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11 Lot Sale March 28,9 a. m.
4 Blocks East, 2 BIocKs North High School Building
Marvin View property is the most beautiful
residence Lots ever offered for sale. These
Lots are well drained, streets are graded, city
water works, electric lights, two blocks street
car, six blocks public school. Waxahachie,
with its miles of fine side walks, excellent
schools and magnificent churches, is an ideal
place to live and no part of the city will grow
faster than Marvin View.
Ex-President Grover Cleveland says:
"I always advise my young friends to place their savings
in REALTY in some growing town. There is no such
saving bank anywhere."
Andrew Carnegie says:
"There is no doubt but that REAL ESTATE is the
very best investment. It is bound to grow into money."
Don't put it off. Attend this sale early and
purchase a Lot or two. It is like finding a lot
to buy on such terms, THINK OF IT, only
$5.00 cash—$1.00 A WEEK. NO INTER
dustry and frugality lead to wealth11—GET
BUSY. See these lots. Are on grounds every
day 1 p. m. till 7 p. m.
Call and See Us or Ca.ll Us by Phone--Both Phones.
' S S Φ S S S 5 Φ φ Φ Φ Φ Φ Φ m Φ Φ Φ Φ Φ Φ Ο
THAT only IS1"! cents a day pays for Lot
THAI no interest whatever is charged
THAT we pay Taxes until Lot is paid for
THAT every cent paid is credited on Lot
THAT we guarantee title.
THAT you receive warranty deed and abstract when
Lot is paid for
THAT we will not sell to colored people
THAT we will not sell to objectionable people
THAT the streets are all graded
THAT while you are required to pay only $1 a week
you can pay as much as you wish.
THAT you are buying Real Estate in the best part in
the best city in the best county in Texas
THAT should you die before your payments are com
pleted your heirs will get deed without further
THAT young men, young women ought to get saving
habit and plant their money where it will grow
in good soil
THAT parents ought to teach their children the sav
habit. Start them right now, buy a lot, get
busy, don't wait until they are all gone
THAT you ought to go at once and see these lots
and make choice
THAT Agent on the ground at office every day, 1 p.
m. till 7 p. m.
THAT Saturday, March 28, 1908, you need be on
ground early or they will all be sold and
you will be wondering how it happened.
WEATHER—Tonight fair; Friday i
colder. .Max. 8Γ> ; Min. 51.
FIRST class cow. 7-8 Jersey, fresh j
in milk. T. B. Criddle. 305p j
FOR RENT—Second floor over Mis- !
trot Bros. See F. S. Cronk. tf !
FOR SALE—One Troy rubber-tired I
phaeton. Call on C. N. Anderson. 09
FOR RENT—Cottage on Bullard
Heights, cheap. See John Kendricks.
FOR RENT—Seven room house,
close in, on Rogers street. Tom Bur
leson. tf
WAXAHACHIE Hot Mineral water j
delivered dally. B. S. McCourt. Old |
Phone 461. tf (
FREE CINDERS—For those who I
will haul them away. Waxahachie |
Cotton Mills. 307
A FULL LINE of greenhouse plants,
also cabbage and tomato plants.
Bird Forrest. 309
lor, office with G. <?. Groce, Citizens !
Bank Building. oktf j
UMBRELLAS recovered and repair
ed at Arthur Mackoy's Shop, No. 212
East Main street. tf
FOR SALE—Eggs for hatching. Buff
Orpingtons, 15 for $1.00. 1). J. Mc
Gee, Waxahachie, Texas. llpd
FINE COVERS for fine umbrellas a
specialty at Arthur Mackoy's Shop.
No. 212 East Main street. tf
SCREENS—Have your doors, win
dows, etc., screened by Waxahachie
Planing Mill, South Monroe street.
NOTICE—The short-run trains to
Ennis have been discontinued. -Get
your tickets at Keinningham's sta
ble. 308
PANAMA hats cleaned and re-block
ed, clothes cleaned and pressed.
