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15.00 to 35.00
Many new styles on
display, correctly
made and stylishly
trimmed; materials
are Fancy Worsteds,
Chevrons and Broad
cloths in the popular
autumn colorings. . .
Nippon Suits
Euplon Oil
"*^e*FiÏÏM(y^nê£y~i>iTT 0»Κ»π«ΛΓΤ
Sfnoktlen» and Non-Exploaive.
To get the ben ι retult*. inxiat up
on pettûw the genuine Ëbf'tON,
which ie sold in Waxuharhie by
the £<UVowKi\K .trw<ih*i\'Ji.·
Heed·.·τ ft
Lynn U agor.
Mc Duffle Grocery Co.
W.'J\ C*ti*,v. "
F. U. KoKpr
H. A. Cooper.
Cole ft Carroll.
J. T. Kinharrfa.
P. P.' Smith ft Ço,
J. P. Dirfgd <ool. ι
Mra.C. J. C^KlOOa. ΙΟΙ >1'*<·>Ι·Λτβ
l^wmUm t. Α. ϋίτ—ί 6 W ot., Chleato
jMftU <iml mate
know that II you will lav·
ÎI eall you wIM thoroughly
nar tbrouvh the line, w
wf*h to buy or npt.
•aure to «how (Vman^
or nie with
, enjoy look
whether you
Regular daily service
having been inaugurated over tfyi
linen of the T. Α Η. V. Hy., train»
will run aa per following nchedule:
Leave UaUae . . .. β:20 a. m.
" WasahacW» 10-.85 "
" Coraicana. 11:60 "
" Tcague 1:46 ρ m.
Arrive Houaton. 7:45 "
Leave Houaton 8:00 a. m.
-<·*—- w -·&♦% y . m.
" g»rai£ataa. *.ύι "
Arrive Wwi^aahi· 6:80 "
·' Dallaa 6:46 "
♦ ♦
; ♦ KitoM TiiK ηκι.ΐ) ♦
' ♦ ♦
!♦··*·· -o- «·*«««
I On Wednesday, Sept. 16, 1857,
j ι In· re «an born to Jesse anil Sarah
Catherine Cox on Coon Creek, St
('lair county, .Missouri, a male child.
They christened hint William Ewell.
This event so important to him and
his parents occurred 51 years ago
next Wednesday. There were no
safely pins In those days but he was
as safe as (he pampered child of the'
present day. When he cried with the
colic there was no electric light to
turn on, not even a coal cil lamp,
the coals wore fanned to a flame and
a tallow candle was lighted, and in- [
Rtead of Cas.oria or soothing syr.tp !
recourse was hail to the aiafaetlda
bottle. In those days infants slept
j as soundly and grew as rapidly rock
ied In one half of a hollow tree as
! doeB the child of today tucked away
I In the most, costly cradle. When j
I teething time came ne got as good
»».· · ,, γ *·■-.»»»· *·*.».» j- ν». »- I
Hcrvlco out οι lin· miovei rr poKt'r
handle a.; children now get from the]
I rubber ring. When he began to play !
land to develop ills constructive skill'
I he got probably as much pleasure j
ί ο π ( οι ifiH m frntiitt orisnrTTuuSee -«trci 1
] nob wagons as the boys οΓ today!
UelYvt! '(Υύ(η pk'iUifj tlOCkt :ri.J tCJJ I
express wagons. The ravage* of the!
civil war coming on his home-made]
rit/itw·» ·.»«>· Hf.i .'.s- «amfofr~
able as ready-made suits of today.
He never even had a pair of copper
toed shoes, hut never knew liie dii
trri'/ae. When th\ /.v.uiiy w Ιη<; <\i
to l'exas drivi;.« w !e;<n ur.Ul
the Texas fever line was leached,
when ponies were procured, they
reached the point of destination as
surely and safely as (he trip might
! now be made on the Katy flyer. The
I first reaper he ever saw was a scythe
and cradle and the tlrat threshing
machine was run by an endless
chain power, and the chart was sep
arated from the grain by a fan run
by hand, but biscuits were better
eooSeii 'n an oven !.y the flro i.l.u-e
than the product of the costly kitch
en range of today and the toppings
of the red gravy after the ham was
fried in the skillet was tit for the
gods. He grew large enough to
plough a yoke of oxen to a wooden
mold hoard plow, which rendered
the soil more mellow than the lister
of today. With the single shovel or
the bull tongue plow to cultivate
the cotton and the corn, the refresh
ing rain and the genial sunshine
made the clops to grow as well as
where the latest model of the culti
vator turns the soil.
