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η\> «κ CXUBHUTB.
ani! like all true cltli^es, »! hail
with joy the anniversary of <b«
IWIaral k"n <* IwkurnibiHT
We *111 not N- tlowd on that day
and up til) thru and after ibat »e
will N? here to viippH >i'u *Hh 'h<·
tw*t plumbing *>>rfc obtainaMe at
reasonable pri.. » Hurrah (or lnjt
f. S. CRONft CO.
-l' !. - -- ■ JL 1
Μ.. Κ. Λ T. North Boand.
No 6 (Flyer) leste» . ..7 20 a m
No 202 leaves 9:51 am
No. 20 4 leaves 7:43pm
Suet h Bound.
No. 20 3 leave» 9 27 a m
No 201 leave» ... . .6 27 ρ m
No. Ε (Flyer) leaves .8 31pm
Η « T. C. W«*« Bound.
No 85 teave* 6:30am
No. 8 S leave» 6:S7pm
No. 87 arrives 4:05 ρ m — Do·· cot
rsn west of Waiahacbie
No. 89 arrives 11:15am
Ea*t Boond.
Nci. 82 leaves 9 30 a m—Connecte at
Enois for Houston
No. 84 leaves 3:00 ρ m—Starts from
No. 86 leaves 9:06pm
No. 88 leave» 9 20 a m—Concede at
Garrett for tbe North.
Zbc IDailç light
Pcbliahed Dailr Except Sunday
Paid-up Capital KO.MMMM)
totered at :be W aiacaohle post
office as maii matte~ of tbe second
rlaee . .
R. D. HUDSON - - - Presideot
W. J. BUIE - - - Virf President
C. W. KENT Secretary
G. W. M'KNTGHT - Treasnrer-Mfrr.
The Enterprise Publishing Com
pany is in i.o wise responsible for
d«-bts that may be contracted by om
I.V.. « - , nor will we a<?«iD» payment
of such deb'.; under any circum
stances. Everj employe of this of
fice is paid promptly for work done
This s to protect ourselves and ?be
eelling public. -ENTERPRISE PUB
M· Knight. Manager
i>ce Month I 50
βΐι Months, in Advance 2.75
One Year, in Advance ϊ.ΟΟ
After all. loe Bailey, the senato:
from Texas, is but a man.
So long as a man is willing ti
confess to mistak· s made there i
hope for hitr It is the 'we make η
mistakes" fellow that s hopelessl
Port Worth gi-s the general o:
fi<« « t he Trinity .·.r.d Brazi.- Va
ley railway. Well, ie\t t., Waxi
hachi· that's the ι »senction !1
road I'ould have mad*
In -uggestlng a tin ight foi
day th» St Louis Olot-e-DeuK
Thf * irld » ν* ry
a living, but it has ι»··η lo<ite<
its officer», and m.:- no' pa*
rem on the dollar
fMfa Ôtih NhHo t· IrsMt Hp. I tri
ter Tlf Estftfrtsi.
The iioren· t*\r î »· ο h»-rf « iocs
time, 111 fact, <*tr· *«*ry Ri*r prttloe
hire fir*I Thcri· i> quit*· * ho»t of
lb· m in tht* county «mi I h«*« nrtrr
n > m rtf tkrir. hut i" proad at
old ïCI 11 ^ roomy. lh· lend of their
Cither* and th· country the* li«u
had *o prominent » pert in shaping
V little w»*s ea«t of Ha* (î H Borer
I'ncle Kile*" ne w· kit know him.
