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"Our Easter Eye Sale" Begins Wednesday, March 27th
We never had a more select stocK of merchandise for you to select froP? ,hen now· don'^mhs ^hts* saîe
ing with new stylish goods in the latest weaves and the newest fads. If you are economically inc: linedI dor> t miss this sale.
which will be a great bargain event for the people of Waxahachie and vicinity. ^**ose who , fw buver the
to our method of doing business. Those whom we hope to Know will say our w*y of doing b oer cent cheaper
best possible merchandise for the least possible money. We do not say we will sell you> good· at 40 to 50 per cent cheaper
than any one else, but we do claim that you can buy during this sale 15 to 20 per cent cheaper than you can at any other store
in Ellis county.
Dress Goods and SilKs
In Dress Goods we have everything in the new
weaves, colors and style, consisting of Chiffon Ltsle.
Crape de Paris, Susine Silk, Neppon Silk, Similar
Silk. Silk Mulls in white, black and all the plain col
ors in stripes, checks, plaids, com dot and polka dot,
Eoline. Panama Chiffon in black and whites. Voiles
in cotton and wool. Arnolds Silks and Organdies, Ar
nolds Serges, in checks and stripes. Arnolds Mohair
46-in. Black Henrietta, per yard ..25c
44-in. Black Batiste, per yard ..35c
46-in. Black Voile, worth 1.25. at .... — 95c
45-in. Black Crape de Paris, worth 1.25, at _95c
1 lot of Silks in checks and stripes, worth 60c to 75c,
your choice, per yard ... 50c
Ladies' Muslin Underwear and Vests
at Special prices
Special Prices on Trunks and Mattings
Men's Ties and Socks
In this department we have all the new colors in
four-in-hands and club Ties. Socks in all the new
colors, lace, stripe, etc.
Ties from 25c to 75c Socks from lOc^to 65c
Ladies SKirts and Shirt Waists
Black Voiie Skirts, trimming of tatleta bands, worth
10.00. special 7.50
Wool Taffeta Skirts, worth 7.00, for 6.10
Chiffon Panama Skirts, special prices 6 30, 7.JO. 8.10
Black Mohair and Panama, invisible plaids and checks
in grays, browns and tans, special prices 3.50 to 5.00
We guarantee the quality and tit. Waist measure
from 22 to 36 inches.
White Shirt Waist in long, elbow and short sleeves,
special prices 60c, 95c, 1.15, 1.25, 1.45, 2.25 and 2.50
Boys' Clothing
19 per cent liscount on aH Boy's Clothing
Prices from 1.50 up to 6.50
Notion Department
In this we have a large and well selected line of
Hosiery in white, black and all colors; Ribbons,
Ladies Neckwear, Belts, kid, lisle and silk Gloves in
black, white and gray, in short and long lengths. All
marked at specially low prices.
We sell the Irvin Drew Shoe which celebrated
for its fit and wear—every pair guaranteed. We have
them in white, gray. tans, patent and vici kid; styles,
pumps. Southern ties and oxfords.
4.00 Patent Oxfords, special — 3.50
3.50 Patent Oxfords, special — 3.00
3.00 Vici Puinps and Oxfords 2.50
Our "Special" Oxford at. 1.50
White Canvas at 1.00 to 2 00
Barefoot Sandals in children's, misses and boys sizes
at 65c to 1.00
1 lot Slippers, values up to 1.75, special, choice 75c
Men's and Boys' Oxfords in vici, patent and velour
calf at 1.50 to — 4.50
Every pair guaranteed to give satisfaction.
Men's Shirts
Just received 30 dozen Men's Sample Shirts, light
and dark colors, consisting of the best makes, Wilson
Bros., Morris Bros, and the 20th Century, retail the
world over at 1.00, 1.25 and 1.50, your choice during
this sale at - — 75c
We have a big stock of the best brands, in the
late shapes and colors, price from 1.00 up to 4.75
Φ Don't fail to attend our Easter Eve Sale and let us show you the pretty new goods whether you want to buy or not, we ^
will take pleasure in showing you. *
fMistrot Bros & Co., Waxahachle, Tern }
♦ ♦♦♦♦ -ο- « ♦ « ♦ ♦
Hi'dila («abler.
