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The Waxahachie daily light. [volume] (Waxahachie, Tex.) 1894-current, July 16, 1907, Image 5

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W Κ ATHKH Τ ' ' .hi ,1 Ά *-«3 tir «.
Ί·ΐ partlj rîo»4j »ιλ·?.γ; ■ «4 profc
Λ ' · Γ ' ' * « » Μ Λ* VI . ϊ. ? *
FOR SAI.E Th i* <fe > . ni' h
ιχι*> H Ν \vrtjη. »j !
US V MOWERS «■h »r ;-«■ r,«vî and a<i
at Arthur Mackny'a «ho; :{
UMBRELLAS Rt-roififJ and ;·
paired at Arthur Mar*· ? » «hop tf
KOR fire and tcrnado !n»ur*nr* κ-*
Uurlea.n é \'Miiejr orcr Matthews'
Bro·. tf
WAXAHACHIE Hot Mineral water |
delivered daily R S McCourt. Old
phone 4SI !> 4
WANTED To buy Tour old cloth<-«. j
«bi>es and hate. Rod Front Tailor |
fhop, 11β College street 93 j
FOR SAI.E —Or,·· pair aqulrrei* and'
■ugc cage, aim» one Edi*on Rouiivi
Mimeograph Fr;mk Oldham » s I
FOR SALE-—My residence, 129 Vlc
kery street, also lot on opposite side
of street, and two lots on I.nke Park !
a\enue See .Tohn Ralston. tf !
WHEN J ul want White Wolf Stockj
Food, chops, Med.in Milling Co.'» ·
flour and bran, see Oace Gahagan, j
at John Singleton's Produce Store. 1
- J!
l.OST Λ pair of gold-rimmed ·
glasses between Franklin strict and!
Methodist church. In case consider-j
ably worn Please return to Light j
office, Κ 7
" j
\\ ANTED /ou to know that we ren- j
ovate old mattresses and guarantee ,
them to be as εοοά as new. All work !
called for and delivered. Old Phone |
No. 22. WaxΛhachie Mattress Co. tf :
TAILORING—We have the best I
equipped shop in town for doing I
your work. Give us a trial is all we I
ask. I.adles work gets our special
attention. Calvin Brothers. Roth
phones. tf j
FOR SAI.E—Two corner lots, east
front, No. 9 and 10. Block 9, on I
University street in University addi
tion. Will sell cheap for cash if sold
at once. Address R. L. Matthews.
Waco, Texas. 92
FOR RENT—One 5-room house on
West Main street. Close in. Bath I
room and closet with sewer coitnec- !
rions. Electric lights. City water.
Barn, lot and stables, etc. See Ed I
Oldham. tf !
SEND ua your repairing and preen
ing. All our work is done by the most
skilled workmen and guaranteed to
be satisfactory. Porter will call for
all packages. Both phones. Hoeford
ft Brown. tf J
charge of our shop and supervises all
work done. Thus you are assured of
first class work when left with us.
All work called for and delivered
promptly. Phone us. Matthews Bros.
FOR SALE—My house and lot and
green house in West End at a bar
sain. Will sell tue house and lnt
without, the green house, or the |
green house by itself. I prefer to sell
the whole thing together. If I can't
sell them will lease to any good and
reliable party for a short term of
vears with 'he privilege of buying
at any time during the lease. Go out
and see it and make me an offer A.
Gardiner. tf
Chamberlain s Cough Remefy
Cures Colds. Croup eocJ Whooping Uouetu
♦ '*·> c·· *.
It «ft* • » Ml : r of Ht I '*
fi· i th* **'!*. ι ' tfeftt * *
t*nf * Γ. ' r *?>«· t «·
• t if fc *îh ' .** t» « î: «·*
fHhrlW-* «M» !«»%* to « f. *
? ' * A » Mr I · ft ? . <*· · »r*t » * ι «
f« tt · '. %» «fr-r i» 'î-r ('M - f Ν *
The fir»f «V'*' « ' · *r l'a
·* rljfl « 1 ». ·. . » » , î ' :
that «la> ç <- fc«,î ?