Terry Green, Red Front Tailor
Shop. tf
FOR SALE—Nice gentle family
horse and surrey. A bargain if taken
Ht once. N. W. Pfèrce at Hotel Bar
ber Shop. 305
WANT you to know that I have just
received car seeds, including big
German millet, cane and alfalfa. D.
H. Thompson. 309
LOST—Gold locket and chain; 3
raised parrots on one side locket, in
itials L. T. on other. Finder please
return to this office. 307
FOR SALE—A few setting of Indian
Runner duck eggs. The birds tbat
lay eggs like hens (and some say
more.) $1.50 for 13. S. Fisher, 510
Water street. 317
FOR SALE—$Γ)0.00 Victor Talking
Machine and 38 records of the la
test. Just had machine two months.
For sale cheap. Apply C. N. Ander
son, 111 Water street. 305
LAWN MOWERS accurately sharp
ened and adjusted by a new ma
chine, 1907 Ideal Grinder, at Arthur
Mackoy's shop, back of Spalding &
McCartney's store, 212 East Main
street. tf
CALVIN BROS., are prepared to at
tend to your wants when they are
In the gents' furnishing line. Clean
ing, pressing and repairing receive
their careful attention and satisfac
tion is always guaranteed. Phone
them and see. tf
your stock with G. H. Alderman. He
represents the oldest and strongest
Live Stock Insurance company doing
business in this county. The Texas
Mutual has paid out more money in
this county for dead horses than all
the other companies have business
in force. Office over W. B. Reymul
ier'r. pnint store, West Side Square.
G. H. Alderman. Act. 313
Litter to W. M. Styles.
Waxahachie, Texas.
Dear Sir: Suppose yoo are" grow
ing an acre or two of cabbage;
where'll you get your seed? The
price of Long Island seed is $2 lb;
the Germans send over tons of "cab
bage-seed" 50c lb.
Most gardeners buy the German
seed; of course, you know they
wouldn't pay $2 for cabbage-seeds,
when they could get it for 50c. And
that's how people do about every
Careful people buy smallest pack
age of each, count out 100 seed of
each, and grow them a week in a
hot-house; then count their plants,
They've got 100 Long Island plants
and 10 German.
How, do you think, the Long Is-1
land cabbage-seed-growers account
for that? They'll tell you the Ger
man seed is mostly turnip, which
looks like cabbage, but isn't.
Why didn't the turnip seed grow?
The Germans had killed it, baked it.
What did they bake It for? Dead
seeds tell no tales.
There's a whole business In killed
seeds. A dealer can get all the dead
seed lie wants that look like cab
bage and something else; he can
mix'em with actual seeds, a pound to
in ounce, and sen you your seeds at
whatever price you like to pay and
whatever profit he likes to take.
The same with paint; you can
paint with whitewash or paint, poor
paint or good; you can pay your
painters $3 a day for brushing it on.
But whitewash is whitewash, poor
paint is poor paint, and good is
500 d.
You'd better buy good, and pick
sut your good by the number of
gallons it takes to cover a job; least
gallons, best paint; least gallons,
least cost by J5 a gallon; least gal
lons, most wear.
Better buy Long Island seed, but
try 'em first. Better buy Bevoe, but
try It first. Yours truly
Rhode Island Republicans
Providence, R. I., Mar. 26.—For
the purpose of electing four dele
gates and four alternates to the re
publican national convention,
Rhode Island state convention of the
party was formally opened in Infan
try hall at 10 o'clock this morning.
It is generally understood among
politicians that the presidential dele
gates from this state will go un
pledged to any candidate, but that
they will be charged with the pre
sentation of the name of Charles R.
Brayton as the member of the repub
lican national committee from Rhode
Alabama Raseball Season.
Tuscaloosa, Ala., Mar. 26.—With
the first of a series of three games
against the Owenton College nine
this afternoon, the University of Al
abama baseball season will be open
ed. The schedule provides for series
of games with the University of
Mississippi, University of Georgia,
University of Texas, Alabama A. &
M., Georgia Tech., Central of Ken
tucky, and Louisiana State Univer
My buggy and carriage paint shop
is now open for the season, 1908.
