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the Waxahachie Daily Light.
¥it««s ta a Mertrr Usf Avtrs Ilut He
Filstty Testified.
Warn. June 27 A sensation »;ικ
sprung Tuesday morning in the trial
of Mark Ulce, charged with the mur
der of Luther Phelan Andrew Pra
ther. a witness, who two days ago
testified that he was present and saw
the shooting, his testimony being
favorable to defendant, went 011 the
stand and recanted completely, say
ing his conscience drove him to It.
as statements formerly made were
false and that he was not even pres
ent and knew nothing of the murder
till he heard of It He said he was
hired to swear falsely and had been
promised $50 to do this.
Me said further, that he had been
furnished a typewritten copy of evi
dence to which he w;ts to swear and
which he was requested to memorize
Andrew Prather's wife substantiat
ed iiis statement as to her husband
not being present.
The courthouse has been packed
for several days, there being great
interest In the case. There are nine
Death of Infant.
The home of Rev. and Mrs. W. H.
Matthews was saddened this morn
ing by the death of their infant son,
aged about nine months. The child
was taken ill yesterday afternoon
with congestion of the brain and died
today about 10:30. The funeral will
take place at the Methodist church
tomorrow morning at 10 o'clo'1 in
terment at the City cemetery.
Mr. and Mrs. Matthews have the
sympathy of their many friends in
the loss of their little one.
Jury Commissioners at Work.
The jury commissioners are at
work today preparing the jury lists
for the next, term of the county court.
The commission is composed of A.
B. McKnight, H. P. Mizell and A
The June term of the court ad
journed this afternoon.
■..verni Ι,ίη*Ή Atmilitig KntruE'in- of
Trinity and Hnw« Valley.
Il la understood thai when the
Trinity and Bruno* Valley has finally
effected an entrance Into Port Worth,
lh»· Fort Worth and Denver, ax well
las the Roek l»land and F'rlsco will
carry a through (deeper to the roast.
The fart that all four roads are Yoa
kum properties gives rolor to the
It Is probable that the Rock Island
will discontinue its through Dallas
sleeper and that southbound passen
gers for Dallas will be compelled to
transfer to a day coach here
It Is further understood that there
will be a close arrangement between
the roads named so far as freight is
concerned. It will undoubtedly be
(the object of Mr. Yoakum to promote
the standing of Trinity and Brazos
Valley bonds, and this can be done
most effectually by concluding freight
and passenger arrangements with the
three great roads mentioned. With
such an arrangement, the new line
would become the busiest rulf route
in the state.
When questioned in regard to the
report yesterday, officials of the
roads named asserted that it is too
early to discuss definite arrange
ments Fort Worth Record.
l,»tv Repealed.
Washington, June 27.—The house
passed the senate bill which repeals
the so-called twenty-eight hour law
by fixing the maximum time of tran
sit for stock at thirty-six hours upon
written request of owner or person in
charge of particular shipment.
Picnic Postpon«-<L.
ng to the death of the infant
of ι, >stor. Rev. W. H. Matthews,
the buituav school picnic which was
to have been given tomorrow ( Thurs
day) has heen indefinitely postponed
Prayer Service Postponed.
On account of the death of the
baby of our pastor, Bro. Matthews,
there will be no prayer meeting at
the Methodist church tonight.
N. J. THOMAS, Leader.
firMM Staffs litertri Wlff it Hear of
Harriett CerrMMy.
Comfort. Texas, June 27 fn th>*
presence of the URaembled wedding
guests yesterday afternoon at * 30
o'clock, at the home of his Intended
bride. Joe Reinhardt. the man who
was to have been married to her. :
shot and Instantly killed Miss Ernes
tine Kutzer. and then shot himself,
with probably fatal results.
The tragedy was as terrible as It
wan unexpected. The hour for thp
ceremony was at hand and the guests
who had been bidden to th»· festival,
together with the justice of the peace.
Herman Schultz. who was to perform
the ceremony, were assembled in the
parlor of the home of the bride's
father, Reinhold Kutzer, one and one
half miles from Comfort.
Young Reinhardt walked into the
room where Miss Kutzer and the
guests were assembled, and drew a
pistol from his pocket, leveling it at
his sweetheart. She threw up her
hand as if to ward off the danger and
three shots were fired at her in rapid
succession at close range.
