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The Waxahachie daily Light.
voM'vn·; \ui « uvhahiik, tk\ \h. vvkiaksihv %i \is* h i», hm«i μ μγ.κιι m
AMtm>! fU4c to lynch (·Ιητ«4ο fit*,
ister Arrestrt Herr S»\»ri»<i
Λ special from I .a .Inn'a. Col.. >«>>
that Re\ W <" Connell, the minister
ntieMed I h this city last Saturday
I'VfnUf oit a «ertonir charge has been
^placed πι Jail· there for safe keeping
Hi· w.i hastily remover from Lamar,
'«hi v·· the offense Is alleged to han·
been committed. and transferred to
the jail al I.a Junta to prevent being
l> lu lled
Sheriff Thomas arrived at Lamar
j\londn\ with his prisonei Several
Il il lu] red men thronged the street·
and threatened to hane the prearher.
On being arraigned in eourt he
in knowledged his guilt and waived
examination. Later under a heavy
guard he was removed in a wagon to
Las \ ni mas, where he was placed
on a train and hurried to La .Imita.
After Sheriff Thomas had depart
ed from this pity with his prisoner it
was learned that he first came to
Waxahaehle on Saturday, Mareh 17.
He registered at the Rogers hotel oil
that day as W. 0. Cornell, Chicago.
He siient Sunday at the hotel and
left there Monday morning. It is
believed that lie went from here to
Dallas, returning Friday afternoon
before his arrest Saturday evening.
While at the hotel lie talked freely
to the proprietor of that hostelry,
stating that he was here for the pur
pose of buying Wakeley's photograph
studio. He said he was a preacher
and that he owned an interest in a
gold mine in Colorado.
Mm. Landrith Dead.
Mrs. Landrlth, mother of Rev. Ira
l.andrith of Nashville. Tenn., died
last night at the family home near
Milford. The Interment took place
this afternoon at 4 o'clock at Milford.
Rev. .1. C. Smith of tlvls city went
down this morning to conduct the
funeral service.
The Dally ljtght will print 100(
extra copies oil next Friday afternoot
Klvtng the fnil 'p*rtlt:al*|v of tbi
hanging. Those desirfbg èWt'ii copiei
may get ihem at this office - <tt 5i
ni m » \<»i «.M m <n>i>
«/tiamt ami Oui U sh«>4 I h»·« <·
Τί HM'*« il" II·** Il II .
S ν r.i* *i « \ V . î ♦ h 2 ν Λ J
rjtian»! between i'tar» ne*» Hérita»;»»
a rat ('bail·- Κ <*rahan. dur
m tho jK'i forinaru » of Arizona
Mondm night was· followed aft'i
'h» aitdieti* «· had left îh♦- pla< ·· by .« n
«hoot itm aff ι a\ \\ i ' iïrah:r.,. .« f
ta jk·'' Three shots ν «τ»· ft**ed. on*
mazlnn Graham s !«*f» rheek, anoilwr ^
hU side a ltd a third entering his lof»
hand 11
Trinilj Wins Senmd <·ηηι< !*
The Polvti i hnlc ('ol.eg. t»·;«m «as
badlv defeated yesterda) afternoon |'
bj Trinity rnlversity in tin· second jo
ml lui· of baseb» ! 1 between these | t
te» m s The score sinod Trinity t
Kl. Polytechnic Ί v
Tlie game wits slow and feat ureless n
The visitors went to pin. - early in
the «aine. y
Ttii Vgricultitral at:<] Me< banical d
College team will be her·· Wednesday t
and Thursday. April 11 and Γ-. '
: tl
llelicui-illg is Denied.
In the court of criminal appeals'
at Dallas a rehearing lias heen de |
nied in the case of West Tune. Tin ; t
verdict of the lower court in this |
I case was recently affirmed At the'
j last term of the district court Tune!,
'was convicted of murder in the first |(
j degree and given a life term in the j ,
: penitentiary ,(
The court has adjourned at Dallas j ,
and will convene at Austin April i
Aged Lady Passes Away. I
I Albany. March 2S. Lacking just j ι
i one month of being I tit; years old. I
! Mrs. Bridget Coleman died at her ι
: home in this city. She was born in ι
i Ireland in 1X00 and came to America ;
in 1 849. 1
Hanges Himself in Dugout.
