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the Waxahachie daily light.
VOLCXK XT. WAXAH M HIK. TKUfl. ΜΙΙΜΙΛΪ. U 1,1 ht le. Il*»: M 1 W
AlfcfTt (mmm lr>r\ Nn Ulf Wtolf Tr\
M| I· S*tf Svrrlfcrirt
Au»ltn. TVxa», Auk 1» AIUt!
S Cousin·. «*«·<! a prominent
younK ra*n here. flr*t lieutenant In
the T»·!*·· National Guard. and quar
trrmailiT of th«· Klrnt Texas In fan
try. met hi* death Saturday by
drowning In rather a nenfcatlonal
way at the raotith of Hull cre^k, 7
tnllen northwest of Austin
Couain*. ticrotiipanied b> a party
of young people, ι haperoued by Μ ΓΗ.
J II Oat tua η of Oatmanvllle, thin
county, were In the creek where the
current is swift MI*b Evelyn Oat
man. daughter of Mrs Oatuiau. and
youne Cousius were out further than
the rest of the part> Suddenly Miss
Oatmau disappeared under the water
Cousins rushed after her and suc
ceeded in saving her life and placing
her on the ground, when he sudden
ly slipped, his head striking a rock
■which stunned him. and he went un
der, and before assistance reached
him he w-as carried swiftly away
with the current and drowned be
fore he could he saved.
Miss Oatmau mounted a horse
and rode hurriedly to the city and
broke the news to the young man's
Miss Oat man is also prostrated
with grief, as she was engaged to be
married to Cousins in October. She
is a young lady who came near los
ing her life in a runaway at Camp
Mabry during the state encampment
by her horse running away, her life
being saved by Lieut. Charles Haines
-who, himself was seriously injured.
Young Cousins was also business
•manager of Ben C. Jones & Co., of
Austin, and a son of R. H. Cousins,
publisher of the Texas Court Repor
( un«Su» 1κκ|> w a* brought Ιο Am
tin and takrti to (be him»· of hl« p.i
r«nli «η Κ to t » Γ an d«* *tre«*t
llrnt I>r(»··* Man Inum
< '<>rnit>K \rk. Auf IS» CraJ·*
b> h»-at. John Srbnack. ««ml Su
Mllr*) hlnin<lf In jail h«»r·" by butiln
<ut hi* brain» .igalnst th«· bar* ο
111» ι·1| H>· »;t* arr<'*l«'«l Thurvda
rviTilnis at η Ιιιπι!μ·γ r.iinp on Ilia· I
r I * ·- : about three mil··» from here
Ιχΐηκ taken Into custody for saf>
keeping !«'< .l'in· of .ι llt'Ki'd rs « r a η κ ·
V» Viirk ( Itj· Hi u Pinch.
New York, Auk 13 Admlssiot
made Saturday th«t the r11j οι
Npw York Is hard preesed to pay Its
bills. due to the present tight mono;
market. It 1h stated here th;tt about
one million dollars Is on hand to pa>
nearly four millions of ;>r»·->Ir»n oh
Slunk In Porto Klco.
San Juan, Porto Rico, Auk. 19
A perceptible earthquake shock was
noticed here at 7 o'clock Friday
night and at 1 o'clock this morning
a heavy shock was felt. Many people
were awakened, but no damage Is
reported In Porto Rico.
For Colonists From Russia.
Cltv of Mexico, Aug. 19 Negotia
tions are pending here for the pur
chase of 150,000 acres of land to be
colonized by Russians. Twenty
thousand Russians will leave West
ern Russia shortly for Northern Mex
Death of ltohert Pinkerton.
New York, Aug. 19.—Robert Pin
kerton, head of the detective agency,
died on board the steamship Bremen
Aug. 1 2 at sea. He was en route to
Germany for his health.
Buy your pumps from F. S. Cronk
Co. All kinds. Prices "way" down, tl
forerr Viittakir n* fortH U Lc«|
fro· i SfiM< Story WtMow
J l'a H a». Texa*. Aug IS At 12Ϊ
Dilotk thi« morning th·· old Floyd
StMetbodlut thutvh prop^rt*
l»trr known «■· rhe Diamond Kl*t*
wa- totally di>tro> i*d In fire Thf
Ions on building and content* 1* e*·
tlmat.il at about $40.000 There wan
no insurunce
ι The plate w.io occupied a* a room
lng houne with rooms reserved at
i the corner of Klo>d nnd (îa*ton ave
nues for the work of the College of
l Physician*
Seven families lived In the place
I There were fifteen grown persons
and ten children All were saved,
though from the Immense headwaj
of tin fire before it was discovered
; It was feared for a time that some
had been lost
Mrs John liurroughs, aged about
ι 4 Γ. vearx. Jumped fry m a window of
the second storv She had her Infant
j boy in her arms
The child was unhurt, but the
: mother suffered a bad wrench of the
j right lower limb, with possible dis
location. and it is feared that some
, internal injuries were received.
