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Easy to wear;
Hard to wear out;
Fit well; look well:
are s ri'iu h ca ιμΜ:ι·. \
a· m ι es iris'i Li -
ι η s'trr .;th krv e,
he· I and to - Pii d
yarn p< nmts no we ik
p· int < I li t lasîk it ν
evt r wh re insur
ing pt ι feet tit lhebt->t
ν ilue ν ο u
ever knew.
Me st ir & Cii as kaj
♦ ·"
♦ NEW8 OF ΤΗ Κ ΗΤΑ < J Κ. ♦
♦ *\
♦ ♦ * * * ♦ —- ■■■* 4P» *"·*'«*
The KhiiKy of Laughter.
"What would you think of mi I
endless chain of letters on >h·· κιιιι
ΓΓ? of âskei/ Ή ill .\ΓΓι ΓΊ ι fTy".~
"Some one who deacrlbed himself
anonymously as 'one who 1ms laugh
ed many timet* with you', has sent
me a poem which contains all the
philosophy of health and happiness.
I should like to know who wrote It.
Don't you think a lot of good would
come of makliiK an endlesN letter
chain of It? Here It Is:
"Are you worsted In a flgnt?
Are you cheated of your right?
Laugh it off,
Don't mnke tragédien of trifles, I
Don't shoot butterflies with rifles—j
Laugh It off.
Does your work get Into kinks?
Are you near all sort of brinks?
Laugh It off.
If It's sanity you're after,
There's no receipt like la.ighter—
Laugh It off."
'Tinier Southern Skies."
The pleasant* announcement Is
made that "Under Southern Skies"
Is to re-appear at the υ pent house
soon. "Under Southern Skies" has
become a standard attraction and
those who attend the performance
are certain of "getting their money's
worth." This Is the eighth season
of this delightful drama which hae
"been piiy<Mt' bè'fbre nutnJ ('ιΜ V,
and fashionable houses since It ap
peu rod here luKt season. Its popular
.»>; v ··.·"'· 1» · ,t+t
succeeding visit as it te one of those
piny» which people like better every
Uvey .*tcv. V , .'V.,"c. rvtMsrTv.on'
of "Under Southern Skies" haH
provided the play with nn entirely
jioh un<l vtiy l/c.tiua'ul licenk: equip
xkU Sax Uvla. saassa-.w-VaML-..·
tumeu will he worn. The Hallowe'en
celebration and pumpkin dance
which are Huch enjoyable features
of the performance will be as en
tertaining as before and will be In
a measure new and even to those
who have already seen them as new
songs and dance figures will be used.
Τ. Λ Η. V. Finally Perfect* Joint.
Freight Terminal l>enl.
Fort Worth, Texas, Sept. 18.—Be
ginning Monday morning, the Trin
ity and Brazos Valley road will be
gin using the ftock Island tracks be
tweeu Fort Worth and Dallas, and
all freight Intended for shipment
over that line to points thereon will
be received at the Hock Island
freight depot as heretofore.
Ou that date the Trinity >nd Bra
zos Valley will begin using the Syl
vanla yards at Riverside. The plans
of the Trinity and Brazos Valley
were delayed on account of the fact
that connections were not completed
at Dallas.
In all probability It will be but a
short time before the Frisco will be
„!i; utiing t!;t Γ.ι!τ^»!.κ. ί,ίΙ'κΐΓ a.tù
deliver freight to the Valley route
at Irving, on the Hock Island Dallas
line. Vice President W. B. Drake Is
at present in St. Louis In conference
with the higher officials of the Fris
co, completing arrangements bo that
the cutoff may be used. The visit!
■<>! ·Μγ vmrirtr·£t:~-e.utrts h r
than planned, he having received
word from Itall rond CommltjsJonçr
Colquitt thai it would be Impossible
to make the Inspection trip over the
fltH bf 'lié Rio OftinuY· this week, soi
Mr Drake was able to move up Ills {
SI. I/in Is visit.
Mr. Drake is expected hack with
in the next few days, In all
probability the date when the Fris
co will commence train service over
the cut-off from Carrollton to Irving
will *>* ■ · !
Rm|iUi>d In Prwl—Γη·ιιΙ·
■«η* AU (to un Hpre».
