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Good Plumbing
in iy co*t a little more >it the ΙκγiMisrsg
twt will prove by (»r the least «·χ|ν»-τ.
liw in the end. If you w;>nt the very
β >nd for us ami we will gladly figure · η
any work along our I n· Piping. Re
pair w >rk, etc.
f. S. CRONfi I CO.
Jl- - t
Zhc Xiobt
— BY—
Published Daily Except Sunday
Entered at the Waxahachle post
office as mall matter of the second
class : : : ■: : : :
Ιί. 1). HMISOV - - - President
W. ·!. Ill II' - - - \ ire President
<\ W. KKXT ..... Secretary
(ï. W. Μ'ΚΝΚίΗΤ - Treiifciirer-Mgr.
Sl'BS C' It I Ρ Τ 1 Ο Ν It Λ Τ Κ S
One Month $ 50
Six Months, in Advance 2.75
One Year, In Advance 5.00
W. A. OW.VRY - - · City Editor
Your poll tux. Have you paid It?
Senator Reed Snioot, the Mormon
member from Utah, is attracting
more attention from the women of
America than any other living Mates
man. Thousands of the fair sex
have filed petitions requesting that
he be removed from congress
While William Allen White, the
man who wrote "What's the Matter
With Kansas?" was employed on a
Lawrence paper the editor gave him
a répertoriai assignment to "go to
hell and be quick about." Recalling
this and his attendant experiences ir
attempting to carry out the work. an<
with the further reflection that ver
little was said about jt in the paper:
White now deposes and sais that h
does not think so much of Waite
Wellman's assignment to find t.h'
North Pole via the air-ship route.
η Β Hnmphrey». et Venu», in «η j
srtliie repenti) puîilS«h«·»! "to (ht*
paper. ««·'>. rlgSit at the bottom of
1 tir («ttoii markH »« affnttng W»**- S
îiaiht- Mr ilml(it«l·· th<- uit« fot
!ΐι· f-!!!S£ off !r. rr—ri;·'·· *"d n(l«t> ,
• u*s··»'tf.-o-* worth* of careful run j
»ider»tiot> \fr Humphr· * **\a ■ he i
ίτΐΐ i1<h « «"lint that for «oni* teanot#
the buyer» have not fnnmrasn] farm
era >11 market their ruitnn «I «ht*
point With the -■<· fan* before you
1* ι hi· re room ι» doubt th·· a<t« laahlllt)
of taking prompt action* Wave
j hachle I# In a position lo pav the top
■prin for cotton. »h<· ha* heretofore
ilon·* It, anil ahe tniiat continue to do
: It or suffer h<*avv loaa of trail·1
I Waxahachie ha* landed the Trtnlts
] and Bra ίο» Valley, th·· if fort* of the
Πνί< Improvement league art· al
J ready bearing fruit, th·· mule <ttr»
(have been bathed. but no orsanlied
1effort Is yet being mad·· to rorrwt
jihi· evil that ha* kept nun h cotton
iiiwin from this market during th·
J pant season, Kverv buslne«n man
j suffers as a 1 onM'uni'ln . of this evil
! I»v beginning now the matter tan
be cleared op before another M ason
j Is upon \is.
Forget fulness or neglect will not
I les·, ii yotlt regret ai being disfrati
ι hlsed On· thing sur·· unless you
ι a ι· · exempt a poll tax rei elpt bearing
date prior to Febuary I. Hint;, is
I absolutely necessary to <] u ϋ I i f y yon
j as a voter In the year's election».
j .ii\<;i.i:is \\ι> ,ιοκι ι.ι is.
j The standing armies of this sphere
Tiie German. Russian, .laps -
! Are naught to "standing army" here
That clings to street car straps.
"1 understand that new business
venture of his is quite a marked suc
"Yes. a dollar marked success, I
"Go to the ant. thou sluggard,"
Advice both good and true.
Hut at the picnic luncheon
The ant will go to you.
Bacon Did you say he talked
through his nose?
Egbert When his wife gives him
a chance
In life some fearful contrasts lurk
E3eh has his own position.
Some men are born to go to work
And some to go a-flshin'.
I ("holly 1 have a beastly cold in
mv head.
Molly—Well, that's something.
