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, Rugs and Mattings ♦
Our great collection of carpets, art squares, rugs, linol
éum» and window shades represent a limitless assort- ♦
ment—every one selected for their intrinsic worth. φ
They compose every coloring and every pattern that ^
dame fashion says is correct. There ts no ficticious
values, as art sentiment or fairy tales which may serve ▼
to others for a blind for exhorbitant prices have not ^
influenced our judgment of values ^
. . . . Come ste us and judge the value for yourself.
Furniture Dealers and Undertakers. ^
Μ. Κ. & T. North Bound.
No.· (Flyer) leaves 7:13am
No, 202 leaves 9:51am
No. 204 leaves 7:25pm
South Bound.
No. 203 leaves 9:28 am
No. 201 leaves 6:45 pm
No. i (Flyer) leaves 9:17 ρ m
H. & T. C. West Bound.
Mo. 85 leaves 6:30 a m
No. 83 leaves 6:57 ρ m
No. 87 arrives 4:05 ρ m — Does not
run west of Waxahachie.
No. 89 arrives 11:15am
East Bound.
No. 82 leaves 9:30 a m—Connects at
Bnnis for Houston.
N·. 84 leaves 3:00 ρ m—Starts from
No 86 leaves ..9:12pm
No. 88 leaves 9:20 a m—Connects at
Garrett for the North.
Œbe ©ailç Xiobt
Published Daily Except Sunday by
Paid-up Capital S20.000.00.
Entered at the Waxahaehie post
office as mail matter of the second
class. :::::::::
Κ. I). HUDSON Ρ π-side ill
C. W. KENT Vice-President
W. J. BU1E... Secretary-Treasurer
One Month $ 50
Si* Months, in Advance 2.75
One Year, in Advance 5.00
W. A. OWN BY . City Editor
The attorne> «entrai romps on
the Texas Coal Dealers' Association
by declaring that organization a
The price paid today for the tirst
bale of new cotton indicates that the
buyers will, as usual make this city
she leading cotton market for it large
With a membership ot 1 ι '.non
the Texas Farmers 1'nion ma> ac
complish a world oi good, provided
it is not merged into ;t political or
If the scrap between the (Vet ral
aad the Trinit> and Kraxos Val!e>
will precipitate record breaking |
campaign in railroad building *· «>aν
"sick e 171 Tigf
The whipping of negroes heie
and there foi making - igiii :emaii - ,
altont white women demonstrates
both I ht \ 11 ί ι he Bool ci W.tsniug
los example ιnd ihe de*|H-r;i'e le.in
ures which It prowti · Kort Worth
In l.riitiat eoiini « t vigjhin<· iiin
lliltlee hol>»e u flipped nil Noting !
tie^rofs tin ■ ii ileiiiti; ι aI , nirl
If all blunder» · s ot women r*-g;ir(l
leu» of colot tti'tH hoi se whipped
fool longues H lot h \» i- ill Hing
iwoillhs λοιιΙΊ •μμ 11-, I : : ι -
Tlllte- Met , !
Til»· ι nui t <ll ll|l)tlll) λ 111· Il 111»· ~
t£At··<{ ih·· Η· miiiiKiuii <ΙΙκ*»ι· ι iu.nl»·
Λ > ΙΙΙΙΠΙΓ »Ί IKU. < ' α Μ » Ι» - ν\ :ι·Ι» 111·*
»«·»1»·«<>«ι Ι'Ιιι- ι- nnli utioth··' Il
«tan< ·* «»f ΙιιιΙιιι- lin · ιίιιιΙηιιΙ nrcll
ut*u< »· "i luub olfirui ihif'int
ι hi Ilium·· on iiim h iioi I fid 1 »· - -i
lllt|M>l lit il I llltl V Itlllrt
Μι Κηίιμπ ·min ·ι«·- in .1 i«*it**i
10 ' Ιι I · ιημιπ ll.*»' 1 h·· 1 Irlium»' μα
iw · » ί· ■-. . · ·..
