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Daily light.
The Katy Flyer Goes Into the
Ditch Near San
Entire Train Excepting One Car was
Ditched and Three Cars Turned
v...,·, Oxer — Two.,. ». J
Causes Assigned.
I?— Ran Acionio, Τ<·*λ* 9epi.- -17.· ·
Seventeen persons were injured, sev
eral of them seriously, in a wreck of
the southbound Katy Flyur about
two and one-fourth miles north of
San Marcos yesterday morning at
6:16»,With the exception of one car
the entire tuln Jjbft the rails, the
baggage car, day coach and chair
car turning completely over, and one
of tjho Pullmans 1>elng; thrown at an
angle of forty-five degrees. Another
Pullman wae derailed and one re
mained on the track.
The wreck occurred on what is
known as the joint track, and which
Is maintained by the International
and Great Northern company. Two
causes are assigned for the derail
ment. One is that the rails spread
and the other that workmen had not
properly spiked a rail where severa!
new ties had been placed in the track
the evening before.
At the time the train was travel
ing at a rate of between thirty and
thirty-flve miles an hour, speed be
ing slackened because of the ap
proach to the Katy Junction. A mile
or so east of the Junction the rails
spread, the tank of the engine first
leaving (he track and jumping ovev
the ties for a distance of almost 200
Passengers who were on the train
and afterward made an inspection oi
the track are severe In their denun
ciation of the ties, all of which are
described as being In a condition so
rotten that it was possible to kick
them in two and crumble pieces oi
the wood with the mere grip of the
That there was not a greater prop
erty loss is due to H. Brucker, the
express messenger, who, digging his
«.M»·»- «V νλτ r-y V»· *· r #ι· >/»■
way from under a pue ·υι t?Â
tingKished a f. :· burning in 'he end
of his car. He then chopped iiis way
out to freedom, aii exits uf the car
being barred. Immediately following
ti'^WiVrK: τ» ε · pvydMcar oir jo
the train gave succor to the injured
MiV«· "liw \\iaht*hra i-.ui 'λ tic
cars. Medical assistance was quickly
secured at San Marcos.
·»·►.?«#* ™o£ -tbi* .v'Ay..««|
Mrs. Bonham of Sabinal were the
most seriously Injured of the pas
seùgéYS. Silas iJrLT.ii h «a liijarôd la
tvrnaHy. -Oth.-r.> wîîr»? wstî
of a minor character assisted in tlu
work of recovering property ant
quieting those suffering from the
All the injured, with the jxceptiot:
of two remaining, reached San An
tonio at 3 p. m. The baggage of the
wrecked train was brought In ar
hour and a half later.
That no one was killed is looked
upon as remarkable, as there was s
fairly large passenger list in the
chair car, this being one of the
coaches to turn completely over.
Scandal In Indian Society.
Muscogee, Okla., Sept. 17.—A
scandal which has created r sensa
tion in the best Indian society of Ok
lahoma, and which is still being dis
cussed In whispers by the bravei
and squaws of the redskin "foui
hundred," was brought to light by
a breach of promise suit recently
filed here. Jacob S. Brown, a weal
thy Creek Indian of the highest so
cial standing In his tribe, and sale
to be worth $150,000, Is the defend
ant In the suit, which was brough
by Mary D. Taylor, of Fort Smith.

More Than Eighty Thousand
Square Miles Territory Freed
in Two Years.
>> " J*'' ·*»· Λ t*'* -·.>»*.·· ·' «· ·*·*'"* >*, ·»»>· ****■.'?>.. 4
lnlested Area in Oklahoma and Other
States Curtailed by Livestock San
itary Boards—More Money
Is Wanted.
Washington, Sept. 17. — Members
of various siHle livestock sanitary
boards who are in session
here adopted the report of the com
mittee on the cattle quarantine line,
recommending the reduction of the
area under quarantine in states
where the fight against the cattle
tick has resulted in the freeing of
large portions of territory of the
There is no change in the lines in
TexAe. but the line in Oklahoma is
moved slightly southward. There are
no changes in the line in Louisiana,
Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama and
California but in «orne southeastern
states, where state and federal co
operation has brought about effective
results, the line has been pushed
south considerably.
