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F Ht Waxahachie Daily light.
Rrport.s Shew ImruM' of O h per («at
in Afrri^e in Tens.
Τ h c Dalla» News' fl.st report on
llii cotton iid|i of Τ<·χ.ι · and Indian
Mid Ok Ulioimi Ί'ι ιί itorl· - for the
)i'iir Iw,ti· published I or! «ι > an«l
(omprlM'v Individual report* of < or
respondent» at 5:!."! points
The reports were written on June
1 l Tbe\ show an Increase of !· ·'■
per con' In the acreage of Texas. I!'. t!
per c ent In Indian Terrllon and I it J
in Oklahoma The condition In Tex
as Is fi.7 per cent bel ter than the
condition at the same lime in 190Γ>,
In Indian Territory " t i>er cent bet
ter and In Oklahoma 2 per cent bet
Last year the acreage planted to
fotton in Texas was IS.fiT per cent
below the plantΙηκ in 190 1 The in
crease this year, therefore, does not
restore the acreage to normal. To
a very considerable extent the in
crease was due to the influx of im
migration to the Western districts,
it also represents the utilization of
nmch land which lay fallow las! year
because of excessive rains at seed
ing time. Upon the other hand, this
year's planting was restricted in
some degree by reason of ihe scar
city of tenants and farm labor.
Spring overflows caused much of the
bottom land to lie out again this
year, οι destroyed the crop upon
same after planting.
In a comparison of conditions with
last year percentages favorable to
the present season are almost In
variably as concerns the eastern por
tion of the state, for last year's sea
son was unfavorable until mid-sum
mer. There is somewhat of a re
versal of conditions this year, for
the Western districts have suffered
more than Eastern Texas from un
toward climatic conditions.
Except in portions of Western
Texas and Northern Texas,~w'.i»re
there was too much rain and the
nights were cool until recently, the
stand is generally reported good, al
(hough much replanting has been
done. The plant is backward in its
growth in the northern portion oi
the autlu bctiiuw of w»el .nights, iji
the southern portion because oi
drouth —but improvement is gener
ally reported Taking the state as fi
whole, the fields are clean and bet
ter cultivated than at the same time
last year. In Eastern Texas the cul
tivation has been unusually good.
Lubor has been scarce practically
throughout the state. More than
ordinarily cotton farmers have had
to compete with the industrial de
mand. as well as the grain fields,
and as much as $1.50 a day and
■ ta*.·* ■-! Vert* t»e**n {Ml id fur (OllOB rhof»·
i jut* Τ hi· problem ha» h*en ov«*r
! < mij» If» ;* large m^.tsurr» hj the
**t rentiou* effojt·» of the farmer* them
*el\e> iitiii !» the wrtwn and children
wo· \ S η I fi t he field*
The rejwui* nho* that weather
condition* have reeentl* tH>en favor
, alii»', « \r# pt that th·- southern jvor
ilon of the state I* suffering for rain
Other >e< ΙΙοηκ Txoïild Ih» benefitted
h\ rain, but as a rule damage for
want of If Is prospective
AN < >1*1·. Ν \IU PUOOIMM
To be <·i%«*ιι bj Mwy Stewart and
Her Company.
Iloglnnlng \Vtdnesdtty. Juno 20,
I fur ι wo nights only, M Ism May Slew
• art will proscrit in tho open aid In
jihls city 'Ingomar" and "As Von
j I.ik·· It.'' carrying no scenery. but
j using that of nature's growth only,
such as largo trees and follago for
a back ground, tho grass as a carpet,
and tho sky for a roof, the historical
dad actors as they move to the strain
of the music make a picture never
to be forgotten. Miss Stewart is one
of the best actresses of tho stage to
day, and is supported by that well
known actor, Archibald llotehklss,
and a largo company.
The first performance will ho that
of "Ingomar". the Barbarian, Thurs
day evening Shakespeare's comedy,
"As You Like It" will be the bill.
Color of Hulr Said to Indicate a l'er
mou's Temperament.
Many people believe that blonde, of
light hair denotes affection and dark
hair constancy. Λ person without hair
is not devoid ot character; far from it
The disposition of the average baki
headed man is to show such ..olicituù :
j for the welfare of others, that he neg
j lects himself. A germ causes : lldness.
Prof Sabouraud. of Paris. France, in
ftocculated a rabbit with Dandruff germs,
causing it to become totally bald in Ave
I weeks' time. To rid the scalp of these
dangerous germs It Is necessary to apply
j Newbro's Herpicide
ι "Destroy the cause—you remove the
Sold by leading druggists. Send 10c In
j Btamps for sa.mple to The Herpicide Co..