μτο|Μ··ιι HH< H· ι··-··ΐιΐ» II»»· In
«ltll> I .t
III I h·· ■ ft» (IIII· y| .It Slilllll I ·■ I
■ nun· \u *· 4i·· η<»ι iiiuMik 'tn
let ··*··*! IDUtli·
I»» ι 11x11 h,»» Mi in it· ·>«*·
'In· ·|ιι»ι«hilb«- ii-Diru ihm» «I (h··
taitou» (mini* <·: .-111 r* into 1η· »««·»
«Ml itt*r ThmwU. all μτΓΜ«* · ηι·"
Ι·Χ Τ**-*» »ΜΙ>< I» ,>Γ<>«ι·Ι·Η| «Mil
iMMÙItt («mllraïf ι·μι*4 *» ι r-H>
<»Γ HWÎII I|«|HU I.tfli»r Ί tin·· if
ill*· f»< ■ I ha' -il.>» f»·»» ba* a»·
Mdr ti appvaram* In Mlmai: 'hi·
Midline at pfWW.i* - fill* mxt
"B«l*d Τ · \λ» 1* (r«· ui »hi .·**«·>
m»A if Ik* rttta·. UiWTtm UMl <mta'l«·*
rf th* mi# «ill i|*fa>n
Or Tihvr II m rtiMnuil» «la
ιh« ·|ιμ·*μ· ma* ■- h*iH »·<μβ »if
^ ·
Μ. Κ. & T. Special Rates.
Chicago and return, $37.10. On
sale daily, limit 60 days.
Kansas City and return, $21.75.
On sale daily, limit CO days.
St. Louis and return, $26.10. On
sale daily, limit 60 days.
Louisville and return, $32.10. On
sale daily, limit 60 days.
Mammoth Cave and return, $27.45
On sale daily, limit 60 days.
El Dorado and return, $16.05. On
sale daily, limit 60 days.
Buffalo and return, $54.80. On
sale daily, limit 60 days.
Cincinnati and return, $35.10. On
sale daily, limit 60 days.
Salt Lake City and return, $38.25.
On sale daily, limit 60 days.
Galveston and return, $11.SO. On
sale daily, limit 60 days.
La Porte and return. $10.SO. On
sale daily, limit 60 days.
Neville and return, $14.00. On
sale daily, limit 60 days.
Marlin aDd return, $4.60. On
sale daily, limit 60 days.
Corpus Christi and return, $15.40.
On sale daily, limit 60 days.
Rockport and return, $15.SO, on
sale daily, limit 60 days.
Mineral Wells and return, $4.35.
On sale daily, limit 60 days.
Port Lavaca and return, $13.50,
on sale daily, limit 60 days.
Old Point Comfort, Va., and return
$38.80, on sale daily, limit 60 days.
Memphis and return, $20.65. On
sale daily, limit 60 days.
No change of cars between Waxa
hachie and Memphis, St. Louis or
Kansas City.
For further information call up
the Katy. J. S. MARSH, Agent.
I<i l.iî.e Try inc Ιο lift Hid of Uandruff
Witlioul llerpiclde.
Did you ever see την ·>ηβ trying to
ι» .ish themselves without soap or
If you did what would you say of
It is every bit as f'.<'li#h ( tt; tr> Ret
rid of Dandruff and to preven Bald
ness by feeding the germs whu 11 .ι ise
It. with Canthrarldt - Va<e!:ne <;>v er·
Ine and similar substance· which f' rm
the principal in«redient« >f most »o
called Hair Yipors
N'ewbro m Ilerpicidc s i iei-f ; tie
cause it attacks and kills the j«<r ιsit.ic
perm which feeds on the hiir ro t«
It is the original and onlv «ermine
scalp germicide manufactured
Sold by lendinp dniKBi«ts ''V tn
■tamps for sample to The Herpl Me Co..
Detroit Mich
Herring Drng Co.. Special Agent*.
B. Spiegel, 1204 Ν. Virginia st.,
Evansville, Ind., writes: "Kor over
five vpars I was troubled with kid
ney and bladder affections which
caused me much pain and worry. I
lost flesh and was all run down,
and a year ago had to abandon work
entirely. I had three of the best phy
sicians who did me no good and I
was practically given up to die.
Foley's Kidney Cure was recommend
ed and 'he first bottle gave me great j
relief, and after raking the second
bottle I was entirely cured." B. W.
