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Wo Will Br Prepared ·
• ·' ir >f I ' · · ν ! I ι I
' it h ilw, I < ·
φ -ι in Μ ι1 f t · ' ·
• Our ι il< *# if- fnootfUt i^rvkt tKt bf>t j
"T1 J. B. HINES i
·♦♦♦♦+♦♦♦♦♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ «M ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
j J ♦
j; To Our July Customers.
I ► ♦
I we offer you the ws <»f wi: u· ♦
j| surpassed service, ind it mod rate prices 1 hw J
° motto Is "to pieese everyone with whom we les I ♦
J Give us your luly or iers mi! see l( we < wTt pies f f
• νου. ·
X Both Phones. Connally's old stand. 2
*> ♦
► ♦
♦♦♦♦··♦♦♦♦ «♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦*♦♦♦*♦♦««·
1 Plenty Frvintç Chickens, Country Hut
:: ter and Fresh Kgus, in fact everything to X
ο be found at a first-class (lrocer\ Store. ♦
\ Our aim is "Do unto others as you *
Î would have them do unto vou. ♦
^ ♦
* Lurnley's Old Stand Phones 31 X
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦♦<*♦♦♦♦♦
φ We handle the best to be had.
♦ W sell at a moderate price.
♦ We give gord service.
♦ We mahe a specialty of Fruits and Veg
♦ etables.
Phone us your orders.
♦ Old Pbone 170 Ό Τ ¥ T\yf Τ IΓ V
♦ New Phone 218 V-/. Γ · U IVIL/Ilv X
I want your trade
i Both Phones No. 91
>·«♦♦♦«♦♦ ♦ « ♦ «·♦♦»♦♦♦♦«· >
; ;
it ♦
Special for this weeK only. χ
25c ♦
7 pks. Rub-No-More Washing Powder
7 pks. Borax Washing Compound 25c ♦
7 Bars Lenox or Swift's hide Soap . 25c ♦
1 do/, cans Extra Sifted Early June Peas $1.15 ♦
Man ν other specials. Phone us. ^

; W. B. RENDER ♦
♦ ♦
« · · ·♦♦♦♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
I Maple Sugar Butter
♦ A >sh shipment lec.ivod today. I his is the finest
φ eating you can t'md for thos hot summer days.
I ί Mephone us.

; -.r- P. F. SMITH <3 CO. f
* *
11 Ai» !..
W TFI îifllFf
I, tu I'll·· loi ,ι
\ '■ itiiflH ni fini I x
tl l»\ It nli ν
Senior lr\sts Sep i'"t in N.. ii I ,|i
iiliiimn > I «>ΙΙ·*.ΐν)ΐι< κ I «■«! ! |<
Again*! !.i\ Imit.iiM V
.«lor I )p|His«'s il»· I *u'
Washington Ιιιιι·· .:<> Si\ti*rii
1 »l«tlil|i«l republicans in<l t*o ileiim
' Γ 11 I H Vlltwl > «-IPIiIh* til 'III ι I e \ e -
Mil*' till Iff of I III pi' I IM 111 11 < I (III I *11
This amendment, like the rweiit
amendment tu liii'i'.i <· tin· (July OB
plllCllpplfs OVet IIHl ||l ι cunt was
offered b\ ii dl'lllt ' .it The < I · -111 « >
rrilt wllll «il M) S 11 Χ 11111H III -Ι·ι· tllH'
;ι tii\ F h ii 11 lu* collei ι··.| ft'nlii the ti-*n
old in t il if riiniitty. ;ι ι > j 11·ι»\ί mutely
* 9,UIM>,I>0" was Senator Tillman
hu<I ili** ut Ιιι*ι dfiiniri.itlo senutoi
who \ ι it ι· I with Ml Tillman win
Senator Uallt'j
ι All th· other d» Jinji ■ ti« -- union*. *
including Senatoi Cttlhci .-ion. voted
against tin· proposed ' \ Ι·3\I'D Sena
tor Smith. Tillman.- ι olleucue fron:
South ι ii nil ilia, wiiirli stale grow
Mime 1.1. voted h l:i.ι .t th.· m i.ml·
Tin· i fforlB ot Senator Tillman t.>
get a W>c a pound iut\ on tea were
not uuliki· the efforts of Senator
Taliaferro of Florida to put an in
creased duty on pineapples. except
that eight demo> 'nts instead of two,
as yesterday. \.jt.·. 1 fo; the added
pineapple dut.
