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tyring.» (V'nvrnlion.
I· I.oott \nlr»« Three llelur lr· Ur
alfri Λ·«η*»ΙΙοη« !hat He Mmlt·
and for a Tlwe l.ithrr
Irn ilu I uren ι rtillahlr.
Hot Springs, June fi The Pernor rat
W> Mate convention («inhered Tuesday
at 12 30 ο c lo< k. and h!tCτ η stormy
erislon effected only a temporary υι
(miration, with Judgi .1 \V Kvans > Γ
Beonvtlle ehi irman, and Hugh <"orrv
of Texarkana secretary For two
fcruri·. while plane were on foot .or the
temporary organlzi.tion, pandcmon. iru
reigned and the presiding officers lost
eltire control of the convention One
■peuker after another was recognized,
only to be howled down the spec ta
torn In the boxes and balconies '..iking
part in the,demonstration.
An accusation math by Hen. .lerry
Bmith against the Pulaski county clei
•gation w;is the cause <>l the trouble.
M>r. Smith stated that two years ago
the Pulaski county delegation pulled
off their badges and stamped them and
then left the hall because they were
not allowed to dictate the policy of
the convention. immediately Messrs.
Cockrell. Hicks and Williams of little
Rock were on their feet with clenched
flute, shaking them t the speaker, and
In loud voices denying the accusation.
Tt was then tha* the convention be
came uncontrolh e and not until Con
gressman McK.ifc appeare 1 on the plat
form was any one allowed to be heard
Indications Tuesday were that sev
eral contests yet unannounced would
appear in the convention, the one of
TTnited States senator not being out
of th· question. What was supposed
would result in :i test vote of îho
■trength of Governor Davis and Sena·
t tor Berry developed into nothing more
than a tes of the strength of .John S.
Little, who will be the nominee for
Senator Berry refused to announce
un y plans, or state the position he
would take, whil Governor Davis was
a very busy man counselling with his
lieutenants ; nd looking after his
8ays White Made Fervid Love and Re
marriage Agreed Upon.
Chi< κ1 .Imi» « <iar »nd Κ Whit*·,
who i wns number of groceries η
the south»t η part t th*· « nunty ami
f ity w.i- inadi dc?· ndan' in a breach
11 promis* t bt Kbt t bis ·11 \ ι ι «
«,, w ι f » · M - · '· · ' rum White Mr
Whit· "b*. η· ·: . \*·π« t lit,.
In her sun. ah* all**e* that Whit·
Π .♦ fei \ \* · b*■ r « ι .fig the w id
f, · ,,ι..· μ ι.ν r · Il -U* ' 'lia ν
«ι t set.» « ■ t * » * h nag* LaaI ** ♦ »
Wt 111 t r · M · 1 » < ' ·
lr > * \ i \\ < · »c τ # ι f *
, ». - j · r M f · plOR!|>tl>
t I. »... I y.M.1*1 I « , f · mer ht»*
I m,< f. r » r »? | m ; . iatvni? n
Cfcf «*· " '·' I*
T%*t t r . *i » Lvfl
Sut y 4f β Dtttrc y f d
I <
A1***» A··* * * 4
i . *«« # ·» 1. w· t
%% I
ft· '
Cl;'m to Be Printing ffce Truth About
Conti ticni at Pjnim·.
Ht ί nuit lu: * » M*n«t*re of the
juftUi of tl·* %{iajt Mitral i&rtv
Who guy \h?\ I « i vxt ') * ν ar« th» {>ΡΓ
•on ρ ii< ruiM tl f.i I i. t ». ^U»îc * Thcmp
pon of h«viî,|k.' wit' th·· *»r K»- at fh«
ΠΓοη*ο1ι<ί;»ί« r! ι ι ι j . f mln^s at
CfcGftntit Mr\ -.>·< t< ii.(| T ux!»·, nt
1*4 f, I.hfave't ..vi > r « l·,! re thcv are
publishing » I .· < ■ · ; the Regen
eration Antonio ι Vlllnr»-stl, «e< reta>
ry of the junta η !n . barge "f 'he
beadquht I f rfc
"Wf did not Iri.w that iinv < n» in
Ft Txtuis Kru w « ! ι re v t «in· paid
\ illnr»-n 1 Still *· art- tot afraid
They mt* *<■ hove I r i » « : to ltn Ite λ rev
olutinn Thai is ri< I tr .·■ We have
simply Ιι··» η printirate the truth about
th»? conditions ut lh< Gtm ne mines ai
Cananea We have 11 in ' a 111 η κ atten
tien to the evils wh.'h fire following
the tnvmton of Yank»'*» Into M«xlco
We have hi en »al ing attention to the,
fart that the mining company pays
American workmen $f> a day and pays
Mexicans only a day. We have
been making a fight for .1 f-quare deal
for the Mexican laborers, and we will
continue to figh.t. Toi· Is purely a
labor fight, not a revolution, so far as
we art concerned Our meat purpose
Is to overthrow Diaz We shall not
depart from that purpose until the
work is accomplished We do not hotu
ourselves responsible for the riot and
bloodshed We have nothing to fear
If they want us, they will find us
here We are ready, and we will
Say· It It Evident Malicious Reporta j
Have Been Circulated.
