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Τ he waxahachie daily light.
iK&SiSSatM TOWN SiffttS ffAHft'l
toss or irt an· wowhty.
Willi I jilted Vitndh·* it»·' lVopIr j
S<»jirchHl Through tli·· Unfit* for
Wail am! Injnml—Hr<
I Firm! Follow·» Wlml
Mobil»·. Via.. March \ long
distance telephone message 10 ih<·
hem from M pro (Π η η says a cyclone, ■
H t'ompanl'v] I» a lieav> rain, struck
thai cit\ yesterday evening at *1:30
o'clock The storui center was In
hp southern portier· of the city and
principally heavy along From street,
une of the principal business streets
of the town Nearly every house
on Front street is reported to have !
tioeu demolished. The Armour pack- i
ins plant, from which this message '
was received by long distance phone, !
is the only building left standing and ;
the roof of this Is gone. Fire broke |
out in the ruins and despite the heavy
vain. the flames were burning fierce
ly when this dispatch was filed.
Λ number of bodies are reported j
to be in the ruins and the rescuers ι
worked by candle light The city is
in total darkness, the electric light- ι
ing plant having been put out of,
The tornado did severe damage at !
s other points adjacent to Meridian
and all trains are delayed indefin
itely. t
The Western Union Telegraph
L'ompanj reported having lost fif- >
ieen miles of wire and the Postal
iegraph company also suffered
;reat damage. The wires are all
down between Atlanta, Birmingham.
Memphis and other points and it is
impossible to secure communication
with the stricken city.
Λ private long distance message
received from Meridiaa at 9:30 last
night says three fires raged In the
devastated district. The work of the
rescuers was going bravely on, but
nwing to all lights being out, lanterns
>nd candles were being used In the
«ork and it was necessarily «tow. It
is thought that 160 bodies are is the
wreckage. The union depot is one of
ihe buildings blown away. The tele
graph wires are still down between
Meridian and Mobile and other
♦ School M«n Whi|>|»t1.
♦ Woodward Oki.i , M:n(ti ■
φ lU'ranw ti< u p'-ndcd ,t pupil
♦ F'rof Hurt l.anpli·». vaptriji
♦ tendent n! th< Woodv. artf
♦ schools, w;i> horse w hi pped liy
♦ thi child's mother [.angley
♦ had her lirn sinl η ad hi· then
♦ renewed the attack. knocking
♦ him down with a club A trial
♦ today Ικ-fore Judge I'atton re
♦ suited in hei convict Ion. with ■
♦ -sentence of ten (lays in jail and
♦ »::: tim She has appealed ι ο
♦ the district court
ftfNmrf the list ot fold <*t rt*rt*i<»n
WW Retrh Our Hawlrrf
Special to Daily Light
Meridian. Miss.. March :: At the
break of day this morning confusion
as a result of last evening's storm
still prevailed. The rescuers work
ed all night and removed a number
of dead bodies and Injured persona
from the ruins A detailed liât of
the casualties is still unobtainable,
but it is believed the loss of life will
reach one hundred. It is probable
that the injured will be twice that
number. Telegraphic service with
the outside world is spasmodic, and
news from other points affected by
the storm is of a meager nature.
Order here is being restored as
rapidly as possible under the circum
stances. That portion of the town
struck by the tornado presents a
scene of desolation aud destruction
that beggars description. Magnifi
cent business blocks have been crum
bled into atoms and where once stood
elegant homes grief stricken men and
women are searching through the
wreckage for their loved ones who
are missing.
Knitine Crew I lobbed.
Paris, Tex.. March Kngineer
■lini Jones and Kireman B. Bryant
of the Texas Midland came in Thurs
day night at II o'clock and went to
their room in a boarding house on
Sherman street. This morning they
discovered that they had been visit
ed by a burglar who took their (0(4
watches and 116.50 in cash from
their pockets. No clew.
Koaad White Woman's Hated.
