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The Waxahachie daily light. [volume] (Waxahachie, Tex.) 1894-current, March 29, 1906, Image 4

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I "Where the eye is
i the Jury thy ap
I pare! I» the cvl
1 deuce"
T.I W..V ■ ' V ' ! ■ Γι' --
i» vilaiK ■■·. Ν .. λ η,
hOWCY ■ ' Λ!' !*.··" ι ' ; «■'
ill» f«r .·η 'intniy ' ·■■' A »t;,
li*h. f« !">-<■( ritttt ■■··· ι- '·■
MDtill '■ >rn > : a:;'.) ' <i
It is just bccau>i' thw war.'
|K>rfi*tlv suppli»xl in <>u; new
S PR I N<i SI.nTKRS that j.hto.
thoni - much in favor with |>ηγ
ti.-uljir tli-> nminutSi ν ν\· roi-n
Prices $2.50, Ι
$3 and $4.00
Patents, New
Kids and Gun-metal
We Have for Sale
7 Room Cottage on Old
ham Ave. $2,150
6 Room Cottage on Wain
street $2,500
Several other reai bar
l.. C. TODD, I'res.
T. H BARROW Secty.
No Τ rouble
îo Find
•lu*' t hi- ha|<e or -iyl< of
r -1 \k L* · w « ■ ; ι * ' ·'.
ί-οην t" >uv st<»re t" »···«!,.- th··
J iioice. Wt· hi ν e the la
1 oris and most recent Ί·. · ί in
both derbies and noveltit
< »ur ζ 3 αθ Hat ,
αν ■ «inner- made in the huçhe^
iua)»tie< and are £reat satis fa
ion producers All colors W
nvit<* an inspection.
♦ ·
«♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦
!>ί J < \a-I· a; hi <r»\
fr· ι Γ ni
Mi- VV Η Opt t.'iHl»' γ
In I'nltv todaj
T. M SW|« wm « i»R*-· nc> r it·
< )!l <i Ih· ' iι - ' (l! M : Τ Λ Kl-1
V V Τ Μ !>). i.-on ,.nd ,\!lnr
' f ι Ν f Uavi - tit M i liofio w* ; <
her»» to4n>
Mr »rid Mr \V Π gvunt». \S
r ll '-n arul Mr* H Y? .!<»hn*nn of
Hu&baftl (It) v»vr«· in th# < iij icwifty,
J X KHfn.it; of \Va<o. t rat fling
t«1i'n: ftj1 th« ^i« :· * Ma
< him· Cotr.jwuu. w,i« In thi city f·»
H HeUaud »vo: to Tern pit- thin
tug thi· ri«ht of *n> for an lutcrurban
Iï*»m-rv Mol»·! \ι ι i\.·!·>
VV V! Camp New Orlean Κ H
Smfth, Fort Worth; \ W Butler, :
î&nnis C Κ lohn on Hou <oi. C
F Necklet Da> ou Ο . Λ W !'· .
sail, Dalla'* l*e» Johnson. Dennluon
C Κ Sî* · I♦·, fit χ Λ Μ Phillip
Houston W C Horn Hubbard, Mr:··
f{ M Johnson, Hubbard \V fi. Bv
iiw and n il . i ! ubbaM W W Κ inc. ,
Runis; .1 Weinberg. New York \\ !
H. Moore. Now York. Τ (' Horninu. '
Dallas .l· N. Kilm.in. Waco \\ f
Porter, New York W D f,uw rem* . |
iîryan. .1 H Walker, HilJsboro W
Λ. Smith. SmithvHl· .1 C hoggins, I
tennis. 15 I' Kllis. Bastrop W !..
(ribbon. Dallas C. Κ la*. Ft. Worth;
Κ Κ Dickson. Donison. I. O. Head.
1 >a!!as ; .1 D Flagle. Ma> ρι ι r!
.1 udgemein by Xureoinnt.
Λ judgment 1»; agreement was ren
dred in t h « * district court today I η j
the case of J. I) Drake against the !
Wells-Fargo Fxpress Co m pa n;·. The
plaintiff was given a verdict against I
the express conipan} for $-·"·.
This suit instituted to recover dam
ages in the sum of $1 !*!»."» it being i
alleged that the express company ex
ercised negligence in delivering a : ι
package of anti-toxine from Dallas,
to Trumbull. It was alleged that the
medicine was carried through Trum- ;
bull to Ennis or some other point J
down the line and brought back to 1
Trumbull on another train. Because J
of this delay the plaintiff alleged '
; ihat Ins two-year-old child died of
1 diph* heria.
