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The waxahachie Daily Light.
' _ . . ... II0
AH Trace of Mi.vs Heimricts Lost Since
Ust September.
' ' ■»» T« . J a ι· I ·;· Ml*» Oil » la
Htrliiiricks, .".s ycurs old. got tin a
* ι 1 !(i In Pari·. one day lie 1 Sep
Mpjp to κ<> to the railway station,
ι #8k t h. ■ lut ont ion of going to Pilot
Pttlfc Texas, and ts:s^ n« ."r since
1*41 een nor heard of l>j her friends.
3b- Hendricks lived with the fani
nf e C. M McShutie 111 Pilot Point,
aWl; nearly a year ago came here to
b* ti · a led li\ an ostéopathie phvsl
eua Ί >r a fractured arm that had not
i MU· : properly. While here she
tied with C. M. I.nsby on Pine
■ t September she decided to re
to Pilot Point, and Mr. I.ushy
her trunk to the station, the
.letting on a car near the house
^^Ide to the station. She had about
m in cash In her puree.
If ter a little time the McShanes
e here to know why she did not
to Pilot Point at the 11 mo they
cted her. and it was the first ill
ation anyone had that she had
reached her destination. S P.
i - her nephew, who lives in Sul
Springs, finally heard of the
SKl. r and is now trying to trace
the I dy. It is not even known wheth
ef 'f e got on the train here, as no
OSft has yet been found who remem
heft seeing her after she got on
tfct·ι-*.reet car.
Jf -
, lOnterlained Splendidly.
M . antl Mrs. G. D. Patterson en
AHp.ned last night in honor of Mrs.
JT. it Smith of Waxahachie, sister
of il s. α. I). Patterson. The even
iligsv.as spent very pleasantly listen
ing Bo fine music playing games, etc.
Delli ious refreshments were served
and ill the guests were entertained
in a most amiable manner by the
generous host and hostess. The fol
lowing were present :
Blisses Helen Cunningham. Fran
cis Brooks, Otis Metcalf, Blanche
Renr.edy, Buelah Hutchinson.
Messrs. Chas. Hooper, Battie Dozl
ef, Bert Landruni, Hunter Metcalf.
Messrs. and Mesdames J. C.
Mblims, C. C. Hooper, Will Sproul.
- Mes dames J. C. Smith, H. T. Kim
i>ro.·—Taylor Democrat.
Oats ami Hay for Sale.
Oats 40 cents per bushel at barn,
l&fgBts delivered. Hay $10 per ton
•yjfSpFru. Terms cash. Hay from
CVÉjtiingham meadow. Call Kenner
4k »:'win's office, both phones. 6 4
They Are Modern ·,η Every Par
titular and Capable of
High Speed.
Iiiriintu- from (In- ηι>ι>··αιίμκe of
the now passenger «*ηκi'»»"?< ri'civiil
l>y ι hi· Μ . Κ & Τ railroad men *av
that tliev arc the mom up to date and
model ii locomotives oil any of the
western roads The? havo nil t h « ■
Intest improvements that h live ho. η
found practicable and iheir us<
Κ il a l'a η ! Ces the greatest degree of
safet> possible to bo obtained in
engine btilldlnK. Λ m ο η κ the improve
ment* is a larger air capacity, both
In pump and reservoir
The engine» now used by the Μ ,
Κ A T. have made on testa To miles
an hour. The new locomotives can
maintain that speed, and if nerd be
can be pushed along faster. The fact
Is their limit of speed is unknown.
Both of tile new engines received
will be thoroughly tested before be
ing put into regular service. Deni
son Herald.
Death of Mis. Λ. Davis.
Mrs. A. Davis, wife of Rev. A.
Davis, died iliis morning ai ."·
J at the home of her daughter, Mr
I A. Lasswell, on Williams street. Mrs.
! Davis had been in poor health a long
time and for the past seven months
I she had been confined to her bed.
She was 77 years old and had been
la resident of Kills county many years,
! residing in Waxabachie the past six-1
teen years. She wàs a consecrated j
j christian, a member of the Metho-1
I disi church, and was loved by all who
1 knew her.
The funeral service will be held at
j the residence of Mr. A. Lasswell (ο
ι morrow morning at 8:00, after which
the remains will lie taken to Corsi
cana for interment.
The friends of the bereft husband
and sorrowing children unite in ex
tending words of condolence.
Chronic Constipation Cured.