Waco. Tex . Mr 1Ί1 3.—-Kb* hand
of a white woman was found yester
day by a number of negro boys. The
police are mystified, but the etplana
tion generally accepted is that it is
η specimen of anatomy thrown away
by some physician.
l«v«( fthzrn oi<4 Ntrieiw Stiffs»ii4n
PiSSri Any This .Iwntnq
S|i ι ι.·| id I >ail> l.icht
ttoHHloi). Τι·\ . March (luvn u
οι lame S'r|ihrii Hr>^u is 11 ï> ΪΠΟΓΙ'
j Ttal< mornint. at Μ .'Λ thit< lovai
citizen and patriotic 1 h ι · — 111. » 11 was
called Κι 1)1* final inward
When the announcement »μ· I.ιti
ni ovel 111" ri ι y thai ihl· dit·1 ill rtllsh
ed man »a> dead grief fill· I 'In·
hearts i>t' his hundred (if friends anil
admirer»· hen The dentil of <!o\
ι· nui Hog!.: will nut onl> l><· iiioirned
in Houston. Imt It will I» uni'i ral
throughout tnls broad Mate, foi h·
was a man of and for tin |WO|>le,
Governor llogc *as a native Τ··χαη
and a true fon of the .-.oil Hi* first
came into slate prominence as attor
ney general tinder ihe administra·,
tion of Governor lto-s He .succeed
ed Ross as governor and served two
terms, from 1801 to isiir. His ad
ministration was wise and i-fiiiient
and his nam·· will lie handed down
to posterity as one of the ablest men
who ever filled the gubernatorial
chair He was the father of the state
railroad commlpsion. which will Ions
stand as a monument to his broad
minded statesmanship.
Governor Hogg had been in poor
health a long time, and last fall be
was sick several weeks a' Fort.
Worth, going there to submit to an
operation. After hovering lyetween
li!i and death several days he re
gained his strength sufficiently to
return to his home in this city Λ re
lapse came and be had been confined
to his bed nearly ever since returning
trom Fort Worth.
Some ÛMftgts Simcst<4 Vhicfe NifM
ι AM H Effkieftcy *f Syske.
We are proud of them and no town
can boast of a more efficient, corps ol
officers and teachers than we have—
tljey are progressive and would hav»
oitr school bead the procession of pro
Kress—some changes, however, the;
feel a delicacy in speak ln« of becanet
U oukIu tba4. self tntereel
prompted them. The trustees, good
men all of them, think as long ae ne
objection is raised everyone
! teachers, parents and pupils, is sat
isfied. But should we be satisfied
with Kood schools so long as they
are not as itood as it is possible for
them to be? It is hard that our blKh
school Klrls must go up and down
so many steps. but tUal, It
seems, cannot be remedied. It Is
unfortunate the high school apart
ment is so poorly heated in «Inter
and so well heated iQ summer, but
thU loo. It seems, cannot be helped.
; Will it not mend matters in .1 meas
ure at least to shorten the hours of
each dally sesuion" Λ majority of
the best schools In the stale are ad
journed by three o'clock. The best
iu the 1'nlted States (Boston Cool
Boston ) are dismissed at two The
best school in the world (German 1
allow the pupils to κ» home at one
o'clock, except when It Is warm and
(hen the> are dismissed a· twelve
o'cloi k All \merican schools open
a! nitu a.-- »e do; the Germans onl>
beRiu at . Ich' a m The children
do much ol then studying at home
au> *a>, so <*hj not have one less
stuih period nil tn^ae th< fcita
tlon period* a little >-horte i.a*t
·■ · ι mj dnuRhterv were uiuouk many
ί xirU Ahi· v»ere complet» ι- pro*( rat -
I ed >t 'hi rift», ot school, .itld it re
<1 u > d th· » hoi· itm«u»r ο rwupiT
ate .iff ii-it ni : :o lie*in ·< hool ltl
lie full I 'her. no remedj for tbi- '
ll »·■ 'Utu 'h< ■>· 'our hour* be-.t b»··
* .4.ι^· »he· *ere , part of our o»n
> btldbuod di-t.toie lend >'nchjn·.·
aient 1 Je' u·. xo furthei ..id r.wtw
M .I. ho^·' old · tiatom· 01 . aria,
'.4lio» ,|||t. -f ot «hall we e«
:·ι»·· p>er irtiportuelti . ••■•• γλ m
proi.iuen 'ha' «111 tw>lp nur bit
1 ■·· »tter iien m4 eoawi
tin *· »r· Th»· * rh*£»H»ttoa·* 4c
..· »n. froti . ιϋιιΙ Jl-iioter.·-»·^
< rlt»· t o' irnrr ta·· b-ait of j
I !!**«* «·» < Injui· h »>t^|rv»·
tfcrf·*** Jnita' ntiUH
■ -4e ■ l>HU"t u*4*< v
(IkU i!ti*rn<«e hr*i.»C *fc· Apk»!" RlM
,11 >' Κ «iff*-» «fa writ »f Î4*Û*~
j %» <î|»». . *·»? ·*%!! «r%tf|r ·*··<
' «t « - nf * feH ^-«.
i «*#
IN ta· <»-. b ·* ai mi
! f*»» ** Ι
tiarvi il h
. t *V»t ' b« 1*1 I4IHU Γ»» M»?
