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The Waxahachie daily light. [volume] (Waxahachie, Tex.) 1894-current, March 30, 1909, Image 3

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M f \ I II I l| I > >1 I 'lit Μ ι ήη> <
lint Ι·Ρ*« *' r H )l> t »i r |
Mm ' I
IH tl «I I I Ifl III S I I ι, . I
life·· f tl
MtftT '<»»·· *mn|| «.« l it ill
ρ Mill r Iflri SQI
II# \ » Ml I I flf r.
•Jifltl* «Mil* I I
MN IIV VI ll . th ν .|t,| .1
mr. Wmi 11 ff. .·„ «in
mil *ai ι in «in»·· i-f Naiiii>r
him at* ► H«-ni(rp |Ι*«ίι ■ If
I I 111 Il F \ Τ \ > lUf ι Hptllti ;hrn
nhnfi Κ«' I' H Crmik ( '' If
IMPIII I I \H I ι r··.! »·>·! ρ m
ni «Ι A r t ti: ι r Μτ ν·>> · t">| tf
II' Vlll W t ' ' I ' i " ' 'lit l'I ''
ai Niini· m ■■ Mi c ' un*·· ll
n|»M H* I A U KS III II·· I·r.11y I ,t*tit
nfflc·» fut «tiKiniiil ralllti* rards If
It II Μπ ΙΙΜΙΙΗ l'irr llfp n rlitatl'
tornado. plat κ 1 κ *" κι I I : ν r «toril Iti
pilinlMi» tf
\\ A X A11 A< IIIK II· Mm.ml «al< ι
dPllv<Trd dally II 8 MrCourt, old
plilinn tfil If
HTKMmiH AINU·;» MI*m IjoIr l'ur
lin. ufTlro *Mh (I (' tireur, Cltlr/Mo
Hnnk IkllMItl oktf
l'ull I1KNT T« vooiiiH do* n
►lalr» n« wl·· ι·ι«ι·«■ r· I toe Hou. ι
atrofl t'innr In .IlOpd
FtlK H Κ NT T»n rnoniB and small
ΙιιιΙ! furnlxhod nr ιιιιΓιιι ιιΙηΙιιίΙ Appl>
ni 1.14 Wat.-r Alri···' illlltpd
Ι,ΟΗΤ fiold rlialn Imh) l>rar. Ι··Ι
h.-art p< ιι·| « η t ΙΙνκηηΙ for return
lu Dnilv Ltelit ofll■ i' ilhtf
INHI'ItK your lior*p*, milieu and
rows In η aolld company W, L. I'
Leigh A Co. Inaurnnre ηκ··ηΙ« tf
FOU RAI.Κ tiooil alfalfa hay. r>(ir
per Imli», ràah «I our linrn. Bills
County Loan and Coniinlmtlon Co. tf
LAWN MOWKRH sharpened and nil
Juated eorreelly liy new wlectrlc
sharpener ni Arthur Miif-koy's «hop.
ΚΟΚ KKNT Rooms suitable for
llRht housekeeping with lights, IihIIi
nml phon· 'ill College street, old
phone 46 7. 312
Dally Light office w'ien you want
printing «lone of any kind The best
work Ruaranteed. tf
WANTED Κ very lui man to know
that wo clean and press clothes.