Dr. Tait Butler of North Carolina,'
uhalrman of the committee, who re-*
ported on this matter, said, "1 can
not approximate the area added to
the taee dietrict by the convention
today, but ft will amount to several
thousand square miles. The fight on
the tick in the past two years has
resulted in diminishing the quaran
tine area by 80,000 square miles,
^whlch does not Include the créa rec
ommended to tie "freed Hy flit; L'Oiî
Yhe recommendations of the asso
ciations In this reepeet are submit
ted to the agricultural department
and this department In flying the
quarantine line, usually follows the
recommendations of the Interstate
as RltArjrJ} wc4? . . „
The Biwoclation also recommeded
ail lncioaso of the consr^aRlonal ap
' proj/rtgilaa· tor Krs ««.btîna ■&? Ho
.fever tick and urged stronger co
ayoratw to .ihe.j'tM?*..',!» <*«m
cira Gims jD lawyers
Visit Hospitals ïo l'ick lip Daiïiaye
Suits Against Railroad.
Fort Worth, Texasi, Sept. 17.—
"fl'W Ά» ?w swraVA*
the «entier «ex ha» been (lying a
new vocation In and about Fort
Worth. Owing to the severity of the
lawB and the greater severity of
other things, the game of "snitch
ing" hae ceased to be either a popu
lar or a profitable one for men to
perform. Bat Womankind has found
the play more profitable and excit
ing, and she is making for herself
a name that marks time with suc
A pretty, chic and attractive lot
of young ladles from 20 to 25 years
oV, read carefully the columns of
the newspapers, keeping their spark
ling eyes alert to see about peqple
Injured In rail «A4 accidents. l>et
there be an unfortunate In an acci
dent case and that victim Is at once
marked for favo^p. j f '
Only the other dây a pofbr'devil of
a trainman -good fellow and hon
eat, too—get mixed up in a f*il road
mlahap In such a manner tfeat he
was sentenced to serve thirty days
In a hospital before his Injuries
would permit htm to get about. .
Charming (llii Calls.
The second day he was there be
began receiving boqueta of flowers,
though none of his relatives live
here. After several boquets of flow
ers had been sent him, he was sur
prised one day to see a charming
—perfectly charming—young wom
an walk Into his room bearing flow
ers and fruit.
Thfa 15»t licit- ltir.il r.f ·
nun, but likod 11 un Λ c'.oa:!y
showed it. The fiext day came more
flowers and more fruit. The third
-day cake wa» added to the bill ol
fare and the amtles on the face ol
J te attractive young woman were
Writable ssalMams to the man who
"frfl-etUir t&rWtArdi
The next day in addition to the cake
flavor» and fruit waa, alao a goodly
portion 1>f sherbet aid also a nice lot
..|AÎ..llngfHng conversation.
Τ5!ι cScvw-sstlra ■ at JjlfttH
I that the young lady was the ageni
ι of an artificial limb factory and six
had a 11 undo who was using an arti
flcinl half foot. It was pitched so a:
to ht» quite encouraging.
A tilnck Waxy Knrni.
The next day the bill of fare was
maintained nicely and the conversa
tlon was broadened from artificla
feet to splendid lawyers. The younp
lady's uncle who was wearing the ar
tificial foot had recovered enough
money from the railroad from tht
loss of thai foot to permit him tc
buy a black «<tx> land tuim uni
"Λ Λ "ta l6Xu. ' Ci' t cit.Vf·
lawyers who got the money for hei
uncle could easily get a like ai:\ouh'
for the unfortunate man and well
he too. couM live in luxury ami own
<v· Msit it· "'··>-*.,■ ■ ..lis:
Ces-ir, Aau't-U.?
I never saw thro v. λ h th» «chenu
until the sherbet was being brcujfïî'
jyvlrt a 'Hljrojiij. lawyer Tuesday
then I talked it over with Hill, and
my suspicions were confirmed. II
■ju t happfn*4 tM* ci>.e.e ihet Wl'
.·*?♦. the .flir.iirft. that Λ·· tiWJKht...wji
his due, and we settled with •V.iai t>J
adding $250 to the amount, merelj
becauee he wanted to be fair witt
us. In addition to that we have eeer
to It that he will have a job Just a:
good as the one he left at the tlni«
of the accident, when he leaves th<
hospital. Rut the uew game Is wortl·
Operation ol Trains Between Here ant
Garrett to Be Resumed Sunday.
Official announcement has beer
made by the Houston and Texai
[•Central management that the traint
iformerly operated between this cltj
l*TTrt Qarrett are to be restored. Th<
equipment will be sent here fron
fennis Saturday night and the ser
flee will be resumed Sunday morn
fait. A schedule for the operation, ο
itlae trains has not yet been leceivec
«re, but It 1» understood that the:
«1 be run on the old time.
