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The Waxahachie daily light. [volume] (Waxahachie, Tex.) 1894-current, June 30, 1909, Image 3

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• ·
• \\ \ \ I I Ml I «IN ·
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··♦♦ **t«
W t \ nil l( ι III t nil I I hi» · ι
|.*fIII fHii|iti In < Ifirnll «tut ,f
ι«Ιι>·»!ΐ niiiihl i»r Thei»<1ii> M»«
·* χι ι» : h
Ή * Ν 11 |ι * I 11 I «III· >1 I Nil
■ I t.lRltl of fil» ii|i M»lr· <th
lit M I1»S tH \ ι I r-.f fm ii · « li d
ill* r'Wtii'lli fm lit Hi Ihl# oftlfi
r|* w
t.OfO Util'l ItMh'l fill» W' I 1
>ti«i»*ii1 in· ι ·1 « lt< I il fit 1<i ΙΜ» i»l
in» 14
W A \ A t M ' 1111 Mot M'iioml Wtlxf
ρ>'|»'Γ'·ι1 lUlly M H Mci'ourl o'tt
plNNM ♦*' M
MOI M» t« rill! III Ν r I H « "ιι πι ι
Ι-ι I A in ι «fil· r οι ντ Μ·Ι lw* * Μι·
Win M( if
n 1(1 HA I ι ΓI vp I'oldtnl ' him
Hi»;·', l*n month» olil H W |Η'|·ιιΙ«
Kiiiilnimi »1ιι·«·ι *f>)i
Full KA1.* Th'.i V 1 iv). tir· wti
H»|irr in ï'i inilrr your nt>i'· " '
the lutilv I. ι ht nil ·
KoR II KM A '«It room ! <·ι>-« o|·
rhrMlnn rhunh >n Main
nro*i C'i· I I' Krtitinlr
ItU'YCl.KS It.Miulit -.old h ixl
Ι·«Ir< <1 at III· linn A Stephen*' l«p,ilr
shop. old ΙηιιΙιιΙγν building 7 *i
luixiiel* of dHmafii ι urn f*»*· hog
feed ftl 7 fir |>e r himbt * ' » μ ' · · and ev
amine It. I) II Thompson
CALVIN BK08.. are prefinreft to at
tend to your «· m II t ρ when they «le
In the gents Γ ii ru I χ (ι I ii κ line Clean
Ing. pressing and repairing receive
their careful attention and satlsfac
tIon Is always KunrintL'tid l'houe
them and aee. tf
HATS cleaned und ret)l< eked •tip
top."· Hot to look like new or no
pay. Bring also your clothes here to
be cleaned and pressed, or new oni"1
made; there is "nothing" In tailor
ing that we enn't do. All work guar
anteed Phone Γ»71. M. Kurzlleb, 1 Hi
College street. tf
you have fine cotton seed, or fine
corn, or fine chickens, or fine cows,
or fine horses, or anything you may
want to sell, you should let the peo
ple of Ellis county know It by plac
ing an advertisement In the want
columns of the Waxahachie Enter
prise—the paper that, covers Ellis
county. An ad will not cost you
much, and you will more th«n likely
fret the desired results. Try it once.
Ilomtw Kxploile in IWurolanii.
Barcelona, June 30. Bombs ex
ploded at midnight Monday night in
two Barcelona theaters. One play
hoiiBe was empty, but the other was
crowded and the audience was
thrown Into a panic. One man was
fatally wounded
Does This Suit 7nu?
Hood & t'urlln, ttie enterprising
druggists of Waxahachie. Texas, arc
having such a large tun on "HINDI
PO." the new Kidney Cure and
Nerve Tonic, and hear it so highly
praised that they now offer to guar
antee it. In every caso to cure all
forms of Kidney Trou Dies and Ner
vous Disorders.
They ),ay for it if it does not give
you entire satisfaction.
If you use It, it is their risk, not
yours. A 50-cent box sent by mail
under positive guarantee. wtf
Bargains In the want column.
