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The Waxahachie daily light. [volume] (Waxahachie, Tex.) 1894-current, March 19, 1906, Image 3

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Thini ih \nnn ii M■ > ·; '
bv Uni >i .
Î ?
1 I
Unit It r^hip Κ Οι · r s · » *
<!nt! finit il»,· I ftuv c .1 .
ϋ* <M lier ( n! i ; I,. ·>.
Γ1 ·«·«» · : ! i a' 1..Γ».
T»;· ··!*■< M;i 11 \ί Ρ
W. 'Î'iiri y. ρ
Uni, ι ι· Λ -r i
the thirti' h . ι! r,
<lei In the i> ·ι
HO In I Ile 111 ■■■·"
r.it. t ι ;
( . ι ■ Ι,ηρν.-ϊ ι·'ι
minutes u ι·τ !" ··
It· ■ Geor ·■ ι :
Kl Λ, - I , .
On lu hntf yf ! ·
or Uari > 1)> :t l< : >
tIbIHi! - WP'l <111!
lu K'Tiitil'K ·!■,!·. ·ν>:«.
nnd whlrh were ιι.ιι· "·. ·. w!
plan -ι . .1 mitre C. Ν. Λ: ■ ·
sentit g tliu i ltl/in-. .ι. i < s.r. υ
Ί !>
C. C. Η,ΛΓίίΙΠ'ΚΚ.
th<* rattle me η a most cordial invi
tion to make thcii : 1· < s at honi-a.
Hon. Λ. fi Ciowlty of Midland re
sponded to the w. !- nmiiig ivdd · -
President Turney m ule annual r< r
It was an in1 ' rv >'tnemnnt ο Γ
the associai νî>nd dono and a:" i
fis to t lie t :· Γ" :.· ' ? » i was .·
SeerHary un T '. y 11 < * submitted
th" I" ' i a ' ' (.-i f1:· ■ «a·»! ' i v*» · .· niDlit f ··
ît was sl.ii'.vii iV'at. t h ' ni'Mn!) r lii:")
Y.-as now ! 7r»Γ». and abonl 1Γ a > narnos
had liitn add^d » '·.* mil tin· . ;
tw;?îν ο mo"ii·: T; '· !<■:"»»: stat..-d the.
©^i'C-n. tve r'omra't t '■ Lan wire-d . ( ·οη
pi':.- 'S!",' ·. '····· : · '· ·.· *'· lin to push
the Him >"·■·. ' !i ·' 1 'h ' <·μ·
gl*" s. so >f -«·η ' ' ,Γ)
Pr ::·'·■· .
It «4» »hp .. I the . ■.
ft In bel' r I iri-iillrin ar"it , |y
from financial ι nn-ipr, it· nT.,' « h »
thi' !·.·[-■ <« nf »h· ..<. it|:- man
ι·ι a health} i»t·· ΓΙ <· report
*»» appli'ltied
* Ι'γ>>{> «-Mu fnhn Α Or.*!*, «l. iiu of th·
kCrVttlUirtl and m. < haul < al college
delivered » »·.·)! ! .-<·( ·. cil η4Ίγ·Μ
In (hp at*»i noon from 3 in ί n'clo* k
η reception m- tendered tb#> 1 a<4i^ of
the st"< kn>< ii «ι ili,· liaiia» < iiiIj
The Cut It* Raix^i .· ■ i;ii iii'i of
Τ»λ:ι* «!;·* orpatil^i! in K^tiryery,
1ST*. !>♦ ùam. τ. -χ Τ I. r.irt, , .if
ΙΊΜΟ l'Intu iitinty U.iUil it fir>l
|IH nul «■! r.- . I«'< !«·.( νκιΊι ....
• · <tivx vrai exc.-pt one «ρ ιο th· tin, .
f'f i" ■·!> -1 Juh ! · ■ - I
which ilf did Tit if ■·! 1 '. W!ts ' 'lii'-l
Rated for. but reqii't· d ! ,t }>·■ a!
lowed tn rctlie, Mul ils at H '..· i.'Sed
by ('nine ι (' SI.î:;îî'Ii:' w!i,· was
elected tn !V hi, I. ΐ :l r' < ■ rt " i ' h.
