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<«»«· ·· · · φ
m M j M| ®s·· î-i »r·rτ Cι ty
ίht waxahachie Daily Light.
Fine Elberta Peaches
Special for Tomorrow
25c per basket
fj'jOvi variety of Vegetables.
J Chautauqua Time


Is almost here, and it's time you was preparing
something to eat, if you intend to camp. Get a
ham and boil it, get spices and nuts and make
cakes, pies, etc., and you will not have to do so
much cooking while you are on the ground. For
anything you want phone us.
For Saturday's Order

£ We will have a very complete line of Fruits, Melons
♦ and Vegetables. Phone us your orders early.
Try a sack of
R.ed Top or Purity Flour
Both Phones Opposite P. O. f
"Simon Pure" Leaf
Lard is one of the best
lards on the market. No
Ham or Bacon better than
Armour's "Gold Brand."
I ™,r" P. P. SMITH 6) CO.
Ν l'W
MtOI M) WOltl.l» I OK NOTHING. |\
What λιι \iuericun ltntv I>ι<I Who I ,
Wanted to Sec the («lobe. ; |
New Voi k. Jul} 1 - Κ (1 so η 10 is-,,
kine, :i lad of 1!' years, whose par- I <
ent.H were drowned In the Galveston ',
flood rind who hns since been de- '
pendinc on Ills wits not only for Ills
livliliood. hut for a record of miles
traveled In every clime of whlcli
Marco I'olo would have heen exceed
iticU (Wlj mtM NMT York to-ι
da: ifter completing > year'· tout
of th·· world Ydudk Kreklne < (alms
the distinction and proves It In a de
tailed tory of adventure of cirelluK
the idol*· without paviuK a cent for
t ratisportat Ion lie tells this story
"I not nit of Krlico In AtiKUnt.
ISO*, .board the "teamer Korea I
Just tepped out in th·- durk and
clliuitf'd a hawser front the chip's
hid·· I hud three loat· of hread
which I had hnrro»rd out and filled
it h butter and sugar and on t h«-so ; t
lived comfortably for two days in j;
me of the life boats before any of 11
he crew discovered me. The mate ι
a me mound at last and found n>> ,
ildiuK place. He could uot throw me ι
>verboard as he would have liked, 1
■ο he put me to washing dishes.
"At Honolulu I managed to slip j,
iboard a bis Pacific liner and reach
d .Manila, being discovered and put
to work the third da> out. It was
Bas> to conceal myself aboard a ι
pat I et f'H Hon* Kong with enough I
provisions to last me to the end of j
the trip I had been to Japau so 1
pi I' d dire* tl; l>> : ill to Via»!ι
voatok The cars and engines wer·'
Amerban make ao I did not have to I
learn the In* and out of forelgu
bumper*, blind bftggefe· and ti>ol !
"I found that all the tar» on the
Trans-Siberian railroad »»*re of \ui
erica η make and with train cr«'»»
mm h I•■ma watchful than In thla
country. and I had little trouble in
beating my way arroaa Siberia I
' .ι ■» i| ■ \! -. >« it werk .ind then
puohwd «>« to St I'eteraburg Krom
there I went by boat to Sttx kholm.
then l« <"hrl«tlana, ·>η t<> t»nd<n >nd
t·» rait to IJterpool
"I did not ha«» te board aa -eau
Itacr aa a '■.»»*.- but alaipl told
the . »pt*in of the XlilMutt th»
itory <<f m< life »t«h ··> h i44ltl»tt
aa —mt <1 iMNMatt »ad be n*e m·
• nrk to do a ad five dol»r« when wm
t ."Λ,.ί it \««r VnO
lu*, ' · *
t .r,»..
| »«·« I *
ι ·, i (î j a rtw*
Mm 9'Τ
\|lé« V*··5
f IllHi
" |·Ι3, Μια» K>44
J'mkn* II·!?,
h * 3 HIm SXIwHI M«> «*fi*
JisMktd ι U ff*rafei»a <' «04
iimfcw. ·!♦!* Ml» Rvd)!
