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* _ ■ . ■ ' ". ■ ' ' ·.' ' ·. !( ':ν/·!·^ΐ
Is the late hxe< for the ExecntiM of
tie Nejro Albert Johnson.
Mbiii Johnson, the negro who
murdered and robbed .1 Η Taylor
near Waxahachi·· last Inly «ill be
legally executed between II o'clock
η m. :t η cl sundown on Friday. March
Johnson wan taken before lbe court
this afternoon at o'clock that sen
tence might he passed on him and
the date of execution fixed. While
sentence Vus being pronounced on
Johnson hi- displayed no sign of emo
tion, and when asked if he had any
thing to say why the verdict of I he
court should not be carried out. re
plied very coolly in the negative
The negro was convicted al the
last term of the court and given the
death penalty Λ motion for a new
trial was filed, but was overruled. An
appeal to the court of criminal ap
peals was then taken, but was forfeit
ed by Johnso» escaping from jail
January 9.
\tjer recusing his sentence John
son %as taken back to the jail by
yfieriff Minnick and again placed in
y the death cell, which he has occupied
since his recapture after breaking
jail. The death watch will be set to
night George Rose will be on guard
at niglii and Joe Crow will have tin·
day watch.
(«ont to South Texas.
Secreta.v iiuiulson deparied Sun
day night ι ι join Μι Ε. D. Smith
of South Gat oil and Hon. R. T.
Milner, state p;ofident of the South
ern Cotton As3 îcistion. at Taylor to
day. Front there they go to appoint
ments at A isiin, Marcos. San
Antonio and Weimar. They will be J
in San Antonio Mr>rch 1 and 2, ind \
will close theit wti kV work .·ι Wei
mai' Mari h
Mr Hudson h us fur "Mtal »veek
Iκ·ι'η receiving letters from man
i farmers throughout South Texas. ask
ing that orK.mi7.i'rs visit that section
Mi Smith will remain Iti Texas alto
j fee»hoi- mor»· than two months, ant
Mr Hudson intends having him κ|κ·ιιΙ
again in Waxahachie and also at En
ills before hi· finally leaves the state
I >ιιι· notice will lie given in the ronn
tv papeis of these appointmeiits
J Thousands of Bills county cltifceiv
who failed to hear Mr Smith hen
and at Italy are anxious for him t(
! return to the count) Mr Hudsot
i'says his fellow citizens of the count;
I shall not be disappointed
Dr. Hornbeak Appointed <i Member of ai
Education»! Committee.
At tile annual meeting iff the Stati
Teachers' Association al Han Antonlc
it was decided to constitute two com
m it tecs whose duty it is to keep Tex
as teavhers in touch with educational
progress. Superintendent Fulton ol
Cleburne, president of the Stati
Teachers' Association, has just an
nounced the following committees:
Committee on educational progress
in Texas: W. S Sutton, I'niversity
of Texas: S, L. Hornbeak, Trinity
I'niversity: S. C. Wilson. Hunlsville;
S M. X. Marrs, Terrell: W. A. Pal
mer, San Marcos.
Committee on educational progress
without state: P. W. Horn, Hous
ton; 11 C. Pritchett. Huntsville. I).
F ICagleton. Sherman: .1. I, Long.
Dallas; .1 W. Smith, Caldwell
Waxahachie (las and Electric Com
pany makes no charges for repairing
lights for customers who use our
lamps, where new material is not
required. 81
former Speaker of House of Rç>rcseHtt
fives Dies et Dflta<iie, low«v
Piiliiiqii», la l"«-b. ?h Kump
'Speaker I) 11 Henderson of the us
tlonal house of representatives died a
2 o'clock Sunday afternoon a! Mere;
. hospital of paresis, which attacked hir
ι nine months ago. He began to sinl
Friday afternoon, rallied Satnrda;
j morning. In the afternoon lapsed inti
unconsciousness and failed rapidly nil
til the enil cam·· \il of his famil;
I except a son in California, were at hi
bedside, lint Colonel Henderson liai
been unab/· to rer^n'-'.e an\ om
XX-BriUKE:: iien υκκβοχ.
l'Ut 11 is wite since ;< week atço 11 χ r1 η ρ ι
on Friday when f]p partly :ii*^f3
his montai facilities.
Colonel Henderson was stricken with
paresis last May. and his condition
grew so t;rave that lie was lentoved
to a hospital in September. His con
dltion remained practically unchanged,
except for I hp usual progrès» of a such
m dis asp till a week ago last Friday.
He suffered another stroke, which
resulted in total blindness. The for
mier speaker failed rapidly physically
and menially until Friday, when nl>
mental power* returned for a few
hours, followed by a relapse, which
ended in a relapse.
The funeral will be held r.ejt Thurs
Forjjj^VtfConK'-^'isymimrfè^r mr j
ontemgt oj court ^ tÎÏTT-ai
< iio*r·
Colonel Henderson was a native ο
Scotland. but rame to this count r)
while young. He served sever· l ter aw
3n congress, voluntarily retiring,
litically. he was a Republican.