Il SM «Ι I I ■ i ll I I ί
I 111 *1 ·Ιι Mill· I'm II ι 1111M I IM II
»»<♦»»·· I llMlIlt i»» III »i»1»«fc
I nttlatit
)>l< f* iif Ihl· < II» M· m|i it· ι ι Λ CI» 11
IHIHHlCH (ι 11' ιηιΐι.ι
ilMnklnil Imai in it- · («ιιιΊΐι ii'ni »i.
il»κιη· ι "»ι κ ι ,ι
maltiltiK 'Il Trull»· h> Hi· fut» »hr
.fini m tlHlli IRlil liir *·» ! I
Httwlli *111 Mu·» l|>' lui» llk·' »
(■«ill ·*ι·»·|ιΙ, lil II If «h1 ι ι» I III
ll»< η· Ι»ΙιΙ«·»Ιι· ml uf · Haiti m tel
I Inl)· «hlih bai» h· ■ n nu iHilr»><l hy
• h. (imil ft'lln*·" nf îh»· linn
• lu»»·
>*· livlllr I· h' ml» ni ll n|i|tllrd
wllh "« lut·»· bill in Mil»II» «tir» nf
hevlim mniiph ·»ι ·· iiuiRHuliilf «Il
• Otti· ra n nimili· ι itf in* ι III lu- »mw
Ιιμίι nrtinlMl, Ml «Inn l|n ιΐ|»·η a*·
Imn olwin ih· nu μ,ιμιΙ nf Μι» la*
ni lit n'rtm k ΙηΐιΙκΜ, nul IVcnlf
nil»· «mini ι lulu· «ill Ihrnw α|ΐ·Ί·
Ihrli tliior* hin κ η < I ·|· I mil In II»··
Inii'tiilicr· |«>r''i ni ill»» Η»ι»ι»»· Iwr
• I»·. Mill In ntlliiiumil In tin»· pur
rlia»»>il ami l«tf» In ih»· Ιμ*··γ Ih»*ri
Tl <> lu» « 111 I» ' mil t'lln
Ο»! ; 'Ιι Μ< η I · · 1 ni, ι .ιι
1 #00 it loot) κ «III I .m· Ιο en ont of
IhihIIM'hi, IllOI't tti:ιu I On »Ίιι|ικ wilt
In- 111 working order b> tonight, so
there η III In- no ilr\ oti.s I h or·· II
! Iti· χ ι an afford Ihi price of mem
Ihernhlp, which lui- l»«"'M Iliad·' rather:
l eaMItlR III·'
Til'* small·! low lis ιι 11 not lo In
left. however. ami ovi r fifty charters ,
have been giaiited by the -eerctary
of state for ο I'lilli rl social «ΊιιΙιη In j
Ih·» ronntrj lowns Towns Dial have
η In flu >11 \ column for a num- |
her of >ears m now to have their]
social club*
The Tenness· · prohibition law is
tin· ou I mina t ion ol tin· bitterest po
lit ical fight in tlin stain's history. |
Former T'nili-d Slates Senator E. W '
if'armack \vn- the leading figure in'
jthn "dry" ranks, and liis assassina |
jtion is alleged ιο have been due to j
tim strenuous part he played in the j
prohibition tampaign
The prohibition law was passed ι
over the veto of Governor Patterson j
Prohibition was the principal issue j
in the contest between Governor Pat-!
terson and the late K. \V Carmack
for the democratic gubernatorial
nomination, and though Patterson,
who advocated the local option, won
the nomination, the legislature after
stormy times, went against him. This
came, however, with the aid of re
Men Past Fifty In Hanyter.
I Men past middle life nave round
comfort η mi relief in Foley's Kidney
I Remedy I. Κ Morris, Dexter. Ky..
j writes: "I'p lo a year ago my father
suffered from kidney and bladder
I trouble and several physicians pro
nounced ii enlargement or the pros
tate gland anil advised an operation.