lives Hi* ho iiM ts λ targe ont* and
I If 1 mistake not i- an Ideal plaie for
I fan·.!!* reunion* Ih' tf I» plenty of
1-oom is th< tip hou*·· and nia-ive
··..(>> around κι*·> -.had· for the litiir
«rand' children to |.!a* ha*t their
-wing* eti 1 stopped then this time
a-d thou good people I'ncl* Riley
.«nd hi* » if·· *· ic In th·· front \jird
ο yon a« a true Texan alway«
does. and soon we are talking of th»·
; Texas and Ellis county of lone ago
j I nde Kil< y is "2 year* old was born
in Burleson count*. and came here in
W.O If space allowed I'd tell more
of him and his pood » if» for smh
folks are the pioneers of our roust y
Mrs Ror» η is quite an enthusiast on
flowers and fruits Hnd *he gave mi
! a fig from her orchard that measured
' inches around. It was delirious
and shows what ran lie dose here
; She loves flowers and will lie on hand
; at our flower show later on NobW
; people are these, and when their lonf
days work is done and the sun haf
gone over the hills, may they » ntet
into that rest prepared for the faith
i ful.
\V A. Davidson and his brother 1
found at their home taking a littl*
blow for it was so terible hot .1. M
Brookshire and his son I held up ir
their cotton field. They always tak»
the Enterprise. He had four fint
mules and they were steppers fron
taw There are several of thes»
Brookshires and they are all worker·
and make bip crops every year
J W Foster has SO acres of fin»
land close to Bardwell and since th(
railroad has come he has been offered
a big price for it. but he likis his
neighborhôod and his location and
will hold on Jess Sills used to live
lose to Ennis but he is no» close to
Bardwell and has a fine crop. 1
walked out to where he was hoeing
and he subscribed of course. .T. S.
Cheek has a fine crop too for I found
him in the middle of it. He is an
old timer with us and has renewed
with us again.
E. P. Gerron owns some tine farms
; over there, lives in a new house, and
from the look- of his imps I should
1 judge he is a mover of things H»
brags on our paper and alwas take:
it. He has two sons thai 1 nit τ οι
one of my former trips over there an»
hey are gentlemanly, well poste»
young men and interesting to taU
*o. They read several magazines, ar<
ip on passing events and the men ο
'he hour, and 'ake an interest it
politics. Such young nit η .;re ο
'he proper stuff .;nd 'he futur» cat
depend upon them. D. M. Gillespi
told me that he had taken our pape
for vears and we got him l ack. I-as
y. ir he went to Oklahoma but tha
ct· intry did not suit him as he exped
ed. ..ad he is with us again and w
•■Μ glad to have him back He ha
fine cotton and his corn is ,;head c
any 1 ha\· -een. ,1 -pent ι nigl
with him and he and hi- famil
•:rn.w how t<> h ,-.k<? i. fell; «.· f"· ' ι
hone Next morning > went over t
•hi Mire» farn- . nd 1' 'ind 'hero ι
■ι· 'int 'he end wi,v th·.· . mm
hopping and with fine :< ; - V
M Wood si-id Send ■ ire. ! rut
it.'' J. W. Pilgrim said -<■(
I " -< .ι tid t · '<·.» · · ι
Dalla» News too." I uwd Ό knc
. - wif» s peoju· m Nhv. η
and they were uood I1·' ι · ni I
m»'nl>ered m» HI- wile Ml
' ·ι s h who*»· father niH-d to Ive ι
Pl-Eah s Ridge down there
J W I .at kin '5 Τ r < M
■ 'n£hurD and f> H -t» ton »■ ·· ι

■ Ή · A4 h gave roe M Hit eno it · ·»
. · ' ■
•Wjit *hr
Mr# MH'B kcmmS ί γ te (id* W! *- ti Τ
-m ml «M h» '« Mur
* t e*" ·»*«> H<n ' · kl· η·4«* '
fc· «·*· I k«l h·· ·! t· 4· L «