The first bullet entered her heart,
killing her instantly. Reinhardt then
turned the pistol upon himself and
fired two bullets Into his own breast.
One of them entered the left and the
other the right side He was living
at a late hour last night, but was
not expected to survive.
The cause of the tragedy is not
The relations between the sweet
hearts have been typical of lovers and
the marriage was expected to be hap
py. The theory of the neighbors Is
that the young man was excited and
temporarily irresponsible.
The (<πτηwalls Control All the Opera
Hou&es in Texas.
The leasing by the Greenwalls of
c uc« iiicaiic nun m cuui »c υι
construction at El Paso brings more
prominently before the public the
theater trust circuit which has head
quarters at New Orleans. Practi
cally all the opera houses In Texas
Oklahoma and Louisiana belong to
the Greenwail circuit and their books
are controlled by the American The
atrical Exchange of New York. These
houses are sixty-four in number and
the list is as follows:
The Oreenwall and Lyric at New
Orleans, Dallas Opera House at Dal
las. Oreenwall at Fort Worth. Hous
ton at Houston, Grand at Galveston.
Auditorium at Waco. Grand at San
Antonio, Hancock at Austin. Kyle at
Beaumont. Merchants at Coreicana,
Grand at Denison. Tyler, Texarkana.
Bryan. Belton. San Marcos. Texas,
and Shreveport. La : Shelton at
Waxahachle. Orange at Orange. Haus
i hi Id ' - at Victoria. King at iJreen
ville». Peterson's at Paris. Sieger at
Bonhum. Exchange at Temple, I.«■ ν>
al Martin. Temple at Palestine,
Smith's at Longview. Jefferson at
Lafawtte, La Kapids it Alexandria.
La Segar at Monroe, La Elk's at
Baton Rouge La Marbury at Bus
ton. L.i Capital at Little Rock. Vrk:
Auditorium at Hot Springs. Vrk .
Elk's at Pine I.luff, \rk Overhol
stet '- it Oklahoma CiM. K'.iteinal at
Poplar Bluff Mo Hlnt"ii it Musk»
gee, I Τ Wagner at Chii ka>ha Het
rlek at ('handle. Kun Savanah at
Savannah. Oa Viadem at Charles
ton, and the opera hour's at .Sher
man. Port \rthur. Gain, -ville Mr
Klnnev Terrell M**i Brenhuin.
Taylor, lai («rang* N'e* Braunfnla,
Ennlv HllUboio t "■ m (' >rk
ville Lake Châtie» La lennlnat*
La . V * Iberli La II-■!*» Vrk
Tulsa. I Τ Sfc;·. wii·-· ! "r and
('offe\ ville Kan
lleinrtM-d Ιη*πι \ii.ui^«
V II Shelton I..1- ret η. I from
a trip lo Arkanuu aail Mi ttl lie
attendent 4 ronieili^n ' ■ »»tf'*n
grower· *< Mon'· Vrk twl report·
thai a *i>lrmliil mm 1 tnj. *·»* litkl ll«
met 1 h# governor of iHlsli 'Bu th*
orrrnai it Vikji'*·* C* ll«'
.«a«l .ther tmu «ell mean » ih*
MliUc Vir Shrlton .n I
iiM if «ht* h ναι an old llowei 1
uwl I·) th» ('oaf>-«♦»late >141·'
a fort IW «tailed Hot'r. .«4 foi
that town to *oat*m 1 n #o*trf»ft<
|w*ip(p, who l«i· a ftial prId*'
i-|vk iRpmtrmHiti In th* «·*»(*!'
■m ' tun of th
•MttnuUliKn VI «Ile »t frtti .lHm
In ■ *iff of 't inane fi and ill·** trouble
the pmfMrr 't*4ttB(*tii la to rtlnatil*
th«**> itriabu « It ho at Irrtls^Hif t been
Orltto IjitatKe Fmit <ttip 41·
me· t Ion and KIMlalr* the llww an il
hnvW> art thou! frrltatiac 'hint or
Η» Hi** pills or nti1lo»r- ea'^amU»
It lw*" a.it μι». 4> <■ jp ■ i*·- tad '»
mt'.-i t "-«at .··.»! t ν
Pn-«lrt»-nt Thi· Hy Slinlnt th«"
Rill Of Jack ilea 11
Washington. J un»» 2T R<»prt"«<>n
I at I vt* Hvall yeelerday got the pre*|
dent to sign th<· bill refunding to
Blank and Park» 1400 tax on an oleo
margarine uhlpment The president .
had prepared to veto th>* measure j
Mr Hnall «bowed the pr»sident where
h" harl heretofore sinned a similar
bill whereupon the president said he
ma> sometimes be a mistaken man. 1
but he always tries to l>e a square 11
man and he sat down and Hlgned the
»-» 1 I
Til#· Candidate l*ay Γρ.