Local theatregoers have a rare
ireai in store for them next Monday
night when Miss Constance Crawley
the celebrated English actress, sup
ported by Arthur Maude and her
London company, will produce Ifen
rlk Ibsen's greatest drama. "Hedda
Gabier " The Shreveport, i.a Times
has the following to say of Miss
Crawley .ind her associates
"Miss Crawley Is in artist to her
very finger tips As Hedda Gabier,
in the play of tin· satin nam» bj Hi
st n, tin great Norwegian dramatist,
she Is the very part Itself She ap
parently feels ir. sin· do< - not act
She is the characti r herself \ud as
is invariablv th· .·μ· in pla\s of this
kind, and which emanat» from the
ileep > (linking brain id .1 man like
Ibsen. *i> it is that >nrh rharaclei
as thid of Hedda. mu-i un esisarlly
• all f«»i in amount ·>ί dramatic
kill winch might · · ·<|ΐιι-ΐ'·
in puis which do τι· mand is
enrefal a conception ' rhami'ttr
verMlilllv as in I h ' · ι"· Hut
• rairle» «as :hi' with π all
* *1 »
rth' n.i.- Hedda i;
"Th·· company ui«
totally «trout;,
b·· said that qui
at In I ti ■ ti ' ι it i> 1111 '
■>nl) r 11 !-i ihi
It ' H m! I > 11 « I 11 "»
.1 .|*e * ft*-1 ι (11ka M I . '
prt'fwni «· '·> <|uhIIi ·
«4» th. ι --I '
night that niuet ha\.
<rh«' * er· In· I t .
tie»* th· ii'oduilloH
then · » d ··
rrii» ral
.«r.fnl ·
linn «ι
• lied
r last
: s . !\ ι « ' I ·
» it »it artist I production
·Ι«·*»ι«Ι -f .m* thine
»·> rttBi M·· Ik 1 · ·ι*ΐ|«Μη ι
Πι»· rttrrllnc ><·<· · ■ em, »ii,
ι «β· '<· 'b· Ι" ι »i It. ι·· fh ii 'tat
nllth' Mar· h - for » , . ns> «<·
>»f 'h ·· m»M· trjilr.·· Ml»»
rtllila S <iin IT!»-'» «!>«■ 'i..· thr
ImdiTin frtr.i-iin< ■ <!< >.,»· pi* ,
hrrr I · for»· »» Mate ·τι»* ·η
"Vaunt Th. .m»>*n <» plat
ut. λι V'ort \V.>rth <η·1 'h« Kwtit4
ha* »h«· full»·» toe m -f ·»ι
nlrtii · ι» -fi - !i ii. ·
Th«· »Iom » hl< h ha» .··* lu· t«
offend. tell» of 'b« »«**« ptikle »r
fist who goes to the mountains foi
the summer and while there, despite
the protests of friends and t'a mil}
marries Mercy Tucker, an untutored
child of nature. It's only a little
while later that he finds that hit
conception of things and Mercy's
are as wide apart as the poles, and
he loses patience with her ignorance
and love is doue She, understanding
tin· matter, goes away and to school.
Five years pass anil he meets her
In accident and all ends happily.
Miss Sylvia Summers as Mercy
gives a very acceptable rendering of
the character, but seems more at
home In the last act when she is the
young woman of education and self
poise .nid wears a handsome evening
Then wen· specialties between
κ Is. I! <\ Sprague pleasing the
lions» tieaih with Ins monologue
ami ltiging. Mid I'harleH Miles re
• ΙνΙηκ th· unstinted puttee hl>
nlmhl (I > ndng mei ited
VI VIC «>\ I. V Villi.Mis
I \ ι r\ klU'Vt it au«| Su.i|h i Ird ·ν|μ»ιΙ
to II·* Plat ι'<1 I imIoi* |nv*l.