One who suffers from chronic con
stipation is in danger of many seri
J ous ailments. Orino Laxative Fruit
ι Syrup cures chronic constipation as
lit aids digestion and stimulates the
; liver and bowels, restoring the nat
; ural action of these organs. Com
; mence taking it today and you will
: feel better at once. Orino Laxative
Fruit Syrup does not nauseat or
i gripe and is very pleasant to take,
i Refuse substitutes. B. W. Fearis. (
Try us on your next order for coal
and compare the difference. Waxa
bachie Grain Company. tf
'resh Celery & Vegetables \
t For Saturday X
V'-Wj' — ~ ♦
X It's easy to live well and always have the best the X
markets afford if \ou do vour trading with Hines. We ♦
ρ ι*ται t\ci^ anui u 11 )uu uu )uui uauiiig wuu mues. vv c φ
t always have all the .good things obtainable, and for X
ψ Saturday's buying we shall have an unusual line of X
given and fresh vegetables. Phone us your wants. X
■e can take care of them.


roceries :
We Have Them. }
You Need Them. *

Telephone Us. 2
P. P. Smith Ci Co., |
(Successors to J. P. Wakeland & Co. f
: Jellycon
I tht w
['he hildrvns fa\ >rite de sert. Give them :ll
ant f it. Κ : per "uk:^· in ::!! tl.i\ >r .
Barden Time
Y. B. Early Grocery Co
Another ."line Horror Takes Place In West
VirqiiiM. flinv Miners Missed
< îvi \V. V;i Jin. 1· 1 ;xpl«>* ·
oi: of dust in the trs 11 »«-s of the Î'allU
L"ι »·* ii Colliery cunipMMy on Paint creek
; ,^ϋ ty-flv"« llit'i--A ■ asl of her**. proba
cy chu.·*' d the de.»th of eigh teeπ minera
ft hn vs ■ : »· in the ntii,·· at the time.
The eighteen men were entombed
ill'! up tu a l ite hour Thursday night
re»· uing parti· s lia i only brought ont
the body of one, <1. Ρ Neal. who was»
found near the mouth of the mine.
The explosion occurred shortly aClr
noon when most of ill" men , · \
ihe outside ai dinner. Had ίΐ not been
for this there mi g hi have been se ν * γη I
hundred victimes of tit" explosion. It
Is known that at {«Hurt elghi"en mcr.
Λ'ΐΊ-e in the rnii·.·· and it is beliored by
Honl·· that there were rn-oe men in it
at the time <>i th" explosion.
This is the se com I explosion in a
\ν· st Virginia mine within the past two
weeks. The other was at at Bîuefielos
two w ♦■·..· k s an υ when a score of miners
were killed.
An accumulation of dust in the
mines is held responsible for tin· > ·■]
lient Thursday With a terrifie noise
th·· entire mine shook from the fon·.·
of the concussion and a greater portion
of the mine collapsed. Th·· men were
supposed to be about 200 feet inside of
the mine when the explosion occurred.
The noise could he heard many miles
distant and miners from neighboring
mining villages immediately gathered
to render aid. Rescuing squads formed
and entered the main drift.
The fallen slate was cleared away
and brattices built to make a passage
Into the mine. The bcJy οι Xeal was
first found
The mouth of the mine was a scene
of wild excitement Thursday night.
Men, women and children relatives of
the men entombed formed a heartrend
ing scene as they searched for loved
ones among the crowd. Immediately
after the explosion the mines filled
with smoke and made the work or' the
volunteer rescuers difficult.
A peculiar feature In connection with
the disaster Ts that while the explosion
was caused by dust the report of the
deputy mine inspector, who visited the
mine several days ago, stated that the
mine was in good condition.
Chief Mine Inspector Paul left for th«
scene to make a personal investiga
Large Number of Cars in th<
Railroad Yards.
The heavy receipts of hogs in this
market is making itself apparent in
the railroad yards. Forty cars were
received here Wednesda\ during the
forenoon, averaging about eight?
hogs to the car and the receipts thus
far this week are averaging between
5,000 and K.OOO hogs per day. Tht
hogs are all for the packeries hert
and there is a demand for more.
It, has always been difficult to gei
a sufficient amount of hogs for tht
packeries and officers of the pack
ing companies have frequently urg·
ed the Texas farmers to raise hogs
of the best grade, as it has beer
necessary to ship hogs here from tht
Indian Territory and other points
in order to get enough to supply tht
Naturally the shipments cause ar
additional expense and if the hoi
raisers of Texas could snppl; thi:
demand they would be able to com
pete advantageously against outsidt
hog raisers The hogs now beins
received are coming largel fron
Texas territorv and it Indicates tha
some of the suggestion.» which h a ν»
been made relative to the profits li
hog raising in this state are bring
ln« ι -ill Fort Worth Telegram
< * tuent IM<h k* for l':i\iug.
