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The Waxahachie daily light. [volume] (Waxahachie, Tex.) 1894-current, May 07, 1909, Image 3

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t'Mflftttt κη t* ίι. ·<ι · < »#ι t
Mat A111» h ? *· * · * »·»··' r 1
t'i<U t!»!M l'ont « m *
» tf f* m·» \* »
fttft MM Τ » « In* h f»»
Μ*?«Ι* H
WAXAMA' M H Mot M «.r?*t **trt
<!eMirer««d 'tatty M f> M m «urt, ο M
φ bon» 4#l tf
#TK\tHlM A PHKH Mim I Ia ( «r
||n nfllre t|(h U Γ titrer· f'tttrrr.P
Hank h ttMlna oktf
1*1 »H NAM· TM te 1 τ « »,
ftjifit r to f.i und· totu < t i f «f
Hi·· 1 'ally l#««ht c»f1i< < t f |
n»H H KM f1 " h.m ! m»ft
bath. tttht* and ■· * · ·..·« < »· ·» π
|1* Κ M Campbell λ t o
WANTKI» Λ Inner f Ui i ι
H» κΐ ni » ni a tut II tf 11 1 wotk Wmtb
buy If Mil»«M Hi h h*·'« t 1 m ^hnj . ·
l»A^ Ν MOWKHS tmrpen^d nnd
Justed eorr©rtly by n«»w oir»citlc
sharpener nt Arthur Ma« koy »hop
Kf>Ft HKM Vu · room >Hni 1
W row η Ht root, niodern entm iilenc*
Apply to Wwxnhfi'hlo M«'dfrlne Γη
1/)HT Ftnldwtn miles* phi. gold
m*lth white enantel, yen ru '1*7, 9
λ η d 'M. m y name on bark Ml··* Ora
Miller tf
bay mules, 7 yenrs old. 1 .*> hands
high; onr η horse ttitilo nnrt th«
other a marn tnule with halter on.
branded Τ on l«*ft shoulder Notify
Dalian Home, Waxaliaehte, H I'
D. 2 tf
CAIA'IN P. Ft OS., nre prepared to at
tend to your wants wneti they are
In the gents' furnishing line. Clean
ing, preaelng and repairing receive
their rarefnl attention and satisfac
tion Is always guaranteed. Phone
them and aee. tf
WANT TO sku, About 75 ord
of stovewood, 2 1 feet long. I feet
high, considered η cord Iromnitr·
rlally apeaklng. ) $ *» 7·*. per cord;
half cord payable whi n It rains,
if It never rains w ill never present
bill. I). H Thotiipaon 2ί>
HATS «loaned and rehlneked "tip
top." Got, to look like now or no
pay. Hrlng also your clothes here to
be cleaned and pressed, nr new ones
made; there in "nothing" In tailor
ing thai we can't do All work guar
anteed. Phone 571 M. Kur/.llel), 116
College street. tf
FOR SALE I room house, In good
condition, lot 60x2<">. Nice orchard,
garden, well, gond new ham. storm
cellar and nice shade trees, mid well
Improved In every particular, In
Milliard Heights, on Dunn lane road
or what Ih known an South Washlng
you have fine cotton need, or fine
corn, or fine chickens, or fin ο cows,
or fine horses, or anything you may
want to sell, you should let the peo
ple of Ellis county know It by plac
ing an advertisement In the want
columns of the Waxahachle Enter
prise the paper that covers Kills
county. An ad will not coat you
much, and you will more than likely
net the desired result* Try It once.
There are lois of occasions where
a picture Is desirable, hit! could not
be had under ordinary conditions.
My specialty Is making them under
e*traordlnar> conditions. I make
flash light plctur<*s. anywhere, any
time, In or out doors, day or night,
and guarantee the same satisfaction
as If made In the studio. Call me up,
and let's talk It over. Iloth phones.
J. Prank Montgomery. tf
If you desire a clear complexion
take Foley's Orion Laxative for con
st I pat Ion anil liver trouble as It will
stimulate these organs and thor
oughly cleanse your system, which Is
what everyone needs In the spring
In order ο feel well. II \V. Pearls, d
vor ΝΚΚ» Λ (JOOH Illtl'SII !