Will ItuiM Vim l,uuit<lr>
When Mr \tterl»err> «us he ·! t h ι
οί!!»·! da> ι « » >ee hi» ruined |;>. indry
tie ->niil that lie alreadi had start
ed plans to put in a new and up-to
date !uiindr> and will prmefd to do
-ο ,i~ ,ipidl> as (Missible. fills v^iie
si ι lenient lia Mine l>·-»·n leit. ated
l>> Μ ι Campbell and *>· may r· ικοη·
ilil* ex μ··· ι that >h»· new plain will
be lemlv ill a few months Kntil
Work ill the ficWs in tkat Nrt of the
CoMty is Aloof timshel
After poor old Dives had left this
mundane sphere and taken up his
abode with the Prince of Fireworks,
it is said thai tbe poor old reprobate
looked across the great divide and
seeing Lazarus, whom he had form
erly looked upon as a person ot
not much consequence, bended him
for just one drop of water to cool
his parched tongue. He never got if
then and probably will not have it
the next time we hear from Win, toi
I am told that the water work.-· in
those regions are dry and it will be
hard to find anybody to carry it 10
him. Τ shouldn't undertake the job
for love nor money, and neither will
you. It is hot here at home, but
water, nature's beverage, is plentiful
and the ice man is in his glory. We
don't have to beg for either, but just
buy it and )>e refreshed. There are
| many kinds of drinks to he sure,
ι but the drtnk that comes front "Tbe
| old oak» n bucket that hangs in the
[well" bf its them all.
Rut hot or cold, wet or dry, tbe
Enterprise has to hf> doing, and hist
week I went to Ovilla and surround
ing country. The crops there are
as g«K»d as any other part of the
lountry. but a rain would be a good
thinu. i find many of the farmers
j breaking stubbie and it is a hot job,
both on th>* men and teams. The
work on the crops is about over,
or as some of the ïio> s say, "We
have ju*t quit, we are not through.
Threshing is still going on, but will
be up this week, then for a few days
test or a trip to see the Kinfolks
and mavbe a prospecting tour our
My first null up was with
Sam Burns He was breaking «tub
itle and said he was thirst). He
came ov*-r to the fence and we drove
down to a big spring and refreshed.
The spring never scoes dry and is as
fine water as one could ask for. A
spring always calls to my mind In
dians, cow boys, and the pioneers,
for in an early day, before wells were
so plentiful, ail such had to co to
these piact*- for water Th·1 buffa
lo and the deer, too, probably stalked
their thirst here unmolested by man,
but civilization relegates all this ant?
w hite iat ► <1 cattle now have their
• ι λ riniey ι-, ont* en nie runn
ers of Eilis county. He served her
.is a commissioner five yt«ar*. during
the time of the building of the court
house Ηί- is well fixed atu! is a
Southern gentleman of the old style,
his hospitality has no bounds and an
an entertainer it would he hard ό
find his equal. He was a ι onfeder
ate soldier, but hi* years i* upon
him liglitiy and one would never take
him to be so old. As 1 sat on hi*
front gallery that night, ί would sug
gest first one historical event, then
another, jtist to heai him diseuse
them He knows men as well as
events, and he gave me his personal
recollections of Alexander H. Ste
phens, John H. Reagan and others of
the old regime. His wile and
two small boys were as caeeri il
e His son. vVilbur. is now in his
senior vear at the rniverslty of Tex
as where he is taking a c»er«e in
lixil engineering and during the va
• •ation months ht* has a pc.-itlon r.
draftsman in the general land of
fi< e.
C! \V Lindop v a." out in his cotton
looking ip his prospects He is a
laplta! fellow and you like him a·
on. »■. He liarf a new house and ever;,
thing ne*. He had everything he
needed hut t lie Rnterprve and he
has tha now J. Ο M irruy w.t.
itting gra. t and in a big hurry
Ht- s, id He!!o ' I - ft 'Fnterprise.
he - id let n- ,■ >m ·" an»; the cur
■ tin
A in He furth er on I -ame to a
-orghum tntli presided over by the
voiid renonned md famous sorgh
IIH i . W A Mu: Mu. He h id .It
alie corps of assistant· in the ,<et
- >nnel of J C. Carroll. T. W. Rob
net : Ν Π. Brown. Κ. Κ rtimrns. Κ.
