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cannot be surpassed. We employ
only very skilled workmen, use
only the
and charge extremely low price?.
Can you beat it?
Machinists and Plumber».
Dealers in Mill, Gin, Plumbing and
Weter Supplies, Metal and Genasco
Roofing, etc. : : : : :
Che IDailç Xiobt
Published Daily Except Sunday
G. W. McKnight, President and
Treasurer; Ed Cunningham, Vice
President; C. W. Kent, Secretary.
Directors: T. A. Ferris, G. W. Mc
Knight, Ed Cunningham, C. W.Kent.
Dr. C. W. Simpson.
One Month $ oO
Bix Months (In advance) .... 2.75
One Year (in advance) S 00
Entered at the Waxahacbie Post
offlce as mail matter of the second
class. : : : : : :
Clean up. The city wants to haul
off your trash.
Senator Skinner's message may be
of interest to you. Go hear it.
"No man can serve two masters;
for either he will hate the one and
love the other, or else he will hold
to the one and despise the other."
What is the use of going away
from home to finance a hotel enter
prise? Of course if it must be done
we will have to do it. We need the
There are two sides to every
question. If it was not so there
■would be no question. Don't lose
your head and think you are the
whole cheese.
A pleasing personality too fre
quently causes us to lose sight of
the abstract principle. Personality
and principle are the opposing for
ces in the question now on.
When in the course of human
events it becomes necessary to c'ean
up, build sidewalks and improve
the streets every goo;1, (itizen should
come to the rescue of the city.
A great many people will be in
attendance on the Fort Worth Bai
ley meeting who will never be able
to state positively just who footed
the bill for their day's outing. But
what's the use. It all helps to put
money in circulation.
Davidson, that "fool lawyer," con
tinues to win out in his fight against
the trusts. All this makes it easy to
understand why the representatives
of trusts do not want to see him
elected for another term as attorney
general. -More the reason why he
should be elected.
The Waco Times-Herald says: "A
Colorado preacher calls a skating
rink hell on wheels, and now won't
somebody please describe for us the
feelings of John Henry Kirby when
he comes to swear allegiance to Bry
an and Campbell?" There are just
lots of fellows having funny feelings ;
at this stage of the game.
While you are "cussing" every- I
thing and everybody don't foiget
that the things and individuals!
"cussed' may be just as essential to!
the well being of the people in gen- 1
eral and the democratic party in i
particular as you. or the things rep- j
resented by you. Be honest with |
Yourself: play the game fair.

The Enterprise, our esteemed C le- j
burne contemporary, says: "Senator
Bailey will be at the Fort Worth]
Bailey convention, and he will have
with him 8,000 to 10,000 loyal dem-(
ocrats, who believe that the people
should be supreme, and who are op
posed to legislators usurping the au
thority delegated to them by the
people." Yes, Bob, they will all be
there that can be persuaded to take
a "day off'' at the expense of the
other fellow, and Bome will be there
at their own expense, but how about
the two hundred thousand or more
who will stay at home. It is the sil
ent vote that must be reckoned with.
I ititY.w watching mis ιί:\< i s.
Ni lua-kmi ί·· ill Washington <111 Sig- I
ni tirant HuImicns.
Washington, Mar. 26. -Politicians
j attribute a hidden significance to the
visit of William Jennings Bryan in
j Washington today. The establish
i ment of Johnson headquarters here
i and In New York and in other east
! <·πι cities, and rumors of a plan to
i capture the eastern delegations to
'Denver lor the Minnesota man, have
caused some trepidation among the
Nebraskan's supporters in Washing
ton. Mr. Bryan will hold several im
! portant conferences with democrat
leaders in Washington today.
Tomorrow Mr. Bryan will invade
Pennsylvania, one of the strongholds
of the opposition to his candidacy,
speaking tomorrow evening in Pitts
; burg. Reports state that the members
! of the Pennsylvania Bryan League
have aranged an elaborate reception
for their chief, and that his appear
ance in the Smoky City will mark
the beginning of a determined cam
paign to contest the state delegation
in the interest of the Nebraskan.
From Pittsburg Mr. Bryan will go
to Parkersburg, W. Va., and thence
to Kansas City. Mo., where he will
be the guest of honor at one of the
greatest political banquets ever held
in the west, to be held Monday night
On Tuesday he will be in Lincoln
and will entertain the democrat and
populist editors of Nebraska at a
banquet. Later next week he will be
gin a western tour that will include
cities and towns in Kansas, Colo
rado. Nebraska and Iowa.
j While Mr. Bryan is engaged in
I swinging around the circle, liis op
i ponents in the east will be busily en
I gaged in manufacturing Johnson
j thunder, in the hope of preventing
i the Nebraskan's nominatlcn for the
presidency. The anti-Bryanites hope
to secure control of the delegations
from New York, Pennsylvania, New
Jersey, Deleware and Massachusetts,
with possibly several others. In New
York, the Bryan opposition is head
ed by Mayor McClellan and Charles]
F. Murphy, while other prominent !
politicians have taken the lead in j
other eastern states. While John- |
son Is considered the logical choice j
of th? anti-Bryanites, either Judson 1
Harmon of Ohio, of Judge Gray of j
Delaware, would be acceptable as a |
rvnucii lîii'oirrs.