AU work will be done by a practical
carriage painter. Bring your work
in at once and avoid the great rush
we always have later on in the sea
son. C. N. Anderson, 111 Water
street. ' tf
Head the Want Ada.
Chalk Talk Entertainment to Be
Given at Sims Library.
In the auditorium of Sims Libra
ry on Friday evening, March 27th,
at 8 o'clock, a chalk talk will be giv
en by Miss Pauline Erwin, with
Miss Myrtle Maledon for accompan
ist, under the auspices of the Daugh
ters of the Confederacy. The object
of the entertainment is to raise
funds for the maintenance of the
Widows' Home at Austin. This
building will be formally opened on
June 3, and as its maintenance for
the present depends entirely upon
the efforts of the Texas United
Daughters of the Confederacy, each
chapter must do its part. The Sims
Watson chapter trusts to the inter
est in the cause and to the gener
osity of Waxahachie for a large pa
tronage on this occasion. Below is
the nrocram:
Violin Solo, Miss Eva Schmidt.
Chalk Talk—Part 1.—The brain
less substitute for the American
young man: The society butterfly;
Three hats and what they represent;
The mannish woman; The college
girl; Curved and straight lines com
pared; The stingy man and chronic
grumbler; Little Will Henry; The
capitalist; Hayseed; -Mother-in-law;
Drummer; Uncle Sam; Drawings for
Song, Kindergarten children.
Readiug, Mrs, H. N. Peters.
Solo, Miss Mabel Boyd.
Part II—Roosevelt and Booker T.
The man who advertised for a wife;
Miss Sweet Pea; Sweet William;
Tiger Lily; The human hog; Rocky
fellow; Cupid; Human interroga- j
tion Point; Star Gazer; Snow Scene.
Music—Solo, Mrs. Carrie Sessions.
I Given by Doctor Who Has Treated
Thousands of Cases.
A physician who has made a life
! work of trjatin ; catarrhal troubles
I gives the iol loving list of symptoms
ι which indicate " ncn catarrhal gera;»
I are present in the mucous mem
brane of the nose, throat, bronchial
tubes, or tissues of the lungs:
Offensive breath, frequent sneez
ing, dryness of the noee, pain across
the eyes, discharge from nose, stop
page of the nose, huskinee<t of the
voice, tickling In throat, droppings
in throat, a cough, pain In chest,
stitch la side, losing in flesh, loss of
strength, variable appetite, spasms
of coughing, low spirited at times,
raising of mucous, difficulty in j
breathing, loss in vital force
If you have any of the above
symptoms, begin the use of Hyomei
at once. It is the only treatment for
catarrh sold by Hood & Curlin un
der an absolute guarantee to îefund
the money unless it cures.
The price of a complete outfit is
but $1.00 if it cures, nothing if it
fails. 306
Wounds Are Fatal.
San Francisco, Cal., March 26.—
Durham W. Stevens died last night
at 11:30 o'clock, a few minutes af
ter recovery from the anesthetics ad
ministered when an operation was
performed earlier in the evening.
Peritonitis developed from the
ï'ure Food Show in Ww Vork.
New York, Mar. 26.—Under the
auspices of the New York Retail
Grocers' Union, a pure food exposi
tion on the international scale was.
opened today in the Lenox Lyceum.
Manufacturers of pure food products
in all parts of this country and In
foreign lands have installed elabor
ate displays and will hold daily
demonstrations. -x
———— **V«t
Head the Advertisements.
Stenographer and Notary Public.
Office with Ο. H. Chapman.
Phone 236
2 More Days
in which to save ten per cent on
your spring purchase. Our Spring
Opening sale announced for one ,
week will end Saturday night.
Better drop in and see if your
wants can not be filled and also
save ten cents on every dollar.
You will remember in our big ad
we said to you that our entire
stock could be chosen from, save
10 per cent on many lines and 20
to 33 1-3 per cent in a great many
departments. This applies to
Dry Goods,potions, Shoes, Ladies
and Mens Furnishings, Mens and
Boys Clothing, Shoes and Ladies
Goods. .....

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