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ttbe Batlç liobt
Published Dilly Except Sandxv
Retired at- thi> Waxahfl. hli> r<>«t
office as mail BM<ter of ihr s» < ond
W. I. W1K · - -
o. w. κ κ\t - - -
Ο. ». >ΓΚ NU.HT -
\ ίιτ l'n thlml
- - Srf-rtvtery
One M ο β lit 1 50
Six Months. !n Advance 2.75
One Year, In Advance 5.00
W. A. OWXBY - - - Otj Kdllor
Hpecial Notice— Copy for small ads
for the Daily Light should reach this
office not later than lia. m. Cop>
for one-half and full page ads should
be handed In the day before.
Boston comes forth with a new
sect, the "jumpers of the burning
hush." Well, here's hoping 'hey will
jnmp it·
The Vnlted States government
wants twenty more stenographers
from Texas. With the many busi
ness colleges in the stat·· turning out
graduates every month it looks like
the want could be easily supplied.
The St. Louis Globe-Democrat
makes this observation: "One of tin
leading Santo Domingo revolutionist··
recently killed left a score of wives
and a hundred <hiidren. The trouble
experienced with such publicists in
Vtah discourages the industry ol
hunting for more in th. West Indies
The Republic puts it thus: "Be
ing outlawed in Canada, us well as in
Germany, the great American hoi;
may have soon to root for himself,
which he is perfectly capable of do
ing. And the best place for him to
begin rooting is at the base of tlx
tariff wall which brings him into
odium abroad."
Young man, if you are looking for
an opportunity don't fix your eyes on
eome distant point and figure what
you could do if you only had tht
money or the backing or were righi
there on the ground. Commence riglv
< lose to your home and extend th'
circle of your vision slowly and cart?
fully. There are more good ορροί
tunities overlooked at home than a
a distance.—Sherman Register.
It i» »!mo*t an Invariable ! nie that
η m-ason of high price# for ι oit un I*
fttllg«r<) b> « Isreeh IsrrNMd «< !>·■
sr. . anil this is th· one darner that
mnfronis ;h· moteri In the prmPBl
eftnipnlcn for I *>«·«"ηt rotton The
Somheru Γοκon \wl»ilon ta hon
•-Tii and very ttitiih in earn··»ι In It»
effort* for the twl ter ment of condi
tion- in th·· rotton growing n-cttonx,
hut <>rii> ι gpner*t co-operation on
tlit· part of th·' farmer ran pn vi'tit
the usual Increased acreage and 'on
MiHicnt over production It ίκ Iwtter
! to confine the Κ re*Ke to ι π. ««on·
'libit· amount and realize fair prie» »
•for tin produit thenfroiri than to ko
wild and over-p1«nt and thon have
to se|] hi Mtanratinn j»ri« -es The as
sociation advises business iudtment
In farming ami inerketing. and If
tills advice ran control hojxsd for
bene f i 11 will he fully ι rail zed
Every dollar spent In T< \its helps
to hulld tip Texas: every dollat spent
out of Ihe stale for something that
could have been bought in Ihe state
helps to build up that stale at the
i expense of Texas Keep Texan mon
!ei in Texas Penteon Herald
IlirtlitU) of J/ee.
! The Daughters of the Confederacy
will celebrate the birthday of déli
erai Robert K. I-ee Friday afternoon
from :> to Γ. at the home of Miss Mol
lie Phillips on Oldham avenue Tin
public has a cordial invitation to at
tend. In addition to other feature*
; the following program will be ten
! dered:
Invocation, Rev. (livens
Short address. Col 11 Κ March
I banks.
Reading, Miss Elizabeth Moore
Contest, a prize will be offered foi
I the best acrostic on the name of R
' R. Lee.
Crosses of honor will be awarded
All members of the Sinis-Watsor
.chapter are requested to meet at t ht
i home of Miss Mollie Phillips flfteer
! minutes before three o'clock tumor
I low afternoon.
