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ΐ! 1 TtXAS
on thi:
u Ht in llll WW O:
M( >1 )Ι Κ \ M. Ml; \N ■ ( \\
(,h i \ H< >Vi; \M) Μ \Κï
( iOOI)
Λ 1.1, THE Tl vi Κ
ALTITUDE 1750 to 2000 ΓΙ
Κ Ε S υ Κ ι
writi; κοκ ραμιίιι,κτ
W. S. KEENAN, G. P. A.
fl. C. ί S. F., GALVESTON'
We nnw have toll connection
with all points in South Texas,
also Dallas and other points
Sec Manager
for telephones.
ïlllis Co Ind.
Telephone Co.
♦ Now is the Time ;
♦ to have your heating stoves put
J up We are ready for work ; will
y> repair, trade for yours, or pay
♦ the cash for it- We want to do
j the work. Try us.
J Moore's New and Second
J Hand Store
♦ Old Phone 260 212 Kast Main
ι':Ηί in : jiii's.
SfDUor Ikatlfν Hu IV i;ion
w iUiif Μ·-.ι
coMiKKss aksou n;
In ît \\·π-'. thi* Tr\an « ont»?!'I«, \%
\rMrti J hp I Hilt Î t u I l·' r< λ I Hi* b I
to IV mtî!*»· jhf I mlta
I ion uf < 0*1 r I -.
W.ishiηi;ton, Mar* h Γ · S'»natf>r ·
Ball··;· :·.·'· 1 :u tin ·♦ Monday ■
to çrttii i^M of his -sijcs;. i, for a
prohihttio! rj th* railroad rat ··■.:■; \
' !.. η « r· jutf « ninmi ■:■··· :·.·· i
' «un t.- i^low tit- sii|:>r"iT <· rn.-aι Hp '
c «»¥>!♦ tliiif <·<·,'. w- : ·■, had îhc ai>*n
lutf· |N.»wf!t to jm *r-rlht* Jt ifatiors for
the (ourts wlm i it cr^at.» and « hod j
ίί lîiTfro l : ! ί ; ; i I >♦ ' Γ θ! Ί'<Ί·' ·>Γ»ί in sup· !
"I liav<; not Intended to 4tsrii'-s any
ρ h u M: t is 1» .■ ι ■ ι if on in til ,i suit
ftHV tiun· to discuss every phase of
It," ho :i·I in inirortuclnft his speech, ι
II· aid that tin suggestion made by
h I it t< li « I :i > ,<£o in ivspoct li> the
powers· «il eonures· t<■ limit Inferior
Federal (oun In t!v matter of issu
ins injin.ctioiis hail be«-ii discussed so
* . <·)> and a? ailed so Hon ··!>· that hi·
felt required to maU· a further h tut ·
nient. Complaint was made I,y th"
various arguments of th·· new spaper
j comments regarding his suBifRttons,
' which he said seemed to be further
ing » deliberate (Tort to make )i ap
[ I car he haii advanced an unconstitu
tional proposition, and so obviously
* unconstitutional that, his i-olleagues on
w tho Démocratie side or' the rhambci
^ would not support it."
%> Reading from an account of th*
* j fy< id oc ra,i hi ■ oil t uiX. ii ι η (ie<) η at t tv
scribe the* Jurisdiction on th** the : ih- j
Old; · '>urfH Which It create *ΪΛ j
declared that unlen* 'ho-e courte w re
ν ι -ted with r pow then < ■ '
Πιη·<| by the < onntimtton. they < annot
h.· .ι*··.·- I ···{ ' an ;·»:·' . f ·.·! :·«. ' ·
prevail in < « oi the limitation of
Much powers witbin the confititut n.
