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The Waxahachie daily light. [volume] (Waxahachie, Tex.) 1894-current, March 29, 1909, Image 1

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The Waxahachie Daïly Light
VflM'Mt k\l MWtHlMllt II \ MnNMU MMHI » «imhi ,
»M ·♦♦·♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ »»·♦♦♦♦♦»<
I Vegetables for Tomorrow
; We 'vlll 11,1 vp a lu" "no of fresh veu Mahles in I he morn ;
: I ne Anything the market iff-»rJ ^ you can not it heie ;
Remember tho money νινιημ vile continue* lue1- ♦
J day and Wednesday Phone us il you want to s;iv(> ♦
• money on Groceries. ι»
1 '
►♦♦♦♦♦♦♦« ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦·
»»♦♦♦♦»»♦♦♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦ ♦ «
Our Business is to Supply You with the ;;
; Best Goods without Costing You the Most ;;
I * >
;; A call at our store will open your eyes as well as ' ;
;; strengthen your appetite. Nothing but the best is ; ;
; ; good enough for our customers in treatment as ♦
J well as goods. Call at our store and be convinced *
♦ or phone us : : : : «
! Both Phones. Connelly's old stand. J!
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ φ » « ♦♦♦«♦♦♦♦·♦·
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
We are here to try and do the inevitable j
"to please every one " |
! Try us and see if we can please you J
♦ ♦

Lumley'a Old Stand Phones 31
We have as good Flour as made. Try a sack "Golden
Grain" or "Golden Gate." Every sack guar
anteed. Plenty of fresh Hkrs and Butter. Some
fresh Veg-tables for S turJly. Fancy Fruits always
οι lund. Phone us your needs.
Old Pbone 170 D Γ ¥ T\>f Τ IT "V
New Phone 218 V-J. ί · JLUIYIL/L I
♦+♦♦♦*♦♦♦ · ♦ ♦ »♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
I! I am oa^er to fill your order quickly and satisfactorily !;
^ ' from my varied and attractive sti>ck of high-class
♦ groceries so that I may hold your trade. You will!!
♦ find my prices as low as any, and goods always up ♦
I > to the mark. *
Both Phones No. 91

3 lbs best Prunes 25c
3 lbs best Four Crown Kaisins 25c
2 1-2 lbs best Evaporated Peaches 25c
2 1-2 lbs best Evaporated Pears 25c ♦
2 1-2 lbs best Evaporated Apricots 25c J
>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
Brown's Cr&cKers ù C&Kes
A fresh shipment came in this morning. When you
buy Hrown's goods you are getting the freshest the +
J market affords. A-*k us about them the next time ♦
♦ you make an order.
"tf- P. P. SMITH ΰ CO. ΝΓ
( ran Snake I /«miIn ol Indians
anil Nnjnws ( .ansrs Rrign
ol IVrror in Oklahoma
I 'esullory |· igliK am! Skirmishes Sinrr
I hursday Culminate in Soldier s
Inking I'irld Near Old Hick
ory ('amp Grounds.
Oklahoma City, Ok March l!|l
' Klve companion <>Γ Oklahoma Mate
! troop* started yesterday nfternoon
Mn pursuit of Cray.y Snake's bund of
Creek Indians, half-breeds and ue
■'«roes. Intrenched In the Mr ory
llltls. «even ml lei* from llenryettn.
ι Λ hloody b little was regarded
as Inevitable., us the heavily armed
troops net chit either to capture or
ι exterminate the murderous hand,
which since Thursday how canned
'the di'iith of six men, the woundlnK
of many others, and brought about
κ condition of terror In ltenryetta,
fierce and all the surrounding coun
try The troops Hifl llenryetta at 3
Cnm SnnUi' M men 11 nm!>·>ι* about
200, ill] armed with rlflea nilit plen
ι IIΓιι) 1 > HU|i|illi'i| wllli ninmiiultIon.
They had been prepnrlug two nioiitIih
ι for IIiIh. their II ii a I ntnnd ngalnut
In w Γιι 1 null· 1111 > Tin·) 11 < ■ fl :i ιι 11 \ h»mi I
out WO I'll M'i.l I'l I ] 11 > llllll tlll'.V would
fight In till' ■ I <-il I II
Till I'l' Mill 111· nul V I > 11 « * OlltCllllll' til 1
tin· <· I n s Ii, lui I It In pprtaln Ιο be ιι j
tminli'i'iiiiH iilTiilr. km tin· nillltln
ιιμίι'η ιι llli'i · ih Ιι ιι ν·· derided tliej will
hluxit tu kill ΙΊ'οπι tin' IIrut.