Ht : î
fth>fc m. I' IMI, Ιλ*Λ
IU « lléll VKIN<( ΙΚΙΓ
j ^ Μλγ,Ι \ ♦ *y «κ*- I* MwjmI «»f ·h» Vin»
«•rli an .Ja< M***
» 'h »* « .1 u5> i : \ dl»;>»tr h î··
t\\* Tm.'U?.'· fi«-m \Va»bln«;lon. î> Γ
<uy·» When th»* \fî!'*rkitlï t>M1)».**htp
f!*-··? - ' λ ' - ont on it# \ '· 1 ·■" mil·*
1 M· *1 rhf» Γ-Η ift< Ο'+ΛΧΙ lî WÎ! !
ï m « '-.J undvr w ir condition* IfDHK
tria? . 4-î,« i : i :♦··. ta Π S l·*· di*COV«>red ♦ ·:,
r ί m ι {ι · whlfî will h,ni· to ho repelled
j«htp* will ίη différent dire*
i tIon?* .:t nicht «earchllfrhtw will !><·
| used to pif k up other veeseie and to
Menai and wir»io«s tel· irraphy will
ι i-e employed for c un\e> In κ order?'
! tnd information. In a wonl, the fleet
will h»· î 't only constantly prepared, |
J lui τ will conduct maneuvers designed ι
I to Increase iteffectiveness.
The result of the program map «
! petf out l»y the authorities w ill be I
I that ι more effic ient command **ill
report at San Francisco.
It Ν evident the cruise will lie
une of ιh<· hardest that has been
! undertaken by an American com
mand since tin battleship Oregon,
made its record breaking trip from
San Francisco to K< y West. For this
reason the navy department is anx
ious that only officers be attached to
the ships who can stand the work
and who are young enough to derive
benefit and to use the experience
for the advantage of the country.
In spite of the fact that the ar
j mored cruisers will not accompany
I the battleships to the Pacific, pre
ceding It under the plans now adop
ted, a number of inferior vessels
j will be atached to the fleet. There
will be some cruisers which will
j serve us scouts, a number of auxll
i laries, including colliers and supply
I ships, and perhaps a flotilla of tor
1 pedo boat destroyers.
Hon. W. J. Bryan of Abilene Fought
For Texas Newspapers.
Hon. YV. ,1. Bryan of Abilene is
in Dallas today on private business.
Mr. Bryan was a representative at
the last session of the legislature
and he fought hard for the right of
contract for the Texas newspapers,
but was defeated. When seen by a
reporter this morning Mr. Bryan
jsaid: "1 have always been of the
'opinion that a newspaper man was
j an educator in his own community,
lit is to this and the community's ad
| vantage that he be able to travel
over the country occasionally and
'see what the world is doing. In many
small communities the editor of the
j country weekly is a philanthropist.
1 lie does not get much for Ills labor
and about all he has to trade is tlie
pace in his newspaper. II is lesui
ender for him and those who use
dvertising spaee judiciously set
heir money's worth whether they
rade potatoes or railroad transpor- |
ation for it. The railroads and the'
iewspapers do not owe me anything
lor am I under any obligations to
hem. I am just a plain West Texas
•owman and I like to see ι square
leal.'' Dallas Tintes-Herald.
I I \s| :> < <>\\ |< I s
I lue»· M il 11111·( ι \\ ill I'm I . > 11 << 1 in lit
the IVmlenl nil> II...nil
\ustin. Texas, .lui» 1 ï The
itale penitential» bon i d > e.-'erday
aunoiiDced that if would call In
about '"ii lonvbts that are uou uu
tier leave This action will be taken
ho that the Mat·· may uae them to
work on It» own railroad out of
ltu»k to ι onnei with th· Interna
tlonal and Ureal North·· u
The 31."· men mi» w< kiuk on
^har·· fa ι in* will ilk·'!) I' n.owe4l
to ivniain Thl* In* lud· th·* Joue» !