All old people are especially in
! vlted to attend these exercises. ΛΓ
friends of the cause and members ol
Camp Winnie Davis will be we]
j coined.
How to Avoid Pneumonia.
We have never heard of a single
instance of a cold resulting in pneu
monia or oilier lung troubles when
Foley's Honey and Tar has been tak
: en. It not only stops the cough, but
heals and strengthens the lungs,
Ask for Foley's Honey and Tar and
refuse any substitute offered. Dr. C.
J. Bishop of Agnew, Mich., writes:
I have used Foley's Honey and Tar
in three very severe cases of pneu
. monia with good results in ever}
case." B. \V. Fearis.
ι Orders for coal or feed stuffs de
1 livered promptly by ihe Waxahaehi
^Giain Company. t
♦ ♦
·**«*« ♦ ♦♦♦♦♦
The following Minotierement* ar< !
mad»'. subje» < ι·» the action of (h· ί
Dfmwrtitr Prtnurv, Jul\ 2s ι <hi<:
I 1»Γ I "11111} < lei k
R 1> m RI.KSON
Knr sl«·» iff :
w h KOKiwrs
; l'or Tax \ ·>·.·■ v»< ir :
I Ν MrKI.ROY ft. el.·. Hon
I .1 (' W H.I.IS
George W. Walker Retires from
Race for City Secretary.
j In today's paper appeal* the card
j of Mr (ieonte W Walker Jr . in
I which lie withdraw» from the raw
j for rll> sec retary Mi W'tllker has
lived in Waxahachie all his life and
Is well and favorably known to even
citizen of the town He 1» careful
and accurate In all his business deal
S ints as well as upright and honorable
His services as city seeretarv have
I been valuable ,is he lias always kept
I right up with his work and his books
j were always In a neat, well kept
j condition, and during his administra
I lion he has never been found in an
Mr Walker withdraws from this
race to accept a posit ion with th>
well known Texas house, the Texas
Printing Company of Fort Worth.
We bespeak for Mr. Walker a liberal
share of the business of Waxahachie
and if he makes as many friends in
! Ills territory as lie has made here
I he will keep the printing company
ion a jump filling his orders and rais
j ing his salary.
New Central Move.
The Houston and Texas Central of
| l'ieials arc seriously contemplating
I making a radical change in
jthe time card and starting
j No. - from Denison about 2 a. m. This
j would give connection with the Frls
i co fast mail service, and would great -
My benefit the people of Central and
I South Texas. In addition it would
j afford another daylight train south
! of Dallas. If the change goes into ef
fect Central train Xo. - will have a
, full sized mail car.
The Last Two Days.
I Friday and Saturday. January 1 i'
and 20, are the last two days of the
(great sale at the Durham Dry Goods
Company. If you have not visited
! this store during this sale you should
: not put it off longer. Remember
that this sale closes Saturday, .lann
; arv 21). 47
Purchased Fine Horse.
Λ .1. Curlee, the Waxahachie. Tex
as. breeder, made an important pur
- chase last week from Charley Dean
> j from whom he bought the brown
' j five-year-old stallion Sam Grattai]
'.(Il* fur \V I> Willi*!π· of Wiu· !
ha. til· Sum Grattan i* a lrt hand
hoi·"· h\ Ornttati 13 tlx in NVpwtti
Belle I dam Of K'-rln* ΐ 21 S »η<1
(iratten I! HM, by Ν·ικκ··<
. -6*4 --coati fis» iVrrhiUK» t>·
\V">dfoid Mnnitirlno ; 1 ' < thin!
tiam PiilitrrH·'· (itani of *lx In ihe
i i iiv Abdnilnh 1Γ. Sam Ontitan
].·, iln· . hoir·· of in;ili> v'alllom, look
ed o\« ι tri lh<* North l>\ Mr Cuilee
inul κ·" to 1'·· V ■ (or «nid <1 n ' > with
the |·ίι -'Ige of Β it ;f t.: wiiiiu; and
«>\iraordlnnry ntei ii un nu Individu»!
the Horseman Review
How'* Thl»?