Blsbee, Ariz., June 6.—Colonel W.
C. Greene, president of the Greene
Consolidated Copper company, who is
In Cananea Mex. sends the following
signed statement to the Associated
Press :
"Some accounts of disturbances at
Cananea are very much exaggerated.
The Mexican authorities are giving
full proctection to our interests, work j
being resumed at mines and smelters
"General Torres Is In absolute con
trol of the situation Evidently false
and malicious reports have been ex
tensively circulated by interested par
ties for mercenarv motives."
Pamphlet Written by Him Is Mailed
From New Orleans.
Chicago, June fi.—Eric Muentner,
the Harvard instructor, whose wife
died April 1 at Boston under mysteri
ous circumstances, has been heard
from. The relatives of his wife receiv
ed Tuesdaya pamphlet unquestionably
written by him. and mailed from New
Orleans The document which con
sists of several tho -and words is
entitled "Protects " am! although it is
unsigned, it is evident that ii was writ·
tne by Muentner.
>.s an int odiK tion. several hundred
words are devoted to a burlesque ac
count of a supposed death, and then
follows an extended criticism of those
who have written and talked about
him. As a last word in his own de
fense, he says:
"And if my fellow men call this
protest of mine insanity, then I will
spend the rest of my life on my knees,
and beg the merciful Father in Heaven
to take away all the rest, if need be.
but to leave me my Insanity
Advices from N'ev Orleans sa> in
quiries at several printing offices there ,
failed to disclose that the missing in
strut tor had ordered any copies of ι
bis pamphlet printed there
Believed to Have Been Burneo to
Death at Cananca, Mcx.
Douglas. Ariz , June 6 Bd Howard
of Sai.ta harhara, Cal , was probabh
burned t< death in the lumber >nrd
Ι.Γ» it Caiianea He had a position id
the t.mpany'H offic e Harry Mc In
fi -h who wan believed to have perish
*d ι. h« 're l«* .if·
C ap'i t· H>nniriK went to rho« nix
haviik. Iim ii » ;ii;*·ι! i|on h\ r.overnor
KU'be\ to « «plain hN a< t on η lea ν nf
t , rite' \ η «oui mami of U · ν ol
un!** r- when went to ('rniunca
FlFTf £ Ν AND T t Ε
Dj|Pk!'«|t Pr«v«rt· W d C Ο Λ rd ( f
De· Haieta'· Batte
>'i r fifte* it limit \v *;«1 ι VI* ■ ι.»è>
th* ;.·. - *nd « :· s .» u·
y m h · d f«W 1 ·
, ι > i I «* -■ I
yp i| Wert h 1« T* u»| · .
HOut* Ttlél
-, «
Μ·λ Oioltt. *
fir* .»»·. at « . *
IU ' ' «· '
laut*·'" L#i»ew*
m*'y * 1
era I #i , -·
A-é ·«* a- ■*··#«*
»*.·. * « 4 a·»
*. » . ι ». * « » ·■
*1 f t· M Vo ·*>.
II" · · * *· ' em
|.r * ·· .· t ll*| '!
at li
··* * "· «si» ««·#
t|i· + * · % «
m * t " 't kilt 'ut
I «' t »c ■ ■ fc. *·»*.» U « I"·-»»
Former Cabinet Office! Endort·· ■ ry
an Fer Présidentiel Nomine#.
