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The waxahachie Daily Light.
fifty Till Profetfcly A#o#t Motor Cars in
the Heir future.
The Katy's new motor car which
«as built nt the Parsons. Kan . shop·
u'as Riven another trial last week.
It maintained a speed of forty miles
η hour with ease Λ» the result of
the trip, the car will probably be put
Into regular service on one of the
branch lines The only defect found
was in regard to the compressed air,
which Is used In stopping the car
The air tanks will be doubled.
The trip was made by William O.
Herln. superintendent of machinery,
General Supt. Ε. M. Alvord and other
high officials. Denlsou Herald.
Tin- Colorado < bautaiii|iin.
Tourist travel to Colorado prom
isee to be unusually heavy this sum
mer. The Colorado Chautauqua As
sociation at Boulder has received sev
eral times as many inquiries In re
gard to spending the summer on the
grounds of the Association than were
received last year. Many persons
are already arriving and occupying
cottages on the grounds and almost
all of the best cottages have been re
served for several weeks past.
Meeting of Elk*.
j v.
The regular meeting of the Bene
volent and Protective Order of Elks
will be held tonight. All members
are urged to be present.
Transfer of School Children.
Parents wishing to transfer their
children must make a written appli
cation requesting the transfer before
August 1. The parent or guardian
must state that it is his bona fide in
tention to patronize the school for
which the transfer is asked. No
transfer will be granted unless ap
plicant has valid reasons for request
ing said transfer.
County Supt.
County papers please copy.
[luirm«fl HcEMownev tills for Preciad
i»d County Conventions
Headquarters Republican Executive
Committee of Kills Connty, Texa»
Midlothian. Texas. June ï." H y
illrecllon of th" Republican Execu
tive Committee of Kills connty. Te\
»s. nt a meeting held In the city of :
Waxahachle, Texas, on the ISth day
»f June. 1900. in conformity with
the general election laws of the state
and by virtue of authority vested tn
me. I hereby call a delegated conven
Ion of the republicans of Kills coun
ty, state of Texas. to.jnrM in the
court house tn the city of \Vax;i
hachle. Texas, on Saturday, the tth
day of August, 1906, at 1 o'clock
p. ni. to elect delegates u»· a, state
convention and to all (lfSTrlct ( (in
ventions, judicial, congressional, sen
atorial and representative, nomli.:ite
a county ticket, ratify election of
county chairman chosen at precinct
conventions on July 2s. 1906. and
for the transaction of such other busi
ness as may come before It.
The basis of representation in this
convention Is as follows: Two votes
for the organization I" each justice
precinct and one vote for each to or
fraction of 10 votes cast for the re
publican candidate for governor In
1 904, in each justice precinct.
The following is a list of justice
precincts and the number of votes
each precinct will be entitled to in
the county convention :
Justice Precinct No. 1 . . . 15 votes
Justice Precinct No 2 16 votes
Justice Precinct No. 3 8 votes
Justice Precinct N'o. 4 6 votes
Justice Precinct No. 5 4 votes
Justice Precinct No. 6 6 votes
Justice Precinct No. 7 5 yotes
Justice Precinct No. 8 6 votes!
No one who has not paid his poll
tax and complied with all the re
quirements of the general election I
laws shall be entitled to participate ]
■ in the convention. All delegates are 1
requested to bring with them their |
I poll tax or exemption receipts,
j No proxy shall be voted in the
I convention except the party holding
I same is a resident of the precinct,
i By order of the county executive J
I committee at said meeting on t he J
j 1.8th day of June, 1906, the republi
j cans of each justice precinct of said
ι Ellis county are requested to as
I semble at the justice of the peace's]
; or tneir respective prerau'is on uit·
I J8th day of July, 1906, ;it 2 : Π0 p.m.
'The precinct chairman presiding, or
I in liis absence, the republicans pres
ent at that hour. shall select one of
I their number to preside, and elect
delegates to the county convention,
ι The same qualifications to l>e requir
I ed of persons participating in pre
cinct conventions that will be re
; quired of delegates to the count>
convention. The presiding officers
of the respective precinct conventions
will certify to the county chairman
the proc eediniis of their convention
together with lis! of delegates
' elected I S M< El.OOWNEY,
Attest Count* Chairman
liitlhi ws Hurry fiiit sjlt
s| jniulal'·ιη \\ i t ! ι » »tt I Γ » r 11
In nt*e of stomach and liver troubler
'fhi· i>roj*t r frt\'itnu'!if i to -liiiiulat ■ ι
tfce-e orgufus without h 1 ting them 1
iJrlim l.uvitli· Pri nr> Ma M
ftentiort ttiul ntlmulah ' 11?· and!
j howelt withom Irrlt > ίηκ hent* or
j gnu like pilN or ordinary cathα rule*
Il doe uot ii k !»d I»
mild *ud pkivi· f»» 11: II W.