Frankfort, Ky., Sopt. 18.—Scores
of coloç(ap living la the region of
the town of Midway have taken to
w&ter and are obtaining their "sou
ses" with flahing pole·.
When Qreenbauer's distillery,
which, for aome reason or other, waa
situated near the creek, waa dea
stroyed by fire, 80,000 barrels of
firewater were emptied Into Elk horn
creek, and the nest day every flah
that Inhabited the creek bolcw Mid
way had a "hangover."
The whiaky floated down stream
nt the rate of two inlles an hour.
Fishermen along the banks noticed
that the water suddenly was assum
ing the color of their own bait. They
were astonished to see staid old
members of the flnny tribe that* had
behaved themaolvea decorously for
years suddenly flop out on the bank
and attempt to climb a tree. Turtlea
came daggering up the elopea, pur
sued by crawfishes bent on a fight.
Everything below the water Une
seemed to have been drinking like a
It was a glorious day for the flab·
es, but a sad one for the fishermen.
The former were too drunk to see
the liait. Crowds lined the creek all
the morning watching the antics of
the fish.
(uiilulc liidJuii» «lid Albright Col
lege Will Play First Game.
New York, Sept. 18.—With the
H rat Important game, that between
the Carlisle Indians and Albright
College, scheduled for tomorrow, the
I HON football season lu the <-Mt will
ji£ ioi'iuàTly"'ffpeiïSîir_" AcCbroinji" to",
reports, the redskin eleven is this
year unusually strouf and will likely
make a good showing.
Not until a week from tomorrow,
Sept. 16, will any of the other big
kwUwss -si"--Air. "ΧΛ..
Iron. On that date Pennsylvania will I
play Its first game o! the Tfsaon at ]
Philadelphia. with Went Virginia as J
is opponent. Brown will nlny New
Hampshire and Syracuse «ill meet |
Wednesday, September 30, will 1
κ· (hi· big football Inaugural day. j
t'aie will net Into the game by play- ι
UK Wesleyan at New llaven. llar
uill will have lis initial name at
"ambridge, with Howdoln, and
Dartmouth will play Vermont at'
I'rlneeton, Cornell, West Point
itid Annapolis will play tlieir first
tu mes on Saturday, October 3, and
rom ι hat dale until November +
a'hen the season ends with the an
lual struggle between the elevens
>f the army and navy academies,
•very Saturday and Wednesday will
>e marked by important contests be
ween the football gladiators.
From present appearances, Yale
ins the best chances of carrying off
he premier football honors of the
ountry. Harvard Iooks weak, and
(11·( η pet ο ti Cornell \Vest
Λ®.·*». V,.-«
I'olnt. Annapolis or Pennsylvania
•an produce eleven that, according
ο the dope of the wise ones, will
je able to take the measure of the
itrong team of Old Bit.
Hit Old Ccllega Chums.
Λ β"«ηΛ'Κ4^ν- wn -λ .s.·.»"·. *<l
put Borne tramps (iff tlu> train They
were riding In η box car The brake
man dropped Into the cflr and snld.
"SY'herc are you fellows going?" "To
Atchison." "Well, you can't go to
Atchison on this train «o cet off"
"You cet," came the reply, and as the
brnkemiin wn8~*lôok'lng "InicT Τ Tic*" busi
ness end of a gun he took the advice
given blrn and "got." lie went hack to
the caboose. and the conductor asked
him If he had put the fellows off.
"No," he answered, "1 did not have
the heart to put them off. They want
to go to Atchison, à ml, besides, they
are old schoolmate» of mine" The
conductor used some very strong lan
guage and then said he would put
them off himself. He went over to the
car and met with the same experience
as the brnkeman. When he got back to
the caboose, the brnkeman said, "Well,
did you put them off?" "N'aw, they're
school mates of mine too."—Wellington
(Ivan.ι News.
Halevy and the Due da Morny.
