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'■ .#■
■ Φ
NUMBER ιοβ-r
: *
î ·*. ? ■ i »
fcanr Nefrees Lay Pgwi m Trick »ni
Sleep H Their Death.
• ___ _
, HilUboro Te* . AuKimt 7.—A moat
deplorable accident occurred one and
dDe-hilf mil·»» east of this city Sat
urday al*h* about 1 o'clock on the
(lor ton ftelt railroad
The passenger train due here at,
^3Γ. ρ, «u. was detained at (,'orni
ttna oq account of the latenetu. of
the main line train, and a» it *'»* ai>
proarhlnK thf* elty at η bout 1 o'clock
if ran over and t*«tfantly killed Hoy
Bdwarda and his wife, .lanie Kd
#ard*. who in toropany with Henry
Thompson and bis wife, were
peeping ou the track. Ail the par,
φ»* were colored From what Is·
Earned front Henry Thompson one
0f the Of-jtToes. all of them were on
tkeir w ay to Merten* In thin county,
fee < h<n» cotton. and it belnx iate the>
<% di*wn on the track to rest, think·
TO* ttin* ttte train had paused. and
&<) no Intention of κοίη* to uleep
m wards and hi* wife laid down In
tjh*· middle of the track, the child
stween them, and went to sleep,
nd Tbonip«>n and his wife on the
«jBtstd· of (he tails. Thompson and
W^f" awafceneit when the train was
light cm fhetn and Mary Thompson,
φ tr>iRH to |tet aero** the track to
fljfrr hu»baiul had the toe* on one of
Her feet cut off end was otherwise
4dhiiK*>4, whit*» her huuband *"»· un
< Engine*! t'Uik.«r»tou aaid be U.U
«hi see Rdwards and hi* wife until
iW t tatu war, riil)t on ! hem He ap
S8l>"1 'Tt* 9tr hfakew but II wan too
The bod) of Kdwardu was
'^rried 1 <W· > sr<l« before the tmfn
K*- -—L--,— !.. ...»
was stopped, tearing his scalp off,
while the body of hie wife vw
j ground Into a pulp her body being
; r un Into and .her llmha iorribli.maJl·
f gTPti ntr 7»mi~u*e a rHircnrratm
j escape The entire ahUb consisting
of an engine and three earn passed
over Us only bruising it a little on
one aria.
The two nçgro women were sisters
and formerly lived at» Ferris. Texas,
j where their people st(jl reside.
The train rame dn to town and
took the baggaite car anil went hack
and brought the negro*» to town
This morning the refnains of Ed
wards and his wife were turned over
! to the county for burial, while
Tbompaon and his wife were taken
to the county Jail where their
wounds were dressed
The. child of the dead parents wm
turned over to a colored family here
until relatives could be heard from
Conductor Gibson tat in charge
of the jraln
The Τ«·χ»* Itenlty Company ■>( Uxt*·
bjicblc Is Granted Charter.
The 'l>xa* Rpftltx Company is the
name of « new concern for Waxa
: hat hi* which was Kmnted a charter
at Austin last Friday The capital
stock ι» $15.1)00 Tfce incorporators
are 1, C Todd. .1 I» Wyatt. Τ Η.
Harbin and Τ H. B»rrow
Th«* following of fier s have been
named L. C Todd, president: T. H.
Harrow secretary: f>\ Wyatt.
The Texas R>-aliv Company Is a
result of th· consolidation of T. H.
Harbin s insurance agcuity with the
real entât* a««n· * of WytMt.. Todd &
The new rnmirarν wftl occupy The
V\>stern [tanking and TrtM* Coin
ix*v« T«ill(t!nf on 'ft.wtiinguHi
street. a l<"ase on same having been
< lowed a few da»* ago The Texas
Cotton Commission Comprtfty' will
have an office iu ibe reai ut ilie
A flisseeri State Smtfr. Acntitte# el
Bribery Ckarft.
.Jefferson City. Mo., Aug. 7.—Stgle
Senator Frank H. Karri» was to<t»>
acquitted by a Jury in th« Circalt
Cour» on a char** of bribery in con
nection with a bill introduced at (he
session of the State legislature1 In
1901 to repeal the statute prohibit
ing the use alum in the manufacture
of baking powder, commonly knrtwn
a» the alum bit).