1S S Γ, l'nîfiii" I Slaughter ,< . I ;·. ι
jir· Sl<;. nt one year At tin animal
mι· til ..· In 1HS« r«»!»nt·» (' nt-r
nsaln < husen κ^Ηί·, by ite« iainiitinn
, ithcu:! :■ dissenting \nt and w-a
III·. !■:··.! ' I! !.. .
\fter lb* denth-of President Carter.
A ['. I(!| . Itf t 'n'nIMilo T. \ . w .1 -
f'lf'l tl ; ι li b ' ! · : . ; I I it> ,, .it I, ;.I
up to March lv.9 t th** annual
ΙίΐίΊ'ίΙιιμ. of ■ y<'at Mi Ttu^h dceltn
Oil re election. -Mil .1. R KlcSlltl .: (if
Λ ι ! r e w ■ '. ' ; Mr Κ !. " ι! i ι · ·. j
ro i l' "· i ii the ιιΙ'ίΊin ; of ι:>»··ι and
βι ι vi il il r l'vu yours. -
Muni . \Ut/·ï\μί, ii v>,is tlei'led près
idem i.l lin mooting ni 1 !· 1. and w.i j
re-elected Un next >ear serving the
iwôyear limi utiili r iho uy la
At ih'· annual nu line in March.
ISO·", ÎV'. H". Tnrney was elected.
Idea Is Evidently to Stimulate Pas
sions of People.
London. March 19. -The Times cor
respondent in Shanghai says: "The
native papers 'ising (he some block,
have published the picture of the N'an
cliangft magistrate's head after death,
displaying ghastly wounds. li was ev
idently a prearrang.il plan In stimu
late the liassions of tile people against
foreigners. The increasing hostility
! of the vernacular press is view. <| with
j complacency by the Chinese of the <;Γ
ficial class. The matter undoubtedly
j calls for diplomatic intervention."
The Nanchang magistrate referred
ι to In the above dispatch stabbed him
ί self, or was stabbed by a missionary
; at the time of the massacre of mis·
' sionarîes at Xanchanfee ihe latter part
j of February
Six Hundred Coming.
Belgrade. Servia. March 19.--Six
I hundred immigrants left for the I'nit
i ed States. All have ample funds.
Sixty-Nine Years Old.
i . Princeton. Ν .1.. March iEx
President C'lt veland. who is in Klori
' da, was sixt·. aii <· years old Sunday.
Heaviest of Season.
Wichita. Kan.. .March 19.--Heaviest
snow of lhe winter prevailed Sunday
in this section.
Ν' rte!y |]ι
m >·· îi«·*
1 t pall Cry
λ itiMrK îK'ar. Mitai «ii «r Hour l.ak*,
T.i w#«fcttf m *>■**■ ♦
NVilr C ti^nl — Τ· ι Mί" < KiirirîR
Man MPi '.h Imntcd tn .|<-Mh
Dr Τ W II nrjr. a |ihw>-r [bj** !
clan of ΙιηιΛ" dl.-d il -ît y'»ne
A îw r -■. ·ιîί -if h (latins ·..!ίογ 1
fi»l t. . ··'. ι·.(·η were
While «îtt 1 njt tn a · tmlr a' It.illns
Jof .1 Mire' : H. a η"κι<> Middelji)' '·! d
Γλ 'till Mils' in» 'if OUlah'iic
bald lb· tr t'····'· ir· "lit* al Outhrl' '·!.■.
ι ;
Out of 4-···. .«Ml 'îttuw-·! h- ! rt \VP
SOI) · r I ·.: . lo l.lvcvt Oit fir.l.V j
»'t >" 'Λ '■ -
Ρ c Thorn ι * hot». a \f : <}»îj^ min**-·.;
an»! tii: Îm r .«tor f ! ,vl λ\ Rri * [
i oh η Alexafldt
frur i Jainni- ι te
is hetter
William Hopk
d« y t h hi»t "λ ' · .
h a r, ; Va
Λ Ί-bart el oit v. li i ι a s eotn
ou iM < ï 1 < * η η f.trrn. lift· "η mil· a
»f Tuba. I Τ
\t Quiiman. Mi * ι», ι Holes «n j
Klven lifrv Imprisonment on wife mnr
dcr conviction.
Mrs W. Η Enoes. e'.'.ν Κ . who j
is the mother of f|v" girlf·. It:., adopt- |
cd i li'vr'n more
Marlon Tyn· ." liu·! :&11 bones broken j
aril brain ■ <\n|. : · ! In ι ι il
Livingston Τιχ
Texas Society ;it Washington adopt- '
ed resolution of regret over death of
late cxGow -wir Hogg.