In the ens·· of Ίιΐ' apples. It was
shown that here was an industry
w hich has suffi· ι <1 heavily from
competition with Cuban pineapples,
hut late Information received in
Washington indicates that trouble
'lay in that the Flagler railroad,
which runs through the Florida pine
apple country, discriminated in its'
j rates against the Florida product,
and the Florida growers instead of
I seeking relief from the interstate
! commerce commission, appealed to
the tariff makers to make tip the
difference in freight rati which
now favor the Cubans, by putting
on a stlffer "revenue tariff" against
the Cuban pineapples.
In his discussion yesterday In fa
, vor of a ton-cent duty on tea. Sena
tor llalley uncovcrud another for
' midable democratic gun in tin· per
son of Senator Heiijailliti F Shively
of Indiana, The Texas and Indiana
senators took opposite sides in the
debate, Senatoi llalley's espousal of
ι lie tea tax drawing f'Oiu Senator
Shively a short but powerful demo
cratic talk on tin "hothouse procès*" ■
of creating Industries Senator Shive
ly has been lu 111 health the larger·
part of his sla> in Washington, and
outside of a legal argument on tin·
maximum and minim uni clause of
the proposed tariff bill this effort
I ycsicrtlaj was his only participation
in the contest over schedules
PI \ I'll οι I I \As l'|(>\ 1:1:1:
j Kill lier it! Mayor Ι·ιι«κΚι>ΙΙ Dies at
His Home In llow|Ui> County.
Mayor Λ Lasswell, who w ;tκ railed
! to the bedside of his father, A Laws
1 well. Si al Iredell, Mosque county.
I lust week. has returned He reports
that his father ilteil Haturdiy nfter
1 noon μ 1111 wa- luirleil Sunday. Mr
'I.ussuell was HI years old and a pl
!oileei.of Te va... iiniiiiiu Ιο t1 ■ tnte
iin is.10 Me hud been a resident of
I Mosque louuty about il Γ years and
j was one ι' the county's most highly
hni'ored ai 1 esteemed citizens, lie
had been a non; " r of the Methodiet
church TO years auti made a
I Mason about I'm years ago.
Normal Al tendance Increases.
j ι ojidnctor ('riddle is well pleased
ι with the attendance at the summer
; normal ibis jear Several new teach·
I ers bad their names enrolled Mon
i day.
Simnn (itl Wat.
I Chicago. .lune no. Solemn
j youths and frlvllotis bnldheails from
mi i s · i;,t - 111.* 1 today in the annual
Si^niïi ("III Fraternity reunion
ι I φ% ».