' « utri ·«*·$» *«-«l «' t*miw·#- I»·»**!»
«§» 4ih t|« «H <4fvr*lit4t ;#rfWB»
; ■>«! I*j |l? I}ι wi f»! ^Il·' yO ffa·»— >t
p-tm#ii4 (Ht «iMiitMl Ht»* flMh*i
1 ht4»t*-*i<*! "·'- b« ir » 4 «4 % «·* ο
•|Ν «Ut* - » H ere*·*· % 1»·^·' <*
ι pl)»ΐϋΑΒ· Ha** ï*wp«» f<
j « t|* * >· 'te»· · **»
T*fc»· #*£**· i* ***t« ·'-■*■»·***4 fe» 4'«4
Κ H if !HkU»> f'Mli' \H«w
ι ** -«mit* «M *·**«{*»' *r
! br'B4 thW ·» H' s'a·*"»!!»· **
ft* «j P»r* ; »
♦ in refill il ♦!
♦ ( ftififtiut Μ. Ohio Μ «π ι h ♦
♦ 1*4 Πι tiiim Ό il· skU Col· ♦
♦ ih UlvflU". OÎ Sfeph*·»! Col· Of ♦:
♦ Iîlor>iiilnc 'inn κ KaM-tf# roun ♦
f ·« Ohio w»storrî;t> .ι f !,4· r a μ*Ή ♦]
! ♦ <>· wMrli la-îi·*! r·· 11 ♦'
, < hί 11 \ p)r, n i;n w»> 4 uns ♦'
i ι
j· ii:on< l Mis fffor':- f» » h<>< k ♦
♦ rli ■ ?!♦·♦■ 7. ΐ ri y «·τγ < >\ no avait. ♦!
Th« Jun.uinti of .» blood w*«mH ·|
<!ΗΙΜ»<!. ♦
..*.«· ;·· .'i·, Ni 1
r__ -,. ( I
Nlrnk s Hr«riH4 tor * New Trial Ont*
Over One îlere
New York, Mil η Ιι Th»· h· a ring ι
upon Hi·· motion of a iicv. trial in th»·
«MM! ot Albert Τ Patrick, convicted
»f th·· murder of Willinm Marsh
Ri<v. the aged millionaire, has ad
jourm.'d until April This will make
necessan ;i further reprieve by Oov
-t'uoi Higglns, as Patrick is now un- i
lier sentence to be electrocuted March!
l!t. District Attorney .ln'Oim.· inform
ed Recorder Goff, before whom the
lit aring i.-. being held, that lie w ould i
join witii Patrick's attorney in an ap
plication for a reprieve.
Recorder Goff said he also would
Eive his approval to the application
for a new reprieve. Adjournment
followed a short session of the hear
ing during which Recorder Goff.
State's Attorney Jerome and Patrick's
counsel. William Κ Olcott, joined in
discussing the motions which were
made to strike out of the court rec
ords several affidavits made for Pat
rick made by Texas witnesses.
Mr. Jerome made these motions
ou the ground that witnesses had fail·
, '.'J to itipeàr at the present hearing,
nn.l he nlwj asked to strike out the
at'iidavti of John T. Milliken of Sit
I l.ouis, Patrick's brother-in-l^w, from
I whΛΠ1 u Inlnfri'O m woti i»oao1vî>»I ,-ûc
( lerâay, saying 'rte would h® unable
ι to attend. · :
MllliVenw affidavit concern» the'
j oaai>B«r in which the Texas wltnese
j eà ter Patrick wer« found and their
j statements obtained.
Simultaneously with the district
attorney's action, Mr. Olcolt made a
1 molivu to place on record three new
a£li<ft*'it» mad'· by Edward D. Mf
; Ktmmi*,' otflc/nl stenographer to
Jttd*e KJttrell of Texas; AdoTptr
I (Îoldœan. reai estate dealer and
' ranchman of Houston. Texa». and
former Chief of Police John C. Blaek
' burn of that city. Mr. Jerome ob
j jected to the new affidavits. Re
coraer ι_*οιτ »nia tut» cust* «uuuiu uui
he carried to un Interminable length.
