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The Waxahachie daily light. [volume] (Waxahachie, Tex.) 1894-current, November 05, 1907, Image 3

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ONE NIGHT ONLY, Wednesday, ΠΙΟΥβίΤίΟβΓ Will
« ·!ί_ ι ί81*11 jf ■ j 1 ; ;·
Two Companies Consolidated Into One, Seventy-five People, Troops
of Cavalry Horses and New Scenery and E,ffcets
I SPECIAL NOTICE—On account of a trip around the world to last three years. The Clansman
Will positively not be seen again in this vicinity until 1911.
PRICE.S: 75 cents, $1.00, $1.50. Seats on sale Saturday, November 1,
at HOOD Ù CURLIN'S. Send Mail Orders, accompanied by Remittance, to Manager V. H. SHELTON, Waxahachie, Texas, and tickets will be promptly forwarded.
\\ 1·:.ΛΤΜΓ.Κ Tont^hl :ιη<1 \\'οtlη"?· j
day rain. Max. 71: Min. 4 5.
WANTED- Errand bo\. Apply at
Durham Dry Goods Store at once. s.4
LOST—Large black grip on Marvin
avenue. Finder will please return to
this office. S2pd
WAXAHACHIE Hot Mineral water
delivered daily. B. S. McCourt. Old
Phone 461. tf
FOR SALE—An excellent piano in
Rood condition. Mrs. Malone Wal
ler. See Dr. Rodman. 85
LOST—50 cent piece on or near
terrace of Baptist church. Sunday.
Return io Light office. dh
WANTED—Elevator boy at D. Eg
ger's at once. Apply in person. No
"t<5)pprf(rtn> rerrfA-wiJliiWeowi . .S3
LOST Plain solid gold bracelet, en
graved "Rainey to Mama. December
25. 1 906." Finder return to Rogers
hotel. 183p
LOST- Brooch, set with pearls, be
tween Baptist church and West
Main street. Please return to this
office. 83p
FOl'ND Five dollars on square.
Owner can have same by proving
property and paying for this ad. ('.
W. Davis. S3
LOST $10 bill in Belt & Parks
market ο between this office rnd
Central depot Sat 11 relax afternoon.
Howard to finder Wells-Fargo Fx
pros·* Co. tf
RBM ËM BS K ' · 1 ; ( ) u » ι : fhe
magazine man. akrs subscription
for all magazine* ami pei :.>dic ·;.!>■ in
singles and club». Office t Fearis'
Drug Store tf
LOST Double clasp pocket book
containng one $1" and one $", bill,
and four dollar > and some o-nts in
silver Finder return to il F Spa Id
inu: or Waxaharhie National Bank
and be rewarded S3p
THK party thai took h ? t ί b ι η κ tein
from niv buuuy »n South Washing
fnn strec at the « rossing of Jeffei
^n will 1 » η f ♦· r · favor b* leturn
ing name »o »h»· Light oft I· »» and
• axe ftirthei trouble Κ Κ M db
ι OS1 R»m1 · .«ih»-i jmh h· MKKtK » on
tatning not·*»» «boni $"· In ^ilvei
; j (li.ilit Jo «Opper» M H S rt Hint of
Lihii M it· ♦ d <·η Inside « » f junket
« Vtnd» ι pic.·»-»·
Wj. 1 .h.'H hi#
* : pd
d a wo or
to F M
KL \« h
or old -ι» »
\ \ Ν FA Κ M Hill SA » F
A j,,, A j . < ι t>i( I χ ided
Subjcct of an Illustrated Lecture b</ a
Well Known Traveler.
When Gilbert McClurg, the trav
eler and visited Waxahach
ie some months ago he staled that
he had in preparation an illustrated
lecture of Texas. This lecture has
been completed and is now being
given by Mr. McClurg in the north
west. He delivered the lecture be
fore the North Dakota state normal
a few nights ago, a report of which
was given in the Times-Record of
that place as follows:
At the state normal last evening
an illustrated lecture and travel
ougue on the Brave, Ne» World of
I Texas; the Lone Star hand of
Plenty and Fortune, was given be
fore a vVty iftl'RP' .1 iruWona- I...· η: I
bert McClurg, the well known news
paper man and lecturer. Many were
unable to gain admittance in the
crowded auditorium. Mr. McClurg
surprised and delighted the audience
with the remarkable number of ex
rjuisitel;. colored stercopticon views,
!Ii>tratins the lecture. And the lec
tu:r presented word pictures of no
It-.- powt r and lieaut\, crystallizing!