Thomas. Okla.. March 2X. Near,
here in ;i dugout George H. Horion j
hanged himself. He was seveuty ι
years old and had just married for
'. the fourth time. Absess on brain
i caused insanity.
I Mot lie r of Noted Poetess Dies.
! Branford, Conn.. March28. Mrs.
ι Sarah J. Wheeler, mother of Mrs.
Robert Wilcox (Ella Wheeler Wil
cox» died at Short Beach at the age
of ninety-two years.
The Joys of Living χ
Are greatly enhanced when you can procure for your t
table such delectable fruit as STRAWBERRIES. X
We have them every day. They are large, sweet ♦
and lucious—just the kind to serve with cream and ♦
sugar or bake into short cake. ♦
Tomorrow we will have a lar-ze supply of New To- ♦
matoes. Let us have your orders. ♦
Wr aie now |>r»-|>itrt«i to delivtr Κ Κ ti> any part <·Γ city Wi· apple
eiate the patronage given us heretofore anil respectfully solicit a liberal
share of same airain this reason Our priées will he from our Wholesale
Was» 'f at rate of
25c per 100 pounds
Kruni <»ur l»e<ui«nc«* Wagons hi rut· <»f
30c per 100 pounds
I'hone us your onler- >houl<l ui wagons ηιι> you. ami thtv v*ui he
tilUsi promptly
Waxahachie Ice Works
♦ Something More
I hjtn - filing r ·» \λ a ' κ .....i -
%4»tift?itctuni VW w»n\ « υ torn»*· t«· «av 'that
*>i> t fi* S«HHJ Miutlhi tinit'f '''Κ *r «jftii »
φ .|:** .Ϊ . >iti« .X · ? Ν · Ϋ
J : ft Σ
\ LEIGH BROS 'hone ϊ-ί ·
»··«·················.···.« t·»*··»*»»*».»»**.·****»*
Fresh Vegetables all the Time :
a :
ι ■ i
V ' ! : ' F \ ι ! I ! . - ' , Λ 1

Υ. Β. Early Grocery Co
S w ' Hot* It»*»».
jhn.stnwn P<. It Visited By t ΜιΙΙωη
Mtor BMîc in business Sfi tmn.
JohriMtown f»a March ?*. With a
ιο notary !mss that w i : ' .ti,'irr <*ta1 ·■
illy $ I .oiMi.rwo on· flrcn'an >·. ··«i,
•veral oth««i« ^♦■nuu<i> liMrt by fa':
wail* ,«?:<! -onif· · ι - I > ; » » I *î j
igs in ruins. .fnhnsto-λ n λ , visit. ··!
y a Icrrible < ηηίΐ.ικ: ai i«m « arly this ;
turning. ι
Thf flic brok< out at \;;n ο *io« \
ι the < ■ » * η t e r of the busine· -> s«*<-iio?i
f the < it . ,iιοί -.ι i< ; nr·· ..ι f<m stni<
ire I ♦» f I bitoi. its pi .ι. Γογ {
ir··** hour tlw r. .. · (h· flancs <
ax Aoni**thim; frightful ami at ; ]
<Ίθ<Ί> if S'f'fj.i (1 :1 .·■. I could
ay its <}<·■:· î ru< t iν c wo-1.. !
It will be reim-mlMM»m1 that some t
pars ago b\ the bm sting of a dam a
ehige of v\ ; » t ' * r was précipitât ♦·<! upon 1
lis city, ( a using scores of persons 1
> lose their lives and resulting ui I
lany houses being swept away
.. ι
iranri Jul) Keturns η True Hill j
\gainst |>r. (ire··».