It may not be generally known In
what circumstances Halcvy owed his
advancement In the French civil serv
ice to the hue ile Morny. The duke, an
amateur of the arts, had begun to write
the libretto of a comic opera of which
Offenbach was to provide the music
He found that he hud not the time- or
perhaps that he had not the talent—to
flulsh It lie sought η collaborator, anil
Hnlev.v enme to the rescue nnd kept
his secret. When, therefore, the otlice
of the ministry of Alcerln. which ho
held, was suppressed lie had no hésita
Mon In asking his nugust patron for the
post which he sought on the Journal
Officiel. "Tho very thing!" exclaimed
the duke. "There Is six months' vacu
tlon when the chamber Is not sitting,
so that you will havo plenty of time
ι rile for the stage." And he gave
fiîlii "h IRiii'ui HÎtT
ment, consisting of the simple words.
."MaJIfe.nrrinijpmcnU tn <r.lvo the bearer
tho poet for which ba will aak you."—
Waatmlnater Oacette.
Nor a Hoapltal Elthar.
"Talking of our British cousins?" In
quired the tax attorney of the South
ern Pnclflc. "Well, I hwû one the
other day. Big fat Britisher shoved
into one of thoae compartments at the
last moment. There was an American
In ttiere read'P* hi*. t?e»v.»ij«il>er .
"'It'? sixty roll»". κ- ι**;· utrtlon." re
marked the Kngllshman. 'and, I aay,
old chap. I'm ireuiiug myself for a
wounded fool, and I ««y. If you don't
mind, I'll put aome of this Iodoform on
my unkle. Beastly «mailing stuff!'
"'Go ahead,' aald the American. But
when ha got the full odor of It be
shoved up a window and pulled out a
cigar and lighted It and began puffing
away vigorously.
'"Her·, here, my good fellow,' pro
tested the englishman, thla Is no
amok tog compartmentr "—Ran Fran
cisco Chronicle.
Αι Other· ··· U·.
MMam-»ahlb," aaked a young Bait In
dian girl of her EaslSeb elaU-ws, "r.hj
do you wear tbo·· aad colorai I don't
Ilk· them."
"I ara lu mourning, Lattoo. It la tbe
euatom of Bugllab ladle·."
"But black la tb· color of night, mem
aahlb, and jat you bat lev· that when
you ale you go to beaven at one·. Than
why not be glad for your frlMda wbo
die and wear color· »ucb a· we »ee In
bird· and flower· and falling water
wben tbe «un (blue·? Go«l doesn't
make your color·. Ab, well, Cbrlatlana
are atrange people!"—From "Tbe In
dian Alp·."
A Weman'i Country.
Tbe French woma ii may not be ·ο
claaalcal lu form or outline aa many of
England'· beautiful women, but «be
ba· undoubtedly tbe gift of cbann, and
by virtue of tbla elusive, tantalizing
quality she ba· for ceuturlea bewitched
and enthralled all tbe meu of ber coun
try. ■ ireta+u
rlddon country and ulso tbe iuu«t
peaceful, prosperous and contented.
The women rule by charm.—Stormy
The Old Matter.
M litres· (to new servant)—I muat
iltliV -ac».-, aet > trjrU fti ti.«r «hi
ΗΓ tb«Old Master* with a wet rag,
but art ft dry, eoft.cloth only. Serv
ant— Mercy on ua, maria; be 1 to wash
tb· maatorT—Loudon Tatler.
kùod preaching, but of good baarlng.—
«11*11» IIKAI.S \ FKl'l».
Man and (itrl « » t' Warring |-'nmllle«
Klope anil \re Married.
Huiler, l'a Sep' 1* De«plte η
feud ιliat has la i n in existence for
2n years betwv.n tin· fumilles of
John Davidson and .luetic·1 of the
Peace Dunbnr of Waters Station,
near here, a daughter of Davidson 1
and a son of Dunbar, eloped the
other day to Cumberland, Md., where
they were married.
They returned late at night and
are making their home at the resl-j
deiu'e of Suuhv Dunbar, pending the
derision reached b> the girl's father. !
Miss Vera Davidson was 17 years!
of age and her sweetheart, Ralph ]
Dunbar, was ϋιι years of nge. Each !
had known of the friction between
the heads of the respective house- l
holds, but Vera decided ι lint this did i
not affect the love match.