I ?r I1KII u«o PViiiuui uaj R v.UIUU il WH1K
of three or four mile» to η tog or llt
I UgJjoïJjousewHh »lnte, pencil, rea
der, copy book, \Vebstor'w bTue'bacfc,
Ood IiIchs the old blue back, and
MoQuffy'B reader, arithmetic and
geography, made hint feel like ell
ting on the puncheon Heat trudging
up the hill of knowledge, lie took
as lively Interest In IiIh studies and
probably progressed au rapidly ax do
iKê pupil»'<>(' (oiÎay in"tfiê TtiifoaniK '
brick structure with the advantage
Let Γιι tj-v vu\rt",-n tj\]>aTnt'λμ. Ri-ar'id 1
In a new country where no women |
I were Jiatl and no girl» forward, but I
; all modest and blushing and obtain
ing took! \^{ VU. ',V- U"i\tler
sex from the pure, noble llfo of mo
I ther. he looked upon women an su
V' Wr«r.r.ft" ϋ|/0Δ J»ï.ï hwî
.b.p««rt Inlinej) ηηή, Iq tjuth, "a
queen In cfkUcQ." lie worshiped
the sweetheart of hU boyhood youth
)>; iaAfiiéOO& an » Mrtn'.ly «nul
had be been a leader of a conquering
army would never have had hi» bo
bum to iifrtve will, hrtli th>j l;ti.io«t
pride that be possessed on the oc
caslou when he thraahed an Impu
dent tKiy (or offering her a alight In
dignity. When Drat ahe permitted
him In hta suit of clothea out and
made by mother to eacort her to
church, h« («It Ilk· the le»at of
Ood'a creature· blessed beyond all
comparison and that he would wade
through Are and blood before ahe
should come to any harm. Let uie
parenthetically atate that the man
or boy who would not tight a regi
ment of soldiers to protect the wom
an entruated to hla care ought to be
forced to grate with the cattle. The
above la not lutendèd so much aa
personal hlatory aa · description of
the country boy who grew up In a,
sparsely aettled country at the time
here aet forth and who tolled for hla
dally bread. That waa a time before
the Institution of the worship of
fashion and fortune. Some of the
fathers of thoae boya are allll here
and I feel like a child again when
I see them. Iiut before I cloae I must
not fall to state that I met that
sweetheart I have been telltng about ι
laat Saturday for th· Brat time In ι
twenty-eight years. X went to For
reston and told that widow about <
her hut she, from some cauae, waa
not near as much elated as I was. ι
We never appreciate the sentiment
of "How dear to ny heart are the (
scenes of my childhood" till the
"«Uv»r threads get, thick among, the ι
gold "
Ft rut Monday brought κ large
crowd to town but very dull buel
nt-H* In the newspaper Une. W. R.
iiuardtiii ou Vvaxahaciile 3 i"u-«.'Ut«reJ
school after an absence or a tew
nionlha and I hope ^pw to hold him.
fir·? W»M&· Vsm*
hut Utfur·» up to 0$. Mr.
Saunders. Prof. J. B. Baker told me,
that he cured sore head among hi·
chlckM· bjr putting pine tar on the
affected part. Leaving Waxahachle
ua Tuatâ*/ l-touudt yr. ^ .w o~,
Pofreeton"" ΓIal? ûi> 'Wfïll'a- Λ\*ι· èOt j"
In· turned over .nut got .1 dollar and
had 111c vend tin· paper 10 his wife,
■W 1 Γ» lieiilrtli Tiipj. \* Il -lit. ! Ρ·Ί* t Cï
lin· residence of S II Mow , where
I fed myself, resled my ponies and
enjoyed the lime socially. Sam is
from Giles county, I'ulaski IV I) , and
Is tu 1 '· of Interesting reminiscences
of h is boyhood days and is a Rood
farmer. I did not lay oui that η I κ lit.
Wednesday morning I found ('has.
Genn 011 Foreston ;t acting as judge
of the troubles of his cotton pickers
and some other negroes. He dispos
ed of one case while I was there and
had settled one before I came. Hav
ing renewed him for another year 1
was about to leave when 1 saw a
yellow-legged Plymouth rock killed.