!>all;o Vi»ii< h -'♦· ι lût <>ι I*t»
. II; i ι ·!· il » ι . · t. i c|.»N lUKlrui
• «I ?h· »η#·η ·»ί his department to at
'-·■ on ^l*ht «n«! witlmui warrant
I fl ; t'; . DOWI1 Ol >»f Ν
, : f;ii. ■ ■ .vin· ««hail f»t· t min«|
Halkltit th· -» ··«·· of I Mil.ι lr
iIi.-m tiding thf îtiatt* thf» « hit I
If· ■ · · ns» nt now Oil . « v«*r
th·· *tai*· to «top tsauihlliiK «hull per
tain) ' ·" la«K »mii».tthv or aid In
J i t W » r* all:» to -Mil!.»· ι
IS f»' irt ' >I«mI hi r^iwiiiNittlllt^ til thi*
rtiaft' : f ?i« all·».! it is A 111 lit* at
s ·%!»«! ai . ·· <11 *hl«
hart· Λ I ill · nd* avor to hat*
hi: fin» «I f va«r»h*v VW ,u#» no
h '*» * » » - th·· AltlMIt » < ia*a t«
• !· ί 'hi' 'htv »l':
• iut(-Q«· . hard so η Dailaa
on* f * e· > - ».>** λ ton fo*
'ittial etrt» ter·* alonj* thl» île» i*
l" orrtrut Dallas mad#· 1
<1 imptBK tcroand for *atn».l*o* ;«r
ι* / '»f ' h* cft le*
M n»*rtirf*<>n» «» ibr · » rolwn
h* I»alia* d« ι>·rtrr>«*nt arr «trtct
and ! ^ r. coin* to *hat %l*r art
· . « ■ f *»· «to .<»' «top c.nmbilBK
lu Dalla» * will not Ι* !»*»<*<}««» w.
τ ♦ .ι ^ κ · * r^·- . ffor*
« ar «»f V"*-<|
. · .( tn<J
. 4nf> *«*«1 .*.^· Kaffr on foi
piactiui: pii'r,M l* H Tti«'mp«Mi
I Wires I'rcsidciii |<> Send Delegate·
Ιο < ;<><»! Ilouils Convention.
Col. .las. S. Davis, president ol
ι he Ellis County Good Roads asso
ciation. today received the follow
ing telegram from the Austin Busi
ness League:
"Texas State Good Roads conven
tion meets in Austin Thursday
Send delegates "
This message indicates that * tit
business men of Austin are very
much interested in the sm i. ■>*. · \h<
convention, and that they ..:· man
int; arrangements to accommodan
thi' delegates who may attend
At the county convention h< ·!
here in .lanuary th«· following Ne
gates \\ ι*re appointed to -h· ■ ·>·.
< nnt l'iition
; It Κ Κ I'M in. IVl'l > S Kilt··
Ceo I. Griffin, loini Heat·· ' ·!.
Vatr- Κ Τ Stoke ι (» \ Κ. ·
Τ Sullivan, Dr \ il Small. ' ι : >
ι Thompson. Dr. ·' W Sirrr*·
In \ Κ Turner, ι Ualdt d».· C<1
l ow· I II 1.1 mes- Tout M '
\\ Η··· !.. ν I' Itm t is .1 I' » ·::■· v;
.la- S Diiti-, K.i ('iniiiin^l'.it "" \
(•'•■it is, Geo \V Pole man. Τ *<· ·
il C I>iiilI ; I Γ Spem · \V
\li Knight Κ il Griffti. Ma
Smith. \in*i Carolina» Τ \\ H .
IMN, I M K»k ridge, W M. Tld
*•■11 lohu Η >th.»rp W \
I V \ rhoiiia* It II ι · ι V
! J it'iii.i- il D Tim mi m* Κ -
I Cnupbi-ll Κ i'h.i»lii Κ H Κ. t
I HUH I M Uwm 4*1*1 < t. <·»·>■
ι■»«.·! ι H llln*··. M. p. 8|μΙ41γ,* W
S K. Ill !. I S tlrrrln* P»Of '
I M Gonle» KrenW Ch»im M M
Μ·· ιι»β » Ik·
Thr rrfiilir ηι«*ν*Ι Inc ·»f ι (i,
·>»·>:< tit >n<t f'niwilir <i
wlll !<** :i« ''iMlcbt \>i » ,
*r> uicrtl ΙΟ he prwwn' Kail !