Fer ri*
Ml Mi · ι ; ι vi >» i;\ h ι
\ MttK 11 I Λ t 11 ι » ι ►«· t · I I · I ■ ■
Ιο II* II* id SMtnl t«
I i
» HM
I M tlv*
^ \s . *«*. iMflWiUfii fft β
\ · "
\ Aft** « mimt* llMMl Λρϋ··
jfMai «-.«·»· ta*a« .«4 *****
I '
I h. .. - » τ
\ ' *| Ϊ. · «
f . -·«mm» *> ·■ ■**!
ι 4** OWMBÈWrw ïfv 3.
' nffPNi 9κ· thR ι® η ·' ' »·η>Ι·Λ-ιΐΛ·'·*:
ι·»(<·η|«)'* Ι*>μιι|»ίιγ Will Ile of !
(ircal Benefit to tlx· Ounl),
The ruin which came yesterday «f ι
■rnoen «III Im' worth thousand* of |
ollars to Kills fount) The visit
f the rain wa-< Just In tlmt> to pre
ι>ηι h serions loss to corn. which
as already beginning to allglitly suf
•r from th<■ dry weather. If le no*
elleved thai η big crop Is assured
crordlng ·ο reports coming In to
a> Ihe rain was very general over
te rcuint.t The precipitation began
ere ijbout 2 o'riork and continued
early all the afternoon In the
istern part of the county, η hard
tin fell for about three hours.
Cot ι on was not beginning to suffer
uni the dry weather, but the rain
ill be beneficial to this crop. The
>tton fields are well cultivated and
lost farmers will finish work this
eek. The plant Is In fine condl
on and gives promise of a big yield
lis fall
Jl'IKiK Ill-XL «ΌΜΙΧίί.
oi'iuer Attorney (h'nernl Will Visit
the City Friday Night.
Judge C. K. Bell of Fort Worth, ·
armer attorney general of Texas and |
candidate for governor, will visit |
Ills city Friday night and address
he voters in the Interest of his can
idacy The speaking will lake place V
η the district court room, and the
ublic lias a cordial invitation to at
end. Judge Hell has many friends
η Waxahachle and Ellis county who
re enthusiastically supporting him c
or governor. (
Judge Bell will speak at Emiis
^riday afternoon, coming from there
ο Waxahachie.
Fulse He|>ort Corrected,
rhe Light:
Not long since a Willis boy was
ent from Waxahachie to the reform
ilory. also an unruly boy gave the
eachers trouble in the Waxahachie
jublic school. A report has gone
nit that these boys are the sons of j
Mr. J. C. Willis, candidate for Tax
Assessor. This report is false and
calculated to do Mr. Willis harm. He
has only three children, one girl and
two boy... The youngest hoy Is four
years old and his other son, Morris,
is married and has been engaged in
the drug business in Palmer for sev
eral years. A VOTER I
NaîtlKws' "Hisrry Oui Sait'."
Cured Blight's Oiseuse
Geo. A. Sherman, Lisbon Red I
Mills, Lawwrence Co., Ν. Y.. writes: |
"I had kidney disease for many var.î !
and had been treated by physicians
for twelve years; had taken a well
known kidney medicine and other
remedies that were recommended
but got no relief until 1 began using
Foley's Kidney cure. The first
half bottle relieved me and four bot- j
llos have cured me. Before 1 began ι
taking Foley's Kidney Cure 1 hail to
make water about evev fifteen min
utes, day and night, and passed a
brick-dust substance, and sometimes
a slimy substance. I believe I would
have died if I had not taken Foley's
Kid!. Cure ». W FERRIS
Nuu<la> s« hool I'irnii .
Thursda\ morning at 9 o'clock ill
the Sttuda) school children, with
i hell mothci Ί. will lie at the Metho
(list church with well filled haski ts
to un to the Chautauqua park and
have a big da>. The sun .- of our
picni« depends on you -■> lie ire and
the grounds. m> lei iih ill go anil
bate a good time lie ι · lit id again
Is dis η !|
I il mil V
ι * Ul W
I thor,· ! *>
I '· !i«> I M
' wh. η * ·■
! \ ± mi:.
11Ί · j
Bv= Lo
Γ ileum
Herring i)rau Co.
I "HurryOutSale"
| Every Day This Week!
'dxaliachiins Hookinq the t inny Tribe ; .·
from the Beautiful Concho.
X. Q. 55. Ranch, June 2 I By tho
I fia r rippling waters of the South
oncho, is miles south of San An
onio, on the X. Q. Ζ ranch we pitch
ti our tents last Sunday afternoon.