I, -—ο
9 My song rose on the midnight ait
r When suddenly a broken chair
> Fell on mv head from way up above—
Her dad has queer ideas of love.
«*«·« ♦♦♦♦♦
Tbi siino »n<« »r»
iiiàu. «Ο ;sr'î.-!î» »! «h"
Orrai* ratic Primary. Jalf ?*, 1 »«».
I i»r ι "UiH) « l<*rk
ti i> Ml Kt.KSON
Kitr Hit· rltf.
I'of li*\
.1 X MrRt.ROY H< .■!«■« Ion
ι r wn.us
si Slum Kit Hl ltMOV·».
Ait'hleon Glol»
II η parlor I* leal »rti»t|. H take*
. ι whol·· dav to dtinl It.
— ο
I All men and a ffw xpinster* ni>
that all babies look alike
What h |i - Ιηίοιικ· Of 11, « ■ nut ΓI lit κ·
; ι ο IfftcnU· that hung on tin.' parlor
There urohably h· v. r » ι man
«lui ï < it 11 y liked hi* «!(■ b< worn
m friend
Κ VP I think how mtt'h more win
i of t iresouie [H-dplc ! h il il .ou <l<
of Interesting penpi.- '
There mi· wor-e friend to ha ν»
: than the-·· without mom tho-.
j without manner».
l,ong before a nian has |>aid hlf
! Chris lines hills his friends have for
I gotten what lie «ave them
ι We claim thai nothing in the work]
: looks mtich worse than a cornet hang
Ι ing on the back of a chair.
We have noticed th.it when a mai
sheds tears with his promise to re
I form that he backslides all Ihe
ι quicker
Hury your conscience and just ai
the lime when you think you have
it safely covered, it wriggles to the
I top.
ι —ο—
l'ut this to the credit of the mar
! who seems stupid in conversation:
ί He is not telling any secrets confld
! ed in him.
I They say that in the great ecotio
'miis of XaIiire nothing is wasted:
; How about curly hair on the head o)
la man?
"Who gets the bulk of Pemberton'i
"The lawyers."
The Chinaman exclaimed: "Agait
By modern minds you'll be advised
We'll try to boycott now and the
To show we're getting civilized."
Low grade of wheat for chicke
feed at Waxahachie Grain Co.
In· He«Tibl#
,r% Lew-·«·**.
M'hii hfel Jùt« î» r* « ι w»(ï i|5iir«
; r 1|·:--.·>·)# t| *■'? -:%t ■*>· :*r ) .»ir'·· k H »r. ! h
•rniuf »Ts*-t»t<=*i «.( (he f· ·.. if ί?ΓΓι*Ϊ?ΐ 4t
I **'('·■■ t.m I r* Mrifuflufi r< '!*·<<·»*,
if* .:« Î Hi |»tr ' T** * «S
! hertil»!)» ma i -u{#it t»» f η g Minn Î Ή» feet
| and hi* b»»t> Hier wily îrwii »o 1
i Tb* r*rvii%ifï# had to ? » ? < h*« » ·1 up Ift
fr,«U!ï;* « ·«· |·.< » pa '"· <· ; -"ispmrnt ♦»·
H"Utîi !}♦ had f»#« *■>' l t * enty*fK*>
Mb k* f «1>n-a?»>i #· Im |.w>ri'ie« ft!, α
I peint lî. «vu., vihcrt1 tb*
fltîv. ί· fin. ι η ; · · s η g : . Il' Mou>)<
tel*/* »*« llftr A fy*« h idclml y HiuthH
«tfu! Htoith'* t!r*t«dfii f: ?* follow*»!
C<-nvanti»n of th« Conit t ut c r»*l Dem
OCriY· I· In S«*a>on.