The cas»· of .1 H. 1. .lackson
agains; the International and threat
Sort hern railroad went to the jury,
The ease of W T. M Dixon against '
R R Murray is now on trial.
Do Not |»e Imposed I'pon.
Foley & Co., Chicago, originated ι
Honey and Tar as a throat and lung I
remedy, and on account, of the great j
merit and popularity of Foley's ΙΙο> 1
ev und Tar many mtnii..1 ions arc;
c'i icd for the genuine. These worth
less immitations have similar sound
ing names. Beware of them. The
genuine Foley's Honey and Tar is
in a ' eilow packft'i·· Ask for it and
rcftm any substitute, it. is th«· beet
• •med · for ■ ou::le and t olds
9 > d by i'.. w. F''atin
St a I e 11 oo< I < <»mpi'Oiu»se.
ad ! ι ( · ι i . ' : !. . 11 h coin
. :
ϋ \ . ... ι ,. «,<. j v,
A Good
rount&in Pen
Is a, Blessing
For Busy Men
Th. CO.NkL.lN
<■?· the kin»! wt· epwiAliz? arni
y ι »u will r,n«i m inspect κ»η thaï it
;>»s - v*«.v* m or*· point* and
oonvenifiwi^ than any other
fountain jwpn on the* m*"μ ι.
If y<u net n! n Fountain Pen ^et
on*.* *>i' the*»* You'll then get ail
tht* «ati*faction that a g<H.K.t foun
tain μ» η can bring you.
The Fashionabi·* Jeweler
♦ < ι η »»ι r.i l( s< ihmh.n φ
♦ φ
Tin public schools will rlost Tues
day. May 1Γ»
The commencement · ιμ πιοιι will Ik*
pr«*ai !h A $tiiu!a> morning. ΛΪny 1·,
h< the Meihodist church b> Kev J.
Ν I \ \
Hon. < * u 11 « ' ι » I·* Thomas of Waco
will address the cla*» and award the
diplomas at the ^raduatitig exercises
Tuesday night. May 1*.
Instead (it the usual program of
♦ and ovation.--. th< uraduat inu.
< \<r< ί ι - this .w-ar will consist of the
numbers, of In four honor pupils
and the address to the class
Tin* graduating class have just
placcd r h·*i r order for final programs
Dr Turner was u very welcome
visitor .Monda; morning- H* made
a very interest iivv and instructive
talk to the school, which was thor
oughly enjoyed by all. it was the
unanimous opinion of ail that w·»
•ihould have Dr Turner with us
tgain II·1 never fails to help and
Quiti .ι number of the High School
inipils contemplate attending the
Summer Normal to be held in the
fligh School building commencing
Way 28.
Τ 1h- following program will be ren
lerrd b\ the ninth grad·- society Fri
lay afternoon. April 6th:
1 Respond t(» roll call with nick
lame of city.
2. Patriotic song by grade.
'·'. Recitation.
1 Paper: Simplified Spelling.
Γ·. Select reading.
·'.. Quartet.
7. Character sketches of authors.
V A quiz on matters.
1». Debate
«leurs Ι1κ· < V»in|»I<- νi«»n.
Orino Laxative Fruit Syrup stimu
lates the liver and thoroughly cleans
es the system and clears the com
plexion of pimples and blotches. It
is the best laxative for women and
children as it is mild and pleasant,
;'3id doe- riot gripe or sicken. Orino
is much superior t:> pills, aperient
waters and all ordinary cathartics j
as it does not irritate the stomach j
and bowels.
Sold by B. W. Fearis.
1 lie \\ it II V illlMH»«.e(I
Hem * Hamilton, door bailiff for
the stand jury, went with an attach
ed witness toda> to a wagon yard to
feed hi, hol e. The witness Id the
hoi s. around behind a shed to give
him mile feed, and up to the present
time he hasn't bien se< η since He
I took in- repat'tiir· over a back fence
whtl· tin oftic«'i thought he was
ι feedinu his horse.
