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"Royal Blue"
Plentv "t j<>i<d double
self Shut's in Mux C ilf
and Vici
3.50 and 4.00
KDii.Ul H. VAUGHN. M. I).
Physician and Surgeon,
Office over Hoot! & Curlln'H
Waxahachie. Tex.
See ι he sood picture and hear tbu
quartet at theEmpIro theatre to
night. 93
Kodaks make splendid Christmas
presents. See the complete line at
Hood & CurlinV tî
The Need ο!
Will Show Up
This Winter
Prepare now and allow
us to furnish estimates,
both on regular Cement
and Cement Block Walks.
We insure all work, both
as to service and price.
qualit1 only considered.
We also build Chimneys
and Flues and set Tile
and Mantels
Cement Stone
Manufacturing Co
·*··«· — - »···»
WKATIIKK Tout . i<.t S i '
-I ·■»··!» « ι»»·: M ■» ·. Mi:
KG It SAL! 1)1.1 : · *-ji.t("■!f
Duly l.:«bt t If κ ·· tf
Hogwr» utreei *> *
KOIl KRN'I Κ··>1 : room .--'agi
f Iom· If, f ) Uf-f-lc
M)S Γ Hi mu h -··: » 1th | · arl*
ΙΊ. return Ιο Μ () I' S«. ι·' !
η:: ,
IK yolii ail ι» III thi-· roluniii Π 11 !
being read by hundred' of people :
fvcrj day. tf ;
\V \XAIIACHIK Hoi Mineral water
delivered <!.il!y. Β S McCourt. Old
Phon« 4C1 tf
I,AND TO KENT S|H·. lal Induie
nient» to good. w«'ll ι·ι)ΐιΙ|)|)ΐ (I It··■·■<-,
Apply at till- I>:<ilv Light offlii ""I
LOST W illi.· jer-i■·. ι n« . im- on
rope halter, brand V on hip Notify
or return to Amxl ("arother iind get ι
reward. dwtfj
phone h ·· st. .μι · ; ι tin ο ·ί>
Light when you war.- any kind of!
job ι natirg dem Tin· best work
guaranteed. tf j
LOST Friday afternoon .i dark
brown, satln-llne<J fox fur. Please r·
turn to Daily Light off lee and r··
eelve reward tfdti ,
FOR SALE ".-room house lately
remodeled, out houses, garden, ever
lasting water. A bargain. $1050 on j
easy terms Parker Bros !<">pd
LOST A ladies silver Vateh with
owner's name. Bessie Byrne, engrav
ed on inside of back cover, and Ini ι
tials Β Β. outside Finder please re
turn to owner l-,y; Marvin avenue ι
and get reward. 931) ■
\V \NT VOL TO KNOW i am not a j
member of the flour trust, nor any ;
other kind of a trust - just straight
independent John waiting to till!
orders for roal Try tne Both phone.- j
John V. Singleton.
Deaf lies* ( Him ι >| Be Cured
by local applications, as they can- !
not reach the diseased portion of the
J par. There is only one way to cure j
j deafness, and that is by constitution
al remedies Deafness is caused by
nil infl.lined condition lit the mucous
''iuiiin of the Ku-tachinn Tube When
ι this tulip restored to Us normal ι on
rumbling sound or Imperfect hearing
j and when it is entirely closed. Deaf
ness is the result, and unless llie in
flammation can lie taken out and
thin tHtm is Inflamed you have a
' cllltnn. hearing wili he destroyed for-i
ever: nine nines out of ten are caused /
I !',v Catarrh, which Is nothing lint an/
Inflamed condition of the mucous j
surfaces. f,
We give One Hundred Dollars fori]
any case of Deafness (caused by ca-; ?
tarrb) that cannot be cured liv Hall's ji
Catarrh Cure Send fer circulars .· ι
free. F. .1 CHKNEV Κ■ CO Toledo. I <
Ο Sold by druggists. T."n . I
Take Hall's Family Tills for con- 1
>ti|>.'ι ion w '
I \\o-< ·ίιΙ I ar·· on liât >
Oklahoma CityOk.. Nov If.
('.» ltfc-ia Passenger \gent \Y S Si
(Moi'fsc of the Missouri. Kansas \
Texas railway, at St Louis, yestev- i
da> notified agents of that company
(throughout this section that the lie ;
I a mil·· rate would become effective ι
[ today aid Umm tfc· KaI) 9 HI ο »
r™ 5 »£ " 1 ;1"·'
ι r- μ ι 11 κ i l ι
s causod Ι
ira dand- Ι
ι ir, the Ι
When It la Frff of DnnrirufT, It (irown ί
Luxuriantly. '
. Hair preparations and dandruff cures,
ne a rule, are sticky or irritating affairs
that do no earthly pood. 'lair. when not
diseased, grows naturally, luxuriantly.