When her father came down for |
brenkfust, ne found lus daughter had j
written η note savin? she bad eone ι
to Pittsburg. The father did not like ι
the tecor of the note as he suspect
ed his daughter and the son of Ills
worst enemy bad become to.i friend
ly. He followed to Pittsburg, but too
fate Til" yotiiiK pe<V(ifi·"fiau ni· t (here·
and fled to Maryland. Dunbar, on |
iw.r.iig err T?ie T7op'rtiratr λ'κγ λλ: ;
for his daughter to be brought right I
back home to him and the old feud |
Î6' history·.'· !
+ ' ί·:.'·\·- .|'«;ιμ·
Accommodât ions.
Atlanta, (la., Sept. 1*. Four bis
hops of the African Methodist Epis
copal church appeared before Spe
cial Agent Smith of the interstate
commerce commission here yester
day In support of the claim of dis
crimination against the colored race
on certain railroads in the south
with the request that equal accom
modations be given to all persons.
Discrimination Is alleged against
the Seaboard, 'he Richmond, Fred
ericksburg & Potomac, the Southern,
the Central of Georgia railroads and
the Pullman Car company.
For the defense a dozen promin
ent railroad men appeared, Including
General Manager Johnson of the
Central of Georgia, General Passen
ger Agent yan of the Seaboard, Gen
eral Passenger Agent Taylor of the
Southern and General Superintend
ent Martin of the Southern.
9100 Reward, «100.
The readers of ttils paper will be
pleased to learn that there is at
least one dreaded disease that
science has been able to cure in all
. <♦* «,Πρ,ΐΜ. ρηΊ 'he' Is CMatrh. fall's
Catarrh Cure Is the only positive
cure now known to the medicinal
fraternity. Catarrh being a constitu
tional disease, requires a constitu
tional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cure is taken Internally, acting dl
Ireetlv noon the blood and mucous
surfaces of the system, thereby de
stroying the foundation of the die
case, and giviiig ffttS ' patient
strength by building up the consti
tution· unii RfjelRtinft· n<itaib \u ilohnf
its work. The proprietors have so
much faith in Its curative powers
thet they offer One Hundred Dol
lars for any case tuat 1c rails CO
ruc>i. ,3ensJ fo'- H»t of teeHroouto1*
Address: F. J. Cheney £ Co.,
Toledo, Ohio.
Soli! by DrtigglsU. 76c·
I Take Hall's Family Pills for con
ihtlpatlou. (1&W
Hand Caught lu lUlu ripe.
New York, Sept. 18.—Climbing to
the roof of a house to recover a
baseball which had been knocked
there, 15-year-old Clarence Yerkea
of Roxborough put his hand down
Into a rain spout to recover the ball.
HI) hand became flrraly lodged there
and he waa not released for more
than an hour, at th« end of which
time a tinsmith was called In to help
To free the lad it was necessary
for the tinsmith to cut the entire
spout away from the roof h ml tear
up a pert of the roofing. The boy
was not Injured In the proceaa.
Tree llloasoni· While fleering Fruit
Fort Dodge, la., Sept. 18—Apple
treea In the yard o! Mra. C. H. Han
aon of this city are a wonderful
freak of nature. Last year the trees
blossomed three times and bore a
big crop the first time, a good crop
the second time, but which was de
stroyed by froat when the applea
were the sUe of haxelnuts, find
while the tblrd blossoms were on the
I tree. This year the drat crop of ap
ple· U weighting down the frees and
at the same time the second act of
blossoms Is emitting spring-like fra
grance on the late summer air.
K|MM>iilug I'arlor in Churvli.
St. Louis, Sept. 18.—Because resl
ihtiirs ot- llio piirW district* t-c-c
plain to the police of the municipal
ity of loving couples In the parks,
ltev. Dr. W. F. Andrews of the Cen
tenary M. K. church, south. has
established what the young people
call a "spooning parlor" at hie
church. All girls and young men of
" icooU *ϊϊίΛ%ν _ Vèicodj£" ιό ύ£ϊ "i'iiù "
place for billing ând cooing
InterpwIliucDtMT Union.
Berlin, Sept. 18.—With tho United
States, Mexico and nearly all of the
JAUR·^ .JfWWtt· "t.
and central America represented by
dWlnC'jlihed delegate», the Inter
natloua! Interparlimentary Union :
begun Its sessions in Ue>'lin today. ;
Many important matters connected 1
with national and International law I
and pariimentary procedure are |
slated for discussion.