Furnished by «lie Cotton K.vt hange ο
1». Η. Wilson Ap Co.
New York Futures
Yes Today'!
Month Close Close
March 10.32 10.26
Ma ν 10.55 10.4
.Tul> 10.72 10.60
New Orleans Futures.
March «0 4Γ. 10.32
Mav 10 t>.) 10.a'.'.
j.litlj 10.8:; 10.70
Chicago WMeat.
j m») s ' ''··
litl> S1 *« Sl
< hica^»· < >«ts.
Mtt> ' ;
,llll> !" 's Ci··
< hiOKo I urn
Ma» '0
, lu I ν '-S''·, "·
Waxuliaclilt Mark· '
I Middling Cotton, basis
I No - Wheat
Mixed Far Corn · > lo ·>
! Hulk Oats - t<> ;
: Oats, ictail <0 to 4
Mull net »■·■«
( nniMti ιμ· t uml
» h> lο<·al applications i- thej r*ai
»h»· ·!!-··.«-· »î portion of th»· » a» fhrt
ι on h on»· wnv to rur* deafnens an
That t* l>v « onHtlfrtit»nnI «'lacdl^
I»*»ain«·** · auM-d h\ h tnflam*
t-ondlllon of th«· murou* ! 1141 nie of lb
Ku&tai hian Tub*· Wh*n 'h· - tube I
irifiaii t-·) * *>t» h**»· » rt»mM-njc -ou η
j or lmiw*rfi»« t ht*ailHK. an*1 wln*n »t I
• utfrH* < |ον*μ1, ikiftlHHi i» the
httii M;l·*··**» th< influuati- 'an t
t tnW««i» out ιη·1 <hl» teb» r«*wt<»r«K! '
It* normal condition. hearing «III \
,dr» t^«l forrTff ηιη· < out <
i ten at»* ·νλϋΜ(Ι fc> t'atarrh « hl« fc
nothing but An »nflsitf?e«l omIUlon <
th»* tuu<o:> urtAn
\\ .· ·%ίΙΙ (tlv** HuiuIm t (Hi
Jar* for it> ·α*»> »f DPiflwNMi ' inn»»
by «atnrrh» 'but amnot t«' cunnl
H*tT* Γ*! ·' € * t s * * «l'tal ' s;
4 fr»·· V » (ΊΙΚΧβΙ λ «
I Τ»Νο Q s<44 1 !* l**uo?l*t#. Τ *»
Γ* k.· Η»ΙΓ« Pu mil « 111!» foi nm
! »t twite·.
iuitnt; tor îo*
>»·,*ΙΙι* * ffMR
I \ % m«*h
·*« 1 #«·»t» <1 H» **·» \« 1
Hutu iu«.tr
• f Mmf ts λϊ ttwr < V·η t rail φ·ίη>< ρ*·
fi'»i Hï-fiil ι »,* · -*V 1 h - f«*M Îtâ|
«Hlth «*«* U· h, · " · r!nt»fti
ftra'ftiMt*» tif « i*«4* pa.«M*n
• ! Π|« '<1 i ..>!*·· !
, A***-*#* r v* «m> ■ *-# · m ο»-fi u
t*- «t#*fwi; «χι 'II· w»«iUi»ta4 *r«m f
. tu si&utr^ -h' «»h M<i *» ιβ*
llttff imImmi*-· a 1* λU'on * fc
Ε she <·!ομη5 the door fn»m the infeirif
she was unable ίο open 1* again. Th«
seli locking attachment refused tri
work, and ihere was no way of open
μ ing Mi·· door from th« outsid·· It
was n«*arl\ train tin»· and th· voting
lady was beroming most frantic
Something had to be done and that
hurrie<]|\ The voting operator took
in th'» situation at a glanre. and saw
that th*' only way to release «h»- fair
^ prisoner would be by foreing 'hé lork
from tli»· inside Hastily securing .»
ladder he made ingress to the lava
ι tor\ through the transom and soon
: had th» door open. The young: lady
rame from the prison showering a
profusion of ihanUs upon her re.s
' ruer
Black Rivisher Meets Deserved fate
in Loaisiand.
Shreveport, La, Fob 2t> At ">
o'clock Saturday afternoon Wilt/.
I'age. thi· negro charged with crim
inal assault upon Miss Garni, a I I
year-old white girl, at Arcadia, ha.,
was taken from officers by a mob,
conveyed to the scene of the crime,
and lynched.
Page was arrested at noon Satur
day with two other suspects, and all
were carried before the victim and
her sister, and Page was positively ι
identified as the right man.
