means and as the patient's
condition was erlticaI. the doctor tried
the eflBca· y of the gas which 1» gener
■ted when the «'.instituent* of a seid
lit* powder are mixed. He directed the
man to swallow the two halve» of on·
of tin powders separately, and the re
suiting pneumatic pressure. aided by
tiie man. who shut his oiouth and
rtoned the nasal passages. was suffi
eient to drive the piece of meat out of
the gullet into the stomach.
HuUtnii Wi*»-* Happy.
"It seems to me that the wuy t>·
make u woju in happy Is to give her
yo;.r :!ipatf * and uffeciion."
I»r I*. 1 w;i"d l'r·ι >«- η li'*chest»r ft#»· '
ai<i Av ii.r overlooking anj· fault· .i
man « ··«·' no in ι e am faults
wifi If dis I .jij η thai there κ ■
a f a >1 I-Λ J.) tie; ι : d I -
tti<re . re y ι.,\ . ii ν lio ■ il· ■ «
a. a' . ι· .■* a i; ,.;i 'lUgiit η μ ο ·~ι ι
11 il ilm η I lie ci · ' il· ·.··
ο ι ι -·η -λ ι·- . ιιγ'..g Itril'.iaii!
IV I. It. tie.. · ι .·■ ι. ii ι h·' u'.lgllt tu le
•neii. 1 · ti>. t ii- ι . . tor what dl«t ill
- >ti~ in 111 .ι λ ι j. ;ier.euce .nnr III a
r age · » I .·· -ι If who undertook
tin res;·"·ι * '-ι. f i.ik.ng to himself i
a «o.iii.· « m· ι mat In· pro mined to
toVI and honor '
Miiiilen Ί rrnκur** In tCnwInriii.
In Kngl.ii··! λ tni. Hidden treasure is \
found the law requires the coroner to
hold an unpicst · ver it Formerly it
η as » cor 'tier' ■ ditty to hold an In
i|tie«t in cas» of a nurglan Λ statute
ι if Kdward I itwTf*» itiat wh ·η or
• uer* hi· eomnui nrtetl Ιιτ the U ι liur '·
t»«IlilT». or I · lh<· h»ttfKt m*n of tlif
i-rttm ι τ itx-v κ< · to tin* pinn·*
ats» stn ii or *M«l<l«*ul.v iImmI ;
;·r nmiMinl «Γ wiit-r*· Nium* νγ»1 Urn
kw> t-r wtn'i ιγ<·μ·ιιγ«* t* -mil Ιο I»
found Mb<] -lin i foriiiwiiU comma m I
fei τ · ? tix1 ι» %' ι '«ω ·τ Wvf». or «Λ
to ι ; «Γ twf'tr· ι .tj *a< h Λ |ιΙ«> »>
!ΐι π» · ίι *Ml · ·>ιί Aufrxnue· υ|
f»i.M ί. * : t» r ^
« ■ I ' ■ Λ ■" ii .iflt-r dim
·»Ιι·Γ\ 'I* ■ jf'Ί î* Ik' .1 lM>tltU.*tuli ii j
mi Φ i, f -r . ■ « tt> ■ ' j
liny >n i 0(fc·* f ι · ΗΜ-βΐΊ
illwl IM'ti I ΐ« I 1*1 I"·
Oui ni w***s»ai
Mr» H ■ ;·ι·
tfeM4Nf ï'»fc* *1 4 * ·Ι» « wtli . >■-»!!
<rff U Mail \| f - V. W Hll il ι
«Πι M lin· Il VImI Hiiltf Vfr * *» i*»4 ,
iig ». m·* «.rewMι ι ««- k«i»i a k- >β· i
fi * -.1*4 ..f IMll
M t tKftrr κ* wn « — *&■'* I
(••ι nu plan K>au> lit» l»r>· «r*
Tr·* »>·'·>«!·
Λ fnwod · «μ>·ι t* κ «*n η t
P»rt» tml at> #w-wy »ι >« · |
lai «riittiii Trw» fr>« u.U iwi «· a
t MM «ni» «t.
«dur».'! il»» iW.. » 'h «t »·Ι
la ii«* "
a· Nu »«. ·>«.·)··
l'ipillin Im mi 1 h.Sd Ih» «»*l
m Un·»* «rf Ί* trwt·*— nt f ·
■•«M W r l »wi lin l t« >r
»«. I»r» «*· f rw .ko I vtM '« t -
U <l#pr«a(»» «· .«1* -atWxi tm <tp*n ">·
«*«·» wfe»rt: ««ι m nrtw «r t· «
is htifiat·' tm u> nawrr Juw I'.·
y. < ' VÎ
Sold by
Hard ware
Phone us your orders for
Groceries and Feed
Prompt attention given to all orders.
T. J. Stroud 6 Co
T.'J. Stroud. Both Phones H. B. Reasonover.
Spend your Vacation in the Mountains.
Breathe the crisp, pure, piney air. Gath
er strength and health from the Great
Out-of-Doors, and come home happy.
From June 1st, to September 30th the
Santa Fe will sell you round trip tickets
at very low rates. AsK the Santa Fe
Agent for particulars.
W. S. Keenan,G. P. A
Galveston, Texas
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦<
Rates are Low
Where will You Go?
Tu Colorado's majestic mountains, with their tonic air
that adds zest to every pleasure'.'
To the Golden West by the shore of the great Pacific?
To Portland and its mightv Exposition?
To Chicago, preatfst of all summer resorts because of
unnumbered advantages''
To Michigan, Wisconsin, Canada. New York, Minnesota.
with their charming lakes and quiet rivers, fasci
nating landscapes and temperate climates''
To the Southeast, with its mineral springs, its long loved
hills and crystal springs'.'
Wherever you go, the Rock Island can take you there.
and its train service from Texas is unsurpassed.
Through Sleepers to Denver and Chicago Daily
Quickest and best service to Nebraska
and Western Iowa.
Write me now, stating about when and where you w.sh to go. and I
will immediately give you full information. 1 have
descriptive literature regarding Colorado, Cali
f"rnia, Oregon, also northern ind eastern resorts
that 1 will gladly send tree.
PHIL A. AUER, G. Ρ Α.. Ft. Worth
2«==Fast Trains Daily =«2
After Jan. 8. Between
Texas and Mexico
34 1 2 Hours 112 Days ^an Antonio
to Mexico City via
I. ζ G. Ν. and Laredo National R. R
of Mexico -

J V a 1 ( <· V.
φ Ν·· fmi m*lw k*tv*tn DwIm M W \υ·ΐιιι iu At*
Taloallt■«· l'A»·
*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«
; The Iron Mountain Route ;
Shortest to Memphis and South t ist
- mm! te —
Thnufti <'hwr t »r*. hkI SHnwm («η. Ymi *iU M li
"The Best Way."
Par furtlwr mfarantma »· k«ru (Vmnrtav Iim, or write.
H C. T.onMi «w Ρ Κ. Ε. Ο Cnrtte. S W Ρ A
St. La··*. Mo Ami Amtean». T·»»

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