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The Bier Cut In Prices
m>. tm ' » ·.»» -hum.' Mit*··
Now on at this store means good, clean goods—the same you have been getting here at a saving of 10 per cent to 25
per cent AH odds and ends and slightly damaged goods cut 1-3 to 1-2 the regular price. Now you would hardly ex
pect to find Blankets and Overcoat*· on sale, but \"ou will find a great lot of goods such as Men's and Boy's Clothing and
our entire line of Dress Goods, Ladies' Suits and Skirts suitable for Fall and early Winter wear, besides great stocks of
hot weather goods. Come and take your choice. ..........
Sale Continues Until the 1st
tJ. S. Campbell St
iîviîhkk i.icKNsi·: law.
l'nder Ils Provisions \11 Tousorial
Artists Must Have Certificates
The new law regulating the prac
tice of barbers in the state known
as the "barber's license law." be
came effective Thursday night with
other general laws passed by the
thirtieth legislature, but as far as
can be learned no special attention
is being given the matter by the
tonsorial artists of Waxahachie.
The law provides that a board of
examiners consisting of three prac
tical barbers shall be created, the
appointments to be made by the gov
ernor, and that it shall be the duty
of this board to hold examinations
throughout various portions of the
state quarterly. The law requires
that all barbers imist have a certifi
cate showing that the holder there
of is entitled to practice the occupa
tion of a barber. Applications for
this certificate must be made to the
board of examiners and such replica
tion shall be accompanied by a fee
of $2. These certificates, under the
terms of the law, must he posted in
a conspicuous place, so that each
customer entering the shop can ob
serve them if they so desire.
Besides conducting quarterly ex
aminations it is the further duty of
the board to inspect all shops close
ly and see that the sanitary condi
tions prevail. Where it is found that
a contagious disease has originated
in a shop tin· board will notify the
city health officer, who shall, after
an investigation, order tin· said shop
quarantined. Violation of this law
is punishable b> a fine of not h--s
than $ 1 <· nor more than $Κ·ιι
The governor thus far has made
no appointments on the board. Im'
it is presumed that lie will selci t the
Members of tin· board at m · t'ly
If it In referred to as a "financial
transaction. there is probablx les*
real miHii') Involved than if It were
merely called a deal
Case of Malicious Mi*< bief.
Some wretched mist -retint went on
the premises of Mr. \\\ \V. Montgom
1 erv last nigh * at an hour when hon
est people were ;■ -1 ■ ι, .ι nil cut his
i buggy top and c!j>hion ο pieces and
I took off the tin.; Iron: the wheels
and hid or threw them away, it is
said ι lie officers have a good clew to
work on and have hope ot bringing
the perpretrator of the outrage to
justice. This is the second act of this
kind committed against Mr. and
Mrs. Montgomery. They are quiet
inoffensive old people and it is hare
to understand how anybodj can har
bor such malice against such people
as these.—Ennis News.
It. Y. 1". I'. Program.
Following is the program for
Sunday, July 21st:
Topic: Present day application of
the last six commandments. Ex.idus,
Leader for the meeting, Brother
Daily Home Readings:
Monday—Disloyalty. Gen. :!7:2it
3 5.
Tuesday—Loyalty. Gen. 4 7:2 7-:î 1.
Wednesday Law regarding tlieft.
Exodus, 22:1-4.
Thursday—Sin in wrong desire.
Matt., 5:27-32.
Friday—Legal standing not
enough. Matt., 19:10-22.
Saturda\ Cow hMisness. Matt ,
Funday The les i:· 20:12
1. Opening exercises.
- Scripture reading by I· ider. ICx.
What God commands about
family life Mr. King
I. The bible teachin · as to mur
der Mr. Denntngton
Γ,. Special music.
ii. God's respei ι for property
rigliti Mrs. Roberts
7. Tolling the truth at all times,
and about all thinr. Ml- Elvlse
s The sin of cowtou :».·■·, Ml*
Κ I. Walker
;i Cloning ' verrliH.
Kverj tni-iiili-r of the union will
lie expected to know and Ih> abt · to
S,.i η . in \«tclp!o in«
τιιι: passim; or τ hi·: r\ss.
1 lirai Sorrow Is Now Found When·
Oim (Jayety Itoiffnod.
i The passing year no more doth
! charm the lucky man. Bits of finely
lithographed pasteboard are now as
j ashes of hope in the hands of the
ι holders. Whirling scenes viewed
! from car windows now resemble the
! roll of the almighty dollar and the
! delights of contemplation have been
robbed of the incense, says the Fori
I Worth Star.