«% » %ht -* « . '. ^,
("< " ' »fi · Λ î- ·.
t'· » **| tv.^l - ► · " ». ' Τ < κ ■ '
h«œl»U· < ■< un W'if" ! · « l '
or ί*»ΐΙ *.f f**tr»cl · ;*fi. ** . .
ri f» rr ril ! · ·* "* < » Λ · . „ ι
Jt* ili» tilif , " Ji i It4» wi >.»f * ν
h:*; !. î· r Γ; ' r -·.*,«! f <r · «
cî«* ;· · ;r.!«· of ?!, *î>« .*f - <« f i ο
»~d r-.i. '«-M fil - η f· ν .1. -1
v< rîi n»< s nd ?»»- */>î r
bronzed Thi«* ! ■♦· Tî i « *t <·.·«· tî«f tr- »t
• Othi'iiT nnd the olrlrmt lr *t ·: f
« "hr.it mu in*ml work that h«·* ·:
tr*»tkdfd to ι.ν write-* \\ J FetinHl ..
t he Belfast «îaactt* . u«i ίh tr »· ι. ι i ·.· !
!n the ' Anuab Under th*» date .f .V '
Th· Puffed Out
"The puffed out chest a doll.*.· ι
which ha* succuml»ed to *·< ientthc !
know l^lgi' of the l.; in-an t»ody." said ι
drill officer "It came into exialeuce '
purely for show reasons or from fπ
ηnalofty It wai <u»en that men de«j>
in the chest were strong men. and t. »» .
old drill sergeant* probably I ru a pri ι ; * I j
that hy making men throw out th« r i
chests they would make them stroi
as well aw make them look atn»i.-: j
which Is a complete mistake. In*:» ·!
of strengthening a man. puffing b - !
cheat tends to weaken him, n« t j
throws η strain upon the heart W»
now tr»11 men to he sure and not p "T
out their chests. If you puff out y<-i r
chest and do dumhhell exercise ; •■u
are to hold the breath That stro{,,t
the heart Any exercise that preset «
breathing freely Is had. Knotted um
des are also wrong. Von see a m.-tn |
with immense ( best muscles and pe.· i
haps you think he is really nn ideally
trained man. but such muscles simply ;
bind the chest and tie the heart down." j
Reader Magazine.
A Catch Question.
Of Bishop Short. wh« held the sec of ι
St. Asaph, many curious stories an* '
told. Occasionally ht» put questions to |
candidates for ordination that appnr ,
netly had no connection with the dis
charge i»f their parochial duties. Tl. . .
tested probably their wit or tact, t. «> I
necessary qualifications to public me:i. \
but nothing more. One such question j
proposed by the bishop was the fol j
lowing: "Which has the greatest nu η .
ber of legs, » cat or no cat?" 1
As might be expected, this created η I
titter, but the bishop would not take a
laugh as the answer, and consequent l\
he repeated the question and desired
some one to solve the problem. At last
one of the candidates, smiling, said. "1
should think, my lord, a cat."
"No," retorted the bishop; "there you
are wrong, for a cat has four legs, and
no cat has five."-—London Telegraph.
A Thing of Many Names.
The Thames has been the cause of
much controversy. Its name lias been
variously stated as Tameses, Tamest»
Tamises (at the juncture of the Isis
and Tame, near 1 Dorchester), Tamis:».
Tauiesa, Tkamisia, Thamesls and final
ly isis (where it flows between the <>\
fordsbire and the Buckinghamshire j
shores). Tlaus at oxford It Is still oi :
ten called 1l»e Isis until it receives tkc
shallow river Tame just below Doch« t
ter, from which point it is cal let! j
Thames. Historians trace this error '
to au early attempted division of the
Latin word Tameais into two wor<h«. !