Dr. Charles A Schwab, iu attempt- !
: Ιηκ lo rouse some of the inmates of !
the second floor, was himself coin· !
; pelled to leap from a front window |
'to the street below
His back was sprained and it was !
feared that his left arm was broken,
j Where the fire started is not I
! known. When aroused by the roar of j
the flames Dr. \Y. L·. V. Dreeseen. !
, manager of the place, found that j
, the entire roof and half story man
; sard were aflame. He barely had
j time to rouse the people. The house
ι was doomed before the fire alarm
, was turned in.
I In the house were the following.
I On the second floor. Dr. W. L*. V.
ι Dreemeen with four furnished voome
1 John William» and wife and faml
ι ly of five children.
j John Burroughs and wife and fain
I Iiy or two cntiaren. witn ι wo visitor
J from the northern part of the coun
. ty, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Arndwind.
I T. D. Davis and wife.
I On ihe first floor:
I Dr. Charles A. Schwab and wife,
! and daughter, formerly of VVaxaha
| chie.
J. Smith and wife and one child,
! and the housekeeper. Mrs. J. A.
I Shotwell, and her child
Parks Bray, his wife and three
I children.
The properly owned by these per
sons is estimated to have had a val
ue of about $10,001).
The building, leased by ^Jr. F. .1
Hell for the College of Physicians
and Surgeons, was owned by \\ I.
Diamond It «as said to have a vai
lle of about $20.000 The college
propert> and other holdings were
worth about $7.'.00 more
Next to the flats the cottage of M
Κ James and family, a five-room
frame, was destroyed It was valued
:it about $ : .odd with furnishings of
$l.20o \|| w.i- lost 11 ».i> owned
b> M S Card
' The fire wa» a hot one. a* the
dr> wooden structure burned fierce
It required hard fighting by all
of the firemen brought out b) a sec
end alurm to »u\e the property
I ΙίΙ->< ι » Villi' 11· >\
Mil" k· II Will» lïlllutlll I'l.iuu* I
I ,i«. » L\l·»— l otir I* ulh» Vil
li uni iil
San PriMlMB, l'ai Vug IV
San Kranclwo I» *irl< ken with bu·
boni· pUgu·' ΚΙν» I." -»ro kno»u
to e*i»t and f>ur death* l»*e rngli
ed With OB· e*re|»tIon the tlrtlm·
r.-l<i*d In the
ι h ι h a town ν
* ·.<»! Ι>·ΜΜ) ΚΟΜΛΜ1
\ η \ίι«ηι1<»ηη1 Mti»r >rar Μι
( IWln* \t,.rk.,| W ith Pftrfll
;»>>«Λΐιηκ a h'.Rh percentage l»r tot
'of on ι» 1>τΐηκ mined within twen
I) five mile* of MrAlewter ThU furl
ha* developed within (h·· past few
dav* d<-pllp (h<· effort* of Intereit
ed partie* to kwp their find a we
Ο .1 liicking. a buildlug contrac
tor. and Ρ Κ Sutton, capitalist, both
I of this rlt}·, are the men who are
) barking the enterprise At « depth
I of forty-one feet they struck good
i color, and the mine has shown con·
stantlv better results ah they have
! gone deeper. They are now at, α
j depth of more than sixty feet work
I Ιηκ with a windlass, and are In a
' gold-bearing porphyrltlc quartz
That the mine is a valuable one
j is indicated by the fact that the own·
'eis have bought and leased «11 the
! land 'ht \ could get in the inimedi
ate vicinity of their shaft They now
control several hundred acres Mr.
Bicking has given up his business
and is devoting his entire attention
to the workings at the mine Many j
different assays have been made. J
none showing less than a profitable |
run of gold
The story of the discovery of the
mine reads like a romance. Forty
years ago, shortly after the civil war
when the statutes and customs of
the Choctaws were the only law of
the land and white men were few, a |
prospector drifted into the country
from Arkansas. A limestone ridge
extends across the Choctaw nation
from northeast to southwest, and
the conformation south from this
ridge looked promising to the travel
er. He pitched his camp and pro
ceeded to sink a prospect hole. Un
I known to him, the Indians were
> watching. Soon he st ruck pay dirt
I und his hopes rose high. That night
'he wau attacked, beaten into Insen
\ sibtllty ,»nii when he recovered eon
I sciouanesB was ordered to leave th<
\ nation immediately on penalty ο
_ j aeain. ά. rew year» cig,u rie virro vnie
, 1 storv to a miner named Jacob Os
, j wuld. with whom he was working
j in Colorado, and furnished him with
I a rouKh map with which to locate
I the prospect. Oflwaid came here I
j lust June, and, keeping 111» own /
[counsel, went tcj the spot indicated
j on his map. Here he found an aban- I
! doned shaft, partly filled with wa-I
i ter. [he mouth overgrown with j 1
I weeds ami undergrowth. Coming I 1
I hack to town he enlisted Sutton, un-j'
■' der pledge of secrecy, and after a ι ■'
.short dela> and Investigation Sutton J '
bought inn acres where the shaft j 1
w is located BIcking was taken in , v
<1 superintend 'he work, and it lias I''
moved steadily forward since ι '>
Men η while the> have been quietly | n
gathering all the land in the vicinitj ''
• I
the\ could procure.