The triai bad lasted for a week,
the principal testimony of the state
being that of former Lieutenant Gov
ernor John A. I>»e, on whose testi
mony before the grand jury indict
ments were returned against Kacris
and former State Senator Smith Jt
is regarded that the acquittal of
Karris precludes the possibility of a
conviction ift the Smith case, as the
charges in each instance were identi
cal. It is announced that trie Smith
ca«e will be dismissed by the state.
Km< It Side I» ( <ΗΐΙ(·η<ϋιικ That It !«
Clew to Victory.
St Paul, Mln.. Aug 7.—There
continues to he a wide variance be
tween the official statements given
out by the contending aides of the
strike of the Order of Railway Tele
graphers against the Northern Pa
cific and Great Northern roads. Of
ficlals of the roads claim the strike
Is practically at an end and th*:
twelve hours more will see its. fini<fi
that strikers are applying lor their
old position* and that new men are
being constantly empiojed. that
regular train* are on schedule tint»·
and freight is being mo\ed promptly
On the other hand President P«r
ham said to the Associated Pre*!*
tonight ttvat the situatlo· tin report
er! to him. is more favofitVta to f%e
ojtcrators than it has be>d at an?
ι -t»^e of >h« mrike and thftt Is* is coe
jttdent of victory. He deii|«e that
jthere has U«en any further defection
vint» that reported yesterday in the
! Idaho division He aAniirted th.it the
company was sending strike break#rs
j «est. but not in *uch large numbers
(*·» the rontpanv riafmM. *fhe«e
j iu»;nk bç averred, were Ueius hired
I under false pretenses and that as
soon as ibey became cognisant of the
true state of affaire the majority of !
them quit work and joined the strlk- j
According to Mr. Perham. the]
Uaim that trains were being run on I
schedule time and freights ware, be- ι
ing handled as usual were incorrect,
and in snbstantation of 'bis state
ment he exhibited reports from yari
ii!i# chairmen of the western divis
ions showing that perinbaVle freight,
was being refused and that in many
ca-«:s the yards were bloci ed and
littl·· if an> freight was being moved
J. It. Ι·ιΙιΙμ«· \-.ί«·ι·. K«<h k of tiro- 1
iirifi for li»n»-fK i>f ΟτιΙΗ·γ*
J Κ («ibtxHjR. who ha» 1ι«·η rom
ductfRK a Krw«ry btisineax ut finals i
filed a «kttMl niortKaK·· in the <·ο·ιη- |
tj cl#rfc'ii offit·»» Saturday nl^hr foi !
th·· i.«*o«»ftt of creditors Tom tClDx ;
wa« name«l an trunt*»·· Tht» llabili j
U«»> aiuall. 4uiuaun,.ii lu at.ou'
1411.1 rhf following créditons j
|itVf««YrVfl ~
MeUki M'lllfik &>. .. . $116"|
Ν a) iofiaT" Wm'uI» Co IM* !
S V i'M* iAf(MMry Co . .. l^'Ju.7 ·'.
NatftMiil f'éitff Co. .. 2β 7 ί
minimal! * .lotiuaOB ... 13.10
McDottKle. · ;Mf * Co. 4β.19
\.i*iin < atid^ Co · ■ · 22.40
McC '·>rd»Collftm CoiJHnerce Co 1 I ""
Ι'.ΗίμΙ»·^ National Bank ... 7" Γ>>
r«rr#U Wbultrntlt tiro C6 . 42.7 ~>
VI ii (iarlluictofl Λ Cft . 1 47
Central TV*»* Oroorv C"· -'-'—.71
VrtiiMironie Pa< Ktu* Co I" 1
Howard H|»urr Çattw# Co. 1 ♦> m>
\V«**rft»id Whip Co 12.7"
s S!(fm » IV» ... 2 >o
KnnH MiMlQit Co
lint K«a«-t» lUuomnti; lémt Willi
IhUk· *mI M*mIiiuIii< >tir\«>.