Fort Worth Railroad* l'repare loi
But Four Thousand.
Fort Worth. Texas, March 26.—
Dispatches have reached the anti
Bailey headquarters here from lead
ing business men in many of the
smaller towns throughout Texas
that the published reports of Bailey
club meetings were entirely untrue.
It is declared that both the attend
ance and number of delegates selec
ted to the Fort Worth meeting on
Saturday are padded. Rotan, San
Angelo, Robv, Brownwood, Childress
and many other West Texas towns |
say but few delegates are coming to
the Bailey mass meeting.
Bailey supporters at Rotan met
and it was reported that 100 were
in· the club, wheras but 17 attend-ί
ed, several anti-Bailey men being
.Despite the reports that 15,000
delegates will be here Saturday, the
railroads say they are preparing to
handle, not more than 4000 at the
Senator I.aFollette Principal Speak
er on the Program.
Frederick, Md.. Mar. 26.—Dele
gates from Maryland, Delaware.
West Virginia and the District of
Columbia are here in large numbers
today for the opening of the inter-1
^tate convention of the Young Men's!
Christian Association. The meetings
will be held daily until next Sunday. I
Large delegations are here from j
Washington, Baltimore, Wilmington, ι
and other cities. I'nited States Sena-!
tor Robert M. LaFcilette, of Wis-j
conson. will deliver an address on j
"The Nation's Greatest Need," and '
many other prominent laymen and '
-lergymen will speak. Headquarters
for the delegates have been estab-1'
iished in the new HuO Y. M. C. i|
A. building in this city.
Mention of Cannon's Name Provok
ed Hearty Applause.
Springfield, 111., Mar. 26.—The
Illinois republican state convention, j |
which will nominate four delegates j
at large and four alternates to the :
Chicago convention, was called to I
order at 10 o'clock this morning. !
Over 1.500 delegates are in attend-|
inr-e. Mention of the name of Joseph ||
9. Cannon brought fourth repeated I
rounds of applause and it is certain !
that the speaker will be indoresd as j
the choice of Illinois for the presi
ienlial nomination. Senators Cullom
ϊrid Hopkins. Mayor Busse and Gov
■rnor Deneen comprise the slate for
lelegates at large.
Tennessee Bankers Meet.
Memphis. Tenn.. Mar. 26.—For!
the first time since 1895, Memphis'
will be the host of the Tennessee!
Bankers' Asociation. The convention'
will extend through two days and
many financial subjects of impor
tance to Tennessee and the south
will be discussed.
<>li(I<len in Holy Lund.
Cairo. Egypt, Mar. 26.—Charles ι
J. Glidden and wife of Boston, are I
now making a tour of the Holy Land
in an automobile. They recently
visited Jerusalem and created a pro
round sensation among the residents
who had never before seen a motor
► ♦
» ♦
►♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ —oo— ·♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Madden Damage Suit.
The argument in the damage suit
jf G. W. Madden against the city of
kVaxahachie was concluded this
norning. The judge's charge was <Je- ;
ivered to the jury about 11 o'clock,
jut at the hour of going to press a
•erdict had not been agreed upon.
Phe amount sought to be recovered
s $2,000, instead of $10,000 as pre
lously stated.
Licensed to Wed.
Geo. R. Flynn and Miss Ida Comp- j
on, J. R. Moore and Mrs. Μ. Α. I
'hester, T. C. Mapes and Miss S. D.
The Death Roll.
Mrs. Katherine Dillard, age
ears, Midlothian, March 12.
Real Estate Transfers.
T. S. Reeves to J. M. Archer, 34
icres out of the S. A. and M. G.
urvey; $1713.
N. J. Thomas to B. F. March
>anks, lot in Waxahachie; $35.
Bennie .Johnson to Fannie Latti
nore, lot out of A. Polk survey;
I. C. Rutledge to N. Hood, 50
cres out of the Cuadrilla Irrigation
ompany survey; $2250.
Mrs. M. J. Jetton to Dr. R. L.
.lOwrance, lot in Ennis; $1900.
Q. E. Davis to J. B. Davis, 80 acres
ut of the M. M. Miller survey; $6,
υ υ.
$100 Reward, $100.