He aid that the supreme court bad
rejected th« argument that the lower
court?* hav< inherent po · r, boldho*
that th«-ir powers were c;. «
1>\ the <'>f. tilution creating the
Mr Π i r « · \ cntf'-d » Μ » (.ι ;· " t<> : *.·■■■ j
act of congru-· in prohibiting 'h<· |
courts from punishing for ron^·» iMlw !
contempt nd vei." h· said - !
tors deny f î : » · right of eongi< to ι»
tilate th'· Ipse anee ·»· "d •'"■•••pc.··· >
Mi. Baih > declared t h. > ' il! h« was
contending for wa· to bave t h » · *·;* t -s
fixed by the commi i-.n -land ριρΊ
finally ad j ud ioated by the court, be
cause he believed it m tub? h» is-nn·· i
that any rat» establish^· 1 hv î J ; * τ 't
would be more just than th·· -at·^ of
j the railroad companies th»· on·· l>· it c.
; disinterested. and the · ίο int. r
1 ested
1 :ipp' 0 ι ο yon to .-a;. wh:< h : s
more apt ο be right, if yon giv<· yi.;r
voice to that fixed b> the commissiez
1 demand in the inte.est of th p^op!·
'that it ad until a final <!·· ]>·<' to .
contrary i.- recorded."
île advised senator- ^o !n· eandM
with the people. He "ad a letter ('
an attorney in Florida · · din*: .! ■··:■_·
Pardee's « our-e in - n..fining that st; '
from instituting a -nit to compel '··
reduction o; pa ssen ·-·«·?· tat·· a p»e
j eeeding. he said. whi<·»·. -hows how
far these learned and upriga; judg ·"
may go in the use of their ·ions ι Γ,?-·
declared that ev< η if ue s;.·», i alone,
he would submit to tin senate >he
question as to whether the courts may
, exercise arbitrary power like that as
sumed by Judge aPrdee.
Ar· we to understand a at the sen
ator favors a final rev'i. w by th*
( · courts?" Mr. Aidrich asked
"I d,l - ·
Β' ' '
riociti■; <»
p. f ·. ! '
pr<" · I'eji
th.:? ' ■ ! ' * ι c V
pr>wr·: to .
thOf* «h;: ''<
111· MM : ' ' ' ' ' (U* ' ' 9
β'♦«·!>· e II: «Ι! »J» !
b< nch.
p.. rc i Τ· , Γ> ! ■ - A
noil Urp -(.tâtr.'.et) R. r.
Atlanta V?4 . « η JO.— Λ» * rouit of
!>·.. h : ai ? ,;.·»·> !
Γ :, « ' "Πυ λ l·. h ΓΙ . . ί'ι ■; : ' ■
report· Ί drowned In minj· places.
So !.ir oih death troni the *torm
ha. h- η r· |K>r·\ tl Λ mis tronc
,.τι 1 . :i> ■ ' <,?· * ■ ' ■ oiïi!■ an·! Ohio
ι I, i · r. υ: ■ î ■
tnrnirc, over. can -'d by a washout
Tl:· : '-.r : π: ,:e <:<>!!' by Ihe
water λ:. . to the railroads Innum
pj.-iI»!»· washout^ on t!:·■ Illinois Central
i! 1 r i.iekson Mi . · li.·'· caused the
annulling of trains in that section.
S< ··. tr»·.-·11 < " and embankments
on tic S utli· πι railroad between
Λι , 'tii 11: il Home ν· ir < airb d awav
,1 i 1 ains were bandied over the
Wi "Mi and Atlantic frail·,.,. The Mo
bill ami Ohio between Montgomery
anil Si Itna v>a: bailly crippled, train*
bavins 10 be handled over the Western
>f Alabama tracks The Seaboard Air
l,in< b« rw. · 11 Atlanta and Birmingham
was crippled so that trains had to |»-s
handled over the Southern tracks. A
number of washouts arc reported on
(he <; 11 if and Ship Island road near
Magee. Mie» . causing trains to bo
late No trains are running on time
Several Pup:ls Had Hair Burned and
One Girl Hurt.