no matter for whet purpoa»—the
heir, t.ho teeth, tin' floMh for α
l>oor one In worse than tmeleKe. It
doesn't aerompliMh good results and
Is η eonatnnt source of annoyance
.nul dissatisfaction. Hrusho* that
tirush thi· right \vny are solid hack, I
durable, pretty of pattern and rlffht
η» to prier are to lie seen In κ rent
variety at the reliable drug «torn of
Ç" β The Pure Drag
LrGGtnS Pru8*>st
fM flit It Ml |4
H \* 11 ·»« » « I «*««.·*
iHil U ι !«*·"« iIh IinhmMi
I .< nnltit l«»f d A » h(Iim
V* » 4*11» *. «Ml Ullferfc
t». f.*l |lfr
tn hi
ft» tttftlr »
ft ¥
U »»nl ΓΐΗ"»' >»ri dΊ f»»f Itm
® l*nfcf t Π «* II »ίη fr>r I f>*l ft· All ihf 1
ftillo% lltl
I * »i *»« I h M and · »ii h il ·Ι||Ι"Λ1'
tnatfc fot Ψ* % f»i' H'I» that I a» a
t* ml ft!«-ff ion» f iii la ι Knfi laf !
Ut ft * î tl t «·*Λ*'Ϊ*Ι f»0?Mt I: «f <li« Il I *f tl |
h . · . r« i*1 ami ♦ r |>tlre«f < «M·
• fl or·**» î» · »f I «iti «r)a«I ·«
wftt 1 |>0* ' IIVI' M h*«« ■ RIO*!h «f
to « lui! !«f rarritfig * * «Hlnlha
tnatk '»>r «·■ M>\»n '·»»»« ! it In <1H
t ». nti h » t(r| I ■·* -an f--λι . ί* *' «Il af
f. t· t| * ih » * *-1 ti» * i h. M
H k» » 4 Vu m l· t* -· t 1 · II·»
vh**i*r. S ^
Il !«· li» iî· HieMfut hah !
ri ι » m *-1 r fat tnfiri» nm| a ftn-at fMttM
Hp Hlih lttΊi· « * ho «te*lre l^itillfHl
»n«l Itivtir π ' halt PHf« ftn · · ntp a
bottl* » M ··'ι κ » utlln* ni 1»> «·*
fin *1» ι arg· i'f paid. from Olroux
Mil- < ». fluff .1 NY H» 1M» 21
l'I .«nttltig M111 |f »n Ifcdlm 9 <*·>»« 1
Htverhead I, I M»i> 7 An lin
portant meeting t% biinir held In f f»·· '
• ouï t hou*· hm toda\ h> t lit» «lato j
tllgh**· rnmmission «hlrh d^slr··* I
to ι·· ih» vrw# »»f th·· «outilr> ι·•t»f |
«Kiits on Ihf d» finit· lor.'ition of t lu· j
proposed vînt* rond tn i»»· Iniill
tïirouRh both siil» s of the rotiniy
wholh Ht state «xpensi·
This roe·Ι ι» Known officially as
Rftutc No .ΊΓ. Th·· routr .is propound ι
by th»» roratni^lon bruins at η point
on tlo· dividing lln·· between Nas
sau and Qu* · nt* counties. running
oaaterlj through th·· northern por
tion of Nassau county to th·· divid
ing lln·· iM-iwo-n that county and
Suffolk thenc* easterly by way of
ih·· .Terleho turnpike to Sinithton
Branch St .lames. Port .Ι··ΓΓ·ί>οιι
and Wading Rlvir to Riverhoad;
thence notitherly by way of the state
road alread} built ΙμΊ w« ·»·η Rlver
head and Quogtie. to the latter vil
la»··; thence westerly by way of the
South Count ι.\ road t r> PatehoKiie,
nnil Atnltyvlll· to a | κ> I η t on I In·
dividing lln·· between N;i van mid
Suffolk ι on nt lev >i ! to be ilctoi-min
'■il. nnil Hill thence w>».li rlv through
[iln· southerly portion o( Nassau
iiounty to η point on tin· dividing
I llii' between tin' counties of N'as
(Sun and CJiii i lin m i to lie dctormin
i'd, tu il k 111 μ ii sitite I'oml nil I li«-> \v a >
« run ml Ι.οημ Island
Il lv roughly figured by people
τη- ι ΓΤΓ
road building. that' the rout will In'
llct H II 11 $ Τ I Ml ji nil * I .(toil,llllll,
although It h- believed tlinl lln· ex
pense will In· warranted because of
(In· grout pnldli· ( onvetilenoe of n
high class road find (In· wny that
will I in· π-ιι·· · · lln· vit lia· of adjaicnl
mi It y
Ocranlums. Κ I. phnnt Knr, Hose*,
Carinas. Colons. Salvia, Petunias,
Border Pistils A· 11·rκ. Peverfow,
Verbena. Phlox, Carnations, Plum
bago, Sweet Allysoum an<l chrysan
themums should bo planted at once.