Phone 113. Matthews & Hill, next
door to Cltlgene National Hank, tf
WANTED Two girls or two mar
rlpd ladlfH to nidi hamburgers Sat
ii rd η y it and Firm Mondnys. Will pay
Rood wages. At Alliance Wagon
Yard. tf
WOOD KO II SALI·: I lia nlioul
100 corda wood on Kaai .IcfTcrnoti
street for aalc or trade. <ut lute
blocks. would bring ahotit $500. D
H. Thompdon. 1109
κοκ SAL Β M of IhlkltpMPi'i
works In 20 volumes, Morocco bound
liad tin m aliiiut two month* Co I
$40.00 new. Will noil them al a bar
gain Apply at HiIh oftlce ;tl(l
ΚΟΚ IlKNT Six room house. all
modern conveniences, clone In or
Kaufman street, limine recently re
modeled and repainted Largo barn
and outhouses Apply to Crank Tim
mlns. 308f
Is to notify the public that,! am pre
pared to take you to any place at any
time (day or night) In my automo
bile. llatos reasonable. Leave orders
nt. (he Kntltorlum. Am alao axent for
the Maxwell cur Krneat Miller, tf
CALVIN BKOB.. are prepared to at
tend to your want* when they are
In the Kent*' furnishing line. Oleaii
InR. pressing and repairing receive
their careful attention and satlsffe
tlon I* alwav» guaranteed Phone
them and aert tf
you have fine cotton weed, or fine
corn, or line chickens, or fine cow*,
or fine horses, or anything you may
want to «ell, you should let the peo
plo of Ellis county know It by plac
inR an ndverllaemetit 111 the want
columns of the Waxahachlo Knter
prlse the paper that covers Rills
county. An ad will not cost you
much, and you will more than likely
Ket the desired results. Try It once.
I Iff »M » Mi l 1 - I 11111% !
\ Ν 4<( H m·. « l l·
fit I · m 11 I M* Mil'
M · . ttf
flit t'ftlt» I » I Rr WVIIt IHlrt
pW'*· %» ·· M fe«· |m · h * Hill Htm
·!'!'* I b#l ft ί» » V * ■ firs ι ' ι tf| « f M«
A''if rfimil I I · ft I KM V 'ΙΐΊ
tthiMr* l« *Mlt »f«H «h·»» I |m«
• ♦M I «ι» »«m m«11 h Ι*Ι·?<»η| In
r*tM|ft# » ntiknii*· nhtf
'Hi fir* rttfNi fi ftnfti lllHf 1 *«h In
Mjr land «It-All» | mud* η ·ri|« <»
r ·«»»! »tf f »! 1 H<« ri I Kilt*
jffWIHiy and n< d in Ι·» ι h* tv
♦tfi |ιlu or In ollui mit·!·
f|*«l Mm» |fl· ) !» Mutf I» }4 » Htttlt*
a*fci I » » lu 1% fil#* ϋ β * t vi I t) n f r*
iHUim Hi t H « conclu* Mn I bat II wn*
! » lut* I «a« iJtMlhfe h ffltWt» nu 11» ν
ιΗ«ΙΪ i mi rit lo i;*jr fo lu ai η ^ It II
: ' h ?! I I Mill Invi· n!d t·! 11 ! * nt|f|l y m ftt|
fill tli* Rf»ml p»*op|i η m bin b««r tarif
Ί« t Fut fi »» vnni In» IHug 1 f***
' HnHttfi' >w*i ft*d nti<l ·-If>4lit-<| un» an I
'ΊΜ t wi'll a Tut f li « ·« ■ r f 11 · I > nul t ti Mm
I tnr>t» η 11 lu « I ItlH β' tant | 1 « » tt V « 9 In
■ aiv·· bac « I»» s ν ι y l»r*< μην I Ha*
'Hpnl»!· nf 1 ti fh»' now# r»f tlii· roil η
;μ Hut for inv Η #*n If II falling I would
!.. - l»«·· η t h· ι ·· ν · · t Wblb I Ilk·
tb« il Miiti flfin η Inn. fnr II baa
alinoM · ntlr· l\ π'ΜοπίΙ my falling
h» alOi Mil h hi η I ο bark up iln-r··
meik· >, nu Iiom· ^ i« k
, In a |t rent ?na 11 y r· «prrfw lb»·!·*» In
|nn I·· Mi r |Ί«π t|»l· sid·· nf tin» fnr
umIimI kingdom In wlilrb 1η Hv<·
jfhafi In pnod old I.Ill· count) \\ In η
w·· mowd h· ri *·· bought η Mock nf
land Mir··· block· bark from fit·1 1 » a >
front away «ut on Houthblnff and