Jefferson City, Mi» Jtifr» 6 WhAt
t· generally regarded i f the mo»·! *1g
tilflraril future of tl,< i >< mc-cratl· *t:ite
ucmlnntlnr convention *m the point· d
ar.d absolute endct»· rr;ent of W J
Bryan f< r the pre*ld«n« τ In 1ΜΆ by
David ft Prends *>f ^t i>oiii«, former
governor and the en retary of th· In
terlor In President Cleveland's »»bl
»et The nominations were
Hube Oglesby of Warren1 burg lor
railroad and warehouse (ommissloner,
atjd Γ A Case of Jefferson City for
aupertnteeiient of public a< hoolj
Temporary Chairman Ruber!*· d»
rlared that the Democrats would norol
Date Brvaa for president In 1WS And
elect him The convention wildly
cheered and applauded for five rain
Former Governor Fraud· said that
the differences that have divided the
Democracy exista no longer He de
scribed Bryan at "a sincere lover of
hnmanity and a patriotic cltlnen He
eulogised both Bryan and Cleveland
amid profound oheering.
An Invitation wa« sent to the cap!·
toi asking Governor Folk to address
the convention.
Governor Folk responded, and was
ofceerwl when he entered the hall and
mounted the platform. He declared
that Bryan would be nominated for
president in 190S and would be elect· I
ed He said the principles which Bry
an had advorated in 1S04 were then
considered anarchistic, but are now
considered the acme of patriotism.
During a debate following the report
of the credentials committee G V.
Knach and Η. Β Harvestle, delegates
from St Joseph, engaged in a fist j
fight. They were separated by the
sergeant at arms.
South Carolina Conpressman Say·
Cotton la Manipulated.
Washington, June 6.— Représenta
tive EUertiee of South Carolina intro
duced a resolution charging that the j
cotton acreage report of the depart
ment of agriculture, issued Monday,
giving an estimate of 28,78fi,t)O0 acres, |
exceeds the amount actually planted, ;
and is not warrant d in the returns re
ceived by the department frem it· cor
The resolution directs the depart
ment of agriculture to furnish the
house tabulated sheets showing the
estimate of acreage by the seven class
es of correspondents, namely:
The field agents, the state agents,
the country correspondents, the town
ahip correspondents, the glnners, the
special c orrespondents and the Indi- i
J vidual farmers.
Mr Ellerbee states that he has dl·
| rect and positive information that this
; cotton crop hue been manipulated to
the disadvantage of the south, and al
; leges that one of the three traveling
I agents "was tn two states" upon which
they passed
Finney Has Also Been Chosen as the
Successor of Rouse.
Dallas. June 6.—A special meeting
I of thr» board of directors of the Mis
j souri. Kansas and Texas Railway of
Texas was held here Tuesday. Adrian
ί H. Jolfne of .Vew York and F Ν. Fin
' ney of St Louis were elected as new
director? F Ν. Finney whs elected
president, to succeed the late Henry
I C. Rouse.
Mr .Tollne was elected chairman of
' the board of directors at a meeting of
the board at Parsons, Kan . Monday to
succeed the late Mr Rouse.
By a Tremendous Majority Woman
Suffrage Defeated In Oregon.
Portland June ti. <\ R. Chamber
1: !n. Democrat has been re ele< ted
governor of Ογγκοτι by a majority of;
not less than 1 .(··»!> and perhaps as
much as - Γ.·''1 over J II Whltcombe
Republican I Bourne Ir Republic
an received th» popular nomma
tion for I'nited States senator by ·
shout 5 ' « (» majority W R Bills
Republican has be» η . hoten cot.frress
man η fh» s» « end dirtrut In h larfcte
malonfv v*r ) H («rabam I fino
«rat intl W A Hawit ν Republican
has a ?-af» .»<i ov#r (ί Y
I Win «rat r 'h» I ι r* f t\ i»f r i< t
Won itlrag* uj defrat·· by j
tretii· ι. « ; ■ - ι ' a <»r · I ν
One t tr-e Lit# 0 · e « a V ι c t m c f
L>ghtniny F!a»*
i ertram ·* re * Tt ♦ t*efi
y ♦ .. r «. M g ' »f ' V Λ < » m f » ». ■
! \ir.f ♦*1 ta uvrth**- ι t
)la> · I* iltu t κ Si»
tbh«ireii *♦ ι* » » » t M »»*
for it « '■ · ■· * t ri
fti. fc · · « * ■ *> · « · *
th î 4*· 1 »f . f fil t« h! r# I
%«m» »w*fc t fs »< ■ t» grr rf Mr
« - m * f erxi h» «lté <■!»?· f ·
• «rt |i ■ ι * I*· | i* · afe4 * r «1 a
■ fin ft·· t · * ♦ « » » · .
tag - ti. ♦ *·
f«. *
ftfttV » T J t » ft M »·Ι D
» e * * r »·
« I »... « ' * - -
» i4e*â 1 »* iff··
4 · ' · · ···
* *
ft»*· m ». » «t «
4|'·'·' · · · * » ·
Λ .. ·» * * « « * " '»·*!#*
'*· *■*··
t N« t
yi * fc'»· ► +**91 r ■·+ 9
• «· ·- fc »
«ι ο «rua·#*·· % <HH* »#
>*»»« s* »*l«l ' · ·
fttf» . * Γ* I *a4
·*ρΙΙ1 l.<>B horiw.