Ιι μ ιι h logardetl iih rprtnln Unit
tin· Indian* would In· defeated, lull
ι I
ll wim realized Hint It might tηkι- nil
tomorrow to itiihIi tin· tin ml Into
Win1 condition of mibjcctIon required
by the id I It t ιι t*y nut horltlca. :
'I'lu· lli'Nt γριιΙ I ιι <1 In ιι uprlHlng of
yeat'H him IipIiI III In portion of the
territory on odge for three ilny» ι
ί pu Ht, ll IniH been plotted nnd pre
I pu rod for two montliH It broke oui <
ι IhhI Thursday, when hoiiip deputy;
|hIkm'IfTai went to îlpnryeltn to tirrent
; nome npgro ont 11«» thieve*. They
were 11 red on by negroes and -lui 11
bleed frlenda of tin- criminal*, and
foreed to lirai ιι hunt y retreat. Λ few
I lion I'M later they returned with addl
itlonal force* and were tired on by
! t lie lui ιι (I. then augmented by ιι num
Wier of Crnxy tfniike Indian*. In thin
tight three were killed and live
ι wounded, according to the oltli'lal
'reporta, although It Ih Ihought mnn.v
I more I η d la ιι h were wounded, an
ι MCorPH of hIioIh were tired til clo»e
J iiuut'tem. Thin clnuli reunited In for
ty-one arrcHtH
I ΊμΜΙιιμ ΙΊι»ιιιι·ν llert Strickland I*
<'aught I'nder Wall* and Killed
(Mhco. Texan, Mardi lilt, in ri» ni
! :i o'clock Saturday morning wan <1 Ih
Icoverod breaking from Un» dry Rood;.
entabllHhment of ι hp Mayhew coin
pan> The locid 11r«» company rcHpon
ed, Iml living liftn«IIon|>|>«>d by I Ik'
1 «vf«ι 1 Ιλr punition of the building mid
the great headway obtained by the
I'lameH, nearly $00,000 worth ot
damage wan done before control
wan κnllied.
While fighting the lire ill the
buck door of the burning bu I Id I ιι κ.
till cxplonlon occurred canning n ges
tion of the rear w» 11 to full, which,
toppling over, caught Hert Htrlck
1 »nd, ii volunteer (Iromah, beneath
II, crushing him Inntantly to dentil,
HI l ike Near,
Heading, March 21). Thin Ih the
date itel for a reduction of 7 12 to
IΓι per cent In the wagon of the
AmuImhtuatcd Iron, Hteel and Tin
Worker*' Annoelatlon by ι ho Ueail
Ιηκ Iron company Ah the national
oftlcem have voted iinanlmouHly not
to accept lower wagon. a Htrlkc Ih
Itoldicil lluiiiluit'ger Maud.
The hamburger ntand located near
the i'enli al pannougor Hint Ion wan
broken Inlet Sunday night and rob
bod. A bunch of bananan, Home to
bacco and a few other «mall artlelen
were taken.
Many .mil Ιλγη) Will lit· tit··
Npm hrs on 1.1 rill
M ('Vision
I .du I Wviril lliat No Othrr Mutin \
of ilegislation Air to Br I ourhrtl
On lexas Congressman
to Speak.