bit Ht a nb«· lift I·* cottat Vol a m»w
honni' m Hliiht and not many bonam
of any kind cIom· tn ιικ I h·» 11. but an
rapidly ha» th·· cft> developed dur
Ιηκ Μι«· pant two and a half vcir»
that I can nn\\ stand on m.» back
gallery and rount mnr·· thi.n on»·
liutxlr../Ι »i > 1111· 111: 'ι llil llli^ t 1 i 1 II I'l 1 Vt '
ilient Ih only Just In th< extreme
south < ηcl of Ih'· city ΛΙ lensl L'MMi
ι houses have been btllit since w<
ι moved fu r·· nnd from a population
lof 4,Γ>00 uhi'M I lu· last census «'Hf
taken thin city now numbers ll.ifii)
houIs Λ census was π ntly taken
liy our city authorities, ho you Hot
I we are not lonesome down here
There Ih not « vacant house In t h·
town You mny iihk why this rush t(
ihls particular place. My answer Ih
I thousand* have found out what I
(lid neveral year« ago. that thin Ih a
I most healthful nnd delightful cli
mate in which to live Many com»
here to rpcupernte and so benetlnlnl
11* III·· climate to them that they buy
'and become permanent μΊιΙοιή.
j Corpus Chrlstl bay Is one of 111»1
prettiest bod lew of water In the Uni
I ted Stnles and has two or three out
J lelH Into III'· ίίιιΐΐ of Mexico. If Ih
atmtit live mil· :, across II either way
nnd nvrnKes about llftceu loet dei |
and it hound' In II· li Oyster: used tt:
Ik plentiful bul now since the «real
rush we hnve to ko to adjoining ba.\;>
io s 111 > 111 \ o'ii need: When we moved
I here we could buy (H . I'Th from MeX
leans who wailed oui In the shallow
ι··!' (lose by ih·· city for L'.'i cent!
per hundred Now we pay :>0 ccnti
lier hundred, but the fish supply
Heeiiu Inexhaustible and they bite
I well. Λ grout number of null and
j r.iiHollne IkhiIh ply on lis waters and
jit trl|i In one of them acroHH Ιο I Ik
I gulf Ih (If -11 κ h I fui and very reason
'able In price I hnve never Rotten
lllred^of the tut t h h nnd the sa I 1m on
II lie bay. There are number» w ho
; bathe in the open h< a each and every
j month In the year. Some if tin
'bath housi# here heal the nua water
and it hot salt bath Ih mimt dellght
fill nnd refreshing.
I nee from the papera you have
liuii fine rnlns In Kill» county. That
blessing has not been extended to
|thls section a h yet, though ιι great
many hnve stand» of cotlyn up and
worked out Home sections of this
country have been quite dry all win
ter and vegetable crop» In thene lo
calities have been cut short, while
other sectlona have sold their cab
bag'' In the field for $ 11»0 per acre.
I One farmer sold for $110 per acre In
II lie field
There are many aged and Infirm
people In Kills county who would
lie greatly benefited by spending
their winters here, We hnvti had no
Ice here for nevern! winters until
this winter. Two northers swooped
down upon un and gave us a day or
ι wo of winter
"Wouldn't Ι'ιιy Mo fur the Itollef I
«iot fmm PHf«,"
"For 1 " years ! Buffered with
plie*, brou«ht on liy any Ht rain or
hard work. Rince ιι«Ιηκ Here-Hold
eight inonthH n«o, I hnvt> not hnd
nn ntturk, cet) do any labor and eat
what I wIhIi without 111 effect. I
would not be In my former condi
tion for inno."
(Signed) Wm. MbAdatna,
Cook H ΚηΙΙκ, Ν Y.
Sworn to before notary public, Mar.
2.Ί, 19U8.