I»r W Κ Halt ι·ί Halfburg ««»
In !h·· rlly Ibtl morning H<- ·■,»»·
th·· rein* ha»· don« nom·· harm to
the grain In hi* «-« :lon but the dam
us·· U nui wry M'tlnu* Cotton, h»·
I* needing work. but the farm
ers iannot get Into their n'ip» until
the min «•'««r*. and the result lJ
that th·· cotton 1* getting In had «hep*
Or Hall ha» I» - η at w<>-k drag
ging th·· road ii*ar hi* farm with th«
•pllt log device *lni·· th·· fir»' of
January, and «aid thin morning "I
want > oil Warn people to rom> and
11 π \ ·■ 1 over thin |d t*« » of road It If
a mill and a quarter long, and >«·«
terdH> It was In fin· shape, notwith- t
standing the fa< t that we had twoj
Inches of tain Saturday afternoon i
He for· thr road >:it draped a rain
put the road In «m h shape that 1» ·
was Impossible to travel over it for'
several day* after th·· rain, and th·· j
difference now is something <jult··
noticeable. The road look* as if It
was a regular graded road and I am j
certainly proud of It.'*
Dr. Hall says that he has dragged
the road about eight lime» and 'he
effect Im highly satisfactory, and he
believes the process Is entirely feasl
hie and practical Waco Times- '
Stlniulaioin Without Irritation.
In casse of stomach and liver trouble
the proper treatment is to stimulate
these organs without irritating them.
Orino Laxative Fruit Syrup aids di
gestion and stimulates the liver and |
bowels without irritating these or- j
gans like pills or ordinary catharalcs. ,
It does not nauseate or gripe and is
mild and pleasant to take. B. W.
Μ. Κ. & T. Kates.
Denison and return $3.80—Meet
ing Retail Grocers. On sale June 11,
limit June 14.
San Antonio and return $9.20,
June IS, 19. Limit June 22.
Louisville, Ky., and return $27.8.j,
June 11,12, 13. Limit 30 days from
date of sale.
Austin and return $6.35 Com
mencement. exercises University of
Texas. Dates of sale June 9th, 10th,
15th and 16th; limit Aug 4.
Dallas and return $1.30—Meeting
Christian Endeavor Convention. Date
of sale June 5 and β ; limit June 8.
Houston and return $8.80—State
of Nursery Men. Date of sale June :
12, and morning of 13; limit 19.
Mexico City $37.25 for the round ;
trip—Dates of sale June 2F>th to j
July 7th; limit Sept. 15.
Louisville and return $27.85— j
(Kentucky home-coming. Dates of j
i sale June 11, 12, and 13; limit 30
I days from date of sale. I
1 Cured Height's Disraw.
1 Qeo. A. Sherman, Lisbon Red
ι Mills, I.awwrence Co., Ν. Y., writes·.
"I had kidney disease for many year.·
: and had been treated by physicians
ι ! for twelve years; had taken a well
known kidney medicine and other
remedies that were iwonmiendftti
btit not no relief until I began using
Foley's Kidney cure. The first
half bottle relieved me and four bot
I ties have cured me. Before 1 began ι
J taking Foley's Kidney Cure 1 had to
I make water about evey fifteen ;
I utes, day and night, and passed a 1
! brick-dust substance, and sometimes
a slimy substance. I believe 1 would
have died if I had not taken Foley's
Kidney Cure." Π. W. FKKRIS. I
Wuxalint hie Committee.
Having been appointed chairman I
of the ladies department of the Kills
County Fair for Waxahachie. I have
appeinted th· following committees j
\it department Mesdames Y I). ]
K· mhle, I. !.. McCartney ,md Miss I
Kmma Patrick.
Textile Mesdames John F. Wat
son. Waltei ll-Mld, \ K. PllHose. !