"Πι«· *urr»»yr»r*i of »h· TriniH un.I
tt«*au» ν*Η<·> h*»« rt>a« lu>d Hloom
itK dm*· with th· »μμ-»τ »( Ihf
I Milt·* Hramh Th»> i»*e«wd 'hruttelt
that town Eaturdav. rr··»*»* th· Cot·
urn Melt imu lb» kmmhI .mi· «m
• boftt ι wo htarfc» frim« 'h· Imam··»
«•«ι·» Τ»*»· *urv*>ora »rr now !©
m m» » »t«*« trwtM Uinua. tc '! >v*
ι W .ii4hm hie and arc ·»«» «nMimî Ιο
• *« 1 h*r* wit ht* «tH» D»tt few d«|*.
Κιι tiauKiiw IUIIn>wi Tt«terr«
Thr *t|«# irf»r Piwdwwt. at !$*w
• κ u *u» .>ad ib« <|u*rMU&*' rafuio
> · .««is UHtf'Mf «.ο *t»iue rkiiritwl
««*»·· ι· MM» pet ' «I th»" atat* ·
Kf*«l «t··*! nf hits wirt »«»·» now
1 Πιο nf tfcw *w» wwnlly
! tmt ··» p«4ikmI i*iw tu Τ—· |wi*u.
tint lag oitht-f V|w«t»plit» Vlr)i«berf
«Γ N»« OilMie· I· .inter to β·· koMr
VtllHMt fMMMM titrowell tit·· tclll»»
I f**»r iow or pttiet h*M ttp k)
>|!$nr*«'t®«' att%* *rm ae-4 Mit '« a 4«
!»βί1«»β Itwt |«l*h «»# 'how·
itsi^t»»· a** *%* kmMetmt <Λφ rmt.$rm
gWwntew f«w ticket* * "a St I auk
wi>>i ·ι*-haunt»» «sf ihta . kirt>i*r
; ha»· haw· a»a4· 4«rt*| IHUrt tel'
f«r two k* th# lorai ·?·»*» I* ktu
The Most Wonderful Section of lit
l'«uifi*.· Sl<»(«·.
* San 4tiw. Cal., Auit. Dear Ku
terprlsw: Having tired in old E1IU
the banner county of Texan, for »
many years I could not get my con
sent to stop even temporarily unti
Τ had reached the banner county ο
California. So here we are domlcll
ed iu San Jose, the county seat ο
Santa Clara, the banner county ο
California, where we will he for th<
next thirty day* at least, as the ren
is paid in advance, and if any of youi
readers should come this way ant
should ring the bell at No. 109 pierct
avenue, thev will find the latct
string on the outside. 1 want my ok
friend, .Mr. John C C.ibson, to know
thai 1 have selected a nice grass}
plot under a l>eautiful palm tree it
one corner ai the ynrd and can hav<
his r»nt r«*«(Jv on short notice
Before leaving Los Angeles we vis
ited Uie island of Santa Catalina
which is reached by steamer twenty
five miles from San Pedro. This Is
land consists of about forty thousand
acres and is the property of Ban
ning Bros . and valued ar five million
dollar· ft is a delightful resort, Is
said to have the uio«M equable clim
ate of any place in the United States,
the temperature never poing higher
than sixty and never below flfty-tèo.
and is a great place for rest and rec
reation, The chief amusement being
fishing nnrt hunting the wild goats,
and i« al*n noted for i's beautiful
marine gardens which are seen from
glass bottom boats. After a visit to
Santa Cntalina one is prepared to l>e
|lfe\e any fish story that may be told
as they catch them there by the
; thousand daily and we saw manv
black ba-- weighing from three hun
dred to five hundred pounds caught
with a hook and Une I want inno
cence to stop talking about those lit
tfe fish down on the gulf as thev
would onlj serve for bait out here."
