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··»♦♦♦ <
ι «>r slicriff—
For County Clerk—
for County Attorney—
For Tax Assessor—
For County Collector—
For Connty Treasurer—
For Commissioner, Precinct No. 1 —
For Constable Precinct No. 1—
For Justice Peace Precinct No. 1.—
This is good weather for Cotton
Pickers and Oy»tep> Eaters. Fresh
Seal Shift Oysters all the time at
my market; 10c per doz., 75c per
hundred. No «se looking for any
thing better than I serve my cus
tomers In the way ef Meats. My
Eggs, Butter, Lard and Poultry are
O. K.
H. N. Nycum
Mr·. C.J. GRIGGS. 101 Marvin Ave
Representing C. A. Stevens & Bros., Chicago
Has now ready for your inspection
the bcaatiful fashion plates shçwing
the most select and complete line of
Women's Hijfh Glass Tailor Made
Suits, Cloaks, Skirts, Waists. Furs,
and Trimmed Millinery. Also Misses'
Cloaks, Suits and Skirts and Chil
dren's Cloaks. Never before has it
been our pleasure to show so many
beautiful styles and materials, and I
know that if you will favor me with
a call jrou will thoroughly enjoy look
ing throutrh the line, whether you
wish to bfcy or not.
Patronize the Home Phone
To furnish reliable and prompt
telephone service. To deal cour
teously with everybody.
Private line, bus $3.00 per month
Private line, res. $2 00 per month
Party line, bus. 12.50 per month
Party line, res. $1.50 per month
Phone us your order today.
Ellis Co. lideperfMt Tetepkoie Co.
F. S. EATON, Mrr.
Il VU Long DliUnce Telephone in
i , volve* oo coct tor betel bills or rail·
l( road fare. You remain comfortably
:i isr js&r
ι l tor* result· quickly and eeonomi
, . catlf The lines of this company.
, , with «heir connections r.«ch most
ι , plaees ojf eon sequence within 1JK0
ι ι miles. TMrates are moderate, tee
, ι service prompt and reliable.
;; The Sonthwettérn Tele·
i; graph Telephone Co.
«•mr >♦♦♦«♦♦«♦»»»·♦»♦♦«
Don't fail to remember that the
Τ. & Β. V. Ry. has dally passen
ger service between Waxahachle
and Dallas, leaving Waxahachle
at 5:30 p. m.. arriving Dallas at
6:45«p. m., leaving Dallas at 9:20
a. m., arriving Waxahachle at
10:35 a. m. We are uelng OIL
dust, no cinders, as clean as a
trolley car ride. AU passenger
train· arrWe at, and depart from, '
the dhtton Belt Passenger station
corner Commerce and Lamar sts,
opposite the "Dallas News" office
Right In the heart of the city of
Dallas, Texas.
C. J. & P. A.
Walking Sticks.
The sixteenth century iss that In
which the walking gî.ck Lec: ::κ· not
merely β useful implement. lu t îin ar
ticle of fashion, dignity unj luxury.
In the seventeenth century It was Bold
headed and made of rare woods. It
was a sign of leadership.
For a long period there was little
variety among I'.nglishmen In the ma
terial used for the majority of walking
sticks. The "oaken towel," as it was
pleasantly termed when an eueiny was
to he "rubbed down," shared popular
ity with the crab tree cudgel, which,
among rural folk especially, was much
valut-il and classic from the contact in
"Hudibrae." when—
With many α etftr thwack, many a Isang.
Hard νηψ tree on old Iron rang.
Classic, too, is that stout oaken stick
which r.turdy Dr Johnson, who, like
Knox, "never feared tho face of living
man," provided himself with when he
went to (he pit of the little theater iu
the Haymarket In full view of Foote,
who had announced his Intention of
"taking him off" on the stage, an in
tention which In view of the stick he
did not carry into etTect—Gentleman'»
Linktd Eyebrow*.
It is popularly believed that If one's
eyebrows meet It indicates deceit
"Charles Klngsley indorses this belief,
but Tennyson has other Ideas and
poetically speaks of "married brows."
In Turkey meeting eyebrows are
greatly admired, and the women use
artificial means to bring the brows to
(his condition, and if art cannot in
duce thin eyebrows to grow they make
up by drawing a black line with paste.