ι Detroit, Mich. i
j Herring Drug Co.. Special Agents. |
Approaching Nuptials.
! County Commissioner and Mrs. H.
If. Wilchers of Ferris have issued the
following invitation
"Mr. and. Mrs. H. T. Wilcher will
give in marriage their daughter,
I Verna. to Mr. Horace H. James
I Thursday evening, June 2N. 1906,
'at 6 o'clock, Methodist Episcopal
j Church, Ferris. Texas. The honor
; of your presence is requested. At
! home Brownwood. Texas."
If you want a mantel, you should
see our stock before buying. Waxa
hachie Lumber Company. 66
Ihf nm Who H»H Primtry tire hen Wi't
Rfffive Ny Inr Wofk
The democrats executiw commit
ι··· of Kill» ( ountv was in «ι s«mii
nearly four hours yeHt«?rday after
noon. arranging the details for hold
ι «ι n the primary election Saturda*
July "S About ι went ' members of
be committee were in attend,inn
i'hairman .1 (' humpklns pretdded
iver the meeting
The first matter to receive the
committee's attention wan the pre
paration of the official ballot A
nib-committee composed of \V I.
Harding. O. A. Finley and Τ A
Heal*, was appointed to take charge
if all certificates filed by candidates
uni id make up the ticket therefrom,
the places on the ticket being deter
mined by lot
While this committee wrs out the
work (if the executive committee was
The question as to whether one
ir more primary elections should lie
held in the count > was discussed at
-nine length by the members of the
•ommittee Mr. Bt*k of Milford
moved that one primary be held and
lhat the candidate receiving a plu
rality of all the votes be declared the
nominee The motion was adopted
It was moved that election judges
be paid $l.bo for holding tin· pri
mary election and $1 00 to election
judge for bringing in tiie returns of
the election. To this motion was
uffered a substitute that the pay of
judges lie $1.50 and that they he al
lowed $1.(10 for returning the ballot
boxes. Several members of the com
mit lee spoke in opposition to the
ariginal motion and to the substitute
Considering the great amount of
work imposed upon judges holding
a primary election it was urged that
$2.(H) for these services was a reas
onable amount. As a substitute to
the substitute it was moved that the
pay of judges be fixed at $2.00 for
holding the election and that they
be allowed $2.00 for each voting box
tor bringing the returns to Wax*
hachie. The first substitute wai
withdrawn and the second wa
adopted. A vote was not taken oi
the original motion.
J. T. Gil! of this city was nomi
nated by the committee as a candi
date for chairman of the çounty exe
cutive committee for the next two
years. His name has been placed on
the ticket to be voted on along with
the other candidates.
The following committee was ap
pointed to look after the matter of
purchasing supplies for the election,
which will include rubber stamps,
tally sheets, etc.: Walter Hamilton.
W. L. Harding and O. A. Finley. This
committee will consider bids and
award the contract foi the above
I he lotlowuiii sub-committee was
appointed to meet in Waxahachie the
second M on da > in Jul> and make
final revision of tin* Official ballot so
that it may be turned over to the
printer All candidates for district
count> and precinct must pay to the
count> chairman on or before Mon
da) .June 1the amount assessed
against each b> the rommittee The
candidate who fails to romplx with
this requirement will forfeit the
right for his name to appear on the
official ballot and wil' be -nbken
from -anie b> the .ιΙ·ο\< committt»e
at its meeting the -♦·< ond \londa> in
.1 vi i > Candidate* who rati not see
Chairman .1 C Lumplons in person
should remit to him .»t one·
Presiding judge fo holding the
primarx election at the several vol
lug boxes in th» coun'\ were then
appointed Tht jlldge» will select
their own as-o<iu'· judges and
clerks The list In folio* -
North Waxahmhb ! \N Broad
head W—t Wa\.iharhi« M V Ml
sell South Waxahachi Κ \da>
Ra»t VVaxuha< hi» .1 Κ Cnuthen
W«'*l Kn ni* \\ \V Hi North
ea*t Knnis .liH» Ma* Win SoutlttMHt
Β tint». Dt Τ G M >< ■ li w· ι Kn
rIn, (■·»*» VV fH tden I ton. Capt
C Forme* \«t»h \\ H Williams
Ferrt» \V \l Tlilw.U l'a hue; J
M Forehand \\ Menti·
Ι,ι i.tiiil \ tt la< k-iii Κ.» η Κ in. Ue\
Kaiiktn Milford I. I 1 W«*t
It**)* Ward IUi*! lUlv Tom
Yt(M*M· \ittm ο V ■··. Odult Mo nu
•&in IV»k sfem *4· .