Dr. tjeonhardt'a Hem-Hold, an In
ternal tablet cure for piles, la sold
for $1.00 by D. W. Fear In and fully
guaranteed. Dr. Leonhardt Co., Bta
tton B, Buffalo, Ν. Τ dl
iMSII III MMIIS no «ill!,
I % « γ % lift *1 Nalten !« I m wg » Μ» '
III il lit II \>I|| 11.1I Mil.Ill '
«V. .p„ ' I
f«t k»HM *»· m III* f* r* ·
It. I , »i ' I Min· I ». At III· M Ht
I-lilt In fOMtt# flmiM ♦ ||!»
>9HM ()t|A tlD |te Of Mil ftO«1 hff% V Hful
t h» t til· d fût «fit « %| » fid* d I
>HMl I · 11 · ' \\ . ||f|*« fini tlftftdjl Ill*
ftini?· ' fm ο»ttititnt mid rmiM» Ni
•uni» Hint lh« if <"»n«hllM44 ·%ι«»·ιι ΐ,
Ml- w · I « * .} I|ii ι til 1 h»»< . «tf M ·
1'ΜΗ'ίΙ Η * pi t * ' ml lit· » MtMltllt
M»ii lh«-t «»· 111·· f * » « » t Ι* η «111 >« ι».» -
Moo ' nf \h> v. «>» 111 » > jm lui I tt m mi it ti η I
I I Infill nf I 1 Ο "Il mil*,«Inn lot t >1*
M< t Illl' tHttl ' nf fl>i If Itttji .«till Oil
*|| Til*'· « \|*· lt«111 »t! ' ' . 11 ftllOltld
li I'll!»· Itt fulfill lt'« · \ t I tl ^ I \ · nf
I||| rtlllMHll I ' < 11| 11 · · Ml· · II ' f <· t I »· !» -
linlu Atlrj Illicit."t un publb debi In
enι ι· ι| ι t< enullf ηΓ p i WHIM III
I III tu-I 11 ι In I lilted Hliili » III· ·
I Un II· H*, nf Il1te|»*fi| fifiiî pelodnil
Uimuni In $1 ·. ,'on.MOO n it it ι it It > I
» li i h tin mil « ν pitnllhi ι < of #l,U0"
»iti0,000 fflr toAiiiit onum of annle
mill nav les in Muh of ι·«ήο* mi·
•Ή I it I n 11 / I'll η t ihi 11 * ' r « «· n ι H would
Well M I hill III·' nviirngr III'I Π'ΗΙΓΙΙ of
$ jo.ooo.oui),non 11 w fii ι y billion dol
la ι:, ι I. a km |><<«| ι \ «η ν yi at In mi |
poil un iMOtiotnlt-all) nnprodnc tlvi
Inst Itutlon
It 111 a > aid a ePant appréciai ion
<»f what Is Involved It wo rotitrnul
three of our productive Industries
with I li Im non-pixlnrl l\·· (though, to
Mime extent admittedly eHKentlal)
deportmenl nf Kovertimoht in wlilrh
wi· liaνι· reference
V ur ΙΐΙΟΓι KHtnbllHhmontH
Iron « nd Si eel 641
<';>iion nmnufaeturrrH. 1,077
Wool m.Mnufaetnres 1 ,%M 3
Toi Η ι ... 2, ί» :t ι
Wages l'aid
Iron and Htei | J l 4!t.S09,Γ>76
Cotton manufacturers 04,377,696
Wool niiinufncturers 711,707.524
Total .
Venr 1 :mi 7
War department
N'av.v department
I'ennlotle . .