It would appear that the Oreeks ad
mired brows which almost met. and
the fashionable inhabitants· of Home
not only approved of them, but re
eoneu ίο pigmenis to mase up imp
lark which sometimes existed.
Rome proverbs stnte that the person
whose eyebrows meet will always
have good luck. while others state ex
actly the reverse. The Chinese say
that "people whose eyebrows meet
can never hope To attain lo the dig
nity of a minister of state." and in
Greece of today the man whose brows
meet is said to bo a vampire, while In
Denmark and Germany It is said he
Is a werewolf. T.oidon Standard.
A Rhymed Wedding.
According to the Mexico. I-edgcr.
John Stoble. a Wellston magistrate,
united a ne^x» cwtiple with this cere
mony: »
Jim. will you lake Bet
Without any regret
To love and to cherish
Till one of you perish
And is laid under the sod.
So help you God?
Jim having Riven the usual affirma
tlve answer. Judge Stoble turned to
Bet, will you take Jim
And cling to him.
Both out and in.
Through thick and thin.
Holding him to your heart.
Till death do you part? *
Bet modestly acquiesced, and the
newly married couple were dismissed
with this benediction:
Through life's alternative Joy and strife
I now pronounce y<>u man and wife.
Go up life's hill till you get to the level
And salute your bride, you dusky devil!
Made Over Prescription».
"There i- one loss sustained by drug
^ists that very few people know
about," said the experienced clerk
"That is In (he prescriptions that have
to be made over, the same as clerks,
stenographers, writers and artists, no
matter how painstaking, frequently
have lo do their work over. The most
careful drug clerk In existence Is bound
to make mistakes sometimes in meas
uring and mixing. He may pour In too
much of some kind of liquid or sift
In too mocb of a certain powder. In
most cases the overdose would not real
ly affect the value «f tbe medicine, but
tbe conscientious clerk isn't going to
take any chances on murdering any
1 ΚτνΛ»7 ΟΛ Κ Λ AW··· —W-l.
mixture and prîtes up another pre
scription."—New York Globe.
History In July.
Id at leest four countries perhaps the
most Important event In their histories
was recorded In July—namely, the ee
tablishment of their Independence. In
our own history we have the memora
ble Fourth of July, while the patriotic
efforts of the liberator Simon Bolivar
for the lude|K>ndeuce of Venezuela
were consummated on July 5, Colombia
ridding herself of the Spanish yoke on
July 20. Then there Is France, with
her July 14. marking the date when
the suffering French people stormed
the famed and fearsome Bastille. The
Spanish forces at Santiago, Cuba, ca
pltulated on July 16.
A Famous Y«ar.
It Is contended that the year 1800
gave more celebrities and persons of
genius to the world than any other
year of the nineteenth century. Among
those who were boru In that tnemorn
ble year were Abraham Lincoln, Edgar
Allan Foe, Oliver Wendell iloiines
William Ewart Gladstone, Charles Dar
win, I/Ord Houghton, Alfred Tennysou.
Edward Fitzgerald, Professor Blacklc
Mary Cowden Clarke and Felix Men
Absolutely Free.
Angry Mother (suddenly entering
i>arlor and catching young music tench
er kissing her daughter)—Young ma»
Is tills what t pay yon for? Munit
Teacher—No. ma'am: I make no charge
.'or I his.--Florida Times-Union.
"Pa. vhat Is the meaning of Inron
«latency ?" asked Freddy
"Inconsistency, my son." exclaimed
pa. "mean* a man who growls all (Jay
autl t!n-:i g·and kicks the
for barking at night."
Wlfi hies Five Hours After the
Heath of lier Huslmnil.
Jackson. Miss., Oct. 22.—Sam Γ
Head, mayor of Terry, this county,
died yesterday morning at S ο clock
as the result of a «urgica! operation
for bladder troubles At 3 ο clock in
the afternoon, according to a tele
phone message from Terry, his wife
died of a broken heart. Mr. Head was
one of the most prominent citizens
of Hinds county.
Kaiser's Sou Weds.