Washington. March L"> Tin· m ^
itvlilPM of rotiKietiH dtirlnx the pre*
clil week will In· ron0η«·<1 nlniOHl i·*
clUMlvi'ly lo I in· connlderti tlon of tin·
tariff. Tin· Iioubc will proceed with
the consideration of the Payne 1)111
In general debnIe and I lie hours of
till· dully HittlliKx will In· extended,
I he hi'shIoiih beginning »l 10 o'clock
Iti the morning nnd eliding at nlghl
al 10;,'in o'clock with un Interinl»
Hlon for dinner between li nnd Ν
o'clock. The annate will not be In η
position lo hike up I li·· Idll mit 11 II
Ik panned by the horee, Inn the «en·
nle eommltlee on finance will con \
tlnue conalderntlon ρι llie vnrloua (
Mchedub's of (lie meumire Meantime
the Hennte will «llenipt no regular
bUHlllCMK beyond Ihe lui rodiiclIon of
The edict of the steering commit · |
tee t h a · mi legislation beyond I hi· I
turllT lilll and the tilll providing foi 1
the I lilrteenth ecu h il h «hnHJir mulci ,
taken Ιι il m gone forth II reported Ιο
Ι||ι· mi · π ιι 11· Un· cftiHiiliu Mil might lu·
emiiuldcred during I h· week, hut I lu
centum committee Iiiih given 110 Ht
t I'll t loil lo It It In expected llilx
meutair·- will receive early iillentloti,
Opinion» 111 ffer iih lo how long the
d IkciihmIoii of the llirlff lilll before
the homio may conllnue tinder the
order of general debute, (lilt IIIOHt
member» predict t luit the end will
be rt>nobed by Wcdne»diiy. The long
hour» proponed will rupldly cxhatiHt
the general hpcocIich and there will
he a connhIlou of ornlory under UiIh
order iih noon iih m ileclHlon regard
lug I lie procedure under the five
minute rule can be reached
ΛiiioiiK the republican» who will
lie beard during I In· week are Μοννιή |
McCall, Ma»Hnchu*clta; (liilneH, Wem
Virginia, Calderhcnd, Κιιιιηιιη, |
Needhnto. California and lloutelle, !
IIIIiioIm, while the democratic IIhI
Include» UeprcHentnllvo ilrlgg», of,
Cleorgla : Ollle ,lumen, Kentucky, and t
llurlenon, Handel! and (llllcMple of
The Menait· aflei (lie Introduction
of a number of tillIm tomorrow will
adjourn until Thurmlay
Λ11 member» of the Woodmen
Circle lire earilently rci|Uo»led lo
meet m the \V. (). \V. hall Tumdny
iiflcruoon ni : It ιι M Inn N'olia I'rlnce.
Ciiptnln of team.
Texas Railroad Commissions Chair- 1
man Succumbs to Heart failure. .
Λ list hi. Texan, March 1! î» At
» 20 o'clock yenterday morning. af I
cr what appeared to ho a alight ΠΙ
H'HH of only η lew day κ duration,
..eonldan .leffcrnon Storey, chairman
if the Texan Kallroad eoniinlnnlon,
lied lit his home In I h I η city of heart
allure, nuperlnduced by la grippe
!«· wan taken ill 1 η η I Tuenday and
vont homo manifesting the tlrnt
ymplomn of ihc malady, which, hi
ainlly thought, would soon pans
ι «
lie visited the railroad conunlH
lion uftb-en In the capltoî on Krlda>
>ii( on Saturday wan prevailed upon
ο remain at home. However, he ww
Φ and about the Iiouhc, unci In I he
ifternoon sal upon the ν randa. he
Tore retiring »t to o'clock he shaved
himself and look a bath At in
l'clock be began to nuffer with
rheiimalle pains in Ills shoulders,
with which he lia h been afflicted at
utervals «if late, and called Mr Joe
vN'oolen mono paliiN were noon re 1
leved Al I ha I time there was no!
lymptoms of heart failure, in fact,!
ie had no organic trouble but It lu j
tall that Judge Storey remarked to,
ι member of the l'a 111 11 > that lie lie |
loved when he tiled H would lie of I
leart l'allure At I o'clock yesterday (
norntng Im· Woolen wan recalled
ιud found that .Indue» Store\ had
irnctlcally no heart action lie com
dalncd t liai lie could mil lie (III In
me poHltlou, but had an uuconlroll
ible denlj'e |o turn over. Al t« o'clock
Dr. Woolen called In l>r Τ .1 hen
ici I, ami they remained with their
IIhIIngulshed patlcul until the end.
which came al t*e : *.!π o'clock At I lie I
I a η I lie turned oil his wide In lliej
•anient punition, folded Ills arms Γ
lioncefully and died as lie had lived,
vnIMi a sweet Htnlle upon Ills face, "a |
neη I Ionian of ι lie old school ' *
I'll ι >· 11 κ ■ ι eourlt'H.v (>Γ I In· Mlwuirl. j j
KiitiMiiH ii ml Texan railway inn mi κ**
liii'iil ii h|iim'IiiI I i'ii I η will In1 run ϊπιιι
Λ π m I In In Lock 11 il Η. ν In Him Marron
li'ii vin m Austin ιι ι s oVIotli Tin-sil n > {
1111 hi 1111V- fur tin' ni'pommodnl Ion
lillc 11 II 11 -1 π I m Mini ΓιΊι'ΐιιΙ" οΓ IiiiIhc 1
m oil') (ΙιήΙιΊιικ in ul I cud llii' ΓιιιιιίίιΙ I
il l.ockhatf llt'limilnn, M will 1»·ιιν·· j
I orklinn ni ϋ |i. in
ΟιιιΙογΙιηΙ (ΊιιιΙοΜ
lu ι li ο lorn I oratorical content held
ni Trltill y I ' il I ν«·ι·ι»1 tj Nittuiduv W
W AIvpi'moii of Koiremon won over
I. W. Oret-n of Hubano, Tox. Mr ΛΙ
wι hon η Hitbjoct wii-t "ΊΊι·1 Htratmer
Within Our (liili'M." and dealt with
III·· I m m Ik rii ( t<m lirobleni lie will
leprcMont Trlnlt.v I'iiIvithIIv In the
< ι η t « » oratorical content to take place
Ht T. (' Γ.. W'R(X>, thl· ('VtMlllIK of
April HI
Wimilmilile Cur* lu I'iihhIi·.