At sail . ntonio Mrs Margaret
Sailer, charged with embezzlement,
was admitted to hail in $:Γ*·ιθιι
Mr.« Τ .1 Tanner of Zlon City, near
Chicago, threw herself and bahy an
der a train Both were killed.
Λ cavalry troop of Oklahoma United
Sons of Confederate Veterans will at
tend the New Orleans reunion.
Rev John Ol.cary. a leading Roman
Catholic priest and i-dmator. win kill
ed by a Irain near KlaHand. l'a.
-('. li Smith, many years connected
wjili the Katy rood at Gainesville
' T' x.. UilU-d himself ! ν '-hooting
ί .lames llartl.-y. ninety.nine years
I old. «ii- I at Kiiui'isliei. Okla from in
ι pine ■ i'"< e:.VI 11 S 'Ve. si We· ;. ago
j \i a <<>.- I' ■" 1.ΙΜΙΟ ex IH-lera'e.
I to Congre.-"- ' ". · I ! : : · , ι ■ ill . re. I a
I lii"-! arr- i flou ■ mill at ! I Okla
: le . . · \V ; ι
i> :*···:ι
Clark's I aul) Minstrels.
Mi llevllle, Tex., Feb. 10.—The
Duncan Clark Lady Minstrels showed
here tonight and gave a clean enter
tainment, nothing vulgar or in fact
any said or done that could not have
been witnessed by any lady. II is a
good strong show. ( Signed I ART
MANX ii LOrWRIN. Managers Turn
j Verein Hall. (indorsed by R. Ε
It· ,1c» 111. Tim· ·., Ο V K«>puî;
Κ 'Volf \ Κ II ίIfcoS, T' -'îfï it ν
l' y H.mta fe.
fori ;i Γι*» , |Vb 3C* Τίί«*
Duncan Clark l-»il» Mlrmtrei* «aït«
two performance* In rny »»j.*«»rsi hcei5<
in i( lure·· »n«J appreciative â»dl«dKe
··■ <«b •'%ι·ηΙηκ» Tie pat «μ » good
iur.il ir· .» i-««Coim;iΐίΓ> ! !/rtt -bould
lirovc .ι tlrawing card for liem »ver>
where Tbpv < in pis y nie a rptnrn
•In.· ι Sitcom!) J Λ .VOftltfS Pt«»
lirietor Oppra Houe'
Victor!» Tex , Kefr 2! Th· iMi n
ι :tU Clark·· Lftd) Min*tiel» ph«··-!
ι n· ι on I Kht tu it fuir bon -<· and :*<·<·ηι ■
fd to ; ! nil (Signed) II I
iIΛt'SCIilΙ,ΠΗ. Matiai'-'r opera TiOlj ··'
ICI ('impo. Te* . Feb. 17 Th"
Dunésn Clark Udy Mlustntlw played
heie tonight in Ιί'Ί Men' hall nod
«a» stîi<t!v up to <laif. with r. rlealt
performance Ihtii an* lady or gen
ilruiHn < otilii ko κ mi «njoy Bverv
lioilv w ,· well pbwd 'Signed) C
F GEUtQCIST V ■ . U-rl M. n
M .ill
- T.-X r ■· 1 . i ; : ι ■ i): ...
Clnrk I <ly Minutrc'* playwl thl*
hoiii··' tonight to ' : ι ; ; ■ - and appre
il.lt ί V ·■ I·1 i·■ 11 < ol lad! ι and μ-'."ΐ
ll"':o< il. who . *··1 i.if-1! πιπί·· <han pica
cl at the porfarmnni-' Tin a bis
ι show, ail clever peoplo and
worth· "f patronwg·- fvery wiiere ·
The1 «an plav me ;i return d»t< |
( Signed i l'A FL HACK (1A ItTfl. Mail
ί-.ΚΓΓ Opera House
Rosen be re. Te\,t . Fet). ! lï l'île
Duncan Clark l.ady Minstrels played;
in Woodman' · ball tonight and gave :
,i strictly clean up to date perform-,
ante. Ii in the besi show that ever j
struck tlii.-- town t Signed ( TOM
COLEMAN. Ma η a gee Hall. Endors- ;
ed by Geo. VV. Vinson. 1-Mltor Rosen
berg Journal; \V. II. VVhislor, Mayor.