i»v:u:'lis <·Γ pioneer explorations ι
and v. ondrous bravely and courage
·> ίηι···ι1 In Texas under het six
'.ags Spanish, French, Mexican,,
Loin St.·: Republic C'onfedei ate
nd ilnnily the flag of the t'nion
While other lecturers have felt
(.iIImI upon to go to Japan or Riis
ia foi theii subject?·, Mi Mct'lurg
tels that American romance. ills
• 11 ; \ and economics are sufficients
intcii -llng and of · nough practical
intormatioD and \alue to secure .il
linium of audiences in the l uited
Si a te», and ha- therefore ι ho-en to
ρ ; ι i ir In for·· l.M eiinis. paiioraml·
-loiies of the κΙ αte» (It* affords 1
nioHi uiijovable and unfoi Beialii# lei
u'p t»\ w h h h oue max .ι», · »*abl>
·♦<>· ·· "Ι T~ ι η κ!< ·ν·Ήΐιΐιΐ. V iru·
h · m.il diiu Wmi.iI ptrlure» of ι h >·
ιΐ|·Ι·ιιιΙ<Ιιηκ <>t oui Rif.it lomillun
wtjllh», .nul Kivrs 111 t»0 lioui* ol
.1. h.thlfn ι ill·■ ι lalntiu lit ι wblth
! ··><·■* II· . ΙΊ f lilRr. ! f 11«· V .·.! lu
liwili' . il 11 · ι m < · ι .nul |ρο··ΙΙι ·χ
I . --III! Ihf l'Mlll "if lllolllh» o(
.ι\·*!, oI>m*ivallon rradlliK '"J
tl>. Hun iVnmiih h>· h«« 1II1.1 uvtnwl
nul ilf.mil a ru»al iu.i,| m li.irnh>K
' Th« llrnl » hll.· ni.iii u i. i.h
Fui - ; i>l Μι vii etui υ » .<· <
ιη 4.ι ι|· Vut «ι, 'hr SimuMmI. ·
iilNiii h* ι "hitir.
iMkr.l i« ib«> Mini
mutt tn K«fm « iimwi iinwiltiim *■%
il' I I ' it'll .» »f
($¥» n(cif« Hftvi' HfMiii hvi rlitliii on
* .
• M«h tlt* h(»Imrν t»f thai vlinw^in In
ttilllrn in k'tlvf* <»| ■ rtni«M»n
)fc« ►* ' m h i ilUllr .Iimui« .h|
«ι mi \»ι ι--:>μΐ M* ?%*; i-ii'i ■ I
to»** * In· mift.li·» r|v»f till ' h# Dull
.»» Mtfihit »Um U
M· II»*·· Ik# jCWifc (ΜΙΜΜΒΜβίΜΙ Λ* IM
r-iSNi ! *»»»« Mût' I In
J[ fc «*4 imhnnnMInnI
't •Wmmw
· >» A I
u nmu
an *a»m* - *f<m
Hm·»· «ι·*®1· ··* '"·'
ι i« ·»· ·»" 1
mortar is accredited to the using of
milk of goats instead of water In
the mixing."
Many beautiful views were shown
projected twenty feet square on
the screen by the stereoptlcon—of
Sait .lose Mission, l.a Purisslma Con
ception and of other time-honored
and artistic buildings at Goliad and
Sait Saba and San Antonio around
which centered much of the romance
and carnage of Texas' early times.
"No hand made straight the path
of the Texas pioneer from the Puit
ed States in the thirties," continued
the speaker. "The Anglo-American,
working out his salvation through
centuries of liberty, regulated by
'aw. with guards of political and
personal freedom, came face to face
with the Spanish colonist, inured to
tyrannical and capricious decrees,
giving undivided allegiance to army
and church and state and with rev
oluliyn a panacea for his woes.
"As the Λ m t'lV.'l rt Trrwuuvn. —
17Tt; was ushered In by an attempt
to capture armies, so in Texas the
edict of Santa Anna disarming all
Texans was the pivotal point upon
which turned the opening of the rev
olution against Mexico The world
is familiar with the battle of the
Alamo, when 1S2 Americans wen
besieged by «.000 Mexicans: with
the terrible massacre at Goliad and '
of the vengeance administered upon
Mexicans by Sam Houston at San
•lacinto. w hen ;ix hundred Texans
slew seventeen hundred Mexicans
and routed Santa Anna's army with
the battle cry of 'Remenibei the
"It is ι nolilei tiling to expand
tin domain if clvill/.ai ion b> water
than In blood and irrigation nielli
(ids ι lid tesian «ells in Tex»- haw
■iioun wondrous < rops ou T» \a- t< ι
tile miiI rice and cotton and th<
waving banner» of -ugai < an· on
the very battle fields of the révolu
lion. *nothii illustration >>f ι h · ".I
-ciiptui.il rlddl· Oui of th> -'roui;
shall « onie - w > « t ιι«· - -
Iliumratinu the land of cotton
de banjo and de inn inn.inioii
• •il and sandy ImiItorn M M«
* ■ · >- - .1 . . L V ΜI III »
* i -I I n, ■»».>, .......