Tame esis or Tame Isis, suggested j>er
haps by the existence of the Tame :»
Buckinghamshire. The Saxons cul)*«l j
It the Thames, η a* lent maps and do ι
ments designating ;t Thamesls Kluvn»^ j
From "In Thames land."
Harvard Then a College of Childr«r j
In l*x. when elected president ·■ j
Harvard, the Itev Increase Math*·: ».
(used t<» ι·» μα th»· pastorate .»f ι ·ι
North ■ liurch in Boston for the sake : |
fort \ · »r fifty eh i Id re η " Therefore !i j
need t«· r <]♦· < k and forth from I*
ton t. » anabridice. charging to the ·■·►>
lege Hi»· · «*#t of nhofing and baiting »
borne a fui ineiid : iik>* !i.> saddl»* M 1
·'( tht'M* student·* w ·μ · but twelve ■·'
thirteen \» art >·!«! IndivUlua I ι
rig In «»»*.- · by t'lerrn· ·■ r
Naming th# Qab>
I ί,♦ ν ν%· it ι I « » ·*·ι-, a nan»·» foi »
rMCRrtv < i:ktikk \tks.
Voi (iotid oh liulj—Many Holilcrs
\iv <*ut Oflf rile LiM.s.
I'ndet constructions placed lpou
the aew anti-pass law railroads
Save cancelled clergy certificates
hold by many who are now engaged
η act.lv*· ministerial a.o<l pastoral
work President* and those traveling
in the interest of orphans' homes
time been asked to teen in passes
mid it is estimated thai one orphan
ige alone will have to spend $100
ι year for traveling expenses of
Ikmp engaged in charitable work
\s a -eparane proposition the Kat\
is one Texas toid 'bat has «a welled
nil ejergy certificates, not > \etuptiur
m live pastors 01 anyone els» This
action on the part <«f the Katy has
Riven lise ι*· thai if.ids authority t<
taki such .μ ι ion It i- pointed ou»
that the minisiei v bright < ·■ rf 1 fi
rate·, signing ■< < on ι act for then,
ιnd bai In view ..f tb,· f. ι that th»
legislat in e has noi deil.ned thein
\oi<J ' In· .iljiriad li,ι i. ι · . Μ i<
inrel the at ran κ<ιι wilt i. ■ I · fu·»
to -B-ll half nit·- Ό thiiM ti whoii
It In per in Innlhle under tfce ne* law
ilui there i- hnritlv u prnbal. : I i ». that
I he matter will In- π·■!·■»led il anv
* a ν, h) · au - li · pt rath > «! not
* ,i l;l <. pu* hci . |\ ■ - I . . h »
nf 'tiganliig la an) parr I > t"f fr·-»
The .Santa iV Ιι.ι·> | ir .·»
iWUtng that lUH ti .h.U trot tier» of
ι hat Iti ι lira.MMM· Ud V Μ β
V «urk. r* ma* t|»«* Ihrlf · ι « :
nmiul1"' ι · » ·
niam « ι m. t. t , vi ·■ m
«•M Ht» H·' Mi 14
Kj'Iif'1!!» H 'iwfcr, ' an aKui*
H«|l « piMtt <Λ'ΜΝ· % À*
t f. % * · -
Sheruian .Judge Orders Goods I)c
stroyed—A|>peal Is Taken.
Sherman, Texas, July 16 The
case of (he state of Texas vs. C. S.
is îhe first search and seizure
cas*; in this county to get beyond
the mere taking possession of alleg
ed contraband goods by the officers.
By citation Air. Moots, from whose
place of business in Denison goods
cif about the value of $."»4 were tak
en on May IH, made his appearance
before Justice Campbell at 10: i0 a
rn . and after trial the court ordered
tin goods destroyed, as the law di
reels, but the defendant appealed j
to the county court, whi» h will pass
on the < onstitutionality of the law
lluricri City IHm ι·\» ml.