Ht pt'* ' u fe· J., 5 "♦ The flrit
t r i i ». v# ntlon 1 ·: ira ni y.* Ί by * po
Mtlf .il party tn th< hbtotv <>f Ru**ta.
that < t lh·' ('· mat ft ut lonal I Vmoi ra' *■
j np* i.ed Jwre Thuradiiy Two hundred
»n<| fifty debgat^a representing pro
vfnrk,s .»! κ»·lor-·* w * * pre«> nt 'Γ 11 *·
f f "t .»« t of t ft# de!♦»*.»!« '· w .«> aignifioi nt
«f 'h* rr» 'î »>f the convention. th*
ter» !"î; r ν <·;·. lutu»;; '-tlirig ou th*· n«
*'■<! ■ i-' t>> * 1 · > ··. » liiorv - f 1 h·· vic
tim* ■ f «?·' ,2 iHf'i Sun<i.«y). «-rveral
i f w M«.Ti> ·.♦?♦' *h· t ·<«»! fur fr«»m (he hall
V. h H Îh«- I I Λ < ι I i, i . lu lf;g h#ld
Ηλ ay Cl«rk 1$ Accused of Criminally
Assaulting a Girl.
ι ί urnbîe Ί · χ .1. 1:· Haley Clark
i wn* ;!!»♦ ·<< 1 u|n«n a warrant charging
li1111 with r rin-ii :.l .ivs-jmii, th#* victim
l·· hi« Λ <11111 Hancock, aged about
fourth i. > ".'.rs The alleged offense is
Fald to lia\· been committed on Satur
day night l;tM The arrest wîip kept
ftlni<»f«t a ^.<ret during the day and
<\nrk was taken t« Houston
San Antonio Next Year.
Fort AVorth. Jan. IM. Retail Saddle
and Harness Maker»' association meets
j next year at San Antonio. Officers
j were elected as follows: President, C. S.
lioyles. Baird; vice president, Lewi a
Walters. La Grange; secretary and
treasurer. D. S Kauffman, Abilene;
Territorial vice presidents. J C. Puddy,
Ardmore, I. Τ : Ο J. Schneider. Clay
ton, X. M R. Ρ Morton. Shreveport.
All to Be Represented.
Piilt I,ake Cltv. Jan 19. — Th.* Com
mercial club committee having in
charge arrangements for the "See
America First*' conference in this city
Jan. 25 and L'6. announces It is now
assured that from all transmississlppi
states and from Duluth on north to Ν w
rleans on the south, there will be dele
Death Penalty For Garret1-.
ι Dallas. Jan. 1!*. In criminal district
• court Will Garrett, a negro, charged
1 with taking 4he life of Letitia Bedford,
a woman of his race, was given the
death penalty She was killed just a?
η ihe entered her home on th«* night oi
f Oct. 10 last A hole was blown in hei
Something New Is
Being Offered
By us in the form of ready mixed feed of Cot
ton Seed Meal and Hulls in 100 pound sacks
"η α g\i;iranteed mixture of 80 pounds hulls and
20 pounds meal to sack. In this way meal and
hulls can he fed and handled more conven:-*' "
ι-ntly—There is no waste, and is economical : |
it is the best feed on the market. Try a sack.s
Planters Cotton Oil Company
Both Phones No. 60—Waxahachle, Tex.
The Luxury of
E-lectric Light,
O M'Y Λβι ί,ΜΤ '
like that of a good cijrnr, must i <î
experienced to be thoroughly a; *
predated. Its advantages owr
other methods of illumination a e
many and distinct. We supply all
sorts of appliances to be used w:'h
electric li^ht and will wire ;f
store or home at a very reasonable
price. . . .
W axahachie Gas
and E.lectric Co. * Φ
Tuesday Jan. 23
Matinee and Night
Opera House
One night only
Prices 25. 35, and 50 cents
I Matinee 15 and 25 cents.
Have Your Horses
Health Assured
While the life insurance
investigation is going υη
you investigate Williams
Bros, health assurance
business. Our livery
barn is a brick structure
with a close loft over
head and is protected
from the cold north wind
by Egger City and the
Shelton block and faces
the sunny South. Board
your horse with them
and protect them from
the cold. Also cab ser
vice. Both phones 121.
Williams Bros.,
SFridaj and Saturday, the Last Two Days|
15.00 and 16.50 SUITS or OVERCOATS at 9.98 J
12.50 and 10.50 SUITS or OVERCOATS at 7.98 J
25.00 and 27.50 Ladies9 Long CloaKs at 11.98 J
5.00 and 6.50 Short Cloaks at 3·19 2
Everything in the store in proportion. Remember this Sale closes Saturday Jan. 20 <φ
Durham Dry Goods*

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