The down has been brushed fron
the butterfly wing. The aroma of im
portance has been whiffed to olhe
parts and the ecstacy of exaggeratcc
ego has been flattened like unto n
cockroach under a No. 10 boot.
When the watchman of the night
gave forth his cry at the moment
of the birth of this day, he did not
[append the sweet sounding "All's
I well." For truly there are heard
abroad in this land today lamenta
tions ns loud as were uttered when
Job was upon the earth in commun
ion with the angels.
"Father, what makes that man
look so sorrowful !" asked the little
boy pointing to a gentleman of such
erstwhile portly appearance that he
wore the appellation "Prominent
Citizen" with as much grace as a
debutante wears a well-made rat to
puff-puff the front and back sections
of iter hair.
"The passing year," responded
the father.
Power no longer carries with it
prestige, except in restricted areas.
Importance is no longer pampered
by pasteboard practices. The man
» ith tiie good pass who is -till
aboard is now the pride of all ihe
former prouds. Λ school boj with j
tMo onl> bit of red-streaked stick
< andj on a playground was never J
more envied than is ihe individual
w ho was overlooked b> the law mit* I
Truly today the pass i- a
He!It* of nobler daj s and nolil· ι r ' - '
! )· -ponied, jet pel foi l with h ·
circle spreads
\ holiness appealing to all heart»
To m u model, and '<> him who ι
ι rend» · · ·
Hul what'· the une Meniorh of
other day» that bind us to tlx p -
.<!·■ Inn ιιιίπικ*·* upon the d- -or'
Chamberlain s Cough Rented*
. · r i. «* ·»β »
Not Necessary (ο (jo Oui of Texas
to koiance Kailroail Projects,
Il is conservatively estimated
that there are more than $.",00,000,
000 in < ash on deposit in the nation
slate and private banks of Texas.
Most of this money is seeking in
vestment. ii is proposed that a por-]
tion of it shall tie used for the con
st ruction of new railroads \n this
state. The plan is being tried in two
sections of Texas. In the Panbadle
region a railroad called the Pan
handle Short Line is being built
from Hereford (o San Angelo, 450
The promoters of this enterprise,
instead of attempting to finance the
road in New York or other money
centres, went among the people of
the section through which the road
is to pass. It is announced that, they
have already sold bonds to local citi
zens sufficient to pay for building a
good part of the line. Confidence is
expressed that the remainder of the
bond necessary to build all of the
road will be sold to Texas people.
In the northeastern part, of Texas
a similar project is on foot. A corpor
ation which is called the People's
Railroad company has been organiz
ed for the purpose of building a
railroad from Tyler, Texas to Can
ton. a distance of thirty-five miles.
Tin people of Smith and Van Zandt
counties, through which the road
will pass, have raised $1.in,000 in
cash by means of personal subscrip
tion for use in building the road. In
ι hi: instance no bonds will be issued.
Each suliM-ribei to the building fund
is given capital stock in the com
pany, according to the amount of his
in addition to these two projects,
the State "1 Ί ■ \a - it -elf is building
a railroad thirty five miles long to
conned the state penitentiary at
litisU with the International and
(Jicat Northern railroad at Pales
■ η. ..i d «nil 'l·. Γ· \.ι· and New ()r
rallioad .,· point mile.·
>f It us Κ The I gislature appro
id §1 BO,non to build ibis ex
η? and
10· and
or five
d with
e coin
- \
\\ ,\
ini< .-.-.I
Derr's Chapel, July 15. O. T. j
Farmer and family of Frost, spent
Saturday and Sunduy with Mr.-.
Farmer's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.I·:.
J. E. Williams and family visited j
at W. W. Bradley's at Plum Grove
Mr. Hummel of Midway spent.\l
I from Friday till Sunday with his
I daughter, Mrs. lïdith Bascom. ;
Miss Anna Griffin of Venus is !
visiting her sister, Mrs. W. E. Trot-I
Mrs. Porter unci family spent Sun
day with Mrs. Porter's daughter,
near Italy. I
We have a fine Su η day school, j
Would like if more of the old people
would come.
Rev. Harris will preach Sunday.
Everybody come and hear him. if it
don't do you any Rood it won't do
you any harm.
Joe Pannill, who went to New
Mexico last week. returned honte
Some l'rom here attended the
tinging at South Italy Sundav.