. $ 1 22,576.465
07,1 28,469
I 30,309,IS I 4
Total $383,405,600
In IIiIh comparison it will lie neon
that the \νημρ» paid to employes In
Ï.031 ninnufBCtiirln^ establishments
In the United StateH In 1905 fell
nearly $75,000,1100 hclow the ex·
pendit lires of the government III
1007 for (lie objects named. Hut this,1
ι not all The value of the manu
factured products for which the wa
koh were paid amounted to more
t lion one nnd three-quarter billion
jdollnra (*1.76 1.456,3 1 4.). where»·
the tangible products of the govern
incut's expenditures are not suscep
t.·. · .· -1,1. ,1 1
Λ Itcllglou* Author's Slntrniciil.
Hev. Joseph II. Fcspermon, SallH
liury, N. who Ik the author ol
several books, writes: "for several
years I wax afflicted with kidney
trouble and last winter I was sud
denly stricken with η severe pain In
my kidneys and was confined to bed
eight day* unable to get up without
assistance. 1 commenced taking Fo
ley V Kidney Hemedy, and tho pain I
gradually abated and finally ceased
I cheerfully recommend Foley's Kid
ney Remedy." IV W. Fearls. d
Have one-third of your lee bill by
u η 1 π κ a (lurney. It Is the only refrig
erator that eitn be kept absolutely
ι pure and clean for all time. Hee them
jut, Hpaldlng ft McCartney's. :?0Π |
MU llll Mil) III I I l<»H
11 ΙΊ' |4· h. «η·Ι I· II· l«< ■ « »n
It* I iik'm I»··, till
lia») Bit !♦»»· M*»i ln|t it»n, I «I
' lien nit·)* hnn Un · »· < ·»·|ΐη§1>
ι <*itiiii Mr vttli mmi
Kitd I· * ι>μ<·ι4<' ··♦ III·
ίΐι·η·Ι·Μ|> «I III·· fêwlll·"· illnmlMl
A I'i'lillrtH· In »»»Hhlt*
lm>· Ιη»|><"»·ι| tMidtri IM miinlfw
ilni .1 . IhI>«i|· |*|»*· h··· η I· · »»· «I
run ii ugh hi* nt«) η··ι
hm ii ι ··»"> ij in like Mil··
Λ I· « tfntn m i ιhr rrmUlM «Ι·»·
lut KlIW In H «MinII l«» h «ΙιΜ» Λ
I · · m < ι' ». »'·'ΐ|Γ··Ι Ikiiii·» llufi'
* » η "in · Ι·· ι·· ι t| *h» a If 11» ι · *· I
I «Un I h* ι* »·Γ·· κ f··» fnnitlt··
« lin rnM effort in t«i fat m«*i|i ι
rut »11··ηΐ|·<η, hill I tor· ·ιΐι> m»h|
IVmh' «lu· Itnil till)· monrj nt |tn>i<
■■fit nui) «lui >nnlil ι·.·« «mull l«>
mil) I·) Ί·ίι>ΙΒκ Iht fii· ·Ί\· ιι lh· ιι· >
η««ηΓ|· '( llti ΙιιΙιι ι κι h * '<·!·» ,
munit Min· lit· )i>miir |>h > κ Ifln t>
ind l· · lif> " <»i ν i i m In nurn·»' 1
Γ«||. rnm·' ·|η«|) ni flι ' lull pvh
ranter η» ht» - k ·ΙΙ Ι» ' mile known,:
Hint *1" · «m· ι ni · ι ml hum;· timl
ln"'ii nidi·' Ihmi · ιιηιιμίι lo mnk·- hi»
ι nil An ν ι π· II· · ii> · ι·· ι Inll)
In lln wltilii ιιιιΊ ι·· 1 « *h<n th··
mini* «r«*ri' Ιι··ιιν,'
I ni·, m m t. ι i, .ι λ . . 11 1 ill. ii ' , », ■!
when there we* an irrldwt or MHMl
mi»· WW taken ■ uildi n I > ill. tin only]
WD) of -iimmonliiK util uns tiy liar- J
Il·'vή411ι· ι hot*-'· anil driving or rid |
Ing mil· t- ι»· · fit n ι · fur η doctor who!
in I ii It In ;ii holm * ι r who might III'
etiunlly far tiwny Iti limit hot dlrec
t lull V, Ιι· η Ιο· wan foimil, II mill
li'M'tl mil how 11 red hi' wan. what
Hint· of night, how hail tho weather, I
lu· mtiκt Jump Into hIκ buggy end
hiirrj to tlio lirdtiltli1, sometimes
reaching It loo Into lo ho of service, !