of rot ton picking fin»· - whkh wu*
will 11 I u»t ml «^«1 with s···»»# In
η·»Ι> ομι·ιιι·ιΙ f··t ill·· land* *»t fli··
Γt Inlt> Hid Mi litia Villi··* lit Η hit li
Ml·' » OU lit (iriNllli Hi l\ r llltotl |)«|
lai» moi th of «ut ton l.m' bvumni
Τ*»Χ4λ * ΙιΊιΙ* oim-third of tin «often
ιΉΐμ of to « οι 1J Viol along Ho·
ί 11 In ι : > .mil IlitiiOi Villi. r.illr.Mtl
| f»tt «fO|» Of Vti ι si . » M"*li into 1.1
(h, 4*Ιμίι!γ- rit»*" I»
I · . lit |,ii5 Λ |fi »·. · fc ί i Î ·(
• loot H» » ;î »*~ 'h» *».ii.iyMWOiw
\n.n ι ■ ' 4. «· tk* itirii»·· *i«h
.- Iti» il» l · » e|*>% III full bl.nou
«ν«·| ι>ΐ·Μ»<Ιι «ο ιH«« .««if · III
Hî Ui lillltl » iMiiliffbt·' ptAitM «il
f 1% » a* it <♦» <i lrl|i 'Hr*»<·#!» · ft*
of 4
V|v«i k ''i.«iio| l^f 11 ·r " FM III K«N< *<t if
1 ·-*»·»*# 4i aWnIH It* t«M|i » ii|
«mi wlMNtt fttl0 iiil#, » 0*1
-*«»! if f*r« ΙιλιγιΙλ <*f murtim (plntM
Hhtf* ti ' ■ «4 J*Ni* ». % fe♦* f » l*tf » « 14
! 1 fc# *iM I»* h&||i
? *«*! «tfe* t***tfaiw - ι
a ; ■ s * Λ.·** IH> ■■»»#·* Fl *·# It *t T*1 lA* frt**v
I ,*|l *M§ 1*1 I I ; Ul» Λ»'
-••t -Ι· I ι ,· »v*· » »* · « M*fri<*j
11 tftt** lÉMt *ν·Λ··4Ι» «ι**
I AH M*<M£ " * ί* t fllMPl;
iiti ν ι * **-* *4 ittiiht ' «*<£·
• M*% fc«* 4<f«« *H*4< «««Mil **
» f *-. · *«· »t «4 *«MÉ il»· . m
. ·.* Λ··ΐ *. * -, - * idmI 4 « ,
T1^ N« »f<|l IMMR «4 t i—y Iff* *H»<
*■#*» -· «*: Ί ! h* AttW
. *tvtp- r* >*%-·#,,. « |««f|
ν ·< » ill ffHflnttlit, Ifv r««4
' f firn^n · ►m* 1% tl
k V · . «
"The new world of Texas awaits
Its king limn—In a paradise gar
den. Nothing is more beautiful lu
nature than spring on the Texas
prairies crowned with red and
white mallows and blue of the buf
falo clover. Though many deriva
tions are suggested for the word
i Texas, the people are fondest of rel- I
; cgating 'he meaning of Texas to .111
Indian word, signifying Paradise.
I "When Sherman, in Taylor's ar
, my. stumbled 011 the dry desert near
i Fort Brown, he said if he owned
ι lia des and Texas he said he would
■ n ut out Texas and live in Hades.
! It would not have been safe for him
to say that even then to a Texan—
i much less now. Λ true Texan waves
j metaphorically s.peaking, every one
j of the six flags under which the
state has had her being.
The Texan has these two charat
i listic-s pride i:i Texas of the past
and present and faith, in of
Naught upbuilds :: stale lint
faith and loyalty of its own per.
Von may meet a gentle, soft-eyed,
lantern-jawed Texan, and say to him
the magic abracandabra T-E-X-A-S
and in a moment he is all alive,
shouting 'We have less than a tenth
of our land in cultivation, we have 1
a variety of soils suitable for every
crop, both of the temperate and
semi-tropic zones we have greait
water power unutilized, we have I
mineral resources that baffle des-!
cription. we have mountain scenery j
like Switzerland Nature ha^ bU'ssed I
Texas most bountifully from her j
bosom comes enough cotton to
clothe a fifth of the world, enough
lice to feed every lap and China- 1
man, enough lumber to house ill
the homeless, enough Iron to arm
militant Kuf.-I;i enough corn to
ti.ik· hneiakcs t> Christendom
i ι houull beef > : · ··|> en-ry packing
lion*'· I > 11 s ν enough wheat to re
! Ileve he hunger of mankind.
