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Λ Good Β At h Room
«ont· of ihv rrwut e**«nttal reqmr»
meats of the modern home It may be
vfry modest or very elaborate and >·\ ■ '
If you wish your baïh rouin r«-ti'te>t
with all the beat fixture* and «nuli- ;
aocea. and the wuri done b> -kilfful
and expert wori>rnen wt- will <ln it f >r
you a» low a* a first ι îa-· job run !><· :
done for.
Good Health inti Hod PtufTïhm^ j
never go together.
F. S. (RONK CO. 1
Jibe IDailç Χί0b11
Published Daily Kxcept 8uuda> i
Paid-up Capital WW.OOO.OO
•etered at the Wax&hachle post
offire as niail matter of the second
class ::::::::
<$ 17 Β S C R I I' Τ I Ο Μ Κ Α Τ Κ S
One Month ) 60 ■
Btx Month*. in Advance 2.76 [
Oee Year, in Advance i.OO J
Κ P. HUDSON - - - President j
W. i. BCIK - - - Vice I «resident I
C. W. KE.\"f .Secretary ! I
G. ff. M'KMGHT - Treasurer-Mnr. j
W. A. OWN H Y - - - City Editor |
Throughout the length and breadth j
of Texas the news of the death of 1
!ï*-Governor James Stephen Hors j
will be received with the deepest sor- .
row After a long Klruggle with at- j
filetions death claimed this much ι
loved, respected and honored citizen I
at Houston 'his morning at. 11:30
o'clock. For many years James Ste
phen Hogg has been a prominent
/igure before the people of Texas, and
in the council of democracy hifj voice
has been heard and heeded. from
a printers devil in a country office
Jin Hogg has risen to national prom
taencp, and through all his walks und
varied career the confidence çf a ·
trusting people has never been mis- j
placed. He was the soul of honor
the embodiment of all that was great
and good in man—and while there
aire those who may have differed with
him there is not one who can darf
iropvi'i to 'his fallen citizen, friend,
statesman, other than purest mo
tives and most upright life The
writer Unvw Jim Hogg what man
in public lif>· «lid not und we may
hare differed in thing.- political, but
a friend to the people has gone, a
paru tOunselor is taken, a born
leatbr of men is retuoved whose pla' t
call uere: be filled. We loved lain' -
Stephen Hogg for· hi- gr«*ataes* uoo
Kennlne noodties- all I'exas lorei
The beaiiteU ajmpath> of ui> ·η
lire stau* go'-s out to the t*ei>»;ivec
Thai the lallroiid' w : 11 ugh th'
William, intangibl·· -· t ι no
m th.: lea-.t icpi islBg but It will b.
an agret-abl·· urpri-·· ■> Γ»·\·. if th
ai l proci;s inviluei ;■ t>l· < h·· ., · ,.'il
»f ι unstit π t ional · ,\ι<>· ■ rvi r
«iher law i>a itl t·ν thi Iwn'i η
th legislature λ·.,· d«fectiv·
It· pO h.» * h.»' * h ; tuii m r
«•Il ol tb· w ·»♦!m» η il" ^ »·
ma'» >· Ji t fn»«i NVhi .
Ρ-Xïfc.- ' ··!■'.♦ ι : I»
rliçl·ι ♦ · t », 1 hop)* r
Βΐ·«'ΐ| rMii! «i · .ul "·«! Γ'·\.ι
f'Hiin. "fi'n s ouiiin f'
tt«rri<lt.j Vt
f* urfitl · < IniH
<»> f'.im
Itnii "
mutt «**r.
.. k F rida ·
ofliittitti* wlu
<i fut* h*· r α·
Ι» »· vu* ι >
irufi; **· · !;· < jhm *H
l'rirop ·. ι \ ♦ » r ■ : » ά · ' η
*··Η . ",· 4» 'it » 11»" Hen
Λ» + îl · ■ î t f f . ? «M
(Uni for M.* >» U ir.i»' 'h »iiï
«ppa»rv«tf »< *»*·«} turn
Λ £·μμ1 ίΙ»|»- * t\at Snn»lui ru· <ι
»4f«nu lit» h»· tf»*M·«*» Uj '*
mw. in f»?·· ù .♦*· nt n- »r
•.irt»w«tV, <!«.·«·,"*r.