\t t he meet In ft of th Civil !.· igm
\Vedn< m!ay night an estimate on th»
probable cost of building walks ο
m m. ni blocks was submitted by Me>
sr- Ha/e and Jarrell, The chijmati
as furni-hed hs these ntlemet
-liow ι h;ii a walk on.· hundred fe.
Inm iiid four feel nldf ran be mad·
d In
V, η IMll
Ellis County Union Convenes for i
Session of Two Days.
The Fin* Count> Farmer* ΓηΙοη j
met In Waxahachle this morning and I
will remain \ri w^lon today and to
morrov The union i* ttrnng In thl*
county and h large number of dele
gates afe 1rs attendant*·. The meet
inn Is being held Irt the Fraternal
ΓηΙοη hall. In addition to regular
business Severn! queutions pertaining
to tht* interest of the union will b*v
j dlseuased.
Λ m on κ those in attendance is .i C.
Welch of Mldlothion. state organiser.
Other visitors arc .1 Κ Blair. T. H.
Knsterwood and S. Β Hoi lor of Mid
R<m -Harris. in his usual and im
I ρ rewrite* manner, united In marriage
j M ins hiliie Burns of Sardis to Mr,
j Harry Perkinson of thiscltyThursday
; evening at the hotne of her parents.
! Mr. and Mr .1. W. Burns. The par·
! lor s had been decorated beautifully
j for the orra: ion. Mrs. Genie Watson
! of this city played the wedding march
as the bride and groom entered and
; took their stand under a large arch
, of evergreens and mistletoe, follow
ed by Mr Byrum and Miss Clemmie
j Hightowi :. Mi. Robin· ' and Miss
Î Addle Martin. The bride wore a hand
some white silk taffeta trimmed in
• lace and ribbon and carried an arm
(bouquet of while brode 's rose* and
j fern*4 M'er the ceremony all were
j invited into Jh· dining room where
'an elegant « past was .-· rved. Mr.
. and Mrs Per kin son were tie re
•(ipienîs of a number of nice presents
in the way of silverware, hand paint
ed china and others too numerous
to mention This popular young
! couple have a host of friends who
join in wishing them a long and pros
| perous wedded life.
I'tiniishni by (lit- Cotton Kxchange of
Γ. H. Wilson & Co.
New Vork Futures.
Yes Today's |
Month— Close Close
January 11.62 It. 56
March 11.81 11.75
May 11.91 11.86
July 11.97 11.92
Xe»v Orleans Futures.
Jaunary 11.71 11.66
March 11.99 11.95
May 12.11 12.OS
July 12.21 12.18
Chicago Wheat.
May 8S ! ι 87%
July 85% 8 4%
Chicago Corn.
May 45 % 4.»
July 45% 43%
Chicago Oats
May :!2% 32
July :;o% :;o%
Waxahaehie Market.
Middling Cotton, basis 11
\o. 2 Wheat 1.00
Mixed Ear Corn 53 to 60
Bulk Oats !2 to 3Î
Oats, retail 40 to 4ï
Vrrested at Itasca.
Hillshoro. Tex.. Jan. 19 Yester
day morning Will Ingram, a. ueuro,
was hroughKhere by Dick Sapping
ton from Itasca on a charge of theft
(of a horse and huggy The outfit
I was siolen Tuesday from a farmer I
] Ι» Un name of Dickson, living near |
;.o\ and was abandoned aft<
in· iioi'si had been driven very iian
J 11, ι .11 · ! ail Was tixed at $5<>u ·>!
he tai.eti lo make bond and is in ;.ii
Ν «tu In Stock
first Oriental to tmbrtcc (hmtiMity η
Cl< k ime Tikes Vows.
Ib-binne Tex . .Jan I !' Mem
bers w hn attended the mid twk -< ■ r -
vice* ai rti»1 Kir«i Haptlit church nave
been permitted *o wlinen* the bap
tizing of the flt^i Oriental, who if
known to have embraied Christianity
In Cleburne and probably on» of the
first in T»va The π» » convert,
Jim King, m as he hrts t»*cn chris
tened J a tin·. King. Is · respectable
:tnd }ιϊκΙιΙ> Intelligent Chinaman who
has been in bu*ln<**s here for Mime
rim»» and his conversion front Hud
rllsm to Christianity only came as
I he result of profound stud} Rev.