The prospect is located near the 1
bank- «»f Elm Creek in Section 19.
Township north, Kange it; east. ! *
. bout two miles north· ast of the lit-j
tie town of Ti it i- a well-known
I f ;. r rit u'i f'iiii <»f · h·· !i»*a\ \ shale j
in the vicinity ol McAlest··; hears!
I m»ld hut it hits never been supposed j ^
l that it would l>e found in paying j
j quantities
Addresses Will Re Delivered by Cone
Johnson and AWin Owsley.
The busy season In Kill» county
will open September V, and the
opportuu\ty the people ot the county
[ I "wVU have to enjoy a. boVVdwy w\U b
ρ»*» oee«k»M»w uv me oiu tV
I union In WaxataaoYile, on SaturAa
I August 21. According to the desigi
j at those in charge of the affair it
to ht, « «xiiliT bucket picnic I
whicli everybody is t-nrataiiy inviter
The picnic will lake place tit Wen
End park where there is plenty ol
shade, and ice water will he provid
ed by the arrangement committee. It
s desired that as many as possible
if the pioneers of the county lie In
ttetidance. Those who have not vet
Dined the Kills Count* Pioneers'!
.association will be given an oppor
iηit>* to do so The oldest living
hire settler in the county is presi
ent of the association and lie will
ι» on hand to preside over ! lit' busi
es-- session to lie held during the
Minimi A number of addresses «ill
" delivered and the pioneer:- will be
Iven an opporlunitj to indulge in
'mlnlsienl remarks. The speakers
'lecletl for that da\ «re Hon Cone
nhnson of Tyler, and Mou Alvin (
w*le> of Denton It 1.- ixpwled that
ndge Ι Κ Dtllard of Kaufman,
ovi rnor Oeorge C IVndlelon of
empU. Ile* J S I lav I* ("apt I
In·. Hawkins and oiheis will Im·
η- .til aud "favor th.· a ml lente with
:iort add κ-sues.
\\ ι
Mu*lr I Vklw l>
U III » \· w
State Health Officer Hrumby Senti»
Ijetter to City and County
Health Officer».
Austin, Texas. Aug. 19. — Stat·
Health Officer Brumby le aendlng
the following letter to all coumty
aaA city ottlcerm-.
' \ -you.% κ «on of my ramu?
' mnleated rule» aM r*(al«,Mom an·
erning the sanitation of putoHc
building». railway coaches, etc .
wlililι becomes effective Sept. 1,
Ί907. I bop· you. occupying the
mit I ο η that you do «ad πμ|7«Ιο/ tÊMt
J importance of the work, irll#
erate with this department in the
I enforcement of these laws. I would
call y our attention most ce pecially
to that clause relating to the screen
ing of hospitals, hoarding houses,
etc. Dengue prevailing in epidemic
form in Southwest Texas and North
eastern Mexico would warrant our
urging owners and proprietors of
*uch buildings not to wait until
Sept 1 for such action on their part
i\'i· know that th« traveling publh In
t large measure is responsible for
he < onvey .ι ι we of infe< t too of t hi*
haracfer and an thes usually stop
u the hotels and larger hoarding
louses, the danger of infection is
Minimized when fh·* buildings are
» roper 1> screened itgainst mosquit
»♦·» I solicit jour hearty co-opera
ion This work can ouly t»e accom
Rig Shipment
Uvalde Comb Honey Just received
This Honev is white and pure. Put up in 50c and
1.00 glass jars and larger packages in tin cans.

It MaK.es it Good

When you make ice ere im don't forget to X
put a package of Jell-ϋ in it. It gives it *
a better taste and helps to keep the cream
For the R.est of the WeeK j
In tut. tin· best <>t everything th ■ m irket it
toKis. Quick service m 1 courteous tre.it
: n: Your .iMer^ li-livereJ rinhr rw\A
Both Phones
Opposite P. O.
Good BreaKfast Foods
\lw ivs in dtmand—th it'> the reason we irrv si
mi (Ids· m- f »r ι; Y. !
M tnn ; Dr. I*riw Creim * A'leit. Κ .lv »n.
' >niv the :vm · »,
•n »u^:! for "v.' λ 1
tvittle with hvjv» r
. .· "
snonsibtliiy ιηΛ
A Good
Is Known by
the rigs it
turns out. . .
Livery Co.
Matthews Bros.'
"Hurry-Out" Sale
to continu· all this week.
The same remarkablv
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Out Sale will be in effect on all lines which
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