It was six years since the alleged
crime was committed and if the din
frict attorney did not object to the
introduction of supplemental affi
davits, the recorder said he would
he reminded of his duty. If the affi
davits contained any new matter, the
! recorder said, then· would be a reas
onable Justification tor theli admis
sion. but they were slrnph a reiter
ation and accumulation. Neverthe
less. lit· added, ht* would allow their I
; tdinission iu order iha1 defendant I
! micltt hav. e\et} opportunity undei j
.'he law to ohtain justice Th<· :iffi- j
ι (la v|t« * it" admit teil.
I'·>1111 > > men to Meet.
Λ nieetlnj; of poultry tnniier- ot ι
I Kill ■ count} will I»· held at tin cil»
! hall Monda} afternoon >t ? o'cltx t
The purpose of thi tne« tin^ i-, in ot
uanizi the \Va\aharhi·· J'oultrj \^>o
elation on .1 hroadet -r:iV *nd to elec |
officers tor th· year f'l^ns will aUo |
he di*ctiss<-d and outlined for the
next inntial show Kven poultry-1
man 11 ivahachie Is ln\l ed to it
tend ι hi* meeting There p.online»
to be a rood attendance from dlftei
ι·η' «"Cllon*. ο ι the cOUIlt'
Niiu η >il it-it »·%«·?%
In < Hn trtrnd* in,!
j»atn>n> ma\ t*\|t*.î
•ritfiijus rhtv vrit
thr vers 'ine*i
- · * t }♦·
* * · UUrtL T·»·.
Ktwtf.s nr» irm cwn er Ttttot
All Salimn» niitl (Ithrr I'luo-» 0|M-rat
ed l>> Ne*!**··. fUfrlvrtf <'«Η»
l-'frmi Silent H'TWmcn
No Vhilcen· I n il
Shreveport, l..i March ; Τάΐκ,
city experienced a revival of Ku Klux '
Klan Thursday night when a party
of 50 mounted draped ,ind masked
nieii rode iiver the city. causing a
stampede in ih<· n' Sro districts. Th··
raid was a result of the trouble this
city has experienced during the last
in days and followed after the exe
cution of the negro rapist. Charles
The raiders were costumed after
the manner of Thomas Dixon's
"Clansman except the mask and
toga were black. The patrolmen
were on the alert and as soon as the
masked body appeared reports from
all over 'he city were telephoned to
headquarter». The police made no I
arrests, having learned that the Ku
Kiux was composed of the best citi
,·■ ns of the cltv and the leader prom· '
Ised that no violence should be used. !
They were to warn negroes what j
would happen in the event of a re- !
petition of former crimes.
Wherever the swift silent horse- j
men moved during the night the 1
negroes were panic stricken and fled]
in wild terror.
Xo % iolence was used, but the pres
ence of the Klan struck terror to the
negroes and caused a panic among
BIUOUOH. mv«!( aea au n««ro quar- t
ter s *■«(! vUU«nl The" tiommenl
reined up in front of the stK# re- ]
*ortn, and an won *» negroe· lepVlu*
out on the streets saw tj*« gboeUy
flgures on horses siiently v«t*ndlmg
with mysterious motions they he
came filled with a vague fear ajid
•fled with cries of terror to any place
of safety that appealed to tkem.
\'<> wont wu spoken jumI no vi»-.
)t»nce used. Tbr Klmn mm* Ut W]
form of · «anrin *o um»rnmm. mMmff /
«M lUrftnroed. TJ>e «tien J» »p- j
proved by fb«· t>e»t cfflKom» of the ctty. I
and for this reason the poll·'»* reftis- J
nd fo Interfere. f'
I ι
ItvyiiiK ftighf of Waj.
Τ. Λ. Ferris and T. F. Thompson j
are rwo of the busiest men in the city j
jusc now. They are looking after the
matter of procuring the right of way |
through the city tor the Trinity and !
Brazos Valley railroad, and tor fh*· J
past several days they have devoted»
most < 11 their time to this work. The> j
reported yesterda> morning that ·
deals haii been closed in the city with i
five property holders. The sum of
was paid yesterday morning)
for property within the corporate lim- ;
it.-» of the fit> The work of securing .
the right ot way will be pushed just I
as rapid!) as possible -ο τ ha* the
work oi grading can be commenced.»
<>imiittg ('ό<(ό 11 .κ Howard.