/Dandruff is the cause of nlnr-tenth» of
all hair trouble, and dandruff I
t»y a germ. Tho only way lo euro
miff is to kill tlit- «»*rrn; and. so
>nly hair preparation that will positively
lestroy the germ is X · >vo"s Herplcide—
.bsolutely ha' Rile· - fr from gTeSSC,
ediment. dye matter or dangerous drugs,
t allays itching instantly; makes liair
lossy and soft as silk "Destroy th<*
ause. you remove the effect " Sold by
Mtding druggists. Send l'»c. in stamps for
ample to The Herpicide Co.. Detroit.
Ilch. I I
wo slr.es—50 rents and si.00
HOOD A CURIjIX. Druggist*
Mot··! \irival·
(' (J. Chambers. Louisvill» \\
> Anderson, city: .1. V. HngKett, Ft
A'uith ('. C Hansby, Fort Worth;
I \\ Maxwell. Dallas I! Λ Bake,
.an» aster I) 11 Wisdom. Dallas; (Î
Klipp* <»n \oston (ί Ο Penn.
I'illi W M Tatnm, ('orsicana: ίί
\ Tray lor. Geneva. Ill Η \
!*♦··» ···*#·
Mut it'lnki #i Mtxut Λ Ctirlin
Hot rh<Ma)attf ft' C|tv fhuc it'it. ·
Take jour weal» at the Kutltor
r.tll tf
Κ S Cronk k Co «>!! roofing
heap tf
The City fttMK Store "*■ hot
hucollle tf
Drink η hot ι liu< olate a! -he Clt>
>rug Store Μ
y ·-), I... Λ II- II Γ. .J ι·· Λ" the
hp Kntltorlnm '.'3
S«· I·' S Criiti κ λ Co before you
my your roofing. tf ι
I. Τ Hurfot 1 of Fort Worth whs
η (tic city toda^
St I IE. I). Ml 4 ftfiil.v, fill ι III t«Mil
Γ in ιι:ιι1ι ι liiMirnm-i
Mr J M |)tiHH».n Is visiting III*
•'m. O. B. Mtin.iwa)
Fiesh chocolate* Htttl hnmH- rn.idr
randle* it the Kfttltorium
The Katltorlum keeps tin· very
Ik;1 of everything to ea'
Μι· I' H \\ llson and I· ■ ■ "
•pi tiding tlx* «lav in Dallas
Neatly furnished rooms in con
nection with the Kntltorium V'·'
Plenty of Iron or ft It roofing at
' .·* Cronk Co.'· prices right ti
Hii> your pump? front F. S. Cronk
Γι ι All kinds. Prices ' way" down tf
When you nee<| a plumber, rail
Bitnklev, with F. S Cronk Co. Both
phones 8 1. tf
Stoves of all kinds, for store or
■ sidem ι at .ill Kinds of prices. K.
K. Moore Fiirnitnre Co tf
Miss Gertrude Beachum who is
teaching at Palmer, is visitng lier
mother. Mrs F W Beachum.
It Β Ross manager of the Round
Bale Gin. left this morning for Par
Is, where he will spend Sunday with
liis parents
dome of the ladies of the Aid su
: ■ i e t \ of the First Presbyterian church
have tacked several comforts this
week for the orphanage al Files
Vallej -
Ever? member of the Baptist
Philathea bible class is requested
to meet by lo o'clock Sundaj morn
ing in the class room. Business of
It is hard to decide on appropriate
gifts toi wedding, birthday and
Christmas presents. In cut glass and
silver you are liable to duplicate
another's gift. Κ very woman loves
hantl-paitiieri China and ils so hard
In find (Jo while you can net i! and
nvest in a piece of beautiful hand
iH I uteri China It costs less and it '
•ι much mole prized by the woman ι
f culture Woman's Exchange. it:'. I
The first prize winning studio of j
^'axahachle. 1Π07. I consider it a .
rent honor to have my work li»inu i
η tli·· walls of the Odd Fellows' and ·
knights of Pythias halls, I ap- S
recinte iheir good will and extend ,
hanks to both orders foi the con
act of photography of the members j
f each lodge I have a few medal
ions displayed with my diploma at
lie Cit\ Drug Store. Perhaps I can 1
upply some of your holiday wants 1
ii pictures. frames, medallions. '
hot ο pillows and fine photographs '
would like to have the honor of
naking noii the best picture von j
\< had taken Mi C Κ Jackson,
'hotographer. tf j
!%·· d In" ' '-<·'■· 1»«>ττι··η?»