This ο. a plias·' of country llfo v\ Il I r h
lia kept many people living Ιιι (II
II' wlloll ι 111 ■ \ would Imvi' preferred
llfo on a small farm.
In those days 11 factor Ιιι;* 1
Introduced into country life which
ha-* don·· a L-roat deal to relievo (IiIh
IhoIjH lot:, ami to lit ιιικ I ho dwellers
In the open country Into clouer
touch, not oi ly with the doctoi hut
also with I i neighbors and with
III·· people with wlioni he does busi
ness That factor Is Hip telephone,
and the first people to realize its
possibilities were the country doc
tors. ΛΙΙ over the south there are
doctors' offices, with from one lo
ten telephone linen radiating from
them, with nny number of telephones
from on·· to twenty-live connected
to each. In many cases these tele
phono lines connect with no exchan
ges or long distance lines, the only
purpose they sorvo being to afford
their owners the privilege of talking
wilii one another or to summon "Id
in emergencies,
When several such lines center In
dm ι it* residence, lie usually has
Mime kind of a switchboard, so that
In· can connect any of the lines to
gether, thus bringing aft the people
on III·· various lines into closer
touch The lines are operated In two
ways line is where the doctor him
self builds tho lines and furnishes
the telephones, renting them to Ills
pill rolls, or lb·· saine principle as a
city exchange Is operated. Tills plan
I r ·ι ι ii < · 1111 y result» In the doctor tin
ally operating a telephone t xchnnge
with several hundred stations, neces
sitating the employment of operator»
and η man to take cure of the ac
counts, switchboard, and so forth.
The other, and usual, plan Is
where the people themselves get to
gether, organize a mutual company,
build their own lines, Install their
own telephones, and terminate Hie
lino In the doctor's office, where he
Installs a switching device, charging
the people on the lines a nominal
sum of 25 cents or fit) cents per
month, each, for connecting the lines
together. Frequently tin· doctor
himself Is Instrumental In getting
such a scheme started, and. acting
as the agent for the telephones, sells
them and the line material to the
people building the lines, making a
commission which Is a welcome ad
Where such ri system exists tho
beneficial effect, not only upon the
community at large, but upon the
country doctor also, can hardly be
ι xpressed No mailer how far from
his ο Rice bo may lie, ho Is always In
touch with It, and can be roached
In less time than It takes to saddle
a horse Often he can prescribe for
his patient, saving himself a visit,
and, always In case of accident, can
give advice which perhaps will save
a life which would have been lost
had he ι <t been located so quickly.
Qood roads make the practice of
» country physician very much eas
ier, and enable him to extend It to
the more remote parts of the district.
In which he lives but they come slow
ly and at gront expense to the com
munity, and only the main nrterles
are first rebuilt, leaving miles of
side roads In as bad condition un
ever. Rural free deliveries, that
bring him closer to tho great cen
ters of life and Industry, and to
those with whom he comes In con
tact In a professional way, also com·
elowly, and eityd along the high
ways, leaving ι h·· byways almost as
far off as before Tin· Junction nf
wveral ronde with an It I·'. I) route
with a wort' of mall boxes perched
on posts with only one or two
lionnes In vie», is ft common sight
these days, and indicate* lliat the
owners of the box<'H have to come
several miles for their mail.