The readers of this paper will be j
leased to learn that there is at[
east one dreaded disease that
cience has been able to cure in all
ts stages, and that is catarrh. Hall's
latarrh Cure is the only positive
ure now known to the medical fra
ernity. Catarrh being a constitu
lonal disease, requires a constitu
ional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
lure is taken internally, acting di
ectly upon the blood and mucous
urfaces of the system, thereby des
roying the foundation of the dis
ase, and giving the patient j
trength by building up the consti- '
jtion and assisting nature in do-1
jg its work. The proprietors have ι
3 much faith in its curative powers I
that they offer One Hundred Dollars
for any case that it fails to cure.
Send for list of testimonials.
Address F. J. CHENEY & CO.,
Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by all druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for con
stipation. d
Phone H. A. McMillan at the Dai
ly Light /Office when you want any ι
kind of printing done. The best work
guaranteed. tf ι
AU the Gold
Could not Buy
Foding, On. August S27, 190#.
Messrs. R. C. DeWitt «5» Co.. i 1
Chicago, Ills.
Gentlemen— '
In ! 897 I had a disease of the stomach ]
and boweis. Some physicians told me it was
Dyspepsia, some Consumption of the Lungs,
others said consumption of the Bowels. Ont
phjrucaan said 1 would not live until Spring,
and for four long years 1 existed on a littT· ·
boiled milk, soca biscuits, doctors' prescrip
tions and Dyspepsia remedies that flooded (
the market J could not digest anything
1 ate. and in the Spring 1902 1 picked
one of your Almanacs as a poor emaciapR ]
Dyspepsia wreck will grasp at anything, and
that Almanac happened to be my life saver.
I bought a f.fur ce::t bottle of KODOL DYS
PEPSIA CURS and the benefit 1 received
from that bottl· ALL THE GOLD IN
! taking it and in two months I went back to
my work, as a machinist, and in three month»
1 was weii and hearty. I still use a little oc
casional.y as I find it a fine blood purifier
and a good tonic
May you live long and prosper.
Yours very tr*ly.
This is only a sample of
the great good that is J
daily done everywhere by
Κ ο d ο 1
for Dyspepsia.
, I
They're All Ready For You,
They Do Not Pinch feet or pocket
referring of course to the many styles
and shapes of shoes presented here to
delight your taste for the beautiful in
footwear. We don't buy at random—
neither do we expect you to buy what
ever comes along. It is to our interest
to have you and your feet satisfied. All
we ask is an opportuninty.
Our Crop of Men's Shoes
F;>r spring is the finest we have ever gathered. Not
the highest priced—high price does not necessarily
mean the t est value. Better leathers, better shoe
making or better styles cannot be found anywhere.
We are showing Bluchers, Lace and Button, with
Blucher in the lead. Patent Colt, Pjtent Kid, Vici
and Gun Metal Calf in black and Willow Calf and
Kid in Tan. Every last that's right.
6.00, 5.00, 4.00, 3.50, 3.00 andjdownj
Ladies' Shoes
We want every woman to know the excellence and
superiority of our Shoes. We want you to know
them, and after you do, you'll be glad you made the
acquaintance. If you'll take note of the fact, you'll
find that this store always has just the right thing at
right time in Women's Footwear. Chic, dainty styles
with tapering toes, high or medium Cuban heels with
turn sole or the heavier extension edge for street wear.
Blucher, Lace Ribbon Ties, Pumps, etc., black or tan,
artistically built and sure to please. There's a long
price range—1.50, 2.00 up to 3.50 or 4.00
Men's Spring Suits
are now ready — come in if
only for a try on. They are cut
correctly, tailored perfectly and
fit accurately—with no room left
for improvement. It will re
quire but a few moments for us
to settle the Spring Suit problem
for you to your entire satis
10.00 up to 25.00
Choosing a Suft is very easy at
this writing. Later some of the
best things will be missing.
It will pay you to
visit the Dry Goods
section now and see
the new Spring Ma
terials, also the La
dies Ready-to-wear
department and take
a peep at the Linen
Suits 7.50 up to 20.00
Skirts 5.00 upto25.00
and don't fail to see
the very latest crea
tions in Shirt Waists
just one of a kind at
10.00, 8.00, 7.50, 6.00,
5.00, 4.00 and down.
Use our long distance lines
North, East, South and West.
Save 10c on every call for
towns within the county.
Quick service and courteous
ELllis Co. Ind.
Telephone Co.
F. S. EATON, Mgr.
We Are Still Anxious
for you to try a sack of our
Town Talk Flour.
It's true it costs a little more but had you thought
how much better it was.
Modern Milling Ô M'f'g Co.
Monday, March 30
132 Years of Unbounded Success
An Unrivalled Attraction
Seats on sale at Hood & Curlln's Thursday 9 a. m.
Prices 50c to *1.50.

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