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•'•we must·
get rid of
--hence we give you
choice of any Felt Slip
per in the house at
--these retailed regu
larly at $1.25 $1.50 and'
$2.00 per pair.
—don't miss this op
portunity, but come
while we are sure of
having YOUR size and
the color you like.
♦ ♦
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦ -ο- ♦♦♦♦♦♦
Μ., Κ. A T.—North Bound.
No. 6 (Flyer) leave* ....7:20 a m
No. 204 leaves 7:32 ρ m
No. 20 2 leaves 10:06 a ra
South Bonnfl.
No. 203 leaves ... ...9:27 a id
No. 201 leaves 5:35 ρ m
No. 6 (Flyer) 9:11 ρ m
Η. Λ Τ. Ο.—West Bound. »
No. 85 leaves 6:38 a m
No. 83 leaves 7:09 ρ m
No. 87 arrives 4:05 ρ m—Does not
run we#t of Waxabacbie.
No. 89 arrivée 11:18 a m
Kast Bound.
No. 82 leaves 9:2î a m—Connects
at Ennls for Houston.
No. 84 leaves 3:00 ρ m—Starts from
No. 86 leavea 9:06 ρ π
No. 88 leaves 10 a. m.—Connects
. at Garrett for the North.
Trinity & Brazos Valley
No. 2 4 leaves 5:60 ρ m
No. 21 leaves 9:50 a m
Chamberlain s uougfi Remedy
Cures Colds. Croup and Whoopinc Louerh
■ Use our long distance lines
North, East, South and West.
Save 10c on every call for
towns vtthin the county.
Quick service and courteous
E.llis Co Ind.
Telephone Co.
F. S. EATON. Mgr.
I '

: ·
#»♦♦♦» — ·♦♦·♦
F. 3. Cronk & Co., sell roaring
cheap. tf
See F. 8. Croim & Co before you
buy your roofing. tf
MIkb Nannie Worley Is visiting
relatives in Ennis.
Dr. J. L. Everett was here from
Palmer yesterday.
Si* H. I). MrCombs for Fire and
Tornado Insurance. tf
Mrs. E. C. Wado of Tyler spent
yesterday In the city.
Plenty of iron or felt roofing at
F. S. Cronk Co.'s; prices right. tf
Buy your pumps from F. S. Cronk
Co. All kinds. Prices ' way" down, tf
Mrs. B. G. Connor of Dallas Is a
guest of the fp.mi: / of E. A. DuBose.
If you want to laagh see that com
ic picture at the Theatorlum today.
Avery Hudson left last night for
Dallas where he will in future re
H. P. Mizell went to I.imestone
county this morning to look after his
When you need a piumber, call
Bunkley, with F. S. Cronk Co. Both
phones 84. tf
See that swell picture at the Thea
toriura today, "Mr. and Mrs. Gay,"
the swellest thing out. 34
Mrs. A. E. Slough and babe, of
Cooper, Texas are the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Harris Mcintosh.
W. E. Terrill of Teague came in
this morning to visit Mr. and Mrs.
Junius Leigh on "Rogers street.
If you want oysters, fresh, pure,
natural flavor and solid meats, get
the Seal-Shipt at Η. Ν: Nylin's. tf
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Winkler went
to Corsi-cana thiç morning to attend
the funeral of Jfldge Sam R Frost.
Neptune's choicest contribution to
the table is the Seal-Shipt oyster.
You can get them at H. N. Nycum's.
Ice and oysters separate—that's
the secret of the delicious flavor of
Sealt-Shipt oysters. I sell them. H.
N. Nycum. tf
Miss Clara Morse, who has been
with her aunt, Mrs. Gulick, for the
holidays, has returned to Kidd-Kev
college, Sherman.
Mrs. J. M. Aldcrdice returned this
morning from Alvarado. She reports
the condition of her son. Anson Al
dedice, somewhat improved.
Ozro Cheatham and sister. Miss
Ivy Cheatham, returned this morn
ing to Austin, where they are at
tending the University of Texas.
Miss Chambers of Ennis, who has
been visiting her sister, Mrs. H. P.
Mizell, returned home this morning.
She was accompanied by Mrs. Mizell.
Miss Ruth Denney of Sulphur
Springs, will arrive today to be the
guest of Miss Kathleen Gibson Fri
day morning, both Miss Gibson and
Miss Denney will return to Waco to
Misses Anna and Laura Price
Comer of Trinity University addition
are the guests of honor', at the house
party of their aunt, Mrs. Bedloe of
Denison this week. The Misses Co
mer will also visit in Sherman while
Dentil From Shooting.
Abilene, Texas, Jan. 2.—Tom Hoi-j
ι ton, living six miles north of Merkel ,
j killed himself by shooting.
By becoming one of the satisfied
customers of this Drug S lore.
We shall always try to give our
customers value received and
good service thrown in.