)n our arrival here we were taken in
harge by Mr. Joe Kemp, manager
f the ranch, who kindly escorted us
ο a shady grove near a sparkling
pring, which gushed forth from the
Iver's bank. In less than two hours
ve were in the midst of real camp
ife, without a care or woe.
On the following morning we rçet
îbout to dig some liait, and all who
have ever fished know what an !m- 1
portant part bait, plays oil a (tailing I
expedition. We were very successful '
and soon had plenty of worms to go
Wte have been here one week today
and up fo date 210 fish have been
safely landed, mostly of the trout
variety Mrs. Hudson, whose camp
name is "Kitty", has the honor of
landing the largest cat. while Mr.
Hudson, the "professor." heads the
ist of the trout kind.
Mrs Hood, better known hero as
'Mrs Ximrod." has caught the
greatest number of the finny tribe
vere not all small ones either For
he want of time we will not here
tate how much the larger ones
veighed. but she will tell you the
'truth, the whole truth, and nothing
■ lit the truth." when she returns
Mr Hood, who has aeqn i ' >-(1 the
itle of "doctor" on the X Q Z .
s tin champion turtle ι atch< r of tho
•rowd If I should tell the readers
if the Dili]\ Light that In the doi
or. caught one that approximately
veighed 2-0 pounds, do y on uppixe
hey would believe it"
On last Frida>. while Mi s M t\ I
■Smith, our midget' . w as -i ate·! on |
ι large roi k w hich live: hang* » ne -0' j
he deepest holes on th<■ ri\> <ι i> I
mini 1 '
'tve feet long md which ill it ·ι^ |
ι κ reed would not weigh I - than
icnt. 1V of an Inch long and tipped
ie bon m at one and one-half ounces.
was a trout, too.
When it comes to good things to
at, we are living like lords For
sample, our menue ai six o'clock
inner yesterday consisted of the fol
ding :
Onions raw, cheese without beer,
jcumbers, squash, coffee, corn cake,
Iscuit, peach pie, butter, blackberry
un. brook trout, channel cat, pick
Is, Irish potatoes, potato salad,
nung squirrel, black eyed peas, sy
np. rice, lemonade and water cress
athered with our own hands.
The weather has been perfect, no
lin having fallen since our arrival
ere. A cool, refreshing breeze
lows 2 4 hours in each day We are
ot molested with the mosquito, but.
he 'chiggers" are continually form
ng an acquaintance. Briefly stated
ve are having a fine outing.
C, W. K~
tamevs' "town fort *·»< "
Dr. F. C. Stevenson Dead.
The people ot Ennls are sad oday
on account of the death of Dr. F. C.
Stevenson which occurred Sunday
about 3 o'clock p. m. at his country
liome seven miles south of Ennis. He
svas sick a long lime and his death
vas not unexpected. For months
ie battled against his fatal ailment
it his home here in town and some
nonths ago he had his people move
lim to his rural home which he
oved so well and there he lived out
lis remaining days surrounded I>> his
ntmediate family and visited a I moat
ally by his intimate friends
Dr Stevenson was a man of honor
nd noble character. . loyal citizen,
fond and considerate husband, an
ndulgent father and a good neighbor
te was a consistent member of the
•reshyterian church and the funeral
ervices were conducted theiv ι 11
ι loi k today by his pastor, !to\ Her
>erl Sprlngail Quite a large con
urination of neighbors and friends
■embled there to pay this last trib
;te ,if I'.-spiH t to The dead Hro.
ι -.,' 1 made a beauu 'ul Hid con
„ |>
The Oldham Hardware
ι =====
,■ ϊί$λί·Λ
Hardw art* and
House Furnishings
Both Phones 113
Just Received...
· !
- » s
VL We have just received a shipment of
best on the market. Also, a new line of
Brown Cracker and Candy Co s cakes
and ca 6) £) 0 &
\, P.P. SMkTHcS CO.N
\V Have something new .or
vou. Plenty oi Roasting E.irs.
l· · sh !. ' s. So. > t Ρ · Î
pen» Grm Black-·, vi <1 Fin» j
iv .ns S .·. .··. ·. f
well, vou know what to do J
'CALL EARLY it >u wunt |
fit: best
Y. B. Early Grocery Co. ;
J «
Plenty of fine Melons at store from 15c up.
|BothPhones3 J. B. HINE.S
<jOr Saturday Z/3iij/ing
We have ordered for the trade a supply
of Tomatoes, Canteloupes and
Peaches. These will be fresh and
the supply is limited. Phone in your
orders earlv. a a a a
Order from the nearest
phone. We have both.
Roy Connally

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