"■W 1
!'!». Pemvti atl n»M mmui («.
«r »;r» ι «m ' mua >· ε «
pntéwrimt •«••t» *♦<»■ Hv.if»'
«tv κ\ K»u. \hti \«j fiKit ntK
-«r.blae 'h* moji* ίο»
inf.o mutton, jf ma) br *Μ*·ΐ>
,nwrte<J tb#t hirtory furnish·-* no
parallel tor 'he »■ t of th<* \ merit an
coiurini in ortl«rtnic the n*»rklti«r ·>!
• 'oefedrrate KtAT·—
Forty year* t» a lorn; time tn It)·
itli· ο I an individual, but It l« ι η«·π
motn«at In 'h·· life of a na;ioo, In
'Û·· >;re*!h or A* .if <>f .1 pivjudl"
i'i puiriotM M-ntim<nt. and »>* tx
ti'-v»· that no '-uih effa. . merit of am
moMt; would Ik. » 1 Ml
f»irnnci"i fiction* of ,.n> oth· ρ··<·
ρ!.· In the world
In ih« In Ion 11*·* ·*·»··\κ|υΐι » a.
retwllion In 'h·· PonfcAerat·· » i. .»
th· civil v»ar «a* lonqoi^l Krotn
one standpoint lh·· movlnR -plrlt <>f
the South w.i· ir-uson. from « h«
oîh< tandpolnt th· mount; spir; of
thr North *.i.« ■ yrann> In th«· difp
< r Matestnati-i'nip of Imth ifJ·■ ^ ύΐι
a toot·· pluuMblt and defensible ph11
oiojitij of uomi nin· n! and duty lint
[H-opl· are controlled in the ma <
taurr by the superficial and the ·mo
tional thru) by thr profound and ttn·
loti· al V least thr superficial and
the "otuuiional ar«i I on κ in xquaiini;
«ii.li th· profound and 'hi· logical
Kor the most pan th·· nυ^··rIlln^
r-pirit of the confHit and it*· after
trsatb was. on the one hand, a resent
ment of rebellion and treason: i>n the
of hi;· .· hatred "f conquest and tyr
■ t η
So. il i - rhi'.M l'Xtn iiii' expressions
III popular feeling. rathet than thesp
underlying philosophies of govern
ment, that have heen reconciled, ;>n11
herein lies the marvel of history.
Bven a f«'\v yearn ago, when the
irejtidice seemed to have smouldered
nto ashes, it leaped into a roaring
lani<· when President Cleveland at·
erupted to do so simple a thing as to
■et urn to the South ι he captured
]a of the Confederacy. Indeed, If
ve mistake not. Mr. ForaKer, who is
he author Ot the present bill, was so
ι hement in denunciation as to nin
he derisive soubriquet of "Fire
Warm ForaUer."
It would be difficult. il not im
M'opor, to undertake to sn\ who of
>nr public men is most responsible
ior this final and complete triumph
Jt American fraternity. General
Grant's "Let us have peace," Presi
dent Hayes" withdrawal of Federal '
troops from the South, President
Cleveland's culling Confederates to
the cabinet. President Harrison's
friendly attitude. President McKin
ley's original suggestion to do what
is now done. President Roosevelt's
visit to the South—all of these men
and these acts and hundreds of oth
ers have contributed to ι he end
which has at last come to pass But
more effective than any and more
forceful than all put together is the
great heart of the American people,
the unconcealed admiration and un
sparing praise of one set of brave
I men for another set of brave men.
j the great love of country atul coun
j try men, which moves the man of
Maine and the man of Texas alike.