Hertford, Texas. Jul> It; Prof.
Τ 1. Kverly, an archaeologist and
Instructor in th*· Canadian College
here, has dis«owi*d » buiietl city in
OchJlt r* ♦ « (Mint>, · miles north ,
west Of heι ni t h* · \ : ' · m»· n»> ' ht i n ι
part of th* Pa η hand · fhe appear
.. II» » y f I . ! her f · III·!- .lit* Ht
» ο Mr Bv«tI> · ' ' · lit
Mis · «itmina'ioi. ·. ι ·. · · waled
buried ' iildiiL- it which are hu
man «nut*. . uviri) |a»,r« ami atOQe
n»tii> Tlo luotmd^ are» rertangulat ,
nd th* it number how ti it It was
< rue a * 11 \ of l'UtTil »h« tft*l tu··*»
II.* ί ·
dlcate· that th* he \t >
feci· or Toite* * Mr Eve fly will |
tuakr flirter *'%ca%atloBP
Ι(«·μ r% Ι·οΐ« I \itm . «
η Ud*«oR |.< W'aitei
I) · (UiUi Ο ♦ (! ·*!?. f
Π i!a« Ο |)i?' Κ .«I ii
Ciir*t/At|i \ Kantf |
1 * * iImi II tl^ i it ' ι ! κ I lalla·
Μό !» |Wi \\ M
Γ t Worth W» Γ H 1-a a
M .«nul Mt* ï. \ V K' · υ
\\..rth % II iv»rt U rfc,
Ν Κ fitrakv \t*m Or* fta J t
* i«Mh vv af «> I» ,
K*> »·■<·* '*<1 a J(
W W .%*-·* Casfl *
|*i»t 'itf, Ν#*** QpftMM* If mitt1*1.
·*·*·- · λ * |l j* Her 4 1* \ ' f j
- ' . Κ* Ά. *-b i VI st
MMMMM *"<>· I car β»»' em#
' *rijr aw* ·*»ί** >» ·'"«· iv*f
ptiHtt*· m# to * f *a4
D Η '
For Our Big Summer Sale
Three meals each day
You must partake
You need some bread
You Want some cake
"Town Talk"
is far a h e .1 d
for making cake
or baking bread
We have plenty of both Ceiling
and DesK Fans in stocK for im
mediate delivery. All we need
is your order.
Waxahachie Electric £ Gas
\«M Ml «.1141 Kill» I»
|t,« ι . tu \|l{. Ml N««k · II
• «* » H i t 4|h· « '% I* u»ur ·
tiirrmati Γ*ια« Jul
& Ilk*- lnfR» % eeNif·*' fifft# i**#*? j
Ίηκ f llr MU».: tl# <ir
wi I * fttr *>i4 Jrtirt^r 4β4 ?*·
»j-i| Ν rw hf t •Mftrw» *·*·* Mjt? <m
h» *|κ> Ittî* hfnlfc#" »»
« f .'»» %.*»·· * ι ι ν * *t«*t
f"·* mfi4 H'«m* Ktli' «a*
' t\ ι.-f&g tint îirf -imtt' <i νtMl
ι m .ίηβ'ι^ h*f· ·«* m *ιΊ
*1 fc:·-- ΤΫΙ*· " t «. 'β?5 * *ϊ
s Λ·«*ί Ίμ» iwwj * 4«·» ΐ*··"«| ' Η»* tfer
is here in J you art*
fcinntn»: to think of
how v< u are gain* to
entertain venir \fstti-rs.
V drive η t fir >>t
«♦well turnouts
a*i1' ft* r i th^rn ?Γ'ί Η
\ 'Γ'.». v II ^ " '••s
a a 0
John Davenport
Telephone No. 2
Special Sale
Ladies* Oxfords

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