\ ι*|\ I kt' |lli
Λ 111 > 11 \V · ι . r ili'
11(1 Mk Ν III I !«·«{>· ι I ι I I
I ,··«ι<1 ι ι S«mnp l<
\S il· Hull·
Ailrl.u (lu Jim·' '· ΓΙκΙιΙΙιικ
• il ι λ;ιΙ|!|ι milii η Γ||»·Η11 ηιιι,ιΙΙ mil
|ι·»γ pNtol Hot» ι» i.-nkin* .· nrgrn
" 11 f4 Ί θΓ îîlîll '· I W (Ml H il t II III Kl
' il> it »ltnifi - pu·»*·' until lit· liud
wounded tun of them, 1111(1 (lu (I
Minx. I.mil Inn ■· mere) on m.v
•«illI In· (Ii:i|»|hn) dead riddled ·>|(|ι
rifle and pistol hall* Jenkins luit
*e»*k -hot and kill·»! (leoine Hon
ιι'Ιι. il f:n ηι· r. and Γμ I a 11 > won nded
M is How Hi t 11 H·» u ns trucked to
till' IVB 111 ρ eH I I V )'e*tf»r«lHl Till'
t ollllllp'l I>1 ·||;.·|| Η I f Ilot *erlOII*l)
i' ditU'ii11> mi!) mini III tin· post»·
■'til ImhiI Into Jenklna' body. II I»
t«-Hi thin Jenkins was found as tlie
uentilt of his efforts to obtain food
mu the luiuie of a negro. who
K-Utu'ed 'he iiIhiiii as soon a> Jen
kins left thi· hoi!-··
Tin wife if Jenkins Is In the Jtiil
hetv nnd considernblo excitement
tms been caused by the assertion
that she planned a double murder
.ml ordered her husband (o shoot
Mrs. Howarth first.
Business Men PI inning to (jive y
Smoker Niglil of July 12.
The Retail Merchants' Association
met in their rooms Monda) tiίκht.
and much interest was manifested.
Much work for the interest of the
association was discussed, and the
>ccretar.v. Ho> Cotinallv. made a re
port of iiis trip to the state associa
tion meeting at Temple Inst week.
it was decided to appoint a good
ronds committee, and the folowlng
were appointed: Ι) II Thompson, <1
\\ . McKnight. T. .1 Middieton. W. A.
Crow, R T! Prince. II \V Fearis.
\V. Ρ Hood.
Λ stuoker will be given Monday
night. .luly 12. for the purpose of
iliowing the members to become
better acquainted with the objects
and plans of the association, and an
interesting program will be arranged
π ι , I r * Γ ι es h ment s wiil bo served.
The following comniitte< have the
work in charge:
Λ r rangement W \. Gibson,
chaiininn: R Γ .lohtison, lohti Mun
iîavf a
Clean Scaip
To have κ growth of healthy
lustrous hair it's quit» neces
sary to keep the scalp lu
health Where there s dan
il m ft" the hair Invariably loses
lust!··· falls out and the ulti
ma!·· icsiilt is baldness. Λ
very simple and agreeable
remedy is
<;uki:v soai·
This is a liquid preparation
n ude from a German recipe.
It !» so plea ant to u-e thai
you'll want to shampoo often
It keeps the si nip free from
dandruff and promotes a
healthy growth of hair.
I*iit·»· ΛΟ cents
jMassoE Bros.
ι On Men's Suits
"SI ) 00 Ni - $ 6 75 'I
1n 50 M· Sit, < 9.50 j
1λ 1 Mr s ut·, il» ί ι 10.9ο
16 50 M»" S,iits ι or 1 1.50
1s I Me ι Suit 13.50
20 DU Mf-n s Suit» on sale for 14 95
23 00 Men S ilts on tir· tor 10.50
25.00 Μρπ s Suit . o·· sh'h· lor 18.50
30.00 Men's Suits on saie for 21.50
35.00 Men ; Sur., on suie tor 23.50
Matîliews Bros.
I "T <■ I !-t h «·-1 ι u t h" Γ 1 ο l Ιι l ρ ι ■
Program \ί. Schuetei. chah
ii ai .1 I. .Met'artiiPN, H Hin«»s
It is hoped that all active am! a*
otiate tmw her* will b·· presen t.
The assot iation now haw on itκ roll
of irt» ι obère nearly ever> firm in
Waxahitchl* . and has decided that It
will do much "boosting" for ?.11·
town, as wpII hs protect the Inter
«•sin of its members in a financial
way It should hav<· the co-operation
of e\er> citizen of the town. Tlie dn·^'
ai·· nominal and the benefits to be
derived arc great. If you are not eli
gible to active membership. help
them boost
riif l,:ind \ alites in Ont· Κίηηνμί ι
Counlv Η.ιvt· ΜθΓ€ l'i ;tn DouWnl.