Dr Κ. Κ Green was indicted by j
he grand jury yesterday afternoon Γ
η a charge of murder The indict- j ,
nent was based on the death of Mrs. j
Il el la Taylor, which occured at Pa!- |
uer last December.
The man who attempted to pass a |
orged note on the Citizens National |
bink a few days ago was indicted on |
wo counts of forgery.
Klijab Miller was indicted for at - J
empted criminal assault. Miller is ι
he negro who attempted to attack |
, Bohemian woman near Garrett one j
iunday morning a few weeks ago. j
Dan McCartney, colored, was in - I
licted for perjury before the grand
lury. Daniel is alleged to have given j
false testimony as to the manner in )
which he procured some whiskey.
Five misdemeanor indictments I
were returned for the following of- j
fenses: On*· for adultery and forni
cation. one for disturbing the peace,
two for violating the local option law
and two for selling to a minor.
Hut a I-Vh I>ays iu a Dark <VII Hn«I
Wonderful Ciirntivi· Kffeci.
ft is claimed that the man who at
tenipted to obtain money from local
banks a few weeks ago on notes to
which the names of farmers had
been illegally affixed recently feigned
insanity From all appearances he j
had a bad case of bug house, but a ·
day or two in a dark cell was suf- I
ficient to work a complete cure. It !
is said that a few days ago the man [
began acting in a crazy manner and 1
became so violent that he had to be j
removed to an individual cell. He
resisted the guards and it was with
considerable difficulty that the trans-'
fer from the run-around to the cell j
was mad·· After spending one day 1
and two nights behind » heav\ steel ;
door he was read> to return to ihe|
quarters with the other prisoner.»
Illinois Man Itah's Snow.
Vrcola, 111 March - I When * !»··
mountain- of snow which fell in ,
this >ection during the past »*n da>s/
wel t bf ing ;< bused fot rendering !'U j
tal traffic almost Imp'ssibb W \\
I'eppt r rigged up an obi traction 1
engine and a ha\ balei -allied forth
Ι η ι « » m big field '·· c I r i t > · · « i -now nul
baled it into Ice blocks Owing to :
th· mild w· at her here, no» a -Ingle j
1 iikp of natural le» had l)wn stored j
in the * ount> . but Mr IVppei now (
ha·· his 1» ehous*· full
Mt S I, «îreeti, 4 prominent horse i
uiau ««f t'cleste Hunt . wan in
VVax.ihu« hie v#>»<erdm Η» hipped
hh great br«M»«l mar· Κ rankle Klt'i
trite here to bre««| to San» Oraftan '
Frank t*' 1 rit<f* 1» hy Kieeirh· 2 - Ν j
1,1 i
WIlkH : Sh« , th· tUn, or Ijh*
I.» « k - t Î While here Mr lireen
\ Isiitn| th· l.ievdliit able of Flem
ing \»is and Mihiri and *tif«
t iiltllllltlt « «I til M. t ·
t« th» ft»» « i>
fetufn fe 4·* 1 t tihl «ad r ·· j
mti IWM fftpv W ■**.»-(· 1 tflftl»
- λβ4 uli tmftla*' - «tlNtfttr* a*
» m ·,.·■ , - ■ ' - * · ι
M·*» - Η V IV»f
Ht NTINf. luv| SON
iidinti IV»"M«»r> Hoiikui l«- j
«jinn \IhmM .I II Γλ>Ι"γ
Mi Molli*· Taylor ο f Tu?7k\ I Τ !
ι it h « huh. .I H Taylor. missing nod j
rom whom has heard nothing j
η more than a vcar The Dal!>
,ight ha- a ·??»·« from Mrs Taytoi
ϋ which «ht· make* inquin about
h*· îiiîiii murdered by Mlx-rt Johnson
iear thi cit> last Inly She .«aid
hat » h#·» h;iw a notice in the newspa
'«•|h of th«* coming execution of .John
on for the murder of ,l II Twylor. :
lid she thought pos fbl) the man I
night be h«M son.