w fc» M4 t«l' >«m« H» i» ■«·
,, It·- ««au· *λΛ ·» ·ι u»t »>* ·(»
: tM I. C TOm î» «·» "i ·· ·»:
i«t*e ptorM III 1 ' ftt* ' Il
" |»l< r>*r* *r iMf K» ty- .*·►
*" ·ί· Jmmm fars <«4 ε, .« ι «
M» < mvt» 4 'i -» u w
»! I rriMr to it tln>e il· I» flu I
Bg H up I' » ni t h π h»* planted mi ι <
k tis orchard nr.tl w ti<n h<" inov· » to (
tt κ*>« hr *111 tw at hum*' Hi» 1
moihf i Mr* Μι K·* h*·** with him
and ί» λ pl«»»/<nt .>!d l*d» »nd «till
talk* ten«îerî> of h«ir frlrndu bti< Κ
1rs Tmhx" wr Hi- ·<·η w« it «Indent
λ' Mr<n*t'eld rolh'K) lawf \<>nr and
*111 return this fa!1 Xnothpr mm !*
NHrkk»«i*r for the Armotir'a at Ft
Worth »i»d d!»*- ' hand»om·· -.«lar»
M- and M:- William* h«v» »n « \
.fllcni 'iiml!* «>f children and are ·ιι<
, . v«t . Whi!· I.· '·' Mr Wliiianis
tnld ι * of 1 h· d« <th of .1 il William·
whom 1 nu t η another »ι'|> ind had
quite a Ions talk with 1!» * υ an
.xi.'l.nt *r < η 11 »■ η ι ii η and our friend,
ind *· <* end our heartfelt «>mp»th>
to the Iwrea*»·<! family
S< it morning 1 crosned .Y»*a
. hachie rr> « k and got In.o tin» Kmdgn
; or Old Hurnh.tm country 1 found .1
S Ko*!, r «hopping cotton at the
! rr.tp <<f «' >tn air· - » dit> There *a«
.not η ii< h gra- In his < rop but ho
i* :i «nriii and about the quickest :
motioned man I V now of I M Dlx
; on, another young fellow w ith it fin*- j
team of man- that he is proud of. |
took m> paper H«· was hurrying toi
j cet off to the W t) \V campt that
! was to ha\· a meeting at Rnnl* (}.
H VatiMetcr. who used to live near
Plum tîrov. was another who knew
lots of people that 1 knew I hurried
into Ensign and found W A. Male
don doing a general merchandise
business there Alex Champion has
a shop and docs all kinds of black
smithing and woodwork. He is a
pleasant man to meet and would
succeed anywhtre They have a
Baptist church with Rev. Vines as
pastor The gin is a fine plant and is
owned by Pete Freeman of Ennis. I
drove down to A A Roberts and ate
dinner, while his son. Hurt fed my
horse He is a polite boy and knows
how to be nice While 1 was there
Mr Roberts went to visit Dr Steph
onson who is \er> sick with dropsy
and not expected to live. The Doctor
is well known over this country and
his many friends will regret to learn
of his illness
J. F. Suggs said he knew our paper
and loved to keep up, so he sub
scribed S. C. Denny lives on the old
Hurnham square and is with us too. I
j W Τ Mounts has a big crop and told !
ι me he had spent over a hundred dol- |
lars this \ear for choppers, but he has !
about «aught up and will finish up I
by himself W. R Lambert is a j
young man and is working early and ;
late tu maki a lot of money and I'll [
be' he makes it too. Mrs. G. G. Ans- I
tin said she wanted her county paper !
above all others. Said she liked to 1
; read of people and places she knew
! That is the kind of reading that suits j
! me best and I'll bet you are that way
j too. T. A Brown and his father, W
IB. Brown, both came back. They
said they used to take the paper all
the time under the regime of Inno
cence Abroad. They have big crops
<jn the .Ιο» Roren place and have them
in good condition. Charlie Page saio
he could not read much on account
, if his t yes. but that his wife read to
j hiu. nil he would tai»e the paper for
her. He has granulated lids in a
stubborn form. He will have them
treated by a skilled occulist in a few
days and are hopeful that he may
be speedily cured.