Ion An:·», Marshall; T. F. Graham.
Merchant, 11. I·'. Brian Merchant.
What do you say? 301 1
H. A1 T. C. liâtes.
Austin and return $6.35, account
Stale Methodist Sunday school con
vention. On sale March 26 and 27. :
Limit March 30.
Fort Worth and return $1.70, ac
count state meeting V. M. C. Α.. On
sale March I nth and 17th. Limit
March 22.
Fort Worth and return $1.70, ac
count fat stock show. On sale March
21st and morning March 22nd. Lim
it March 25.
Mexico City and return $35.25.
On sale April 25 to May 5, inclusive.
Limit July 31. Stop over allowed en
route and on return trip.
St. Louis and return $20.60, ac- j
louni commercial clubs of the south
west. on sale April Π r.nd 15, limit i
April 19.
Dallas and return $1.30, account
Farmers' Union. On sale March 5 ;
and 6, limit Marrti 10.
i lcars the Complexion.
Orino Laxative Fruit Syrup stimu
lates the liver and thoroughly cleans
es the system and clears the com
plexion of pimples and blotches. It
lis the best laxative for women and
I children as it is mild and pleasant,
i and does not gripe or sicken. Orino
! is much superior to pills, aperient
; waters and all ordinary cathartics
j as it does not irritate the stbmach
! and bowels.
Sold by 13. W. "-Varis.
τvv.n Sullivan Was t-r.ictically Help
less at End of Tenth Round.
Los Angeles, Ca!.. M U 19. He
fore the grand stand at Chute's base
ball park toe flatis ι »! Huliimore de
cisively dei'iited ,\li,·.·; I'i'win) Sulli
van. the latter at lie end of the
tenth round lying ο . the floor pri.c
tically helpless, fol ice instructed
the referee ttr stop the fighl. Ιι λ as
Scheduled for twenty round.-· (lans
kept Sullivan's ril>.~ in a ι. ,i tiuw v. ith
η steady left punch that n· ver lui1 i
to land.
Sixty Der.ths Reported, and Eight Hun
dred Injured
London March in. The Ic ily Tel
egraphs Tokio correspondent t »! <
graphs regarding tl.· earthquake Sun
day a the vicinity of Kagi Island of
Formosa He .say- tine the railway
lines were twiste i te|, graph pol· s
thrown down and houses destroy d.
The correspondent say:- .ha! the Nielli
Shimblin states thai the casualties
exceed luo and -he lijl Sliimpo
places them as high — ί
An officia dispat! I lie a.Ids reports
sixty deaths and mar·;· more person
injured ai.d 2"(ι hi. .. s d· sti >y»J
Sorr.e That Manufacturers' Record He
ports For Texas
Baltimore March 1 :· The Manufac
ture!^ Reco! ι ι .:i, th· following
am> ι.g th. t,. vv . ι : prin. i f . Teva*
lie plant a1 Na· ogiioch . em. n1
stole* factory at IM.iitr. -w pot' r
Klnu ndorf ice pun: ι» . Spring -.
addition to otton mill at I>antson.
osot. ι.g plant .,·■ leffer ot. ven· eriug
f. ι y at < >t ange
Is For Twenty Vt - on Da;!a's. an.I
Covers Oklahoma L.nes
Oiithrie. March 1 < Th Missou
Kansas ani T;v.c Ιίιι ·,>. . orapuni
ι - ι wr a ' t ■ ,
a ■ .«rtgage for $;·.. . ,
I he Ww Yo Tru, oui pa ti \ of Ν w
\ · with f V.I lit. ' m: - l.iv
ί - ' ■ sf..." - ■·.. ! I 1
fi-| I e.eti . I
Τ w e ■. t -, S. «
Γι » or m. >
ι ' r \\ Λ
1). t I tht r
S S death·
O'ned > .titeiti Senators.
Wathlnttie March V> Senator
S". λ η.!· · \ .1.i-l ι.·· 1 ■ v. nt· en
<f Ιι» I'. in t a ί : > riili- ic: ·. Sunday.
*w Cas-s
•as-» and
^Tuesday Special !§
O The first day to secure Towels
Ο and Table Linen at less than
0 manufacturer's cost is over.