Italy t'<»ft«»n ('οιιιρΓίΗν,
Italy. 'IVxa-. March -> W (V |
'herry ot Stephenville Texas. reprc
enting the Webb Pro^> Company,
vas hen Frida\ in consultation with
miml^r of Italy's leading business
m ri iτι reference to the erection of a
otton compress in this city He pro
loses, on behalf of his company, that
[ the people here will subscribe :'»«>
ler cent of the stock that his compa
ly will put in the plant in time for
he com in κ season's crop The com
iany requires a guarantee of at least
!u,uoo bales, but. it is claimed that,
aking last year's crop as a basis, at
east UT.nofi bales of cotton could be
oocured here one-half of this
ι mount being the average year's re
■eipts at Italy. The matter is now
>eing investigated by some of those
vho are interested in the matter, and
hey are confident that our business
nen will readily subscribe the re
juired amount of stock in the enter- j
>rise Italy needs a compress, and ;
t is thought that she will secure one j
)efore the fall months.
Elks Elect Officers.
At the meeting of the Elks last |
light the following officers were'
elected, .loe Brown, Exalted Ruler;
B. P. Anderson. Jr., Esteemed Lead
ing Knight; Ben S Leigh, Esteemed
Ixiyal Knight Ε. B. Prince, Esteem
ed Lecturing Knight; Cleo. L. Grif
fin. secretary; Ed V. Cunningham,
treasurer; A. E. McManus, tiler; Jas.
L. McCartney, trustee.
Lex Meredith was elected repre
sentative to the grand lodge, whicl
meets at Denver in July.
The Weather Itecord.
, Following is « record of weatht
I observations in Waxahachif for th
J week ending March 25. ns taken b.
C\ D. Long serre:
March 1 . highest 4 4, lowest :»6
rain fall .03. cloudy. March 20,
highest 4:i. lowest 2 4. clear March
21. highest lowest 27, clear.
March 2 2. highest 7'·. lowest :ί7.
cloudy March 21. highest 70. low
est Γ. 1. cloudy March 2 1. highest
(îG. lowest ",9. cloud> Match 2·"»,
highest 7 7. lowest f;. cloudy.
New Service.
Commencing \pril s ; h. the Queen
Ai ('resent Route's, Passenger trains
Nn s 7 and v will run solid between
Shreveport and Atlanta, with sleep
ing car and dining car service
This train will have no connections
to wait for. or make in transi', and
will have nothing to prevent it mak
itig it> régulai time into Atlanta It
Hangs Join I.
ho- \ngeles vfarch 2 s Moris
Buck who shot and killed Mrs Can
field, 'he wife of the « il millionaire,
was Monda\ sentenced to he hanged
June I
If you want the bes»t rarrtuge and
hugg> serv ice. phone 10 Patton
Kenned) Company tf
Τ ry
Apple Jack
\ new citation at our
soda fountain. Itsma^k^
of oui- fashioned tresh '
ipples, uivl is i 'elitfhi '
I t" th»· i\il it
S ι ι-nt .s
W* T#H«
OfTrap Is it* ι* 4 (μ>)γμι ted f«st ef
Ihf fcrmrrV (eft·* Yiri
VVd; I. λ, - t-oiUtU9*tifiHl îfris ίϊί(**Γ- j
iHM.«n on 'h* g*»!low-> from which Al* !
be*> Johnson will be hang·*) Frida·.!
Tb» work t?> being direcied by Kph I
IHxon and will be fin'«bed late (his j
!'··■ ti'idfi or earl> tomorrow morn-'
nig The t:a!low^ will const*? of aj
frame work and floor in which the
trap door v.-ill be constructed Tfee
trap will <«4 sprung with the same J
trigger which Witu u?ed two yea re j
ago and again la**t >».<; The rope j
will b« given a thorough test to- j
The present site of the gallows wur !