Hot >f <>ftU«*i«>
ill MIIUWV Κ ti
η y ΙΗΟΗΝΗΙΙΙ. Μ <χ·
\\> Η»»»· r*~op*o« ou KifcjT·
h<< .w η lh· "1«1 M* Ujbj» ^.Idiai
on HiHtrn Mr·»' When tu »ωΙ
to «tor»· *r>od» <-t »n» k!n4 *+* o»
Phon» 39
In-tailing Slciiiu Healing System.
The office in the rear of the Wax
ahachie National bank, which has
been occupied several years by Story
E. Fowler, is being remodeled and
reduced In size so that a steam heat
in*: system may be installed in the
entire building. The heater will oc
ctipv ι part of Mr. Fowler's old of
fice One section of the office will
be fitted up for a meeting place for
the bank directors. Mr. Fowler will
[remain iu the office but will not
hav· quite so much room :ts former
ly When the heating apparatus la
ι .totalled radiators will be placed in
!"ti. nffices mi the second floor and
! ι 'he Knights of T'vthias hall on
jThe third floor.
looking for it litinawa) lloy.
■ it> police received instrm '
; ·τ· 'bis morning from officers at
olll In look out for I llOV whll
I ι inn .iway from home
•h· -lu iiff . office I IU< sSHgl !
• m ,ι from Wa.-o. -Hating that |
ι , % bo a > uppoeed to be
. ·1ιι- wai mi ι freight train!
ι». int»d the· on η · hare* of j
> . ti tfi.. \ni.· given a de '
f the piuty ι Hit Instructed
ρ»·Ίι·ml htm If he «how·*! up
■ iltrti I ρ to itir.
ι κ· IN Virginia .»
B\ ville. Ind. write» "For o>er
flv« I w,n troubled *ith kid
nr ' 1 ι idd' affe« lion w hich |
IrauDf ι mur h imlD λγ·ι1 worry. 1
I Io*t '!e»n >ti(i w.t* all run down, and
. i> h*d lt> ih.indon work eli
:tr· id 'fc ■ of he t · -· pli ν
a; st lid in 1 SO«M ..i d 1 *
, fir* ·; a. ν elvrn up to die Kole> « j
Kid!-· > >tl in· I. led ι ri I
j*h«· ' r»' '-otfj# save me sreat -eilef
I an,! ft»- «ktri: th·· -r. on.I hotlle I
». » «1 Whv !
! ft 'j Π W Prsrlt
ΙΙι > I· VViOh llriix mlirniij
ΛΝι.·ι· r fr-a ·ι»ι» a oesfc or
Ί 4 «wmbec ' hit Kot» τ *
lion* »t. ! T»r «III ire It !V> not
Mt. . „r T*lih '» '«kins ci but
thf j. nnir· It » η % · »!!<■>« ί»***
at» Γ W Κ«·»π«
Hum·) Hnrar
\ nm cot ««rod '(Win >g
•ftto Patton * Kennedy Ut»ry Co '·
rt»fcl« »nU « h>* η :h· ο «Mr 'ounJ
k.a h- mm» ·»··ιηβ Thoepeon · ko|» ,
!»»*·<·! τ aMtfl**) Γ» II Τ1ιοιηρ·ο· ,
1 ·«
To the City Trade.
We are now ready to furnish you groceries from
a select stock. We solicit a share of the city trade.
Prompt delivery to any part of the city. Full weight
guaranteed. Prices right. Both telephones 45.
X WaKel&nd. Grizzle ύ McAlister
We Are Pleased to Announce
I hat we have secured the services ··: -nt : :f t
cutters tnd itters to he found in th n! :tt Am: vca
we are prepared h mvemir customer - (' · b· st
w· >rk ti had snvwhere Come ··
y<iu our ne of w<»olen->.
hast Side Square Both fn ne- j
require no spt^ :ji c*u rt η ν ur » tr ! r ·
•>\vitv h. - -w ·η.: in.: ' ··.·♦ Ί f : »?s
! ill Υ ίι w<'ukl lots ' Ίη n η
work by rtr^ u> instull >ηι· * ■ · r
.-on—to *av nothing >t how
w <ulJ feel I -'t us 'tcvire wit τ ν
Wuahachie Electric < Gas

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