Berlin, Oct, 22. — Prince August
Wilhelni. fourth sou of the German
kaiser, today took unto himself a
wife. The bride was his cousin, Prin
cess Adelaide, of Schleswig-Holstein
Sonderburg-Glucksburg. The bride
groom is 21 and his bride 19 years
of age. The ceremony and attendant
festivities were of an elaborate na
ture. although not so imposing as
those identified with the mariages of
the Crown Prince Frederick Wilhelm
with Princess Cecelia of Mecklen
burg and Prince Eitel Frederick with
Princess Sophie of Oldenburg. Today
was also the 50th birthday of ihe
empress, who received many gifts
and messages of congratulation from
the monarchs of Europe.
Record Time for Cirrus,
A record time for heavy trains
was made recently on the Houston
and Texas Central railroad, when the
Barnum & Bailey circus was trans
ported from Houston to Mexla and
from Mexia to Denison The run
from Houston to Mexia, a distance
of 181 miles, was made in seven
hours. The run to Denison, a dis
tance of 157 miles, was made in ap
proximately the same time. When
! the weight of the circus train is con
isidered, it may be easily seen that
j the average of approximately twenty
It y-siχ miles per hour made between
j Houston and Ennis is excellent time.
Superintendent M. Sheehan made
ι the run with the train out of Hous
ton.—Houston Post,
! Should a Candidate Abide by the Ac
tion of a Primary Election?
Mr. Martin, previous to the demo
cratic primary, held July 25, 1908,
; presented his friends with a card
! thus:
! : Candidate for
j: Commissioner, Precinct No. 1.
j : of Ellis County. :
I : Subject to the action of the dem- :
j : ocratic primary.
! : Respectfully solicits your vote :
! : and influence. :
Does Mr. Martin abide by the de
cision of said primary?
i d 17 2 w40pd. WILL RALSTON.
Saved His Boy's Life.
I "My three year old boy vas badly
i constipated, had a high fever and
was in an awful condition. I gave
j liini two doses of Foley's Orino Lax
i ative and the next morning the fever
: was gone and he was entirely well,
i Foley's Orino Laxative saved his
life7' A. "Wolkusli, Casinier, Wis. B.
W. Fearis. ο
Daily want ads pay most for least
Who's Your Tailor?
^^HEN you are sick
W you call a Doctor
when you are in legal ;
trouble you consult a law j
yer—when it comes to a
question of CORRECT
ATTIRE you should con
sult a 'Tailor who knows'
We will gladly give you the
benefit of out knowledge of
the new Fall styles, whether
you are ready to place your
order or not.
An inspection of our new Fall
Woolens is an education in
what will be worn this sea
son, and we want you to feel <
at perfect liberty to exerci.ee
this privilege without regard
to the question of whether
you will or will not permit US \
to tailor your Fall Suit.
We are glad to t»J>. to any
body interested in high grade
tailoring, y
Claude C. Hill
IHiiiMllH MtrcastiU TaiUriaf C«
Cartright, Trxas. Oct. J».—Every
body is busy. Cotton picking Is the
order of the day.
Mr. Albert Hale has been sick for
the past week.
Mrs. Bruce visited Mrs. Harbor
Mr. and Mrs. I Τ Allison and
family of Houston are visiting Mrs.
Allison's parents, Mr. and Mrs. M.
L. King.
Mrs. Hillyer and Mrs. Jones of i
Baidwell visited at Mr Albert Hale's I
Miss Cassie Bruce wag shopping I
in Ennis Saturday.
Cary Wllllford. who has been vis
iting in this community for two
months, has returned to his home at
Fran ksi 011.
•Mrs Hale visited Mrs. Carrol
Mrs. M. I,. King and daughter,
Mrs. ,T. T. Allison, spent Sunday at
Carrol] Bruce, who is attending
school at Lancaster, visited home
folks on the 10th and 11th.
Miss Florence King and sister,
Miss Laura, will leave Wednesday
for Houston where they will spend
two weeks visiting friends and rela
Mr. Carter is still very sick.
Miss Vivia Turns, who has been
visiting in this community for the
past week, returned to her home in
Italy Saturday.
Misses Evelyn and Laura King at
tended church at Elm Branch Sun
M. L. King and J. T. Allison went
to Ennis Tuesday on business.
Miss Cassie Bruce spent Sunday at
Bardwell with friends.
C. H. Youngblood and wife were
pleasant callers at Mr. King's Thurs
cfey night.