"Practical Koad Building In M a Ί : - (
son County. Tennessee," is tlit* ti11»? !
of an article written loi' the Year ι
Hook of the flitted Sluli's Depart-|
nient οι Agriculture by Sam < Lan .
caster, chief engineer of the Miullson '
('omit ν «'iiioil (tonds coin mi ·· ion In
speaking of the practlci.l results
which have been attained Mr l.aii
caster says:
Ii tins often been suIii that ' good
ronds mark the line bet we ·ιι barbai
Ism ami civilization in nay count r\
A few of our people apprecin11ng
this fact., began many vem-s asSO
planning to belter the condition οΓ
the roads and to me. ι suc.vssfn 11 y
the i'e 'stance offered by objectors.
Possibly the best tin* not always leen
ruade of the advantages offered, hut
the fight is being won, and the
problem Is belli" solved, locally at
least witIi a lilt tli'içn· of »ueeoss
Tit ability of a cnininu ull y to I m
pro»· .il lr <r a portion of its ηιοι <
Î 111 po I'tiUlt |t>Rd lias h <»n del, 11) * Î ! ,i
ted A «ell-lmili piecf of road in
■ crj lonimunlty Is the |>e.jt possible
advocate f < » ι an * \ten-iou the
V .1 I vf in Iiii ciMinry approxi
mate ■ " ni'" m important in. in
ι nut.· pos- (vsiii:! înoro t l'.H m η tu· «h
borhood value which ought l > be
InilHoved, n· bave started at the
'■ι 1111 tin hull of ι '. · ■ «ueel ι π <1
μ ΠΙ pusli tie· rua (If) out in lut- an
possible With llghte Krades. and
profiling I»> tin· exiierienoe Ruined
vie expect tu have su miles of well
tuiproved roads o:. better si ill, if
tlu· prison force is turried to (food ac
count, we may hope to have even 90
iiii'i of them· good roads when the
authin i/.ed $:;no,(ii)ii has tM'cn ex
pended .
Situ·» the const ruction of these
roads began. In June the land
values throughout Ili· oounly haw·
Increased, in many instances from 20
10 I hi) per cent, and the city prope·
ty has greatly advnncod in \aluo
There are no houses "to rent" In
lui.-un buildei- are busy num
bers of new real estate offices have
lee η opened, large tract ί of farm
land are being subdhided. and pri
π at· helm· paid which astonish the
most tar-seeing champion of.fi - now
popular movement.
\e« fntnllles from adjoining
ΐΌΊî;tie> and stn'-s are constantly
oiulng In. some lo make their iioines
in 'he city and other» wanting farms
011 the good roads" Still others,
looking ahead an I aiitlcipatln;' prof
ils. have mad,· purchases and t!
τηIles back Iront tlo ae road-, paying
largely Increas. <1 prices.
Tailored Petticoats
Made with il r.irefulrK'-vs at: . p-e. · uon η·> dresa- ,
maker can •.■<jual with cwr, ν . ι «trapped o·.
bound, and «very raw edi{<· ovrred. -ell in the
Latest Styles
At >·'.· tir«· >■>« w ! l:'<e them—
Then try ···.!,· ι η :1 r.->tice h >w trim ami
! i1 tits ':<vv sm.-,«-;hl it «« · s ;,i uud the
wni: t and Ιιιμί 1: <»- " · " >'
' · permit'tl.e -niter "t to -.< t
.-monthly a·!·.! til pe-ft· tl,·. —1 i·ι »h·.
grace·""! hang < ' '.he ·· Ητ ·ι·
J". M'-rcer-Vt; ' S-itU-ens. Il-.th,-r·
1 '- >ο:.ι, υι Si!'-;, n'.
η :K
β ' V
1. t"\· ». j-i » ■>
irT3 C V β-^1 V, ·:·. ; ν ··.,· Sxrosti Petticoat ·.» handy j
' "** Sorusis Skirt Hanger.

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