ο Τuesd&y Is The
S Last Day
Q we will offer these towels and
a table linens for sale at less than
Ο half their actual worth. We*
β will also put <*n sale for 1 ues=
δ day only, 200 counterpanes at
0 prices that will open vour eyes.
It yi'U visited Ci;. W ·. day r. - useless tu κ·» into details about oui Γυο
day'sSpcvijl. Ml \v h 1» t>> st\ ·> t'u.it it is is u-'..>d a bargain is we ottered
\1ondiv. I)· r.'t u ι i s s th h in. t the season, but ν me t< · Kijcer Cit\ wrv
d iv this w ν κ in .1 u t your sjui t these bargains.
§D. Egger & Son»
Our Walks Invite
Investigation Φ Φ
Their attractiveness appeals to
the eye, and the way they are
made will satisfy your every
expectation. Φ Φ Φ Φ
ί· r\ j'y "λ> "ht" ?r s nu compliment on them, and
■\ : on ··■ u i'ji* ?;<îure η ?r.t :r permanence, they will
-t flrst-cla-s walk to construct.
hver\ M. '. ·\· r , .· · !. in tact, we positively
will r.i î ; u? 'own \ walk until these blocks ire safe,
! \ erv u iik α solid concrete h:ise. Let us
i s i w " ^ p'a»- i- ι 1 nr property .
I Waxahachie Cement Stone
I Manufacturing Company
mmmmtimmmmmmm ι ι » i nwiiii ·ιιι ι wii————
♦♦♦·♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦·»♦ *******
♦ Call Us Up and Get Prices :
I I..· men who have «:··«■.►- arid gone before have fung the *»ng* that we
inp .ml adverti (<1 as we have, l^ut we kind Iν ask you to (five tr- a j«rt φ
<■': vour goreery trade and see how nice we will treat you . ♦
West Fr&nKlin Grocery
5 Both Bhones. JOHN ROBB. Prop.
Important Change of Time
A New Train via
Effective Sunday. January 28, 1906.
By thiri change, the service between Waxahachie and North Texas
points is much in proved, with double riailv train service in both direc
tions, the Η. & I and Texas Midland farming a thiouzh and contin
uous route via Er nis to points on the Texas; also to St. Louis via tho
Frisco, &nd all po nts ir. th<j North and East ,as follows:
St. Louis
Lv. - -
Ar. 7a.m
Ar. ."s 22 a m
Ar. 9:40 a.m.
* r. 1 ' ' :20 a. m
Ar. 10:5:', a m
Ar. 11:4"> a m.
Ar. 7>17 a m.
3.00 p. m
7:28 p. m
7ι ρ m.
u- :Γ>7 ρ m.
10:01 ρ m
1<ι:40 ρ m.
l.v. 7:19 p.m.
• î.v. 7:20 ρ m
Lv. 6:05 ρ m.
Lv. ô.'M p. ni.
Lv.* 4:58 p.m.
Lv.'4:Ht p.m.,
Lv. 821 p.m.
11.17 a m.
8:49 a.m.
H:-.'") a.m.
6:58 a.m.
t>:27 a.m.
Γ>:5Γ> a.m.
5:10 a.m.
Connecting in union depot κ with the 11. & Έ. C. at Enms and Frisco at
Paris. The highest standard >>f service is maintained over a smooth and
dustiers track.
Request your ticket to read via ibe Midland.
General Passenger and Ticket Agent,
Turku.i., Texas
Colonist Béates West and
Daily Feb. 15 to April 7, very low rates to California, Oregon,
Washington and intermediate
points. Only $25.lib to San Fran
cisco, $'·'2 40 to Portland. Tourist car service.
Tuesday.', and Saturdays, to Panhandle Country, limit thirty days
"for return Stopovers.
NASHVILLE, TENN.. and return
Feb 2*i, 26, 27. One fare plus $2. Quickest lin.·. Onion Depot
connections at Memphis
LOUISVILLE, KY . and reluro
March 15, It», 17, is. One fare plus $·.·.
And many other great cities are be>t reached by the Rock Island.
Only line with through sleepers ur.d chair cars to C hicago daily.
Regarding trip anywhere, write.
IMIII \ ΛΙ ΚΗ. t; I' V. < l{. I. Λ ο
Fort Worth, le»»
SaVÏS PATRON5 JC W tf5 !* f/5/Γ/Λν

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