.T. T. Allison went to Waxahachle
Forreston, Texas, Oct. 21.— Next
Sunday the Methodists will hold
quarterly conference.
Mr. Henry McCarter went lo Dal
las last Saturday.
Mr. Stanley Matthews and father
visited in Milford and Hillsboro Sun
Miles Grigsby of Italy was in For
reston last Sunday.
Mr. Ras Calvert has just com
pleted a nice dwelling and is now oc
; r
Mr. J. C. Cooper is building a fine
residence near the college. R. E.
Hampton is also building a nice res
idence on the east side.
Forreston school opened Monday
morning with Prof. W. C. Shofner
at the helm, Miss Maggie Cum- ι
mings has charge of the intermedi- !
ate and Miss Virgie Jackson the pri- j
mary department, and Mrs. W. E.
Cox the music. The attendance is |
good and all are. determined for a|
good year's work.
Quite a number from here have !
attended the Fair.
Miss Minnie Harwell has been
confined to her room for two weeks
with fever but is now improving. j
Mrs. W. Ε. Cox entertained her ι
music class last Tuesday night, j
Those present were Misses Flossy j
Webb, Lila Ellison, Flossy Marks, i
Kirtley Walker, Maude Harris, Vic
toria Cain, Mittie Edmondson. Pearl
McCarter, Marie Matthews, Ruby
Watson, Mrs. Matthews and Messrs. ,
Arthur Trull, Erdie Webb, and Earl
Harris. Quite a number of invited
guests were also present. Music and
games were the feature of the even
ing. Refreshments were served. All
report a very enjoyable occasion.
Arthur Trull was a passenger to
Dallas last Friday.
Ulani McCarter was in Dallas Sat
Rankin, Texas, Oct. 21.—The
Baptist church met in conference on
Saturday and called Rev. T. E.
Leake of Ennis to be pastor for the
coming year. He is to accept or re
ject the call next third Sunday. He
is to preach here again.
Rev. Crawfo d filled his regular
appointment here Sunday afternoon.
The congregations were smaller than
common this Saturday and Sunday.
A number of the Rankin people
attended services at Push College
Sunday night.
Mr. Lee Parr from Milford was
in Rankin Saturday evening and
How many Rankin people know
that the school has a real live work
ing literary society which meets
every Tuesday afternoon? Well, they
have and it is a good one, too. If
you don't believe it (also if you do)
go and visit them.
Miss Nora Rains is president;
Master Homer Jng, secretary; Miss
Maud Ing, critic. The program last
Friday consisted of recitations,
songs, dialogues, etc. The song by
the first grade was especially good.
Homer Tng's story was well told and
Fred Rankin's "riddles" were ap
Married Man in Trouble.
•yV married man who permits any
members of the family to take any
thing except Foley's Honey and Tar,
for coughs, colds and lung trouble,
is guilty of neglect. Nothing else is
as good for all pulmonary troubles.
Tht genuine Foley's Honey and Tar
contains no opiates and is in a yel
low package. B. W. Fearis. ο
To Improve Ohio IHver.
Louisville. Ky., Oct. 22.—Several
hundred influential citizens of six
states—Pennsylvania, West Virginia,
Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Illi
nois—congregated today at the Seel
bach for the annual convention of
the Ohio Valley Improvement Asso
ciation. The sessions will be occu
pied with discussion of the import
ant problems connected with the se
curing of a nine-foot stage of the
Ohio river from Pittsburg to Cairo,
111. The gathering la the largest and
most important In the fourteen
years' history of the association.
When you are asked by some one
where to get something to eat send
them to the Eatitorium. We will ap
preciate same and it will accommo
date them. 172
I personally -guarantee the paint ί
sell will cover as much or more sur
face, look as well, and last as long
as any paint on the market. W. B.
Reymuller. t£
— gto=
Special One Weeks
A Special Reduction
For One Week Only
Edison's latest developments in ;;
Electricity are the jjj
Τantalum and Τungsten Lamps ) ;
They save one third of your cur- I!
rent bill for the same amount of "
light. ■! !
For sale by ! ;
Waxahachie Electric 4 Gas;ι
company ::
Absolutely Free!
'•i, · f.
Λ τ
Thomson Jewelry
Northeast Corner Square

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