Perhaps the Spanish-Américain war
hastened it, the goings and comings
of the people 011 pleasure and busi
ness promoted it, and a manifest
1 self-interest Ui'l its share, but in th*
j last analysis it was possible onl.\ bt
pause it was the outpouring spirit
, of ;i great and generous people
j Aud upon this same Americau spir
lit, * hich is incapable ol enduring
'hatred 01 eontinuing injustice, »i
^ build our taltb in the evertasting π
t public o! <if|i»itx jtiri fraternity It
j the Providen>* of (rcxl, or in ihi
ordination oJ ,1 fated d«*stin\ torn
I in^ out of the ι;ιτυι anil · re s ο
1 humau xtrriug-, like the «.,,,ι/j aile
' j the storm. here has «risen the bes
I KM\e> nillPOt upon the earth uq<J her
shall be wrought out. with increa
I»" *tsdoBB and ·■ tieieney, the pUr,i
mount commonwealth of .ill h
Foi ' Worth ll< · 01 it
vit··» t'luinhoff KiiN-iliiOi·»
' h (»»o Phimhoff ·*η<*?Γΐϋΐιι«*
> | · ,i.· * » . « 111 of t « ι · · Wo«Mlnu»rt
. t ·· ri!.»·» ;ift»»rw»on from to
" t<H f Κ of ♦ ··. Kl;i t oil
III |φΐ .. :n) »Jun rootl ·< ·
• f ι»* . 'tihilh il· · orni<M| with th
< ' » ' ι r ι » I'll· - ' ♦·! I. I '
r . lis · · ■ tit;» Ί ·, f!i
«iitl ..nu»· !· ' · t - w ··· iKi·»! i
■" J ,t *« · ti*t*-r··*!inu •ont· '·! Th·· *?a.j
• ' .4» ! »! ■ · ·»» ΛΪ ' >»Hi < *OOl
λ*$π f"h'4i ,»Hf· '"tit· .*»·ιΊ .tuiiiif*!
î.uum <1 of nsuM» n'f ifHiun^n' -» »n
! tfo · root· ·' aHft * . » « ti»n«*h «m
1 ν til i»i - η * VII itnpart*
j f*»#ïni!S :ni ο vf ι * l·*!· <iiho
. ïor τ It muniJt*-· :»i **ilrh 4 · * ti * ·
,4 : » till
Hi ·*\ m ... I ·»«...
tiio*»» η ·h· iauettii
trr·* ιτΠΐ **· tll«* «ittrartfaMI ul · I
• ιρ·»r.· »<Η)~· VIaΓ< ti " it it :
*Ι*Η Ή* ·, » rt->·' ι outfit '
fi.*» !ιη·'ι at- <aid '*» »♦ ■♦*· -
'il·* ' **«h 'hlf Iuîji :»r»·*
.tnO *H· iA*ii*n «* w»'!î h indi'
<β*$» 'i '%* -
«4N»lal»-d h* ph »·». «l'hoili ÏHH'I*
toc 'h»· mind »u if*· rho*»ict)
|t» •jfirr ι- ««fi Oh* ι u#*·** ! «
• *f U.-4--fn>î Λ- «£ '■·»*■' «tf»
t h»· *β>·. - Af9 « Ι·»\.'Γ
«Ι··* · :*# fm u> ««M «ο I
• ft»·· > Aid ,rr>«irtibi· .w
Jh» «viriN^ri β *4^· t»j #
- - ^"'ί ■
And Great Was the Fall Thereof.
Fr " i-.lii. >u Mirror.
Sedan, Kan . March .Au old
tradition of the Osalt· Indians inn
reining vast treasure- of hidden
wraith in the northern part of th< ir
reset vat ion has been recalled !>y on·1
of their number being "goldb'ricked"
a lew days itgo.For many years it has
been a well Known fart, or at least
so considered among the Osages, that
In the great gold excitement days of
1X4 9 and the early 'δϋβ somju Colo
rado miners on their waj across what
is now the Osage reservation with
vast amounts of gold were waylaid
by the Indians and all but one of
their number billed.
They were bound for Missouri, uc
L-ording 10 the often-told story, and
had secured their gold in the far
West. After bis companions had
been Killer the on< remaining miner
buried the gold somewhere southeast·
of Elkin, Kan., and went on towjard
Missouri. That was the last- ever
heard of hint and the massive find
the story of the hidden gold became
For several years past Joseph Bou
langer. a farmer living southeast o!