JThese trains were taken off las
spring because ot dull buetneae am
now the announcement that the
îviv -4A!
of gratification to the traveling put
lie. The news will be especially wel
oome to the people who live alon
the main line north of Garro't. Sine
the abandonment of the service las
spring t«ro days have boen requlrei
for Ferris and Palmer citizens ti
make a trip to Waxahachie and re
turn home.
Good Howl* In Kentucky.
! t.O«if>vll'e . Kv . Sept li.-A goo·
I roads convention, at which man;
{methods for improving the highway
(of the state"wili ue αοιιαΜΊΚά; *u
I opened today at Uie Kentucky fcJtat
fair. Sessions were also held toda
I by the Kentucky Horticultural Bo
]· rit·..r: ο '·>.·' A» ■ . 1Λ rw,. λ?
J.Roçiation and the editors of the stat
Thirty-One Cases and 1 welve
Deaths Officially
V^vVîi». rMi.i »■<»,·, ·»>-'
L_. ..."Γ3Γ^ „
Spread of Disease Alarms Authorities
- Wiio *1 akw\iictgeliY *Me.i.si^« s Ιο
Stamp It Out—Filipinos Are
tlie victims.
φ. .Mau.tla . Λ.7.. ..TWrtv-on«
cas«-s ul cholera have bt>i>u leporced
In this city In all and the deaths up
to the present time a γη twelve. A
free hand has been given the health
bureau in its campaign against the
disease and today 100 additional In
spectors were started out on a sys
tematic investigation of the sanitary
conditions of the city. The bureau is
devoting every efTort to the work
of stamping out the plague before .t
gets μι grip on the city. The churchei
and schools are co-operating in
this work, a general movement to
check the spread of the disease hav
ing been set 011 foot by the authori
ties and the health officials declare
that they are not alarmed, but are
confident that the city will be thor
oughly cleaned up and tha plague
situation under complete control
within ten days or a fortnight at
Another case has been reported on
the transport Sheridan, which Is un
der quarantine restrictions at the
Κ arbor quarantine station at Mariav
>s and the vessel will be detained
I an additional ten days.
' 80 far the cholera cases have been
f i.ïi-frï*»?-aViMvt •T*e.1uat':«J¥..Ae- . iV
" I Filipinos.
Lieutenant Governor of New York Is
.. . .. wM.s.T'.'r.·>'"«' '"ir G"veuir*·"
f ■ TeOchtxAistf it. V., · dom
inating all but one of Its candidates
V)v a.eif3*7p»Jlon, _ and adopting a
platform which urralgOH the admin
istration of Governor Hug£»*s ant)
pledge earnest support to the Den
ver platform and ndidates,. ihe
democratic * suu£"coiu νάΐΐόι, 'fèitàt
;<Λ :>·' Uiv ϊιρϊ'Λ «f
ticket for governor the present lleu
tonant gotvrnor of the maic, Lewis
Htuyveaant (.'hauler of Du tehees
county. The ticket decided upon by
ι V- î* -»Ar w ->\ίίΐΛ 'uumitiJν sge;
eâ to meet the approval of all the
delegatus and the nominations were
made with great enthusiasm until
the office of state engineer and gen
oral surveyor was named. The can
didate for this office wfcs Philip l'
Farley of Brooklyn, an anti-McCar
ren man. Senator McCarren, amid
the cheers of his supporters, took
the platform to "resent an insult.'
He declared the nomination of Far
ley was made without any considéra
tion for the Kings county delegatlor
and was Intended to cmbarrasi
them. He declared he would alwayi
support «democratic nominees, but
would not hold himself responuibii
for the people who felt themselvei
'■II lj, ' Ψ IJ Λ' -
1 ' "
1 Insulted. Farley wo·· on η roll -call,
j but a motion to make the nomination
1 unanimous was lost by two or three
I scattering negatives.
The San Jose Ollirials Issue Bench
Warrant lor Him.
Sherman, Texas, Hept. 17. Hj
lieved to be the murderer of six
persons twelve years ago, a man giv
ing the name of .lohn Hatfield, but
believed to be .lanies C. Dunham, is
In jail In this city. He has 1 cen held
here for the last week upon aupiclon
but not until today did the authori
se.·!-'itrsi i'jj.ii h *r*v r -vV
Tuesday night a picture and com
plete description was received from
Sau Jose, Cal., which gives much
•confidence to the belief that the offi
ciais have the^ right man. The arrest
of Hatfield put a sudden end to his
honeymoon, as but a few weeks ago
he married a young widow in Cooke
county, west "or here*," and' " seîtietf'
<1 own to farming.