We have them Bird Forrest. tf
If yon have η Mille Hyoniel Inhaler
(pronottnred lllgh-o-met In jour
home yon !>ave η treasure.
Into t h Ik hard rubber Inhaler yon
can pour η few drop» of Hyomel and,
pronto, yon have Iho lient little phy
sician for catarrh. roughs, colds,
bronchitis, croup and asthma, tin·
world ha* ever known j
When you breathe Hyomel you
bring the healing virtues of the
mountainous forests to your home.
You got the very same bealltiK, anil
septic nlr that you would breathe If
you resided In tin· forests of pine and
eucalyptus of Inland Australia. when»
catarrh or consumption was tn>ver
known to exist
If you have a Hyomel Inhaler In
your home yet a bottle of Hyomel
for Mlc
If you have not an Inhaler, ask
for a complete out lit, which conta but
$1.00, and Include» nn Inhaler, η
bottle of llyomcl. and simple Instruc
tions for use
Hyomel I* sold and guaranteed by
Hood Λ Curlln to en re catarrh, asth
ma or bronchllll, or money back. It
will relieve η cold In five minutes,
and will break It up in five hours.
II Rives most gratifying relief to con
sumption sufferer», and Is sold by
leading druggist* everywhere.
Cures Indigestion
It rcllcvi s stomach misery, aotir stom·
neh, liehhlng, and euros all stomach dis
ease i>I money Lack, lj»rge l»« nf tub
lot» 60 eonta. fhnggisu in nil towiu.
• ·
• » I « ΙΙΙΙ\ι IMMtl *
* *
fM*t t-Mtp, , nf rrutiHi I i|( f|«.
«it out. (Ill MliU VI *u<\ mit.t thnr
orou*h rllM'ttt on nf Hint
*%*t h. Hf.f in « 'i|4Hff>«n ntifl II w|||
ι t· f. triv tin- futur* iliiH i«»*om
♦ f t llfll ilii u ;ir* In eon »'
H« « » ». ι·1« mil \
nit if il* · 1 ι « Mil . nu ft*
llii'i « « it h itilin M|i ni fh»
Il > Ml Hi · I · * « . Mit ' IOW.I» ι| Hi) lll-r
I· · ii ml ' ««ι μ 111 ν held ilii1 nu
iIIoik « dntiiu Mm· ?hi< ι 'imih . nf his
«IISI II in h m, 111, || I ι \ \ lull t |ι· \
ι » ι timed «ml heard · tn ι · * · *iif I v# 1 >
fui mi eijnnl leng'h n| tine mi tin
second dn>. which hi devoted t-» ι
οίηκι* louai analysis <>f th· varimif
ri«H'|t>l<IUH of fill MllprrMlIt* rourt
iipoti this subject sine·· t hat court
was estiihllshed Πι·· senator Yia«I
studied his Mih1«ct wet! îiihI hand
loci himself η < 1 ni i ra I» 1> Republican
senators on tin opposite sic!·» <»f the
ipiistioi» lut ·1 r r 11 ρ t ed him occasion
a11 > ut first hut these won» disposed
of mo easil> and so effectIv«*l> that
such InterruptIons came at rarer In
tervals as hi· proceeded This speech
added much to Senator Bailey's al
ready high reputation as a great
lawyer, a finished orator and an ac
complished debater.
Hot h sides aie figuring closely on
the coming vole on the income tax
amendment \t least fifleen repuh
llean votes arc claimed for it, and it
is confidently asserted that if all the
democrats cast their votes for it, the
senate will adopt if The attend
nee upon the senate is now larger
ami more regular than before in
>»»Hrs, ArrôrailiK ' ,H' wiii|îB,
who du· ki'i'iihiK daily tally, all tin·
i-< ■ 111111111ΊΙ η senators ami all tin
democrats, Γ\|·|·|1| ollr, |ll> III'I'·1,
and art· ι·νι>ι·<·ιI in romain uni il ι lu·
tal'IIT 1)111 If. llnaH\ disposed il
Ml III· priiKiess 111:1111 ■ las!