Deputy Sheriff Curry then took
'charge ο! tile-prisoner and proceeded
back tu Arcadia, the county seat, in
a vehicle. The mob followed and the
officer, finding that he could not get
away, slipped from his vehicle with
the prisoner and took to the woods,
believing the mob would follow the
empty vehicle with the driver Γροη
learning of the ruse I he mob became
furious, and taking blood hounds,
ι tracked down the officer and took bis
] prisoner from him
«•overnor manchard was notified
and ordered out the militia, which ar
rived too late. The men look the
negro back to the scene of his crime,
and taking a quantity of oil prepared
1 Governor Blanchard, commanding
■ him lo prevent ihe burning, ihe sher
iff prevailed upon the mob for law
and order, and a hasty trial was held
ai the scene of the crime, the negro
found guilty, and riddled with bul
lets. his body being torn to pieces
with shots fired by the immense
throng gathered.
\fter the shooting the mob form
ed. and. conveying the negro's bod>
to the exact spot where the crime
was committed, laid it upon a pile of
woo'd and drenched it with coal oil
and set tire to it. The mob remained
until the body was burned to a crisp
and then dispersed in a ver.v quiet ι
rh*a> of (iuilty.
I'll*· following picas (if guilts hav· t
bfen at <»pted in he ronni> run '
I R Powell. \ i ii u I'M11 « »i · a ;
minoi fined $
tliil Kidd. Uei-ping uame !
j ιined SI··
t'atesmit and return $♦· ν a»
, ' < t .ni Fruii and I ruck t ; ι « . Con
t! MMiun of IVxas On ^al* I*·
. 1 and ' ♦'» I ami! March '
Will Moon Haidwar· ('<un
IKtiiN loi • ■Icetrii light glolw*·*
.YctniJ^urnleT^^nKenT orders ironi
(ir«n4 Jury Or#41117 c4 m4 (k«rft 0
Court DtlivrrN lo tlut My.
Th»· February term of th· district
court convened this motnlng ai 10::!0
with Judge Ι Κ Millard on the
bench Owing to the busy season
with tin· farmers just beginning the
attendance »as< not very large The
(nil of the docket «as deferred un
til this afternoon and th·· work of
organizing th'· grand jnr> proceeded
wilh That Ikid y was empanneled
and sworn In and th·· court's charge
delivered at th·· forenoon session
The following citizens of the coun
ty were selected to serve as the in
quisitorial body during (his term of
court :
c W Gibson, Waxahachie, fore
man; .1 S. Campbell. Waxahachie;
XV H Davis, Waxahachie; Joe Por
terfieid. Waxahachie; Τ Ο. Fountain,
Knnis. Wm Kllison. Knnls; Λ Mar
tin, Palmer; John Snyder, Ferris ; J.
I, W. Forbes, Mountain Peak; .1 N.
Spence, Italy; Joab Hendricks. I,one
Cedar !>. S Goble. Crisp.
The following; riding bailiffs were
appointed by Sheriff Minnlck and
qualified by the court:
.1 H Smith. L. G Kunyon, fi F.
Abbott, .1. C. Sims. .1 I,. Shippey,
Frank Hughes. George Singleton. J. ;
H. Deveretix. Κ Η Cunningham. A. j
W Wilson. Tom Morgan, Tom God
frey. .i H. Forehand, .1 I McCalpln.
In his charge to the grand jury
ihe court called attention to the most ι
important and most common offens- |
es in the criminal code, such as mur- j
(1er. assault with intent to murder, |
aggravated assault, robbery, theft,
forgery, swindling and embezzlement.
In referring to th·· offense of rape
the court said ibis crime was a dis
grace to ι he state of Texas and to
tin· whole South. The man who was
brute enough to commit such a hein
ous offense did not deserve to live j
and should receive the extreme pen
ally of the law
in»· «ia.nu juin rciTivtu msi rue
lions to make dilligent investigations
into the offense of unlawfully cavrv
ing arras. The court said that in
these days of advanced civilization
there was no excuse for a man roam
ins around the rojf. : ; Jojidea » own
will! pistols, bowie knives, dirks nnn
slung-shots like a robber in Turkey.
The court's charge along this line
was very emphatic and positive.
Attention was called to gambling
The court said that the gambler did
not add anything to the body politic,
bill w;is continually taking away from
same The gambler was character
ized as a menace to society, as an j
agent for the ruin and destruction ol
man; young men The allurements of
fered by the gambler to make a liv- j
ing without working induces young ;
in»·ii to enter thai profession They
then lake lu drink and eventually be- ,
come criminals. The grand jurv ;il- '
s»ι received instructions to look out
for tin· gamblers who lav around,
branches and outhouses during the!
t.ill season loi 'lit· purpose ol >b
bing cot I on pic 'I- of their hard1
earned mom ν
The court uiged the grand jurv to
investigate the conduct of all coun
ty iilui precinct officers, and to see
that then book· and all n-cords were
properly kept
The grand jurv inei ihi> afternoon
al 1 " lo begin deliberations
Tile call of ι he civil docket ι» now
in progress and will probabiv be
ci ι ni pie iii* afternoon Litigants
ill divorce piiic.i-dings will hav»· ι
hearing tomorrow
I aimer·· I ili»m
Member- ol the Kill ini
tio borrowed ibe chairs
iv hall and failed 10 re
1 h Th..
hntl.uiuoK·, Te
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