It Is useless to tell the rest. At the
Nash gin I learned that Tollie Mar
tin had had more cotton ginned
than any one else In the communi
ty. He told me today he had 22
bales out. Night came on and I came
to li. it. Alexander's on Waxahaelile
7. I hung up my merry wi low and
spent tin nlglit with about as Jovial
λττ,τ· . r·?cr .rr r.- m tw·
the good fortune to meet. The next
morning 1 went to Ua> mal from
there to ti. U. Boron's. Mr. Dorcn Is
75 years old, a native of Texa.s and
iHU) -Ik <·■··} irtiil vV*>.** lu». ΛΜΙ·Κ.
fil years. I found the family sadrien
wl ty ',lv> JTwc'a liiiti ά.ΛΙμ"
married Mr. It. s sister. He died at
Portales, Ν. M,, on the 7th. 1 also
Ittauural 'Μ',,ΐν'ΐ ".yvj.
the fact that I'arson's Brigade
would hold Its reunion at. Hay next
y oar. Mrs. Α. M Slmckolford »·»? cm Ν
frCM\\ the effects of a sprained
ankle but she said she could not do
without the Enterprise and 1 got a
dollar. J. A. dross was at home on
Knnis 4 and made my heart glad.
At VV. E. Heagor's I spent the night
and put Mrs. Heagor's name on my
list. Mr. and Mrs. It. and the two
children live comfortably on η good
farm. \V. K. Wright was hauling
some corn fodder and later I saw
him breaking the land. I saw several
corn tlelds listed In that community.
1 took dinner twice at Brown Bros,
store. They are doing .1 good busi
ness. The Hay Gin is one of the
finest in the county and J. M. Hen
derson seemed to be doing a thriv
ing business at his cotton yard. Ray
also has a new depot. .1. L. 81ms was
gone from home but I got a drink
of water and had a pleasant chat
with Mr. and Mrs. W. 0. Rogers. I
was at the residence of A. Qoforth
twice but he was gone each time. H.
A. Slocum of Ray had come In with
a load of freight from W'axahachie.
Ho joined tln> hand. J. L. Alexandria
was out In the field gathering corn
and renewed his paper. Stalling on
toward town I stopped and watched
H. W. Sweeney wedge up an old
IV, ■·»<*. *fcurVs-.Jde 'via ss>l'l·
his farm but has not yot decided
where he will locate. Seeing I look
ed a little fagged he hitched up aud
took me nearly to town in hie bug
gy. Saturday the flrut man to get
right on my list was U. S. Taylor of
Hay. Then came R. R. Turner, an
. Jv -Si'irJiU
take Borne more reading. Λν. P. Sill-1
Uval), a native of the Had Oak com-]
munity, but now on vViixiift&fbie Τ
took $3.00 worth of Dally Light. W
I? fMot!:. '"i ' W-Ax^h.'t. hi- R.<;ïU- Γ.,
went down and got α dol
lar. hJ. L. Binges*, who («nut, on
Waxahaehle No. 7, was In town and
taxe m«.« hs. nrtfi? jb( . ». f J'b.
W. N. Shumate, on Waxanachle 7,
iiiui Ilie send (.tie BftltVfpriôo (ο lr!k
eon, L A. Shumate, at Toxarkana.
Ark N. (J. Anthony, an old timer,
had bin f.guro» aet \vy a year. \ a'.
ways liked Bud and don't think any
tens of him now. J. il. Γι'β-άοιι w.is
In from Italy No. I He gave m« a
subscription and reported a good
crop. He is plucky, for thlc is bis
third year to cultivate land In Cham
ber· erMk bottom. The tralu coming
In on the Katy, I visited the Forree
tou widow, borrowed a tub from a
neighbor, waahed my brechea, hung
them out to dry and went to bed.
There are some light crops around
Howard, but I found in my travels
laat week some good cotton and the
farmers tell me that so far they have
no trouble gottlng hands. May hap
piness and prosperity attend the way
if you al(. Amen. DILL COX.
Irf'ttcr to M. II. H»y.
Waxaharhle, Texas.
Dear Sir : You buy horses. What
will you give for five that'll travel
17 8 8 10 mllea an hour—one looks
is good o« another, one eats aa
Hitch aa another, alike except go?
You've got "no use for a horse
hat can't go in ore than 8 miles an
lour?" We thought so.
Well, Uevoe Is a paint, 10 gallons
>f which Is enough for your house—
f It Isn't too big. If you use the next
>est paint, It'll take 11 gallons; an
ilhur 12 13 14 15 IS 17 18 11) 20;
ou can dud a paint that'll take
iver 20 gallons.
What'll you give for that row of
mints, begin at the end of the row?