The official ballot to be voted In
the primary election In Ellis county ;
.July 28 Is ready for the final ap- 1
proval of a sub-committee of the1'
executive eomaltfM which moeta in|i
Waxahachle the second Monday in (
.luly. The form of the ballot has al
ready been made up and as soon as
It is approved by this sub-committee 1
it will be turned over to the printer, ι
The tickets will then be printed
and arranged in packages for each of
the forty-seven voting boxes in the
Monday was the last day for the j
payment of assessment* made against
candidates for defraying the expen- '
ses of holding the election, and every <
candidate paid the amount apportion- (
ed to him. The ticket to be voted in ,
Ellis county contains 102 names Of
these fourteen are candidates for 1
state offices and the others are can- (
didates for district, county and pre- ,
cinct offices. There are fourteen '
candidates for places on the board .
of commissioners, with one to be ! (
elected from each of the four pre- j ;
Adhered Sixty-Seven Hours. j ;
Mrs. T. F. Shelton, who rame from j '
Ennis last week to have the mad- j
stone of Mrs. Ray applied to a bite
inflicted by a mad dog, has returned '
home. The stone adhered to the 1
wound sixty-seven hours. Mrs. Shel- I
ton was bitten on the arm by a mad I
dog last Friday while she was on her I
ι way to a picnic at Village Creek. 1
I Her arm was hanging over the back \
I of the surrey seat when the bite was
1 inflicted by the dog which was met
i ;n u:.j iv.tr— σι 1
ton the dog continued running; and
made his escape. Mrs. Shelton came
to Wnxahachie that evening and had
the mad-stone applied.
V Thousand Dollar's \V"rth of (Îood.
"I have been afflicted with kid
ney and bladder trouble for years,
passing gravel or stones with ex
cruciating pain," says A. H. Thurnes,
a well known coal operator of Bu'.fa
lo, Ο. "I got no relief from medi
cine until I begun raking Foley's
Kidney Cure, then the result was
surprising. A few doses started the
brick-dust-llke substance and now I
have no pain across my kidneys and I
feel like a new man. It tins done
me $11100 worth of good." Foley's
Kidney Cure will cure every form
of kidney and bladder disease Β
Iliiiiillinu W«termelonv
The shipment of watermelons has
begun in earnest, as evidenced by the
demand for .us along the line of
the Houston and Texa- Central. Last
week thirty-two car- were shipped
via This rout· and an "fflcial of the
lint· *uld that from loon to 1100 car*
would lx> -hipped via the Central
u ithin the next several week*
l.a-f week'* heuv> ihipnients were!
from the terrltor* in the neighbor- ,
hood ■' Henip» ' iid Hid I'1 Vie*
I Κ disimctiv ,li best |
j I ileum I' >wder vei
j| v !··1 U ' n> ' • unk
ι there ι** rtxtm toi the
ι bluntest Avu · Λί ι n.
ι whin vu ι> By Lo 1
' Talcum tin· ! iti* per
I lume ol fru^h vtolets ,1
I !i ^ η »t s't I th >J if j
1 ! ιΓ Ifui \νκ1. It ύ >t's
! not tell the wh houv<? i
! the faa thi! you ue j
Γ il. un l' a ,î. r
I j |*β' rwr ft#*' i* a
Herring Drug Co.
r.*% :u* * ■ λ» ■ r
Vin t '
People Near Temple Cxcitel Over Atfiw
of Black i1d«.