\V Π. Morrow lives at Old Rurn
ham, and works the Cerf farm. He
hfcs raised a large family—seven
I girls and four boys. Three of his
daughter® have married in the last
seven · on li- He is proud of his
f mil\ .nd showed me a picture of
his daughters in a group. His
diMight· * , re all happily married
nd he -nil he is expecting some
ptetn girls to rope his two remaining
son- :.t any tinn These young men
manly fellow· and art |H>llte anil
ri *j>. < tful to their parents The»
tre.it< ! me royally while I was there
and I -hall renumber their kind·
W ! h· - The night 1 wan at their home
y I » sick and tht ν poured medi' im
<·■ - j<i■ me like 1 w.i- 'he r own son and
<-ιη·\· morning I wit» well. They used
it. it vt near Waxahachie and iti
«lui d fter their mun\ friend*
<> ! H irnhtm I* a "hax Iwen" town
'It · - thrt«>d te fore the Civil win
• ut hen the railroad <anie to Knni
H III I -d ·" that fia·· Τ Η Maul*
1 ' ι and 1 I, Div told tn·- -Oiitc of it*
ihin· Th» own used to ha\e fou.
Ό 1 .<il( two dt\ good* houses and i<
■ *■ Mai krmith «hop The old Aqua re t«
• »t|U th«-e *4tid they tell voit where th·
er j - Of»·' lived to iltnd The iwhooi
•h j hou .» httllt in 1 «· Τt. I· *(111 «tandlm
t' In a ' et y ciMttl «taie of preservation
ï' and -Mil doing duty. Old Ilurnhan
ιν ι *t» ' Mi· a famott* piaf» butt I
ne κΙΛτν ha* departed
J Ν Hint" Η. Τ tfc»nnU». Ν Ί
««.·' [»n|iii· I met and nearly ail ·>
•Urns '<*»* my paper I met |, a. m
' 1**11 Ift the ' 't*d and told Un tiualBt·*
he i llula'eit Hi |^|tf J dt'lte it(t« ι
* * he «I -Idr of Waxatli» hie ere*t '<
" *' 'he home nt <1 || rtmiU He ant
I alke«t Β ' ba fur xitti
tin th«n ftmtil mt -'lia* ft tend
Vnlp ftitni t tmatnr Η
Wa» la a «Md hnei·" fur be « ...
»»'■' if tb* Ur'rtlti )«■.. tiy Tbe
'ke arm kll *g* Γarle ΡΗ» H^frt1'
* r.% - a ad «sa kaa a «ι
&*»>■ · · r ail >h>" ·< > wwrtb Η
'* did nive ta Vaitrra <t>«a' β f
^ ■ *ara* ($3) ι*» ma 4a >a*tai
* it»·» na «■ ljxtMt«Ka a g ι··
'** ■ * .·· ». ··. ι.».·
l* ' ■ - **-' ·■ *0 ' . · «Mtt Η
*»· a mm ·» Bltt· a ad
4ΙΠ1ΠΒ airain «η a bit »<al» H«* j I
rt;l » \ nil ■ oil 111 η I llr*p hllï> j
lown γ»*«·γ*« « ar» ne'hlrig to htm. be
■ ouldn'l in· » when h< * a* i1« 'featrd
Tt'· la*' T:lsh' ont ï «tald at the
lonu of K«>< Κ M Vin·»», a Baptlat
Ttlnl*t«*r of 40 y<»a r work In the
Ha»tiT> iî«->aul HI» work ha*
•een bl« ■ *ed l*e>ond miniiiri' and hi*
f*«e ahow* that he ha« not
Ived for hlninftf alone Hi» ran»··
'■ om Alabama In ISM HI» good
alf«> l« «till with him >nd their union
fiai» 1**«·η ble^ned with 12 children
HI* «orin. Τ S and A I Vine* r«eldc
• Ith Mm with their little motherl***
hlldten On· of the llttl·' boy».