Saine aa you'll give for the six
nlUJhiKML. *b t Wa ttaujsM m>a_ ...
Pr y - wher» £«» ·. Uv o\ h"--w
ο sell, we shan't call on you.
Youra truly, !
09 V. W. UEVOE.
t\ a. Wuaahaohle Luuii^r Com
>any sell» our paints.
--WiaiiVi -VAVU UImmU .
CalG»«ll, l'tua, &<!#(.. ii.—01îv«m
Vomble. cashier of the Caldwell Na- 1
tonal Dank, shot himself through ι
he head at hi» poat of duty y ester- <
ay kt noon, dying Instantly. He ι
o* » *1cm> V. Mm* ι
Mrs ( rulilli Spi-;ik . in Reliall c! Re j
tiring cnsulrnl <>l ·\κΙ Society. i
Monday afternoon after Hit» regu-1
lar business mooting of the I.uitii
Aid Society of 1 he Central Presby
terian church, of which Mrs II llel
land has been the president the past
year, Ihe new president, Mrp. O. II
Chapman, took the chair and in her
quiet manner asked Mrs Κ 1). Crid
dle to say a few words In behalf of
the retiring pr. ddent. To Mrs. Crtd
dle's earnest word» and for the re
membrance, Mrs. llelland. In her
pleasant manner, thanked the La
dles' Aid Society and said all she
had done was done to glorify Christ.
Mrs. Crlddle spoke as follows:
On this occasion. I would be in
deed ungrateful did 1 not acknowl
edge I hi' compliment paid me in be
ing selected to express th · senti
ment and feelings ot the Ladies Aid
:sor ïef> η ο ΓΓΤΤίΤΓΓι ΧώΓτιττιΤΓ,ηη,ττ
of th" responsibility for woods are
but feeble, yea empty messengers
in conveying the Innermost prompt
ings of hearts full of love, borne
ilowVi ο; ,ιί,ι ·Γήητ.·κΐ.··«· <rf*a*.wnwt*rt>r»ï- ·
Just to think that Mrs. llelland, our
pMViirr;; ,;w -if.i.-.ti t*-S
anrt untiling workers, Is to leave us!
There will be a vacant chair In
•mt* ·+>+·* : fcttl* .ïi" iv\"4 .
been occupied, and one that will
ever remain empty.
ill ('his connection. î ieciwl «iUÎÎû
vhW-.v m; 'vrtr. aa y»nr prwtdwit
\Vhll>' "Mr little band has been as
faithful as the three hundred Spar
tans at the I'ass of Thermopylae,
with dlspargement to none, this
one whom we delight to honor this
afternoon Is the "noblest Roman of
them all." It has always been her
pleasure to aid wiiotietei «ίο! Ahcr.v
ever the occasion arose.
It Is a bit of my philosophy of life
that true greatness consists of true
service rendered, and she, who out
of α heart of love and a spirit of al
truism contributes to the well being
of this world is. after all one ot the
greatest laborers in her Master's
Mrs. llelland. you have, by your
servi·»· in the different phases of
our church work, erected for your
sen il monument. me inscription hoi
written in water, tint traced in Band,
but emblazoned on the hearts of
our entire membership.
As a alight token of our appre
ciation of your service, of our abid
ing love, of our sincere good will
for you and yours, in behalf of the
Ladles' Aid Society of the Central
Presbyterian church. I have the hon
or and the pleasure of presenting to
yw it».:>··.«>:!»:
By virtue of the association may
each lunch have an additional good
cheer and may your repose on this
pillow, with the conscientiousness of
the prayers and benedictions of
these, your friends.
For. forget you %ve wtl! never.
TTJu "iTKJ νΠΛίΙΓΤsJD'u-TWffJ·-ÀT.Tm-r
the vase if you will
~ JlUJ (Jie scent of the roses will
cling to it still."
Vrtt « A.W < «\(ίΠ1ΆΤΙΟΧ
by taking purgatives, suits, or other
drugs that act harshly or violently
upon the stomach or bowels.
Λ 5H.IU UiU.
you that purgatives of any charac
ter distend (he bowels anu weaken
the elastic tissue.
"•(v-m-fi, ιrvTv»Uf.»ii~r,. r-Mr.ove ♦>«.
cause. Tue cause ui tùi>6tii>i.tl<ui 1«
Indigestion. If your food digested
properly It would continue on from
(he stomach through the bowels,
and would be eliminated without
effort and with regularity.