■ ml John» and Burhtnoo farm» Con·
tlitu «ill al«·) )>·· Ι.'.·».·ι1 to limit··
mine ii|M>rator> iu llKDIU· will tw
u «·| nt I !w* prtllMIUtWi. Μι fue
• ml it» inlnhiK ι» »··» >.-»«.ir< and
»hntild I# ·ιιγοιιλγ*.'«Ι
. — r«» - ...·Μ «
| . ι >11 ιμ ί· ο·»· Vind ta I
.... » — *- · f
«Μ ρ rte*· wt ι»"!.
I* : ! I»
la I»·· t ' uni* · u''
4 *
.1 I
J. W. Krelaiul. aftor a two day'·
lisli to fricii.l- in tin· city, nnurneil
last nleht to hi- home it Hunt-Wilt·
- I I >|·|'ΐ:ΐ> Il 'S ι ι Ν I I ΜΙ
I \\>» Trains on <«., Η. Λ Η. Ma\«
Nariitu I >< a ι m · I »*»ni 1>ι^»·»ΐ«·ι
Qalveatou, Texa^. July 11 Me.i l
ger report* of :m attempted train
wrecking π the iiulve#n>u. Houston
λ IU>nri>'t --ou : .ni !>·:«·· u l..unm
qui· and Hulen Pmk teai h···! hele
lu»! tught It appear· that the north
bound MI»m>uii Kuh . nid Τ··\:ι*
p.t ■ -· Il Κ ·' I ι ! il 11 1 1 'Ul\t·· ι · Il
• · : M. Κ : . ι : :. · > :. - ' ■ - ■ ' ι.. · :. ι : ι
on ihv truck «Μι h proved to l>e .1
pilr >f roi kc ι or'uiiiilelν 'he Ί>
•iruiil.it> .·u 'he track *a« -Ighted
Ι lu llmv t« «top ihe train Hefnre an>
ΙμγΙοιι· iliBl|t «M done λ warning
! II· iiderwn paaaengrr rain leaving
ι . - ■ II . ... , .. ■
j 111 ·'( »b»w th· Kai< train en·
|m «*»*(«· kTh" ' ■ J
ton lio-.o· awl HIM. «» to»
• ι t ■· »r· ·t ■ ι
' t tf
4 mit it ι·-ι| ι*Ι I una* > .
John Cronnister <«f Midlothian
vu» tried in the county court Thurs
Iny afternoon en a > hargp of Iuna
y. The Jury adjndued hlni to he of
insound mind and recommended
that he he -en to ■ n. <if thi -'.Hi -
nsain· a»ylum The unfortunate
man «h» IhoukIi' t< Wuxahachie
W'edn· -da> tiiicbt l>< ·> ·· Shi" iff
J. V. rorbw.
a BU
* ι gtt tt
lOS·/. Cotl
ar· »t!i!
! he pro* <"■»·
« «>t ta
;U«*ti0O about
ιr »r <»d» ad tfc·
• solicit
off fe
C. Y· Thomson 6 Co.,
-| ,\ I f I' >.i 1 b Slé· .-Hj-ia*·
Wt want you I a .'«!> our
Kara Notio1 fhn*ir *htjw· tl
color Hotkf, I hi·
ftroi&A Th«M ar«» but the <
ward m*alf««tati >ni at
VntU you try mr « »μπ
kKIV> l'K>
Matthews Bros.
Great Semi-Annual
| Clothing, Furnishings, Hats,
I Shoes, Everything for Men |
at the
ever made by any store on
such dependeil)l6 jnerchendis©
s= = ~ ~T ϋ
and see how much further your
dollar goes at this greatest of all
sales. .
Matthews Bros.
S III U I I II U II w w Wl gg
Be up-to-date
( it·; ■·· · · .r >·> fi
ne»ili<et» shirt"* with
f ι Ion ! ·:·· * ··· ι'
îhi'v it ο ill il a Ν
!j>« vo ir > l»nJ γη·>ι«>
found ht'ie.
Hi* ! l· η. ν \ <>♦ η -
.•ittev tOviav.
Im.l.rf. «·»» I

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