Η ν» * >ti 0% tUji irtUn κ Hr ■'«.
K<-<t <>Mk 111 Λ -- Slll. tï \ I
J Β MrtitpHii OifhtKt ι" Τ
Γμ m (Îrfw· Varan · *·» *i*> U.irrfin»t
II P»!« .! ««« * !»
Cri»9 \ ι M l U.41I Hi H L
R»tt* Mm λ M I Refis * 't»u
JimkR Α*|»#>·»i j*m«- * ***l·? Jtteh
H«*Q«|rtrk· 0*k < H lue' «m Κ·;
«Ιβ» H M ttrKo fl ft J Τ A* m
TflU« i M. t)«4-n» % -■ W \
F#·* H«*« ι d Will H «wl
G VI J r
I M Ρΐ"··ι M λ «H it
i> M Mo* <i W M l \ w »■ i (
(ta \V Κ Ite.iso >1 0*r". I »'
t'inuoch ΛΙ-dorf. \\ H fVtrt
The mm ml'!··«■ in ιιπίμγγ the offl
« lal linllof ?h«-n HuhnillTfMj lin report
w 11îr h was adopted The rie m·** of
nil ι . ad Ida Ν * appear un the ti« k»··
n» th·· «it> iliawn l>> (h· roiMntl
lw The officiai ballot a» prepared
tu th>- committe«» |w Ju*l th»» hdiih .γ
ι».!· published In t he*· columns
terdav afternoon. excepting where
ι h.»n«-' - were made In the position
of tin m>'*
In Hic award of places on the bal
| I".' Mon Τ M Campbell conn·· first
for governor ,Judge Brooks i- ι
| ond. Colquitt third and Bell fourth
Tin· πι* χ ι matter, and that of great.
est Importance. wa» that of flnan
1 foi defraying the expenses of hold
j Ing the primary election It was
estimated that the total cost of em
ploying election officers, purchasing
tickets and other supplies, have the
boxes distributed over the county and
pay lui the returns being brought In
would amount to about $S17.,">0 Tin
following romniiltee was then ap
pointed to make an assessment
against the various candidates to de
fray the above expenses II M
Iturleson Ο I. Brown, Τ Λ Beaty,
.1 VV Beck and 0. C. Williams
In the report of the committee the
apportionments were made as fol
lows :
For congress and representative.
$17.âii; district judge, county judge,
county attorney, county clerk, dis
trict clerk, sheriff, treasurer, asses
sor and collector, $22.Γ>0 each: coun
ty superintendent and surveyor.
$ 1 2.Γ·ο each: county commissioners.
ST.r.u each, justices of the peace of
the Waxahachie and Ennis precincts.
$7.Γιΐι each: justices of the peace of
all other precincts. $2.."·η each: con
stables of the Waxahachie and Knnis
precincts. $7.SO each: constables all
other precincts, each: public
weighers, $2.SO each.
It was moved and seconded that
the report be adopted. W. L. Hard
ing urged that the amount assessed
against the candidates for represen
tative was a little too high, and sug
gested that the assessment lie placed
on the same basis with precinct of
ficers. The report was flnailj
adopted with the amendment thftt ii
■ the event any money remaii\*à il
[ ! the treasury after all bills had bee
paid each candidate for represents
j tive should receive a rebate of $11)
J or any proportionate amount of tha
j sum.
j The committee then authorizec
j that precinct conventions be held or
I Saturday. July 2N, and delegates se
lected to the county convention,
which meets in Waxahachie August
No further business appearing, the
ι committee stood adjourned.
Suνι· Fifty IVr Ont·
I have opened «ρ a shop with \V
J Κ Rudolph Furniture Co and am
I now prepared to make all the latest
[designs in box couche.-, porch and
ι lawn settee», flower stools, benches.
I and steps Rockers, dining chairs
and sofas made In mission style.
Come and inspect our work M G
! Harks. 212 East Main street, at
j Moore's old stand Telephone Bell
I 365. 63
Organized Masqat
London. June 19 Five Jewish
; members of the Russian parliament
' according to a dispatch to the Tele
graph, sa; the outbreak at Bialysiol.