Hot ihirn '< <1 ι h» Ka '. · . Hi
The of «*»erythln|t to eat *t
h«· K*f Itorlum > ·
Hi j. tin- quartet .it tji·· Empire
theatre tontf hi ·3
Folio* the foo'p:ln to Hood A
Curlln '» fountain
Ι·!· ι"t*1.4il· and <«»ld drink» nli the
time at the Katltorlttm 93
Judge J Y Hoprtt of Port
Worth «pent Frtda* In th· clljr
The county Inotttuti- of colored
temhei- A il! nui1 Monda* in Wax
hm lilt.· to he In »e*j*ton fhc da>*
Skip, the Stetw>n ItaMer. oier
Kinjute t|.< :· ·. ι ••iiιι- γ·Ίι)(μ i s and
retrlrns all kludft of liât» New
Phone "S 4 }·.'·
1 clean, rehlork and retrlm all
kinds nf old lint- Over thr Κ m pi re
Theatre Skip, the 81 et non hatter,
new phone 2M W">
Have Skip, the Stetcon hatter to
clean up that old hat and make It
look an Rood as new. New I'lione
2M. over tho Empire theatre. ί»Γ>
Some fourteen or fifteen citizens
of Waxahachle and vlnclnlty left
last night for Wharton count' on a
hunting trip. They will be Ron© two
or three weeks.
Colonel Τ I! Vnderson of Oklaho
nia City arrived In the «-it> last
night to attend the banquet «hen
by the Odd Fellows to the older
members of the lodge
W Λ Cowan of Panhandle Cit>.
is here visiting relatives and friends.
Mt Cowan lived In Ellis county
about fifteen years ago. He says the
west is In a flourishing condition.
Μι H A Haker, who taught
science iu Trlnty fnlverslty last
year, has accepted a positiou with
the City Drug Store, where he will
be glad to meet his old friends and
Coal Prices.
2000 Pounds to Ton.
Fancy Lump $5».00
Egg 8.50
Nut 7.50
Slack 4.00
Above is McAlester coal of differ
ent sizes. If you are of the opinion
"there is no honest coal man," at
your request I will furnish you with
! a certificate from oil mill, gin man
I or public weigher. Ail I ask you to
! do is to pay for what you get and I
'will thank you for your trade Both
phones No. 75.
I nique Show Window.
Quite a unique and attractive dis
play of Sanitol may be seen in the
show window at Hood & Curlin's
! drug store Elmo Mosiy orignated
ι and executed this very catchy de
i sign Constructed entirely of bottles
I of Sanitol bottles. Trinity Universi
j ty stands in the center of the win
! dow, while in one corner may be
; seen the Daih Light office and close
I to this is a good representation iti
; miniature, of a church. Only mem
' bers of the Adelphian club can ap
; predate the significance of the little
I grave in which fifty dollars is sup
I posed to he buried.
our 1
Hot Water Bottles
Fountain Syringes
Ainl IÏ»· ι·: i ·· Ih Ik» mm IM.«l.
fh«. » ι < ! i : "Hinr-oiK-qiiji i
Kind Ι ί
Our R ; l·f >< ■ : Or·.·;! .. : · t · -h
S;i\« Ι:ι·>η» '· l»v f-'.i . i ;.: fn-h '
ΙλλΗ ν ρ η
lui)il α Oil
New Drug Store
Good luck is mere
ly another name for
"trading with M.W.
If you want good
silverware at a rea
sonable price —
come here
The Clapp
Banker Last
This Shoe ii filled nvc; anex
< III vt· <"i:tι>ρ J,wMfli
shiM·1 th< >hor-sole ό support
KVKUV mus! prominence,
curve and hollow of your foot
Holr In comfort and. ease.
No breaking In. and no fa
tigue from being nuirh on your
We have scored a "Touch Down" on
the "Tailoring Field" this season.
Swept everything before us. Good dressers appre
ciate more and more that our establishment is the
general headquarters for the best on the mar
Ket. This means every detail connected with the
construction of a thoroughlv up-to-date Suit or Over
coat, Best fit, best worKmanship, best
wearing quality.
See our up-to-date line ot Neckwear. Hats. Flannel
Shirts, etc.
fcast Side Square Both Phones |
Put Your Winter Wardrobe in Order
Are you prepared ior the cold weather? We haw the warmest oi clothes in
the smartest oi styles It's the quality that's "built-in" that gives tone and char
icUt to ο if Suits tnd Overcoats. If you are not warm ind comfortable spend
ι rev. moments looking Λ our Overcoat , and Cravanettes You will find warm
ingestions plenttiu!. md the style quality and price ire correct. Fhev ire
guaranteed bv the makers and bv us (jet one and you'll do well
Men s Suits 10.00 to 30.00
Men Overcoats and Cravanette 7 50 to 20.00
Men's Fine Wool Overshirts
Snirts that Mt ire the first eierne
vour arms and don t bind aero!
! it τν . ·η! ν» '*!! I"h« :
\\ ixah ichie. S» · the-r.
ir · com! or* Shirts τ h »r le' you move
h*--.t. tnc th.? hive sleeve- the right length,
empiété line ot wool shirts ever shown in
1 (X) to 5.00
tw '. <*
ftaawsfrjafr® a® 'mm?, κ sa®sa«0« s «

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