Ν Kobnett, Fred and lîuren :;snln
Ίΐ ΐ W Ë. .Siinri's They were niak
ing molasse* from needed or goo«··
neck ribbon cane and it was flue I
got a jug full of tt and my kids sa*
rr.e want a barrel of it. live
Martin and hie sorghum maiinj,
I) I' McDonald was in the hav
iiiKiueks ιβο. but had taken out for
ci inné t 1 took out with htm and we
ite a chicken mew that his good w»r«
-· t hetore us He takcm our | ap1·:
mil told me to hang up with him
>henever I mew that way and ΓΠ t»e
ire tu do so H J, Kobens was at
home and reading the paper 1 rot
» root «ιtine from hi* well and talk·
■d rmiw with him. He la an en*tin
iua.»' ι· farmer and *howe<J dm wome
gourd -e«'>i whit» rotn which he ~*l«l '
timid make »">" or ?« bufttut· ρ r
m re It »u fine corn and mur»
[Η*<>ιιΙ· stiouid hav» it
V 'Mill* I foi nd He* W H j
(furet*, who. with 'he «μιικβτ* t>'t
il». Kit cue mid of irlittftun, had j
ju»t wo ι rid up a tea day» itup j
n*e#lt»K The re were pmrtat>ly '
(rfmple f- tui|»w( «te 'tie *n>ut di . tid -
''Wit ?S to lrt« ftigve· ami The,
ttttda were nut·.err»». « and cm A tit.
i|*· » the taih ta»t , tt la mttintM |
'hat "t«· «· ΧΦΙ :e»!)tt· |fi nl ,
' ti4an<* Οι ■* ' 'nudity he MMMI
a R.owUua at ttatd'.» ttrtlit #e>»' ·
ii*·· » * tut· g* or h»»»e* «nα eefwiaaiy
m t'ikine and eti,i> alâuet; « »l I
ΓΙ»«- θνι<· « nrho ii ha* aiwa · > t- «ι. t
'it :· 4 mpam m f*at of th· u»»t ii..
'it# « oett" liatak·· 41 ΙΊμΙ· ha»e .* J
lnuc tum M*t aas» a« r>era! aiet j
naatiiw It t κ haw tt Curry, * eç»e r» < ,
ne" k«i Hi># a Sa* * H Ham* ί
et».!·- < irrr « el' m ïv#t» a htarfc·
■η »ίι ··:*·» I h«4 a luei talk wttb
«· 1 · 1 I ! K. ·.!·
' ·«» ·»Ί I r .'· »*ar» l'haï t·
we « « ,·* h«f * ·'<< m, ι<» ««tor
:<* ι ··«(* saor» .liimi I Hat Ut» «u UNUt
*>»· a »* n m» tttea* *ia·» τ-ίίι· tit»·
N»* · ?n»· 44ii «ft··» til· maul» <Me
ι ** ilintti a»4 t|n< t-»n«*
' ««Ml Af ri . r***+
a .wlk w*rm -kiriifci·j
l«*t ta 'a* » -.g# of iMii·» foeety."
Ιί lllll n il ' Wi III Jill ΙIHOTIHI
- - - - _
Mr. De'.k told me the average tor
wheat was about 7\i bushels while
oat h would probably reach 40 bush
el*. Thla is the bint oet yield I fcave
seen this year.
That night I stayed with Mr. T.
H. Billingsley. He is now 73 year»
old, but he and hie wife live alone.
They are as happy a» a young mar
ried pair and I love them. They
treated me as well aa if I had been
their own son. With them "the aun
is getting low and ihe frost is on the
flowers," but they are good people
and "Want to meet their pilot face
to fate when they have crossed the
E. J. King Is an admirer of fine
horses and generally has some on
hand. He now has a colt that is
a beauty. Mr. King is taking fine
care of him and you may look out for
a fine horse. I ate dinner with J.
A. Wood, who has 80 acres of fine
black land. He likes old Ellis coun
ty and .«ays he thinks he will stay
here. R. C. White and four children
were jusf- finishing hoeing out their
cotton. His little boy. Tom. was cut
ting weed slike killing snakes. He
said he wanted to get through and
rest. Bless his little soul, he is a
worker and will make a roan right
some day. I stopped for a rest and
a drink with J. N". Samford. He is a
! man who takes a pride in treating
one nice, old Ellis is full of them
and with such a citizenship wîio
would want to leave.