II.iv· hill, Mass.. March 2u. Fire in
I the Haverhill manual training and
jhigii si hool aunt \ imperilled more
.'than 1Γ.ΙΙ buy.- and girls, and although
I mainly because of the eoolnes and gen
rralsiiip of the teachers, no lives were
jlost. several pupils had their hair
I burned and one ~irl injured her leg
by jumping fro nia second story win
«low Instructor .lolin Bourne was
■ '«impelled to leap troni a window on
i tin second floor o: the training school.
; He was not injured. The loss is esti
] mined at $20,000.
; Negro Taken From Jail at Chattan
ooga and Hanged.
Chattanooga Man a 20. Ed .John
I sou. colored, was taken from jail at
» 1 ί»· 1Γ» "'«"look Monday night. by η mob
(;f seventy-live men and hanged to a
bfani of the count\ bridge over the
Tennessee river. The rope broke and
the negro's body f#»?i. and the mob
<;t:;ekly riddled him with bti?let>.
Sheriff Shi])i> and t h « ■ jailer were Ioc.\
I ed in the hath room while the mob
I secured the prisoner. There was no
! disorder. 11· v\as under death sen
tence for criminal assault.
Cnited States supreme court had
granted Johnson an appeal during: the
I day.
Senate Confirmed Quite a Batch of
Nominations on Monday.
Washington. March 20. In execu
tif session the senate confirmed (he
folowing post masters :
Indian Territory. I Κ Hannah,
ïxmisianu F. C L; bit, Crowley.
Oklahoma. -W. Κ Johnston. Te
Texasc H. Martin. Ron ham; C. A.
Dickson. Cleburne : C. J. Hostrasser,
Hearne R. Pore. Pittsburg; Τ J. Dar
ling. Temple; Florence Burk. Klgin
Terrible Fate That Overtook a Dozen
Colorado Miners.
BHverton, Colo.. March 20 Twelve
miners employed at the Shenaudoah
mint- were caught by .1 great snow
slide and swept fo their death
According to a report from Howard
ville the men were killed 1» a snow
slid*- which struck the boardinghouse
at the mine when they wore at dinner
Tt is reported twenty-one men we re
caught in the slide and that nine dug
I their v%ay our more or less njured
Traffic Crippled
Μ»»ιιιμΙιΐ* Mar« h 20 Trafic on th#1
! Yaxon au·! M sc.sippi Yul . \ ana ΙΓ.ι
! nois Outrai railroads is badiv -rip
ί j'led on .tccoun of heavy rains in
Mts^sip! S»riou< washouts in ·.■♦■·
I ported π· .·· V' '· -b<r κ :«nd 1*·*: '
! SOI'
Dies Fr-orr Strychnine
Georgetown !Y\ March 20 Mi*.c
j Ida JoslinK win \ d on 'he HiamJ
Harrison farm "lirht miles frnni her*»
n<*ar Hutto Ίί I Ir >m taking Stryoh
Hamilton Served With Summers
V « Yt ? t· M . · * Andre* Ham
I tlton w.o- · 1 *>th : m mon s in sum
'{by Trust ·- «>: York Life Insu
an<e com pans lf ^ understood tr
f»»c λ miuii iM,..' o' t>h spec
Cadet» Readmitted
Vni *poli* Miirrfi .'() Th·· follow
. inn < adets ψ readmitted to tfctt uh
val ;o Λ·1» n»v V! ' Kost»>r laxi!*
ar»,i <' M î'; \i*rth OaroliB
i Kriw.ll V · ■ * !
E. Ig. η Β Mer Sale·
fÇtfflf ». Μα · **
(hri »· « s ' '·
or Gomfort and Convenience
ir '·'
■ Ί.
.· v\^ .
<.c.« ·3^ · «®
i: % *-* <
, * -à*
*.. Ί~*Χ
l· W
* ;
Λ » .tj*
Important Change of Time
A New Train via
Effective Sunday, January 28, 1906.