Elgin, in the southeastern part of 1hi<
county, has seen lanterns dodglnt
about the creeks and canyons of hi:
place. Upon investigating lie* >*όπ|(
invariably find where holes hail beei
dtiK the night before. This cjjfctjriuec
for a long tiifie.
f*reparc to l»ijc I ]> (iokfc·*
•Mi Boulanger became strong ir
the belief that men were looking foi
the hidden gold on his place, so when
two strangers came to his place a few
weeks ago with a proposition to pro
duce the gold on shares,,after locat
ing il with a machine which they had
they found a man ready at)d, kiien tot
a trade. They related to Sfi. Bolt
langer the old story of! the" Opap
gold and he had alread> 'In a*|Pof it
A deal was quickly made by thifterun
of which the strangers were to brin;
011 their machine for locating th<
gold and in return were to get :
liberal share of the tteasure.1
Une of the men was from Mis
souri and this, of course, recalkid I1
Mr. Bou I anger's mind the fact tha
it was a Missourian who, accordin
to the story, had lost his wealt
years ago. This strengthened hi
credulity and braced up t.ht> u ea
points of their story. They biougli
their machim and took it o<t int.
the timber. It had a sort of con
pass attachment. This po~t of
whirled mysteriously about 'trt ver.
tinie> .mil th"n pointed toward a cet
tain spot · 11
Thithei hi nt th· three n.en;, j.rn
ed »■iih all kinds of 'ools ft»r> qulc
e\':. eating. They (int.- down tw
V -»top|x*d o> a fiat ro< i
! "IlliΛ « d ami thet
I . ^ leutoeure, strongly protec
ed by an iron box In it were s]
I ' ■
! ι hum - or metal shfip"d 1 ikt· the pro
j verbial gold brick. Loading ihem
r info ι ht· vaiffm. tli e\ went back Ό
; ! Sou lunger'h house.
Iti'rc tilt· fin·· band and cunning of
ι tu· Missouvian ?;ot in their work t>i>
itii old farnuM. Silling by the fire
ι lint nighi in Boulangers home they
discussed their fine). "It will not
Ίο to let this find be known." said
the Missourin». "The Osage land is
not y « : ι allotted and the government
might claim part of the money. Then,
too. the man who buried it might
have heirs who, hearing of the affair,
would tome forward with claims for
part of the fortune.
Sells (hit to Boulanger.
"There's just one thing for you 10
do. Boulanger." continued the Mis
sourian. "That is for you to buy my
interest iti this thing and then you
go away when,· you arc not known
and sell the bricks." This was read
ily agreed to lj> floulangi r, who gave
llie Mlssouriati $4(10, the best team
he had on his farm and a note for a
considerable sutu.
The Missourian disappeared. Mr.
Boulanger took the metal to Paw
; huska, deposited five of the bricks
ι in ii bank there and had a local jewel
i.r assay the other, only to learn tha'
ι it was brass. Still he did not beliovt
ihal he had been "goldbricked." sc
lir decided to fake tbem to Kansaf
Pity and have a better test made. This
was done and all six were pronoune
ed brass.
It was known thai one of the
strangers was l'roin Pawhuska. He
has helped locate tlie Missourian
and a warrant has been sworn out for
him. The Pawhuska man's defense
is that he merely guided the stranger
to the Boulanger farm, not knowing
why he wanted to go there. The
» bole thing seems to have b"t n well
planned, for the lights liAd been not
; iced on the place'for some time. Mr.
1 Boulangur now believes that several
\ears have been used lu getting hire
ready to be taken in. although he i.
one oi the b<-sl educated and shrewd
> est Osages in the tribe. Sympathy i;
about equally divided between bin
: ' for the loss and the Missourian loi
ι i finding victims in this day and agi
■ι for the gold brick business
VI -
ι ι >v
as l\ick<il (.hit of .laii at Kl l*a>o '
) } Indignant Citizens.