Ml-o-ua tablets cure constipation
by curing your indigestion. H is not
a purgative. It Is α stomach tonic
and more—it tones up, strengthens.
Invigorates, refreshes and Injects
new life Into the worn out muscles
Df the stomach, and In a short time
makes the stomach hardy enough to
digest anything you eat. It is a pow
erful yet harmless stomach tonlo,
and lis resistless influence on the
jtomach Is astonishing.
Try Ml-o-na for constipation. One
hox will euro you of ludlgoatlon;
Lwo boxee will relieve you of consti
pation. a net beet of all, Ml-o-na la
iurh an economical remedy. A large
box only coat 50 cents, and then, It
k'ou are not satisfied with reunite
llooo & Curlln, the druggists, will
give you your money back.
Ml-o-na uurea ali stomach dlaor
leru whether acute or chronic, auch
»b dyspepsia, vomiting, over-lndul
tence of the night before, sea or ear
tlckness, stomach sickness or pros
>ectlve mothera, etc.
Read thi» from the president of
ι New York corporation:
"1 have been α terrible aufferer
roui dyapt'pala and gaatrttla (or two
ears. The moat eminent physlclane
ireacrlbed for me with no effect. I
lave been absolutely cured by your
d<-o-na_ tab|eta. The first one gave
i,f » relief almost Incredible. Very
iratefully youre, Herbert H. Tay
oV, 501 West 143rd Street, New
fork City." χ
To Wltoiu It liajr Concern,
ϊ wtah to state that all persona
-«xiivdUL JSlUttSjUtfS;.,
*<<}»* «Ι'.εβΜ,Γϊ c\î ν>τ
tlnd, representing we In any man
ier, either by name, or claiming any
onnectlon with ta» whatever, are
raude and Impoatera. I hare no
'gwt _t)artn«r, or representative.
nn> a ;ιτλ· etajwHrtt ' ♦* >■«aiese -
[or. All spectacle peddlers will be
prosecuted for using my name In
any manner after publication of this
notice. d&wtf
$104) licwnrd. λΙΟΟ.
The readers of this paper will be
lileased to leurn that there 1h at j
least ono dreaded disease that
eclenco has been able to cure In nil 1
Its stages, and that is Catarrh. Hall's !
Catarrh Cure Is the only positive !
i-ure now known to the medicinal
fraternity. Catarrh being a constltu- 1
llonal disease, requires a constltu-j
tional treatment. Hall's Catarrh '
Cure Is taken Internally, acting di
rectly upon the blood and mucous
bUWJti-'eB '6f "circ"t.firrTr,-, <o··
stroytng the foundation of the dis
ease, and giving the patient
strength by building up the consti
tution and assisting nature In doing
Its work. Tho proprietors have so
much faith In Its curative powers
.>■ itelwf
lars for any case that It falls to
cure, ftencj. for list of,testimonials. i
Address: F. J. Cheney & Co., j
Toledo, Ohio. |
ùuiii by UiUKgioib, Tic.
Take !!«!!'» Karciîy PHH for con
stipation. d&w
■w ."
Jamily Sri'ndstoncs
Every family should have one.
Call to see them at
Jfcowell hardware Co
'A*·. »»»«# .·» WMkM* vV « · ·*·,+** M MA' ·«- --·>»►: ' «W -]||· - -■ -f» ^
Give Us a Chance
All' we Vânt"to prove io "you"*"tRat
is really all that we claim for it is a chance.
We take the chance and you take ihe iIjui
on our persôli'ïi'^viarantë'e1. ~ """" "
Once used always used
For sale by first-rlasH Grocers.
Modern Milling «S M'f'g Co.
lient on the market. I keep no other
kind. lOo per doi, 75o per hun
dred. My meats are the bent money
can buy. 1 have everything found
In a f Ι γη! elan» market and my prliM»H
are right. Call and see If thin Is
the truth. ^
Η. N, Nycum.
Chammii) s ûougti Remeay
Cure· CoUln. Croup aua Whor^is? voucb·.
um1 ·!λ· **v — ' *—
..«Your Fall Suit
Yesterday we revived a shipment of large
new samples for fall Suits, the lot contains
some nobby patterns and before you order
you had better see what we have.
Fans! Fansl Fans!
Get you a fan and keep cool.
We have plenty of both Ceiling and Deak Fana in atock·
Phone us and we will do the rest.
Waxahachie Electric 4 Gas
>ur full-paid and non
American Mining & Milling Co.
P. O. Box 1066. Dalian, Tmm

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