Ην this change, the service between Waxahachie ami North Texas
points is much ifnproved. with double daily train service in both direc
tions, the Η. & Τ C. and Texas Midland forming a through and contin
uous route via Ennis to points on the Texas; also to St. Louis via the
Frisco, and all points in the North and East .as follows:
Waxahachie Lv. — 3:00 p.m Ar. —— 11:15 am.
Kaufman Ar. 7:55 a.m. 7:28 p.m. Lv. 7:49 p.m. 8:49 a.m.
Terrell Ar. 8:22 a.m. 7:50 ρ m. Lv. 7:25 p m 8:25 a.m.
Greenville Ar. 9:40 a.m. 8:57 pm. Lv. 6:06 ρ m. 6:58 a.m.
Commerce Ar. 10:20 a.m. 9:30 p.m. Lv. 5:30 p.m. 6:27 a.m.
Cooper Ar. 10:53 a.m. 10:01 p.m. Lv.!4:58 p.m. 5:55 a.m.
Paris Ar. 11:45 am. 10:40 p.m. Lv.;4:10 p.m. 5:10 a.m.
St. Louis Ar. 7:47 a.m. 7:15 p.m. Lv. 8:21 p.m. ——
Connecting in union depots with the H. & T. C. at Ennis and Frisco at
Paris. The highest standard of service is maintained over a smooth and
dustless track.
Request your ticket to read via the Midland.
F. B. McKAY,
General Passenger and TicKet Agent,
ThRRELi, Texas.

I Just Received

♦ Λ beautiiul line ot' Imported Embossed W\
♦ China that 1 am - -ft tins at a very lov rncv
♦ Come and let me show you. \
♦ —
D. C. McRAE.
♦ ·
: The Model Bakery
♦ .Fresh.Pies, CaKes,'Rolls, Buns
I ^ All^Kinds of Bread
X Free Deliverytto|:my paît υί the'Ciiv.
X W. C. HOOPER, Prop, ^
Our Walks Invite
Investigation Φ Φ
Their attractiveness appeals to
the eye. and the way they are
made will satisfy your every
expectation. -a»#·##
I ·.· rv lu· >r <-,n impiiment >n them, ind
u i-n u : " 'L'urc η ii>Mr γ-rman-.-nc v. they will
first-class walk to construct.
Κ ■ fr r . :n t rt. w positively
■λ ,:i r it :<.vvn :i \va:k untp thr blocks are safe,
.ι-· λ , k h » 'i olul vuncrete base. Let us
gjj sh< a ■ ou plans fur your proper?
Waxahachie Cement Stone
^Manufacturing Company
I Call Us Up and Get Prices

♦ I. tt ■ η »·».· have com· and Kui.e iiefon· t.av>· -.ung îhe <rnffH that we
f sing and advertised as we bave, l ut we kindly ask >«u to rive us a part
ψ of vi.ur (,'(·:···< r> trail·· and >>e how nice w· will treat you

: West Franklin Grocery
J Both Bhones JOHN ROBB, Prop.
©©SîîS?© ©S©S©i»©îï©i?©©S©®©© SO»
Ο For Wednesday only we will offer for saie the finest
line of Lace Curtains ever shown in Waxahachie.
jJ While our buyer was in the East he bought over
350 pair Lace Curtains at Manufacturer's Cost, and
these Curtains were all marked to sell for same price
merchants must pay the wholesale house. We
promised the people of Waxahachie a bargain for
JJ every day in the week, and so for Wedri0S=
ν day only we are going to cut the price of our
Ο Lace Curtains to 1-2 ot their regular selling price.
jJ We will sell Lace Curtains from 50c to $5.00 per
jJ pair, something unheard of in Waxahachie until
ν there was an EGGRR C 11 λ Never put oft until
ν tomorrow what vou can buv todav·
§D. Egger & Son»
©φ© φββββίϊφβ©©®φφ®φφφφφφ ©φ©

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