We offer one hundred dollars re
ward for any c#ne of Catarrh that
cannot I»· cured bv Hall's Catarrh
Cure F. J C HEME Y & CO ,
Toledo. Ohio.
Wc, the undersigned. have Known
F. J. Cheney for the last IS years,
and believ ■ him perfectly honorable'
in all business transactions and fln
anrially able to carry ottt any obllga- i
ι ion a made bv his firm.
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, Ο. :
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken in
ternally, acting directly upon the
blood and mucous surfaces of the sys
tem. Testimonials sent free. Price
7f> cents per bottle. Sold by all drug- !
Take Hall's Family Pills for eon-j
\ri*evtcil ou < 11:iliit■ ol' Theft.
John Vinson, colored, was arrested
and lodged in the county jail today
ou a charge of theft He is accused ;
of having stolen a ring from a young j
lady at the girl's dormitory at Trin-|
ity University. The ring was taken
to a local jewelry store by the negro :
and exchanged for another ring. The
owner of the stolen ring visited the ,
store yesterday to make some pur
chases and identified her ring in the
show case She explained the loss
of it and complaint was at once made ι
against Vinson.
Chronic Constipation Cured.
One who suffers from chronic con
stipation is in danger of many seri- j
oils ailments. Orino Laxative Fruit
Syrup cures chronic constipation as
I' aids digestion and stimulates the
liver and bowels, restoring the nat
ural action of these organs. Com
mence taking it today and you will
feel better at once. Orino Laxative I
Fruit Syrup does not nauseat or ;
gripe and is very pleasant to take. I
Refuse substitutes. B. W. Fearis. j
Condition of Jiurac*] Child.
Mrs. J. (.'. Johnson has returned
from Austin where she was called
to the bedside of little J. 1. Eason
who was badly burned last week.
The little fellow is now at the Seaton
Infirmary under a trained nurse and
everything is being done for him that
living hands can do. He suffers in
tensely and is in a critical condition.
Oats and Hay for Sale.
Oats 40 cents per bushel at barn,
4 5 cents delivered. Hay $10 per ton
at barn. Terms cash. Hay from
Cunningham meadow. Call Kenner
& Erwin's office, both phones. (11
Something New Is
Being Offered
By us in the form of ready mixed feed of Cot
ton Seed Meal and Hulls in 100 poun.i sacks
on a guaranteed mixture of 80 t ounds hulls and
20 pounds meal to sack. In this way meal and
hulls can be fed and handled more conveni
ently—There is no waste, and is economical ;
it is the best feed on the market. Try a sack.
Planters Cotton Oil Company
Both Phones No. 60—Waxahachie, Tex.
The Luxury of
Electric Light,
like that of a good cigar, must be
experienced to be thoroughly ap
preciated. Its advantages over
other methods of illumination are
many and distinct. We supply all
sorts of appliances to be used with
electric lignt and will wire your
store or home at a very reasonable
price. . . .
W axahachie Gas
and Electric Co. Φ Φ
Opera House jarM
Dramatization of
Bertha M. Clay'a
Famous Novel
The Unanimous Verdict
of the New York and
Chicago Papers—
"A Substantial Success"
The Sweetest
Character of the
Stage Today
A Play True
to Nature
Rowland ô
Presents the Quaint Comedy Drama
A Strong Act»
ing Company
An Elaborate
Prices—25. 50, 75, $1
: Friday and Saturday, the Last Two Days:
ί — OF THE — J
[Great Gigantic Sale!
* ===== Wti WILL SELL — *
^ (■
* 15.00 and 16.50 SUITS or OVERCOATS at 9.98
* 12.50 and 10.50 SUITS or OVERCOATS at 7.98
J 25.00 and 27.50 Ladies' Long Cloaks at 11.98
5 5.00 and 6.50 Short Cloaks at 3.19
φ Everything in the store in proportion. Remember this Sale closes Saturday Jan. 20
* .—.—. «
♦Durham Dry Goods

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