Τ M Hansell is from Murray
county. Tenn., and like all Tennes
seeans. is friendly. He is a worker
and had me out early uext morning
He takes great Interest m presenr
events and is well posuited political
ly. His wife is a clever ladj and
any one would feel at home at their
place. His horses, hogs and cows'
, .ïre legion, but h»* feeds them well
and don't you forget it. He has a
large family and I assure President
Roosevelt there is no race suicide
there. Mr. Hassell's is a good
place to ko and the latch string hunKs
on the outside.
. a:jj it. nœun is oup οι iiip orig
inals. He has never done any mean
n< and ha»* never changed his nam*.
You know everybody used to be
named Smith. but a» they would set
mean tbey would change their name».
He too, was in the hay business.
He lives with his children and tots
little Kir! is hi* house keeper She
had a nice dinner for us and waited
on the table with all (Tie grace or a
little woman.
Μ γα. Μ C Taylor and daughter.
Miss Tennle Mu took my paper and
-aid they had missed it a great deuT
sinie it was out. Her moiher, >ïr>
Brogden, was there and a jolly old
lady she was. She was from Geor
gia and 1 tailed her "eoober erab
ber," but she knew 1 was from
Kentucky and called tue "corn cra< k
er," 1 found Κ I.. Massey wick
with fever but he was much better
1 now had this part of the couBty
worked out and 1 struck a bee line
for Rocket t. I found Col. Arch
Prude on his front porch and we
soon concluded to so fiwhing We
phoned to "Chief of Fishermen" Sid
Karrar and he and Hartaelle Copied
I were soon with ua We caught the
1 fiah and the turtles to our hearts
deaire. we also met my German
ron - peter Felt*. He and Colonel
Η rude philosophized about a» fol -
Ι"*ή: Say» Col. Prude "Peter,
this i> a great world and man Is tSe
b'-ss of the whole thing He ri*e«
η the morning like a Hon am*
fi i.rishe* in the «resins like a ra,
w.. d. He ia of few day» and fy"
of trouble, but most of hia trouble
is it. hits, own choosing. he mati ·. «
i w r»an and then hia cup of hap
rotittnuM to overflow forever
t1 ftj-r,"
''·■<■·■ ι Peter soliloquized Lhualy
' ' >* . Mr. Prude, but 1 looka ai
.cent and 1 knows man la
1 η g fool. I i» a man but I
r be like dis yeilar dog 1
S" <tao at night and I has to
i pig· and one imr**> and
η I has to smoke my pip*
t'A > ι·:* i>«"fure 1 «deep*. in de
ι* I gets up. baa a fight mit
-at ; sniBP mean grul> and
d ·* to work for erery body but
n i *lf At night die don btffs
hit· - 1 in de side with hia foot*
nr.. \λ «ieepmg in de morning be
■■a! - ..nd drinks and la hai>i>> and
Uar : at a buzzard or bay* at de
luooti lust as he plt-aM*·. den aft«*r
whi' ;i< «tie# and ia dead, but when
1 di s I Iiot to ao to hell yet, i do
wi^·. I v> ne a yeilar doa
Til»· fish now refused to bite an<t
\\·■ . r borne, to meditate utii urn
ider, «ach for hltnsslf
I (iw· ι "ι l.il<-rt«r) l'nurjin
CriiU)" ntgrht. λμκιιιη 2.'.. with
Ml** ' -M'.e Sim*
'T' ·* · hrtM of oar \ο»·Ίι·,ΐι>
■ h»i> Χ. XI
■iirt· rHtarWMM. I t'ur ΓΧ.
22. (ί-ν XIV, «
Η. . ι 0>ι«ηο. "> work». l«*tW>r.
M im 1 na.
I' ι ion of Consoi » rttmrmr
trim. 'r. Kot*r<·
<·· φ» Bitot « " \Ujmu
Μ Λ inn
\ι· ■· 'Um in Ailâin It*»!· Ml».
M i mntwll
Vorrl· prMihitK. vlr»
v. \)ι·<ι· I'rfdMno»·
' · I «I UowitBR
hMMr |i 1, f, I I'nvrain
H" ·» Λ jtu*< 27.
h < H»(it#>r of JnHn
tit' <>» irtdrr
« I t tient (~αμ«Μ
it If., Ttllman InlWMHt
l>'i It 14 *1» KlIIMIi Kti](]
J > ι ' ♦. "!-* I#tw lohMiM
I.. * VII. M|h Vmy MWe
♦ . IMrtd Barr·»*
■un M 31 Ζ*. Vlrjttl «WU·*
Julia 1«. Z" 21. Μ ■» tuai» Bâ'
Our stocR of
CooK Stoves is now
complete, hav
ing just received a
car of the always
rel i able
Budge Beach
QuicK Meal J
If you need any
Granite Ware
Household H a rd·
ware. Stoves, etc
give us a call
Hardware Comp'y |
Attorn ey-at-Law.