\cme be Cream Is dispensed it
i! the soda fountains In the city and
delivered on hori order to privute
resident· boarding houses and ho
tel pi,,;, π |; Kendall it Mod
ii Millin . Ί Manufacturing Pom
pan.ν tf
1 #.\ M'llelsnn. repll ■ ir.i'lve I)f
ht» Hynes (tn^ev Co 13
1 1
(lull* i !·« i.tn ■ Oil
Mill If 1
—1■» -O·—
1*1 Wit' of r*"(J hos«* λ" Κ ,ί CroriV* Î
now tf
II ]i- f : . '<> t' Γ j.ιι Oil
t t
Hull» $'· in· ton :ii Plan!· !> Oil
Mil! (f ·
— <>. .
si):n«-iblR« il··* llttd»;t >' flu·:
Γοι; Corner o·) j
ο -
Where did you Ki-( H? At tin·'
Model Bftkery- tf ;
" j
cur tvpfsntpr <■'··..:>· 1 .it
I·* s Oronk Co's tf,
Ο —
*·»♦·«■ II. l>. M« < fi·, f j ι « ml
Ιογιι.ιιΙμ in-unuin·. tf ί
Tin weather clerk ~;ij w «'111 ;
have ι frost tonight
,—o-· -
.•tlf Itoii.·! Sj.. · · - ■· · I . · i
.■! ! S ("ι ι in I; Co's tf
ο —
Of 11 tiling >iiii should m ■· it '
ι·ιi-^ ■ "Sid·· Tracked
See that π·(ΐ gardon ho>t nt Γ
• iTïk Cobefore von buy. tf !
\\ » haw· it « n»\mi «hoeolale in all |
! ! · ν « » I . ,i' Tin* ('ο/Λ curnf'!·. "!* i
- ο
Oil and on- halt inch· - ot' rain
I' ll in W'axahachl·' y s;cn;l;n .
- ο -
II you want the lu st chorolato al -
monds in town «all at I he Cozy Cor
ner 09
ο -
Ribbon cane syrup from East Tex
as For sale J>\ McDuffie Grocery
Company. tf
Λ fine boj was born to Mr. and
Mrs Kd Naughton on West .Main St.
last night.
Then· an· more good laughs in
'Side Tracked" than in 15 other so
ailed comedies.
Let F. S. Cronk Co. figure with
.ou on that new roof, either sh( or
ron or asbestos. tf
— -O
Nothing develops, nothing broad
■ns like travel. Stoddard's lectures |
ire a tour of the world. 07
Miss Florence Knight, who has
been quite sick several days, was π
ported some better today.
Your carriage and buggy orders
will receive prompt attention. Phone
19. Patton-Kennedy Company. tf
Mrs. Fred Norsvvorthy will not en
tertain the whist club this week as
has previously been announced.
Ladies it' you want your old hat
made over or a new one made right,
leave your order with Mrs. Dalton. (IS
Welch grape juice, the very best,
served at the ice ι ream parlo and
candi kitchen of Williams & Mose
ley. tf
Announcement is made that the
Home Mission Society of the Metho
dist chureh will not meet tomorrow
I v p.sin punc h and Wel< h grape
juice, ι ho very hesi, served at Will
iams A: Mitst'li .- - < and) I in lieu and
Ice cream parlor. tf
χ \V. Pearsall of Dalit»», route
■ .'-••πι <jl ι he Wells l'a mo Kxpress
Company, was in the city toda as
lieiuetiitwr our wbol*'4ftte let* cream
department. I'hom* tin oui order
Both phorb \V. Kiiamntc· at»·*
fu< ttun. Williams λ Mnsitloy's Ice
• m ! -H U»l '■
■ 0"
I·»ομ··ΓΐI»** ami «urmobf iimmI in
V (-him « t'om · -sloti ' by Mr. and
λ!ι *. lui·· Walter* irt lia third af t of
' SM« Tri"·^" wna uU iiuiwrt'Ml
from 1'· kill, China
Μι I la I'«'II littft "f llttl Klx· ■·
l ut. lîotd M· et»; hftti. moi< hat s
uitwi h«' . ami al! Μ ml s of hat*.
Ι.1 ι ν »' air ordt'is with M>- {Hilton
»«»ti hi· |M*Mj»ibh itnd avoid ih*·
Tr*t\ri «lu» hie* mm to mak* «It· ntu
» giiiRfM > u$» Mi* han· <n<l
f urrji «fi ιh*- tv Htod*
t*» torour
"fil" "Τ " - -Λ
î . ;* :·,■■ ·> j
ι ι Λ / %-·>
, Lets of them uist like this.