Temple, Texas. June 27. A tele
flione message from Summers Mill,
<>n miles southwest of Temple, re
>orts that rural community as great
\ excited because of an insult offer
■d ι white lady there Monday by an
ink now η negro. The latter escaped
ο a timbered section and Is being
>ursued by a large mob. which has
nut back word to the sheriff that he
ioed not expect an; prisoner should
he fugitive tie caught l'p 10 .1 late
lour last night nothing further had
"•en heard concerning the matter,
ind it is believed here that the riil
>r!t Is still at large
\s TO DliU IN*. VI< μ Κ
ΙΙι»·\ Ν111 ^ 1 it·· K. pi in II». strni> jiimI
lift flu ^kV'Hiilk*
Hoys and men art· making a pra<
lc·· of driving cattle through th··
treels and allowing (hem Ό injure
he sidewalks tards and flowers
Iti 1 > Is a violation of th* law and
onie arreets will be made .t|le«* 1
s stoi>i»d. B«·»» taking -tiik to
tiul ft mi pastutvs tii i«t 1ί.ι\· .nffi
lent aaMttance to keep the *ioeh m
he street*, or tuffrr t he I «m*· I 1. 1 .· ■
I t|i(»-«r!ng In the rwordet
Tac ky l'nrty at Rink.
A tar ki party was given last night
at the Main Street Rink by 'he tenth
prade pupils of the public school
The affair was greatlv enjoyed bv a
large audience. The voting people
«•re chaperoned l»y Dr and Mrs.
The prize for the tackiest dressed
bo\ whs awarded to Β F Hawkins,
while Miss l,ouise Oroce was the
winner of the girl'- prize The prize
were given by Mrs Dr Lawrence
Judges for the girls were Mrs.
Lawrence Charley Wicker and Mr
Bland For the boys. Mis- Hubert of
Lancaster. Mis- Morris and William
Jennings Devenport
The refreshments ((insisted of r**d
lemonade and red ice cream.
The following were present Mlss
■ ■s Louis· did Hally ( ? roc»·. Kthel
• !·Ι»:! M*"leita Hawkins iertrtid^
II'.((hum. Verna and Hazel Krwln.
Katie fete - Vernon White. Do*-de
Si ttli. Hernie»· Hi!!. Marie Kemble.
Irene Douiing. Hem Alderman,
ι· tu- H»d*.iH>.i \unnu Brings lne<
sinti.-tou und Mia· W«wtBor»Uia<l.
Mo\ > Fr#*«1 Liwrenr» Η Κ Haw
kin^ Willi# Hughe**. Hugh Sim*.
S* h η Mincer, Johnnte Mtwtl. WhI
t»»f SiDgU'ion, Honry Smtfh. S R
Item·. Boh ijrifftn. Horn Common.
Em· Rnch*>r. C Ρ inrkeu Jr.
Κ ιi,«i Willi* |η>μγΙοκ. Otro ('h»*At
U&n\ foaqtjin Run :in<t Howard Rtirk
(Utton* Wmiv
That has happened
I in Old Waxa. this
: season is MATTHEWS
BROTHERS' great φ Φ
"Hurry Out Sale"
S Why? Because it's genu
I ine—not an article or price
I mentioned but what is found on
f our tables just as advertised·
The day that it becomes neces
sary for us to depart from this
rule we quit business. For real
bargains, attend this sale
ΤeU*the*Truth Clothiers.
Wt H W ^ λ hi LI I I Ν h »ί
Buy ! η"η Now Price* \re
I) λ η it Bottom.
I. rtoxev
Creim Free/ets
Ganten Ho· ,·
Hiuit Jars
11.1V me Stos es
Le Γ ·»
Suet η Dhjîs
s rtvn VV ?re
rt»«% Π J
I Plenty of fine Melons at store from 15c up. ♦
♦ ============================================ ♦
♦ Both Phones3 B. HINE.S j
♦ *
J^or Saturday
We have ordered for the trade a supply
of Tomatoes, Canteloupes and
Peaches. These will be fre^h and
the >upply is limited. Phone in your
orders earlv. a a a a
<»r.l<T from the nearest wm ««
S ι.;...»......;. R-oy Connally
: Just Received...
yÊJ Wo ha%-e just received a shipment of
best on the market. Also, ι new line oi
Brown Cracker and Candy Co s cakes
and ca 0 0 0 0
P.P. SMITH ù CO. w
A trom the siu <5
W M — — J ' n! IU! f f
I s^ero L/CZ720 < ' i n. .1
A HIHM4 \ CAM ">> Ht >' «
<£ !* nitn ■! Don't U Λ 1 Λ ' ''cf Ρ \ l·
9 >\ r\. ·":· . ι\ η ihm. ·· : I \ h C r Lin
♦ now ft5c until July 1st
J Y. B. Early Grocery Co. !
(fa \ ■ ' * · H » } · ? . . ^

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