To l.uuiuli North Daketu.
Washington, Sept. 18.— Reports
received at the navy department
state that the North Dakota, the
giant battleship now building at !
Fore River, Mass., Is Hearing com- !
plot ion and will be ready for launch
ing within two montliH. The new
vessel will be surpassed by but tew
in the navies of the world and will 1
tie one of the sneedlest battlesbip*
Natioiml < hanipitm*liipK.
New York, Sept. 18.—Uuder the
aiispiree of the New York Athletic
Club, the national senior and Junior
championships of the Amateur Ath- !
*AW" ■ ! nrfotr urtwf * ι caï/i? at- -j
Travers Island. Many athletes of ι
wovlt)-wide rçnqte are entered in the
contests, which include the regular
track and field events. The final will
"6e Veld tomorrow. " * ** ' Γ
The family medicine in thouaaikU or
aouies for fiS yeart· — Dr. Thacnei'j Li vet
'ud Blood
• Ί·1· !l ■I1·1 .»«.■■■■ «■ I ■
Euplon Oil I
lrfce't^«i7i»jly"Satety* i3Ti";'
Smokeless ami Non-Explo»lve.
To gut thfl (wst results. insUt. uj>- _ i
on getting the genuine 1CUHÎON," fl
which id «old in Waxahai'hie by I
the following i»cr«hants:
Mender & Thomas.
Lynn R-ugor.
McDuffie (irocery Co.
W. J. Curlule,
F» O. K*'sot,
H A. Cooper.
Colo A CfcrroU.
J. T. Ri"h»vd*.
P. P. Srn^h & Co.
J. P. Diggu (col )
Mr·. C. J.OklOll, 141 Marvin*
■•presenting C. A. Mevena Λ Br··., CMii
Si· now ready lor your tnap#Af
i· beautiful laahion plat·· ahuwi
av-Kv■iv.r'Kter .,H
been our plttaaur· to ahow au many
beautiful atyle* *nd material·, and I
know that Π you will favor ine with
f. o»ll you will thorouehlr »n|oy look·
ne tnrouirh the lino, whrllur you
wfah to buy or not.
Leave Dallas 9:20 a m.
" Waxahocliio 10:85 "
" C'iriicana 11:50 "
" Teague 1 ;4>'i ρ m.
Arrive Houston 7:46 "
Zi'AW llcrastvrr " -frAb-trm -
" league ... .7." . .T. ϋ:45"ρ ta.
" Coraicana 4:10 "
Arrive Waxnhachie 6:80 "
" Dalles 0:45 "
C. T. A P. A. |
Regular daily passenger service
having been inaugurated over the
line» of the T. Α Β. V. Ky., train*
will run a· per following schedule:
family Si/nets tones
Every family should have one.
Call to see them at
>eut on th» market. I keep no other
find. 10c per doz, 75u \>er hun
lred. My meat* ure tho b«'(t money
•an buy. I have everythlnK found
η a flr*"^ rljHR^njjjrket aridmjr Jiricee^ _
iro "ri£6t! 1}£π àud 'see "it this' Γβ
he truth.
H. N. Nycum
Chamberlain s cough Remnov
Curf· Colds. Croup and Who*, CoiMtau
...Your Fall Suit...
Yesterday we received a shipment of large
new samples for fall Suits. The lot contains
some nobby patterns and before you order
you had better see what we have.
Fans! Fans! Fans! I
Get you a fan and keep cool.
We have plenty of both Ceiling and Desk Fane in stock.
Phone us and we will do the rest.
Waxahachie Electric 4 Gas
'ΛΕΙ.-, III. J— LlilL. J—J
A- Good Investment
We have 150 acres of mineral land in the world-famed Gold
Silver District of Guanajuato, Mexico. On our properties
we have in sight 4W,000 tone of waste ore, the accumulation
of a hundred year· of crude mining, which will net us 98 per
ton by the new Cyanide proce··. For the purpose of install
,.A ,v\r <J\rta wr*- vjr.rr. *- -UraiUri
«ί «ar •'•di-p'd «'Mt w-vnwlil* twk et. . . .
26 cents on the dollar.
I American Mining & Milling Co, I
• 1 ft-O. &ejt 3066. ·—Dj>;k,»r .

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