Ο'1 τ- »1iît τ t'· S<.m·· \νι
, p .i : ■· · · w · ' ίrorri
V > M | ;
C rn ><·■■'· V\ « tî î!X
uv up mien:·. η > W · :·.·
1 - ' · r mii ur s ; ni,; · i '.ιοιη*.
Ht'KM 11 κ h i>[ \Li h- WD l'.NDKRIAKERS
Tuesday April 3.
Horatio X^rxis Β · th
A!! new spe-initios. Many mc
chanical features As an extra
attraction Mr. and Mr Jules
Walters will appear in the funni
est vaudeville act ever produced
"A Chinese Concession'
By Robert Bruce Warden. Deal
ίηκ with Kraft and other up t<
date topics in the Chinese Empire
♦ ♦ 3
♦ ♦ k
♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦J
WBATHBR Tonight lair with frost, ί
Friday fair. Wednesdaj Max. 59. -
.Min. IL'. Rainfall 1.50
WHERE Did you get it? At the
Model Bakery. tf
FOR RENT- -Cottage on Kaufman ;
street. Mark Smith. tf ;
FOR SALE My Home. 7-room house
on Oldham avenue. B. I,. Cornwell.ti'
FoR RENT Two large rooms and h;· 11 i
over Mist rot Kn« & Co K. S Cronk. ;
FOR ItENT Nicely furnished room I
close In Apply at 112 Kaufman i
street. tf [
LAWN MOW Bits Sharpened and
adjusii'd ;ti Arthur Mackoy's Bicycle;
and Gun Shop. lm j
FOR RENT Λ five room house with !
hall. C'it> water îiml barn On Col
Η·μ, treel A. T. Bishop.
CLOTHING Cl< aned and pressed
Buy second hand clothing. S. Per
rin, l!"S East Main street. tf
FOR SALE Tomato plains. Γ. ceins
pei dozen, 2o cents per hundred.
Bird Forresi, hoih phones
FOR RENT Five room house three
blocks from squat· All modern con
veniences Se»! Dr. Keplinger. tf 1
ORDER Your spring suit now Hol
coml) & l'age have a nice ltne of -am
pi mil will !i' glad to how you. f
1 OK SAl.i* Barred Plymouth Rock
m d an undertaker. Kembl·
will answer >mir ι all prompt!
lieni ·- on Of
\ |. \Y combining three
j ^ ' L.iv ; S" ihîes in
on< it hfcs tvon tfur aim
to furnish the mot up
t-.'-dato rigs. toe best
c :rri ip s.-iA L\\ and the
?5'.·' 'St pr rnp! baggage
de!iver\ Ar: inspection
\vi!: con vin :e ''ou Care
ful attention yiven board
ing horse·-. Phone us
your orders . . . .
B''th Phones 49
Potion = Kennedy
Livery 0 Company
We give special attention to the
cleaning and pressing of Ladies
Garments In all probability
your winter nuits need a thorough
cleaning before you put them
away for the summer
Bring them to us We handle
the most delica'e fabrics with
ich skill that they often look
I letter than when new and the
correctness of work gives a very
beautiful finish.
IEMOVED In Ten Days.
The Complexion
beautiiiei i
dorwd by thousand
of \ ratet- I ladit'. and
νuarai ι ·. -i ' > rtmiiv«
all facial décolora
t inns an J re store thi
beauty of youth TW
k-or*t case* in twenty day». r,iK .· i $1.'I0
t all leading dru|( store·». ·» >· mail
rrptrrd h* NATIONAL Τ OU I Τ (.< « r > - lean
- >i<! tu \\ iv .li μ ! ι i « l»\ .ill )< .oliic.
il- » ■••iltlAull
Insure Your Stoc Κ
I It |Λ» «, ΝI II l« » Λ i ·»\* -
in th«
ν·<» Mutual I ι ν r Slut k IrtMiran -
iaio»n i)l Oalia<> (rta«
• i H Kl.hKKMAN Afft
Waxnimrhit· T«
ν »in()lexi(»n
i* II \ l»-tt »
Ν .id in old
>1 \i M Ml « 4».·
m "«'ΝΤΙΝΟ : :
> —, » ' Ψη< ·Μί *41 ♦
Ζ.+- *%Τ ' ·Α>- » î » #
■ 2 Η*« lh T-fccS#* « 1*·Ψ1
'*· '■

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