Notary Public.
Waxabachle. : Tex*»
Fire, Life and Accident In
Waxabachle, : Texa*
M. M. McCAUL & Cδ^Γ
Plenty of Green and Dry
Wood, McAlleter Lump
Coal. Phone us.
Waxabachle, Texa»
Fine Printing. We do It
Quickly and do It Beat.
Waxahachie, : : : : : Texaj
It. d. κ em β le,
Notary Public.
Waxahachie, : : : Texa»
N. side square, over Rons Jewelry Co
Waxahachie, : : : Texa»
K. (}. Phillips, president.
Ε. Ρ Hawkins, necretary.
<}. W. Coleman. V. Pres.
R. J. Coleman, treasurer.
Waxahachie. : : : Texa»
Real Satate, Loans, Rentals
and Fire and Accident In
Waxabachie, : * ; Texas
General Contractor. Plans
furnished for any class of
Buildings. Office Citizen*
Bank Bldg. Old phone S87
Waxahachie, : : : Texas
Carriage Repair 3bop.
Rubber Tire Work a Specialty
Waxabachie. : : Texas
W. L. P. LEIGH & CO.,
Insurance. Fire, Accident,
Health and Tornado Inrar·
ance. Agents for the
American Surety Company.
Bonds Executed. Office
over Hose Jewelry Co.
Waxaharhle - Texas
Waxahar'jle, : : : Texas
Λ. GARDNER Florist.
Cut flowers and funeral de
Wa*:ihacble. ..... Texas
Oeneral Insurance Agents.
Waxahachle, ; : : Texas
· Ψ
WE WANT TO SELL in the next thre*· week*
Four Refrigerator* (all we have left), thre»·
larpre Gasoline Stove*. 20 Ice Cream Freexer*.
and some rxkl* and ends in Queensware. Will
make special price* on above ^«*1*. Get our
price*. ·:· ·:· *:· -
Waxahachie Hardware Co
And Supplies, all kinds up-to-date Sta
^ ttonerv, Inks. Blank Books, all kinds of
Office Supplies, Magazines, Periodicals, it . .
For the Form mné Cemplaatont
Am* —»a mwaalil'f ■■»< bp *·:) η ai
• !>'<«·. ■(·(>« «ail mwi et luk»· !«']
>απ iu· Λ raar·
it la lumamUr ·'»««··'
throwch <ka >*«·· of »* ·*ι· ta4 1»· wea
II»l'l»I Xllltioa twu >.IM w««t*ag mu».
*« t «*|p« «M a»r*tMie»»»a Wl<·
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«a«t -a* mM·· gy
Β. F. Thornhill 4 Co
Transfer and Storage
Agents for
MT* have i*rg· fcru·* mmt "htm■«
ftw «timm» imtmlmrrmà,
«rhotowair tobnca**·· and Utun
nethU <'«ii us for imw.
Warehouse Phone
Beii No. J)
Be^t iir i.te McAlester
I ump C'»a! it 5'».0D per
t< <n if νου place your
order with within
next 10 days. . . ,
Kemember, there
lie different grades of
VuAlester Coal. We
handle the best and
guarantee every load
we send out Satisfac
tion or money re—
îun ied. . . . . »
Waxahachie Ice Works
S H Wr Mr aÎ#·· ih« m*à«r
.( that flwir · ufcJ mm
:»·ιηκ 4#4t»xr«l )hi"j(hnul I»·
•■ity W»i*h»cikM· !««· Work*.
QuicK Servie
W h··** y<m <**ii for « numt»
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M«t)W »...
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(«vnmiiM c* hw« »tai
y«e l»v· to our. . .
f ffàt fmtj ladepcoicat
TiitfUtt CtnpUT
The new Laxative Π Τ) Τ \Τ Η Care
that docs not £ripc U*«*ilU Stomach and
„.ΙΓΓ£».. Laxative Frail Syrap

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