[week Willi ι In· eoli^^^^it Ion ol
tariff 1)111. unless II In coillili'il
^•hëTiitr·· -t't liavt' (II""· Htfl: ib
m| it m m-Ιι ι·η iiiatl'- 11 il ι i ιι κ ( lui t lime
Λ-lil' Ιιιιιιι II·'· '-pieelies b.\ Senator
Italic,*, Sciialni' Itaynor ol' Maryland
ami perhaps nm' or iwn others, this
dlseusalon liait been most remark
ιι Ιι li* I'm I In· lael (liai Mit* | n-ι ·ι Ί ι· ή
In tu vtir ni lower raton of <1 ιι t y lin vt'
lift'li mailt' lu republicans, wlilln lin1
H l H ΊΌ II IΉ III H II | > | II) I' I 111 |)l'l)l l'Ol I VO
iluilt'H Ιιιινη been |i r I not |in 11 > by
(loin m· rat s ΊΊη» political wlrt'H have
become singularly oroHHod. Tin·
democrats from tin1 south, especially
art· careful In declare I liai lin· rales
tliev an· ildvoi al Ιιικ. on III 111 lx*r. su
gar and oi her articles of «ouiliern
prodiirtloii, am wt riot ly rovonuo
l'a I oh, bill tboy iiro no lowor than
ilio rates now prevailing on those
arlli'loH ΊΊη· ropuhllcun "free trade"
M|n»oohoH aro made In favor of froo
1 ιι IIIbt>r, principally.
Tho movement In favor of tariff
revision, which compelled both the
democratic and ropnlillcaii parties to
liromlNO such revision to tho people
last year In their platforms, may
fairly be at I rlhutod to I In· nKlliillou
amoni; Now Knftland proleetlulllHt
manufacturer* In favor of free raw
materials. principally hides and
eoal to a κ 11 >t I Ion throiiKhout the
middle wont In favor of free lum
her. to tho demand of I bo new spa
pel's of ι lie country, «root and small,
for ι In· removal of the tariff from
wood pulp and print paper, and to
the κ· liera I demand, In all parte of
the country, for lower duties on the
products of Iron and steel These
were the Influential forced that cre
ated the sentiment responsible for
the present effort to revise tho tar
iff; and In each particular Instance
disappointment Is In follow. ThrotlKh
the persistent efforts, principally, of
Senators Kllktu* and Scott of West
Virginia, the duty on coal, struck
out b\ the house, will be restored
by the senate; the Influential sena
tors from Maine will not stand for
the removal of duties on wood pulp
and paper; tho republican senators
of the lai northwest and tho demo
cratic senator» of the south will de
feat free lumber: tho western men
will make sure of the retention of
the duty on hides, while those from
many states will unite to save Iron
and steel from any serious cut.
Wheu the pending bill shall finally
pass, it \yi 11 be α more thorough
and up-to-date protective measure
than the exlaitlng law, known an
Hi»» I>iηκΐ«».λ hill, with an :ιverage
rate of duties but little lower, If
lowei ·f all, than exlsltlng rates.
Then tan, therefore, la· no very ap
preciable red η c lion il» lin· cohI of
living, though the readjustmenl may
I μ ι slbly ^troduce more revenue fo
ill. uovt^flnent. The senators I
^luirge of the hill, with Aldrich at
their head, make no pretense of d
t* » ιχ t L' ...ί.ν'ΙιΙημ else than at
II ro tec live measure, η 11 < I challenge
Mi· popular Impression that there I
[was to he a general downward re
vision of »* a I « ■ ■ Then· will nho lie ,
• oine Improvement In the a <1 m I u Ih- J
tratlve fen I tires <>f the law, especial·1
I y with a view to suppressing custom'
I house frands and preventing lhe|
ηndervahiatIon of Imported goods. j
I I'roni 1 he latter It Ih expected a j
very consider!»hie Increase In leve {
nne will result Hill Ihe cas»» of the ι
j ' ultimate consumer" has yet to he
(considered and his canse may llg
jure largely In subsequent cam-j
j Senator Dollivers recent outspok-ι
en dwlarntion In favor of lower I
duties than those proposed in the'
! pending hill caused surprise on both
1 sides of Die chamber. The late Hen-1
iator Allison was a conservative on I
{the tariff, and during his lifetime |
(Senator Dolliver stood with him
jsimc the death of Allison, however, |
jthe "Iowa Idea. Mrst advanced by
j lion. Albert B. Cummins, who has,
now become Allison's successor I
here, has become dominant ht that
stat»·. it 1m understood, and will
(command recognition from other ι
members of the Iowa delegation
Senator Culberson, chairman, and
Senator Owen, secretary of the dem
ocratic caucus of senators, are un
usually busy now. In rounding up
all the democratic members of that
body for the voting on the pending
tariff bill, which is expected to begin
\cr\ soon. If the solid democratic!