Long Branch, Texas. Jub l "
Phe singing was wi ll attended. Bue
la Vista came over and helped 'is
Mr J .1. Grimes and wife and son,
'larence and wife and lit lie (laugh
er, of Stevens county, are vi iting
riends and .elatlves at this place
Miss \nnie Ma> Coopei o| Si.ii
ord. Texas, is visiting Miss Km:. .1
,'ooper this week.
Weddings are the topi» ie ·! · I
>11 Sunday Mr Mack l.iini-., I
nd Miss Jennie Taylor were married J
t the bride's bom· Sunda
li Hen Fleming and Mii
avendei were liappil uni 1
tether in their past 01 bon I
>v ilia. Rev Black u · 11 it
\'e join i" wislitnu iheni long and I
iroxperous lives I
IlvHfne·»·. < 'aiinoi B< < ι
y local appllcatio
each t he d l ·' .1 (I
ar. There Is onl>
, r,> ·. ... I
l»\tfami thai ! l»v m it I
J reined lee. Dinftmi in rauwnl · |
,11 Inflamed condition
mis Il ni tu; «·Γ » ! «· i' ι
Vhon thl· tu^.
law a rumhllt! mi.
tearing, and wl.«··
UmmmI, tirai!»· - the ■ ,
intern th«· inflainn .t
•n ont and thl tu «» r«
lortnal condition. h«
ImruyN to en case· out αϊ
t»n art* » a un «m I In *at ·
lothtnt; hut an ιηΓ.ν · I '
»f the minuits ·ιrf « ·
W.· will glv»* One II !
or ftiv 1 \m. «»f ifη
«tarrh ι that « am
lull'* Catarrh Cr
tilnra frtM«
bv «.
Tak- Hair
On ami after July 12th. 1907, our
rates for Teh/phone Horviee will be
as follows:
Husine.v-, private line» P'«.U) a year
UeMidenee, private line '.M.UO a year
I lusinens, party line . 30.(10 a year
Residence, party line IM.00 a year
Kxt.ension phone», bus. $1.00 month
Extension " res. Ideak) 1.00 month
Extension " ree. i wall) 50c month
For information and contracte,
call the manager.
E.1H» Co. Ind.
Τ elephone Co.
F. S. EATON, M«r.
:xp:iin_; \ugust 15, de
verec to your coal bins,
'et ίι η ni Jooo lbs :
S'lai· Me A lester. . ,.$4.00
Nut McAlesttr 5.50
Egg Mr^Im(m (>.25
Henrietta Lump (>.2f>
McAli' ter Lump.. 6.30
Mi \li-t.r Best Lump . 7. ( Μ ι
Colorado Hist Lump . ... 7.00
Ark Semi-Anthracite . . . 7.50
^ r': Vrithrai'ite 9.00
I ' : I'' tin Anthracite 11 ι MI
' · . . ι ι - Will ,iVe J'I U i .·">() to
• •r yi'U l»u> ro.w Will
■ · iti . ur "nier
). H. Thompson
l uk·· Un· delight 'ul iK*t*ari trip fr* ??ι
Knjo?in* |tor ι * · u I f «v
I. f Ι -ι r A t « «t *'v t «mb l*r»« « λ \
llhmltaM*» of tin» r.» a utl
*ky. n ιΐί «» «ifid
Mtmutftitd, tnit '■· 1 »«i
alU| |.·. 'bti (OU'
If trip. · ntuiK·.) t»* tb« . iiur!*#
sm] ■ orafor*- »f i· »«J<· u *» m»
ilil|w Kt^ry'hioi Influd-J in
π» !jr»Jc»n r;%t*
I Pllislit rttlCMl ttilCîUJ Tri:
ont » M ΜίΠ Tl t > ii A >
rut *^ua»4 *ati tu^
For further par'ua.ar» m» k
k"'!' -M. Λ 4*" « Π ' »'
J. I. KRISO* feuer* «{eut
* ' ι fi»? j;* .f * « ■» . «· 1
♦n*< i*«f n* 4- j·**.· MaHiWi !I ··
Cures Biliousness. Sick π ^ · in c ' Λε system
Headache, Sour Stom- I \'.y and clean
ach, Torpid Liver and ^ WÊ iV complexions of
Chronic Constipation. I «v^ivd Ρ mît Çi-mr and blotches.
Pleasant fo taHe LdAflllTC ΓίΒΙΙ JHlIp It ι· guaranteed
!b>M tf II VI II IKJs

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