We urge those who have never
tried our service to give us a
trial and be convinced that it
pays to trade with
We have moved into our
new quarters on the ι
South Side of the Square |
in the builhing formerly
occupied by Joe A. Har
ris. We shall be pleased
to meet all our old friends
and shall try to make
many new ones for our
store. Come in and see
how cozily we are sit- ι
Rogers Hotel Arrivals.
Jo3h Shives, Italy; W. L. Swin-;
ney, Fort Worth: Chas. Roby, New !
York; T. H. Skiles, Fort Worth; j
Wm. Jenkinson, Dallas; J. B.
Newbolt, New York; M. R. Williams, ;
Xew York; Chas. P. Larrin, Boston; j
W. A. White and wife, Philadelphia; j
T. R. Anderson, Oklahoma City; W.J
E. Terrill, Teague; R. L. Fountain,]
Ennls; J. C. Temple, New York; Os-;
car F. Rhodes, New York; II. Good
win. San Antonio; J. A. MiDougle,
Dallas; L. T. Fox#» Dallas. (
Senior Β. Y. I'. IT. Program,
Topic; Christian Growth. Leader,
Mr. J. S. Herring.
Scripture, 2 Peter, 1st chapter, j,
God's promise for our growth. 2d | !
Petir, 1:1-4. Mr. Frank Dennington. j
Graces to be added. 2 Peter, 1:5-7. ]
Mrs. Baird. Result of Growth. 2 Pe
ter, 1:7-10. Mrs. Ernest Miller.
Warning and exhortation to those
who know God's will. 2 Peter, 3:17- '
IS. Miss Marie Kemble.
.lunior Ιί. Y. I'. IT. i <
Program for Sunday, January 5: J
Subject, Jesus and the Woman of
Samaria. Leader, Walter Huckabee. "
John 4:1-9—Ruth Kidd.
John 4:10-18—-Opie Gates.
John 4:19-27—Gertrude Gnian. :
John 4:28-36—Sanders Durham. <
John 4:37-45—Mary I>ee King. t
John 4 : 4G-54—Leonidas Barrow, t
Select Reading—-Reeves Watson. 1
Application of lesson by president, t
► «
► 4
»««»♦· ♦♦♦♦♦♦
WEATHER—Tonlçht fair, colder
Friday fair, warmer. Max. 75; Min.
FOR RENT—Modern five-room cot
tage. Bird Forrest. tf
FOR RENT—Three room house Bul
lard Heights. See John Keudriek.
FOUND—Pair of gloves. Identify and
pay for this notice. S. H. Watson, Jr.
WAXAHACHIE Hot Mineral water
delivered dally. B. S. McCourt. Old
Phone 461. tf
FOR SALE—Two first class young
mules. See B. C. Lancaster or Dr. C.
ft". Simpson. 34
WANTED—Your clothes to clean
and press. Thee Farley, 110 West
Main street. tf
FOR RENT—150 acres good white
rock larfd. Two sets Improvements.
Or. C. W. Simpson. 34
FOR RENT—January ' 1, building
formerly occupied by H. N. Nycum.
Bayless & Schuster. tf
ESTRAYED—From 409 Kaufman
street, a small black sow pig. Finder
return and get reward. 33
FOR RENT—Five good farming set
tlements. Apply to Dr. S. H. Watson,
Jr.. Waxahachie, Texas. 233
FOR SALE—Cheap, a gentle family
buggy and saddle horse. Apply to J
M. Youngblood, 217 William"· street.
run. artijiij or tuK keîmt—After
Jan. 1, the house on College street,
occupied by Mrs. Cleveland. G. C.
Sroce. tf
FOR RENT—Six room house, cor
ler Williams and Rousseau streets,
near Park Public school. Phone M.
0. Robinson. 237p
WANTED—To rent nice five or six
room house, in good condition, on or
before February 1st. Box X, care
Daily Light. 233 !
WANTED—To press your Christmas ]
suit. Clothes called for and deliver- i
3d. Red Front Tailor Shop. Terry j
3reen, Proprietor. tf !
POR SALE—100 acres Improved |
sandy land farm. Would take good |
'ity property for part pay. Address |
2, care Daily Light. 235p
FOR RENT—A large 7 room house
in Vickery street, right on street
railway. Provided with city water |
ind well water. See Clyde F. Winn.
tf I
FOR SALE—Two Jersey heifers
Dne two years old. the other one I
Kear. Both are subject to registra-1
ion. Also three registered gilts. Aj
bargain. Walter Acker. 233
FOR RENT—New six-room house!
with bath, hall and porches. Two j
li e grates. Furnished or unfurnish- j
id. On car line. Renter can secure j
;ood Jersev cow. Apply at this office.
Πιθ business hen. Eggs for hatching j
>1.50 per fifteen. Orders glvenr
irompt attention. Beaty Poultry!