ι was the beginning of a blood} massa
I ere of the Jews
PrefcMy fiMty !*·> H»\ .S»trr-it-Uw
«•4 Vtiifc < n««.
I Aurora Ind lune II» William
lllli···* .·> ficrmtT, residing mar here
probably f;*tal|\ shot hi·* ululer In-law
Mi- Ma llt*< ν wife of λ promln I
Cincinnati m.umfact ur··! . mil
■ου'Π'ίν Herbert ('rail··, al
-o of Cincinnati. on hi* farm
Mi- lliw-v *iλ* summoned from
ι l.i·' "inilii' i home bv ,ι mri-sage »t«t
UK thai on·· of th·' children »as III
and mr ι·χ [>ectcd to live She hurried
10 the farm and i- said to have been
tltUM >1 one·, William RlMJ and
his family b»>lng all armed Hls^y,
after his arr< *t said he shot Mrs
Hlsey in self-defense an<l declared
hi >.id drawn her revolver before
he fired
Herbert Crall is a son-in-law of
Mrs iilsey Family differences of
long standing are believed to have
led to the shooting
The Watermelon* in Texas.
ThlH from Brownsville. Texas, tells
Its own story, and though It is a short
one, It is good "Four crates of
cantaloupes and one of tomatoes. the
first to have been shipped from here
this season, went out (his morning
Regular shipments will begin in a
few days. The quality is very good."
And this from San Antonio makes a
nice companion story "Thirty-five
cents a melon is the initial pi ice
Texas farmers are receiving for the
first of the great watermelon crop,
which last year reached a total of
some ",<Mio cars and something over
2.00ft,000 melons " The Texas
farmer lias opportunities that are al
most unlimited. If he doesn't want
to raise one thing he can raise an
other, and if he wants to raise every
thing he can do that, too.—Alto Her
For Tomorrow
Ζ We have some fine, large
♦ Cantelopes, Peaches,
Tomatoes, Cakes,
Watermelons. You can
t depend on something nice
2 in the above line of uoods for ♦
X tomorrow · · X
♦ Phone 3 J. B. HINELS1
\ALLY S GROCER1* SIORE hi- been in
important factor in the rapid increase <>t its
business. Nine out >t ten orders ire deliv
ered riyht on the spot -the tenth is held ί<τ
something we have to ^ elsewher · ind ^et
With in in i \t - ■ ot promptness, ui service
iv better than ever We know that when ν ou order
(ir ri' sthev ire needed Hen. e mr sv^cm, whi. h
ιπμιι luiiria md pi m; t delivery. a a a a
τ';;,,.m,1,Roy Connally
Just Received... :
*Mj \\ have just received a shipment of
best on the market Abo. ι new line ot |
Brown Cracker ind C indy Co * cakes ♦
and candies 0 0 0 & \
P.P. SMITH & CO. :
Is distinctly the best
I ileum H av\1 r \v ev -t
sold. VV' d< n> ' think
there is ν m foi the
slightest 1 ' Xiinin.
when von u·» Β ν Lu
I ileum the Λ· li* it ■ per
tume ot fresh violets
lues nut >i · i.1 fit» >dor
tar and wkL It d«>es I
ι n<»t tell the w it- he use ί
the fact that yoi: ire
>ιηκ Talc uni Powdff.
Herring Drug Co.
** for every man's
head in Waxa
hachie. If every
man in town was to
make up his mind
to buy a Straw Hat
from us we could
supply them all, so
extensive is our line.
Soil Hats or Yachts, ail
dimensions of crown,
all widths of brim
$1 to $3.50 !
lite is
Tell-The-Truth Clothiers.
VOU ARE ι ORI il \l 1 Y INVI I El) Ι Ο
CU >hï I I \\ ;·; >Cl I I S
H \Khl ) IN I UK 1:1; VI M 1'fcS IN I Ht
OVfcN Oh \
I R< >W H M l.l« . · I 1:1 Ν I ι I O rWLN I Y- I'HIl'l)
Ν ! Ν ■ ί Ν Ν RU V Ν ! - S \
INl ί I s|\ I
VW ( VK ·\\ VKI ι ι )
h ΚΙ t YVIIH ,ν λ Ν ,t
* η un»» >mt
A '
M -f' . · j'ubfc-nptmi »<·
!■ Λμ««Ι' Vk *»·» - RttviK*
λ W. *nar » MAftilnv
τ titt» to «wv Imty «lu ail».

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