■ uciiigh oil 'ο ·ι-. "ii'ii wheel In
i th· univers· enough ft lilt to til kle
'lie palate of even epicure. enough
oats to give til·· w
more g\ pMim than
more Ignite .mil
λ . ι. Id ; e.i kfast ι
IllOle Iglllte .11111 1 iihii
Klirope Wllhiu mil 'i.·. *|··ι ~
whole poptilatiim of Xnteiii.i 1
othei st a!*·.
>1111 than all
mideis 'h*
lie Well - ip|H· e
■ IK· 1 le.i could I
1 m ι ιιφΙιιι,ιΙ
i\Vh«MI I <| Ι|·ι1··ι1 'hi* Ι·4Β· Κ» (Κ ι ·
■ η ohl·· ii.· I · ·Ι·· lltud* ».n«|
η·*ι dit) «(tin Μι Mit'lmt»
irlpo4 from Γ»·* < rinuh*·» uuiiii
jllim Ihr Hr»t. In «M· h Tr««*
iiiuk·. h·' M«k>· thr *ΙΝΜ·ΒΙ nitnilril
limit·.» ... tu il.uni ii |.rf»iil»m·
lu or·!··· lu MtlHitlli (Nil»'· lulif
Ιημ·Ι·ί| ι«ρΐ·ΙΜΊ
rh* muni. i|i ii . iimniluiun iuv
rrilWK nlu|H>,| lu «tal%«·*;<»·». i»·
I · I w»
*1 V| fil 4 (liiirtii (lj|i..firri
I I »■« '14 4
'untkl»« · r«*|ti «ι ι··ι ι·»
"«•Rill· ' « t«r Η -m* « ι«|ι1<·4 ι<·» ikM
ιι4 ι»*ι * iitlllln· iluUai· ·4»»4 '.»
il· '4| Nl*n II* 4*llllMI'4 Ik» n
•»f 'hf · ι«ιμι·«
♦ο lW ιΊΙμΜηΙΙκ· ·'( «·Η
'4ΐι·« tfcat ►» lk» ■>»· furii -f M··
th m*) («ttf··»·! ik* iMmmhi. •t
If* III t W»|MMt«tM*l
• M) ·»»# IMI I· Ik* **UI* · Ilfi
' *
«he«r<k M4 'fciv* «4*1»
1 II! !É»<
> **
H. « . M « ,11
* M40*·· » IV » lit *44· »!■««* ..#*·
t·*· m- »« » 0*m4«I«9*> ■*· '* «<·>■
> ».. . · .«4 !>|
f » «r 11
» I» M m«'W k>«»4i«.« »b4 "·
boy* roundup, and bin king bronchos
in ine Panhandle Ont* (if the most 1
beautiful motion picture films real- !
istlcallv brought spray and surf and
water of the blue (.îulf of Mexico
right to the footlights. The electrical
motion picture machine and double
dissolving stereoptlcon were control
led and operated in fine professional
manner by Mr. H. W. Campbell, who
makes ihe season's transcontinental
lecture tour in this capacity with Mr.
McClurg. The entertainment closed
with the six banners under which
Texas had loved and fought and
died and finally a beautiful color
ed flan of the union grandi) wav
ing in the breeze.
l-'oot in ΛκΙι liariel.
Muskogee, I. T., Nov. Γ>. Λ hu- 1
man foot in good condition was dis- j
covered in an ash barrel near the j
Knty tracks hwe yesterday morning.
The police are investigating.
J All Medicines advertised in tl?
ψ paper are sold by
♦ Prescription Druggists.
£ Waxahachie, Texas. φ

Causes any one to
dread the care of a
Our past record will
be a safe guide for
the future.
John Davenport
TUESDAY, November 5th
First Appearance Here of
In His Famous Portrayal of
Splendid Supportin£ Company
Ever Given of This Grand Play
Prices · . · · 75c, 1.00, 1.50
Seat Sale opens Friday, Nov. 1, at 9 a. m.
>··.»!* ni . »!«■ at Hood * Cutiln ·
. H "
\\ ί At 'h|v
in M - * w! vli k
":«i »< IV 'Γ
rrsl r ! ■·... r
>t< ? lit v if".
fr * r
..ï r · . i> rnJ
Electric ô
Gas Co. · ·

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