I.oi·. - a il'-af tr>·ιι·- «nd a Muden*
it the deaf nnd dumb R*\lum at
Xuf-tiη H.· S- a bright little boy nnd
an · ι—It ν fid wrltlnn nnd thereby
rommunlcate with von They h a ν e ν |
Î00 η· i··* In a rrop and are nearly tip j
with their work Mrs Vine- from'
Alabama whs there vIMtlng them
nnd « \pr·» <·ι1 herself a* greatly
pleased with Texas asd said she had
gained 12 pound* In weight since her
arrival hen a few weeks ago Next
morning Rev Vlni - and I talked of
many prominent Baptist ministers
known to ii- both, and 1 left his home
lelnrt.intlv. and with the hope that
he may yet be spared to do many
more year* work in the field of his
rholee. and where he ran do so ranch
\nnual Mif'tlng of Association Will
lie Held at Hillsboro.
Reunion Parsons' Texas Cavalry
Association, grand order No. 1 :
At the request of our host Par
sons' Texas Cavalry Brigade Associ
ation will hold its annual reunion
at Hillsboro. Texas, on Tuesday, July
31, 1906. August 1, 2 and 3 will be
given respectively to the Sons and
Daughters of (he Confederacy, Old ;
Soldiers' Day and U. C. V. Camp j
N"o. Ifi6, and Hillsboro and Old j
Settlers' Day.
As our members are few let all I
comrades who can possibly do so, at
tend. By order of H. M. RODUS,
Attest: Commander.
Willis Bonner. Adjt.
(Weekly papers please copy.)
Here vou wi'.l find
the ver ν latest styles.
Every one i- brand
new and made from
the most desirable
fabrics Your Fancy
Vest wants can be
well taken care of
Όλ ce J^ar/ey
Will ru'\ r bother
you if you always
•rdi-rfrnm. ....
h\ι rvthin.. Mr-'
id tht* st*rv i. >· -ht
Patton- Kennedy
Li νe ry â ( ompany
trn* « *ΐίιΙ'#Λ »«·<». »«-». A' ·* «#>(«(«·
Milling and Manufacturing
High Grade Flour Pure Crystal Ice
Every sack guaran
teed. Ask your gro
cer for OLIR Flour
and take ηυ other
We will appreciate
your ice business
this month. If you
are not a customer,
give us a trial. . .

•••JUST A*
That wet, wintry weather will follow
these warm, sunshiny days. And now
i> the time to place that cement stone
SIDEWALK, while the weather is best.
Every walk is guaranteed by us when
laid, and you will be much pleased with
its appearance. Let us figure with y :
Tnis may encourage . ο ir height " r
Waxahachie Cement Stone
Manufacturing Company
That blow s from our
Electric Fans. We
have them in both
• eiiing and de.--, types
and can install them
in any part of your
home or office. An
added comfort even
ings is reading or
sewing by electric
light—the finest illu
minant in the world.
Ask uf foriiniormation
and estimates r
Waxnhachie Gas
&nd E-Iectric Co
\ The Reasons Why

It will pay you to t.uy
man v.
fr .rii u.- are

^iimf of the reasons art that we buy unly the .ery best quality
and «II 1er a rea ri. ι profit Naurs , .ou don't want a
■ n.ildv ρι· ·ι ··!" ti< <κ|« y pi · Y· iirta . !<·ιι t want !" waste
..r ■. fMi ne. ,ιηιΙ r -I n- ire·. . w.i mi, met f ■ ·.· . i,d. · met h ng that
will «We natisfn · η W. ha\· ι-t rieive.l ,» lur^· · I: ρ ment -f light
. · ght I'nderw ■ ir η b ■' h long and -k: r τ ^
*<· I)( f ire fadcring
met hmjc
Calvin Brothers
if *y»!*(Tv wring ISM

ί Thr Soulhvtrslrrn I Hr
» ftriph t ielrplionr to
FOlEYSHOtui - »aR
»««*«■» th« V « «' h m ***.1 i** r .mi %*«*«,·
Lul·,' ίι ,;!V, Vï:w«;
Will cuf ar ' c isr rt XV.iv 1 ' ι
be y end th*· r "· r. ic .:c " -
·*.»(.! » f Κ W H *HI«

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