San Jose Is an old town with con
siderable new added on and in same
respects remind^ me of San Antonio,
Texas, having a population of about
twenty-five thousand and including
suburbs about forty thousand, the
population being decidedh cosmo
We are fift\ miles from San Fran
Cisco and six mile» from San Fran
Cisco bay. consequently our aea breeje
is not so coltf and disagreeable a*
that of San Francisco, but i» cool,
refreshing and invigorating, being
Just cool enough at this time to re
qjiLre a little fire morning and even
ing. The average temperature in
'.his valley for the summer months is
RS, and for winter month» H, the
çoldest day being barely cold enough
for %ht frost, the foot htlU being
practically fruitless, consequently
υ cod 1 ice s fine oranges and lemons,
hut the vaU*>" for the oo«t part U
devoted to pruues. apricots, cherries.
Peaches, apples and berries. The
county Is especially noted as the
greatest prune pnniucuig country in
rhe world and also for having the
largest sued farms in the world. It
is a common thing to see a hundred
acre onioa bed, or a two hundred
flcre radi»h paub The county ha»
about four hundred diUm of first
el. rou ts which are either kept oil
ed or sprinkled with water, and run
ning as they do through beautiful
avenues of shad# tree* make the
most delightful drive ways I ever
Twenty-five miles south from here
I* Santa ("rue on the ba\ of Nlonterer.
a favorite resort, horh winter and
summer and m the opposite sirte
of the ba> Is old Montere* and [Al
monte near which place t>*neral
Free mont erected hiH firs, fortifie*
tiou and which marker! the· firs! step
toward aiuituAUOu *>£ California to
the United States
The great I,ick observatory is lo
cated on Mt Hamilton, eighteen
tuiles distant and is reached !>y 31 axe.
but will aeon have an electric road
About iwenty-fjve miles distant is
the xreat Red Wood forrest I not the
:*empervireti> » of the Λιιπλ Crnr.
rmjurrains. and while the»»· are not
'ill· dies the> appear pr«ltv
large to a man from Texas wKjn : ou
are Informed that one tr»· w'i! make |
enough I u m be ι to but"! 1 ■ »·*» · hnr
of lour r ► «w* **trh y*· wi ι «ι ·· '
ι οοιη*.
This is a couatrj of bis ihiutts.
and 1 wish to say I have found the
people everv where to he ver\ kind
and obliging. big-hearted broad
tuitulrti peepta. au<i I have uoi met
a man from "bunker lo baker 01 un
die stick maker" who was nm l>us>
to nn«wer questions and «how me
ev«r> courtm*
Ju ία* former leitei you 401 1 h··
numbei of employee* of ih»> elect Hi
road- of Los Angel·'* an seven hun
dred when It «hontd have been «even
thouMiiid ——1
The endow me tit fund
of Stanford l'ui\er*it> is ibirtj lull
lion dollars There ha» l»een expend
ed on 'mildine» and *rot»n<N already
about rift* tullhon dollar*
VNi'V le4-Λ *S Iftiin» foi ΚΐΓ··ι |>ι Ι»
and kind Γ«κ»πΙ* to e*ei}bod\ I ail!
Your* trulv,
I Col UiHlfKf1 Η liiiUHki »f Ktim >.
\ tho ha* b*mu 4iirv#»vtnj| In tbt* «οι» η
trt f*f then town matt**· that
maitv of tttf !l«thf»mlan furmtrt tm\«
Πι()(^>4 ? iiiMou ffli fh« |»uifiCKMi
|af rh^'Kitm ti· growth Vrrorillni
.? *ti M* Hocaa s fio*
i hïiW Umif ïi tmN* to Ή*1 ·<* **' ihum«î1
\ i* * *l§9tf ! 1 ·■■>■' · » « »*·* ^
I lii <hat pert at th«* 'Utmiv
Stcxv*. B· fHi.-. v«^*iri' · ν Γι » β, ι,γλ,π
%t ' f» *
< .Γ < tUj -» .: · f r» J.
Nki··-· , * ) V .ι*- · » · f»rg,n
R· ' ■ - - — f ■,-· · - X ,· . «a
Ktrt H fc··» f»t*. «»: W.i ι
'4» h» S*wma Hmm. Ktutxki·
Na - « : » '· ru· ·.'■·'
• Vf-· «V --· · CHI· ë»ΙΜ»«
<· - X UK «·.·
«t. - 4; « «μ> 1 « .» , ·«!
ii - Λ.-»
A it R
Ν»**««· « 11» ik-ii «ml i.Heratity
Hammer·*» f (j» picn-s.