selected late yesterday afternoon 'if - J
ter oh j· m (ions to the former place had |
ht « ri mad*· by officials of the Katy
railw.i> The objection of (he raH
road people was based on the possi
bility of sotiif on*· getting hurt on
the road while the execution was in
progress Shurift Mimiick took the
same view of the matter and at once
began looking for another location,
which resulted in selecting a place on
the prairie a short distance cast of
th* Farmers' cotton y;;rd. A large
open space will surround the gallows,
thus affording plent\ of room for all
who desire το witness the proceed
ings j
The remaakabl*· stoicism displayed
by the condemned negro since his
confinement in th*· death cell is giv
ing away and he is gradually weaken
ing. He expects no relief from the
governor in the way ot a stay of ex
ecution or commutation of sentence,
and now that the day of his execu- ■
tion is almost here h" is losing his I
nerve. He eats scarcely anything I
and is restless at night. In fact, he ■
puts in most of his time pacing the j·
floor of his cell and droning some tl
j religious air. He walked the floor |l
Monday nigh? until 2 o'clock Last 11
1 night he refused to eat any supper. I·
land when a reporter called at the
j jail at S o'clock he wan walking the 11
I floor and singing. Because of His in- 11
, 1 difference at first to their visit» mem-1!
\ bers of the clergy Have called on the \'
prisoner only a few times to offer \
him spiritual consolation. A short 1
,· devoiionaJ service was held y ester- j
9 day morning iu front of his cell by j
, two or three women of his race. I
(During the day a negro trunty remis I
to hi m from the Bible, following each
rending with a short prayer f
jSeveral Kcsolution to .Stop This !'»·«·
\ ailt*<1 in the House.
Washington. March -s Following
the president's suggestion, the house
Monday passed several resolutions to
correct the useless printing of public
documents, and to empower the print
ing eommitte of the two legislative
bodies ο 11\ the number of docu
ments to lit· printed, and should tit·
demand aris« for additional copies of
;t publication, then to have nuthor.it>
to order another edition It was
claimed this achon would result in
; saving the government upwards of
$1.Uuu,uoo annually
Xearl> the entire dn> was devoted
m District of Columbia business, this
being known .is District 1 >a> Sev
1 eral local bills were passed
( «»n\« ut ion < ojimiitiiM Meeting.
The reception and entertainment
ol i,. l'e\a- Christian Mis^ionar\
' <'on νeiitioii which is to meet in Wax»·
barbie June 11 1 ·"· will go bevoud
congregational lines and be an affair I
of »he town at iarg* The Sterling I
[ Committee which will take the gen |
I eral ovetsighf iw · otnpo*ed of 1 «
I Houston Mille (' \\ Otbftot Κ C
^ MrCartnet I. C Todd W 1. Hard I
I tit S Γ SpaldtiiL Let IVnn Τ VI
iltiNkwtl. li 1 Mmif M II Tciiipl··
! ton ft I' Mr tine*· and l( h M- j
Comb* ν ttiujorit) of tht> <ommi ι
u- me - U'tdiiN afterntM»ti and of !
K.utijted b% * he el** t ton of Mi Millet
I- ■ I- itrman «ml Mi Mn nMb »·< I
ivturv lh. cmrral »»rk »·» 41» ;
I *tftk ·«# \« H IIUOIIH *% * · »Η· · » I
» Μ » «ι
P9Pf*Nwtt* 4H % ψ ,tf ι ι
"· ·*«»! I I
If you, like thousands of
other men, think three
dollars enough to pay for
your Derby Hat, we
want to tell you that we
have the best one made
in America at this price.
It's the newest and most
correct block, made by
Mr. Knox, on the same
block from which his
five dollar hats are made.
If you want the $5.00
Derby, of course we
have it. Several dimen
sions in eachjgrade.
When Your Eyes
need attention or your
slight gives you any trou
ble. come to us :it once
and we will set you
right with ι pair Ά
Eye Glasses
that «.ill It your ►·>·<·> exact!)
and trivt* ν ou |>«>rman«*ntly « l»-ar
"The Jeweler"
Olril>aut fUniwarr ( ο
··* " · '» > >'»! '*« «MU
•feM·· « I ft

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