W. Κ IVnrod, the pastor. examined
lb»· applicant in nil matters pertaln
intc to his profession and recommend
ed his admission to the church The
baptism was witneeged by several
['hlnamen from Dalla and Kurt
i)t'( ■ more. according to i e]>ort,
plans are being laid for a ■ · mili ar»·
to bui the Boston Nationals. j
Ir looks as if th;.· Cincinnati Reds
may be nt> a stump Sunda> base
ball i-i likely to be prohibited in Cin
. ΓΤι t ■ ; : ' i «hi- season and now r is
rumored that the (fames will not be
permitted to be played across the
river in Covington. K> . :·» had been
George Hemming, the old Balti
more player, will break into the game -
again this season at Wilkesbarre,
There will be no Grand I'tiion
Hotel stakes at Saratoga the coming
season, the hotel management having
refused to contribute the purse.
Λ new lacrosse league has been
formed, comprising Harvard. Cornell.
Columbia and Stevens Institute in
the northern section'and Pennsylva
nia. John Hopkins, Lehigh and
Swarthmore in the south.
Barney Schreiber. the well known
western horseman, will have sixty
rwe-vea r-olrts to carrv his colors this
summer. The most of them are now
at his Woodlands Farm in Missouri.
Rogers Hotel Arrivals. 1
H. Harrison. Dallas; Walter Bill-1
ups, Dallas; L. C. Underwood. Oal-I
las, P. W. Howe. Bradford. Pa.: L.
M. Simon. Dallas. B. S. Leigh, city;
1. S. Patterson, Pulaski, Tenn.; W.
A. Smith. Pulaski. Tenn.: W. B.
Francis. Dallas: F. C. Starr. Dallas;
W. B.· Moses, Fairfield. Tex.: R A.
Fraser, Chicago: M. E. C raig. New
Orleans: Geo. H. King, Xew York;
C. A. Dixon, New York: P. B. Chap
man. Haskel: F A. Ryan. Dallas;!
Γ. M. Barnard. Mas : .1 i! McC-rary.
St. Louis; J. L. Gammon, city: G. M.
Anderson. Kansas City: Λ D Frost.
Fort Worth; V. A. DaFayon, St.
Louis: \V A. Hacker New Orleans :
D. C. Hord. Dallas: G. M. Cone,
Wichita. Kansas; Geo. H CourtiiglU,
Chicago; G. S. Sewell, Dallas
The Original. |
Foley & Co., Chicago, originated I
Honey and Tar as a throat and lung |
remedy, and on account of the great m
merit and popularity of F·Ί· ·■ .- Hon- _
ey ami Tar many immitations are of
t(Ml for the genuine. These worth- 4
le>< immiations have similar sound- *
ing nan > Beware of *1 en The »
-••ηnine Fo'.ev - Hon·-·.· : Τ ♦
a yellow :iac!-.ag". f ' i ; ·: J
refuse any substitute, it Is me M «
reined··" for coughs ..:·.) ... Π. \V. J
I-'..ri- _ J
>··ιι i<Ιί. ^ . 1 ' t . I'r<·.; ι ,itn .
1. ,s!.u for Snndx .laniuii L' I
The Hilile and l.ife. Psilnis 11'·, ·»
11; Hebrew ι. 1.. : '
How should I study the Bible:
How do I study the Bible.'
When should I simh the Bible?
your no-> ,t ir. en ι
■turn them t you I
Prie * 51 ! 1 . New *
Λ ■ : <
THIS IS all we ask you
to pay us to take pick of
over one hundred of our
choicest 518.50, 520.00,
and #22.50 suits.
It's unnecessary for us
to elaborate on Style,
Workmanship. Fit or Ma
terials.— you know the
kind of clothes—
The Best
in the land.
518.50, 520 and 522.50
Ail Overcoats 1-3 off.
you have a
ring or any ar
ticle of Jewelry
with a stone lost
out, bring it to
us. We have
all kinds and
sizes in stock.
Prices reasonable.
"The Jeweler"
Now is the Time
to have· vour heating stoves put
up Wear- ready for wot,.: will
m air. trade {■■: yours, or p;i>*
the cash for it. \\'e want to do
th.· work. Try us.
Moore's Neu and Second
Hand Slor»>
$ "McManus"
g Buggies
I ■
Selecting a Tea or Dinner Set
^ ■ *
— ι '
^ * \<* 7*
The Oldham H'dw. Co.
\ Guarantee ei Satisfaction With Even Sate %
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