Thai un ·>ιι t <>r|> r IhI η κ population
re»ddpn In Wuxalinchie wiih wiill
iihown on Friday dnrlnw I ho Mimon'·
p'ltmle. Krutiit Miller and pari), and
Mf»^is W linon and party and Urown
Ιιικ and party all occupied Max
well* In Τ lu· lllti· of automobile·
w hich concluded I ho parnde Γ'π'
Iiih I'lnien Herald.
Trinity <1ocm Co 8I11 rmau.
Thu Trluty l'ntvemlt,\ baeeball
leant went to Sherman thl ιηοπιΐηκ
I» play tho Auetlu Collet team to
day and tomorrow, Theme .unei will
bo tho opening of Hie ο«"·βρ baeo
ball Roanoii.
n «I
Hoir About
the New Hal?
"m I· χ nit·.· η i n · limn»· htm
in» if ihr fi nib ni* *1*1· foi
*<|lf|l t *··Ι»Γ
ni·' » ft· inn Ht * « liteI» I h.i · itf
thnt thfv η ι-»» #ht* V»ivM to Im Ii r <1 nt
3.00, 3.50, 4.00, 5.00
\\'ι· «III Ink» ι li'B-i. In Hlnml ·
you ihr lu'W mIisi»·- nul *|>1ι ill'
In κιΊΙΙιιβ κιιι η Μηι ·"ii un ill· I
Matthews Bros.
rirv Λ NVOtNrfiMKNTN
"or Μην» τ·
'or A Mel ιηηιι, Word I
Kit I'l.UMHOKI'*.
To till Ulipxiilrcrl Torni of I» (!
Thompson. )
'or Aldormnn, Wind 1!
or Alderman. Ward Λ
I Τ 81'!.I.IVAN
Highest Quality
Is the Watchword
In the Mnkluij of
tut I·· in tlu1 ttnoht <>( IhItU-h tnn<V by
m uni .h»· >■ ν who txxr Hod In tholf pro·
ι MuisbrM In u hlu'iU tailored man
her, with every srutn Mr.ipped nr bnnnd.
1*vorv ikIrt < lit on KtvlNh lines, and
« ι y u HtiiuMit ι ι « · ι onghlv livpn ted before
Umvon tin' Snromlu H««toîs. tu hmwto
ρ.·!i<i«t worknmnnhlp throtiuh· "»t That'll
why * ' «** CfttiroMn Ht nod wear
im no other pettloont can <>r will
In Moreerlnod S«tt*etiN. In lln«ther
bloom, rtiul in Silk rol-nn m well n ι In
Λ-ik to nan them. Trv one on.
Priors. $1.00 to 30.00
wmksnf^mt *
will lull you ΟιuI iiuyllilUK bouKht.
hero 1h nlwny» porfoptly nntl*fnr
lory. Our Htork Ih alwityw kept
largo nnd well aHHortoil, prlreu
i»h low μη I ho lowi'Hl, anil furthr
tnore II will pay you to trado nt.
η (trim «to 10 w lioro ovoryono
work* to furnlilt you with a hot
tor Horvlco limn you cnn potwlbly
Kct olMowhoro, nnd without In
crowned co»t,
North Side Square
3 Days Commencing
Chinese Piper*
Wm gross
(German Comedian.
[.Dancer· and ('onveraationn)int§.
MCVf PirfnrP'
ChailKett Km ij O.ln 1>
3 Performances Paily | Uv I
3:30, 7:3· mi 8:3· p. m. Κ
I Extra I'crfonuaore SntunUjr. S

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