K) Paso, Texas. March ». On»1 ο
! the biggest fak^ ever attempted i<
>v : thi? i ity [ό raise .sympathy am
° money was worked by John Smith ο
■ t Columbus, Ohio, but it failed utterl·
u j ;wnd now hb is wandering r-oniewber
' j » Iin the West. prohabl> !o v. or
i the sarn» or similur rael.ot on sotn
joth«-r eomjnunit>. Smith eaiiu her
I rrom California and said he wa- on
. ol 'hi: unfortunates in a stranded tb<
j atrkal troupe; that he was out ·:
v.-or Κ : » η · ! was willing to do .myth in
to mU» a few dollars ro Uike hit
I»;»*·lx .0 hi home .it Columbus. Η
w a - *4 i ν η η a job at H oh· I \nç<*ltm
pant ry ma 11
Two ν». ♦·<·! > later h»- ι··*Ί»μ1 Iiiii) th
kitrtx-n on* morning with lette
da'ed ('olumbn- md signed hi
-'«m it h λ ith t h·· ι»· w s bat hi 1 a t h »
moth* t .iid had b« « i: buni»'
11 Ht» Molding out th»· letter ♦
hi- t'H lid )i« λ I! to 1 h · floor .1}
t»a t »·ΐ! 11 > in a taint. >iid froiu lUt
itil· tor t.il toi ri*vera.) day* he wt
to Π .ut«n' \iolenilv Insane
M»l|W4Lh: *t»l fti
« ι old · " Iv ·
w ti
* ι h. Phiilppi ·- u it
< » · < · · , » · 1 had (m ta ·■ «e. ι h
•I » 10 « 'hi! ! · a,id fouKht
' and <w*n » «rriod from t
Ileirl ... .Ml With r· V ··! His ,1
• pi . If» » · »· Im*|U t ^(1 '· i .It th«-se. itH
c·. t»*f -h he h»'est r* «toi?un·. ha
.«!»» iih H h·- ill η»' ■ nd h* ··«···!
d U'll iMitllliW
rh«-n it «ΐΓΐ»·*ι h»m tha' u«*j !i*
Ih-»» wit· »·> 4 '<»! mh . 1· th»» it' ' 1
»f t h<* fir· tu> li.nl mud* h « tn 4 r u
[ifete j vtid »· 1« :rattti» *· ·■ ·μ·»ι' ό
Mittiii'im nfOil< th·* tildrt""· *hli
h·· ia hi-· bom·* Ά ord < «η
'»α·Λ tΙι 1*9 no Sinth t ιΐΐιιί·, Il ν ni th«kr
t iw|u 1 r v ti· to 'h·· fir·* ι|»**ι*Ιι»|μη1 M
fur 1 !|>.i Ίι«»τ»· had β »o fir#
KiBatl 1 h**re *■·*■»·' » lr<j
M % T* * !«>' »f ·!» iUiniit<
» -!»♦·· .·! t* v'.l :h. ^m't^
• I
t».»r· 0!« 6λ·Ι b· ι·0 Λ'id »ΙΒ>«· 1 &ίϊ.
ar.«l 'h»t fe· bai »t> hr«>th< t io> She
** · "J Ipr forfc»-r partKttlsr* aed ail
d* J that jofcn hail ?»ν·η it» th»» *'wi
ftr - iftil war-: that b·· *»«
hmth· τ of hi - let· oroifa· * Ια ίβ*.
•ami d«"HTUwd him mlrot'l», «·»·*ο to
< -<»r und· « the I· it « '■· «hkfh b»·
•aid 1,. h„.l r.stlnd in ι h» Philip
Thî' Π !i|4 ivffil<-ïr M I ufi'd .ΊβΙΙ^Ν ι
<ff«· «ι ι. h' ho1»·! wjil found W'ldsl I
hi·' <■! r ror:ntpondln»; to th· ,
on· on »iil<h th·· )»·'t**r *»-» written·
b· "brulht'r Joe The rvffsrer* anketl
hU ttil'· a !o Jit· a-ikioft j
<·μ· !<irth»r parliiul.it and ho did no '
Th«· i rHifiK »» ih< «m1 .i'j 'ha' m |
tin ."i! ind pro ed «ha: he hail !
» rlt'en .>iid mailed to hini^' lf th··
• ihii' h.i<3 thrown him into ap
parent rontiilt-lon» and had aronxwl J
it.·· jxitili' >;> tupathy for hi*· x>rrn«
il·· ».r · i'h· r Insane οι oh immlns
. th -.id and h·· «ai taken to t h «
1 · «>ιι 111 ν jail and examined li> a board
' ol ph>'.ri;in' Th·· pronoun· ed him
«an·' and .u-ki i| Ιιίπι *b> he had writ 1
'.•-II th· letter
; ΓΙιι η h<· broke down. when ι οι ·
: ιΐ".·ι·ι! and lonfonsed. H·· first said
ih· did not >·member having written
hi iettii. but. wheti pressed, said,
I through tears·: "I wanted in get;
I bark t0 Cçlurobm, wlioro I knew I j
! ι >ulit p··: a job In a band, and I
j thought ih·· people would sire π'.·· ι h· j
j Bum· · If 1 showed that letter."