>Ε!ρυ»γ. thrwend 4f>ll%rr <h«j
reward that was offered for the ar
rest of the man whose crime startled
the Oftuptrv t welve year's àgo. W'taW-'
lly of six was wiped out Wi lite cùtUl
and trom the time of the crime all
efforts to locate the arch-murderer
j t'aiieci." '8bum agU "WrtW ή\«"
tUu· th" .wimv . V>i"l. lymp
I traced to this vicinity and as a re
j-tiiilt. Hatfield '.vas arrested.
Thursday Judge Wtiioji. of Han
.Ipse Issued a bench warrant for the
·.· i-r hf w'U he.tike·». »o Cal
ifornia for ,l4eji(lflcatl(n. And If
found to be the man Will have to
stand trial for the crime. The arrest'
occurred near Woodbine, In Cooke
county. Hatfield denies his Identity
and claims to have no knowledge of
the sextuple murdeiM
One thousand dollars wan offered
as reward by the stale at ι he time
of the murder and $10,000 was οΓ
fered by relatlvee of the persons
killed. Hatfield has lived for a long
time In this section and here made
1 court to a young widow with oue
I child. This summer he mailed her.
She Is prostrated by the arrest and
'j refuses to believe he Is the man the
II police claim him to be.
Fresh CrâcKers
Just received a big shipment of In-er Seal and Brown's ; I
Crisp Soda Crackers put up in tins right out of the;:
"Ô'àkeTs OtftfTir -Timrïs-the bt,st'iùèa*e:xliy! y«:-»£2fHÎ
buy, and the price is the same as for the old style !!
box crackers. " . ·:-··- : ··:·;;
.Pumpkin Yam Potatoes .
Just received a shipment of the genuine PumpKin
Yima-the best potato on the market.
Fresh shipment Swift's goods
*nd Lard in 5 and 10 lb tins.
-Hums, Bacon
R.oy Connally Ô Co.,
I Wanted"
„ 00 familles
to send one
chU4 e»ch to
store to·
morrow (Friday) to I si a present.
Both Phones 3l Opposite P. O.
It's Impossible
to make mention of every ai tide sold by Us..
We have a complete stock of all kinds of
Groceries. You think of whattyou wtntf
and we'll send It to you. Our entire store is
packed full of good things ^.eat^ Phone ys.
ty. " · i'WiA *—· ■· - V""' WW-.v-w"'.». .^..^**«4.»
■ · ' ■ ι ί *
m m > ■ ;
W *'»■ Ί
"W- P. P. SMITH & CO. "*
\* -
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ «
Cotton, IuinIn middling H.O
Cotton Seed $10.0
Corn 50 to 66
Outs 46 to 50
Prairie Hay $7.00 to »8.0
Alfalfa Hay 110.00 to $12.6
Wheat, No. 2 $1.0
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Chickens, per dozen $3.0
Butter 2C
I' <4 θ'
W« have only a
limited supply of
these, the best
lu nch basket
made, so you had
better make vour
purchase before
they are all gone.
Two mes—35c £ 50c
Only th·
I\ careful dreset*r pay» partic
ular attention to his headwear
St \ le ch«ugen from season to
peason often brin# forth shapes
unbecoming to many men. It
therefore behooves you to
milk»· your selection at a
hi on·· tvriose mocks are sufrt
clont.lv oompri'housi.vM to per
mit a htvoMÎUk < uuioti. Oui··*
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tho season's good styles are
.ι;.·υ.ιν-!?.·ΛΙ.ΛΙ .ΛΥ". Ϋ,ί.Ι1, .'S*"*
il'. J'ftur i'RÎ! '.or t»>>' ■
purpose of 1ιι«ρ*·< ling our un- I
ΓΛβ. -hsîîîi -siîro-.r>w«* · :· —·. -Β - ■
Beacon - $3.00 I
"fCnox "" - $άψ f
Stetson - $4 to $7 |
•if *■ ~· * ·» ' J
Now is the ttrrp' to ofdvr voiir
Λ " '
If you want real good cloth
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Martin kubzuêb
Hl«h Clu· Mtrakul TtUtf
IMCaU·** · ·

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