The telephone is the agent which
most lends to Increase Ills practice
and Ills Income, to make his calls, |
and H> save his time and the wear
and tear on himself ami his leaniR. I
Mow much simpler It Is for him to
call ttfi liin p.'ili ntm ten or fifteen
miles away and learn whether a
change In their condition makes a
visil necessary. ΙΙιαιι to drive that
far to learn lie same tiling? 10veil
if there is not a telephone In llle
home of every one of them, there Is ι
one In the ν if I il 11 \ of each from |
which I he doctor can lie notified of j
his condition and called, If a change I
makes II necessary.
Unlike good roads 11 costs little
money to build telephone lines, and,
unlike rural free deliveries, they
may be extended along highways!
and byway*, along good roads,
across fields, over hills and streams.
They are flexible, they are cheap,'
they give good service, and they are'
always ready day or night, to per
form their duty. Once connected up j
they require no further attention
wive to renew the batteries once or!
twice il year and to kr« i> the lirn·»
clear, Their construct Ion I so nlra
■ >It· that any group of farmer; can
I hnllil thrm I'oli κ. particularly In
the eouth, ran usually he rut on the
farms, and ran he distributed and
net into tin· ground at slight expense
Thi' «ire, h ru < k «-t s and Insulators for
a mile of metallic (2-wlrc) rircult,
which will give thi' hest service. cost
approximately only Jlti.tlft per
ni lie, while th«' hi" ι telephone In
ïdruinent with all the material nec
essary for Installation cost· approx
imately only $14.00 each
simple Itcmcdy for Ijii Orlppe.
tirippe cougle are dangerous
as I hey frequently develop Into
pneumonia Foley's Honey anil Tar
ι'"1 ο ι i 1 ν stops tile couch hut heals
■Mid H i cn·.·,t hens the luiir· 1 ο that no
-erlous results in ι·ιΙ he feared Tin
genuine Foley's Honey and Tar con
tains no harmful drugs and Is In t»
yellow vackaff·' Itefusc substitutes
H. W Ponrle d
While cleaning yum home it you
should decide you wanted an art
square, carpet, matting, linoleum,
niK. window shade, pair of portion's
in· lace curtains, remcmhcr that
Spalding Κ McCartne.v's is the only
place to find a complete assort ment
You will enjoy hearing tin I'oly
technic (lice Club at the opera
house tonight.
Til Μ l'TMOMT ( A κι·:
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Ifliu'n none th" I·'»*. Awnro of our
ri'RponxIblllty, wo ndopt pvery prac
tical precaution nnd chock. Ho
nnit: Y nu Kot Junt what your doc
tor ordor*. Unfn harbor for nil who
η (Kid modlclne*.
The Pure Drag
Auto ô Garage
! On Main Street One
BlocK West of
■ ι,ι·Φ
Sales Room for Jackson,
Buick, Maxwell and oth
er cars.
First Class Rent Service
to all Paris of Country
Day or Night
Expert Automobile Re
pairing and First Class
Garage Conveniences.
Automobile Accessories
and Supplies.
OM PNm 17 — Rtw Phone 17
Mill \ οι I Μ κ
1 t
f. 11. ' · '. f ■ · ·
M ' * I \
! ι nt,! t',· |V.| t !'· ι |ι· Γ
1*111 » . ι \ l'ii Γ * I < It ' I ' ' '* 1 I '
I· .Ί\ ' ι Γ I - ι! ' I' · I
pi cntl I 'r I ι . fit « ·
ι f ·ι ' ι ' ! ,1 ι
·. M ; ι · - · r NV ι 11 ! .'( ■ ' I· S J ■I. ; I 1 ! I ι
th ί S'il. · ! -■ ^ ν · m - ilkcn \ m| h· ·»:· ■
ί I xclusivt' of these 16 irtis (count Vm, 1m then·
will ;» ppo.;r λ ^ jlmsls, ι ι h Ί wht ιι will .It Ιί,.Ίι! \ - ■ ν ;
with ι l isait and 1'opul.ir Vocal mil InMiu · rial
Admission, 25 and 50c
Last Day!
All over The
i /
λ κ

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