vote can be polled, some victories
can he won, with the assistance of
western republican senators, as the
bill makes progress through tin»
S» nator (.lore, the blind man from
Oklahoma. rather distinguished
himself in a running debate in the
senate on Tuesday, when In· became
Involved in sharp conflict with Scott
and Klktns of West Virginia and
McCumber of North Dakota, with
regard to the merits of a protective
tariff, and especially as to Its effect ,
upon wages He wan well posted on
facts and was quick and bright in j
debate. As a stump speaker he can
have few superiors In the senate. |
(.ore once lived In Kills county, and
the lion. Jack lUmll had some ex-J
perlence on the slump with him,'
when tin· I > 1 ! 11 cl man was ;ι leader of
the populist element of that part
dI' Texas
Col. Sam \V. Kordyce, tin· former
president ol tin* Cotton I <« *11 rail
road, wan in tin· city recently for a
few days, II·· and Mrs Kordyee
spent. th« past winter near Hrownfl
•jdn'ri' (In- colon··! lh Interested
■ilroad and β big ranch Col
ce Hpokr to me niobi cordially
of Judge Dunlap of Waxaliachic,
whom he Ik glad Ιο ηuml>« r ιιηιοηκ
his Texas frlendr Κ I. («.
llow'w Till·*?
W'c off r Our Hundred hollars
Kewarl for any can· of catarrh that
cannot In· curcd by Nail's Catarrh
Cure. Κ .1, Cheney Λτ Co., Toledo, <).
We, tie* undersigned, have known I
K. .1. Cheney for tin· 1... ; ι 1 Γ» years, ι
and believed liiin perfectly honor '
able In all business transacltons,
and financially able to cany out any
Ohllgalto.is made by his firm.
\\'aiding. Klnnan & Marvin, Whole
sale Druggists, Toledo. (>.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken In
ternally. acting directly upon the
blood and mucous surfaces of the
system Testimonials «eut free.
Price, 75c per bottle Sold by all
I ^ ,
Take Hall's Family lMlls for con-1
stlpntlon. d^
Ucad what the advert I «em »ay.

£»tcrpn*c f>itbluM.MUO Co.
no· ν ip.t Minn el ho»» · ♦*« ap hut b<«*
gond If »ηιι «ιr looking f«»» tin I»·■ *»I 10
Pi int inn t tunc 11» H * IViir* < nnttdmng
thr iliu of **ntk *m |ι\ι >011
KT ΓΛ \ A / '* "H |MV' '' ' 'nt
INvy VV ι η £ dnm Don't *■»<» ImiI "In·!· m
tmlny and let us rstinmtr 011 1! II ε·*« >* i°'·
Mill II 111 (MOIIll to silo* VOIIt ÎlHMtds
Τ T"D "u 'a,S,s' M" circular* wi "«
V-J J. pi c pa ι I'd to (mu nut print 111 £ 1 ! all
kinds Visiting Cards. I.ettu Heads I nveloprs v .ill
Circulars. I arge Circular. Books, * ti
Τ have an idea what you want in Printing.
A V-/ v-/ come here and let us carry it out for you
Satisfaction is oui motto, and we never have a job re
turned. Both telephones 148
Enterprise flbubltebtitQ Co.
When you want a
Livery Rig of any kind.
Livery and
Transfer Co
Sl\CrP«eorH to
Local and
Long Distance
Ellis Co. Independent
..Telephone Company..
F. S. EATON, M«r.
Alloted f or Wax a h achie
CorslcBim, Toxa*. April lt<, lf>09.
Aft»T upending olght daya In III* IVron Yalltj and looking
at I ho land, otTharda, meadow», wella, lakes, ilano crops live
Htook, mid the good oins» of people, I have derided tliat the I'eros
Valley Ik the "(lardon Spot.' of America f'rlc> «I land of(>n
doubles In olio year Alfalfa and fruit » pay from $ Γι 0 ihi to
$100.00 por acre per annum. Land In now -oiling from $«0.00
In $500.00 por acre, and I liollovo, judging by lliu pant,
will double In olio or two year:«.
I do not And much difference In ι In· oil and products lu·
Κ t w ι όιι Uarstow Texas. and ltoswoll, Now Mon loo It l· aall good,
and destined lo lioronio tin· greatest fruit grape and apple land
In the United Stales
I consider I'oooh Valloy laud, at prosont prices. tin hi t In
vestment opportunlttea ill our country, and tho ollmalo and ultl
tu do just right for health and happiness.
Dr. Hoimton has boon for iwoiity yoara ono or tin loading phy
slolatm of Coralcana, Texan.
Special Agent

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