(Irani White, a colored man nlwjiir
I··. u. iwif, iufci . a us UA* Μ
Whitesell's brick ν a rd mi <'orsjcai\a ai.
■»T! earlv hour iiiiui d<*> iuoiaiTtg.
"flie clothing et *4)**
Mrgro bet a nit* entaujjleJ lu ι 1* 1*1
mu while the engin* wa*. rttuaiiM at
full speed ami he *«> beaten to
il*ath brfoi<· assistance could 1»*
Audircd Whites bod* «as fear
t'allv mangk-d Moth his leii^ were
It·frail\ mashed off as was one of
tils amis hi* ue> k w as broken,
while ptei ea of flesh were ,r "led
iHrer the en κ ι lie room
\r« Telephone Manage!
Some finie a it Ο Tone·. S< haffer,
[φ H nager of the Elu» (OU III' I lid»·
pendent Telephoue < ι>ιιιμ*4ΐ- - i**
«■hange hi Ktini- ies!giied on a< count
'if failing health and returned to hm
borne in Ohio H A Hamilton of
< lin miia ' ι bin· l**en appointe.| in <,ii< -
i^red \|r Sc|i..ftet and ι» now rn
• •tlaiue of r tie Knnts ex nantie
Fresh Car Melons
,· · % i ·■' %. ·'·' v·.:·. 4.': «W fc
Just in. Plenty of Melons on j
ice and at store i

Telephone No. 5Ί K«£rr? > ^ < «
; Fresh Butter {
; Nice Fryers |
■ and plenty of Sweet Potatoes
L·— r
J' I 1LJ > ». ft»!,-. I I II
Makes Friends Everywhere
Golden Gate Coffee
Try it. and you will not
Wonder Why Λ Μ λ
t Leigh Brothers
1 Package Good Fresh and
Nice Zwieback Toast. . . .
Ku«* 11 ■ it» k Τ*·**. H·» iai Tr«ui /,u X.u ««it.jj. ·
t'nmil* litM uit». .Vin t S»la *. ι hw >im»
'•o'» Sultan» #, Hut ter <'■ «(>« Huit»·· Wtlns Vim
» l'ait, f\rryUiim '* 4»"
S kt»
u V\ .
T. C. Sugar for Preserving
We htve plenty. Phone 70 fee
anything in the grocery line
Y. B. Early Grocery Co
Northwest Comer Square. Both Phones No. 70
We have all the
principal disinfectants,
Crudt ;irhoik κκΐ tv
the most used. You «un
let it here, full strength,
tor 35 cents ι quart, JO
cents ι pint. G pperas,
J pounds f >r JO entv
Plaits Ch! r des 50 cents
per quart. Send u* ν our
orders. Λ Λ
I To get rid of our stock we now have on
hand we are sacrificing pi ices. You get
I choice of any suit in the house at COST.
Any shoe in the house at Act
ual Cost. . ·
Any hat (except Stetson) at
Actual Cost. .
All furnishing goods except
collars and cuffs, at Actual
C ο st· · · · · .
We have about 110 suits, only one or two
of a kinJL, sizes 43 lo 44. that we 3re
selling at- . , .
All Straw Hats at Half Price.
Sale began Saturday August 5th and
lasts to August 20th. It you want a suit
to finish out the season with you had
better take advantage of this sale. . . .
No Goods Charged
If *uu would have (M.r.
•«wt m «ion jmu wtuuki
rw\ ■· vuui «·«·'- HUii^nd
*»*1 any «·τη«τ that m*\
c»r b*> i»r nipUv
• «·ιτ·*ί·»1.
Α ·»«β*η i'«rrt«iwn
«lu-tMiivi u> mut
n»ur*> you · «·ν«·
th* «*s»t of yimtr
Vtit <«ur M<irt «rhth> th*·
1» ««Ui m (pat t
l«*h tu Ml . .
Mfm *rif\ m»mu· » · m»
•v»· r» *»'.<» >
fwtt» Ml Me*» yw «et
Κ » «mua· (.·««· ftmm. m
jjt jf Λ
Joe A. Harris.
""ζ** JCWKUES,

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