Η IV Moody a merchant .it HO**4·
ard. was in the eit> last night to at
tend the regular meeting ot the Odd
Fellows Mr Howard stated to a
representative ot this paper 'hat
ι here w as yet some cotton to be pick
ed in 'he Howard community lie
i.d rw« nty oi' more bal··.- wet·· ginn
ed at 'h:«{ place ν ester«ia\. .Mr. j
Mood\ aid he fmiui' were taking |
ι Ί \ antage «>t 'hi- ά » · a ι h e : ind is ere ι
h« ci tuttnt'. to get busy on uevt ·ρορ<
s iiH»r II. V . I*.
Subject tor dunda
ι ι rue happiness
Th·· world I > idea
id·· ι. l.uk·' f» . M ■ J ι
IT Π Cor · I··
I l*rograi»i.
Man h I \V
th· (-nri»tl,4u
I John 12·
Phil t : ι·:
TrttartP Paid (·
How tit
tMIUrd. g
! "J am
f Mr» a» *
' 9*«* mu< tlw. .ifaMifMha* I
Jodjfe ./. B. OUttrt
when the reporter called at fete uaaj-t
room and «bowed him the press spec
ial, announcing the death of that
pminant statesmaa.
Judge Dtllard lived in East TVoi.*
man?' y fare as*» and knew Governor
lloju when b<- wait.3 bare looted boy
Thi· judge was then editor of a pa
per at Husk, Cherokee county, ."uvd
lira Ηοκρ set type iη tile office twee
iy-two montb*. If was under .(udfr*
Dillard's foreman that the futur»
governor took hi» first lessons In rbo
un preservative.
ludeo UillHid always tool, a sreui
interest in Hogg aw a boy aid ω
watched hi* career In public life » ltt>
• up·.· de;il of satisfaction Me ha>
\>. eu ,t lojnl friend in ih··
i rnoi anil tooled 11 r>»m him as belns
broad minded, pmrioiti and . bora
leadei of men
(iovi moi lioRi. »a.- ju incle Μ
D W Fi Feriiiiton of thl.s city. .»im
liait ip..αϊ tt-hdjI friend.-, lu ih··
ι !" who -til 1· irn of bis death »t:h
stiu · r· regrei.
I .in'LiV' IViiiuiu*
\\ « ha*e <M" u»"d up ;n be M< Λίκιι
U.I buiidint- 'Whi-· «·· :ir·· tife'Mt»·*! li
-'ill Setter .ilMi-iiun tbaij ■ ·»·
111 mir '.tu- "I i.irria»!' p.iinttQ* all*
mill'· Mr· -"-k Th.■ genuine "Vir»·
-un·· ruib· ι-· uxij evlusivefr
Null· I*e| I * » #4 \ · α:- Λ Ciàil
I'nUitO \><l In*
ν; . ·.. ne.* η it"·:· ^.··
j. ..· ili vUou- In »■ m—αϊ ν.·!»ι<τν·
and lUrd»a.·· ί<· »?
Some of them are
$3.00 hats, some
$2.50 and some
$2 00. A collec
tion of nearly a
hundred, all shapes,
all sizes, all colors.
Look in our big
show window.
There s a size ticket
on each hat, pick
out your style and
size, give us a dol
lar. You walkaway
with the saving jing
ling in your pocket.
You are happy, so
are we
! We Are Determined
To attract to this par»· food store all persous wlio want and meist on
getting the best food products at the lowest possible cost. If you ure
particular and desire the highest qualities—be sure to come and look
through this great assortment. .....
We carry everything that is good — every thing t fu*t the people demand
Our service is excellent and our delivery system is as perfect a9 pos
sible to make it. Don't fail to visit the store often and see the new
suggestions for th<· table that we are always offering
Cotton, Grain and Stocks
Private wires t·> all Exchanges. i^uick executions.
Unexcelled l· iciiitiev Cotton handled in 25
bite lots ind upward on $1.00 a bait·
margin. Both Phones
For Saturday
A Fine Line ot
Fresh Vegetables
March Came In Like a Lion
So fid »ur trade tnd with yom ι«·μμ.ιιι λ wil!
tinur tni^ ->t< rmv ; ικκΐ (in t busin-v·. * iv
«<»ll ym. »1ut \>t- * nit If selection v «-ft ·
simplv Matt tn νου» tvier * ether ii nedn;n ·
best and *>' wil! . ertainiv pletv.· ν \V. k> ♦·:
them ill
Y. R. Early Grocery Co
1 · t orn»·' S^ifcrr Hh* ^
Cutlery and Tools j
Goods of Quality
Fully Guaranteed \
The Oldham H'dw. Co.
A OMrultr el SUMtectwa witk Iv«ry Stir

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