Manuel. Krnest HIne- Durham. Τ ! ι
Λ Ferris ι ad Miss Macule Richard·!1
Culinary Mesdame* Phil Be1ι
ram. Sle. ι · ,. Kockett. Templelon. Ο
i" s*.*tt, Slnil«l»n, Merc·· and Miss
Molli,. Phillip*
Kdin <· ι ioiuiI Mt li < til.·. *·,
Μι Κ ' riddle Μι F'
<φλ *
«Il it*
|M ■*· «Μ ' "«β It' W
kfv ttti«- '■ «*
t * · KM' - » * .iVt lft« I » i
<. -* '*SH4Nn4 d#
fvi4<nl il Tit urn 41 VI
• '· « · ? * · « 5bttl Ά · «ι
ri m.κ >ι·ι \ κ ι ν«
ι· Uroce, B*q., and Jmise F. L
Hawkins, candidate* for district
phIci will iuldrt «11 the voter* of Kilt»· ,
■ mm ■' h> following «iin·-- nd
I : - . I'll .\ ,t·.·! IIIHIH. I til. I
K11 -.I.iv 11 tic h t. lune 1
1 * il, Γ h h ι -.la ν iiiichi. J tint* 1 t
I '· . ■ ~ I 1 ' V . η·'"». I Ί!;.
■ ■ I .)·.■ I 111,, 'I
Μ, ; ι Η li ·■! !r I Ί·ι,· : |
I ' ! · · 1 ; · Η1Î1
til (MIIIK ti.<'l|i «III t>, ' ,11
11· HI ■! ! ι'· ι '■-· mil·!·!· » for ivliri
•ff ■· tn\tte«l »<» it-ml thi«··
III· HIH'M «> IIHlMijf·*'
I·* ' Ihv Vwrvjl ·*Ι#Η U«HI )«Μ nta>
!· f 'h* %*\ »«-7* «Itvbakm» til 'fct'
9>iib. ή f«w i«vi!f « bêtfni«ii. *» 11
11? «»' ...| ■ ,« .« 1 » *·
ion t< t feat «rUun î
Κ·»; be 'iuwt* ιβ« ι at et ■ h«!i <*tur
14·'. t*f«krv > fctr«l tu ioi», - h*
! ' 4tli| RAM* M irffWf ûU|il,
ί(·« ϊ·4»ί«η» "f 44 * m
' «t* m* >»rww .«eut ttutnitorr î Ια * »
I»4 fc» « «M «**»«>» i«*4&
'<1 >m*N" *1h *r i<i" U>
tk% .·. 4f»> 4«n»<4*
bim of i II# -«mqîiv nik ...**♦*«!> i»
.•4**4 <ί» «**« W(l| Tfc» <
«t τ**· Itv, ! · «rKIKi
* nm i**m fit 91
» ?*·« 1 mA» r·
Λ* fc»** -.ne »**■#* )éh* I«hN
t \ ils-4* · %fcâi|| w# wW 11
». » » 'β «υ».» 1t** ' ♦·#»«»% »»« ·ΙΙΜ
For Hot Days
It w\U soon be summer
and you want to figure
un that trip
North or East
Write for particular^ on
our lovv rctes t < rhe
best places.
Kort Worth, Texas
Insure Your StocH
Horses, Mul«*«i & <'owe.
in the—
Tens Mulual Live Stuck Imuran'e
Association of Dalits, Texas
Waxahafhit*. Texus
«.too» the coueh mrihctislunt!·
Because the Wne com
prises every conceiv
able shape and aristo
cratic design.
ZJ/iee J^ar/ej/
For Sale
A larjro list i f desirable resi
dences and resident lots. Also,
-omi· choice business pro|>erty.
If you are in the market for a
home or an investment ilo not
fail to see us t>ef"re you pur
- mort· ρ pont
or t-u*
*« *«
■)' ar \ « ' hrr
Γ he SuuthnrMrrn Telf
*raph C Tplrphcnr Co.
Beautify Complexion
<N II % tUt
Ν a d ι η ο I a
t>« Sf Qt Alt '
I ? At fit II u ,
I «»·*(
Im » *·» »«N <4| (V «tty MJH
*- « . »,
« a*»#*»»
The Sunset Route
Make* ., r r oction »! New Orkant· with .Southern tVif" St»-amship Ltiw
for New Y· rk am) Havana Also rail connection to Memphis. Atlanta,
ΚίπηιηκΙι*π. Chattanooga, « incinnao, Chicago ami all point* in th*
North and Laat.
1'rocure 1'amphlet*. Publications and Pointer» from
any Suntet At?ent, or writ*· to
JOS. HELLEN. Geo. Pa*». Aft.. T. C Ν. 0 ». K.

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