I On account of his age we were afraid
ho could not tnud it and 1 recom
mended Fo'-y's KMney Remedy, and
the first bottle relieved him, and af
ter taking the second bott'e he was
no longer troubled with this com
i plaint." il. VV. pearl·. d
Explosion on Torpedo Ikiiit.
I Valle.jo. Cal . June .'!0. Five men
j of the crew of the torpedo boat Hull
lat the .Mare island Navy Yard, were
ι injured in an explosion aboard the
vessel last night
It is believed one man will die.
Many of our citizens are drifting
towards Brlght's Disease by neglect
ing symptom? of kidney and bladder
trouble which Foley's Kidney Reme
dy will quickly cure. B. W. Fearis. d
• ·
• l> I III » . < I I I M M ·
• ·
»··♦ ····
%ΜΙ«·(· I lilt· » « I'hHMi Ml'
I l»« llHlli; « I hi·'
If»· I» ftt ft I'·' tftli* f flgtffi (γΉ*Φ 4 (H*
41 #»t s. !h Mr· t ttfI» i»nffy tuf·! * · ·
flHti fgMfe* ·' ' (ft( M Kit** ι
ni l ι* full Mm « ι rM Hrn'ft *'»i I**!
In· iift'l Ml Λ lui» \ kl »»f ft if?
liVitHli * » f i tMit of to* ft t'talUHf
Μί&« I < «H» ttitt th< hint·
■ ·· m* »f Mm· III hoot*
\ ·!#»!* «. Itf fill «-Html μ «ι «I ft» «et* r*·
rr»*ti»Mi thf gtti*<*
I util· ·ο S «I %H »♦ » 1
Th< Alii 'iviHt of fh«
I'ltvt I*m l»v fI'flaii < hurrli h« M It
|Μ·Ι Ιμ|μ||ι· ft« «· M^|«i|i «ι titII full. « It·
Mr* M I* Mir.HI In WihiI Km·! πι
Vfnnclft> JifteftiOfiit. we* «·
*o»» 1 mf· tidni>«··' mimI \Mrt<MI« t»M«|
IK nilf·· tfHft . ι ' ! · 11 !lft« ι W fifth ft
pfi'ttduft! Mxin! -••♦■- «ft «M»- hi îil *n»f
I hi· }»ι»μρ·ι, μ -l^ti'd l»> h«i dmiah
\t f ι · «I · !
•ii»»iH » ·*ft ■ «iii^ftth
•ΜΙ ||ein| l"l Sllllltlll-I
Tim· " ll.I ruin··. UliMt (if Ml.· mi. tal
rii vnni/»Ho.i· ..I th 'own .< v. It ft*1
III. ι ! Iff· nut 111. η· ·· ill· ti 'i 41 \ · de
< reed to linv · I'O't dui'luu tin* tiot
»phmiii of :* !'· xiiH KlimuiPr. and «. It,
η ι a 11 kno* iv h lit 'In Iirnl of :ι "1 «
.1- Kll III III · r III' 'III- Λ 11M > 11 κ III' " Illl'S
I 11 si I h H VP suspend".! until III. null·
i 11Κ of ι 00I1-1 wenthci in·- Γι. Sli.k· -
pen re 'Ί11Ι1. Hlfitorv rlub. Moih<i
clnli iiiiil tin· η β .·> ζ i 11 · · η nil Current
Kv.'iii chili of tin It 1 1 rtnii'iit 1 ' 111■
Un· I'leasni.t Hour dub tin Wed
nesday Afternoon I'oity-Two club,
1 h·* M \V M rlub and the Tuesday
Afternoon Kort.\-Two club The
Bridge club, the "Τ I. A C..' the
Tuesday Λ ftornoon Sewing Circle
imd ill· Sixteen Club are among the
clubs which still hold their social
Λ Hehglitful \ffair.