^lant, Waxahachje, Texas. New
3hone 221. 258
■'OR RENT--The building formerly
iccupled by Todd. Barrow & Co.,
; Texas Realty Company). A first
lass fire-proof vault and other ad
antages goes with the office. Terms
eaeffnable. See W. G. McClain or j
Vil 1 Hancock. tf ;
Notice to iVatcr Consumers.
Water rents are now due and pav
ble at the office of the superintend- j
nt of waterworks. The 10th day of]
he month is the last day in which |
ο pay, after the 10th one dollar will I
ie charged for turning on. P. F. Dev- j
nport, Superintendent. 242 !
Well Known Uwjor Dioil in Hospi
tal at Fort Worth. ·
Judge Samuel R. Frost of Corsi
cana dlod Wednesday night at"11:45
o'clock at St. Joseph's Infirmary in
Fort Worth. Judge Frost had been
ill for some time and was taken to
Fort Worth Tuesday night to be op
erated on. He was 62 years old and
owing to his advanced age and con
dition his death was not unexpected.
For many years the deceased had
been a leading lawyer, jurist and cit
zen of Navarro county, and was a
prominent figure in the development
of Central Texas. Judge Frost was
an attorney for the Houston and Ttx
as Central railroad and often repre
sented his company before the dis
trict court of Ellis county.
A wife and several children sur
vive Judge Frost. Mrs. Frost is a sis
ter to C. M. Winkler of this city. The
remains were shipped to Corsicana
Thursday morning for interment.
Fourteen-Year-Old Youngster Well
Equipped with Timepieces.
Dallas, Texas, Jan. 2.—A small
white boy, small for his age and only
14 years old, was arrested by the
police yesterday. In his possession
they found six watches of varied
valuation. Some of them were ex
pensive. He admitted that he had
taken them by bneaking from as
many houses.
It is learned that along with the
watches there was lost at some of
the houses small sums of money and
occasionally a pieco of jewelry The
officers think they have one of the
persons responsible for a good deal
of the burglary that has been repor
ted of late.
Work Commenced .on Waxahachie
Eert'fs Hoail Thursday.
The test of road grading machines
was commenced Thursday morning
on the Waxahachie-Ferris road. The
work will be inspected by the coun
ty commissioners and the machine
giving the best satisfaction will be
purchased for the county. The coun
ty already owns one steam grading
machine and the purchase of three
more will give each commissioners'
precinct one.
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured.
with local applications, as they can-i
not reach the seat of the disease.
Catarrh is a blood or constitutional
disease, and in order to cure it you
must take internal remedies. Hall's
Catarrh Cure is taken internally, and
acts directly on the blood and mu
cous surfaces. Hall's Catarrh Cure is
not a quack medicine. It was pre
scribed by one of the best physicians
in this country for years and is a
regular prescription. It is composed
of the best tonics known, combined
with the best blood purifiers, acting
directly on the mucous surfaces. The
perfect combinations of the two in
gredlents Is what produces such
wonderful result in curing citarrh. !
Send for testimonials free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0.
Sold by druggists, Price 7 5c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for con
Triplets at El Paso.
El Paso, Texas, Jan. 2.—Triplets
—a boy and two girls, were born
here Wednesday night to Mr. and
Mrs. Ν. H. Butterbaugh. The father
is a railroad engineer. He will name
his son Roosevelt.
Wants All
To Know—
Roding, Ga., September 12, 1906.
Chicago, 11L
Geftlemen:--Yours of the 6th to hand.
In reply will say, most assuredly use my
letter in any way you see fit for the benefit of
the suffering. I will answer all correspond
ence as to my own case. I recommend
KODOL to all I hear grumbling about their
stomachs, and have bought many their flsst
bottle. All that is required is a trial o(
KODOL. It talks for itself.
Yourt very truly,
for Dyspepsia.
digests wnat you «at, take· the
■train off of the heart, and contrib
ute· nourishment, strength and
health to every organ of th· body.
For Indigestion. Dyspepsia, Sour
Stomach, Inflammation of the mu
cous membranes lining the Stomach
and Digestive Tract, Nervous Dys
pepsia and Catarrh cf the Stomach.
Digests What
You Eat
We have sufficient a
number of good rigs
and horses to meet
the most rigid de
We can give you any
kind of a rig that you
may need—and can
give it to you NOW.
Livery Co.
Wheifcyou find your
self in some distant
place there is comfort
in the thought that if
in your residence or
place of .business
there is a Southwestern telephone
you can readily communicate with
your family or business asso
ciates. What other system offers
such facilities?
Rates lower after 6 p. m.
ί The Southwestern Tele·
► graph 4 Telephone Co.
im rs* roue* its* τ» km r2f
The Pirst Day
If you were not there you missed it. So come tomorrow.

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