The offleors ask I'd him v.'ha: hi·
j rould plji> and he said a trombone Λ I
.trombone was brought to the jail,:
but h·· eould not make a note on It. |
I!·· v.-· forthwith kicked from tin* |
...i! ■ about the worst impostor it !
had i n·! harbored and he took the1
next tit igbt train out of the citj.
.Sont· people are Ii 1<»? a worthless
team of horses: Always have to bo
helped when ii ι ornes to pulling: a
load up hill
- O i
l'a\ ii man of fiftj a compliment, |
and when ho walks away he will
carry himself as if ho wore ton > eare
Ο -
They say that a· woman is what- j
ever ago she looks. Well, hero is a ι
sign she is over forty: Her luit is!
always on crooked.
A man overtakes new ways lor
spending money every day, and about
once a month a new way for savins il
overtakes him.
When ι: woman can talk beautifully ;
of faith in a husband, U Is a pretty
good sign she never has been called
upon to iisp it. .·
There is one way ol starling on the j
pathway to get rich which is seldom
traveled these dajs: Running a
store and living over It.'
--'-0 - i
A mother alwaj's has an excuse for j
her son's failure to do anything for]
her: Either he Is too young or his j
wife won't let him.
! t
If you claim that you caught yotir'j
bad cold in a ■church, the church j
members who hear you consider that !
you are not above slandei .
It is strange that women who have
no trouble picking out a crochet pat
tern find it impossible to pick any
thing out of a timetable.
--o^- < . .
When a woman comes into a rest
aurant with her hushand shp looks
at the othei men as much as to say:
"Where are jour wives?" ,
To the People of Waiahachie and
i wish to call, your attentioe to the
f.n t thai 1 have opt-neti a new bakery
on the corner of North Rogers and
Water streets. ivverything brand
new Kread delivered to iiny part
of ι he ι it ν on regular routes,
Don't Be
In Pur.hiMn.; ;i
I h K&uffman tnd
frinterprlae Buggies
h ive been >old here tor
20 yeirs :ind s:iles in
v re-isinE every year-new
:ar just received. See
!k *m ht fore you buy
H'D'W. CO.
An Extra Pair
of Trousers
Never come ;imiss to (he
average man's wardrobe..
We are prepared with a
host of trouser patterns—
just enough to the piece
for a pair to your measure.
Made in any style vou
fancy at
$7.00 up !
We now have toll connection
with all points In South Tejiie,
also Dallas and other pointe.
See Manajfer
for telephone.
' »
E.11ÎS Co. Ind.
Telephone Co.
; f
if - .us u.Hi t tm>· ι"j Uni.» ·
'Frosty" *
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"I'a'lAi" pi' ' s, or
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I ha ' ' Split·». : · : · ··
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Dillas λ Brewery
Dallas, Texas , .
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As Heist to Hmm Geysers. Try Νκ»
The Dainty Woman
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"The Jeweler"
! Call Us Up and Get Prices {
The ι ,i n*»i.o have rotnt· wk} gone (>► I'nr>' ha\e sung tFw >υ)ΐ£9 that wt
eiait an«l «h «Tt««ni &.·· n have, but *·· ι itxily aiJi y>u to rH» as u |μΠ
of your fjoiv«-ry trsu)*· .«Jul ^»**· h<·» ri··»· \v«· w it ti-wit you.
♦ West Franklin Grocery ♦
I Both Bhont > JOHN ROBB. Prop. |
One-third V our Life
I spent in bed. lu spend it cuml· rtible νου
sh uild have i good Spring md VUttress. We
'uvc ι mattress is soft is feathers ind guar
η'·■■·.i »> ' '' _'et lumpy ηυΓ Ιο pa k. Wr have
•κ \ ! istv- >n the famous I \ p. Springs
whu h »re rhi h >t.
Spalding £ McCartney
Furniture Dealers and Undertaker·

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