One of the most enjoyable moon
light picnics of the season was given
Tuesday night by the young men of
the city in honor of the members of
the Sixteen club and the young lady
visitors in the city It was 011 ideal
night for just such an occasion and
those who were present expressed
themselves as having enjoyed the
outing, it was 8:80 o'clock when all
had assembled at the Falls on South
Prong where nature seined to have
leit no part unfinished in making a
place lor those who like to spend a
few hours in the open air The lunch
composed of all the good things that
appeal to the inner man," was pre
pared by the young ladies in attend
ance. The chaperones were Mr. and
Mis Hill Harbin and Mr and Mrs.
Roger Kennedy.
The Home Mission Society.
The Woman's Home Mission So
ciety met in a called meeting Mon
day afternoon in order to dispose of
some impending business matters.
About two hundred Chantaiuiua
tickets were distributed among tin
members to be sold and the society
voted to have an ice cream social on
Mrs Kenuer s lawn Thursday even
ing It Jin 7 to 10 o'clock.
Din society has pledged $'.'0 to
ward the education of a missionary
In Mexico; also $16.·'Ό toward the
support ot' two missionaries at Tlnir
ber among the coal mines
An assessment of $2.50 was order
ed to I'll ι>hι<1 out ni th·· contingent I
fund fur 'In Methodist ('h»utaui|ii«
building .i> Corpus Christ i
A report of loral work included a
ne ν, druget puri hjjm i| for the par
soi:ug> also one mom papered and
twenty-s< ν· η dollars contributed t<!
the Philathea cla-s loi room furnish
Let us then he up and doing is
the motto we must adopt if we ac
cept our responsibilities religouely
and cheerfully.—Press Reporter.
IN M W YORK sociim.
He.tut if ul Women of tin- "t'Mi" Will»
Have Luxuriant Mail'.
I In gay New York, where women
get their Ideas from their sister*
abroad tbe hair tonic called Parisian
Sage is in great demand
Λ gnat scientist, undoubtedly one
of the
most em
1 η e η t
hair spe
cialist s
in t ii β
world Is
the dis
< ovct err
of Paris
| tally that it is the only hair prepar
ation that will kill the persistent
dandruff «< mis. At any rate (lie
I Giron* Mfg Co.. of Buffalo, V. V..
isole manufacturer- of Parisian Sage
η tin· I'l.ited States, give through
their agents. Hood & Curlln. this
money back guarantee, which is no
doubt strong enough and plain
[enough to jib ase the most exacting
j "We guarantee Parisian Sage to
jfure dandruff in two weeks; to stop
j falling hair tr> make dull, lifeless
····' -,'Λ '
1 /
nui S«i^t tie · lainis most
nml colories* Ιιηii beautiful and lux
uriant: to turc nil itching disease*
ο! ι ht· sculp or money back «
The price only 50 ce πfs » liti>:«·
bottle hi Mood Λ· Ciirlin's, οι by ex
press, nil charges prepaid, from ·ίί- I
roux Mfκ Ι ο Buffalo. Ν Y. 64-7 1- ι
82 ,
Mis* l.aHMMi Uni·.. ι
Boston. Juni- ·'·" Boston Is ini- I
mensely 1111 «■ n-st · «1 toda> in tin4 mat t
riage of Miss Marion Lawson, sec
ond datightei of Thos. \V. Lawson. i
lo .lames duller Lord. » Chicago ι
clubman and whip ι
The match meets with the hearty
approval of her father Bol h being
lovers of horses, Miss Lawson and
her fiance won many prizes at shows
in and abuu* Chicago, and she is par
ticularly known as a wonderful dri
ver. When her father was compet
ing in all fashionable horse hows
of the country. Miss Lawson drove
nearly all the horses entered by him
Lord is the member of several
driving clubs of Chicago. It was at
a run of one :if the clubs that the
couple first met.
Ihiatiilg Hospital.
Boston. June '*·' Boston's float
ing hospital resumed its dally sail
ings for ihe summer today. with
greatly enlarged facilities for the
care 11 the mothers and sii k children
who will take advantage of its hoi
pitality. Several physicians and a
'corps of sixty nurses are in charge
ι of the vessel.
Κ vi' ry one would be benefited by
lia! m; Foley's Orino Laxative for
'constipation, stomach and liver trou
ble. as it sweetens lh" stomach and
.breath, gently stimulates the liver
superior to pills and ordinary lax
atives. B. W. Fearls. d
ι I
ι ΙΙΛ ICIH >N I \ Tf ^ Λ*~
οΙΙ··|·*·ιιι illltl Oiiitif t ·Ί|1ιΙΙ*^ fit·
Si i-IIi of s of stoik
lli auiront. I' x.i- Inn· <ii I'har
mi hit ' |'|i< i'i| mon» ι In « fork
I ill" . ο 11 ? > · > ι ml liavliif deadly
If", ι I oriin i VIii> > I)· tuinoiid ol
'nrt A r t Ii ii ι ha-. in· I a number of
iiulet· ft o| ·< » ι ι ' from over tin «ounty
mil· ate thai flic disease is rapidly
pleading among «toi k
Κ very cfforf ι being mail· l>y the
.uthorlι - s in stamp If out A miliar
ondltlou prevail* in Drang· ι ounty
lid ill tl · lAin lin · · ι lion of South
ν «■■«·! Louisiana.
(iowt nor Campbell « «that
llie tatp would make an if fort to
• tamp out 111'· <'lF«<HHr
Scientist* to \|*Tt.
Winnipeg Man Mine .1 ·· t're
iiiiiliai> picparation for the meeting
if III·· lliitisii V 'oriatiOn for fhi
Vdvumi'iiH'nt of Sri e In Winnipeg
ten Anguw ,i β η earing completion
' η il e ι Un m 11 τι κ that all papers to
ο 11 ad lit the ιηΐ' ΐΐπκ · ΙμιιιΙ<| I»· In
In. hand "I tin Ιο .ι I «ecretarle»
II it I »i I < r 111 : ι ii tod.'r. Ill'· piograni
λ||| soon I" f. '> and will In for ·
«aided to London to receive tin.
-anotfou of II' home officials Re
ports !r<>in i/O'idon -tali· that tnany
•ι! ι In m ι-ι . I '■ ! Ill " ι ι■ ! oil «taVI·ι»I'· of
(Ileal Britain and tIi· colonies will.
Ι»· 11··ri· lor tli' π:'·«Ίliif: which prorrt
is"· to In tin greatest Katherine of
•"ii'lit if ι tnoli hold ι ι t he
Xort I, \ no i n an , ο lit, ii lient
Ciipudinc lor " I li.it Πι-ιιιΐιιι lie."
Out last night? Headache and
nervous this morning? Ill· kî ' Cap
udlne Juki t Ii « thing to lit you for
buutue -ι Clears tin· head lira fen
the nerve*. Try it. At drug Mores
<|p Kl (( <!>/·*/ U 0'l||j \j ύ* «t, λ}ι td <4·/Κ) »*' υ <V*
0' <b^
I ·>· *» H rit Π η ν t
I1 or I* 1111 f n > »· * r * dur ** t w il t lu jp
I f
» I I
H ι » \ ι η κ mImI mi kunw ait Ι'ιι l.i U hnr« iiiH ' I i>W '<
loi ir« and not κιΜιι * ι* one ita«iitii

Λ rf the
\\ run ι f li I 11 ll Ο
Su» h xnliii «. as V liipp't lot Μι η anil Ri « «I s (ni I .iilu «
stand thr t « s f s
V Mi Oxfoidv tanv suede* ant l> I a · k«.
Κ ι Lftdic* Slipper# in tan* hronti and · il d< a \nkli
Μ ps and I it's
è For Just Eight DayS'-CASH ("

I ' f\lrlU>
II Κ · U'
" k""i.s
k njs
I'm k'ne
S 00
WE FIT FEET CROW'S F ο r H ο t Weather
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